Ozil a broken man. Will he land the rest he needs?

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Good morning! A very quick post from me as I’m actually being asked to do stuff at work outside sourcing cat memes. It’s a damn liberty.

Anyway, interesting that everyone is coming around to the fact that certain players are under-performing because they’re overplayed. Vindication is good, just a shame vindication has to come when it’s visible. I mean, it’s like waiting for the house cat to die before accepting that the diet of bread and cheese is probably not acceptable.

This season will be won and lost now dependent on how liberal Wenger is with his squad. He might not like Lukas, that’s fine, we get that….but he’s a good player. Utilise him against weaker teams and he’ll contribute with goals and assists. If you have three strikers, utilise their powers. Sanogo can muck in against the poor teams, Giroud can rest and play like he was at the start of the season for the bigger games.

See, the thing with rotation is that it also helps with confidence. If you’re tired, your game drops, the fans start digging you out… your morale drops, your performances drop further, you fall into a rut of misery.

Take a player out of the action for a couple of games, tell them when they’re coming back, build them up in training, then you get a magical performance.

Also, keep the reserves motivated. Give them a taste of action, so that when they’re parachuted in, they can handle it.

Giroud is physically and mentally shot now (not least because his wife has probably confiscated his phone and deleted his Tinder account). He might have to come back for this weekend. I’m not sure playing Sanogo for a third tough game in a row is a good idea. As we saw with Theo’s intense reintroduction, the temptation is strong, but the output can be disastrous.

Now, again, I don’t mean to come across like I have a clue what I’m on about… but I get the topline basics. At the moment, I can’t see a pattern in what we’re doing… really, you should be able to. The only pattern I can see is that if you want to get dropped when you’re a good player, you have to pick up a serious injury or have an affair with a glamour tramp.

Not smart management…

Anyway, that’s my bit. Amusing that all the ‘Omg Pedro yer talk of the redzne is bollocks’ peeps, are now using fatigue as the defence of Ozil (which I think is totally correct, he’s not lazy). Another great example of people disagreeing with the sentiment of the site because of the site, not because of what is said.


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  1. bigper

    serious pr going on at arsenal.com today, sagna and flamini saying how much they love ozil etc. ozil is one of flaminis closet friends… lol

  2. Musketeer

    February 21, 2014 11:45:07
    I wonder what trouble poldi caused. the guy clearly loves arsenal but wenger doesn’t fancy him

    He arranged for the model to turn up at Giroud’s hotel room. The plan was partially successful in removing O.G from the fold but he did not plan for Sonogo.

  3. MidwestGun

    Hmm couple of things. I Dont begrudge any player making as much as they can. Its not up to the player to take some moral high ground and take less for the betterment of the club. If a player gets injured and can’t play a certain ammount of games it should be written in their contract. Re- Diaby.

    Also, not sure I agree Ozil is a broken man? Because he missed a free kick and cant tackle on defense doesnt mean hes broken. Confidence is low, sure. But don’t think he is physically broken. Not sure I agree physical tiredness equals mental low either. Plenty of cases where players put in an amazing performance with the flu or some illness showing mental strength.
    I guess what im trying to say is even if we had rotated and rested Ozil, im not sure his performance would have been different vs Bayern.

  4. Musketeer


    February 21, 2014 13:27:29
    “No player should be on £300k a week a grand a week is more than enough to live on.

    ”Such a silly view.Id rather the players earned the money than the glazers etc.

    It is not a silly view Gambon, the whole monopolization needs to stop and the money being thrown into the game reduced, the matches need to come back to terrestrial TV and shirt prices reduced to that of a standard top. The corruption just stink and needs to be dealt with.

    The money in Sport needs to be brought in line full-stop.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    I think for Sunderland at home I’d adopt the Munich formation, the 4-5-1 giant V in the middle.

    Flamini at the point in defensive middle, Rosicky and Cazorla out from him, Gnabry and Podolski occupying the wider slots with Giroud up front.

