The Premier League striker stats you have to see (Look away Olivier)

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This Valentines Day, I’m showing the love by giving you two posts in a day. This has been penned by long time Grover, Gambon, who you can congratulate or abuse here @TheMightyGambon… or in the comments section where he is normally found. Enjoy!

After the United game I decided to look at Giroud’s contribution in comparison to other PL strikers that have played regularly over the last 2 seasons. I’ve excluded players like Eto’o and Negredo who haven’t had 2 seasons worth of data, but included the likes of Remy an Lukaku who have 2 seasons with 2 different clubs.

It’s not my intention to single Giroud out, but this is objective data that cant be argued with, by fans, players or even the mighty Wenger.

It’s my opinion that we have 2 huge, glaring issues in the striking department.

1- Huge lack of quality
2- Absolutely no options other than sticking Giroud up top

Bendtner has started precisely one game this season, despite IMO being better than Giroud, which goes to show how stuck in his ways Wenger is, with a complete refusal to give us options.

I have looked at Goals Scored, Goals Per Game, Goals and Assists Per Game, Shot to Goal Ratio, “Big Game” goals and % of goals in Big Games.

Where 2 players have the same score, I have slotted the player with less appearances above the player with more.

Its worth noting that Rickie Lambert aside, Giroud has been the most ever present CF in the PL, playing 58 from a possible 64 games.

I could have tabulated this in one Excel table, but it would’ve been a bit messy and is easier to read as separate tables.

Goals Scored:

  1. Suarez – 46
  2. Van Persie – 36
  3. Aguero – 27
  4. Sturride – 26
  5. Lukaku – 26
  6. Benteke – 26
  7. Lambert – 23
  8. Rooney – 21
  9. Giroud – 21
  10. Remy – 17
  11. Adebayor – 13
  12. Crouch – 13

Now this table alone isn’t hugely telling as it doesn’t account for how many times individuals have played, as I mentioned Giroud has been played near constantly (which is an issue in itself).

Goals Per Game

  1. Suarez – 0.85
  2. Sturridge – 0.81
  3. Van Persie – 0.68
  4. Aguero – 0.57
  5. Remy – 0.48
  6. Lukaku – 0.48
  7. Benteke – 0.47
  8. Rooney – 0.44
  9. Adebayor – 0.36
  10. Giroud – 0.36
  11. Lambert 0.36
  12. Crouch – 0.23

Now this shows our CF to be in pretty poor company, as I’m sure no-one would be over the moon to see us chasing Adebayor or Lambert as CF options, nor would they have been if we were after these guys to replace Van Persie.

What I hear a lot of is that Giroud has some magic ability to knit the team together and an assist record as good as Bergkamp’s.

So below lets take a look at combined Goals & Assists per game, a very good overview on how effective a player is while he is on the pitch.

  1. Suarez – 1.09
  2. Sturridge – 1.03
  3. Van Persie – 0.87
  4. Rooney – 0.83
  5. Aguero – 0.72
  6. Lukaku – 0.64
  7. Benteke – 0.58
  8. Lambert – 0.55
  9. Remy – 0.54
  10. Giroud – 0.51
  11. Adebayor – 0.44
  12. Crouch – 0.37

Once again we find that our ever present CF is competing well down the league and nowhere near as valuable to his team as the likes of Suarez, Sturridge, Rooney and RVP.

Obviously an important measure of quality is goals to shots ratio. A great striker can struggle to score goals if he isn’t getting chances or playing enough minutes, and goals to shots will tell you about the quality of his finishing.

  1. Sturridge – 1 in 4.8
  2. Adebayor – 5.1
  3. Van Persie – 5.3
  4. Aguero – 5.8
  5. Lukaku – 5.8
  6. Benteke – 6
  7. Crouch – 6.3
  8. Remy – 6.4
  9. Suarez – 6.6
  10. Lambert – 6.9
  11. Rooney – 7.3
  12. Giroud – 8.8

This table really surprised me. Not that Giroud was bottom, that was obviously going to be the case, but just how much of an outlier he is in comparison to others. This shows that his finishing is significantly worse than all other regular CFs in the PL.

After the diabolical performances against UTD and Chelsea, where 4 easy chances and 4 points were thrown away, I wanted to look at how Centre Forwards compare in terms of goals in big games, as well as what % of their goals come in these games.

