Arsene Wenger drunk on stubbornness | Arsenal gripped by fear

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Even when you know something is coming, it doesn’t make the pain of sitting in a stadium with 55,000 others who have the same understanding any easier. Last night wasn’t as destructive as it could have been from a points perspective, but from a high level view, it felt like the team had accepted that they didn’t feel they could be part of the final push for the league.

Way back when, Wenger would have taken on that diabolical backline with 4 strikers. He’d have sniffed blood and he’d have gone for the jugular. Last night, we pushed for the draw… Arsene Wenger used to be the manager who’d take on the 190 yard dog leg shot over the lake, last night, it felt like he opted to lay up from 120 yards on a downhill par three at the local pitch and putt.

The narrative of the game mostly centred around an Ozil who had obviously taken on board the harsh criticism levelled at him after the weekend. However, the game opened ominously when Arteta turned into Robin who dispossessed him, had a free run at goal but luckily for us, scuffed his shot tepidly at the keeper.

Giroud had chances to put us ahead almost immediately. His first was a header from a corner that he glanced wide. His second was another header that failed to hit the target… he also let rip with a wild shot from 20 yards. Some said it was one of those days, for me, it was a typical day out for him.

Robin had another chance when he slipped into our box and thrashed his shot so wide it almost hit the corner flag…

There was a distinct lack of movement all over the park. Giroud’s early season hustle has been replaced with pottering around because he’s clearly spent. Our midfield didn’t want to commit so there was no outlet, nor one for Giroud to knock the ball onto. Outwide, we should have punted on Gnabry. United had nothing to fear from us so their aging defence had an easy time of it.

… but hey, Arsenal ramped up the half time entertainment by asking fans for the longest word they could craft out of the name ‘Santi Cazorla’…  I came up with ‘spend some f*cking money’

The second half was just a more laboured expression of the problems we had in the first half. No one was running for the ball, the performance was static, lethargic and wrapped in fear. But hey, it did feel great to see Yaya Sanogo warming up on the sidelines.

What? It seriously did. Giroud was playing that badly, I thought, well… you never know, do you? Pining my hopes on an untested 18 year old wannabe postman… what have I become?

Our best effort came from Koscielny, he made a superb run in the United box, turning a corner at the far post, sadly Valencia was on call to clear his effort.

Giroud was back on form when he turned a solid Gibbs cross wide again. There was a moment when Ozil and Giroud broke together, the German fed the ball to Olivier, he ballsed it up… the German stamped his feet and let out a cry of frustration at his striker.

The game was screaming for a substitution after about 55minutes, the manager, in his usual stubborn way decided he’d wait it out until 70minutes. He then opted to bring on Chamberlain… for Rosicky (one of the few players looking to drive forward). A quite baffling decision. Bring on a player who has under 10 goals to his name and rarely causes a threat on goal.

Then the moment came for all those who wanted us to buy a striker, Sagna gathered the ball out on the right, whipped a delicious ball across the 6 yard box, all Giroud had to do was guide it in unchallenged, instead, he took an air shot, hit the deck and grabbed his hair like a French model demonstrating the USP of a new root strengthening shampoo. I hate his frustration look more than you could ever know.

The game started to slow down, neither team had the guts to go for the two points. The pissing around on the half way line nearly cost us a goal, Jack Wilshere, world class at spending 75% of his pitch time on the ground bitching, found himself dispossessed by Robin Van Persie, the Dutchman powered into our half, passed to Rooney and continued his run, he picked out the Dutchman who threw his head at the ball, our keeper managed somehow to tip the ball onto the bar. An incredible save considering how little he had to do in the second half.

Back down the United end, Cazorla saw a shot from an Ozil one two well saved. He also had a solo effort tipped wide. In the end though, we finished the game having used only one sub, battling to hold onto the point rather than going for glory.

The overriding feeling of disappointment. No legs, no guts… with a team struggling to recapture the form needed to drive hard at the last 12 games. Exasperation around the Grove…

Key points


Many things were clear to the layman. Firstly, we had no pace in the forward line. Giroud was completely exhausted both physically and mentally, he played so poorly, I was surprised he even managed a start. Secondly, we had no options out wide or through midfield. Ozil had nothing to play with, because in the main, everyone was behind him.

