How much rotation will Wenger risk today?

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Well, don’t speak too soon… but it’s a stunning day outside, which has me more excited than I was to hear Crystal Palace were in for Chamakh. When the sun is out, you feel the Arsenal team come out. Well, that’s my theory at least.

Sun = Arsenal playing well

Pretty heroic theorising considering how late my night was…

So what’s the vibe today? Well, I think we’re going to win. I think the game will be open and exciting, and I’m positive we can nab a result.

I said to much derision yesterday that Chelsea losing to Manchester City was probably a result Mourinho will have secretly fist pumped to. No one wants to lose ground to a rival, but at the same time, if you look at the fixture list coming up, no one wants a quarter final wedged in between a Champions League game meaning a midweek game popping up somewhere. It’s an aggravation.

I didn’t watch the whole Chelsea game, but it was telling that Jose took off Ramires, one of his most important players, on 61 minutes, he also pulled Eto’o early, another who has legs that need saving. Fans think the FA Cup is important, sadly, managers don’t… regardless of what they say. Fans know it though… only 16,000 showed up for the Sunderland game yesterday. It’s too much expense for a Cup you don’t get 100% from clubs in. Not just that, but the FA don’t help themselves… why aren’t Arsenal being given a helping hand with this fixture. Bayern played yesterday.  This game should have been on a Friday. Instead, by bowing down to TV companies, they’ll end up with a worse product because the club will be forced into making a choice between two trophies… this one being the less lucrative.

Anyway, big difference today is that Arsenal need a trophy, so I’m sure Arsene will charge the team he sends out with urgency vibes. He’ll have to make changes from the United game because certain players are dead. In should come Nik B, Podolski, Vermaelen, Gnabry and Flamini. That’s enough to inject some energy into our performances and it’s enough to show Liverpool a different hand. If Rodgers doesn’t rest players, we’ll have a different game plan from the one we saw last weekend. I think we’ll take them apart today… Liverpool are inconsistent, I’m hoping we see the bad side of that today… the fans will be up for it, but if we lose, I fear the reactions… because Bayern is going to be incredibly tough on Wednedsay.

There’s a great article from Rapha Honigstein about Bayern Munich here. The jist of it is we’re playing a Bayern who don’t lose games. We’re playing a team so dominant, the Dortmund CEO is complaining about Scottish like conditions in the German league… we’re in for a tough ride. The article is slightly depressing. Guardiola isn’t just a good manager, he’s a genius in footballing terms. That layered with his outrageous work ethic and intensity has turned Bayern into an even more imposing beast this year. Lahm (interestingly, a right back they’ve turned into a holding midfielder) had this to say on his manager…

“He’s fan, expert and coach all rolled into one. He studies every opponent minutely, and he shows us solutions: where are the spaces, where are the opportunities, how should we play.”

Guardiola’s big idea at Bayern is to have no big idea, just lots of little ones. He’ll make changes all the time, he’s constantly tinkering with his side. Now, you need a certain level of player to be able to operate like that, but this is the difference at this level. Arsenal have great players, Wenger could operate like Pep does, but he chooses not to. So when you come up against a manager who has technically brilliant players, motivated mentally and armed with the tools to destroy you, well, you’re on a back foot if you don’t have a plan. That’s not to say we can’t beat them, it’s just saying it’s a massive ask because they’ll set out to exploit our weaknesses and absorb out strengths… we’ll set up to play football and express ourselves… which for me, with the current squad, is not a great plan.

They rested key players yesterday… it’d be foolish to think we won’t do the same today. Let’s hope the players that come in can provide the home support with something a bit different to what they’ve been watching of late.

Liverpool and sunshine… have a good one!

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    I can just feel a Wilshere Flamini centre with Rosicky, Ozil and Cazorla on Wednesday…will be a death sentence, tippy tappy, no pace, lack of direction.

    But Wenger enjoys the two middle men wide approach in big games…just makes it look as though we’re walking through treacle!

