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I’ve got a theme tune for today… no idea who sings it… but, ‘back to life, back to reality’… is kind of it.

You get me? Really irritating song, and it’ll be in your head all day now. My gift, to you.

Anyway, the reality of our day is that we’re playing Sunderland. Like the porn star who’s gone from being booked with the beautiful woman… to making up his pay with a trip down to the farm. No one needs a Sunderland game in their life, but we have to soak it up and deal with what’s about to happen.

Simply put, the only player I’ve any real knowledge of is Don Vito… pretty much one of the least capable keepers I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt. Very good on occassions, but an utter classic when it comes to dropping clangers. Hopefully, the boys will remember him from training… but here are a few things he doesn’t do very well.

1. Crosses. He really is a flapper. My tip for today? Cross it, don’t challenge him, see what happens.

2. Shots. He’s good at shot stopping, his weakness was palming them to opposition players.

3. Decision making. He’s a big lad, but he’s a bit like a horse in a field. Just run at him and he’ll do something unexpected. Play on those jittery nerves!

Anyway, we should test him today. Hopefully he doesn’t come and have one of those absolute classic performances a lot of keepers at struggling clubs tend to against us.

I was reading around Twitter yesterday about Ozil. Amazing how many people just don’t get it with him. I’ve seen stuff like, ‘Arsene has to play Ozil today to show he has belief in him’… amazing misunderstanding of the situation. He needs to do the opposite. You don’t need an Ozil in a game like today. You just need good quality players in the side. Play Santi in the middle, bring Thomas back into the mix, give Lukas 60minutes and let Arteta anchor the midfield. Up top, he’ll have to go for Giroud, who will be slightly fresher than he has been… maybe a bit charged because the Arsenal fans have been hailing Sanogo as the second coming of Bergkamp… and at the back, let’s give Carl a go.

Today, if we play a fresh team, we’ll destroy Sunderland. If we play the same team from midweek, I fear it’ll be painful viewing. Sunderland under Poyet can play a bit. They’re capable of pulling a result, but they shouldn’t be against us. It’ll be about how we cope with the post Bayern blues. I’m hoping, that mentally, the team knew what was coming midweek, I’m just concerned about how much extra stress you take on when you’re chasing shadows with 10 men against the best club side in the world.

In other news, Dennis Bergkamp has a statue going up. I find it all a bit weird if I’m honest. I’d prefer to be honouring dead people. I get why the club do it, I’m not sure I really see the value. I’d prefer it if they invested in the outside of the stadium to make it more of a carnival pre and post game. After the Spurs game, the fans were all going crazy near the statues, but there was nothing to sustain the fun post game. I think that’s the big opportunity for the club to work around Delaware and bring people into the ground earlier.

When I worked with Saracens, they had a pie and a pint for under a fiver… the pies were organic buffalo high quality, the beer was good and cheap… and they sold out of them for the games I was there. Their focus was on having the best match day experience, and honestly, bar it being a rugby game, their focus on the fan experience really showed. It was like being at a festival before the game. Arsenal are missing a trick.

Righto, that’s your lot today. I’m going to work. Yeah, work on a Saturday… have fun!




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  1. hackneylad



    Never at anypoint did I say we haven’t bottled walkovers so stop with the reactive aggressive comments, feel like I am surrounded by roid rage mother fuckers on here lol.

    Anways the point is I said Sunderland would be a walkover and I was right so live with it 4-1 I predicted I was 100 percent correct.

    Btw That’s not because Sunderland necessarily a shit team its more the fact they had a bad day and they didn’t resort to negative park the bus football thus unfortunately for them making it easier for us. They were awful today no doubt but if they’d parked the bus fully and still played crap the score line would of been 2-0 or 1-0 to us.

  2. Musketeer

    Griezmann we should have tried to sign, hope we still do, he controls and finishes with either football and score headers to, some wide man.

  3. hackneylad

    Griezmann is a player a lot of Europe’s biggest clubs will be looking at over the summer…


    If he can score and assist against Barcelona in a man of the match performance at 22 his a talent.

    His a great winger with the skills of one yet also playmaking abilites.

  4. hackneylad

    Vela Is fucking quality!

    His close control/dribbling is something else his passing and assist work is something else to.