So why did it take Wenger until 70minutes to make a change? When he did make his solitary change, he took off Rosicky, the one player giving us drive and brought on the teenage Chamberlain, who, despite 2 goals a few weeks ago against Palace, is hardly a proven game changer. He opted against our £100k a week well rested, 100 cap, ex Bayern Munich striker come wide man who is apparently the best finisher Arsene has ever worked with. Call me negative, mental, a total w*nker… but seriously, what is our soon to be £8.5m manager playing at?

United are there for the taking and Lukas is sitting on the sidelines warming up for 30minutes, in the end, perched on the corner flag in disbelief. It was a complete shambles. Where are the managers guts? Why is he not supporting the side? Why is he not going for the glory when we’re on the home stretch?

Fear… he bottled it.

If he took a point, he’d avoid criticism. It didn’t matter if that point meant the team flatlined and missed a chance to score over the worst United side I’ve seen in my lifetime. He wimped out. Arsene Wenger allowed his team to pass out on the half way line like they were playing for a qualifying point in a World Cup where both sides had agreed not to upset the status.


I’ll bang on about it for as long as it’s an issue, but again, where’s the energy? Where is the rotation? Where are the fresh ideas to deal with the lack of pace? No Gnabry? No Lukas? No Jack sub when it’s clear he’s having an absolute stinker?

Arsene Wenger has run this team into the ground all season and now you’re seeing the results. Full team against Coventry. Tantamount to gross misconduct. Full strength teams all through Christmas and an injury train wreck off the back of it. Really, if we’re honest, we haven’t recovered since. Last season’s most effective player, back for three weeks, then out for 6 months. Our best player this season, run into a hole, brought back too early, out for 6 weeks. One striker, played in all the minutes, totally dead, can’t even chase down balls. No striker bought to cover. Cover loaned in for midfield, has broken back, still acquired regardless.

This is why I don’t believe in Arsene… because all the good in his game is outweighed by the baffling ‘what the fu*k?’… can anyone argue with any of the above? Arsene hasn’t been hamstrung by money over the last 8 years, he’s been taken down by bad decisions and an unwillingness to accept the modern rigours of the game.

Average game plan, poor approach to sport science and an average and outdated scouting network combined with an appalling strategy when it comes to squad planning has us on the verge of forfeiting the best chance of winning the league in years.

Fan booing

Say what you want about the booing. The manager and the club deserved it. They botched the window because no one will pull Wenger to one side and tell him the score. £100m to spend and we failed to bring in anyone. All the fans want to see is ambition. Sign Draxler and Cabaye and we’re on our way to better things. Just having them is a morale boost. Instead, we pulled the usual trick of not planning anything, allowing the manager to dither on price he shouldn’t control and we showed a total lack of ambition with the players we did try to sign… so the fans have every right to boo when the manager doesn’t have trust in any of his subs. We expect more.

I think the anger with Arsene comes more from the expectation. We know he could be the best in the world. He’s like the talented kid at school who thinks he’s too clever to exist amongst mere mortals. Without application, you’ll never fulfil potential. It’s the same with Arsene, all he needs to do is bring in experts to help him where he’s weak. He could be king if he just listened… or someone just told him what was what. It’s sad in a way… Arsenal is built around him, rather than the other way round. He’s an immovable legend who won’t be told. That, for me, is why people are frustrated… we’re not banging our head against a Brick Moyes… we’re banging it against a sleeping legend. He’s writing his own legacy post invincibles, it’s just sad to see he’s writing it with his left hand, smashed out of his brains on stubbornness with a publisher too fearful to tell him it’s a terrible read…

Still, onwards and upwards. The Perspective Brigade will tell you we’re still up at the top of the league, and we are… just a shame most of us can see where this is going to end. Not a pretty way to finish the most promising season in 10 years.

See you in the comments…


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  1. ArseneWengerNose

    The lack of pace is our problem. Honestly I’d go with Gnabry and Oxlade, I don’t care where he plays them, just put them in there somewhere. And for the love of God no Giroud, I’m afraid we’re going to have to shoot him like a sick horse at the end of the season.

    Predictions? I don’t know why, but I’m getting a worse case scenario vibe, a draw, and another chance for them to stuff us at Anfield.

  2. Paddy got up

    We do seem to have invested a little in January.
    Bould seems to have a nice black leatherette clipboard now!!
    What about Usmanov. I think as fans were pissing up the wrong tree. Stan, Ivan and nose trough will never go of there own accord. This Usmanov bloke has the bangers to buy the club. He has businesses in social media= Google, that mean that he wants people to like him. That means if we start to put pressure on him he has to respond.
    Worth a try so I will go first

    Fuck me I’m now probably on some KGB hitlist..