  2. Dissenter

    With that performance from Flappy, he’ll have suitors knocking on his doors.
    That said, it’s hard for back-up keepers to get that started job. He’s better of taking Arsenal’s offer on the table.
    Flappy won that game for us, I can’t believe I’m say this.

  3. Thank you and goodnight

    If we think suarez is bad at diving Mueller and robben are horrendous. I’d be scared to shake their hand before game kicks off in case they writhe about on the floor. Real shame as I like Mueller think he’s a quality player.

  4. Jeff

    I know this goes against the grain and everything Wenger stands for but why don’t we play Sanogo against Bayern. He looked more effective than Giroud.

  5. Jeff

    What I don’t understand is why Fabianski doesn’t get the odd game as number 1. He’s probably not that better or worse than Szczesny. He looked to be on fire today and I think deserves one or two starts – just to keep him in the running. It also rests and gives the other goal keeper something to think about.

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    Agree about Sanogo ahead of giroud for bayern. Kid can’t do any worse. Nighty night fellas. Don’t forget to join the ‘light side’:)

  7. kwik fit

    Wenger gives his injury update following todays game; “Jack Wilshere had a stiff dick, after that Santi Cazorla was full, Kieran Gibbs had a little muscular problem and Sagna was tired,(have you seen his missis ,smiles) ”

  8. Jeff


    We have many players who are worse than Fabianski in their own fields and yet they remain. You know how bad we are at replacing people and also we need new players in other areas so if we have to look for a number 2 goal keeper in the summer as well as the other positions, we’ll probably end up with someone who is going to be worse than Fabianski.

    I realise of course that one match doesn’t make him Gordon Banks but I just don’t see Szczesny as being that much better than Fabianski.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    For me Oxlade and Podolski start either side of Ozil with Rosicky and Flamini behind.

    Then Sanogo/Giroud. That really is incredible that without sounding ridiculous you could make a case for the postman over Giroud.

    But Wenger bottles it in the big games and likes to stick more central middle players out wide to tippy tappy it about.

    Only hope we have is taking it to Munich.

  10. Keyser

    Ox spent 5 months out and has had a few starts already, it’s not specifically about singular games anymore, but about maintaining the balance on the field aswell as players fitness.

    At least Tottenham have the Europa League, Liverpool have about 1 game a week for the rest of the season now, they’ve already played 8 games less than us and hav barely had any fixture congestion, Chelsea are out aswell.

    This is it now, beat Bayern and we’ll have done it against the odds, lose and hopefully it leaves us stronger for all the other games.

  11. Keyser

    It’s not about bottling it, it’s about options and squad depth now, the Giroud hate is mostly rubbish, our problem has been a lack of options and balance through key injuries, Giroud’s been consistence to a fault, he’s had little to no help.

    What you see from Podolski or the OX is hopefully what we’d get if they had remained fit all year.

  12. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    100% agree. I think we see Jack and Santi though. But how I would love to see Poldi get a crack at Bayern. I would be suprised I guess if we see Rosicky over Ox.

    What ive been saying all along, as we say over here, lets go down swinging.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    It’s absolutely about bottling it, it’s like playing the biggest safety ever, he’d rather stick passers of the ball wide than runners, or more direct players.

    This stuff that Cazorla and Wilshere offer more defensive protection than Podolski is rubbish as well in my opinion, I think all three leave a lot to be desired in terms of defending.

    The Giroud hate is not ‘rubbish’ either, that’s total crap, it’s obvious he’s not good enough and the biggest evidence of that is people honestly considering Sanogo ahead of him after one game!

    And our squad depth problem isn’t through ‘key injuries’ (Ramsey and Walcott, 2 players) it’s because the right additions weren’t made. If there’s a squad issue, then it’s down to the manager not making the right moves in 16 weeks worth of market time (Summer and January) to say otherwise is beyond ridiculous.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Exactly, no one will remember us going out with a whimper because we played Cazorla and Wilshere who just endlessly give the ball away instead of really having a go at them.

