Gibbs attacking as our left midfielder?

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Any excuse…

So the big one is here, Arsenal take on Bayern Munich, Europe’s best team. The team that beat us last  year. The team everyone wants to watch.

After seeing City taken out of the competition last night by a Barcelona who were a long way off their best; there was a sharp reminder that at the highest level, if you’re even 2% off you’re game, you will be punished and it’ll be harsh. Manchester City made the fatal mistake of playing the woeful Demichelis and they paid the ultimate price when he was sent off for a lazy challenge on Lio Messi.

Arsenal need to be sharp and focused if they’re to get anything out of tonight. Bayern have pace and power all over the pitch. They boast width and sharp shooters ready to kill you at any moment. Arsene Wenger talks about our ‘mental stength’ being better than last year. I’m really not sure he can believe that a taem that only a week a half ago suffered a 5-1 defeat boasts more mental strength, but what else can he say?

It’s going to be a tough night. We need to rely on a solid performance from the keeper and we need and an even better game from the back 4, but most importantly, there needs to be some accountability in front of them. Bayern will pick us off in whatever way they deem fit. If a weakness is spotted 25minutes in, Pep Guardiola will change and adapt to whatever that is. It really is going to be a fascinating game… because the whole world thinks we’re setting up to fail.

I’m hoping Chamberlains starts the game. We need his legs and confidence after a very good performance against Liverpool this weekend. Jack and Flamini need to have an incredibly disciplined if they start the game… and players need to make runs for Ozil… and Ozil needs to show he has the guts at the highest level. He has a tendency to go missing, he needs to rectify that this evening.

As I said yesterday, I’m not holding out much hope. Playing the best in Europe is tough, playing the best team in Europe fatigued, with a day less the prepare , without your two most effective players really is a tough ask. All I’m looking for is some fight from the boys. Don’t collapse, go out there, play a sensible disciplined game and make it happen on the big stage. A draw would be fantastic… even a 1-0 loss we could deal with. We just can’t lose heavily, because that has the potential to derail us domestically.

I’m hoping there’s a game plan that is more sensible than trying to smash them at their own game. We’re more than capable of soaking up pressure, but we don’t have the outlet for quick counter attacking. So whatever our game plan is, I hope it’s smarter than me, because I don’t have too many revolutionary ideas here! I mean, call me crazy, but I’d almost be tempted to give us some width and pace by introducing Kieran Gibbs on left and allowing Chambo to play right. Bayern would at least have to double take when pressing us and it would throw them. I know it sounds a bit weird, but so was Peps false 10 against Dortmund. At the moment, our starting 11 is predictable… we need legs and Gibbs is more than capable at delivering a good cross / pass / shot.

Right, get into the stadium early tonight, Red Action have pieces of paper on the chairs we can lift up and wave when Bayern come in. I’m always a little nervous of activations like this… remember those bastard flags for the United game?

Anyway, have fun tonight, see you on the other side!


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  1. samsensible

    Bayo i agree that 120m will.absolutely not be available and in fact I think the NET amount that can be spent will be less than 60/70.

    That’s my fear anyway.

  2. Gambon


    You and Samsensible are the gay ones. Fuckin mugs that adore a fuckin french Senile twat!
    Now fuck off and go get a new Arsene poster to wank off to!

  3. bayo

    Arsenal fans should realize that a board that will raise ticket prices to just make an extra 2 million pound will never release 120 million pound kept in a bank to be spent on transfers.

  4. Arsene's Nurse

    hackneylad February 20, 2014 00:45:59

    Arsene’s Nurse

    Wow shit just got real!
    An annoying smelly dog that shits wherever it treads will always be kicked by those who encounter it. It’s only the number of men, their time and patience, that dictate the frequency.

  5. bhenChode

    Big G Gambon you know im right you were sucking off marble and at that time the final whistle went and he came in your eye ! That’s why your so upset … your a prick

  6. Gambon

    I don’t just sleep with “someone” like you said. I sleep with hot women. You’re a fuckin faggot on the other hand

  7. samsensible

    Tunny they have conveniently forgotten their summer predictions of doom and how Spurs would finish above us. Now they are demanding we must beat Bayern with 10 men or they are proved right.


  8. bhenChode

    Yeah samsensible! Big G Gambon is right he sleeps with hot women like Miss Marble that’s for nights only! during the day it’s strictly Mr Marble ! Big G Gambon been in denial for a while !

  9. BacaryisGod

    This game was a little like Frank Bruno’s first fight with Mike Tyson. We had them teetering for a moment before reality set in.

