Unambitious Arsenal continue to hoard mountains of cash…

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Happy Saturday everyone, how was your Valentines day night? I can’t even remember mine! That’s how good it was…

Anyway, let’s talk football, because we all love football.

Arsenal announced their financials yesterday. Guess what? We have even more money than many predicted! £120m cash available to the manager to spend. Quite incredible. By the summer, realistically, we could have another £40m! So the manager could literally go on a Chelsea style spending spree all within the confines of ‘sustainable’… here are the highlights, which in the main, from a sporting perspective are actually low lights…

These were pulled together by Rhys who is a long time Grover that understands a bit more about the money than me.


1. Arsenal have continued to hoard cash in the first half of this financial year, the position improving £20m over a year before. They now have £143m in cash, of which just over £120m is free to use. This will rise by another £40m this summer.
2. The turnover is pretty much identical to last year, with the one-off property sales of last year being replaced with new commercial deals, extra Emirates Cup revenues and more TV money. Based on there being 17 matches in the second half vs 11 in the 1st half at home, annual turnover should get close to £300m. Revenue in the football segment is up just shy of 30% this year.
3. Arsenal’s net transfer spend in cash terms in the summer was only £12m. This is obviously due to spreading out transfer fee spending and receipts over several seasons, but it hardly shows the club pushing the boat out, does it?
4. Wages have gone up again, with an extra £9.2m for 6 months suggesting an increase in the wage bill close to £20m for the full year. That is what might be called ‘inflation-busting pay rises’, it being somewhere between 13 and 18% depending on what the actual total bill for football staff wages actually is.
5. The stadium repayment will see outstanding debt drop below £200m in 2015, which is rather at odds with all the fans and media pronouncements that ‘Arsenal have paid off their stadium debt’, doesn’t it?? The first 10 years will have seen £60m out of £260m capital repayments with quite a bit of associated interest added on. But as a percentage of annual turnover, the mortgage payment will have dropped from around 9% to 6% over a 10 year period.
6. The only reason the period saw a P+L profit is due to a £5m tax credit associated with changing government corporate tax rates. Otherwise they made a small P+L loss.
7. In cash terms, the first half is always less good than the second half due to the imbalance of home fixtures, so a loss of £10m is well within the bounds of a cash-neutral full-year wet of accounts.
8. The only real item of interest on the balance sheet is a £35m worsening of the ‘short-term debtors – short-term creditors’ position: not sure of the reason, but it’s nothing radical to worry about. Most of it will be due to increased wages, a £10m+ instalment for Ozil and less transfer payment income from old sales I suspect.

So there we are. Arsenal are well run, we turn in great financials, but we’re not exactly pushing the boat out. We have an owner who is so anti risk it’s embarrassing he opts to run sports clubs, we have a manager who is so absorbed in his one man mission to win things on a budget he won’t push for trophies and we have a CEO who kind of sits on the fence in case he’s told off.

A beautiful concoction that means we suffer top four mediocrity. I was speaking to a Leeds fan yesterday and he laughed at my Premier League ‘first world’ concerns, and he’s right, we shouldn’t moan… but it could be so much better. So I will moan.

In other news, Jose Mourinho has been drawing attention to himself which is dull as dishwater, but mildly amusing because however much you hate him, he kind of has a point on Wenger…

“He’s a specialist in failure,”

“If I do that in Chelsea, eight years, I leave and don’t come back.”

When you’re kicking on for ten years without a trophy, it’s difficult to really carve yourself out as being successful. There are, of course, many metrics of success, but let’s not make excuses here. If you’re paid £7.5m a year, your main metric for success is a trophy. You need to deliver something. You need to push the boat out to win things. You need to deserve that next deal.

I like the stability Arsene brings to the club, especially when you consider the mess that’s occurring over at United. However, we’re hardly capitalising on 6 clubs around us changing up there manager over the last year. Wenger has geared himself up for another failure this year… yet he has £120m in the bank. What would be the excuse this year?

‘Money isn’t the answer, even thought it’s the reason Chelsea or City have won something…’

What would be the justification for another deal if we’re being honest… we’re building something? Wenger has been building something for a decade. When do Arsenal put a stake down in the ground and say… Arsene, you need to win something now.

Who bloody knows. But take all emotion out of what Jose is saying, take away the fact it’s a classless comment… he’s right, and that’s why it hurts.

… it also takes the focus off Chelsea being the clear favourites for the league now.

Have a great day… I’m off to nurse a hangover and build some phone book bridges after sending message to all the single ladies.


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  1. andy1886

    Citeh and Chelsea are equal favorites, based on our fixture list I’d put us equal with Liverpool after them.

    One financial question – where did this huge surplus come from? I keep being told that we’ve only had money since the summer, so that means we’ve found £100m+ in less than a year – how did that happen?

    Or maybe it’s a mirage? Maybe someone can enlighten me?