    On the morale side of it, even if we were to crash out, how much solace could the side take knowing we gave Munich a bloody nose, just like last season.

    If we tippy tappy it about you may as well not watch, it’ll be a boring 2-0 to Munich or something, because they’ll sit back, let us pass it around, rob us and hit us hard with the pace of guys like Robben and Muller.

    We won’t out pass them, we won’t out work them – we literally just have to give it our all and go for it…if we lose 3-1 but the side really tried then I’d be happy. I’m not expecting us to go through, but I want to see us really try to bite a chunk out of Munich.

    And who knows, like last week at Anfield, if we come out the blocks lightening fast and really go at them they might be shell shocked and we may grab something to hold onto.

  15. MidwestGun

    I dont so much hate Giroud, as I hate slow. Slow build up play has been our downfall. So ya I would consider Sanogo. Then I would probably laugh and put in Giroud. What are you gonna do its Bayern and Sanogo has exactly one game.

  16. Pedro

    Evening people! Great game today… the Sanogo love in is mental. Well, online at least. I thought he did ok… but he lost a lot of 50/50s and his touch was a bit duff.

    What did you all think?

  17. hackneylad

    Cesc is right.

    Fielding a midfield with ozil cazorla wilshere and arteta is asking for trouble.

    The problem I have is against good sides having such similar players with similar skill set leaves us unbalanced.

    Against less quality sides with not as thorough drilled and perfected defenses we can pass it through and score but that’s

    1 Because their defense isn’t that great

    2 Because we are able to dominate possession meaning we eventually crack the nut

    Against the top teams we need a more balanced mid have the technical ability but spice it up with pace and power ox and firepower podolski.

    The only way we are gonna win trophies is by being brave and going for it Wenger sees feeling a midfield with tippy tappy “supposedly” great ball retainers as the safe option its a negative tactic and it backfires against the top sides.

  18. Keyser

    Firstly Podolski missed 4 months of the season, he got injured in August, sat through until the end of December, Ox got injured in the first game of the season and came back in January, Cazorlaw as out for 8 weeks pretty much from the Tottenham game until late October/November, Theo had the surgery on stomach, came back for a while and is now out for the season.

    Then there’s Ramsey, who people wanted sold during last year and the summer.

    Podolski tried to track back today and kicked Suarez over, + the inevitable somersault with half-pike.

    Giroud isn’t good enough for what ? He’s been on his own for most of the season you nutter, we need key players, you can’t say Giroud’s not good enough and then say ‘Oh well based on one game Sanogo’s shown how bad he is’.

    What it shows is how painfully invaried we have been, Giroud’s played 3 games a week at times and we’ve suffered through, not to mention that our midfield has been a complete mish-mash of players making up for those injuries.

    I’ve just listed all those injuries, and at some point you have to agree that despite them we’ve done ok.

    We’ve got a decent squad, what we need is the one or two quality players like Ozil, that will lift the others, plus the players to replace the squad members or older first teamers that might leave this summer.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah it’s not hate, I don’t hate the guy, he seems a nice bloke, extra marital affairs not withstanding.

    But he quite clearly isn’t good enough and as you say massively slows the team down, to disregard these obvious gripes with the players as ‘rubbish’ it ‘rubbish’ itself. It’s there for all to see.

  20. Keyser

    Lol all you have to do is read back through the comments, ‘Sanogo, Wenger’s fucked it, what a shit line up, oh we won, Sanogo’s not bad yo’.

    Ox started today, thought he faded later on, I doubt he’ll start mid-week, since Podolski started today I doubt he’ll start either, but if we keep it tight early on we’ll have options on the bench for one of the few times all year.

    Didn’t even bother mentioing Sanogo’s injury because people are just odd, did the postman deliver ?