    The best description I heard was that Bayern are a great team and Arsenal a good one. Seems about right.

  10. samsensible

    Gambon I’m sorry but I simply don’t believe you sleep with hot women.

    You are lying.

    I would bet you are a massive virgin.

  11. leon

    i not realy suprised i know alot of other fans are not either,i have no clue what wenger will do in the but i know alot of season ticket holders in the summer will say thats i done

  12. samsensible

    Marble for me they haven’t yet proven they are as great as the Barcelona side of a few years ago.

    But they are fucking good.

  13. salparadisenyc

    First 30 minutes is the best we’ve played in quite a while, lacked the killer blow.
    But we all knew that right? You make your luck but fuck me we have shambolic luck in this competition.

  14. bhenChode

    Big G Gambon when ever you post I will post I will will be relentless and humiliat you but not in the same manner as your man Marble does with you! That s and m shit only belongs in your and marbles room !

  15. Gambon

    Samsensible is the worst poster on LeGrove!
    He makes it seem like Arsenal could be compared to the likes of Fulham and Stoke City in the past 10 years. Always harping on about us doing well consider our so called “Bankruptcy”. Never says Wenger is at fault for anything. These are a prime recipe for an Untold poster!

  16. MidwestGun

    Troll central up in here. Lol. You do realize Marble is just a computer generated program which spits out randam nonsense. It will not engage you in debate or justify any of its ridiculous statements. Its just designed to piss you off.

    Anyhow, like an alternate reality in here sometimes. Ozil bashing I really don’t get. Not one single thing he did defensively lead to their goals. He put in a shift defensively to try and cover for Monreal. He missed a penalty. Ok. That sucks. So did Alaba. He is shit too, I suppose. Very reactionary emotional responses I get after a tough loss. But lets not suspend reality.
    We got beat by a better team not because of Ozil ffs.

  17. Bamford13


    “The best description I heard was that Bayern are a great team and Arsenal a good one. Seems about right.”

    More accurate to say that Arsenal are a good team with a few wobbly parts.

    Any side that starts with Yaya Sanogo up top cannot be called a “good” team without an asterisk.

  18. bhenChode

    Mid West if marbles a computer generated troll then what is Big G Gambon …. I’m sick of the 2 and just feel like entertaining my self but I’m bored with them.

    Your spot on about Ozil despite everyone going on about him nothing negative came of his defensive performance. What do you expect to happen against one of the best teams around especially when you go down to 10 men, would like to see how much defensive work gotze or robben would of gone through for a relentless 60 mins if bayern went down to 10 men! If anything maybe it’s best we do focus on the realistic trophy

  19. leon

    i was listening on talk sport and alot of fans were question wengers team selection of playing sonogo instead of giroud but looking solely what i have seen of both players girude is more experienced and hold the ball up however his lack of pace and movement has been a problem for arsenal against the better teams,looking at sonogo he looks to have alot more pace and movement than girude.and i feel that main reason why ozil has not as much success as he did when playing at madrid when wenger podiolski camberlain sonogo ozil had alot more success because of the pace and movement of these players that is what byern have in so much depth pace power and movement.if you look at drogba a far more powerful player than girude but he had the pace movement as well i dont care how old he i would have at arsenal in heart beet

  20. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    I agree, hard for me to get angry at the team for anything when our best option is YS 22.
    Failed transfer windows catching up. Not like we have the best players available and they are just underperforming. We arent as talented as we need to be to win the CL.

  21. Bamford13

    Any side that starts with Yaya Sanogo up top cannot be called a “good” team without an asterisk.

    And this is what people like samsensible don’t get. Those who are fed up are fed up not just because we lost to Bayern 2-0 but because there are certain inexcusable things about the side and the performance, like the fact that they were led by a Yaya Sanogo.

    That is simply unacceptable for a club of Arsenal’s resources and stature.


    The players deserve better. The fans deserve better.

    It’s not enough that they played well, all things considered. Given where we were 12 months ago, given our resources, is this the best side that we could’ve possibly produced 12 months later?

    To ask the question is to answer it.

    No. Arsenal should be a better side than they are today, if only because they should have a better CF and holding mid.

    Had the manager spent the money he had at his disposal instead of searching for bargains, they’d be a better side.

    It has to end. Wenger needs to go. He does certain things well, but his flaws/blindspots have become too much. He needs to go.

  22. Thomas

    lol we’re starting with a 20 year old postman in a CL game against Bayern. Pathetic. Wenger has had four transfer windows now to sort it out. He can fuck off. Also Wilshere is overrated.

