Bayern: We can win. Yes we can. WE CAN

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With the excitement of a win at Liverpool, I forgot to high five Wenger on his response to Mourinho… Arsene said he was embarrassed for the Portuguese… which is a pretty awesome burn. Jose is a winner, he doesn’t care how it happens, which makes him behave like a brat… that could be eye gouging, saying mean things… prancing down the touch line on his knees.

Hold on, can you prance on your knees?

Who cares. The point is, regardless of the truth behind the comments, you don’t say things like that about a fellow pro. Hopefully he does feel embarrassed. I doubt it though.

Anyway, the shocking story in the press is Arsene might ring in 7 changes after making 7 changes at the weekend. Playing at home had it’s advantages if you can keep a clean sheet and score a goal the other end. I hate the away goal rule, but it is what it is and if we can keep a clean sheet, it could prove extremely valuable.

The advantage we have against Bayern, if I were to really push hard, is that they are playing in a league they’re smashing to pieces. I had a pal once, who was quite gifted at sport… and he had a bunch of friends that were not so… I’m talking like the types who would sweat eating a bowl of Rice Crispies… anyway, he used to set up an annual sporting event that he’d always win. When he eventually took to real sport with real sports people he’d get tanked.

Bayern Munich are so used to steam rollering teams that sweat eating food, that a tough game against Arsenal might surprise them.

… don’t give me that look. I’m trying here, I really am.

Ok… but here’s the other thing, at the very least, I’m quite looking forward to seeing Bayern Munich again. I took the same attitude against Barca and we won. I’m enjoying tomorrow whatever happens.

… don’t give me that, ‘you’re like a ruggers fan’ look.

The big concern for me is that we’ll play Bayern Munich at their own game. Now, if we had Theo and Rambo, I’d still be nervous, but we’d have more of a chance. For me, we need a plan against Bayern. The last major plan fail came when we didn’t have a plan for Messi… and he scored 4 goals past us. We need to focus on shutting them down. Trouble is, Bayern are trouble all over the park and their manager will have been watching us pretty methodically over the last few weeks. What he’ll know is Ozil is tired (great article here), he’ll know that we can’t handle hard pressing early on in a game and he’ll know he can push up against us because we don’t have a pace threat or any runners.

I mean, we really do have a tough night in store. Playing a well oiled pace and power machine without anything to combat it. It really does look like we’re going to have a tough night… but hey, that’s what this competition is all about. We could surprise. We  are more than capable of a battling performance.

I’m excited…

Anyway, enough drivel from me…

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  1. salman

    Without Theo making runs behind the defenders from the wing, our attack becomes so predictable. Pass pass and pass in cetral midfield. Still hope that at least we turn up in this game and give Bayern a fight.

  2. wenker-wanger

    Ibra had touch of db10 about him y’day, great passing around the box. What a Goal ss well. Apparently wenger rejected him earlier in his career! Ibra must be relieved anyway.0

  3. Craigy

    Pedro the le grove app for I phone is very handy, but there’s one very irritating thing to fix! Say if I’m writing a comment like I was just then, quite a long one, if you use the dictionary and define the word to show different meanings, there’s no way to get back to the comment u were writing, so you loose everything and start again, unfortunate coz I like the app, it make life a lot easier navigating through the site! Just thought I’d let u kno 🙂