Happy Valentines day… here’s some football love for you!

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Happy Valentines x

Happy Valentines day melts. I hope you’ve messed it up big time. That bargain aisle you picked up a bottle of half price Echo Falls, a teddy bear and a bar of limited edition Galaxy in… yeah, doesn’t feel so smart now eh? I’m glad you’re all in the dog house. You can come out and drink with me… all. Night. Long. What a spectacular night we’ll have.

Anyway, in the wake of yesterday’s post, and considering Jesus would have wanted love to be spread on his second fave birthday, I’ve decided to switch those blinkers on and deal with the season we have ahead of us.

Now, here be some realities for the Sunday game you’re going to really like. Arsene loves the Champions League almost as much as he loves his Tesco Clubcard, so Bayern holds more priority than his own children right now. The Germans have had the most ridiculously easy run of game heading into our clash this weekend. They’ve been able to rest and rotate because they’ve a manager who does that… and they’ve played 4 of the bottom
5 consecutively.

Wenger will know that we’ll play a fresh German side, so he’ll have no choice but the bring players in from the cold this weekend. That means we’ll have desperately fresh fringe players looking to make a massive point. Nik B, who has been left out in the cold again will make his way back into the side, Podolski, whom I told you was out of favour with the manager in the summer should land a game if Arsene overlooks his minor bout of justified petulance in the week. We should see Gnabry back in the fold if he’s proved himself in training and I’d expect to see Flamini return (suspension complete, right?)… and I think that’s about all we can bring to the table right?

Liverpool on the other hand have a problem. They played a high paced pressing game against Arsenal, then they played a tough game against Fulham with virtually the same side… so realistically, Rodgers has to rotate his side. It’s highly doubtful he’ll be able to set his side out to play at the same intensity he did at the weekend because his players won’t have recovered. So however we look at the game, the chances are it won’t be the same as last weeks… we have a very good chance to progress and thankfully Wenger has a forced rest in place.

For me, the next important game is Sunderland. The likelihood is that Bayern will destroy us, I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic. Pep doesn’t tend to send out weak teams, his sides are always packed to the rafters with power and pace… and for me, that’s what makes this current Bayern so damn scary, they’re a more powerful direct version of his fantastic Barcelona side. It’ll be interesting to see how we cope. There’s always the hope of an upset, however, I just feel they have so much and we’re not exactly in peak physical condition, nor can we boast having our best players available.

So that’s why the Sunderland game is so important. We need to take three points there. If we drain ourselves trying to win the FA Cup and Champions League with first team and drop points to Sunderland, that really will be disappointing. After them, we have a more of a gap between games. We play Stoke away and Swansea at home. Then it’s Bayern again, then it’s Spurs.

Now, they’re in great form, no doubt about that. However, they’ve fluked out quite a bit of late. They didn’t deserve to beat Everton and the Newcastle team they played at the weekend had about 7 players out compared to the team we played in December. So I’d expect the Sherwood renaissance to unravel soon… especially as their squad will find itself tested. They have a nasty away game at Dnipro, a club that sounds like a 1980s budget football boot… then, if everything works out and they win, I think they should be playing Benfica in the next round of the Europa league before us. Hopefully that’ll slow them down a bit…

Then it’s Chelsea.

The great news about the Chelsea game is that they have their Champions League game in-between playing us because they’re on the alternate weeks fixture. That could go to extra time or penalties, which would be utterly perfect. It’d be even better if they pick up a few injuries along the way. They’ve lucked out there. If Ramires or Hazard pick up knocks, they’re really struggling.

Then we have a nice 7 day rest before we play City… which, lucky for us, is preceeded by a Manchester Derby on the Tuesday night. So again, we’ll have the upper hand when it comes to freshness.

Hoo…bloody… ray.

So whilst the next 6 weeks look horrible and there are no guarantees, we have a lot of factors working in our favour… if the manager wakes up and starts rotating his squad and rattles a bit of urgency into side.

Right, take that, digest it and see me in the comments. Happy V-day, we’ll have a guest post from Gambon joining you at lunch time on striker analysis.