  23. leon

    the worst thing for is the team is realy good they just need a few world players up front they still have a chance to win fa cup but the prem is out there reach i think

  24. bhenChode

    Marbles are we already in May? How is it out of reach? Everyone knows the champions league is well over our heads granted but the other 2 with a skeleton squad is possible shitty and chavs have dropped points and will drop points

  25. Wenger's Wallet

    Feck me rinse repeat. Ref was at fault? Ozil WAS at fault for being a lazy, heartless, played with no support, frankferter lol. Feck me rinse repeat. Gibbs got injured whoa imagine that? Wenger needs to be sacked. Total ineptitude. Do Bayern not spend similar money to Arsenal. Where the fuck is Arsene’s economics degree? 8 MILLION MY IRISH ARSE. I thought Irish people were supposed to be thick lol

  26. jasongms

    ” Ozil bashing I really don’t get. Not one single thing he did defensively lead to their goals. He put in a shift defensively to try and cover for Monreal. He missed a penalty. Ok. That sucks. So did Alaba. He is shit too, I suppose. Very reactionary emotional responses I get after a tough loss. But lets not suspend reality.
    We got beat by a better team not because of Ozil ffs.”

    first thing you’ve ever written on here that made sense . keep it up and you might just get a lolly …. 🙂

    Some of the Ozil hate is just fucking crazy . I’m sure if we had messi these same eggs would be trolling him as well ..

    As for playing Sonogo in arguably the biggest game of the season. ( No disrespect to Sonogo ) It really does show arsene up for his failings in the transfer windows. To think what a player like Suarez could have done in those first 20mins , fucking appalling !

    I’d love a reporter to ask Arsene if he really believed he would win the game with sonago up front . No way he could keep a straight face !

  27. Zacharse

    For thew life of me I cannot understand why we are continually linked with Diego Costa because our manager referred to him as “an animal”

    How is that encouraging?

  28. Dark Hei

    Those guys slating on Sanogo; as if replacing him with a Costa would have made any difference to the scoreline tonight.

    Also those guys slating on Wenger. Did you not forget many of you just wanted Arsenal to lose with dignity since there is no hope of beating Bayern, right? We had our moments, got the keeper sent off, and lost by a respectable scoreline. City with their 4 strikers also lost at home to Barca. Of course they are awesome because they have 4 strikers, though the result is still the same.

  29. Ash79

    The Ozil hate is ridiculous. Watch the guy for 90mins and you’ll see this is a guy who is putting a lot of pressure on himself to deliver. Massive amount of frustration in his game at the moment as he doesn’t have the right personnel around him but this lad will be class for us and next season this fella will rock the premier league. For once we get a genuine quality player, we need to get behind this guy. He is definitely something special. Don’t destroy this guy chaps, lets not lose him for a season or so, or worse some club takes him off us. Ozil is the real deal.

  30. peanuts&monkeys

    Its not the result that is too bad. I’m sure most of us were expecting a worse result.
    The more depressing matter is Arsenal has the best defensive discipline this year among all PL teams. Yet, due to lack of a quality striker, yes just one quality striker, Arsenal will run out of steam in the PL title run.

    And, Arsene Wenger is responsible for that.

  31. peanuts&monkeys

    @Dark Hei

    ” those guys slating on Wenger. Did you not forget many of you just wanted Arsenal to lose with dignity ”

    Lose with Dignity? The 2nd half Arsenal had only 12% possession and completed only 60 passes compared to Bayern’s 450. Is that what you call putting up a fight? Is that what you mean losing with DIGNITY?

    The reason for my claiming Arsenal has best defensive discipline was also the same. In spite of 88% possession and with only 10 men, Arsenal shipped in 2 goals, not four.

  32. Thank you and goodnight

    It’s just a shame us fans can’t do more to drive Wenger and his cronies out of our club. 3 more years……Fuck me the samaritans will be busy over next 3 years that’s for sure.

  33. Thank you and goodnight

    Problem is there are too many fans like Samsensible and bayo who just will not see any wrong in Wenger and constantly argue why he needs more time. Even if he was to get us relegated they would still find an excuse for him.

  34. samsensible

    Absolute bollocks TYAG. Wenger has significant flaws. I have been aware of this since back in the days of Viera and Petit. You probably had a Wenger Duvet back then.

    What I object to is ignorance of the challenges the manager has faced compared to his rivals.

    But following last night’s game I find it extraordinary that people are saying “SEE I told you”.