    It’s funny because his still on loan and we could of paid a small fee to bring him back early.

  5. Dissenter

    Vela, I believe has been sold to Sociedad.
    We’ve the first option for his sale but I doubt he’ll agree to come back to Wenger. He did not get his chance.

  6. WengerEagle

    ‘How in the world did we let Carlos Vela go. He’s as good as any striker we’ve ever had.’

    Am I reading this right?

    As good as Henry? Bergkamp? Van Persie?

    He’s better than anything we have now though that’s for sure.

  7. hackneylad

    Dissenter Mate

    Heartily agree been saying how fucking good his been all season!

    His still only 24 and his tearing up the league despite not playing for Barca, Real or Athletico.

    He suits are style so well as well, as his technically good and is great in the build up.

    He would be in the top 5 strikers


  8. GoonerDave

    I wonder what the result would have been today if Ozil had been selected.
    Half thinking it would have been a great game for him to be involved in, but also grateful that he is getting some physical and mental rest.
    Hope he returns soon and finds his very best form.
    Fair play to Rosicky today though, his performance meant we didn’t miss Mesut at all.

  9. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle,
    Carlos Vela will be devastating in any team with pace and a world class AM like Ozil.
    If you compare Vela with the finished Henry product, then sure, I agree with you.
    However, Henry did not come to Arsenal that good. He wasn’t that great in his first season..

  10. hackneylad

    Romford Pele

    Meh yourself!

    His pacey a great dribbler got a great pass much more clinical than Giroud.

    But yes your right his not a 6,3 big oaf up front knock it down to the field archaic football type.

    Instead his a player who uses the agility that comes with his size to turn on the shoulder also his a great false 9 as he can drop deep and confuse defenders with his movement.

    VELA-> Giroud anyday of the week.

  11. Socrates

    “How in the world did we let Carlos Vela go. He’s as good as any striker we’ve ever had.”

    Dont know if you were here back then, when Vela was given the Le Grove treatment. He was only ever good for coming on in a game that we were comfortably winning and dinking one over the keeper.

  12. WengerEagle

    ‘However, Henry did not come to Arsenal that good. He wasn’t that great in his first season..’

    Henry scored 26 goals in his first season!

    How is his first season relevant btw? This is Vela’s 3rd season at Real Sociedad

  13. Dissenter

    It’s great that Ozil was dropped today.
    Officially the Ozil effect (placebo improvement) is over. Rosicky brings a verve and energy that Ozil has been lacking for a while.
    He has to earn his place like any other player. He also needs his rest to keep him at his best.

  14. WengerEagle

    ‘Carlos Vela will be devastating in any team with pace and a world class AM like Ozil.’

    I agree with this, think he would be quality in our current side. Shame we sold him

  15. Paulinho

    He didn’t really get a chance here as a central striker, by far his best position. Showed against Sheffield United that he had all the tools to play there, and had far more nous and strength at 19 than Walcott has even now.

    Wenger made a mess of him. Put him in cold storage when he was on fire and then re-introduced him on the wing, a position he hated. I think he could play as a lone forward.

  16. hackneylad

    Wenger Eagle

    By why compare either?

    Why not just acknowledge his a good player then compare him to a player who plays in a completely different position lol.

    It’s like me going Sagna is good and you going well his nothing compared to Koz….

    Vela has scored 10 Griezmann has scored 15

    But Vela is the second highest assist maker in the league on 9 behind Cesc.

    Why is this because of Vela’s movement and passing he starts in the typical CF position then moves deep as Griezmann runs up thus dragging the defender away he then either smoothly dribbles around the defender that has come with him and threads a killer ball to Griezmann or he releases it first time.

    His been doing this expertly all season his been outfoxing defenders non stop with his dribbling he often takes on two defenders at the edge of the box so he creates space so he can square the ball to griezmann and co for a tap in.

  17. Guns of brixton

    Vela? he pissed me right off at times when he tried for the audacious chip when your standard shot would have done.

    that boat has sailed and gone.

  18. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle,
    You are aware that Henry failed to score in his first eight games, right?
    He was borough to replace Anelka (who had been prolific) and failed to score in his first 720 minutes.
    Hindsight is great. In some of his first games, he was shockingly poor.
    The rest as he know…is history.