    Should allow us to spread the ball about a bit more rather than trying to go down their throat the whole time.

    So crucial we let Ozil and Oxlade rest unless absolutely necessary.

  6. reality check

    Ok someone on Legrove said this today.

    Got me thinking, isn’t this, in a nutshell, Wengers thinking behind project youth.

    “Jack is a fantastic player. He just doesn’t always show it.”

    Ok im not taking the piss but can anyone see what’s wrong with this statement.

    Something along the lines of what Vieira said wengers biggest flaw is..

  7. reality check

    Jack is a fantastic player. He just doesn’t always show it.

    …my goodness, I bet you this is what them boys up at yoonited are saying about cleverly..

  8. MidwestGun

    I like the formation. But if we truly are gonna rotate. Dont we leave out Flamini and play Arteta? Flamini ran all over the place last game. That and he seems to be on a mission to piss everyone off. Lol.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Hmmm, perhaps yeah, but he’s our best player at anchoring that middle.

    Truth be told I forgot about Arteta!

    We really need to address that CDM slot, have done for a long while now.

  10. MidwestGun

    Agree cdm upgrade is needed badly. But Sunderland should be ok to use Arteta I would think. Maybe bring Flamini on late. Do not want to see Flamini, Arteta combo again. I’m beyond over that.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Certainly, far too slow a combo, Arteta should be put out to pasture this summer, perhaps the MLS?

    I mentioned Schneiderlin back in the summer and then in January again, seems to have caught on a bit now, such an underrated player in my opinion and would snap up the chance to play holding middle for us I believe. I’m impressed with him every time I watch him, Ramsey-esque engine and always sticks a foot in, disrupted our flow totally at St Mary’s.

    In my opinion this summer I’d go for Schneiderlin, Draxler, one of Costa/Mandzukic/Lukaku/Balotelli and then I think a young CB like Lascelles and either a RB/LB young up and comer.

    Obviously if Vermaelen were to leave he needs replacing.

  12. Norfolk

    CartsFebruary 21, 2014 18:04:38
    what of this wenger contract? are they hoping to announce it when we go out of the CL when we go out on away goals?”

    They are so deluded I reckon they think we’ll all be so happy that he’s signed we wont notice anything else.
    Business as usual, they think we are Mushrooms.

  13. Carts


    LOL – at this rate we’ll never hear it publicly. They’re playing the waiting game; probably pining their hopes on a miraculous Bayern win

  14. MidwestGun

    Here’s what I dont understand, Kroenke and son own 4 sports teams over here in the States. In the time they have owned them they have changed managers 24 times. So, clearly they are not afraid to make a change.

    So im still holding out hope there will be no extension without a result.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    It’s a good point actually, when is it most efficient in terms of PR to announce the further stagnation of the club for 3 years?

  16. Harry Redknapp

    so we didnt buy in janauray because wenger compared the talents of our targets and decided sanogo was better? who were we tryin to sign, aliadiare?

  17. Sam

    I’m sick of all this Ozil apologising cr*p. Yes, his penalty miss was disappointing as a goal would have consolidated our good start to the game, but get over it (fans, media and Ozil himself). As for Flamini, if he stopped shouting and waving his arms about long enough to notice Muller moving etc it might be a good idea. I suspect Flamini could start an argument in an empty room mind you. He doesn’t ‘apologise’ for defensive errors, nor should he. Giroud etc don’t apologise for missing sitters.
    Move on, play better next time. This pressure on Ozil might discourage other world class signings too.

  18. rollen

    We got in team Flamini Arteta OG kid Sanogo Bendtner Park etc + crazy Prof in charge and ppl blaming Ozil for lack of success vs WC team with real manager.

    Get Le Con man out!

  19. Carts

    Last week or so I’ve been seeing this whole “Flamini waving arms and barking orders” followed by “why doesn’t Flamini stop waving his arms about and do it himself”.

