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Usually the Arsenal United game is one you look forward too, but you don’t. Do you get me? You look forward to the occasion, but the end result is usually a bit disappointing. A bit like a Justin Bieber gig. Am a right? Am I right?

Anyway, United come to the Grove fresh off the back of a disappointing game draw against Fulham. They’ve been absolutely terrible all season. There is no ‘Moyes factor’. He’ll come to Arsenal armed with his book of genius tactics.

‘Ball into the box lads, just whip it in’

That’s a worry, we conceded to two balls into the box at the weekend, that being said, they were set pieces. You’d have to hope that a back four that contains Mertesacker will be reasonably adept at defending that type of formation. We at least know they won’t have the same possession they had against Fulham. As long as our full backs maintain some semblance of a defensive unit with the back 4, we should be fine.

The trick tonight for us will be which side shows up. We’ve had an extra day of recovery, so we should have that little bit extra over them. Wenger said Liverpool was an accident, well, for me, it was an accident that was waiting to happen. Like Jim Davidson doing stand-up at a Mosque. We’re too slow out of the starting blocks and we allow good teams’ ample opportunity to plunder our goal. The worry tonight is that Rooney, Robin and Mata are senior and intelligent enough to decide they’ll play their own game… on the deck, through the middle. They’ll all be up for this, so we need to be sharp to their game and not take an easy three points for granted.

Everything is in our favour, they’re in terrible form, the strike was called off last minute and Chelsea dropped late points last night. The footballing gods spared us, for once. Win tonight and we’re leading the ridiculous mixing pot that is the Premier League table.

In other news, Jack Wilshere is taking a pasting from all quarters. His ability and attitude being called into question, which I find quite unfair. I know he’s been less than impressive over the last two seasons, but I think there are a few points to note.

Firstly, he’s very young and very injury prone. He’s had to battle back from a nasty repeat injury that’s played havoc with his fitness and confidence. It took Rambo the best part of three seasons to find his zip.

Secondly, he’s not a first choice player. He’s back up. There are plenty of players that sit ahead of him for me. He’s in the middle at the moment because we don’t have Ramsey or a fit Diaby. Both are ahead of him for me. He’s mostly found himself plonked outwide this year. When he’s played in the middle, he’s looked lost and ineffective.

That leads me onto the final point.  Now he’s being played in the middle and I’m not quite sure he really knows what he’s supposed to be doing. Some players don’t need to be micromanaged; they just instinctively understand what they’re supposed to be doing. Others need to be prescriptively told where to go, what to watch out for and how they fit into the side. Aaron Ramsey was one of those players. Wenger doesn’t seem to have an individual plan for players, it’s more like, ‘hey, go out there and make a sweet connection with the beautiful game’… that’s cool when it’s Cesc, but not cool when it’s a floundering Jack Wilshere. Is he a number ten? Is he a deep lying playmaker? Is he a holding midfielder? Is he box to box? Who actually can tell me from watching Jack  they know what that hell he’s supposed to be doing?

I also think there’s an area of player development Arsene struggles with… bad boys. If players aren’t cut from the ‘totally nice Sunday School’ cloth, he tends to struggle with them. Look at all the players he’s developed into superstars over the years…

  • Thierry Henry, a true gent of the game.
  • Bobby P, handsome and polite
  • Paddy V, a warrior on the pitch, teddy bear off it
  • Cesc Fabregas, could throw on a plaid shirt and work as an account guy in an agency

As soon as there are players that have a bit of attitude, I feel like he struggles. Andrey Arshavin being case in point… world class player, bad attitude… was enough done to awaken that spectacular beast? Lukas Podolski, so much potential, but he’s lazy? Why not work with him? Now we have Ozil heading down the same path… is he being pulled into a room and bollocked? Hey, maybe not even that. How about given more of a carrot?

‘Ozil, you could become the new god around here… but people don’t think you have it in you. Madrid also thought you were weak, but we believed in you. Are you going to prove you’re not weak? Are you going to show Madrid what they’re missing out on, because currently, you’re not.’

If Jack Wilshere was being managed by Mourinho, would we have these same issues? I mean, Jack will get where he needs to get, I just think Arsene could turbo charge it if he enforced himself on him… not in a sexy way… but you get what I mean. Different people need different management tactics. I think if you fall outside what Wenger finds comfortable, he can’t deal with it. There’s no way he’d ever have been able to develop Rooney like Fergie did. But then again, I think Arsene Wenger could take Kagawa now and turn him into the beast he was at Dortmund.

What I do find absolutely hilarious because I’m laughing at myself is that out of the British core that we signed, we’re not really doing too well. My concern, laughably, was that Rambo had been over paid. The reality is that Jack was over paid for what he’d delivered on. Kieran Gibbs is second choice left back and Jenkinson will be lucky if he lasts another season. Theo… well, he’s very good player that we very much miss.


There are no definites in football. Did that contract Jack was given make him a definite in his own mind? Did the £60k Rambo was given make him hungry to earn more? Were we reckless again by giving out big dollars based on potential rather than what’s been achieved? All big questions and questions I know can’t be answered with black and white answers. Simply put… the best players aren’t motivated by money, they’re motivate by glory.


Best bit of advice I was ever give was, ‘don’t chase money, chase success… because the money will follow’


… maybe something they should stick up in the changing rooms of the youth team?


Anyway, have a great night, tear the roof off The Grove and let’s have a night to remember for all the right reasons!



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  1. WengerEagle


    Behave, Chamakh and Park were always shit. Never have I seen a worse striker to this day start for Arsenal than Chamakh. He literally is unable to kick a football 15 yards

  2. Ash79

    I was there…

    Plainly obvious we have no pace and width. We just plug away hoping for s break. We now create 2-3 chances if that per game which means we need to be clinical hence we need s clinical striker. Also when you have none of the above you must must must be effective at set pieces. Our players get a fuckin nosebleed when we get a free kick or corner, we haven’t been a threat in years!

    Shambles again. And for the millionth season running we all said this would happen but each season Arsene digs his heels in and wants to take us on. I’ve said this all season…ozil was a pressure buy post villa. Arsene wad happy to go thru the season with last season’s squad plus 2 freebies in yaya and flamini.

    Nothings fuckin changed. Why would it though.

  3. Salvage

    WengerEagle February 12, 2014 23:26:57


    Behave, Chamakh and Park were always shit. Never have I seen a worse striker to this day start for Arsenal than Chamakh. He literally is unable to kick a football 15 yards
    Park in my opinion, wasnt treated well. He didnt get 1/4 of the chance the likes of Giroud , Denilson and Ramsey was given. He was the best player in S Korea , their captain whom they absolutely adored. Drove the team at the world cups. Before Wenger happened to him.
    If you watch Chamakh, the period he just transferred, he was forceful and actually filled in well when VP was injured and gave a decent return of goals, but immediately VP got better, he was thrown away.
    Wenger happened to him.
    At least now, he is getting goals at Palace . Something that Wenger’s beloved Giroud cant do.

  4. Keyser

    RR – Don’t give in, stick to it, or is it because I agreed.

    I was tempted to say today is the bare minimum you’d expect from Ozil, but I’m not even sure he was that good, stepping up for free-kicks ? Heh, come on, Theo used to do that and got slated for it, and half the time he at least got it over the wall.

  5. BacaryisGod

    Maybe I missed something but for the most part we controlled the game. When you suffer a traumatic defeat like the Liverpool one, a clean sheet helps restore a little confidence. One point off first and if we can stay close with 6 games to go, we’ve got a chance. Man U are well and truly screwed though.

    Magnificent from Chezzer.

  6. paul mc daid

    16 years of Arsene Wenger and this is what we have to show for it,
    Shameful, Gutless, Clueless, Tippy Tappy Tripe. Pathetic.