  21. kwik fit

    I would give Sanogo a go go against Bayern. Teams wouldn’t know what to expect and he can provide the’ jeux ne se qua’ in the final part of the season. He’s certainly more mobile than Oli. Perhaps Oli could become our plan B.

  22. MidwestGun

    Pedro – congrats on perdiction! You called it.

    Sanogo – ok. Needed his pace to unlock defense. Link up and positioning was good. Clumsy and gangly shooter tho. Looked rusty in passing. Maybe not used to speed of game. With some experience and finishing training, could be a quality player at some point, just not now.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Teams have injuries…you deal with it. We did okay considering we had a spate of them early on yes.

    But you can’t blame that now, we have Walcott and Ramsey who are hugely important…but Wenger just watched 4 weeks fly be without doing a thing to maybe address the issue with a player or two. So that’s his look out.

    Giroud isn’t good enough to lead the line for Arsenal…you ‘nutter.’ Wenger has had 12 months to remedy that and hasn’t…these aren’t personal attacks against the players, this is an attack on the manager. And I can say Giroud is not good enough based on most of the season and the stats to go with it….so, yeah.

    And your final point, well that is what literally everyone had been saying since before the summer! You probably disagreed with most people along the way as is your delight. So I don’t see what you mean by that.

    Essentially when I and others say we need a couple of world class additions and then some decent squad players you;re now agreeing where before you’d have said A) It’s too hard B) There’s no money C) They’re not out there D) City and Chelsea will get there before us. Make up your mind.

    The squad is too thin, our strikers are woeful and we lack a proper CDM, thats about my gripe with the side…and the manager obviously.

    But on the plus there’s excellent team cohesion and unity this year, I think for a large part of the season we jut had the belief we’d win games, that got rattled a bit and we started to put in some dire performances, the last good one was Spurs in the FA Cup.

    I think Wenger ballsed up January and that will be our undoing but, we have a good base of a squad if we can actually utilize the summer and build on it.

  24. Romford Pele

    Pedro,I thought he did well. He’s a raw kid who was making his cup debut after being out for 5 months.

    The fact Wenger chose to omit Bendtner from the squad in his favour against quality opposition probably means we’ll be seeing him a lot in future.

    He has traits in a striker I like, and while he’s raw, you can see there’s a lot to work with.

  25. Pedro

    Cheers Midwest… they couldn’t play at their normal pace today.

    Yeah, fair assessment. I don’t think we can play him against Bayern though…

    Poor old Olivier… caught with his pants down, what a muppet!

  26. Keyser

    Lol disregard ? No, try to understand it, while you’re sitting there venting.

    You put Giroud in, you add pace out wide, or you have runners from midfield, without Ramsey we don’t have too many other options. Without Theo, Ox, Podolski you’re left with what you’ve got.

    That’s not disregard, that’s the fact that we haven’t had those players.

    The other side to it is that we’re playing 3 games a week, how many times are you going to be able to play them consecutively.

  27. kwik fit

    Loved the way Sanogo tried to get all the fans cheering at the end of the game. he has something about him.

    Ya Ya Mid West Sanogo is definitely a go go 😉

  28. Romford Pele

    Yeah Pedro I said that earlier, there are a lot of shades of Ade in Sanogo. I think Ade was more refined when he joined though and could start straight away. Wenger is literally starting from the bottom with Sanogo. That said, I didn’t realise he was as strong as he showed today. Maybe he did a lot of gym work in the last 5 months?

    I like his mobility though, he gives us options even if he didn’t directly influence the game himself today. Maybe he’ll be good in time.

  29. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Yeah you can, you’re one of Walcott’s biggest denigraters, but surely even you can now see what his pace means for the team, you can’t say Giroud’s slow, when we’re lacking throughout the midfield aswell, it’s just picking on him for the sake of it.

    Wenger’s had 12 months for what ? We don’t just need someone better than Giroud we need someone that could rival Van Persie, which is exceptionally tough.