  2. ozzygoon

    i wonder how the real plastic fans (the ones who listen to the bullshit that comes outta the club, journos & ex players looking for free lunch) will try to justify Wenger & Friends (lack of) actions…

  3. andy1886

    Incidently, with all these great financials, and new sponsors wouldn’t it be a great time for Stan to sell? Please…..

    Or do you think that he’ll be planning to take profits via dividends out of the club?

  4. reggie57

    It’s funny that we as Arsenal fan’s can cunt Wenger off but when a class less cunt like Mourihno does it it don’t seem right.

  5. ozzygoon

    he wont need to resign.. his deal ends at the end of this season.

    i heard stan is grooming his son to take over.. – either way he bought into the club at the right time.. and for his total lack of investment (and seemingly interest) has seen his shares massively increase in value. contributed nothing and will reap the rewards..

  6. Toli83

    Behnind Citeh & Chelsea. I’d have Liverpool favourites above us. They have goals, goals, goals!

    They honestly are in with a big shout regardless of what people think.

    I personally think over the years this was Wengers most important window, where we needed players the most. Injuries, a tough run games, top of the league surely meant he HAD to strengthen.

    To say he rushed Kallstrom therefore not knowing about his injury extent, after sitting on his hands for a month is sheer negligence.

    We are 2/3 injuries away from a very average and impotent team.

    Groundhog Day peeps, expect a nervy end to 4th place trophy.

  7. andy1886

    On another subject entirely – Safe Standing?

    I’d love to see it, does anyone know if the club are actively looking into it? Perhaps the AST have a view on that?

  8. GoonPharm

    If Mr. Wengers metric of success was trophies then he would have been fired along time ago.

    Stan and most shareholders are obviously happy as he’s just been offered a new bumper contract.

    So what’s the issue?

    Genuinely how many of you would sack Wenger or even moan about silverware if you were Stans shoes right now?

    I wouldn’t…

  9. TT

    And will people forfeit their ST this spring in protest whn the club apparatus goes into overdrive to tell us of all the WC players they are gonna buy? Not a hope in hell. The lemmings will collow blindly as always.

  10. Toli83

    Not so sure it’s Stan’s job to sack or monitor Wenger too much? Doesn’t he leave that to Gazidis?

    Ivan was the one bleating on about the fans and him knowing if a change was needed.

    If we had a stronger CEO who Wenger had to answer to then we might actually be in business.

    The fact we have him, that Chipps accountant and Tom Fox all measuring our success on financial deals probably tells us where the core focus is.

  11. andy1886

    G-P, honestly I would be concerned about the future if I were Stan. Where will the hoards of new fans come from? Be honest, 80% of young kids go with whoever are winning things when they pick a team – the other 20% being bullied into supporting their dad/mum/sibling’s team (quite rightly). Stan needs new supporters coming on board in the UK and all over the world, he needs the club to actually win things if this is a longer term investment. As his son looks likely to inherit his father’s interests he really should be thinking longer term.

    Of course it he’s here for a short term profit he wouldn’t give a flying fuck.

  12. TT

    Actually as good article it was that gambon puplished yesterday he tacled the wron person.

    I would love to see him write aboute the cancer we have in the dugout and tear it a newone. It is long overdue.

  13. Bacaryisgod

    I can live with Arsenal fans knocking Wenger. But when someone outside the family as classless and vain as Mourinho does it, we should circle the wagons, regardless if you’re pro or anti-Arsene.

    Have a bad feeling about Sunday….

  14. MarbleHall

    Wenger’s a pussy he should have retorted Mourinho’s trophy jibe with the buying trophies line.

    True it would not have resonated given Mourinho’s remarks are true but at least it would have shown a sign of a pulse in Wenger’s ever increasing forlorn looking frame.

  15. Gelbs

    In the money: Arsene Wenger
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been promised a mammoth £70million transfer kitty after the Gunners revealed they are now one of Europe’s richest clubs.
    Financial results unveiled on Monday show the Gunners’ move to the Emirates Stadium has created a near 50 per cent increase in turnover to more than £200m for the year ending May 31, 2007.
    That sum means they are only edged into second place in the continent’s money league by Real Madrid.
    But with operating profit of £51.2m, up an amazing 274%, the Premier League club now have a level of profitability far in excess of Real.
    Match-day revenues of £3.1million per game at their new 60,000 home are double those generated at Highbury, and have seen the Gunners leapfrog domestic rivals Manchester United and Chelsea – whose respective turnover for the same period was £167.8m and £152.8m.
    And delighted managing director Keith Edelman admits boss Arsene Wenger now has previously unheard of sums available to reinforce his squad.
    ‘We have got plenty of financial firepower to makes the transfers Arsene wants to make,’ he said.
    ‘We had over £70m of cash at the end of the year and if Arsene wants to spend that money we will make it available. I think we are in a very good position.
    ‘Clearly Arsene’s performance and the team’s performance on the pitch has been outstanding, obviously backed up by our very strong financial position.
    ‘We gave Arsene a budget in the summer and he didn’t even spend all of it on transfers and hopefully we’ll be able to carry that forward into future years.’