  7. Radio Raheem


    Nah just said all I wanted to say. Normally, Ozil should get better. Part of that change will stem from physical adaptation as well as attitude. He showed more of that attitude that’ll help him and us improve.

  8. Keyser

    People have some weird sense of expectation, you start the year saying we have no chance, we’ll finish 5th,6th if we’re lucky, and then they stand this on it’s head when the time comes and it’s now ‘We’ve fucked our best chance for years’.

    Like Man United, all year we’ve heard how shite Giroud is, how Man United have at least 4 strikers better than him, when it comes time to play them, they’re on their last legs, shittest team for decades.

    We’ve bought one player over a valuation of 15 odd million, ONE player, and even that’s been within the last year, this season in fact, and the best reason people have come up with, to why he might not be living up to expectation is what ? Well he doesn’t have Ronaldo anymore.

    Fuck me, nothing’s changed, there is no quick fix, we’re still miles behind Chelsea and Citeh, and even with United’s poor start to the year we still don’t have quite the squad the options they do.

    I don’t get why this isn’t obvious to people, the best I’ve come up with is no-one gives a shit, people simply want a trophy and they’re going to regurgitate the same old crap on here almost daily until it happens.

    That’s fine really, frustration’s only to be expected, I just wouldn’t be holding my breath if I was you.

  9. Keyser

    RR – Nah, that’s fair, not sure about today, I’ve seen the attitude from him before, it’s just we’ve had other players around to help get the best out of him and he wasn’t such a focal point, there was one instance where he tracked Valencia once he lost the ball, he didn’t put a tackle in or dispossess him, he simply harried him until support arrived and he lost the ball.

    Sometimes that’s all you have to do, mark space, oush players into corners and work with your team, I don’t blame him especially, Real Madrid is simply a ridiculous example to use though, I don’t get how anyone can feel sorry for him, how naive would you be to not appreciate the premiership or how much difference there was between us and Madrid.

    Either he’s that naive or he was happy to take 180k a week for a reason.

  10. Kiyoshi Ito

    What’s that Frank Sinatra song….Something along the lines of…

    Fly me to the moon
    And let me play with Diabyyy & Sanogoooo
    Let me see what the summer brings
    On Jupiter & Diaby’s Ur-anus

    In other words,hold my hand Diabyyy
    In other words,kiss my ass to the Gunner Fans

    Fill my heart Sanogo
    & let me sing forever more
    To the tune of £8 million

    You are all I long for
    All I worship & adore

    In other words,please no more trophies
    Just a top 4 finish place
    I just want Diabyyy,in his Ur-anus

    Fly me to the moon…dada,dooodoo,doodoo…

    I think,Arsene should play that in the boardroom,before he puts pen to paper!!

  11. Simon

    Just back from game. Both teams put players behind the ball and played not to lose. Giroud missed 5 chances. We should have won that game.

  12. salparadisenyc

    Keyser lets not fuck around, regardless of how this season started that was a gutless display. If you feel the need to defend it, I can’t argue with that.

    Regardless of standing or time and place that was like watching old people fuck minus the funny parts. No pace, no will with zero commitment. Wenger with that display/lineup seems quite content with a draw and a top four trophy. I’ve followed this club since the mid 80s and I carry some rosy tinted memories. Cant remember a side this committed to mediocrity, that was fucking appalling.

    The handbrake is bruised, yet still holding if that makes for happy headlines tomorrow. The reality is were headed for a serious fourth place scrap… again.

  13. SUGA3

    probably ‘disgusted’ is a bit of an overstatement…

    no, wait…

    the boos at the end of the game were well deserved, we have done almost nothing in the first half and you could see that they were there for the taking, they just did not have the usual Fergie’s MU body language, yet we did exactly the same we do every fucking time we play them and bottled it big time…

    I have a couple of Wengerites at my office and today I said that if we fail to beat United tonight, Wenger should just do one because it would prove that he just does not move forward and can’t instill the winner mentality in the team anymore…

    if anyone needs any further evidence after this transfer window, when he has effectively thrown in the towel, getting mauled almost every time we face quality opposition and now that he would not take the to Moyes Clown Shoes United at home, well…

  14. afturburn


    You mean to say that anyone who expected to finish 5th or 6th at the beginning of the season is not allowed to get upset that Arsenal may have squandered a chance at the league?

    That’s ridiculous. Fandom and expectation is not some a priori philosophical truth that has to remain constant throughout. Of course people are upset, its the natural reaction to being a passionate fan.

    You say a lot of things but I always have trouble what you’re going on about. I just sense smugness emanate from your posts and little else.

    Sorry about the prickly tone, I feel belligerent right now.

  15. GunnerDNA

    The section of the fan base who adores AW may finally realize how overrated he is. It was almost a repeat of the Liverpool game, look at the mistake made by the guy wearing the armband in such a big game, its a disgrace. Arsenal will never improve until the fucking stand are empty on match days.

  16. Bamford13


    We are still “miles behind” Chelsea and City because we have a manager who signs the likes of Sanogo and Flamini (and Kallstrom) when he has the resources to sign much better players.

    How is it that you do not see this?

    That people thought we’d finish 5th at the start and now think we had a great chance at 1st is no contradiction at all. Pre-season it’s impossible to say how good teams actually will be. One can only look at their pesonnel. Based on personnel Arsenal looks 4th at best — and remember that those predictions were pre-Ozil. Without Ozil, this team did not look all that impressive.

    No one knew what Chelsea, City and United would do under new managers, so everyone assessed them on personnel. As it turned out, we had a much better shot at it than anyone would’ve guessed, largely because these very talented sides have had their growing pains.

    In the end it’s obvious that if Wenger had signed a quality CF and DM in the summer, we’d be making a serious challenge for the title.

    Instead we’re looking like we’ll win nothing and finish third or fourth.

    As for your Giroud/United comment, this doesn’t even make sense. Giroud IS shit — and United do have three or four better strikers than him. Are you denying either of these things?

    That United have struggled has nothing to do with the quality of their strikers, so your point is wide of the mark.

  17. Uchmangunnernaija

    Keyser, so you start a race you think you don’t have no chance of winning. along the line you see that you’re ahead of everyone surprisingly. You won’t put your foot on the gas? Even when there’s a pit stop where everyone can get refreshments??

  18. Salvage

    Can anyone tell me what and who Wilshere thinks he is? Some Messi or Iniesta? He thinks so highly of his own abilities that he never releases the ball when he should, and keeps giving away the ball like a moron.

    With his short rotund legs 🙁

  19. Keyser

    salparadisenyc – Defend it ? No, understand it, which is basically what people couldn’t care less about.

    We’ve just been tonked 5-1 away to Liverpool at Anfield, we’re now playing last seasons champions, even if you consider their form this year, they aren’t a poor side with poor players, they’re a team with a new manager and key injuries all year. Who are they ? They’re almost us, except they’ve still got better options.

    I’ve followed since the early 90’s and I can remember shedloads of games like that, the difference is what modern football’s turned into, you’ve gone from the extra aggression, tenacity, to top quality players playing conservative gameplans.

    You’ve seen games like that all year. It was no surprise, it’s surprising that people can’t remember any of them.

  20. Kiyoshi Ito

    UchmangunnernaijaFebruary 12, 2014 23:34:50
    Adebayor was never shit, actually one of his strengths was finishing. I met him once, he’s pretty cool but kept saying he just can’t stand the abuses hurled at his family by Arsenal fans.
    Admittedly agreed,Adebayor has talent..Yet he fails to fulfill it to his true potential.
    His biggest problem,is his attitude.