    Also another thing is people seem to think Ozil’s completely seperate to all this, if you add quality in midfield it should’ve freed the outlets we have to be more efficient in the final third, with them missing we’ve been left to compensate with a whole host of technical midgets instead.

    “Essentially when I and others say we need a couple of world class additions and then some decent squad players you;re now agreeing where before you’d have said A) It’s too hard B) There’s no money C) They’re not out there D) City and Chelsea will get there before us. Make up your mind. ”

    Firstly you went on about Statements of intent and all this other bollocks, we bought Ozil, if you can’t or won’t acknowledge that after 8 years us signing him was a massive step then you’ve revealed yourself well and truly.

    That’s it really, you can’t whinge about how everthing’s been on the decline for soo many years and then expect it to turn around in less than a seaosn.

    At what point do you say, it’s a start, we haven’t even played that well this year, the team hasn’t really been balanced, but we’ve scrambled and got to this point.

  30. GoonerDave

    I don’t think any AFC fans would disagree with the fact that we do need better than Giroud.
    But he is most certainly exhausted. And it is an obvious factor in his recent drought and poor concentration etc.
    He’s not going to get a second wind and start scoring again unless he gets support from the fans. He might not improve even with that!
    He’s not world class, we hope to buy someone better, but he’s our best chance until the end of this season and he should be supported and encouraged, for the good of AFC in my opinion.
    And because he is a useful squad member/option to have.

  31. WengerEagle


    First off congrats on the blog mate, you are doing a fantastic job and it’s evident to a blind man you love the Arsenal. The fact you manage to write a post every day of the year is beyond remarkable and truly inspiring.

    RE Sanogo I thought he did pretty well considering he’s a 20 year old kid starting his first match for the team after a 5 month injury lay off. He’s very raw and his first touch and passing at times were poor but he was a handful through the middle all match for Skrtel and Agger. He looked mobile for such a tall player and won his fair share of aerial duels. Comparisons to a younger/rawer Adebayor aren’t that wide of the mark, I look forward to see if he can develop into a a quality striker for the club.

  32. JJ

    Sonogo is raw but I love the way he shoved agger around. Got some fight in him that boy. Giroud needs to show them kinda balls more often instead of worrying about his hairdo and whether he can touch his nose with his tongue.

  33. lamia

    GoonPharm 2
    Best team lost? Please.Apart from that penalty they did next to fuck all.

    Just watching the highlights. Are you kidding ?. Glad we won, but what game were you watching.

  34. GoonerDave

    Thought same re Sanogo – awful first touch, but wasn’t fazed by anything and was happy in the physical battle.
    Was quick too.

  35. Pedro

    Thanks WengerEagle!

    Yeah. He could become a bit of a players. Still surprised Wenger canned Nik B… for me, he could offer more to us over the next few months than Sanogo… but I’m guessing Wenger is done with him… bed in Sanogo, buy in a world class striker then that’s your three for next year.

    Poor Nik.

  36. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s my guess too he’ll sell/get rid of Bendtner in the summer, buy a striker and use Sanogo as a 3rd choice CF.

    I’m interested to see what happens with Joel Campbell when he returns from his loan at Olympiacos where he has been sensational (granted it’s the Greek league). I hope Wenger gives him opportunities as I fear he would go the way of Carlos Vela and be successful somewhere else if he isn’t given a chance here.

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Did we defend deeper than we did last week ? I thought we did and looked better for it. However we were able to counter attack today as instead of Santi and TR7 being wide we had Pod, the postman and the Ox up the field. Mesut looked happier as well. He was excellent today. I’d like to see us use Ox, Pod and Gnabry in the wide positions going forward, perhaps Santi in some games esp when Rambo back.

    We so need a top DM when playing against pace ie: the top teams ( I include Lpool front 4 in that )

  38. Dissenter

    The bar was set pretty low for Sanogo, we all assumed that he was shit poor. He’s match rusty but he tried his best.