  16. Dannyboy

    I bet when they ask Wenger about Mourinho’s ‘failure’ comments, he will react with that perverted grin and a ‘only one of us has gone a season unbeaten’ sort of comment…

    Ali is the greatest boxer of all time, but I could beat the shit out of him right now because the past is the past.

  17. Danish Gooner

    Reggie 57,Maureen is not a fan of Arsenal so he havnt earned the right to slack him of,fans like you and me are entitled to show our displeasure when Things go wrong but Maureen should shut his big fat portugese gob and be a Little respectfull towards one of his collegues.

  18. Toli83

    Thing is Marble,

    The longer this goes on it suits Mourinho. He wants the focus off his team and will happily use Wenger now as long as he wants too.

    I’m personally pleased someone has had a pop at him as Wenger has been commenting on other teams for years like he is some ambassador for the Premier League.

  19. andy1886

    Wenger has had plenty say about other clubs in the past, what goes around comes around.

    The best retort? Win something and stuff Maureen’s comments back down his throat! Question is, has Wenger got either the balls or the ability to do that?

    Guess we will see in May.

  20. shad

    Agree with Pedro. As classless as Moaninho’s comments were, he wasn’t far from the truth. He merely has given a huge nudge into the abyss of oblivion that Wenger was already on a free fall on.

  21. HendonGooner

    Maureen is spot on about Wenger.
    The truth hurts and the AKB acolytes can’t handle it.

    We have £120M+ in cash reserves. And for what purpose when we have a squad that is now run into the ground and in the next 2 weeks will be out of the FA Cup and Champions league and in another 4 weeks after will be out of title contention.
    I hope I’m wrong but that is my head over ruling my heart.
    Groundhog season beckons once more.

    With all that cash in reserve I can’t wait for Arsenal to start offering mortgages. After all we appear to want to be more of a bank that an competitive football team.

  22. azed

    I find it amusing that the akb’s say Maureen’s success is due to spending money while Wenger’s failure has been due to a small budget.
    If the above is true, then it means Wenger can only succeed when he has money…. The exact thing they abuse Mourinho for is what they use in excusing Wenger.

  23. Santos

    We have money and that is good. I don’t trust Wenger to spend it well on rebuilding the team. Has he signed a new contract? I hope he doesn’t

  24. Carts

    Top post, P!

    Finances weren’t a surprise at all, as already stated. Anyone with an E in maths could approximate how much we had at our disposal.

    Its funny, because if we went for someone like Martinez, in January, for say £25m, that’s would’ve been off-setted by the inevitable sale of: Podolski, Bendy, TV et al.

    We’re talking the best part of £25m raised, £200k-£250k in wages saved- which essentially equates to a top goal scorer in, squad players who NEVER play out.

    It’s really that simple. Wenger can not be excused for all his recent failings.

  25. Rickybel

    “@OptaJoe: 17 – Olivier Giroud has directed more headers off target than any other player in this season’s Premier League. Glance.”

  26. andy1886

    Reggie – it’s an outside bet that’s for sure. Kinda Buster Douglas/Mike Tyson thing, miracles do happen!

    Not going to put any money on it though…

  27. Gelbs

    One thing I don’t understand is all. Can someone explain this. Highbury was sold for well over 100 million quid. So surely Arsenal should have WAY more in cash reserves??

  28. Dissenter

    This days, Arsene comes across as old and tired.
    I don’t think he has any more fire in his belly to win stuff.
    He’ll rather be right and trophy-less than to take a chance and be critiqued.

    Goonpharm is right, there’s no incentive for Stan to make a change. Arsenal is his tax haven from the Internal Revenue Service.

    The January transfer window inactivity for me, is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

  29. Crusaderrabbit

    It really pisses me off the way AKBs and the media make out we should be greatful for what we’ve got. All success or failure is relative – what other sports team / person do you know would finish fourth and say ‘Well I could have finished tenth’ – that kind of attitude has no place in sport, no place around our club

  30. Gozilla

    The financials are great news for Arsenal. Well done to the club for what they have achieved off the pitch in the past 10 years. The time is nigh to turn that success into trophies.

  31. Carts

    “Goonpharm is right, there’s no incentive for Stan to make a change. Arsenal is his tax haven from the Internal Revenue Service.”

    US citizens pay tax on earnings abroad over £90k pa, unless I’m mistaken. Hence why an increasing number are relinquishing their citizenship.

    Stan being majority shareholder in a company that has a stockpile of £120m, the moment he takes a quid they’ll be after him.

    Stan being married to a Walmart heiress also, probably, benefits him. Walmart get massive government subsidies, so I’ve read.

    Whole thing is complexed.

  32. shad

    And with all the money we are being touted to have, two things;

    1. We don’t trust Wenger at all to spend it and

    2. Ticket prices should beckme significantly lower.

    The summer should herald wholesale changes in personnel and I expect the first to leave to be Wenger himself closely followed by Broke Back Kallstrom and Houdini Diaby.