    He thinks he can turn it on & off,like a water tap..He is a disruptive influence & a mercenary..The mercenary part,I can forgive..As he’s plying his trade, football is a short career,fraught with risks.So yes,he should maximise what income he can get..
    But within reason…The way he went about it,was to put it politely,very primitive like.

    Arsene,gave him a platform..He had no pressure,after Henry left..He was gifted that position..What was his attitude..??

    -Slap Bendnter on the pitch,during a match against Spurs in a Cup Competition..
    -Demand pay increases,whilst confessing his love for who was it at the time..AC Milan,or Juventus,registering interest in the player..?
    -Walking around half the time on the pitch,not bothering to put a shift in..
    -& thinking he was Henry Mark II
    -Being a general pain the neck,in the Arsenal dressing room
    -Moaning & complaining about the fans being on his case…

    The funny thing is Arsenal fans,are generally by & large,a patient & forgiving lot.
    & since then,his career trajectory,hasn’t exactly matched his true potential.

    Or put another way,almost 2 clubs later(not counting his loan move to RM),he still showcases,the same attitude problems..

    Till this day,I’ve always wondered why Mourinho,did not make his move to Real Madrid permanent?

    That for me,was rather telling..
    Lastly,what maniac,scores a goal at the home end,& then goes racing at full speed to the other end,to celebrate his goal in front of the Arsenal away support end..

    Hardly endearing yourself to your former club,or their fans..

    That said,it was absolutely fornicating funny..
    He showed more passion& energy in those few seconds of celebrating at the away end,than he did in all his time at Arsenal.

    What could have been of Adebayor..!!What could have been..

  21. afturburn


    So suddenly the nil-nil scoreline and the poor performance is a result of the natural evolution of the game? Since there is a precedent for borefest games since the early 90’s, today’s is completely understandable?

    What the fuck are you on about?

  22. Keyser

    Uchmanngunnernaija – How are we ahead of everyone ? Because we defend well, we have enough technical ability to score the goal that gives us the lead and we defend it.

    If that’s why we’re top, why would you change that ? How much more do you think this teams got ? They’re playing like that because that’s about as much as they’ve got, especially without Ramsey or Theo.

  23. SUGA3


    seriously mate, do one with this ‘last seasons champions’ bollocks, they are not a patch on that team, almost the same personnel or not…

    the truth is that we maybe attacked properly them from 83rd minute onwards, in the 93rd slowed down before the final whistle without even trying to get at them and got rightly booed off the pitch for this…

  24. Keyser

    afturburn – How are we top ? Was there something new about tonight’s performance ? Did you think ‘Well that’s not how we’ve played all year, what happened ?’

    Of course not, because that’s exactly how we’ve played, why are you surprised.

    The second post, haven’t you noticed how that despite all the foreign import, the increase in the level of talent, there isn’t half the passion at times, because teams are more reserved, scared of the implications of losing rather than going completely gung-ho in the pursuit of glory.

    Moyes had a front 3 of Van Persie, Rooney and Mata, people would supposedly give their left nut for that sort of talent rather than Giroud, but Moyes did what ? Did you see blood, guts and thunder from last years champions, no, he sat back, defended deep, and literally every clearance was a ‘hoof’, tell me you didn’t notice that.

  25. Bamford13

    Why do you think:
    – Wenger made only one substitution?
    – Podolski didn’t play at all?
    – Bendtner didn’t get even 10 minutes despite Giroud’s awfulness?
    – Sanogo was on the bench rather than Gnabry?

  26. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserFebruary 12, 2014 23:51:31
    Heh, so that’s what you’ve been doing the last 6 months.
    Still an ever present on here,I see…

    Do you get re-numerated for being on here 24/7?

    Or,in other words have you found a job yet?

    Geez Keyser,it’s been like 5 years for you on here..Don’t think you appeal to the market Gazidis,Arsene&Co,want to tap into..

    You know guys,with disposable income..That maybe work..!!!
    I think your loyalty to Arsene& the cause,is a one way affair(maybe misplaced)..
    Arsene& Gazidis are not interested in your sort..Get a job,they might be…??!!

  27. reality check


    Ok I get what your saying. I understand your rationale, I do, really.

    But putting all these stats figures specifics to one side….

    Why are we here?
    What are we all here for?

    Help me to understand, if I believe and take on board everything you have been saying these past months, then…
    whats the point of it all. It seems like which ever way you look at it. We cant win (short/medium/long term)

  28. jasongms

    shut the fuck up Keyser

    After paying 43 mil for Ozil . No one , I mean no fucking one was suggesting we’d finish 5th or 6th ..

    If we don’t win the thing this year . Then yeah it’s on Arsene and he should be forced out . Whom in his right mind goes into a title chase with a Giroud as his only striker , absolute madness !

    Two extra bodies in the transfer market and we’d have walked it this year … yeah we can still win it , but will we ? highly unlikely .

    If we do it’ll be in spite of Arsene not because of him . Praise the team ,not the sycophantic manager that panders to the board and not the fans !

  29. Keyser

    Bamford13 – “That United have struggled has nothing to do with the quality of their strikers, so your point is wide of the mark.”

    Lol so what is it then ? Maybe if you put some thought into it you might appreciate tonight’s game a little more.

    “That people thought we’d finish 5th at the start and now think we had a great chance at 1st is no contradiction at all”

    Likewise this, it’s a massive contradiction, unless you begin to wonder why we’ve got to where we are, now if you can start to undertand that you’ll get somewhere.

    Afturburn – Sorry it’s not really smugness, just dismay, I really should stop posting, nothing’s going to open people’s eyes unless we win something and they sober up, it’s simply frustration.

  30. SUGA3


    rude? me? don’t be a fucking pansy :mrgreen:

    what’s with RvP? only a moment of brilliance from Szczesny denied him a great goal, what did Giroud do all game?

  31. Keyser

    jasongms – Lol seriously mate, not the best way to start a post, should I just start by calling you a cunt now or move on to your mum cuss’s ?

    “Two extra bodies in the transfer market and we’d have walked it this year”

    We’d have walked it, Lol mate we’ll leave it there, we haven’t won anything for 8 years.

  32. afturburn


    We’re not top any longer, but perhaps you’re right, maybe we WERE top because that’s the way we played. The reason we’re no longer top is because the squad and Wenger are unable to play “better” than that. The “way we’ve played” may allow us to win against mid-table fodder, but year after year the way we play is not good enough for the other top teams. There’s a pretty noticeable record of it by now, especially against United.

    I am not surprised though, just disappointed. Maybe that’s where the misunderstanding happened. What you call surprise may just be the lot of us upset about the result and performance. I honestly doubt anyone is surprised by it.

  33. Keyser

    Suga3 – Pansy ?

    Lol “they are not a patch on that team,” wtf are you on about then, So is Van Persie shit or not ? No of course he’s not, so stop talking shit like we were going to walk all over them.

    They can still defend deep and stifle us, waiting for the odd oppurtunity on the break.

    It’s disappointing we didn’t win, but all this ‘dsigrace’, ‘not a patch on last years team’ stuff is bollocks.

  34. Kiyoshi Ito

    Dear Arsene”I’m Terrified of Winning” Wenger,
    I have two questions for now..

    1)What was the fornicating point of buying Podolski,if you are not going to play him,or give him sufficient game time..?

    2)You talk about mental strength in your team..Ok,we’ve yet to see your mental strength on display in the last 10 years..Why is that?

    3)Actually I lied,(I’m sure you can relate to me here)..Final question..What was the point of buying Ozil,with no equally potent talent(s) in front of him,to supply those deadly passes to…

    I mean do you go into a a long protracted war,with a blunt attacking force..?
    Especially knowing,your opponents,are reinforcing& re-arming..??