Big games are considered the top 7 teams: Arsenal, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Spurs, Everton & Man Utd.

This means 12 games per season for top 7 teams and 14 games for bottom 13 teams.

  1. Aguero – 11
  2. Benteke – 10
  3. Van Persie – 9
  4. Sturridge – 8
  5. Lukaku – 8
  6. Suarez – 7
  7. Lambert – 6
  8. Adebayor – 5
  9. Rooney – 5
  10. Crouch – 4
  11. Remy – 3
  12. Giroud – 3

% of goals in “Big Games”

  1. Aguero – 41%
  2. Adebayor – 38%
  3. Benteke – 38%
  4. Sturridge – 31%
  5. Crouch – 31%
  6. Lukaku – 31%
  7. Lambert – 26%
  8. Van Persie – 25%
  9. Rooney – 24%
  10. Suarez – 15%
  11. Giroud – 14%

* Should be noted that Suarez isn’t poor in big games, he’s somewhere in the middle, but his ridiculous record against smaller teams distorts his stats.

So what does this show us? Not a lot that a lot of us didn’t already know.

But it does give a fact based approach to how weak our Centre Forward position is.

Both in depth (Nick doesn’t ever play) and in quality.

In virtually every possible metric we are weaker than a top 4 team should be, and almost certainly weaker than most fans would have realised.

If Wenger came out and said he was after Lambert, Adebayor, Crouch et al to solve the CF position most Arsenal fans would be filled with rage, well I hope after reading this you understand that we don’t have any better right now.

Players like Lambert, Remy are equal to Giroud, and players like Aguero, RVP, Suarez and Sturridge are demonstrably far far better.

Catch me in the comments if you wish to discuss further…


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  1. Jeff


    Yes, we’re getting some where. I don’t know about blaming EVERYTHING on Wenger. That’s certainly not my stance and it would be very stupid to think that way. Certainly perhaps we disagree about how much of an influence Wenger has had as opposed to the financial circumstances but I would certainly think that a lot of those things you listed could perhaps have been handled better or avoided altogether by having a different manager.

    Those things you mentioned are going to continue and it’s not doing us any good. A lot of people have realised this and they just want a change. That’s basically it.

  2. samsensible

    Alex, if your intention is to make me laugh at you then mission accomplished.

    If your intention is to come across as a big bad man well…Boy, you’re shit out of luck.

    Fake Gambon you have copied someone’s name. It’s really weird.

  3. N5

    Alex how old are you? plus also you call sam gay yet called Gambon Daddy! say his name Alex, Say his name! daddy Gambon! stupid mug.

  4. samsensible

    Jeff I think he will improve with more money to spend and I believe he will have it.

    Will it be enough to win the league next year. Doubtful. Is that because he’s not good enough or the money’s not good enough?

    I know what your answer would be. I have doubts about him but I think he deserves a shot unless this season goes tits up.

  5. Jeff


    I wouldn’t be so ideological as to call it fundamentalism but more about the emotional need of a group of people with a common cause (i.e. fans supporting their club and wanting it to win things).

    As it stands, this group is bitterly divided over the manager. Anyone with half an ounce of integrity would alleviate that situation and leave by their own accord. The very fact that Wenger remains speaks volumes.

  6. andy1886

    Let’s hope that he improves THIS season SamS, because he has already had the money available but hasn’t used it as efficiently as he could have (just think, for a little more than Ozil we could have closed a deal for Suarez – how would that have been for an upgrade?).

    We’ve heard ‘next season’ far too often I’m afraid.

  7. Jeff


    Wenger is renowned for his stubbornness. If he’s unwilling to spend, does it matter how much money we have? We had the perfect opportunity to buy a much needed striker in January. The very fact that we ended up with Kallstrom tells me the idea that Wenger wants to spend is at best wishful thinking.

    Yes we bought Ozil but I fear he may have been a freakish one-off. The summer will tell but of course it will mean yet another season of having won nothing and only the next window to look forward to. But then we’ve been here many, many times before haven’t we.

  8. N5

    Lol Keyser, take my strong hand. I literally laughed and dribbled on myself and wet myself. Wait a minute, I’m having a Dejavu to yesterday.