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  1. Sam

    what IS Wenger’s problem with Podolski? (other than that Our Great Leader’s judgement is often flawed I mean). Has Pod criticised his training methods, team selection, tactics?
    Either way I’ll be sad to see him leave and we’ll be all the weaker for it.
    I bet he bought budget roses for Mrs W with his £65 million too.

  2. Thank you and goodnight

    Bloody hours I was waiting for you last night in my Wenger coat, caught my knackers in the zip and half froze.

  3. Thank you and goodnight

    Saying that sam, knowing Wenger he must of purchased cheap plastic ones 30 odd years ago, and every valentines they are dusted off and handed to Mrs Wenger.

  4. Simon

    Interesting to see if Gambon’s post tells is anything interesting or turns out to be an exercise is trying to show how right he is.

    It would be really nice to read a post where someone doesn’t think they know all the answers or some insight into why the manager does what he does which does not completely discount that he has good reason and might also be right or balanced…. I wonder.

  5. Gustav Graves

    I don’t understand the Podolski thing either. He was on fire during the pre season and the Champions League qualifiers. He looked to be a very important piece on the chess board…
    And now he gets the cold shoulder

    Wenger can be such a douche sometimes.

  6. Dissenter

    Reactionary Wenger is all,over the map.
    If Bendtner is really set to start on Saturday, why didn’t he get a 15 minutes run-out against united.
    Liverpool will still play us with their best 11, they don’t have midweek European commitments.
    Happy valentines guys,

    The way Giroud’s been putting every foot wrong on the field tells me that his third foot forward won’t score a goal to save himself.

  7. somecallmemystic

    sylvain,was this erection at the thought of Wenger? Wouldn’t worry about being gay, think you might have a insanity issue!

  8. somecallmemystic

    Would someone please explain to me why the barmy old fool had three strikers on the bench against Utd at the start of the game AND still had three strikers there at the end?

    This is the manager that when he started would chase a game and end the match with three or four forwards, now he simply bottles it and goes for a draw.

  9. andy1886

    Pedro, a longer rest period hasn’t been much help recently has it? Can’t believe Wenger would sacrifice the FA Cup (well actually I can because it’s Wenger and when has logic had anything to do with it?), it’s our best chance of actually winning something (remember that feeling Arsene?).

    Quite agree, Bayern will rip us up, sod the CL we’ve made our traditional progress to the knock out stages, met that financial target, so why not concentrate on a competition where we do actually have a chance? Save the reserves for Bayern, who knows perhaps one of them will have a Paul Vaessen moment? (the Juve one, not what followed).

  10. goona

    Giroud hatrick at the weekend, you heard it here first, get yourself down the bookies……..now where’s my medication?

  11. sylvain

    Hope we will throw all our forces in the battle sunday.

    With Flamini and Poldi and Bendtner we have a chance.

    Unfortunately Le Senile One think that we have a better chance to win the CL.
    The FA Cup is no longer his priority.

  12. Nickie


    Pace, defence, target man, finisher, creative spark

  13. goona

    If Wenger rests our “first” team Sunday in the belief that we have any sort of chance over two Games in the CL, he is clinically insane and should be sectioned for his own safety.

    We have little chance agains the scousers and absolutely ZERO against Bayern.

  14. Nickie

    I’d like to give monreal a game but he did get ripped a new one against pool.

    Ozil needs a rest, maybe wilshere or rosicky in 10 role. Either way i’m happy.

    Really want to see bendtner, pod and gnabry given a run out

  15. Simon

    Wenger will field a second string for FA cup because he’d rather try to do better in league and CL. Good call. people saying we will lose against Bayern and cone 4th are same people who said we had no ambition after united game.

  16. Paddy got up

    Just heard that the players have had such a fun time this morning. They have all been allowed to make a valentines card for Wenger. Apparantly Diabys one was the best, huge big thing with hundreds of kisses.
    Then they out them all in a postmans sack and Sanogo went to the bosses office to deliver them.
    Now isn’t that a tale to warm your hearts xxxx

  17. sylvain

    olatunbosun : “I jst Hope and pray we won’t collaps @ d most important part of the season.”