    All the people doing it said we’d finish outside the top 4, not qualify from the champions league group and that Spurs are better than us. Like they do every year.

    I object to the entirely dull.practice of making every result and every “failure to sign” player we weren’t in for as proof of the agenda and things get pretty tragic when a 10 man loss to the best team in the world is used as evidence.

    Fucking Hell.

  35. bayo

    I said yesterday that a Board and a team owned by the cheap one eyed wig using korenke will never release all of the 120 million pound in the bank for player aquisition when they are increasing ticket prices to make a meager 2 million pound extra. When summer comes we will all call wenger all sort of names but the truth is that he will only be given 50 million pound to spend

  36. bayo

    Thank you and goodnight

    As long as we bring in klopp and not david moyes. The board will not even allow him to go because their money hoarding character which has all be put on wenger will be opened once a new manager comes

  37. Thank you and goodnight

    As I’ve said on here before, I don’t just blame Wenger I blame the board and owner as well. Worst thing to happen to Arsenal was kroenke buying the club as those 2, kroenke and Wenger are a match made in hell.

  38. bayo

    Korenke is the worst thing to happen to AFC. He has and will never put a pound of his money in the club because its about the sustainability and profit generation for him. Wenger is his partner in crime

  39. Jeff

    We are very lopsided. That is the problem. Pretty much all of us on here said right from the start when we got Ozil that it is not enough just to have one WC player and indeed that is how it is proving to be.

    At the same time, most of us convinced ourselves that Ozil was the mere start and more top class players (especially a striker) would be added in January. It didn’t happen and even if it had, any player would almost certainly have been cup tied in the CL. So it all goes back to the summer again and our apparent inability to secure good players in the transfer market. Our failings on the pitch have a root cause and it goes back years.

    As we started playing after the Aston Villa game, something of a revelation occurred and virtually overnight Ramsey became a world beater. Everything was going fine till of course he became weary of being overplayed and got injured. Now the same has happened to Gibbs. He doesn’t appear to trust Podolski and now Giroud also appears to be out of favour (not that it’s a great loss). I do not believe in a month of Sundays that Wenger would have played Sanogo and not Giroud in a game like that had it not been for Giroud’s little indiscretion.

    We have to remember that Ozil is a hub player – things radiate outwards from him to others and they then have to go and do the business. If those others aren’t up to it, frustration goes up as performance levels come down.

    Ozil is still a world class player and if we lose him to another club, he will continue to be a world class player. It is us, the club that will carry on hovering on the fringes, always looking through the window but never dining at the big table inside.

    Yes you may hope for a summer of spending and great expectations but deep inside we suspect our needs won’t be met in full (especially it being a world cup year) and once again we will go into the season short and as the injuries pile up, the same old tired problems will surface in the latter half.

    I wonder if we’ll ever last an entire season at full throttle and not run out fuel in the last third.

  40. bayo


    We have 120 million in the bank. How much do you think Korenke and the board will release for transfers? 60 million max

  41. Jeff


    To be honest with you I don’t know that any of us actually know with certainty how much actual money we have and how much of that is set aside for transfers. If it is as you say £120m, I’m pretty sure we won’t spend all of it. I doubt we’ll spend £60m but if we do, it will be for several players rather than one or two top class ones.

  42. Invincibles

    I agree with you. Their has to be something us fans can do to get rid of the fucking lot of them. Really can’t face another 3 years of failure from the Lord of failures, le senile.

  43. Crusaderrabbit

    It amazes me the way the same people slating Ozil think he’s gone from World Class to rubbish in the space of nine months aren’t prepared to believe the same about the manager over a period of nine years!

    You can argue about the result all you want but for a club with such standing and financial clout to play an untested young striker on the biggest match of their season so far shows how dis functional and rotten we are. And don’t forget we’re paying twice as much as our German opponents to watch said striker. Get rid of the lot I say.

    Pedro: how about adding a field to the comment form which forces posters to state whether they want the manager to stay or go (or undecided). Might save a lot of trolling, stupid circular arguments if people were asked to say where they stand

  44. Crusaderrabbit

    Kroenke is an appalling owner agreed – but I don’t think he told Wenger to sign Kim Kallstrom? Or not to have more than one striker? Wenger is the most autocratic manager in the league – football matters are his to take the blame for, if they’re not he should say something but he never does

  45. andy1886

    A simple question: Why the hell was Ozil taking the pen?