  9. Keyser

    I tried to warn Simon, I told him, maybe I wasn’t vociferous enough, poor Simon, he shall be missed, what’s the mulitple of Piranha ? Is it just Piranha ?

    People are on edge, they don’t give a crap if they have a point or not, they’re going to jump on anything.

    Alas poor Simon..

    ..I didn’t really know him at all, wtf am I on about, it’s a blog ffs.

  10. Keyser

    (just think, for a little more than Ozil we could have closed a deal for Suarez – how would that have been for an upgrade?).

    Then we probably wouldn’t have bought Ozil.

  11. samsensible

    Andy you’re right the next season thing is a recurring statement but the fact is that our commercial revenues ARE increasing now so we CAN spend and still make Kroenke happy. Previously those deals were locked tight.

    Last year we made a small loss at group level because our transfer profit figure significantly reduced due to Ozil. So I don’t think the intention was ever there to spend more than 40 million. In fact the 2 million we spent over that on Ozil is strikingly similar to the 2m loss we made.

    I really hope my reading of the way the club is run is wrong because if not we probably won’t make a net loss on transfers of more than 25million in the summer. That won’t get us the title unless clubs over pay for Podolski and Cazorla.

  12. andy1886

    Keyser – fair enough, that’d be fine for me.

    Santi is worth 90% of Ozil (but they struggle to play together) whereas Suarez would give us 300% more than Giroud (okay made up figures but you can see what my point is).

  13. Keyser

    “Plenty on here call each other cunt, akb, mong and other unnecessary unpleasant names, which is ok if you are replying to keyser.”

    Never a truer word spoken, the insults on here are usually pathetic, Primary School children have more wit and cutting edge about them.

    Arsenal1886 – Was I talking to you about M.R.James on here ? Was going to mention the ‘Tractate Mandate’ was shown as a short-film on BBC2, with Mark Gatiss hosting a programme on the author, might still be on the old I-player. If not forget Is aid anything.

  14. Keyser

    andy1886 – He’d also have probably cost about 20 million more.

    So from a record transfer fee of around 15-17 million we’d have quadrupled it in one window.

  15. andy1886

    SamS – I guess we will soon see. Trouble is the club have poisoned the well somewhat by allowing some disingenuous ‘rumours’ to circulate around season ticket renewal time. People have got wise to that to a certain extent so are less likely to believe it even though it may actually turn out to be true this summer. There is one thing that might lead me to think that AW has changed – cut Diaby loose at the end of the season. Could he do it? I’m not sure.

  16. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Yep it was me, I will look for that. Thanks for the info.

    ps. I don’t really think you’re a cunt. You are right about primary school insults, we have seen a few run home to tell their mummy’s today as well.

  17. samsensible

    Alex, you sure about that? So we made a loss and that didn’t include the 42m spent on Ozil? Oh dear we really are fucked then.


  18. andy1886

    £65m? The vibe was that nearer £50m would have done the trick if you recall. Suarez was agitating for a move, he was banned and there was a fair amount of ill will towards him on Merseyside. The fact that we didn’t even go back after the £40m+£1 fiasco makes it irrelevant, Wenger obviously decided that Ozil was worth more to him than Suarez and on that I disagree.

  19. Dissenter

    @Alex Limesdale,
    You’re are Simon’s alter, no doubt.

    Simon, come back and stop all this play acting.
    First it was “Red to the core” and now “Alex Limesdale”

  20. andy1886

    The gist earlier was that most (about £35m) of the Ozil fee was included and paid up front, so it looks like a fair reflection of where we are right now.

  21. samsensible

    Andy if I am even close to being right then those rumours were not ever close to being reality because the purse strings were so carefully guarded. So yeah totally out of line if the club “leaked” them.

    Diaby is gone in the summer. I would be gobsmacked if he stays on 60k per week next season. He’s a dead parrot.

  22. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – Ah nah, the comments have been a bit of a shitfest, less discussion, just straight from A to Cunt.

    andy1886 – Nah it was more what teams paid for Cavani or Falcao and they thought Suarez was better.

    Either way I’m happy with Ozil, to sell no-one, and to buy Ozil is a massive and I mean very large difference to previous summers/seasons.

  23. samsensible

    Limesdale is definitely a former Grover not a noob. Not sure if it’s Simon..but all I know is that no man would actually step to samsensible the Alpha like this. No chance.