    I think most gooners are naturally disappointed with Giroud for his sexapades to the Arsenal domain. It’s no wonder that his worst game in an Arsenal shirt was at Anfield last week.

    Sanogo was a like a release valve today.

    Giroud needs a long time on the bench for his own good.

  39. Paddy got up

    Just back. Home. What a great day.
    Was on the Victoria line with loads of Bin Dippers. Gave them a few choruses if Brendan Rogers a Tranny!! And at Euston the Cheerio, Cheerios!
    Thought our fans were the bollocks today. I’m pissed so this is probably coming

  40. Radio Raheem

    My advise to Giroud is to give up the family life bullshit and stop masquerading as a footballer. Be yourself man, be a pro shagaholic, be the porn star you were always destined to be. Now go forth and spread thy lusty seeds you good looking cunt.

  41. telarse

    Glad we didn’t have the Santi, Ozil and Jack Trio on today – got very worried when Santi replaced Pod – Santi should have replaced Ozil who had run his bollocks off and Gibbs should’ve come on for Pod.

    I would’ve given Gnabry a run for Ox to keep a Lacey option on the right.

    I liked Arteta a bit further forward – none of the Jack shenanigans and got a good dig at Stevie Me.

    P.S. WTF Giroud? Shirley you can do better than that plastic skank!

    Sanogo did very well as did Jenks and Ox – I hope Arsene gives today’s team a lot of thought for the Munich game cos they’ve earned starting places.

    I’d always have Gibbs starting – I love him on our wing in front of Montreal.

    Didn’t miss sagna, Chesney, Jack, Santi or Giroud in that starting line up today.

  42. The Poldi Prince

    Great win.

    Rejuvenated ozil? Hope so. We need it.

    Sanogo showed huge potential. Hope he can stay fit for a few seasons. Definitely has top player potential with all of the physical attributes to have a beast mode.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    The material difference between the two games against Liverpool were:

    1. Liverpool caught us cold at Anfield and had scored four goals in 18 minutes.
    In the second game they could have repeated this had Sturridge converted
    his two opportunities.

    2. Once Oxlade-Chamberlain scored Liverpool were playing catch up and
    when Podolski scored second it was a different game.

    3. Ozil had a far more influential game than in first, because Arsenal offered
    more options offensively than in first game.

    4. Sanogo is not frankly a great striker, but what he did offer in this game was
    considerable nuisance value and highlighted Liverpool’s defensive

    5. Oxlade- Chamberlain had on this occasion a very good game and in my
    assessment is a better player at moment than Wilshire.

    6. Fabianski had a great game. It will be a shame that we are likely to lose
    him at end of season, because he is undoubtedly one of the best second
    string goalkeepers in league. Frankly Arsenal need to maintain a strong

    7. What was of concern is that Arsenal remained for most of game second
    best. We are still short of quality in several positions and that remains our
    problem. In particular we need an outstanding striker [finisher] and
    physically strong midfielder.

  44. Dark Hei

    What does RVP, RVN, Inzaghi, Shearer and many other good strikers do not have blistering pace. Their game is based on something else.

    Same with Giroud; his style is based on strength. Sure we can do with better finishing from him. But a lack of pace isn’t a problem as long as the midfield runners are available.

    If you want to blame, blame the manager. It is his job to come up with a plan B.

  45. fraz

    Great win. It was a damned if u do and damned if u don’t game. The only way for Wenger to come out wid credibility due to the schedule wud be to do rotation and win. Wudnt call this a B team.. He dis just that. And a great post match interview too.

  46. Leedsgunner

    The chance of us winning versus Bayern is likely as Giroud getting a hat trick in that game. Realistically speaking a hard fought draw will be a good result. Then are we capable of winning in Germany? Yes. Will we? Unlikely. When we defeated Bayern last year at home they rested quite a few of their regular starters. Again Wenger’s complacency in not pressing for the top of the group . Ugggh!

