How Arsenal can plan their way to the title…

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Spurs dream of being the most entertaining team in London seems to be on track as the news outlets suggest that Louis Van Gaal could be inline to be the next manager to take on the nightmare role at Seven Sisters club.

Now, personally, there’s a lot to admire in a man who’ll whip his balls out and ask a whole squad if they’re man enough. It’s a powerful statement I’ve not seen made in an office, but hey, who’s to say I won’t be trying it at some point?

Anyway, interesting thing about Louis Van G is that despite his many successes, probably his most major one comes in the shape of who he nurtured. Many thing it was Bobby Robson who brought Mourinho to prominence… which is partly true, but it was in actuality, Van Gaal.

That nasty horrible streak Jose has came from the combative Louis Van G. Interestingly, Jose then taught AVB everything he knows…. a manager who tried and failed at Chelsea and Spurs.

So as much as the Dutchman has supreme pedigree, I’m not quite sure, at his age, with that squad, and the infamous Dutch crazy streak, he’ll be able to bring them back to the glory years. Looking at the trend with football managers, bringing in old men really isn’t working out. The game is for the younger, more dynamic manager. We’ll see though. I’d have been more panicked about Spurs picking up Laudrup or Pochettino.

In other news, the league is hotting up in a very sexy way.

So here is my predictive take on who we’re playing and how we should do it… yeah, football fantasia going off right here.

Stoke at the weekend, I think we can afford to play a similar team to the one that dispatched of Sunderland at the weekend. They’re really not very good and the players that sit on the fringes are more than capable of taking them out. We need to see players like Lukas, Jack, Wilshere and Sanogo given a run out against them. That should be a bread and butter three point moment.

After that, we have Everton in the Cup. For me, this is hugely important. We need a trophy at the club, the FA Cup is our main route into that. I think a full strength team against them will turn them over. We can bring Ozil back into the fold and bring back a refreshed Giroud, Santi and Chamberlain.

Next up is Bayern Munich. Now, I don’t think we’ve got much chance of overturning the best team in Europe 3-0. The temptation is to go hung-ho… but for me, this is silly. Our second best chance of glory is the league. If we kill ourselves in this and lose, that’s bad for the league, if we win, that’s bad for the league in a trophy we’re not geared up to win. We should send the fringe out there for that game, because it’s Spurs on the Sunday.

Good news here? Ramsey could make the bench for this game. Give him 45minutes here and he might make the Spurs game.

Spurs are falling away along with Everton which has at the very worst made the league a 4 horse race. What we really need is to see Spurs put out a proper team this Spursday so they win their game and take on Benfica in the next game (same week we play Bayern). Sherwood won’t keep his role if he finishes outside the top 4… but he might if he wins the Europa League. We have the ability to rest players in that Bayern game, if Spurs go all out, that plays beautifully into our hands….

Our next game is against Chelsea. Now, hopefully our Swansea game isn’t wedged into that week. If it isn’t, the Chavs play against the home coming of Didier Drogba. There’s going to be a lot of emotion attached to that, it could be a hard game if the first game goes ok for the Turkish side. Mourinho will have them on the Tuesday, he’ll have to give his boys 2 days rest, then he’ll have basically no time to work on a game plan for us. That means we’ll play a jaded Chelsea side that we can really go hard for… then anything is possible.

The week after that, we take on a Manchester City that’ll have just played United in midweek. We’ve seen how they deal with tired legs, so again, the fixture list totally working for us if the manager rotates his players and keeps legs fresh. Then we have Everton, a ‘should win’… then we’re hopefully sitting 3-4 points off the top of the league having playerd all our top games.

That puts us within a hairs breadth of winning the league because other top teams still have to play each other. For me, even if we don’t win the league, it’s important we progress from last year. Hopefully we’ll have done that come the end of April.

Anyway, it’s hotting up, like I’ve said all season, the outcome and success of the season will come down to how fresh Wenger can keep his squad. Arguably, he’s not done an amazing job of that, but he’s done well to keep us in the mixing pot. Our best games over the last few months have been Hull, Liverpool (cup), Spurs (cup) and Sunderland. The commonality? Big squad changes.

This is the money shot though… so let’s see how does when he can taste blood!

Best run in for ten years? I think so… can’t bloody wait!

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  1. Cannon fodder

    So what is the actual story with Joel Campbell? Is it a case that he’ll be eligible for a British work permit now that he has completed a few years in Europe or are there more hoops to jump through?

  2. Charlie Boy

    “We’ve been brainwashed that the Premier League is the best in the world – nonsense.

    “It’s the best brand in the world but teams have fallen behind the best in Europe, United more than most.”

    Fair comment Roy Keane.

  3. wenker-wanger

    @ jeff , perfect summation of our title chances. To really be considered champions you have to at least get 3 points from the top teams in the 2 fixtures

  4. wenker-wanger

    Man utd were awful. Never seen them lacking so much spirit.Not a good sign for moyes I think if he were offered a way back to everton he would take it