    There is fiction within Alex.

  24. samsensible

    Andy holy shit you’ve got it! Diaby is fucking dead. It all makes sense now..All that like a new signing each year bollocks…nah nah he’s not finished he’s just resting…

    Wenger the dodgy pet shop owner. Unbelievable.

  25. Keyser

    “Wenger obviously decided that Ozil was worth more to him than Suarez and on that I disagree.”

    It doesn’t work like that, we’ve still got a budget, we’ve still got contracts to sort out and other players to buy, also maybe the American connection worked in between the owners, Ozil wanted out and Real Madrid were preapred to sell, Suarez wanted out, faffed about with the release clause thing, Liverpool weren’t selling, or were selling at an exorbitant price.

    This has been done really.

  26. Keyser

    N5 – I’m sure it’s embarassing, but I don’t care, anytime I watch it, I crack up completely, girlfriend, her friends, mine, parents, family, random people, it’s the funniest scene probably ever.

  27. salparadisenyc

    Its almost like the numbers released by the club today were false and that bank balance approaching £170m by June was fiction.

    We could of bought Ozil and Suarez and still been in the green.

  28. andy1886

    I was sure he was Norwegian, but then again you’re probably right. Chuck him a cuttlefish and see if he moves at all.

  29. samsensible

    But Sal that would have been expenditure that would have reflected on the annual profit loss sheets. I think the club runs itself to post nice annual figures so I don’t think we’ll see much of that banked money spent.

    Unless the club actually decides to try and win the league and accepts the need for a short term pay out.

  30. tunnygriffboy

    1st time to look in today. Re the post: God what a lot of work to do to tell us what everyone knew about Giroud. The fixation and obsession about how he is not top class is wasted as everyone knows this.

  31. Ilerioluwa

    Of the old timers, how many get long term injuries. Many of the injuries long term are to the younger ones like wilshere theo rambo etc
    I would be surprised if someone like ozil or mert got injured for a long while

  32. samsensible

    Sal but I think overall player trading was a profit of 6 million.

    Cash in bank is irrelevant to those holding the purse strings. Which is fucking bizarre. It’s all about what we can spend each year and post a profit or miniscule loss. That money will not be deployed unless we fucking go all out for the league one day.

  33. gambon

    It’s safe to say we can comfortably spend what we want this summer.

    50m/80m/120m all within our reach

    However unless we have a new manager we know what’s gonna happen.

    Need to get a grip of the wage bill though, that’s been needlessly escalating for years.

  34. salparadisenyc

    Homage du Keyser

    He was supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was German. Nobody ever believed he was real. Nobody ever knew him or saw anybody that ever worked directly for him. But to hear Kobayashi tell it, anybody could have worked for Soze. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  35. andy1886

    All that lovely cash floating around makes it look nice and attractive if/when Stan the ‘tache decides to sell up…

  36. Ilerioluwa

    Sam sensible
    “I have sympathy with him over project youth and to
    a degree I understand why he overpaid wages
    because he thought they were good players and he
    couldn’t afford to buy replacements if we lost them
    to real Madrid (ha ha). The whole we make stars
    thing was actually crucial to us competing…trouble
    is it turned out they were basically all shit so we
    didn’t compete and were stuck with them. I mean
    when Denilson first came along I thought he was
    going to be great. So did many. What a pointless
    player. So I can’t really massively hate in Wenger
    for the project youth concept it did leave us with
    dogshit on big money.”

    Why did he have to overpay for them. I think u gave a bad point here. If madrid or barcelona came for them, then he should have simply used the money he got from their sales to find similarly talented players. Except he was scared of transfers. Sure, The players he bought from their sales could have flopped but they also could have blown up beyond his wildest dreams
    Besides, his tactic of overpaying average folks didn’t stop the real big guys from leaving when they wanted to, did it? So it was a failure, as anyone could have predicted.

  37. samsensible

    Andy, absolutely.

    gambon it would be our own money too. Bet we don’t make more than 25m loss on player trading this summer…and that’s only because of Puma.

  38. Ilerioluwa

    And did he really believe that all or most of his prroject youth players would make it. If so, he must have been very confident of his abilities or very arrogant since he should know that not many young stars with talent, especially moderate Talent like the ones he signed, go on to make it

  39. Dissenter

    Great to have you back.
    You were away for a while, I noticed that.