    Oh, a “true beliver”, for a change.

  18. bergkamp63

    Wenger : “any manager who says they cannot win is scared of failure”

    = I think we can win it as I am not scared of failure

    = I am used to it !

  19. gambon

    The Podolski thing is so strange

    I think he’s been made three scapegoat for him, Theo and giroud not working last season.

    Wenger clearly doesn’t like him and he’s letting that issue come before the team.

    He’s our best finisher by an absolute mile, a good assister, good on the break.

  20. DUIFG

    Thnaks for trying to lift my spirits pedro. whichever way u look at it though its hard to see how a group of about 13 players will be able to do al that at any kind of intensity.

    I hope we can keep our heads up high v bayern, if we get spanked then I can only see the season going down the tubes and we end up in a predictable doffight for 4th

  21. N5

    I’ve not yet read the blog, but my oh my is Giroud a handsome bugger! I can forgive his awful misses because he just so dreamy!! 😀

  22. somecallmemystic

    Come on guys, Dissenter is right it is Valentines Day we should be showing Wenger some Love.

    Perhaps we could all pop round with a bottle of wine, red rose, box of Maltesers and a DVD. The one written by Nick Phillips would be a good one,
    Criminally Insane.

  23. Arsene's Nurse

    I popped out late last night to pick up a bottle of milk from the all night garage. Guess who I saw in there at 11.45pm? Yep, none other than “the senile one”. He was dashing around like a fucking maniac going back and forth between the isle with the chocolate and the cheap booze.

    Little chap behind the counter almost called the police when Wenger tried to do his coat up – thought he was shop lifting.

    In the end he bought a small box of milk tray that was all squashed on one side.

    I suspect his missus is as pissed off today as we all were on Feb 1st.

  24. Saurabh

    “I think just that our job is to be ambitious and to try to win, and if we do not win to take full responsibility for that. It’s as simple as that and that’s how I see it. I say that yes we are in it [the title race], yes we will have a go for it, we will absolutely give everything to go for it and if we don’t do it I will take responsibility for it, but I just see it like that. ”
    Just wondering what would he do if we don’t win the title.

  25. andy1886

    Simon, better to pick our battles, Bayern and a Moyes United are a million miles apart. then again if we had a stronger squad we could put out two strong teams couldn’t we?

  26. andy1886

    Look at it this way, Arsene goes out into his yard and sees a slug eating his bedding plants and a f’kin great grizzly bear doing a dump on his lawn. What does he do? The fetches a packet of salt but instead of taking on the slug (Liverpool in this case) he heads for the Grizzly (Bayern) who is getting ready to wipe his arse with Arsene.

    That’s why he is mental.

  27. andy1886

    “Don’t give a gnats tit about FA cup personally.”

    Same for me with the CL – complete waste of time unless you’re our bank manager of course.

  28. Dony

    Pedro, here I was thinking we had the toughest run-in out of the top 3 and the most fatigued squad…I’ve had this sinking feeling that our season was about to come un-hinged.

    With the stroke of a pen…you instill belief into legions of fans worldwide. what a positive guy!

  29. Wallace

    i’d like to see Podolski on Sunday, but if we go with Gnabry as well ball retention might be an issue. Wenger rarely plays two attacking wingers from the start.

  30. bergkamp63

    “With the stroke of a pen…you instill belief into legions of fans worldwide. what a positive guy”

    Yeah, I think Chemical Ali was the last one to try this !

  31. Confidentgoner

    Folks, calm down all of you! Considering the drubbing at Anfield, the team did very well. I watched the match as second time. United had only one move to score all day, that is a pop art f e’er m Arteta ‘s near howler. ManU set themselves to defend and counter. Jack losses the ball a lot and we g e’er into trouble with his play. He needs to find his best form.

    Against Liverpool, I would like to see Podolski and Bendtner. Drop Jack, play Rosicky and play Gnarly. Carzola is off, will also want to rest Ozil

  32. karim

    Palmeri s twitter account is buzzing
    The guy sounds very self-assured :

    ” I can’t be wrong on this because it is something that materially happened. Now, stop hints. “

  33. TheBayingMob

    Arsenal sign Oscar Pistorius.