    An Arsenal Fan,that would like to see you in a space capsule..

    Oh Arsene,kicking water bottles on the touchline,zipping up your sleeping bag,remonstrating with touchline officials & referees,rubbing one’s hand furiously,sitting on the bench with your arms folded,rocking back & forth,like a junkie/alcoholic going cold turkey,does not count for mental strength on your part..

  35. Keyser

    afturburn – Mate, maybe it’s how much memory I devote to football, I remember almost every year, the ‘way we play’, people were commending it, they were announcing ‘Bould’ as the saviour, as if he’d worked miracles, rather than look at it properly.

    Firstly year after year we’ve played in far removed ways to this season at times.

    Disappointed, surprised, what does it matter, I wasn’t especially disappointed, I almost expected it, we got tonked by Liverpool 3-4 days ago, how can you be disappointed or surprised by tonight ? It should be expected, we went back to the reserved game-plan, tentative first half, opened out a bit more in the second half, but only really created the odd half chance.

  36. SUGA3


    where are they in the table? how is their form? how does Moyes compare to Fergie?

    it is a whole different animal to Fergie’s United, plain and simple!

  37. jasongms


    My point is that if we had a Suarez type leading the line , we’d more likely than not be leading the comp and by a fair margin .

    To suggest other wise shows you up for what you are , as deluded as your god Arsene !

  38. Kiyoshi Ito

    To Everyone..
    Don’t worry peeps,

    Keyser is just pissed,that he has had his social welfare benefit payments suspended..
    Even the Government is sick & tired of him….!!

  39. jasongms

    I would be money on it that “people” like Keyser and revving have a shrine to Wenger and pray to him daily !

    Oh lord Mr Wenger ,Our heavenly Father.

    thank you for our daily bread !

  40. Bamford13


    I should’ve known not to try to reason with you. You’re incapable of reasoning or of seeing anything from any perspective other than your own.

    And you ARE smug — your “dismay” is itself arrogant and smug — the irony, though, being that you are smug about your asinine views and opinions.

    Finally, to simplify things for you:
    1. United are not where they are because RVP, Rooney, Wellbeck and Hernandez are not better than Giroud. United have midfield and defense issues, not striker issues.
    2. If in July I thought City, Chelsea and United would all be better than they have been to date, I don’t contradict myself by saying now that we had a much better chance of winning the league than I thought we had back then. To change one’s mind based on new information — i.e., the first half of the season — isn’t the same contradicting oneself.

  41. afturburn

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say “disgrace,” but how could ANYONE be satisfied with today’s result, regardless of how similar it was to our style of play thus far this season.

    It was a chance to rebound from a dismal showing on Saturday, with a win getting us back to top, with a chance to avenge a “fluke” loss against the poorest United side in recent memory, at home!

    Like sal just said, how could we not push for a win? The injuries to the squad and the limitations of those that were on the pitch tonight (Giroud is a donkey, for example), we were all aware of that.

    It’s all a result of negligence and incompetence, it really is. Why not use the two subs? Why not use the money we have available to sign players?

    I understand Keyser’s point, it’s been this way so why expect something different. Still, I can’t accept it for what it is. I doubt many fans would be able to.

  42. Keyser

    jasongms – That was your point great, thanks for that mate.

    SDE – Heh, apologised to Nasri’s Mouth yet ?

    Salparadisenyc – You could say ‘to avoid’ defeat was the goal, you’re basically saying just shove anyone on, Gnabry wasn’t in the squad, I don’t know why.

    Podolski started our last home game and was pretty shit. Plus maybe we were worried about United’s counter attacking abilities, rightly so in the end.

    I seriously think if we’d had Ramsey to start with or on the pitch, we might have been a bit more adventurous, otherwise you’re left with too many technical midgets to begin with.

  43. Kiyoshi Ito

    If defending the indefensible,in light of overwhelming evidence,is in your eyes,having substance…Then SalNYC who am I too argue…Knock yourself out mate..

  44. SUGA3

    how the fuck was Giroud not subbed, I will never understand, he basically did fuck all right throughout the game, was Wenger concerned that he might get booed off?

    after I saw that first pathetic header, I went ‘here we go again’ and was I wrong? was I fuck…

  45. N5

    Ito I think the point is you come on here every now and again, spout a load of hatred, laughing at people like you are the all seeing oracle and only you saw it coming and then end with see you in a few months, only to come on again in a few days.

    Keysers a good guy, you, well your the kind of guy that tries to make Diaby into a Frank Sinatra song! so I know which one I take more seriously.

    Do the Grove a favor and actually go for as long as you “threaten” every time, because you never have anything to contribute, you never want a discussion you just want to act smug and superior.

    PS Reply all you want, I’m not going to read it. I’m off to bed as I’ve just got home from the match, something I doubt you could ever say even pre-wenger, because the majority of you smug posters who spout the AKB rubbish never do go!

  46. jasongms

    “I seriously think if we’d had Ramsey to start with or on the pitch, we might have been a bit more adventurous, otherwise you’re left with too many technical midgets to begin with.”

    Arsene had a month in the transfer window to compensate for Ramsey and we know how that turned out !
    So using Ramsey to vindicate your argument is not going to cut it .

  47. N5

    SUGA3, I agree mate, he was god awful and how many times has he single handily been the reason for dropped points this year. In the big games you’re only going to get a few chances and they fall to him only to watch him hash them and then do that stupid frustrated look which makes my blood boil.

  48. bayo

    The only reason why Giroud is playing for Arsenal is because Wenger’s future at the club is not determined on winning but how long he feels like staying. Will Ancelloti or any real madrid coach under pressure play Giroud or Jose Mourinho play Arteta as defensive midfileder knowing his future is dependent on winning ?

  49. Keyser

    afturburn – Mate, satisfied is something else entirely, before the Liverpool game we were 17 points better off than our supposed position last year, if I’m not mistaken, that’s a pretty big leap, I didn’t expect that, there are no quick fixes and we’re going to find it hard to turn everything around and win things, but this summer we saw a somewhat change.

    United are last seasons’ champions, if you’ve watched football in this country for any prolonged period of time you’ll have learn’t that almost anything’s possible, especially with the quality of player they’ve got.

    The rest, mate we’re playing 2-3 games a week for a while now, we’ll see who we put out against Liverpool now, there most probably will be changes.

    If we’d gone all out tonight, and then looked tired on Saturday/Sunday, I bet you’d be asking the same questions again then.

  50. Keyser

    jasongms – What argument are you on about ?

    Considering most people wanted Ramsey sold before this or replaced before this half-season.

  51. Kiyoshi Ito

    Podolski started our last home game and was pretty shit. Plus maybe we were worried about United’s counter attacking abilities, rightly so in the end.

    Well not to be too pedantic…But I remember Senderos being shit..&Arsewipe persisted with him…
    Even when we played Chelsea countless times, & Drogba their main attacking threat had Senderos’s number,what did Arsewipe do?Play Senderos everytime….

    So in your answer to your question,so what if Poldoski had a shit home game…
    It hasn’t stopped Arsewipe in the past..Fact is,Pooldoski,might not have scored,but he would have offered a threat to the opposition..Created opportunities & space for other players,maybe at a cost of defensive duties..

    The point is we were at home,where you are expected to take 3 points..We did not use Poldoski,as another option of a threat to the opposition.

    If you not going to use him against Man Utd,when it’s deadlocked at home,so when the heck,are you going to use him..Against Hull??

    Begs the question,what was the point of Arsene buying him in the first place?

    Actually begs the question..what is Arsene’s Grand Master Plan?Or Tactics/Strategy?