    KJAFC wrote a great piece to debunk these injury situation. It’s not the amount of games but probably the training and recovery techniques that need to be adjusted.

    We are stretched everywhere to be honest. Our two CBs have no cover and have to play every games. If Mert or Kosh have even a niggle that requires a week rest, we are done.

  40. Ilerioluwa

    Besides most of the wage bill isn’t covered by the young not so talented but by the average overpaid not so young eg squillaci chamakh giroud. Even pod is overpaid at 100k and wilshere at 85. Ramsey was overpaid at 60 and the fact thhat he came good doesn’t make the decision right.
    At that stage of his career and talent where they signed the overpaid contracts, real madrid would never have ggone for denilson or for most of the players we overpaid at that tym, so that’s just revisionism, I’m afraid
    The way to be frugal is to buy young talented players, keep on low wages and sell for high prices, not buy young moderately talented(or average mature players), keep on wages not matching their talent and hope they come good and won’t leave the club when they do, even though other clubs may offer even higher wages.

  41. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Olivier Giroud jumped off a five storey building at 22:45p tonight in an apparent suicide attempt.
    Police, fire and ambulance crews are still waiting for him to hit the safety net, he is currently just passing the third floor.

  42. Dissenter

    It hurts when you have a young no-name manager yapping about us like this.
    Brendan Rogers on Arsenal:
    “You could see Arsenal were nervous in the game the other night, you could sense that,” the Liverpool manager said. “It’s never easy when you get exposed like that but mainly it was down to our brilliance on the day really. We were outstanding.

    “Usually a team will get time to get over a defeat like that so to come across us so quickly afterwards, it will be interesting to see the effects. When you put in a performance like we did against Arsenal, who were top of the league, it is one that can stick in the mind a wee bit more. But they will be motivated for this game.

    For me the best way to burst all this off-field talk/mind games crap is to stuff in their face by destroying them on the field.
    Mourhino stopped mind games in Spain after Guardiola called him out publicly and his boys stuffed Real Madrid 5-0 the following day.

  43. Ilerioluwa

    Thanks. I read kjafc piece. I was aware of what he said before he did and I have my theories as to why that is so. They are just theories though and no real proof. I suggest though that the instant we start buying ready made players in their prime, we would see those inury stats plummet like my grades in my first medical school exam.

  44. samsensible

    Ilerio, I don’t think we would have got massive fees but instead would have little pricks demanding moves away, not signing contract extensions etc. The tactic was to put them on wages that were higher than market rate for their lack of experience so they’d stay. If a couple of them had blossomed then we’d have been fine. After promising starts Denilson and Bendtner regressed and it turned out Djourou didn’t play shit because he was young…but because he was shit! But imagine if Bentdner and Denilson had become 25m players…We could have sold them and had 50m…to bank and not spend…. or kept them and won stuff.

    It didn’t work out. It was our only chance of winning back then: growing our own stars.

  45. Ilerioluwa

    I was a bit busy myself. Besides I was doing a fair bit of writing for an arsenal blog too. But I still read le grove as I used to. Just stopped commenting for while. I didn’t miss any of the action at all.
    Besides yesterday and todays post were one of the best I have seen.

  46. Ilerioluwa

    When dortmund grew their own stars, did they put them on massive wages. Sure, we would have had players demanding to leave etc, but dealing with that is what makes u a manager, except u are scared of transfers to replace them or upsetting the balance of ur team.
    As long as any player still has even a year on his contract, the player is gonna go for a decent fee if sold eg nasri persie lewa(hypothetically).
    At the stage we signed them to those contracts, no big club was bidding for them. If a big club later came in, we would av gotten money for them and used it to replace them(if we were a well run club)

  47. Ilerioluwa

    Giving them overpaid wages would obviously not have stopped them from going if a big club came except u are sentimental enough to believe they would repay ur “loyalty”.
    Besides u are ignoring a lot of the dross we signed on high wages who were neither young nor talented but simply unknown and not up to standard. The high wages in my opinon would only make them the young ones. complacent not motivate them or keep them from leaving.

    If dortmund were as wealthy as us, they would be ruling europe now because they know how to really spot talent and replace them to the best of their ability.