  33. Norfolk

    Knock me down with a feather.
    I have stumbled on some weird kind of Finance Blog.
    Can anybody direct me to Le Grove where they talk about football.

  34. kwik fit

    Wenger said it would be “absolutely unbelievable” if fans turned on the team . Wenger you deluded twat it’s you that the fans would be turning on, not the players. We love all the players who represent the best interests of Arsenal football club. Win, lose or draw we will also support them as they have the best interests of the Arsenal fans at heart.
    As for you Wenger , you have the best interest of your bank balance in your heart. No. your the fucker we’ll be turning on.

  35. Tipster

    Listening to Adrian Durham ( I know a muppet but sometimes he has a point) yesterday he wqs talking £130 for some Bayern Munich tickets, fu#k, surely something need to be done on ticket prices, any mention on pricing during the finacial report, we need to stop paying players massive wages, squad players are on first team wages, joke or what…and does Wenger deserve or need £150k a week..

  36. andy1886

    Guns, Tyson was way too arrogant, a trait he shares with someone else we know.

    Kwik, good comment, Wenger is a politician always twisting things and using weasel words to deflect his detractors, a significant number of his supporters do the same thing on here.

  37. Carts

    Absolute slap in the face of us supporters who pay hard cash to watch a severely underachieving & performing team, a manager that is surrounded by yes men and cash, and increasing ticket that don’t correlate to on-field…yet adds to the piles of unspent cash.

  38. ArseneWengerNose

    I hope Wenger doesn’t sign a new contract, I so very much hope he doesn’t!

    I realize our problems stem from more than just our manager, as it has been clear for years that the club’s owners are fine with us settling for 4th place and high profits. But we so desperately need a change in ideas and visions. we need someone younger, ambitious, and looking to make a name for himself. Like Arsene when he first came. Now he’s just a stubborn mad man, and I have no trust in him.

    Oh, and Mourinho is a cunt.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    I’m glad to read a lot of fans are going to boycott the Munich match…and I hope they actually go through with it.

    £132 for a ticket?

    Munich are offering each fan £26 to help with the price…after just announcing we have an abundance of cash and are raking in the cash this seems a little hard to justify.

    They relied on the fans for years and years milking them dry – now commercials and TV money have gone way up isn’t it time to say thank you to the fans both in building a great team, getting a new younger manager in and lowering ticket prices?

  40. ArseneWengerNose

    Chelsea will be missing Cahill and Terry. I think City will beat them.

    It would be interesting to see how Pellegrini responds. I think he’s a very good coach, but he was thoroughly outplayed when he last played Jose.

  41. andy1886

    Lol, Marble, always enjoying a wind up.

    The fact that he beat all the title holders, usually in two or three rounds, annihilated them in fact, suggests that actually he was pretty damn good. Like Gascoigne he was a waster, but to say he was over rated is hilarious.

    Twat of a bloke though I’d agree.

  42. Guns of brixton

    dont want to make this a boxing blog but it wasnt about tysons opponets it was bout him.
    he was unbelieveably fast with his hands and could drop amazing combonations of punches. He had a great chin too and was v.fast.
    tyson was one of best. thats not a perspective thats a fact.

  43. andy1886

    Morning Romford. As the font of all knowledge (cough) can you answer a question that I posted earlier?

    What is the AST’s stance on Safe Standing?

    Do you think that it’s something that we could easily integrate into the Grove?

  44. Romford Pele

    Andy, you flatter me mate!

    As far as I’m aware, RedAction and AST are very much behind it. I’m sure the league has to approve it though. Manchester United fan groups have been campaigning for something similar for a while. Obviously it’d be great to bring backsafe standing, it’s about persuading those at the F.A, Premier League though.

  45. Thank you and goodnight

    That’s one of the reasons I want the lot out. You can’t tell who’s telling the truth as they are all like slimy conning second hand car salesmen, wenger includes. In fact I wonder if any of them have told the truth over last 5 years. Disgust money grabbing weasels the lot of them. Arsenal fans deserve so much better.

  46. rollen

    Colonel Mustard February 15, 2014 09:59:17

    le grove loves the ladies…..


    No deal extension for Le Looser. ( if its not signed already :{ )
    Bad hangover here too …

  47. Cynorix

    I’d like to see the likes of Sanogo, Bendtner, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, and Viviano play 90mins if he had faith in em.

  48. andy1886

    Thanks Romford, I thought that they were. I believe that Villa are the driving force although it could take a few seasons before any progress is made.

    Bring back standing!!!

  49. Gelbs

    I’ve just listened to Wenger’s conference. He never said Mourinho had a fear of failure! Lol. Papers twisting his words around. He said “If we don’t win the league, I will take full responsibility….It’s fear to fail.”