  3. hackneylad

    Dale Rios

    That is implying Wenger rotates his squad….

    We will play a full strength team against liverpool and bayern.
    The players will be exhausted so expect an injury to happen.

    I cannot see us possibly beating Liverpool because we have no scoring threat.

    Walcott Ramsey out.

    Giroud works well as a defender for the other team.

    Ozil Ox Jack Rosiscky Arteta aren’t scorers.

    Cazorla depends what Cazorla you get that day his our only chance.

    At this point I would just field Gnarby and Sanago, if Sanago is bollocks sub him off before half time and replace with Bendnter. What do we have to lose? He can’t be worse than Giroud he would have to score an own goal to be worse.

  4. leon

    in the summer i was so disappointed wenger did not get top striker as knew it was going be extremley difficult to bring top players in jan,alot fans were screaming out drexler i was not and still not convinced spending that kind of money this player simply because i dont see him on the same level as hazard not evon close and bearing in mind the buy out clause does take affect till the summer in truth spending around 40 million on unproven player to me does make alot sense.however bring in an experienced striker on loan would make alot more sense.

    alot fans dont like arteter because he is not big physical beast but i like him he more of kind player who keeps possesion and passes the ball really well good player but wenger does need to look to the future both arteter and flamani are both in late 20 s or early 30s .

    the one i dont like about this team style is they over play and pass the ball far far too much the two players who i think that guilty of this is wilshire and ozil who do done score enough. i do feel when playing against the better teams you need to be alot more direct and use alot pace

  5. joshua

    Every year for the past 5 our season has ended because of a poor February. We then finish the season strong because all that’s left to play for is 4th spot and I’m afraid that its happening again. There’s no strong character in the squad to take the weight of expectation and as a result the whole team crumble. When the pressure comes on these guys buckle every time. For me, watching last night we did not look like a team fighting to go top of the league. We lack the bottle against the big teams. 1 pt against utd in two games, 1 pt at home to chelsea, hammered by city and liverpool. You cant expect to win the league if you don’t beat the big boys or at least get a positive result against them. I don’t have a good feeling about Liverpool game at the weekend, the whole team is in funk and at the worst possible time. Changes are needed to inject some pace and width into the side

  6. kwik fit

    Tomorrow’s going to be great. Tancredi’s going to release his massive news about Arsenal. I Have a gut feeling the news will be just the philip us Arsenal faithful need following two disastrous performances.

  7. Toli83

    ‘He’d have to score an own goal to be worse’ – fucking brilliant.

    I saw Sonogo in his two brief sub appearances, remember when he come on away at Fulham.

    The only thing I remember him doing was tacking Cazorla by accident and then running into the ref. He looked like he had just learned to run basically.

    That said I would rather see anyone up there than Giroud at the moment, its just not working at all.

  8. afturburn

    Possibilities for Palmeri’s “big news” tomorrow, followed by the odds:

    A hostile takeover by Usmanov (120/1)
    Wenger is so ashamed of the past two results that he hands in his resignation (300/1)
    Balotelli to come to the Emirates in the summer (75/1)
    Balotelli to come to the Emirates in the summer, but only cause Milan will be invited to the Emirates Cup (12/1)
    Wenger contract extension (2/1)

  9. ArseneWengerNose

    I second the calls for anyone but Giroud, and I would actually want to see this future 50 million pounds striker more, put up or shut up Wenger. Have faith in your back-up brigade and stop killing the starters.

    The Draxler deal would’ve been for the future. Think of it as an investment, if he can turn into a great (or even good) player, and gives us many years, who wouldn’t be happy with it? Not to mention he has a high profile as an up and coming young player, and he would’ve definitely got the players, the fans, and everybody excited, more so than Kallstrom anyway!

    Man U got Anderson for 20M. Man City signed Jovetic for 22M, a good player but look at how much they spent on their 4th option in attack. If we can go back in time, wouldn’t we have made an improved offer for Suarez and gotten him instead of pissing around, and now look, his price after this season would make Wenger’s brain explode. You can’t be afraid to spend money. God knows we have plenty of it.

  10. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    “alot fans dont like arteter because he is not big physical beast but i like him he more of kind player who keeps possesion and passes the ball really well good”

    Leon did you see the first minute of the game last night where RVP nearly scored.

    Also what your obsession with Draxler,

    Go look at some stats on Draxler and Hazard I assure you that Draxler is not light years behind him.