    Lol, at least Pistorius shoots when he can instead of waiting to be 2 foot in front of an uprotected target!!

  34. Bermy boy

    We will one by one fall out of every competition we face these next few games ,the league has already started us off down the road to regular town.

    Howdy Sheriff Asswipe.

  35. andy1886

    “United had only one move to score all day”

    Blimey! better go to Specsavers, off the top of my head RvP bobbled one at Chesney, hit one well wide across the face of the goal, and of course there was the header that Chesney saved brilliantly.

    Are you sure that you were watching the same game??

  36. Ashwin gunner

    Hey Pedro

    nice post buddy.
    Realistically i see us losing to Bayern 3 -1. our squad wont be fresh. and lets face it. We are never going to win UCL with this squad. We have to concentrate on more achievable targets. the FA cup and the league. and We might have Ramsey back for spurs game if i am correct. so it will be massive boost for you mid field.

  37. leon

    if it was me I would put out the strongest team possible for the FA cup game I don’t think this team has much of chance of against byern sorry that is one extremely strong team.flamani high energy style will help I feel arteter is more methodical and tends slow it down pick out right pass he is the quickest but to be honest he never has been would play podiolski instead of guroud and I would also rest ozil as well I think risicky more direct style will help and chamberlain.i very interested in seeing the new signing sonogy play.

  38. Arsene's Nurse

    Have you seen that Wenger has been criticising other managers; accusing them of fear of failure?

    You couldn’t make it up. Maybe that was the big announcement.

  39. andy1886

    Nursey – Of course they have a fear of failure, they get sacked for it!

    Arsene on the other hand has no such fear, and he’s very good at failure anyway.

  40. Norfolk

    Just heard Wenger say that…….We are going to try and win the EPL and if we don’t……….I WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY…………..I guess that will be after he has signed his new contract.
    I wonder who he thinks has borne the responsibility for the last 8 years.

  41. andy1886

    Morning Keyser! A bit late, been opening all those cards I guess?

    Who are Juve? Used to be good at Alpine Skiing and designing girls handbags during the Roman Empire. May have played footie at one time, I believe they were banned for changing sides at half time though.

  42. GoonPharm

    Wenger will field a first XI Sunday.

    Every incarnation of a Wenger team has one massive flaw – brittle confidence. Even when we had titans like Viera, Campbell, Kolo et al we were weak mentally.

    That hammering last weekend has basically brought the team to breaking point – another heavy defeat to anyone – especially a contender will undo everything.

    It’s the reason why we played so conservatively against Utd. Wenger is shit scared of another pasting and for that reason he can not risk playing a weakened team on Sunday.

    Just imagine for a second that we played all out against Utd and lost – the ramifications of that would be massive especially against a poor poor utd team.

    For once I actually commend Wenger for playing it safe.

  43. Keyser

    “Liverpool on the other hand have a problem”

    Liverpool have no real problem, no injuries, wellplayers coming back if anything and because they avoided Europe completely last season they don’t have to play pesky german outsiders.

    “It’d be even better if they pick up a few injuries along the way. They’ve lucked out there. If Ramires or Hazard pick up knocks, they’re really struggling.”

    Not sure about this either, Mourinho’s supremely confident he’s doing Shetland Pony analogies, send Lukaku on loan, sell Mata to United, when did they sell Sturridge ? Last January ? Hmm, could he have sanctioned that, not soo sure.

  44. sylvain

    “Liverpool on the other hand have a problem”

    Ok I get it!!

    There are out of stock of vaccination against rabies for the victims of the cannibal!! lol

  45. gazzap

    Gnabry – Bendtner – Podolski.

    mmn not sure about this front line. Not enough natural width for me and at least two of them have an horrendous first touch and the other is very young and makes poor decisions still (which is understandable).
    I’m not sure I’d have this front three together at the same time as it’s asking for trouble, The FA cup is the one trophy I beleive we can actually win, so would like to see us going for this one properly.
    Bayern game is nothing – let the CL go, it will only bring us pain.