  50. rollen

    Guns of brixton February 15, 2014 11:25:14

    Tyson was on a role before douglas took him out, 37 fights won and only 23!
    mans life was ruined by the people around him, balotelli is tyson of futbol for me.

    lol stupid comment
    put tabloids down mate
    nothing wrong with Mario’s attitude in Milan and he being treated terribly in by racist Italian fans

  51. ArseneWengerNose

    I wonder how most of us would turn out if we became famous all of a sudden at the age of 17, playing football at the highest level, in an extremely racist country.

    It’s not even funny how racist Italians are. I remember last season when Inter fans were racially abusing Balotelli in his first Milan derby after coming back. Cesare Maldini, who coached the Italian national team of course and is highly respected, was loudly laughing in the studio! He was a guest pundit. You think Andy Gray had it rough, imagine someone doing that in Britain, would do you think the reaction would be?

  52. kwik fit

    Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick confirms: “We’re minted ready to spend BIG in the summer”

    An astonishing statement on so many levels. Does Sir Chips think that we all came up the thames in a bubble.
    Does he think that Arsenal fans are vegetable’s with no recall of the recent past. All the false dawns and lie’s about what we can spend in the market. Sorry Sir Chips youre a complete bullshitter and the fans ( bar maybe a few AKB’s) don’t believe that the current regime will spend anything of note. Buying back a 31 year former player sums up exactly the summer intentions of the board and Manager.

  53. lordsnotty

    Why are so many supporters getting upset by Mourinho’s comments. OK, I loathe the guy. But you have to admit that he’s 100% spot on. Truth hurts?

    Nine years of failure. Money’s in the bank but the manager refuses to spend. He can’t or won’t do transfer business. He has no tactics. He is unable to manage the squad with the result that too many players are knackered and run into the ground. It was so obvious that the squad needed (at least) a striker if we were to stand any chance of competing – yet nothing happens.

    I can write the script for the next month. We will go out the FA cup Sunday (it may go to a replay but I doubt it), Bayern Munich will dump us out the CL. In the league we’ll be scrapping for the 4th place trophy with the likes of Sp*rs.

    Tell it as it is, Jose! It is a refreshing change from listening to all the rather embarrassing bullshit coming out Wenger’s mouth and other representatives of his regime. 9 years of failure and more to come if Le Senile is not removed PDQ. WENGER OUT!!!

  54. ArseneWengerNose

    Mourinho is now speaking on behalf of Arsenal fans everywhere. FUCK THIS SHIT. I don’t need a classless cunt like him who took numerous jabs at our club over the year to speak on behalf of me. He can mind his on God damn business, and I’ll be the first laughing when Abramovic sacks him for a second time.

  55. useroz

    If wenger does extend beyond this season, he must not manage the fransfer money.

    All he’d do is buy half dozen french ligue 2 dross (and get one free); stock them up, pay 40, 50K pw each and wait till the last day before picking up the ‘must sell’ goods, for less.

    We have seen it for 8, 9 yerars now and do you think this 70+ year old would change??

    If wenger rest 5,6 players as reported he’s basically thinking about his dream CL glory and willing to give up on the FA cup. Again,his agenda than what best positions the club. Utterly selfish.

  56. Wallace

    Mourinho gets a very easy ride from the English press. in Madrid he was seen as a little stupid, and a bit of a bore. i think it was cheap what he said yesterday.

  57. rollen

    lol can anyone honestly say that if Mourinho was our manager for last 10 years winning fair few pots , we all would not love him and enjoy his mocking??

    bunch of hypocrites

    Le Accountant Out!

  58. kwik fit

    Wenger should play the reserves in mid week as we have absolutely no chance of progression. Tomorrow we simply must play our best available eleven. It would be fantastic if we could win the cup.

  59. Dissenter

    Tomorrow we will have the distinct privilege of watching Sanogo begin his race to become a 50 million world class player.
    Hope he doesn’t get booed though.
    He can’t be any worse than Giroud.

  60. lordsnotty

    A word about “safe standing”. it won’t happen because it would cost money to implement and it’s not permitted in the CL.

    In effect there’s already safe standing. We may have a seat but don’t necessary use it. In certain games, eg Sp*rs, the seat was used for about 5 minutes and then at half time. Other than that, myself and everyone in our section stood. A seat is available if anyone needs it. Seems fair enough.

  61. Norfolk

    lordsnottyFebruary 15, 2014 12:34:22
    A word about “safe standing”. it won’t happen because it would cost money to implement and it’s not permitted in the CL.”

    Is that correct ?
    I thought some of the German clubs have standing areas.

  62. Tipster

    Lets beat these scouce gits, we’ve let them bach in the title race, fu#k, their talking lague titles in scouse land, put them back in their box, and yes, we can win the cup…

  63. ArseneWengerNose

    A lot of Inter fans hate his guts. Madrid hate him, everybody knows that, but Inter fans hating him after winning the treble?

    The guy is awful, he belongs to a club like Chelsea, low-lifes and racists. For some reason the British media seems to absolutely adore him though. I don’t find his comments witty, funny, or entertaining. He’s just a shameless attention whore.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Think what Mourinho said was spot on.