    Draw at Home(instead of winning at home),when in a position to top the league,whilst others around you are dropping points,against a relatively weaker Man Utd side(as opposed to the team under SAF),there for the taking.

    Or let me guess,consolidate at home,after a 5-1 hammering away to a L’pool side.Build some mental strength,in the 2nd part of the season,by securing a draw against Man Utd..& use that as a platform to build on from…

    Yep,stop,start,stop start…Not really the stuff of Champions in the making..?

  52. SUGA3


    it beggars belief how on earth has this dud ended up as our no. 1 striker, especially that we could have easily spent £56M on Suarez the moment a price of £55M was quoted, with that extra £1M tip, so that they would not change their mind!

    I was praying for Bendtner to come on with Giroud still on the pitch, so that the former could headbutt the latter and say ‘I am only on because you are shit’ 😆

  53. Keyser

    Bamford13 – Sorry mate, wrote a long post, think it got waylaid, but when you say the difference between us and Chelsea or Citeh is Wenger not spending the resources we have I replied that your post induces affects akin to having a sort of stroke, or losing the will to live.

    Why can’t you at least attempt to be concilliatory or rational ?

    Of course it’s contradictory if that’s all the thought you put into it, Ozil was suddenly going to be the difference ? That we’d escape the group of death, be top going into February and still in at least one of the cups ? The same Ozil that people are now feeling sorry for ?!

  54. Keyser

    SDE – I did also say they’re counter-attacking abilities, and mentioned to afterburn that we might see changes again considering we’re playing 2-3 games a week from now on.

    So take what you want from any 3 suggestions.

  55. jasongms


    mate your the one with all the excuses , I’m only to happy to show them up for what they are !

    I apologize for telling you to fuck off , but i’m sick to death of people saying
    ” well we didn’t expect to be doing this well any way” and or ” people were saying we’d only finish 6th , so we must be doing ok ”

    Surely as a business (football club ) you revise and react ( or be proactive ) to the position/ market place you find yourself in .

    Doing nothing is not acceptable and down right negligent !

  56. tunnygriffboy


    I get where your coming from. We are not a great side and have deficencies. Man U were never going to roll over, they put 9 men behind the ball. After Lpool we went back to keeping our defensive shape making ourselves hard to break down. At this moment without Theo and Ramsey weare not going to wallop people. Our success this season has been based on a solid defence.

    Was I disappointed tonight ? Of course I was. Do I want 2 or 3 better players? Of course I do. Thing is we’ve got what we’ve got and have to make do with it.

    If we’re within 3 or 4 points of top in April we’re still in with a bit of a shout

  57. Malayan Gooner

    Every team in the top 8 have a new Manager except us.

    A top 3 finish and the FA Cup is the least I’m asking.

    Failing that, then the man has to go.

  58. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserFebruary 13, 2014 01:12:4
    Of course it’s contradictory if that’s all the thought you put into it, Ozil was suddenly going to be the difference ? That we’d escape the group of death, be top going into February and still in at least one of the cups ? The same Ozil that people are now feeling sorry for ?!
    Don’t think we will see the true Ozil,coming into play until the 2nd season..
    Moving from La-Liga(surrounded by better players of course),to the EPL,which is a far more pacey& physical league,will take some adapting,no matter how talented you are.

    Yaya Toure,who everyone knew to be an immense player,got slated in his first season at Man City,by pundits & know -it-alls..

    He came into his element in his 2nd season..
    People forget,even in the normal workplace,when you are moving jobs,especially to a new country,there is an adaptive period..

    Country Culture,Corporate Culture,Social Arrangements(Family,Friends),Climate,Language are of course factors in the integration process..
    Players,are humans,not robots,no matter the price tag attached to their transfer fee,or wages..

    It’s rare for players,from other territories,to suddenly adapt instantly..
    If there is,it’s usually an outlier…Like Torres from Athletico Madrid to Liverpool..
    Where he had a 1st blinding season..

    Point is,if people were expecting Ozil to be the difference this season,they were mistaken..Irrational,in their thinking process..I think he does ok,for his first season..
    Absolutely,always loved the player..I just think he’s wasted at Arsene FC..

    The issue,is he was& is a great buy,but we will see the true Ozil in the 2nd season.
    A better Ozil in the 2nd season,if Arsene actually replenishes the team,with better quality players upfront..

    So,the issue is not really Ozil…It’s Arsene’s Recruitment & Strategy Policy,that should be reviewed..

  59. Keyser

    jasongms – Heh, don’t apologise, I’m usually pretty quick in calling people cunts, I understand the frustration, but I rarely flip out about it because I see it as pointless.

    They aren’t excuses, to me they’re pretty obvious reasons, you can either sit there and let the frustration get the better of you, do something about it, or for me at least try to understand why.

    They’ve got a pretty clear, low risk, long term business plan, we weren’t going to turn everything on it’s head and spend all the cash reserves we’ve spent years on to accumulate, and I didn’t want them to, if they can find players then I hope they start to take that bit more risk, after Ozil I wasn’t expecting too much more this year, so it’s on to the summer.

    The rest is down to the players we have now and a bit of luck.

  60. Gustav Graves

    RE: hackneylad

    February 12, 2014 23:15:39

    “Wenger EagleBut that’s the point isn’t it we all have drilled into our head that we can’t strong bench that its just 11 top players we need.Cazorla should be rotated with OZil for the Cam role there both brilliant but very different players Ozil may have the higher ceiling but Cazorla will be a better option against some kinds of opposition.If we sell Cazorla we only have Jack as the back up and his simply not good enough Cazorla is a far far far better Cam.We should have Reus ozil, Walcott with Manduzick up front Ramsey and bender Behind… Bench Cazorla Wilshere Ox Giroud now that’s a decent bench”

    THIS is what I’m saying. Why can’t Wenger figure this out. He’s constantly playing players out of position…freezing talent like Podolski out because why?

    Play Ozil today as cam…Cazorla during the FA cup game and you have Ozil on the bench if needed. But this guy player them both CONSTANTLY until they have no legs left and hit the red zone, While Podolski and Gnarby are wasting away…

    It’s very frustrating.

  61. Malayan Gooner

    Over this side of the world , the United fan is the most arrogant.

    I was hopping finally the best change we got to put one while they still down.

    Well I was hopping too much.

  62. Kiyoshi Ito

    In any business,you adapt to change..In order to stay ahead of the competition..
    Arsenal FC is a unique football business..They adaptation policy,goes against the counter of most top footballing clubs in operation..

    Consolidate Top 4 position in the EPL…
    Rip off the fans & Maximise Revenue.
    Hoard the Cash&Bestow it as a Trophy,come end of the season..
    Trophies,are an irrelevance..If anything a burden..Spoils the Business Model,according to the Powers that be at AFC..

  63. Keyser

    tunnygrifboy – Exactly, this team doesn’t really hide, it can’t, if they’re crap people will see it laid bare, you could see they were nervous out there, they tried not to play the risking crossfield balls that screwed us against Liverpool, even though they still managed a few, and were pretty conservative in their build up.

    Sde – People wanted a statement signing, you wanted one, it might not be everything everyone wished for but it’s a pretty significant start, now if we survive the next few months, we’ll be reliving last summer hoping we add another few signings of a similar stature.

  64. Keyser

    jasongms – And I’ll call you a cunt then, I can’t think of a single buy we’ve had like Ozil, and that was 6 months ago ffs.

    Mate it might not be enough, it might not make up for 8 years, but for once, FOR ONCE, we didn’t sell any star, you could say we didn’t have any to sell, and we bought Ozil, that’s a start right ? It’s something.