    Looks like a common case of ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’. As far as I’m concerned, we haven’t had anyone, probably since Vieria, to actually get players by scruff of the neck. Admittedly, when I read Flamini was on bring of returning I lost my rag completely.

    Since we all know that Wenger & Co were hoarding money and had absolutely NO intention of strengthening DM – barring his Southampton fuck-up – I think he’s been quite consistent.


  20. hackneylad

    Yeah flamini gets a lot of stick in this blog his had a really good season though bar the red cards lol.

    He doesn’t just wave his arms he constantly tackles and harasses/blocks of the other team.

    His a much better option than Arteta.

    Yes Bayern scored stop fucking blaming Flam.

    Monreal however….

  21. BacaryisGod

    Project youth is over, so I think there’s no point banging on that drum any more.

    Perfect case on point. Gibbs is the real deal at left back and we signed two supposedly experienced left-backs to support him, Santos and Monreal. I think it’s fair neither lived up to their billing.

    The other graduates of project youth (Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Chamberlain) look like they should be the foundation of our future.

    Many of our recent flops have had plenty of experience (Squillaci, Arshavin etc) so the key appears to be finding the right balance. For the most part, I think we’re nearly there as Mertesacker, Flamini, Sagna and Arteta all have leadership vocally or by example.

    We really are just a world-class striker short of truly challenging on all fronts. I still hold out hope that Bacary will stay although it looks like we’ll need to replace Verm at the back.

  22. BacaryisGod

    The strange thing with Ozil was that when he previously missed a penalty against Marseille, it fired him up. This time he collapsed. It had to be his relationship with Neuer and the other Germans that put him over the top. It just meant a lot more this time.

    Still, Arsene does need to work on our number 10’s ‘mental strength’

  23. Bade

    Nice read Pedro

    Interesting what is going to be tomorrow

    Hope Ozil is rested before he’s totally mentally beaten.

    I think our fans need to more moderated with their anger expressions towards Ozil

    we didn’t lose due to him. Honestly Flamini had more blame in the goals & the sending off

    anyway picking at any player as individual is pointless & clouding the bigger issue of how our squad is run

    few more fresh bodies could have certainly Helped ease the pressure on our leading players & complement them

  24. Confidentgoner

    Wenter never supports his team as the match is played out. Monreal had no support and the left wing was constantly under attack. Our manager sat back and did nothing. No reaction, nada. No support to the team. And he earns 7.5m quid? How arrogant and disconnected can a manager be?

  25. hackneylad

    Ozil isn’t a child enough of the pathetic excuses for him.

    He bottled massively with that penalty.

    Ozil is a great player but that doesn’t mean we should ignore his mistake.

    We didn’t lose because of him but we also didn’t win because of him.

  26. carts


    Flamini should play the ‘Lahm role’: just in front of back 4, and behind a flat 4 midfield. His distribution isn’t that bad either.

    As for Monreal, he, imho, is overexposed whenever he plays. I don’t know what it is but when Gibbs plays he automatically gets cover from whoever plays in front of him. Monreal seems like he’s trying to defend Bahgdad and Kabul by himself.

    Like I previously stated, Balague said he was second best spanish LB in La Liga behind Alba. I supoose on grand scheme of things that will rate him in the 4-6th region behind Alba, Marcelo, Coentrao & Felipe.

    I like Monreal

  27. Paddy got up

    Apparantly Gazides said “they want to put all fans minds at ease and will announce Wengers new contract in due course..”
    They honestly think we are sitting there just praying the Nosetrough signs on again for another 3 years.. It’s really beyond belief!!!

  28. Cesc Appeal

    The more MILFs we get to stay in London the better…let no one say we don’t do our part for the MILFisation of London.

  29. Norfolk

    kwik fitFebruary 21, 2014 22:05:18
    That Mrs Sagna wouldn’t want to leave London. Norfolk.
    She’s just tweeted exactly that my good man.”

    I’m glad but a little uncertain it’s true.

    A complete reversal of the Overmars situation who’s wife refused to stay.