    He let the fact he doesn’t like Wenger get in the way of being a little less hot heated.

    But essentially what he was saying was for a guy who’s won nothing in 9 years to start having a pop at me over a fear of failure is a bit rich!

    What’s wrong with that.

    Wenger always passes comment on every other teams and their dealings as if he’s some football savant – he gets it back and everyone throws their toys out of their prams.

    I hope it stung him. In fact I bet it did. Wenger is Wenger’s number one priority, so to have his ego stung like that would have hurt.

  65. TitsMcgee

    Maureen can say whatever he likes because he backs it up.

    He owns Wenger on the pitch qnd now he owns him off of it.

    If Wenger wants to change that then go out and beat him. Otherwise STFU and try and win something for the fans tgat go broke buying tickets while he gets fat off of us.

  66. LeMoan

    Just seen that Le Grove a useful catharsis. Have to spend so much time filtering through the moans for the real nuggests like Gambon’s guest post yesterday.

  67. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Now we know why the team looked poor up against Liverpool and Utd, wenger cancelled the training session and had them counting the money instead.

  68. Chop-Suey

    Did anybody read an article doing the rounds on Twitter written by an Akb twat Lee Hurley for Metro. Pedro probably knows him..

    ‘I will quite happily take a lifetime of no trophies under Wenger than have to endure five minutes of Mourinho, even if you told me it would guarantee a treble.’

    Arsene has instilled a loser mentality into the fanbase up to a shocking state.

    ‘thanks to the sacrifices that Wenger has made over the last eight years, when he could have went and sought personal glory at any of the numerous clubs who wanted him’

    He’s quite happy on his 7m pa developing Ligue 2 players in the most competitive league in the world. Giving a chance to the Ales Songs and Denilsons of the world. I’d venture to say it’s all about personal whims for him..

  69. Cesc Appeal


    It’s like, to use a boxing analogy as everyone was talking about Tyson earlier – Floyd Mayweather,

    He is the gobbiest, most flashy show off their is, disrespects his opponents (well not so much any more as he’s got older but reference De La Hoya)- BUT, he backs it up, every time, and then is a gentleman AFTER the contest.

    Same as Mourinho, he’ll talk the talk but more times than not he’ll walk the walk – I mean just look at his stats against Wenger.

    The fact he’s won 3 European Cups to Wenger’s 0.

    The fact Wenger has come runner up way, way more times whether in the league or losing cup finals.

    Mourinho is a winner, Wenger has the mentality of a loser, and the losses over the year have made him stubborn, they hurt him to the point now where he HAS to win in the way he’s lost so many times so he can see ‘told you.’

    Won’t happen. Roll on the new contract!!

  70. Dissenter

    The only way to silence Mourhino is to disgrace him on the field.
    He tried his nonsense in Spain and was ridiculed by Barcelona.

    There was an incident in November 2010, after Mourhino had done his usual “mind games” press conference ahead of el-Classico, Pep came in and uncharacteristically lambasted Mourhino in uncouth language before stomping out.

    It’s reported that the players publicly gave Pep a standing ovation publicly before going out to smash Madrid 5-0. After that game Mourhino’s loud persona took a tumble. That was the game he gouged Tito’s eyes.

    Arsene, you want to shut him up?. You shouldn’t have wasted an entire transfer window trying to prove everyone wrong. You shouldn’t have brought in a crock to replace the injured. You shouldn’t be playing conservative in games that are winnable such as against united. You should be doing everything to win

  71. Guns of brixton

    the guy is an idiot. thats why i call balo the tyson of football. great potential, but wasted due to shortcomings of charachter- setting of fireworks, going to strip clubs till 4am etc.
    however, he has done better things like giving fuck loads of doe to charity (ala tyson) and invite the homeless to hes home for xmas.
    and recently balo said hes role model as a child was MIKE TYSON. so thats why i say i say hes like tyson!

  72. rollen

    ArseneWengerNose February 15, 2014 12:36:36

    A lot of Inter fans hate his guts. Madrid hate him, everybody knows that, but Inter fans hating him after winning the treble?

    Not sure about Inter fans.
    Madrid fans just have ridiculously high expectations ( wish our fans had some of that :} )
    Never meet Chelsea fan who does not like him.
    And there is a lot of this scam in West London :]

  73. rollen

    Dave Highbury February 15, 2014 12:36:48


    lol cut this moan excuse akb sheep

    Its flaming and critique not moaning.
    You bunch of pests and your master Le Accountant are turning thing we love into business.

  74. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Always makes me chuckle when I hear of all the clubs who were ‘in’ for wenger, if he believed he was that good he would have snapped up the chance to manage Real or any other super massive club. Not taking the big jobs shows a lack of ambition and self doubt in his own limited abilities.