    Based on what we’ve seen before he shouldn’t have been anywhere near the top of the list. All the top sides know exactly who will take their pens, in fact most sides full stop know who will do that. Could it be that we hadn’t decided who would take the pens? Or that Ozil was nominated? Either way that’s poor, very poor.

  46. samsensible

    Bayo the crucial question that people don’t like to consider is how many managers would have done better under Kroenke? Mourinho for example would not have worked under these conditions and would have left so that’s him ruled out straight away.

    TYAG should Wenger go in the summer? The sensible thing would be to see how this season ends. That’s obvious to rational people who don’t gave an agenda that they rabidly cling to.

    Are the better managers out there? Yes. Are they available? I don’t know and neither do you. Would they deliver on the budget that is available in the summer? I don’t know and neither do you because we don’t know the budget.

    Unlike you, the fact that I don’t have all the facts deters me from making predictions as fact.

  47. samsensible

    The amount of certainty amongst Grovers despite the lies inherent in football is extraordinary.

    People knew the earth was flat. Just like they knew that Spurs would finish above Arsenal.

  48. Invincibles

    Sorry disagree. A lot of managers could do just as good a job as wenger. A good job at failing that is. Shit manager, shit owner shit board. Crooks and robbers the lot of them. In fact I’d take the job on for half what wengers on, I could fail cheaper than him.

  49. samsensible

    Invincible. Brilliant. You have swallowed Mourinho’s sound bite whole. Is this going to be regurgitated regularly?

    I don’t mean to come across as shitty but what you have displayed there is a massively simplistic examination of a massively complicated situation.

    Here’s a question for you: had Kos and Szczczczczcz not contrived to hand the Rumbelows Cup to Birimingham and we had won it would that have placated you? What is your minimum trophy haul that you would have expected from the last 9 years for you to not lap up Jose’s words?

  50. Invincibles

    people knew the earth was flat till they were proven wrong. Wengers a failure and nothing I’ve seen in the last 9 years proves otherwise, so then it must be fact.

  51. bayo


    Until you attack the problem from the top (Korenke) nothing will change. If the guy was competitive like Abrahimovic, he will put enough money to win trophies but Arsenal is just another business to him but the fans need to make him know that the club is not just another safe business venture

  52. Jeff

    What is the point of stating the obvious? Here we have Wenger telling us that the red card killed the game. Yes it did but the more important question is why did our keeper commit the red card offence and get himself sent off? In those situations – especially so early on in the game – you have to be professional enough to think about the consequences. Szczesny did make contact and as such the referee had absolutely no choice.

    If that happened at the other end and the keeper didn’t get sent off we’d be spitting razors. There’s no excuse other than indiscipline and it’s not just the keeper or this game. There are many instances where we let ourselves down just by the stupid act of one player.

  53. samsensible

    Jeff I think you’re being harsh in Szczczczczcz there mate. He’s a confident keeper that made a split second judgement. He got it slightly wrong.

    Personally I think the rule for a keeper in that circumstance needs to be changed. Red card for a defender but a yellow for a keeper. The rule is the rule and in which case it’s a probably a red…but the rule is a bit shit imo.

  54. samsensible

    Invincibles show some more detail in your viewpoints: what titles should we have win in the last 9 years? I am genuinely interested.

  55. bayo


    Even the king of tactics will do nothing better with this Arsenal team. It is easy to pick wenger as the main culprit but if the board was not satisfied with just making money and not winning, you would have seen a change or heard of friction amongst them. His contract ending would have been the perfect time by the board to stylishly release him but Its is all a set up from the board to wenger

  56. Jeff


    What you said would be true if we were talking about a Sunday league team or some school kids. These are professional athletes playing on the world stage at the highest possible level. I expect more and so should you – and as I pointed out it’s not an isolated incident.

  57. samsensible

    Bayo the thing is that Arsenal still could have been more financially ambitious with what we had. We could have made a few modest losses here or there safe in the knowledge that additional commercial revenue was coming.

    And we may have had more success on pitch and therefore won more impressive commercial deals recently.

    But Kroenke isn’t a gambler.

  58. Invincibles

    Your an AKB fella, you’ll always make excuses for wenger. My only crumb of comfort is when wenger fucks off so will fans like you, Nasri’s Mouth and Revvin. 9 years, 9 year of failure and bottling it proves to me he’s a failure. Loads of managers out their could of done just as good a job as wenger at failing.

  59. samsensible

    Bayo you hit the nail on the head. Wenger has re-signed and re-signed with the club being the ones coming out declaring their desire for him to stay. If he had “failed” in their eyes they would not have offered extensions repeatedly.