    You keep going on about the price tag likes it your own money

    Oh lets wait, there be going to the emirates for us to watch Arteta and his wonderful Denilson passes

    Draxler in a year or 2 will be a just as good as Hazard IMO.

    And many good managers that will be after his signature in the summer.

  11. ArseneWengerNose

    I really believe Arshavin helped us get 4th in 2009 not based on his performances, or anything he did on the pitch, but rather he got everybody pumped, players and fans alike. I still remember his first game, there was an air of expectancy and excitement. Don’t really see the same thing happening with Broke Back Kallstrom.

    Not to say that Arshavin’s performances weren’t good, just that he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. ‘cept for a memorable night at Anfield, of course.

  12. Bermy boy

    Earlier today MarbleHall said my head was in my anus ,but I’ll tell you the view and the scent are far greater then what Fuckup is trying to peddle at Arsenal calling it coaching.

  13. Toli83

    People give Arshavin a tough time. His 14/16 months were good, I liked him.

    Then he had a massive nose dive, where he couldn’t cope with the demands.

    Mis-managed to a degree. Had we bought him 3/4 years earlier we would have seen a different player, who would have adapted to the prem in his prime rather than post 30.

  14. ArseneWengerNose

    I’d be shocked if we got Draxler this summer. Knowing Wenger, he’ll probably come out two or three years later, as Draxler is celebrating winning the Champions League back-to-back, and tell us how close he was to signing him.

  15. ArseneWengerNose

    If you are referring to my post, I wasn’t actually criticizing Arshavin, I was just examining the effects of a new signing on a team. I did say that he was good, especially early on in his Arsenal career.

  16. Toli83


    No, not directly at you at all…

    A lot of comparisons have been made with Ozil, and AA – using Arshavin as a benchmark for a flop when he was far from it.

    I remember Arshivin played through the middle in the ‘hole’ one game (think it was Coventry) and ran the show. Not seen a performance like it really.

    Wenger said I think I’ve found his best position, then never played him there again.

  17. ArseneWengerNose

    Sorry mate, I posted about 10 minutes before you talking about Arshavin, and I thought you were responding to me.

    “Wenger said I think I’ve found his best position, then never played him there again.”

    lol, classic Wenger.

    I remember when he played as a striker in 2009-2010 because everybody else was injured, and he struggled obviously. Just another example of Wenger deploying players in positions they’re not comfortable in. One of those games were against Manchester United at home, and we lost 3-1. Vermaelen scored, that was back when he was the Verminator, never been fit since.

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger and his ‘the world is flat troop’ will no doubt be happy that we are stil top three
    Real knowledgeable people will know its a farce !

    This man should have brought in January

    Mentally the team needed it

    All last now

  19. ArseneWengerNose

    Not to mention the difference in personal, I mean those were fucking legends. Still, that game brings back bad memories, because I always end up thinking about the two games before it. If we would’ve beaten Man U and Chelsea, we would’ve won the treble. I mean fuck, Monaco, Porto, and Deportivo in the CL semis? sign me up! The invincibles deserved to win it all, and they came so close.

  20. MidwestGun

    Been reading comments and blogs, saying that game wasn’t ugly last night.

    What top footballer watched that game and said, ” now there is a style of football that I could really go for? ”

    I mean besides Ballotelli. Hes crazy.

    I truly hope Ozil is the pied piper. And we get some top German talent.

  21. leon

    sorry ozil and aa completely different players ozil is not a winger he is playing likes take his time and pick out passes and lets face he is exceptional at it,but the prem is more physical more direct and less technical than la liga the oinly thing i have against him he passes a bit to much and needs shoot more.

  22. leon

    the lack playing time for podiolski is a bit odd but this team does need a more direct players. liverpool are red hot right they blew use away and and they have just there next game away from home

  23. GoonerDave

    If Giroud hadn’t suddenly forgotten how to score, Ozil’s stats would look really good I think. More to come from Ozil hopefully, he needs the team playing to his strengths, needs the players ahead of him making intelligent runs. He sees passes to team mates that nobody else can, and is also able to pass it there quickly.
    We are really missing Walcott’s pace and Ramsey’s engine. We seem to be playing in slow-motion at times.
    Giroud is clapped out, exhausted. I think we should rest him. His trapping and passing is dis-improving by the game. I’d give Bendtner a go for a few weeks if he’s fit.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Liverpool I think I’d play both Podolski and Gnabry with Ozil in an all German attacking middle.