  47. useroz

    Can’t agree more with …
    EmiratesstrollerFebruary 17, 2014    04:16:52

    Ox and wilshere may go different paths long term but wilshere has little end products lest the errors atm. But we know wenger will put wilshere on against BM (if fit). Well, god helps ig wilshere played like the united game.

    Ox may be Podi (if he starts) would be our goal threat at BM. If Giroud scores take it a bonus like a tap in at empty net

    Giroud made the headline and now basically admitted to wot the Sun reported. AFC was to fine him 230K, according to Sun. Seriously is /was Giroud that hungry? Love to have his hunger on the pitch…

    So Gambon needs to update the calcs on Giroud. Apparently he scores before and after the games, not on the pitch. His stats would look much better with what he scored…and banging (it) in.

    Not good media exposure with our sponsors….

  48. Moray

    @Leeds, at least this way we go out quicker. Yes, it would be exciting to get to the quarters or semi finals of the CL, but we’re not going to do it with this team. Particularly as we typically get weaker as the season goes on, in comparison to our rivals. (last season was a bit of an exception but then we started so badly!)

    Better we try to concentrate our energies on what remains of the FA Cup (to try to win something) and in getting a top 3 place in the league.

  49. Musketeer

    ZeusFebruary 17, 2014 02:17:38
    Sanogo compilation vs Liverpool on YouTube. …..

    95% of it is probably L’Poo shoving him in the back LOL.

  50. Leedsgunner

    Plus I believe when we won at Bayern we had Ramsey who had a STORMER of a game. Oh how we could use him now! *sigh*

  51. Alan

    Irrelevant what wenger does to try rotate, or indeed how little his gross negligence allows us to rotate with, he is a failure and can’t win big games. We don’t need mourinho to tell us that. Apart from delusional AKB ers we all know that .

  52. ardentgooner


    You must be feeling really down today…. as much as you expected & hoped us to be thrashed on wednesday and sunday…it didn’t happen. Hope your anger is in control today 😉

  53. samsensible

    Wenger knocked Mourinho out last night with his handling of the latest fued.

    The facts are that apart from Chelsea fans and WOBs everyone else thinks Mourinho was a prick and that he HAS embarrassed himself and Chelsea. It was a big mistake by Mourinho. If anyone hasn’t actually watched the clip of his comments you should. He was fucking furious. He was agitated. He was wound up. He reacted like a nasty little brat and he has been widely condemned. It will be interesting to see how he responds to the “embarrassing” label.

    As for the match, Sanogo was okay but people are getting carried away. He was a nuisance which Giroud has failed to be in the last few games. He also showed more mobility around the box. BUT he was supported by better running from.midfield and therefore a much more decisive Ozil.

    Ozil has looked much improved in the last 2 games.

  54. Rhys Jaggar

    All I would say about Wednesday night is this: if by some chance Arsenal remember the spirit of Barcelona and go 2-1 up with 15 mins to go, this time they must grab Bayern by the balls and go for their throats. 3-1 is a hell of a lot better than 2-1.

    Stan Wawrinka had no chance at the Australian Open until he beat Djokovic. Then he won the title………

  55. ardentgooner


    Mourinho has the press on his side here hence not much issues for him in England. The spanish really got sick of his constant portrayal of being the underdog and victim mind games. Madrid fans also thought it was laughable how he always thought of real madrid as the victims of some sort of conspiracy.

    Only Chelsea fans and a few porto fans really lap up his comments.

  56. samsensible

    Ardent, based on what I have seen from journalists I think they are thoroughly unimpressed with this latest spat. Box office it may be but we have a limit over here and I think JM crossed over.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s season has been affected by the loss of both Ramsey and Walcott. The first because of his all-round play and the second because of his pace and goalscoring ability.

    Wenger should in my view have used Gnabry more than he has done, because he does have similar potential to Walcott and needs games to gain experience.