  30. Tippitappi

    one huge problem with wenger ,,,,,,, if you have a man who’s ego and difficulties with certain players take president over what’s in the teams best interest to get the right results ( and it’s been a reoccurring problem over the years ) then you have a massive problem

  31. jack

    Here we go with the knackered, exhausted and tired excuses from Pedro again. Fucking get real and face up to the fact that he is not used to playing with substandard players like giroud and others. He is disinterested in the Arsenal set up, the lack of ambition and lack of transfer activity he was expecting. How come its only Arsenal players that get so tired, does Hazard or Suarez look exhausted ffs. The feeling of wanting to win gives you that extra yard and drive to make effort. The ” Specialist in Failure” does not instill this into Arsenal players. Its all about money and the balance sheet as long ad wanker is in charge.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So a scandal with another woman won’t get rid of wenger ?

    10 years without a trophy won’t get rid of him?

    Hated by upto 60% of the arsenal fans won’t get rid of him?

    Anyone got a poison umbrella an know someone from Russia?

  33. Thomas

    The signing of Ozil was completely pointless if you think about it. I mean why buy a player like Ozil if you’re not going to have a great striker to play off him? Ozil must wonder who the cunts are running up front. Giroud, Sanogo, Bendtner – three donkeys.

  34. carts


    I agree somewhat. No doubt Ozil has played a lot of minutes lately. He probably should’ve got a rest, or hauled off sooner than he did, in our game before last.

    I feel as though Ozil is out of idea with the options Wenger has given him. You don’t go from feeding Caviar and Dom Perignon to Ronaldo, Higuain, Di Maria & Benzema to then attempting to do the same to Giroud, Sanogo & Bendtner . It just doesn’t work like that.

    Whatever bollocks Wenger sold Ozil on the eve of him signing clearly worked. Balague said, via Sky, that Ozil had ZERO interest in signing for Arsenal. Presumably £150k a week and a sign on fee in the region of £3m-£4m helped it along a bit. Besides that, we could all envisage Ozil asking Wenger what his short term and long term goals were. Wenger probably sold him the mother of all fucking dreams.

    Come January, Wenger signed a fucking cripple named Kallstrom. Personally, that’s enough to make Messi and Ronaldo both perform “lazily”.

  35. Danish Gooner

    Wenger have destroyed his 42 million player by overplaying him.Ozil were electric at Madrid and i mean electric.At us he started brightly but now he seems to be the biggest mistake since Torres signed for chavski and there is some very frightning similarities.Torres started out fine at Chavski and then he got worse and worse till he reached rock bottom.

  36. BacaryisGod

    Here’s the line-up I would love to see against Sunderland tomorrow.

    Chezzer, Sagna,Monreal, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Arteta, Rosicky, Gnabry, Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud

    Outside the back-four, none of the above players played more than a half on Wednesday. Santi slotting in behind Giroud with Rosicky and Arteta anchoring the midfield will work a treat. We’ll have two direct Germans in Gnabry and Podolski to help Giroud and Santi in the goalscoring dept and maybe even Rosicky can arrive late in the box for a goal.

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The average man on the street could see ozil needed a break in December!

    Why did it ate our French manager twat head until February ?

    Get him out off our club and get someone who would relish the chance to manage at our fine club!

    Wenger out dead or alive

  38. wenker-wanger

    Great players need to win trophies. Ozil will become like RVP and look elsewhere. Ozil came to arsenal accidentally, perhaps his lack of motivation in coming to a clearly unambitious club has now manifested itself in his form.He still has a duty to give it his all of course, but maybe its hard to give yr spirit to a team managed by a complete clown.

  39. Sam

    I did have a laugh at an expression used about our current strikers by someone on a Guardian forum
    “Sanogo runs like a pony in a bog”
    “Giroud runs like he’s pulling a tyre”

    Giroud to start today and I hope, with Poldi. Ozil to be rested.
    Bergkamp at the ground for his statue unveiling. Hope it’s a fittingly good one and actually looks like him (!).