  75. Keyser


    “Meanwhile, at his press conference yesterday morning, the manager was asked why it was only himself and Manuel Pellegrini who openly said their teams could win the title this season. His reply (and you can watch the presser here):

    It’s fear to fail.
    He was asked to expand on that, and said:

    If you’re not in the race you cannot lose it, if you declare yourself not in the race you cannot lose it, it’s as simple as that. I think just that our job is to be ambitious and to try to win, and if we do not win to take full responsibility for that. It’s as simple as that.”

  76. rollen

    Guns of brixton February 15, 2014 12:45:48

    Just name the most dangerous boxer ever. Many also would say greatest.

    Mario is great. Few red cards in young age is normal thing.
    Cant understand his bad opinion in UK.

  77. rollen

    Real Arsenal manager should win the league. Smash Jose at the bridge 4-0 then ask him in front of cameras how does it feel and wtf is this little horse doing now?

    If you do not have passion go manage cricket or bank.
    Mou won everything in 4 countrys he is not afraid of not winning PL in first season second time trust me

  78. Jon

    I’m not looking forward to the match vs Liverpool. Wenger will rotate and will send out a weak team. Liverpool will play their strongest 11. I think we will lose. Once again it will be because of the idiot Wenger who will throw our best chance at a trophy for losing to Bayern. Its madness. I hope he doesn’t sign a new contract and leaves.

  79. salparadisenyc

    Dave Highbury

    This ones for you

    OG morning ritual:

    If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son
    I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one – hit me!
    Or understand the intelligence that Olivier Giroud .. OG has
    I’m from, rags to riches, niggaz I ain’t dumb
    Tryin to play the boy like he’s saccharin

  80. Samir

    Seeing as we should have 160M to spend in the summer:
    Gündoğan 25M
    Draxler 37M
    Balotelli 25M
    Coleman 15M

    That’s 102M and a team that compete for everything. All those players are young aswell so would keep us going for many years…


  81. salparadisenyc

    Now Keyser I know that false… you care deeply.
    In your doom bubble the anti kryptonite is caring matter.

    Nice stat from Honigstein piece in the Guardian. Bayern have won 30 of their last 34 in all comps.

  82. Cesc Appeal

    Oh the bubble will burst, right now the fans gripe is with tickets, some fans are in the papers as saying they are deliberately not attending the Munich game because of the ridiculous pricing.

    The fact that as a group, Arsenal fans do pay so much attention to our finances means the club can’t really get away with these ticket rises…even though they will…sort of contradicted myself, but there’s always that gigantic flock of sheep who’ll pay the money and say ‘next season we’ll invest.’

    I’ve always thought it would be funny and ironic if that was these regimes undoing, the rammed the finances down our throats for 9 years as something to e proud of, more so than a trophy – if it was fans paying attention to that now and questioning lack of investment and further profiteering by the club that lead to their undoing, there’d be something beautiful in that.

  83. Keyser

    Bit of a weird week coming up, the more cup game we win the less likely we are to actually win anything it seems.

    I suppose in the FA Cup at least with Manchester Citeh and Chelsea playing, plus us versus Liverpool, ifw e make it through, two of the top 4 as the league stands now will have been knocked out, but that’s one less competition for them to concentrate on anyway.

    Likewise Bayern, we beat them it doesn’t get much easier and I’m guessing it’s going to take a monumental effort to get past them anyway.

  84. MarbleHall

    Pires talking about Wenger;
    “As for how he is – the relationship is simple. When you are on the pitch, he leaves you to it. He lets you do whatever you like. That’s when you have the trust of the coach, and I earned that. I gained his trust, and then you’re a free man on the pitch.”

  85. Jeff

    In 2004 we won the PL and in 2005 we won the FA Cup. If I said to you in 2005 that we would win nothing for the next 3 years, you might have been forgiven if you showed me the door.

    If in 2008 I said to you we’ll win nothing in the next 3 years, you will have told me it was ridiculous to entertain such a thought – this is Arsenal under one of the best managers in the world – trust him; you would have retorted.

    If in 2011 I said to you we’ll win nothing in the next 3 years, you would probably have told me that we are in a better position (financially) than before and we would probably start to win things very soon.

    If in 2014 I say to you we’ll win nothing in the next 3 years, what would you say?

    The acceptance of what has come to pass and the compilation of endless mitigations will always be from those who are convinced we can do no better than Wenger. We were ALL convinced of that in 2004 but today many have realised it isn’t true.

    The die hard Wenger protagonists (and they are many) who still believe in the old ways and commend him for things achieved in the past but excuse him for failures of the last 9 years, will go on telling us to be patient whilst hoping and praying that Wenger turns good and gloriously proves everyone wrong.

    The question is; how long is too long?

    To put it into some sort of perspective, in each year we have four possible trophies that we can win. Two are very difficult (PL and CL); FA cup comes third and last of all is the league cup. In each of the nine years of failure we have therefore had 36 possible trophies or titles that we have gone for and lost (I know 2014 is not over yet but in all likelihood that’s the way it looks).

    What possible mitigating circumstances can there be for not winning at least the league cup in one of those years? Given all of the excuses of financial doping of other clubs, FFP and all the rest of it that gets dragged through this blog day in day out, can anyone realistically excuse a consistently top four club for not winning at least one league cup or one FA cup in all those years? Of course they can’t.