  65. jasongms

    “A better Ozil in the 2nd season,if Arsene actually replenishes the team,with better quality players upfront..So,the issue is not really Ozil…It’s Arsene’s Recruitment & Strategy Policy,that should be reviewed…”

    spot on mate !

  66. jasongms


    “We didn’t sell any star players”

    What stars ? , by default ,we didn’t have any to sell !

    I’m sure if we’d had a cesc in the cupboard he’d be $$$ now

  67. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserFebruary 13, 2014 01:17:59
    SDE – I did also say they’re counter-attacking abilities, and mentioned to afterburn that we might see changes again considering we’re playing 2-3 games a week from now on.So take what you want from any 3 suggestions.
    Arsene,has had 4 transfer windows at the very least,to get this right…So what if we have 2-3 games a week…It’s not like this is a new phenomenon..As in,we’ve just been thrust into the CL & associated Cup Competitions for the very first time..

    Arsene,likes reminding us mere mortals,he’s qualified for CL,for the last 17 years..
    Great,so he knows,what’s required to compete on all four fronts at least for those number of years..

    Do your homework in the main summer window,where you have 3 months…
    The January window,is the time to either supplement your squad,add to,in order to push on as a so-called top club,or replenish the squad,where injuries/suspensions are abound,or both(supplement & replenish)

    Arsene has done the bare minimum over these 4 windows…
    Monreal bought in the Jan 13 transfer window,as a last minute buy to cover for Gibbs…
    These KK guy in the Jan window(who is injured) as cover..

    Sanogo bought(future potential)
    Poldoski bought-not playing
    Campbell bought on loan
    Chamberlin bought spasmodic appearances
    Gervinho bought(instead of Hazard)

    Mertsacker,Park Chu Young,Arterta,Santos bought,as a reaction to the 8-2 defeat at Man Utd

    Ozil bought,as a reaction to the 3-1 Home Defeat against Aston Villa..

    The attempted Ba Loan Deal
    The attempted Klose Deal..

    I could go on…

    Does not really smack,of a manager,completely on the top of his game.
    Bad homework…The ‘ole saying goes,fail to prepare,prepare to fail..

    & Arsene has form..& I’m only talking about 4 transfer windows-2 seasons…

    So in short,so what about 2-3 games a week…?We’ve been used to this for 17 years!!

    There is only one constant…!!

  68. MarbleHall

    No it’s not a start, i said before the season started Arsenal needed a minimum of 4 top quality players to make us competitive again. One player on his own will make negligible difference.

  69. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserFebruary 13, 2014 01:39:45

    People wanted a statement signing

    Huh….Correction Keyser…People wanted a Statement Of “SIGNINGS”,not a signing..
    If anyone thought the purchase of Ozil,was a solution to our malaise..

    Then,they were slightly misguided to put it politely…

    Again “fail to prepare,prepare to fail”

  70. Malayan Gooner

    We can’t afford to lose the 4th Place Trophy.
    WC player like Ozil, Sanogo and Killstrom wouldn’t come here if we not offering CL football.

  71. MidwestGun

    Lack of transfers had nothing to do with the bad spacing, lack of runs off the ball, terrible passing, and no killer instinct on display today.

    That’s just bad motivation and game preparation not lack of talent.

    We deserve better than that as fans. That was ugly to watch.

  72. TitsMcgee


    Keyser looks for the rose colored view on anything Arsenal/Wenger.

    Now we should be happy because before the season started nobody saw us 2nd in February. So basically shut up and be grateful for being in 2nd and be greatful we are blessed with Wenger.

    It’s to the point now where it’s obvious he’s a troll and is just here to stir the pot.

    What does it fvuking matter where most saw ourselves before the season?

    It isn’t 3 years since we’ve won. It’s been 8 soon to be 9 most probably. EIGHT. All the while paying ridiculously high ticket prices with excuse after excuse.

    The funny thing is it’s all just a way to praise Wenger. By getting down on their knees and praising how we shouldn’t be this close he’s psuedo-praising him for a job well done “against all odds”.

    He fcuks up and we lose the title by 8 points due to faltering down the stretch?

    “We were never going to win anyways”

    “We’re miles off City and Chelsea”

    Ergo don’t blame Wenger again. Praise him and pat him on the back because he’s got no shot v big bad Chelsea and big bad City.

    Nevermind the fact that despite being “miles off” Chelsea and City we found/find ourselves in touching distance of them AND the gutless wonder went out and did NOTHING in the Jan window. NOTHING. Didn’t even try.

    He’s failed every major test in the prem this year and AFC are dead in the water until he leaves.

  73. Paddy got up

    Was talking to a Yank the other day who said that Kroenke is so hated by sports fans in the U.S.A
    Apparantly he doesn’t attend any of his franchises because of the abuse he gets. At one game a banner was unfurled which asked his wife if he was a failure in bed aswell as in sport!!
    The only thing he said that’s worse is his son who apparantly is a real cunt.
    Also they’ve not sold anything yet which makes for a shit future for us sadly.
    Game tonight.. Same as most of us expected. No ideas, no tactics, no passion, no striker!

  74. Keyser

    It’s simple really, at the start of the year people should just put a bet down on what they feel will happen, each person simply has to make as much profit as the next man.

    It’d stop Tits running his hypocrit mouth off feeling he’s safe in the securiy of how difficult it’ll be for Arsenal to win the league each year.

    So each person sets out to make a £100 squid profit.

    Anyone who thinks we’ll win the Premiership, can take the 20-1 odd’s.

    While Tits can no longer hide and has to take 1-20 on make his £100 profit. Betting 2000 squid.

    If not at least at some point he might start to learn what ‘odd’s actually are.

  75. Keyser

    MidWestGun – Don’t really think it was ugly, if you really appreciate game tactics and the so called preparation, and it was almost certainly down to talent and physicality.

    We were trying to sustain control in midfield, and create chances, without giving United a sniff on the counter, motivation wise you could question how nervous or tentative we were, but considering the loss to Liverpool it was almost expected.

    We don’t have the pace out wide to support Giroud, and we don’t have the physicality with players who can dominate on their own in the middle, we end up pushing forward in numbers, looking for pockets for space between crowded lines close enough tog et off our short passing game.

    Giroud ends up dropping deeper to find space, players are torn between sending the ball long and pushing on to support Giroud without leaving us exposed.

    We’ve seen this all year. We end up creating few chances, and the half-chances we do create are almost certainly not taken because we don’t quite have the talent.

  76. Uchmangunnernaija

    Keyser has an excuse for everything Wenger/ Arsenal do. What star players did we have last season? Lol
    Ok, I get it we can’t compete with the bullies City and Chelsea. They are responsible for us not finding a better striker than Giroud in the whole universe!

  77. Kiyoshi Ito

    MidwestGunFebruary 13, 2014 02:24:09
    Lack of transfers had nothing to do with the bad spacing, lack of runs off the ball, terrible passing, and no killer instinct on display today.That’s just bad motivation and game preparation not lack of talent.We deserve better than that as fans. That was ugly to watch.
    Yeah,you are right…But I talked about the basic groundwork before the season(s) started..

    The tactics,you’ve talked about& preparation,is all part of the “Fail To Prepare,Prepare To Fail” mantra..I’ve just summed up the whole of Arsene’s Strategic & Transfer Policy Review,in that ‘ole addage I’ve quoted…

    I’ve been on here long enough,to have debated with every breath,every sinew,where Wenger goes wrong on all fronts…I don’t have the time,or inclination to get into specifics anymore.Other than to say,that old addage sums him & the club up,on the footballing front of things,completely..

  78. MidwestGun

    I disagree, I think we have more talent then Man U. Their midfield was pushed back and was resorting to hoofing the ball up to rvp or rooney.
    They had very little counterattacking threat.