  46. Matt

    Problem is if we beat Liverpool this weekend and get into the Quarter Final that’ll mean Swansea will be rescheduled…. probably to mid-week before or after either Chelsea or City, thus destroying all that extra rest time you speak of.

  47. Keyser


    – Who’s going to win the league, Arseeeeene ?

    – Well, Chelsea are top, have a very good squad, they’re in pole position, Shreeeeeeeeeveseeeey.

    – Why’s Mourinho saying Liverpool are now favourites Arseeeeeene ?

    – Fuck know’s Shreeeeeeeveseeeey, maybe it’s because he’s got a massive squad, has sold key players and got a shedload of players on loan, Shreeeeeeeeveseeeey.

    – Scared of failure Arseeeeeeene ?

    – Why you look at me.

  48. andy1886

    Lol Keyser:

    “Well done methuselah, your sense of humour arrived just in time.”

    Said to MrsK as the y-fronts fall to the floor 😉

  49. N5

    “My Y-fronts get far too sticky for them to just fall to the floor, father time.”

    Wow, what an image! 🙁

    Andy, Keyser is the only guy I know that has his misses help him fold his pants to put them away!

  50. Southernpeople

    “These guys, Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs, they are not kids any more. They were kids but, in this moment, they are mature players.”


    He thinks jack and ox are mature players, but hazard and co are babies.

    just ridiculous. the guy is a coward is still fear this plucky Arsenal team!!!

  51. Ozrus

    Arsene’s nurse, don’t give up your day job cause your jokes are shit. Nothing personal mate. You couldn’t write comedy sketches to save your life.

    andy1886, likewise. You boys obviously think your audience on here is made up solely of cunts like gambon. It ain’t.

  52. Southernpeople

    Sagna is reportedly offered a £100k a year. that’s a good news because Sagna is a very capable right back with versatility.

    This also shows that Arsenal are determined from now on to keep their best players.

    now we all our important young and senior players are on long contracts.

    we just need to add 3 more important players.

  53. andy1886

    Lol N5, better than having to peel them like an orange.

    Ozzie, what’s up? Crab got your scrotum? Give us a bible quote or something and I’ll repent.

  54. Matt

    Wenger isnt scared of failure, as long as he doesnt spend any money he is perfectly fine with it. Thats why every transfer window he is scrathing around in the bargain bins because if he spent money and was still a failure then bang, there goes his reputation of being a master of unearthing rough diamonds, which lets face it is much more important to him than actually winnign anything!!

  55. Southernpeople

    Arsene never feared failure; not now, not in the past.

    Arsene was never shy to spend big; he paid record money for a flop called Henry was sure that he’d come good. He paid lot of money on Wiltord, Gilberto, Edu and others between 2001/2003 and told everybody that would make Arsenal a great team again, and boy wasn’t he right?

  56. andy1886

    “You boys obviously think your audience on here is made up solely of cunts like gambon. It ain’t.”

    Nope, there are all types of cunts on here. Happy Cunts, Miserable Cunts, Cunty Cunts, the list is endless.

  57. andy1886

    Southern, I’m not sure I’d call a World Cup Winner and Ligue 1 winner a flop. He was only at Juventus for six months so was hardly a failure.

  58. Thank you and goodnight

    You were never ever good at math…..deluded AKB cunts 60% miserable, world is going to end cunts 39% and 1 deluded spud cunt (johnty) 1%.

  59. seventhwave101

    a) We wont win the CL , its pretty obvious to all
    b) We could win the FA Cup….
    c) Its unlikely now we’ll win the League…..
    Why aren’t we playing our best team in the FA cupat least we could win SOMETHING
    Pathetic Wenger selection

  60. andy1886


    He must be a comedy genius cunt which is why he’s so offended by our pitiful attempts at humour.

    Fuck me…could it be?….Jim Davidson, is that you??

  61. Keyser

    Simon – Nice, confuse them with abbreviations.

    ‘hmm, KKB, sounds like AKB, has a K, another one, a B, no A, passes test’.

    Thankully gambon’s hatchet piece on Giroud has got them off the scent.