    Proof if any were needed of the boards targets over the last 10 years.

  60. samsensible

    Invincibles that was pathetic. Sorry. I asked you to put a figure down for trophies, some detail – how many league titles and cups and your response is to call me an AKB and become abusive.


  61. Jeff

    The problem is that the natives are getting restless. We have to win something. Another year of nothing will not go down well.

    Quite frankly, I’ve set my sights on the FA cup and top four finish – if that happens I would consider it a successful season. Anything less would be a failure.

  62. Invincibles

    This time next year we will be having the same argument with you trying to blame everyone but wenger……one more year, now we have money you’ll see, wait till FFP comes in etc etc etc. And every year us doomers will say “told you so”. Rise and repeat as long as wengers in charge.

  63. samsensible

    Jeff Szczesny has the impetuousness of youth certainly. Sometimes a great pass and a great run cause havoc and shit happens. That’s football.

    He tried to make a challenge and got it fractionally wrong.

    I was just glad to see that Robben was okay. After seeing him banging the turf I assumed he was in real agony. Thank God he is made of steel.

  64. bayo

    korenke is just creating an empire of sports team that wins nothing and unfortunately Arsenal is one of it with wenger the perfect man to continue is trophy less money spinning sports business.

  65. Savage

    The irony of away goals is that losing 2-0 is better than losing 3-1. That means (in our wild imagination), that we could level things by winning 2-0, unlike last season. Ain’t gonna happen, but interesting to note, especially with Pedro criticising away goals yesterday.

  66. Invincibles

    Nothing to answer. Just excuses from you and every other akb. I’ll grant you’ve more bottle than your other Akb friends who go missing when the real wenger shows up, yet happy to appear when your hero masterminds a glorious victory over forest row sunday league team. Wengers a failure, you might not like it, but as saying goes truth hurts.

  67. samsensible

    Jeff I think your season targets are reasonable.

    Would you still consider it a failure if we narrowly lost the final to Man City because the extra quality they paid a premium for proved the difference? Just curious, I’m not trying to catch you out.

    If we got thumped by them or got knocked out by Everton that’s an entirely different set of circumstances.

  68. andy1886

    SamS, nice show of relentless support for AW but you have to admit the guy has failings.

    I can gladly answer your question, we should have won the league in 2008, should have beaten Birmingham comfortably in the CC (and could have done so before that if we hadn’t put out a team of youngsters against Chelsea) and in nine further seasons another FA Cup win wouldn’t be an unreasonable ask would it?

    There you go, not too demanding at all for a team with our resources. Certainly not too demanding for a manager with the talent that you ascribe to him either.

    Actually I think that the Wenger of old would have won at least two of the three that I mention. My honest optinion is that he brought certain advantages in the early years but now that others have caught up and in some cases surpassed him that combined with his advancing years and intransigent character doesn’t make for a winning manager.

  69. samsensible

    Invincibles, yeah I’m an AKB blah blah blah. I hear you loud and clear.

    How many trophies would have satisfied you? What’s the minimum? Which ones? Why won’t you answer?

  70. Bergkamplegend

    Didn’t saw the game, wasn’t at home.

    Check the stats this morning.
    So usually wenger don’t use Poldi, but for this game there was no Poldi and no Giroud either ????

    Still don’t get what is going in his (very tired) mind…

  71. samsensible

    Andy thank you for answering. I don’t think your trophy list is unreasonable. I expect some would have demanded the UCL. The league loss was unfortunate and was further evidence to me of something I detected in Wenger’s first title defence: that his team’s mental strength is very inconsistent. Sometimes they play like warriors and get fantastic results in difficult circumstances and other times they repeatedly lose to Bolton.

    Please don’t confuse me arguing against over the top criticism and fact free statements as me “relentlessly supporting” Wenger. I have had plenty of bad things to say about him. I have an issue with the way many people view the last 9 years in black and white simplistic terms.

  72. samsensible

    Invincibles sorry but unlike Andy and Jeff, you have have a simplistic stance backed up with little or no depth.

    Enjoy your Mourinho breakfast.

  73. bhenChode

    Things will change once Wenger leaves the board will all of a sudden say that we trust the new guy, he was a winner with x so I suppose he will be a winner with us certainly more than the old guy was let’s give him lots of money to spend ignore what we were trying to do in the last 9 years!!! This Is exactly what corporations do just wait for the next shiny thing and go crazy with the money they ‘apparently’ have.