    With Flamini and Rosicky behind them – Arteta and Wilshere were woeful last night, and being in the stadium Wilshere was coming in for a lot of stick, which means he was especially poor and has been all season because he use to be an untouchable darling of the fans.

    Needs to be dropped.

    With Flamini and Rosicky we have more than enough experience and work in the deep middle. But we should be more threatening than our current attack which is about as threatening as a potato gun.

    Would love to drop Giroud, but who comes in? Sanogo or Bendtner, pffft

  25. Cesc Appeal

    What’s the betting he starts Flamini and Arteta in the middle with Wilshere out wide and we’re our usual negative selves?

  26. GoonerDave

    Maybe we should give Podolski the cup match and the next few league matches up there? Yes he’s had chances, but never more than a single game/sub appearance. Giroud isn’t much good to us like this. Not fit and as a result, not focused either.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Do we think we could maybe play someone unconventional up front? Like Gnabry, or Oxlade or something? To provide a bit of pace?

    I really don’t know, the fact our soon to be (unfortunately) £8.5 Million has only Giroud as a ‘viable’ striker (in terms of selection not quality because he’s gash) with £100 Million in the bank should be enough to sack him…incredible stupidity.

    The fans support is on a knife edge, you could feel it in the ground last night…this season results in no trophy, it’s all on Wenger.

  28. Neil Briars

    We have played poorly since we beat hull
    in December but were getting results. Having gone to anfield and then the United gamebthe performances have caught up with us. However it is disappointing to see so many negative comments. Throwing money at players in January was not the answer. We have to rely on the players who got us to the top.
    on a separate complaint when will dans realise that booing during the game is counterproductive! If all those people booing actually sang the stadium would be more intimidating and encourage the players.
    Time to believe and support all uoi gooners!

  29. PaddyTH14

    If wenger had the balls to buy suarez in the summer (which he could have easily done for 50-55 mill) we would be pissin de league right now simple as that. This may have been the best chance we had of winning the league in 10 years and he bottled. How he is allowed decide how much we are allowed spend ona player is beyond me. Our transfer policy is an absolute joke.

  30. Dan Ahern

    Great blog today Pedro.
    It is sad. Wenger has some incredible attributes but the stubbornness and parsimony may do him in yet again. Hope we can rescue this title race.

  31. Joe Ong

    Agree with most of you. The days of Overmars, Dennis Berkamp, Dixon, Adam, Parlour, Vieira, Ljungberg, Pires, Kweon, Winterburn were just so good and beautiful to watch and behold. Beautiful short EFFECTIVE passing and quick on the counter attacks…..sad to said that the current team do not have that calibers to do that kind of things anymore and Wenger need to wake up to the truth and make changes to the game plan instead of still living in wonderland hoping. Totally living in the past and not capable of the modern footballs brain to see Arsenal winning trophy again. Need to go.

  32. Jeff

    One of the worst tactics that Wenger employs (unless an injury or sending off forces his hand) is to stick to whatever team he starts with right until minute 70. It doesn’t matter if we’re winning, losing or drawing and badly in need of a goal. He will not change it. That alone tells you that he’s a stubborn old goat and has actually got worse with age.

  33. Moray

    I can’t wait to see Kallstrom’s link up play with Ozil. His return to fitness should be a real shot in the arm to our push for a fourth place finish this year.

  34. Moray

    ha. Jeff those comments are both hilarious and scary…who would have thought that our replacement for Flamini would be…Flamini. Just several years older, and looking a shadow of the player made to shine by playing alongside Fabregas.

    No doubt our replacement for Fabregras will be (you guessed it) Fabregas, in a few years time when his legs have gone and he is no longer wanted by Barca.

    Thanks Arsene. Thanks for ruining your legacy.

  35. Thank you and goodnight

    Anyone read Mourinho’s dig at Wenger this morning. The guys as surprised as we are that le senile is still in a job. He goes on about how Wenger has to win something soon. Little extract of what he says. ….
    “They are not kids anymore.The manager,with four,five or six years working with these players and then adding fantastic players like mesut, santi and per to the team, these last pieces of experience.”

    God it’s sad days for Arsenal fans knowing he has 3 more years. If anyone else had signed a ‘ neverhasbeen’ with a fucked up back they would of got the boot.

  36. Jeff


    Like him or hate him Mourinho has one quality that I really like. The capacity to tell it like it is. All the other managers would rather lie and be as politically correct as possible in case they themselves mess up and have to face the music. Mourinho’s approach is that he couldn’t give a toss. He is a born winner however annoying he can be at times with his thinly guised arrogance.