  19. hackneylad

    No one is saying Vela is a WC but I think he has what it takes to be at that stage that is just below it. Like a berbatov in his prime or Manduzic.

    His just to skillful and consistently skillful for me just to be a good player.

  20. N5

    Jesus, Vela is as good as any striker Arsenal have ever had, that gets countered with Henry, RvP and Bergkamp and now we’re talking about how Henry didn’t score for 8 games.

    You guys are mad, so because Henry didn’t score for his first 8 games at Arsenal Vela is better than Henry was! some of you would argue black was white just to have shit to sprout!!!

  21. Romford Pele

    Lol Hackney, when did I say Giroud was better. Vela is good, has nice attributes but he’s mentally flawed. He’s a bit of a weakling despite his height too. He could never lead the line by himself in this league and that’s what we need to be looking at. Always found him a tad underwhelming despite his talent. I’d have a lot of strikers over him.

  22. Dissenter

    You’re twisting everything out of context. I don’t even know what the outrage is about.
    Vela struggled at Arsenal and is now excelling in Spain. The point is that he’s better that any CF we have right now.
    Project youth could have yielded some result if we had kept him. Hindsight is perfect, I know.

  23. N5

    Dissenter, you said he is as good as any striker we have had at Arsenal.

    “How in the world did we let Carlos Vela go. He’s as good as any striker we’ve ever had.”

    Can you explain to me how I misunderstood that?

    Answer me this is he as good as Bergkamp was?
    Is he as good as Henry was?
    Is he as good as RvP was?
    Is he as good as Wright was?
    Is he as good as Reyes was?

    Because I think I just named 5 that he wasn’t as good as.

  24. N5

    The point I was referring to Dissenter was in your comment you said “we’ve ever had” not “then what we have now”.

    Hey WE, Romford, Hackney. What’s good boys?

  25. WengerEagle

    ‘Why not just acknowledge his a good player then compare him to a player who plays in a completely different position lol.’

    I have acknowledged he is a quality player, but I disagree that he would be in the top 5 ST if was playing in the BPL.

    How is he playing a completely different position btw? He plays as a lone striker for Real Sociedad. Griezmann plays as a wideman for them

  26. WengerEagle


    Think you are misunderstanding, you said Vela is as good as any striker we ever had and then when I mentioned 3 strikers who were better you started talking about how Henry didn’t score in his first 8 matches?

    How exactly is that relevant?

  27. Dissenter

    The key word is “as good as”, I didn’t say he’s better than anyone on that list.
    Vela is 24 year and is dong this well in a small club in Spain.
    Wait until he transfers to Athletico in the summer, rumor is that he’s the replacement for Diego Costa.
    The Arsenal bankers will still win because we get a cut of his transfer.

  28. WengerEagle


    Not sure if Vela will go to Atletico, his mentality is suspect as he has openly admitted he is not passionate about football and that he does it because he is very good at it and is making a living off it. With that mentality I don’t see him ever going to a top club and fighting to win titles every season, he’s in his comfort zone in Sociedad.

    It’s probably the reason he refuses to play for the Mexican NT as well, he frankly doesn’t really give a shit.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Did anyone see the programme the voice tonight ?

    Remember bizzare inc record ‘why waste your time you know your gonna be mine’
    Well the girl singer from 20 years ago was on it saying she does not want to be remembered for a one hit wonder…..,

    Guess what song she sang ?

    You got it

    No one turned round

  30. carts

    Vela is clearly a talented lad, but if anyone can not see that he IS NOT built for the prem then one needs to watch more football.

    Best case scenario, is that he is in fact good enough. Wenger wouldn’t have a clue how or where to play him.

  31. Ines

    Are we going trough ‘ Sturridge ‘ situation?
    Hadn’t we sold him we would be Champions by now and all that ?

    Meh, I don’t think so.
    Yes, with him we would have scored more goals when we were winning but that’s it I believe. Against Chelsea or United, I’m not so sure.
    While Chelski fans have something to regret ( even though with their system Sturridge wouldn’t be as lethal as he is in Liverpool), I don’t think we have.

    Some players simply can’t cope with physicality of Premier League and maybe Vela is one of them.
    He finds it easier to play football over there.
    I personally don’t think that he would come back to Premier League even if City or Chelski come calling.