    Our spacing was off, and our triangles werent set up properly in the attacking third because nobody was making runs in behind their back line or behind Ozil when he penetrated so he could do a give and go into the box for the return pass. Literally, everbody was standing around looking at Ozil.

    There were too many times to count where our players were occupying the same space. Which is very easy to defend. Nobody was making secondary runs from deep from the midfield ala Ox’s first goal against CP.

    Man U was playing a 4-4-2 one of the easiest formations to break down with Some game prep.

    None of these things have to do with lack of talent. Poor prep and execution in my opinion and it was ugly to watch. If your saying we can only play for ties 0 -0 the rest of the year with our current players against the big clubs then I disagree.

  79. MidwestGun

    Kiyoshi –

    Sorry didnt see your post. That was directed at Keyser. I agree tw horrible. But that lack of execution and effort we witnessed today for me goes to game prep and is unacceptable .

  80. Bacaryisgod


    Uh, I think the table says we’re competitive. The table also says we’ve won 17, drawn 5 and lost 4 this season. As for a lower points tally in comparable games last season, can’t everyone just shut up and wait for the season to end and then to a proper comparison then?

  81. Kiyoshi Ito

    It’s quite simple from my perspective…Hey,I might be wrong…But this is my take on things.

    There’s usually a chain of command…From the top,the policy/the messsage is sent down through that chain of command…The direction,objectives,aim of the company.

    Now, in this respect,AFC is a unique football club,occupying it’s place/or striving to occupy it’s place amongst other elite football clubs…

    Usually you have a flagship bearer..The leader that sets the pace..Think Barca,Chelsea,Real Madrid,Bayern Munich…

    & then you have consolidators,those happy to be within that group,but happy to consolidate their position,without adversely risking their position..
    At this point,Arsenal fits into this band…The risk adverse band/group fits the Arsenal Business Model….

    Spend less,for far more revenue generated through ticket price hikes(from the customer base),TV Deals & commercials negotiated on the back of a 17 year history of CL Qualification& the potential realisation of trophies,as not only global appeal for the sponsors & fans worldwide,but also the attraction of top players to a supposedly top club,with history,located in a nice spot of London..

    Align that with the Boardroom policy,of a self-sustaining club,that needs no new infusion/injection of cash..It just has to be a self-sustainable model,that the fans in essence subsidise…So how to placate them-the fans…?

    The nugget..FFP…Where all clubs will be on a level playing field?
    The rationale…The Consolidators,realise,they earn in their eyes a lot more,for a lot less input…

    Spending more,means ,turning from a consolidator(risk-neutral,maybe risk averse) to a risk loving investor…
    With that comes,expectations for the owner,for the club,for the manager,for the team..

    Now it becomes,the Owner,spending more,which might go against his total investment philosophy,as a tight c**t..Going further down the chain of command,to Arsene Wenger,who now given a totally different directive to pursue,has pressure from above to spend & spend well…

    Well Arsene spends& spends welll..What happens?Fans expectations go through the roof..They then expect Arsene to deliver..He doesn’t..Suddenly Arsene is under intense pressure,the owner is under intense pressure..Somewhere in b/w…Gazidis cops some flak…The whole club is under pressure…It becomes for them almost a tsunami…

    Let’s say they win a trophy,a title,the pressure for all actors intensifies for the following season..Because fans expectations are heightened..They now demand more of the same next season…The owner spending more,the CEO delivering on message,& Arsene delivering the final part of the jigsaw…Trophies yet again…

    But if he fails,pressure mounts,fans start baying for blood& someone’s head has to roll.
    The fans now expect success & investment in players,every season.They are now drunk on success(the fans that it is)..

    Hmmm,the powers that be think,there is an easier way,to make a lot for a lot less hassle…

    Yep,as consolidators,they have to manage expectations,so they dampen it down..
    Incessant talk,over the intervening years about Oligarchs,FFP,the un-level playing field,top 4 is a trophy,etc,etc…
    All designed to dampen the expectations of the fans & alike…

    Fans become conditioned to the norm…Top 4,any trophy is a bonus,etc,etc..
    The jobs of Arsene & his ilk are relatively safe,with bumper payrises for delivering on message,every year…

    Arsene delivers on the club’s strategic aims…Of a self-sustainable model..They maximise revenues,try to minimise costs..Kroenke,makes no investment,but watches his share price rise exponentially…Gazidis,spins the malarky..& the fans take the b/s…

    Yep,a self sustainable model,with dampened expectations….The cost borne is by you know who…??Cavier prices for tuna sandwiches..

  82. salman

    Wow nobody fucks up opportunities to take advantage at the top of the table like us in the whole of Europe. Feel sorry for Ozil. He deserves somebody better than Giroud upfront.

  83. Kiyoshi Ito

    You know putting the transfer window aside for a second….

    Are you telling me,that a manager like Klopp,could not maximise a squad filled with the following players of:

    Coquellin(on loan)

    Even Diaby (though I think,he now needs to be put to pasture)

    & not win a trophy of some sorts,or at least put up a decent fight..??!!

    It begs the question…What is Arsene doing?Is he a fornicating stamp collector,or a manager that believes finishing 3rd/4th,is just as good as finishing 1st?

  84. Kiyoshi Ito

    BacaryisgodFebruary 13, 2014 04:12:26
    Marble/DialUh, I think the table says we’re competitive. The table also says we’ve won 17, drawn 5 and lost 4 this season. As for a lower points tally in comparable games last season, can’t everyone just shut up and wait for the season to end and then to a proper comparison then?

    I think the history books says Arsenal FC-9 years no trophies(of any sort)…
    Now,in most business- start-ups,that would be considered a long term failure.
    Arsenal FC is no business start-up..been in existence since 1886..

    Maybe you should redefine competitive..?

  85. Moray

    @ Keyser February 13, 2014 02:50:18 It’s simple really, at the start of the year people should just put a bet down on what they feel will happen, each person simply has to make as much profit as the next man.

    My money’s on us not strengthening sufficiently in the summer, having injuries to key players because the manager overplays them and doesn’t trust their deputies, Diaby and Wilshire spending long periods on the sidelines, not strengthening sufficiently in the winter, buying some hasbeen/Korean/Jap/French postman (delete as appropriate) who turns out to be ineffective, the manager complaining about poor refereeing decisions and financial doping, the team failing to draw more than a minimal amount of points against top 6 teams, a team meltdown at some point halfway through the year, crashing out of the CL at the first knockout stage, and us squeezing into 3rd/4th place by the skin of our pants.

    Don;t fancy my chance of getting good odds on this one from the bookies.

  86. Thank you and goodnight

    Keyser you should of been a politician. Jesus you’d give Alistair Campbell a run for his money in the art of spin. Now all i want to know is how much more time do you believe Wenger should be given? Cause I bet if I looked back on here over last 5 years or so, we will see the same old rubbish trotted out…..let’s see what happens in the summer. Now I ask again, how much longer do you think Wenger should be given?

  87. ZimbabweanGunner

    For the 1st time in my Arsenal life, I honestly feel disillusioned. So disillusioned that I did not even watch last night’s match. I was dreading watching that guy we sold to them screw us again and celebrate like he has won his second Premier League title!

    I have reached a ceiling with Arsene Wenger. I cant take it anymore. To be brutally honest, I think we need to get knocked out of the Champions League by Bayern if we are to mount a serious challenge for the F.A Cup (provided we get past the team that just spanked us 5-1).

    I say the F.A cup because I honestly cant see us fighting for the title. Our worry now is Liverpool, and maybe even Spurs, overtaking us.