    Come on get sensible this is business …

  74. samsensible

    Bergkamplegend clearly Giroud is in the bad bad BAD books for his late night shagging.

    Had he not been so inept at Anfield he might have gotten away with it.

  75. Jeff


    You’re looking for comforts where there aren’t any. Narrowly missing something once in a while is no great failure but we have a record as long as your arm for narrowly missing things. Now fans in your mode of thinking see that as acceptable because the opposition is adorned with “premium players”. But that’s a very narrow minded approach because we have a very bad record for getting knocked out or losing out in big games and it goes back 9 years. Narrowly missing out against Birmingham was a failure – did they have premium players?

    So yes if we narrowly miss winning the final against Man City (whatever narrowly means), it is still a failure.

  76. samsensible

    Jeff losing to Birimgham wasn’t a failure it was a catastrophic cluster fuck.

    I take your overall point and won’t argue with it.

  77. Crusaderrabbit

    There’s no real way of knowing how complicit Wenger/Kroenke/Gazidis are in the poor state of our club. Am not privy to the inner workings of the club – all I can go on is what happens on the pitch, which isn’t good enough and hasn’t been for at least half a dozen seasons, and by good enough I mean for a club of our standing (and ticket prices). Therefore Wenger has to go. The mistakes he makes on and off the pitch are unacceptable for me. And once again please someone answer this questions – if it’s the boards fault WHY DOESN”T WENGER SAY ANYTHING!!!!

    And even if a new manager finds himself struggling to succeed with our current owners, we would at least be a step closer to discovering where the problem lies.

  78. JamesH

    Slightly ironic that the one player that let us down in almost every respect was the one with the 42 million price tag.

  79. Savage

    Would really like to see more of Sanogo. A very interesting prospect. Most of all, I would like to know what he’s like in front of goal – surely that will define him.

    Kind of silly, but I’m a little relieved he made it through two games unscathed.

  80. bhenChode

    I work for an oil company once upon a time we were challenging year in year out to be number one in the revenue stakes, biggest exploration , best R & D…. then something bad happened real bad, competitors who were so far behind have caught up and we aren’t as attractive anymore, budgets have taken a hit, now fallen so far behind no PR or money in the world will get us to the top again …. but you know it’s a good place to be in a strange way, people don’t have any expectations and everything we do from now on will be over achieving, the mindset has changed regardless of the old boys still thinking we are still a top top operator, We aren’t and that’s reality…… it kinda reminds me of the Arsenal

  81. samsensible

    Crusader the decisions at board level directly affect the results on the pitch. You can’t separate them. Particularly in Arsenal ‘s case where the manager and board are so closely entwined.

    Wenger is a manager and a PR guy and a politician.

  82. Savage

    “The fact that wenger don’t have ANY faith in Poldi is becoming really embarassing…”

    There was no good time to bring him on. Sanogo did exactly what Podolski isn’t able to do as a CF.

    I like Poldi, but he only really works if you’re putting him in goalscoring positions, and there was precious little of that last night. You only have to look one game back to see what he offers to defence.

  83. Romford Pele

    “There was no good time to bring him on. Sanogo did exactly what Podolski isn’t able to do as a CF.

    “I like Poldi, but he only really works if you’re putting him in goalscoring positions, and there was precious little of that last night. You only have to look one game back to see what he offers to defence.”


  84. bhenChode

    I hear you hitman!

    Unfortunately the strategy the club has taken sits well with the board and majority owner and in there eyes Wenger is hitting those objectives. If the club want to be run like this then we as fans will need to get used to it regardless of our feelings, you give up your support today they know there will be hundreds and thousands of others to take over from you.

  85. TheBayingMob

    “Would really like to see more of Sanogo. A very interesting prospect”

    I’ve had a gut full of interesting prospects, I would have liked to have seen the club go balls out for Suarez and not some embarassing 40m+1 bid in line with a clause that didn’t legally exist; Sanogo looked to have some good technical qualities but he looked all at sea with the few moments he had in front of goal, could have been the game / situation, he may offer us something different from Giroud and (the now seemingly sacked) Bendtner, but I’m not seeing a 50m pound player if I was to judge the last two games only …

  86. rumble_in_da_jungle


    The first 15 mins of dt game reminded of ur ‘that pal of yours who was quite gifted at sports but had a bunch of friends that werent so…the types who would sweat eating a bowl of Rice Crispies and would always beat them’ Bayern analogy. But i had a reality check when we conceeded the penalty and the rest is story now.
    But where’s d rule that says u cant substitute ur highest paid player even when its obvious he couldnt recover from that penalty miss. He should have come off for Sczesney i m h o. Cant see any way back for us in this battle. We cant spring any surprises in Munich so we just concentrate on the league and d FA cup.