    I may be wrong though.

  32. MarbleHall

    For all those pining for Ramsey’s return, think again. All the games lost during his absence would have been lost with or without Ramsey and the same can be said of the wins.

  33. MidwestGun

    Marble –

    Yes because you can predict and forsee the unknown. When you say incredibly stupid crap that you absolutely have no way of knowing that just makes you look even more ridiculous than usual. Which is actually hard to do. So congratulations. Your still an idiot.

  34. gazzap

    Hansen must have mentioned past liverpool wins over various top PL teams about 6 times in 5 minutes! and Liverpool didn’t even play today and he wasn’t asked about Liverpool. talk about biased!

  35. Munitionsman

    A quote from 365. Not sure if it’s true. I love ozil and if wenger does provide him runners, and protectors he could be a legend. And I think wenger will.

    In the history of the Premier League, Mesut Özil has the best assists-to-games ratio of any player at any club, with one every 2.63 games.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    That’s just his assists. He creates a huge amount of chances as well, if more of those had been taken then those figures would be better again.

    Can’t wait to see him play a full season with Theo, Rambo and a pacy CF or left winger.

  37. bergkamplegend

    Wenger about Bergkamp : “he had another quality that is a bit lost today : he was loyal to this club.”

    In your face van pussy!! lol
    Good night.

  38. useroz

    We never score late late goals like Chelsea do to win matchesR.S.P.C.ArsenalFebruary 22, 2014    22:52:18

    Because our team would play side/ back passes in those dying minutes ans many times in our own half…. rather than crossing the ball into the box and have a go.

  39. Romford Pele

    “Because our team would play side/ back passes in those dying minutes ans many times in our own half…. rather than crossing the ball into the box and have a go.”

    Lies upon lies.

  40. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Sunday Morning Rage!

    Some prick on Sunday Supplement just said that winning the league without a recognized No 9 would be Mourinho’s greatest achievement!

    What a bowl of breakfast cereal shit to be served on a Sunday morning with my croissants! When will these clowns start calling out this prick?

    He has Torres, Eto and Ba as forwards… HE has chosen to loan out Lukaku? And Sturridge was sold..

    He has spent 100m on players since last summer signing amongst others, Schurrle (18m), Black-Eyed peas lead singer (32m), Matic (22.75m).

    The previous season Hazard arrived for 35.2m and Oscar for 28.1m..

    The notable departure was Mata to recoup some cash.

    Small horse in a race with big horses??? Cuntology I say!

    I’m not a defender of all things Arsenal and criticize if I see fit… but if Wenger had spent such money, had chosen to let Lukaku go out on loan..had sold Sturridge and had 100m of striking ‘talent’ currently in his squad he would be hung drawn and fucking quartered outside the Armoury for anything less than 1st place in the PL. Think about that for a minute.. not by way of defending Wenger.. but how Maureen is skillfully creating this box of shitness delivered each morning to the sports editors.

    I don’t know who’s worse really.. Maureen for trying to spin us this shit.. or the complete gobshite journo’s for not calling him out and saying.. “Jose.. hahaha yeah yeah.. bullshit with the small horse shit.. nice try.. considering your investments, and the investments of Chelsea in expensive players such as Oscar and Hazard before you arrived, you and Chelsea will have failed miserably if you don’t win the league.. wouldn’t you agree Jose?”

    Nauseating stuff… I’m breathing now through a brown paper bag

  41. SurferX

    Bang on the money Thomas. Chelski have a NET spend of £282m over the past 5 seasons. Thats £282m spent on bringing players in excluding wages, salaries and everything else. Even taking a shorter time frame- say 2 seasons- they have NET spend of £125m.

    In comparison, Arsenal have recouped NET £4m- we are still running at a profit for those combined 5 seasons. Over 2 seasons £41m NET spent.

    Whichever way you cook it, what I want to see Maureen asked is this;

    ‘With your level of spend in this season and the seasons before you arrived, if you dont win the title is it because the players Chelski bought arent good enough / not worth the fees paid- or are you not a good enough manager to get the best from them?”