    If they later don’t accept ur contract renewal offer, then sell them and use the money u get wisely. That’s the simple pattern for any club with scarce resources follows. For some reason, our own club was “wiser” than that and we duly suffered for it. Hmm

  48. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal 1886-2006 February 15, 2014 00:38:12


    Olivier Giroud jumped off a five storey building at 22:45p tonight in an apparent suicide attempt.
    Police, fire and ambulance crews are still waiting for him to hit the safety net, he is currently just passing the third floor.
    Poor sod, he’s bound to miss the net too. 😉

  49. Moray

    Good debut post, gambon. It will hopefully put tape round the mouths of those Giroud defenders on here.

    Interesting that Adebayor’s stats are comparable when, the last few games aside, he’s been dire this season as usual. Also, with Ozil and Cazorla behind him, and no other Arsenal striker competing in the box with him, Giroud really ought to be leading the goalscoring charts.

    Only thing I would say in Giroud’s defence is that the whole team goes missing in the big games, so he’s not on his own there.

    Still no announcement on Wenger’s contract extension. Either the Board are being a bit more circumspect than usual, and waiting to announce this once we get through the tough patch, or else something is happening there. If he is thinking to walk this summer, it would be like a hand job through a velvet glove.

  50. Moray


    The big news was that RVP’s people were speaking to Arsenal about a potential return. Bullshit probably, but you can never completely write off the club when stupidity is on the table.

  51. MidwestGun

    How’s it goin. Na the big news according to some guy named Tancredi, is that RVP’s people had a meeting with Arsene’s people because he wants to leave Man U. And Arsene said he would take him back this summer. Not exactly big news and basically a bunch of crap. Link was posted at about 15:24. I think. At least, that’s what I got out of it. Didnt listen. Sources close to sources b.s.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger’s Recipe For Failure

    He is in my assessment about to blow our season for following reasons:

    1. Liverpool are now just 3 points behind us with superior goal difference.
    2.Spurs are now just 6 points behind us and the way Arsenal are playing could
    also overtake us by mid March.
    3.Wenger’s tactical naus demonstrated in last 2 games demonstrates just how
    one dimensional our team are against top opposition. Too many games
    played with no pace and width.
    4.Lack of investment in key positions on field and in particular in striker role.
    Giroud is a decent ‘squad’ player but not in my assessment a first team
    regular as Pedro has demonstrated graphically.
    5.Wenger may have spent a huge amount of money on Ozil, but that is
    worthless if you do not offer him outlets on field. Anyone watching Man
    Utd game can see the problem, because there was absolutely noone to
    pass to either on flanks or up front.
    6. Our team investment this season apart from Ozil is ZERO. We have spent
    less in July and January transfer windows than previous two seasons.
    7. Wenger and club’s major failing is an ability to bring in ‘first choice’
    signings which was demonstrated graphically with failure to secure Higuain
    8. Our decision as usual to leave the signing of Kallstrom to last minute and
    complete it despite injury which rendered him worthless for critical period
    of season shows just how mismanaged team really is.

    Arsenal need to offload Wenger at end of season and not allow him to sign new contract. I detest Mourinho as an arrogant sod but he is unquestionably
    correct on this occasion.

  53. useroz

    The chelsea manager may have inshulted Arsenal but our club allows it by keeping a failure specialist as the manager and let the specialist run things for 8 years.

    Wenger isn’t going to change. Don’t kid yourselves. Have you seen 70 year old ‘old’ men change?? It’s permanently wired his entire life.

  54. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger’s high all this season was, Let everybody treat his team as Title Contender. He doesn’t bother to BE the Title Winner; just the contender. How poor, how loser that is….Out you Bastard. Out, out out. You are not even fit to wipe Jose’s ass, Wenger. FAILURE SPECIALIST!

  55. peanuts&monkeys

    The club itself is so unambitious that its allowing Wenger to do whatever he wants. How i wish again Usamanov buys the club and first thing he does is kicking this senile’s ass out of Emirates. Bloody Ruiner of Arsenal.

  56. peanuts&monkeys

    I find it so funny that football fans discuss money, policies, financials, bank account’s property & estates of a Football Club, and so less about football. And, that too in the comment section of a post which is so footballic.

    Its not your direct fault, Guys. The penny pinching manager of this unambitious American Sack-stuffer have made you discuss everything except football.

    Shameless fans of a Winless Club!