  37. TheBayingMob

    I doubt there will be any sort of announcement, the guy just probably wanted some new twatter followers … If it is Wenger’s contract extension though I’ll piss myself laughing …

  38. Norfolk

    I think the guys so annoying.
    He plays the media game very well but I hate listening to him.
    All this little horses stuff is an act in my opinion.
    What exactly is it designed to achieve I wonder.
    If it’s to get him in the papers every day it’s working.
    Maybe it’s to deflect attention from his players, he realises that each days story is worth 1000 words and 1 minute so he fills that time with rubbish.
    Perhaps he is smart.

    I would like to have seen him replace AW because I figured he wouldn’t come unless he was allocated plenty of money for players and it would also have meant AW was not longer at the club to interfere or control.

  39. Thank you and goodnight


    Doubt even if Wenger goes that we’ll ever be able to attract a WC manager, cause as much as Wenger is as tight as a ducks arse, so are the board. Board and our manager are a match made in hell.

  40. Moray

    I can’t find that Mourinho interview, but he is spot on. Wenger is an ongoing embarrassment to the club and just serves to represent our lack of ambition and rewarding of failure, as well as our inferiority complexx.

    It is in his interest to keep shtum as he has the making of Wenger every time they meet. However, he’s a competitive little fuck, so just like with the Mata sale, he wants to up the competition. Plus, nobody likes Wenger, so there is no way they would sell us e.g. Mata.

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    Papers are also saying Arsenal are struggling to sell tickets to the bayern game because of the sky high prices. Any truth to those rumours?

  42. Moray

    Who wouldn;t want to pay sky high prices to go and see us getting rinsed by Germany’s finest? We are taking a “dead rubber” attitude to the first leg, through the experience of repeated pat failure. How amusing!

    It is only through financial action that things will change with these jokers. Otherwise, Arsenal does not function like a normal business and Wenger/Kroenke can carry on treating the fans like cvnts.

  43. Bamford13

    Tim Payton has criticized club for ticket prices for Bayern:

    “We are very concerned. Season-ticket holders have already paid up to 2,000 pounds in advance — the highest in world football. Their commitment deserves better,” Arsenal Supporters’ Trust spokesman Tim Payton said.

    “Arsenal’s grasping approach will have a detrimental effect on the noise in the ground, harming the team’s chances for an important game.

    “Ivan Gazidis [Arsenal’s chief executive] promised that when commercial revenues rose it would reduce ticket price increases. To date, those are just empty words.”

  44. Terry

    Best article ive read in years about Wengers stubborness.Its sad most gooners dont see this but clearly Wenger is the enemy within factor.
    He’s the one not making things look good for the club.How can anybody in their right minds be in the same competition with a striker like Giroud going against the likes of Suarez,Aguero,Negredo,RVP,Rooney etc
    clearly it tells you are not in to win but just to make the top four.
    Every fisherman will tell you,the only strategy to fish is to put into the sea more meat and get what you want.
    You must spend to win laurels.
    Could somebody even explain what he wanna use the money for?take it back to France after Arsenal?
    I wish every fan who goes to the Emirates could understand these simple stuffs and boycott our incoming home games.
    so they will get to the stadium to meet empty home fans seats,with that both the board and Wenger themselves will know time is up taking people for granted.

  45. Norfolk

    SimonFebruary 14, 2014 10:03:47
    Santi’s out and so I guess Poldi will finally get to play. Maybe not?

    Didn’t he score against them before ?
    Look out for OG rested and Poldi & Bentner starting.

  46. Mr J

    Never read this site before. I couldn’t agree with the original article any more. It spoke directly to my heart!

    And for at least 6-7 years now I’ve had a growing contempt for Wenger. I’ve become dis-interested in Arsenal to the point where I cannot/won’t be bothered to watch the games until Wenger is gone. The ManUtd game was probably one of three games I’ve watch all season and I regretted it immediately!

    I’ve only just got wind of some announcement from the club today… And if they announce that this egotist has signed a new contract, this will signal the end of football for me… at least for another 3 years.

    I’ve had enough.

  47. Norfolk

    Just heard Wenger say that…….We are going to try and win the EPL and if we don’t……….I WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY…………..I guess that will be after he has signed his new contract.
    I wonder who he thinks has borne the responsibility for the last 8 years.

  48. susi

    I really don’t understand wenger, I have never seen a manager who tries very hard to fail, seems all of a sudden he has become allergic to success