    That being said, Id rather we were trying and failing rather than failing to try. We continue to pay the price for under-investment in the squad between 2009-2012 when clearly there were funds available to do so. I dont have an issue with the past 2 seasons as much as I do with that period where AW clearly didn’t invest what he had and instead burnt money on project yoof. It was his stated policy, it clearly failed and he should carry the can- noone else.

  42. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    I just did a 4 year review of City and Chelsea… and came up with these figures to see if his small horse/big horse shit had any substance..

    (according to Transfer League) Over the last 4 years Chelsea had a NET spend of 275.5m and City had a NET spend of 268m… So for the Journo’s to be letting Mourinho away with this small horse big horse nonsense is poor form…

    He has an easy ride in the rags and they love him for his good copy.. But this crap that he is spinning now is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard from a manager since I heard Fat Sam say he was Real Madrid material!

    Wenger could and should have invested more, absolutely no doubt IMO. But in this case I’m not falling for Maureen’s crap.. (not that I can do much about except moan on Pedro’s blog! 🙂 ) He’s a master of spin and deflected the attention onto Wenger with his ‘specialist in failure’ jibe.

    Some will take this as defending Arsenal and Wenger.. It is up to a point, but whether Wenger could have done more is a very valid.. but entirely separate argument.

    I could have put my fist straight thru the telly when I heard that goon on Sunday Supplement say it would be Mourinho’s greatest achievement if he wins it without a recognized number 9.

    Next he’ll be saying Chelsea achieving top 4 will be a massive achievement with all these big horses around him!

  43. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Pedro is over at the office’s of the Metro back-slapping with his new chums. Apparently he penned an Ozilicious article this morning and it must be discussed in terms of views and click-throughs

    Steady up boys.. our feast of Sunday Morning Goodness is coming.. although I do feel that Pedro might have a new Metropolis-wise girlfriend in preference to us country goofers.. . You know.. he’s stopped calling, texting.. doesn’t say where he is.. Should we move on?

    Dear Deirdre,
    What does he see in that Metropolis bitch?
    Please advise?
    Desperate of Hicksville

  44. karim


    ” I could have played for Arsenal, everybody knows it. Who regrets it more, Wenger or Zlatan ? ”

    ” the Premier League, a very good league with some of the best European teams . I would have destroyed it like I destroyed every other league I’ ve played in “

  45. Keyser

    “That being said, Id rather we were trying and failing rather than failing to try”

    We’d be failing either way, it’s not that they’ve spent X amount with any real idea of how much it would take to win certain things, it’s that they’ve simply kept spending until they’ve run their opposition into the ground.

    Only the fact Citeh turned up has seemingly slowed them down aswell as the introduction of FFP, there isn’t much to suggest they wouldn’t be coming up with inventive ways around it like Citeh have if they’d had the chance.

    Don’t think project youth was a failure, how do you judge that exactly because it didn’t achieve titles ? Well, we could’ve taken any route and still come up short. The resources aren’t at all significant, unless you look with the benefit of hindsight.

    The criticism comes with them sticking to their plan regardless, that Wenger didn’t choose to rest players in the league or other competitions, before say the Carling Cup final, that Fabregas and Walcott injured themselves days before the final as our squad was stretched to breaking point trying to keep pace in the league.

    We’ve seemingly reached the conclusion of any restrictions they’ve placed and in Ozil we’ve broadened our horizons a bit, hopefully what they didn’t give the fans back in titles during that period they make up for over the next few seasons in showing that their plans do allow them to compete now.

  46. Keyser

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now.. – I thought people missed the point a bit with failure-gate, it wasn’t about questioning Mourinhos achievements, it’s like you say why the ‘bleep’ was he talking absolute bollocks about his little pony and friends to begin with.

    As great as Mourinho’s been he seems to thrive on having something to rail against to the point he almost has to invent something if nothing’s there.

  47. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    He is getting a free ride with his nonsense speak. The journo’s are not challenging him and asking the pertinent questions.

    If Arsenal are going to be questioned about failure with 1 player >20m in the squad how the fuck is this goon getting away with his bolloxology?

    This is the guy who has Torres, Ba and Eto and has loaned out Lukaku who we should remember cost 20m when Chelsea bought him.. so they have a 20m player ‘out on development’ and Mourinho is playing the underdog card?? hahahaha what a joker!! 🙂

    NEW POST.. Get over there!