    Here are some of the worst results (that spring to mind) in order to remind us why Wenger is the wrong man for the job and has been for a while now (lest we forget):

    2006 – Barcelona beat us in the CL final (for me the hardest one to take)
    2007 – PSV beat us 1 – 0 in the CL
    2008 – Lost 5 – 1 to Tottenham in the league cup
    2008 – Lost 2 – 1 to Burnley in the League Cup
    2008 – Tottenham came back to choke us with 4 – 4 after we led 4 – 2
    2009 – Lost to Man U 3 – 1 in the CL
    2010 – Lost to Stoke 3 – 1 in the FA cup
    2010 – Lost to Barcelona 4 – 1 in the CL
    2010 – Lost to West Brom 3 – 2 in PL (went down 3 – 0 after 75 mins)
    2010 – Lost to Braga 2 – 0 in the CL
    2011 – Lost to Birmingham 2 – 1 in the league cup final
    2011 – Man U humiliate us with 8 – 2
    2011 – Newcastle come back to make it 4 – 4 when we led 4-0 at half time
    2012 – Knocked out of FA cup by Sunderland 2 -1 (only trophy left at that time)
    2012 – Reading put 4 past us in the first 30 minutes in the league cup
    2012 – Bradford City knock us out of the league cup (3-2)
    2012 – Lost to Milan 4 – 0 in the CL
    2013 – Man City hammer us 6 – 3
    2014 – Liverpool thrash us 5 – 1

  86. Craigy

    Maureen is bang on, like him or loath him, at least he embarrasses our stubourn cunt of a manager with the truth! Just wish the pussies kroenke and gazidis would adopt some of this straight talking, obviously mourinho has an agenda he always does, but he’s owned wenger in every dispute! And it’s nothing more than wenger deserves, but does he care??? Like fuck does he, he’s the highest paid prick in the league, he’s laughing all the way to the bank, it turns my stomach!

  87. gambon


    No wonder we are diabolical against good teams.

    The players can “do whatever they like”.

    The only way we could ever win the PL with that philosophy is if we have much much higher quality players than the opposition.

  88. Jon

    Mourinho is losing the mind games at the moment, Pellegrini and Wenger are confident and assured, maintaining that their teams are in a title race.

    Mourinho seems scared and cowardly, and his teams performances are reflecting that (West ham, West brom etc.). Chelsea will not play like title contenders while TSO refuses to say they are.

  89. Chop-Suey

    ‘I’m guessing it’s going to take a monumental effort to get past them anyway.’

    No amount of ‘effort’ will suffice when the gap in quality is so vast as it is b/w Bayern and AFC right now. It is impossible to do it with sub-standard footballers like Nacho, Arteta, Flamini, Giroud swelling your ranks.

    Not taking into consideration the contrast in mentality b/w the two clubs.

    You can have each one of them run 15 miles for the 90 minutes (quantity), I would still not expect them to make up for the gap in quality.

  90. ArseneWengerNose

    It wasn’t just a matter of him not meeting expectations, a lot of Madrid fans genuinely hated the cunt, a number of players hated him, and could barely play for him. Pellegrini and many others fell short of expectations at Madrid, non of them seemed to provoke the fan base as much.

  91. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Hi there Northern

    Better bloody start than us, Shaun Wane ‘OUT’. Beating the Wolves 38-8 is a good start to the new campaign, can they sustain a challenge this season?
    Better than the debacle against the scousers and the limp wrested response against utd.
    The past week has been a disaster waiting to happen, first the Kallstrom fiasco, then the two piss poor performances on the pitch and then the announcement of massive cash reserves to rub our noses in. Can’t really see it improving with the next two games, can see us going out of both comps with a whimper and Mannone having the game of his life against us when we play Sunderland.

    Things could turn nasty in the coming weeks if we do start to slide, the media will use the money sitting in the bank as a big stick to beat the club, rightly so in some respects and the fans could well start to turn on individual players, don’t want to see that.

  92. andy1886

    Jon, with all due respect, that’s garbage.

    Managers say that they are not contenders to take the pressure off their players. What they say in public is often nothing like what they say behind closed doors. Don’t be so niave.

  93. gambon

    “Mourinho is losing the mind games at the moment, Pellegrini and Wenger are confident and assured”

    Lol, what planet are you on?

    Wenger “Mourinhos scared of failure”

    Mourinho “Hes a specialist in failure”

    That my friend is a massacre. Arsene is done.

  94. Ash79

    Something sinister is happening at the Emirates…take a step back, look at the situation objectively, fans want signings, boss has millions, won’t spend a penny, wins nothing, keeps getting new contracts…..

    If it quacks and looks like a ducks….

  95. ArseneWengerNose

    Good post, and I agree with the first half of it wholeheartedly. Wenger needs to go, I can’t put up with three more years of the same mistakes over and over again.