    How have we become such cannon fodder? Are we Man United in disguise? This is getting ridiculous. We cant even beat such a shite Man U? Wenger takes out the fun of following Arsenal. And you know what’s sad, everyone can see just how desperate we need re-enforcements even in the summer that is 4 months away. Everyone. Except the guy our club pays to see this obvious thing at our club. This is just too much for me to take.

  88. Jeff

    That horrible, eerie, draining, depressing feeling that we are witnessing our ninth seasonal collapse is upon us once again. It is torture of the highest rank.

  89. Rickybel

    How did Giroud manage to be soo good in the French Ligue?…well?, in the land of the Lame..the one-footed man is crowned king.”

  90. Edwin

    I honestly don’t think we’re capable of winning even the FA cup. We would have to beat the big teams to do that . sadly Arsenal cannot beat the big teams anymore. Not with Wenger in charge.

  91. goona

    @ZimbabweanGunner February 13, 2014 07:07:48

    I agree, I no longer get the buzz from the build up to a game. let alone a big game against United. In years gone by I would of been looking forward to a game like that weeks in advance, still watched the game (in between chating with mates, which says it all!)…..Wenger simply HAS TO GO. Even the football is no longer attractive or dynamic to watch, tippy tappy no penetration, no one willing to take responsability and shoot, no varying tactics, no options.

    Simply NOTHING to inspire fans, NOTHING.

  92. Thank you and goodnight

    Tippy tippy is bullocks. To you to me to you to me to you to me…..shall we take a shot….oh no no, to you to me. Zzzzzzzzz

  93. goona

    @Thank you and goodnight…

    ….Are you Wengers head coach?

    How many times yesterday did we win posession and do nothing with it other than twenty passes upto the edge of their box….and then all the way back to ours? Not one player willing to take a pot shot, gamble and try and make something happen. Whats wrong with the occasional shot from outside the box, and follow it into the box? The play is just diabolical. If we bought a brand new first XI we would win nothing with Wenger managing, he coaches flair OUT of players.

  94. Leedsgunner

    After the Liverpool thrashing Wenger said

    “It is perhaps better I don’t talk too much and get on and respond well against Manchester United on Wednesday because I include myself in that performance.”

    So Arsene what was that last night? Was that performing well?

    Granted we should’ve had a penalty but it doesn’t make up for the THREE clear chances that a decent striker would have put away. Two points dropped, no other way to look at it.

    Most strikers play poorly because they are starved for service, Giroud gets nothing but service and he still can’t put it away. *facepalm*

  95. TheBayingMob

    I’m hearing nasty rumours that Ozil has fallen out big time with Jer-Rude, doesn’t like the club and has asked to leave at the end of the season … do hope that’s not true!!

  96. TheBayingMob

    I really have had enough of Giroud’s oscar nominated performances everytime he fucks things up, it’s intensively annoying. He should be a backup striker to come on and use his work rate to help the team defend, his misses are getting a little embarassing …

  97. Charlie Boy


    And who could blame him if he did. Wenger sold Ozil a story about ambition and all the WC players he was no doubt buying after Ozil’s arrival – only for the ambition and WC signings not to materialize. No wonder the lad is truly pissed off.

  98. Bermy boy

    I guess Ozil has seen what that piece of shit Wenger has to offer ,good i hope he leaves he deserves better.
    One less qualidee player Asswipe new name Fuckup won’t destroy.
    Run Ozil run get out now.

  99. Jeff


    It wouldn’t surprise me. Ozil is an assist expert. If none of his assists are going to be converted because he’s passing to a two-legged elephant, frustrations are going to rise to the top.

    My guess is that Ozil expected some sort of movement in the January window (he mistakenly took Wenger for a “normal manager who wants to win things”) and when it didn’t come he now realises he has to see through the rest of the season with Giroud in front of him. Any world class player would get frustrated and we can see how it’s affecting his game. He knows that even if he gives his absolute all, nothing much is going to happen.

    We need a striker who can convert. We’ve needed one for two seasons now. Is it really beyond us to get one? We tried for Suarez, failed and gave up; it is pathetic.

  100. Thank you and goodnight

    The Baying Mob

    Really wouldn’t surprise me about Ozil.
    He’s not as thick as he looks and it’s taking him 4 months to realise wankers Wenger is a fraud of a manager. More intelligent than RVP as it took him 8 years to realise how shit Wenger is.

  101. Hitman49


    I heard that he wants out out as well.!

    In January I got an email from a mate who works for a premier leauge club,saying ozil isn’t happy and wants out.

  102. Jeff

    I would suggest the biggest handbrake is Arteta. In fact I would describe him as the carcass being carried around by the team.

  103. Jeff

    Wenger probably lied to Ozil to get him in order to save his own skin. It’s back business as usual now. This is nothing more than a curse placed on us by a high ranking witch who lives inside the devil’s rectum.

  104. Hitman49


    I like that comment ……

    Which is why I can’t believe WENGER didn’t get Suarez , too hide all his favourites around him like diary sonogooo,park,ect,ect,ect,
    Would we have noticed them with Suarez scoring ?

  105. TheBayingMob

    If true (just rumours), then, it really would badly undermine AW … let’s see I suppose, I can imagine Giroud thinking he’s the fucking cats tits though when he is anything but …

  106. Thank you and goodnight

    Why would any WC player want to play for us with wanker Wenger in charge. I fear only Wenger kicking the bucket will rid us of him. I think we have another 5-6 years of this shit.

  107. SpanishDave

    Wenger says his players were nervous, arsehole of a man its not his fault is it?
    He is the biggest egoist I have ever witnessed.
    Last night totally showed the real state of the club.

  108. Jeff


    It looks, sounds and smells like the work of a madman. The bloke is doing things that no other manager would do and doesn’t do the things that any other manager with half a brain would. Not only that, he doesn’t appear to have any idea how to manage or nurture a winning team. We haven’t had one for nearly a decade. The big question is this: does Wenger have it in him to win anything any more? On all available evidence, the answer has to be no.

  109. Bermy boy

    I knew Fuckup was gonna make excuses for Giroud and the way the game played out.Ozil wanting out will get the football world talking about our useless manager.It won’t change anything they will keep Fuckup because it has ALWAYS been about the money with that bunch of stinkin old age dead carcass smelling piece of shit board.

  110. TheBayingMob

    Thought none or just one point from these two games would be really quite disappointing, considering the run in March is actually far tougher. We’ve just spun on the sweeping bend that leads into the chicane; there were six Arsenal points in the gap!! I’m gonig there now, right now, we’re going to struggle to stay top 4. I couldn’t give a dogs cunt how long we were top four and whether we’re only one point behind, we’re in a 4th place trophy battle as of this morning … drink it in though boys, this is the height of the clubs ambition …

  111. sylvain

    Trully disgusted and in a bad mood this morning…

    Le Senile One is about to succeed to disgust me from football, and to disgust me to support the Arsenal.

    It is now for sure Arsène Football Club.

  112. Jeff

    If Arteta plays on Sunday against Liverpool, I can pretty much guarantee that we will be knocked out of the FA cup there and then.

  113. Jeff

    Right, I better get off to work. I’m going to be in a bad mood all day. It’s just that horrible feeling of inevitability that is mentally so debilitating and leaves one with little or no hope.

  114. Hitman49


    He lost it in 2006 ! That’s when he stopped trying to win,
    He has always had questionable tactics,euafa final ? Wtf? Happened that night ? Fa cup Semi against chavz?
    What about Birmingham !?……
    It goes on and on………..
    And as kiyoti said a lot earlier he just doesn’t prepare his squadd or team…just appalling

  115. sylvain

    Can you remind me why you can’t make more turnover, arsène ??

    Oh yes I remember, you buy 1 or 0 players at each transfert window…

    Please die.
    And Giroud, please die, also.