  87. Crusaderrabbit

    @samsensible – totally agree but surely then you have to see that Wenger is complicit in this. He’s not having decisions forced on him, certainly not in the last few years – and again my point is, if he is being hamstrung by the board he should come out and say something. And please don’t wave the loyalty card – he’s loyal to his £7m a year. He’s meeting their objectives which is why he’s under no pressure to go – so it’s up to us as fans to change these objectives by calling for his head

  88. SpanishDave

    I am sick and tired of Wenger,hes been here far too long. By now we should be like Bayern hes had 16 years to build a fantastic club, no other manager except Fergie have had such a long period at one club. Currently we are no better than when he joined the club, we have gone full circle with him, he has nothing new to bring to the table. The club needs a change, fresh approach and some changes.
    There will come a point when it will all tumbles down by not qualifying for our annual 6 games in europe, purely for the money as we will never win it.
    Wenger is a dinasaur

  89. rumble_in_da_jungle


    U can as well give up on calling for Wengers head already. That wont happen wt this board. He’s got them totally rapped up around his fingers…from Kroenke to Gazidis to Sir Chips…
    Only a new board with a new focus can get rid of Wenger. Nothing the fans are capable of doing will achieve that wt this present board. They are too much in awe of him.

  90. bhenChode

    Crusader so you go and tell you your employers where to go and then tell the rest of the employees what tight bastards the senior leadership team is for not okaying the money behind the bar for Xmas party????

    Yeah sure Wenger made some crazy decisions but he’s only doing what the board feel comfortable with which is to hit his objectives which may mean the 4th place trophy year in year out? But we are not privy to that so no one really in certain terms knows what the reality is ….in that sense there won’t be a fan up rising as board have figured as long as we are mildly competitive it’s okay majority of the fans will be there.

  91. Rhys Jaggar

    I don’t think there’s too much point in analysing the game beyond the first 35 minutes. If the current european champions who are walking the German League by more than Shergar won the Derby by can’t win 11 against 10 for 60 minutes, then there’s something very wrong.

    What I saw was this:
    1. Fabianski has matured and is an Arsenal goalkeeper now. We have two competent keepers and if we want him to stay he has to play 20 games a season. If that’s not going to happen, he should leave to further his career somewhere where he will play regularly. He wasn’t nervous, he didn’t make any mistakes and he did his job well.
    2. Oxlade-Chamberlain showed that he’s comfortable playing against Bayern and can grab the game by the balls at the top level. He’s not yet the finished article but his attitude last night was spot on.
    3. For 30 minutes, ARsenal went toe to toe with Bayern and were level: each had had 5 shots, 4 on target. There wasn’t a gulf in class 11 against 11.
    4. However, its an insult to charge £123 and then have Martin Keown saying next day in the Mail ‘Sanogo is a work-in-progress’. If he’s WIP, you send him out on loan or you cut prices by half. You’re selling a VW at the price of a Ferrari. That’s fraud. Sue me Mr Kroenke – I’m sure you’ll win and your global reputation will be destroyed by doing so. You’ll have bought the judge and jury but the people won’t agree.
    5. Arsenal didn’t get hammered, they had a man sent off: it’s an occupational hazard and not something to cry your eyes out over. There’s an EPL game to win on Saturday and win it they should if they play like they did for the first 30 minutes last night.

    What’s getting very difficult though is marrying the natural loyalty a fan has for their chosen club with the ridiculous behaviour of the board and the manager. They are treating the fans like shit.

    I’ve already made a decision that if this summer, Arsenal don’t buy a world class striker and at least one other player at the peak of their career or, at the very least, at a sufficient level to fit in immediately against Man City, Chelsea, Barca, Bayern or Real, then I’m not supporting the club any more.

    I’m not supporting a milking operation that promotes the interests of France whilst being paid for by London folk. I’m not, and that’s the end of it.

    It’s against all my principles and it’s not happening any more.

  92. Crusaderrabbit

    @bhenChode – sorry that’s a very weak metaphor. Wenger is not your average employee, he wields power at that club like no other manager (bar say fergie). If, until perhaps recently, at any point in the last few years he had come out and complained about the actions of the board, because of his standing, he would have had the fans, the players and the media all on his side – he’s not Malky Mackay or Michael Laudrup. He’s happy with the state of affairs is the only logical conclusion anyone can draw