    Oxlade- Chamberlain has in my view demonstrated in recent games that he has infinitely more potential than Wilshire as an option to Ramsey. He works
    hard on pitch, scores goals and can tackle back. He is also physically stronger and less of a prima donna.

  58. Leedsgunner

    I hope the Ox doesn’t get burnt to the ground like Wilshere though… you know how Wenger tends to latch on to his favourites and then play them to death.

    Ramsey should have never been played in to ground especially when he was in such impressive form at the beginning of the season. He definitely should have been managed better. Imagine if we had him for the Liverpool, and Man United league games. Two games where we dropped points because we lost control in the midfield. You can tell Ozil definitely misses Ramsey’s lung bursting runs to direct his passes to.

  59. samsensible

    ET those 2 make dangerous runs off the ball which brings the best out of Ozil and it helps stretch opponents. Our attacks are far more predictable without them.

  60. Keyser

    The Ox better than Wilshere ? What if he has a few poor games, will he be average again, and will people ask him to be sent on loan. Like with Ramsey, or those wondering why we gave these players new contracts just this summer.

    We need both players, what’s evident now is how we’ve missed having the option, if he’d been fit all year he might’ve had a few more games to adapt to a central midfield role, and Ramsey might not have been injured, but hey that’s hindsight eh.

  61. sylvain

    Emiratesstroller : “Arsenal’s season has been affected by the loss of both Ramsey and Walcott.”

    Ooooopsssss sorry I forgot KK!! lol

  62. Guns of brixton

    The OX has always displayed a great amount of potential.

    He has a lot in hes locker. plays as a central mid, attacking mid, on the wings.
    and all those positions, he plays expectionally well in. he is very very good ive always rated the lad the day he came to us and not manure.

  63. Sam

    unfortunately Wenger will revert to Plan A for Bayern. There’s no way Wenger would go into the Bayern game with the same attack as yesterday, or just Giroud for Sanogo, with Poldi and Ox starting. Poldi is our only striker who would have moved to take Ox’s pass to score that 2nd goal yesterday. Ozil finally so relieved to have some pacy runners to pick out.
    He’ll start with Santi (whose form is dipping due to fatigue), Rosicky, Flamini and probably give-the-ball-away Wilshere. Ox on in 70th min, Poldi probably not at all.
    No doubt Guardiola will know this, and will know our vulnerability to pace. At least Ribery’s out.

  64. Bamford13

    Ox and Wilshere are very different kinds of players. No reason to compare them.

    Ox has been excellent, but he’s primarily an attacking player who is good when space on the field expands. He isn’t suited for all of the nitty-gritty midfield work that a traditional CM like Jack does.

    Just because Ox is in better form than Jack, doesn’t mean that he could do what Jack does.

  65. gonsterous

    That Celia Chick isn’t even good looking … His wife looks hotter than her.. boy oh we know why giroud keeps missing his targets…

  66. Al


    I disagree mate. If you watch ox play in the middle he is better tactically and positionally then wilshere. His reading of the game defensively is much better then wilshere.

  67. shad

    Morning/Afternoon all!

    Great, ground out win.

    Everton will be more composed and will be more of a threat on the flanks and middle than Liverpool have been. Thankfully there won’t be any Lukaku to bully Per.

    Positives: We won, Poldi, Ozil, Ox and Fabianski all showed up, and Goroud could ice his dick after his earlier indiscretions, AW finally signed Webb.

    Negatives: Flarteta is still a worry. Both to slow to get to the 2nd ball and always in 50:50s, Wengers continued distrust in playing Poldi for 90, Santi came on and was very off the pace, AW running Ozil to the ground, Gambon was wrong (we were overrun but we won mate)

    All in all we march on to the quarters. I have no expectations of a win on Wednesday, just glad that Arteta is suspended so AW has to pick a quicker player by default to partner Flamini. Just hoping it won’t be Wilshere.