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Usually the Arsenal United game is one you look forward too, but you don’t. Do you get me? You look forward to the occasion, but the end result is usually a bit disappointing. A bit like a Justin Bieber gig. Am a right? Am I right?

Anyway, United come to the Grove fresh off the back of a disappointing game draw against Fulham. They’ve been absolutely terrible all season. There is no ‘Moyes factor’. He’ll come to Arsenal armed with his book of genius tactics.

‘Ball into the box lads, just whip it in’

That’s a worry, we conceded to two balls into the box at the weekend, that being said, they were set pieces. You’d have to hope that a back four that contains Mertesacker will be reasonably adept at defending that type of formation. We at least know they won’t have the same possession they had against Fulham. As long as our full backs maintain some semblance of a defensive unit with the back 4, we should be fine.

The trick tonight for us will be which side shows up. We’ve had an extra day of recovery, so we should have that little bit extra over them. Wenger said Liverpool was an accident, well, for me, it was an accident that was waiting to happen. Like Jim Davidson doing stand-up at a Mosque. We’re too slow out of the starting blocks and we allow good teams’ ample opportunity to plunder our goal. The worry tonight is that Rooney, Robin and Mata are senior and intelligent enough to decide they’ll play their own game… on the deck, through the middle. They’ll all be up for this, so we need to be sharp to their game and not take an easy three points for granted.

Everything is in our favour, they’re in terrible form, the strike was called off last minute and Chelsea dropped late points last night. The footballing gods spared us, for once. Win tonight and we’re leading the ridiculous mixing pot that is the Premier League table.

In other news, Jack Wilshere is taking a pasting from all quarters. His ability and attitude being called into question, which I find quite unfair. I know he’s been less than impressive over the last two seasons, but I think there are a few points to note.

Firstly, he’s very young and very injury prone. He’s had to battle back from a nasty repeat injury that’s played havoc with his fitness and confidence. It took Rambo the best part of three seasons to find his zip.

Secondly, he’s not a first choice player. He’s back up. There are plenty of players that sit ahead of him for me. He’s in the middle at the moment because we don’t have Ramsey or a fit Diaby. Both are ahead of him for me. He’s mostly found himself plonked outwide this year. When he’s played in the middle, he’s looked lost and ineffective.

That leads me onto the final point.  Now he’s being played in the middle and I’m not quite sure he really knows what he’s supposed to be doing. Some players don’t need to be micromanaged; they just instinctively understand what they’re supposed to be doing. Others need to be prescriptively told where to go, what to watch out for and how they fit into the side. Aaron Ramsey was one of those players. Wenger doesn’t seem to have an individual plan for players, it’s more like, ‘hey, go out there and make a sweet connection with the beautiful game’… that’s cool when it’s Cesc, but not cool when it’s a floundering Jack Wilshere. Is he a number ten? Is he a deep lying playmaker? Is he a holding midfielder? Is he box to box? Who actually can tell me from watching Jack  they know what that hell he’s supposed to be doing?

I also think there’s an area of player development Arsene struggles with… bad boys. If players aren’t cut from the ‘totally nice Sunday School’ cloth, he tends to struggle with them. Look at all the players he’s developed into superstars over the years…

  • Thierry Henry, a true gent of the game.
  • Bobby P, handsome and polite
  • Paddy V, a warrior on the pitch, teddy bear off it
  • Cesc Fabregas, could throw on a plaid shirt and work as an account guy in an agency

As soon as there are players that have a bit of attitude, I feel like he struggles. Andrey Arshavin being case in point… world class player, bad attitude… was enough done to awaken that spectacular beast? Lukas Podolski, so much potential, but he’s lazy? Why not work with him? Now we have Ozil heading down the same path… is he being pulled into a room and bollocked? Hey, maybe not even that. How about given more of a carrot?

‘Ozil, you could become the new god around here… but people don’t think you have it in you. Madrid also thought you were weak, but we believed in you. Are you going to prove you’re not weak? Are you going to show Madrid what they’re missing out on, because currently, you’re not.’

If Jack Wilshere was being managed by Mourinho, would we have these same issues? I mean, Jack will get where he needs to get, I just think Arsene could turbo charge it if he enforced himself on him… not in a sexy way… but you get what I mean. Different people need different management tactics. I think if you fall outside what Wenger finds comfortable, he can’t deal with it. There’s no way he’d ever have been able to develop Rooney like Fergie did. But then again, I think Arsene Wenger could take Kagawa now and turn him into the beast he was at Dortmund.

What I do find absolutely hilarious because I’m laughing at myself is that out of the British core that we signed, we’re not really doing too well. My concern, laughably, was that Rambo had been over paid. The reality is that Jack was over paid for what he’d delivered on. Kieran Gibbs is second choice left back and Jenkinson will be lucky if he lasts another season. Theo… well, he’s very good player that we very much miss.


There are no definites in football. Did that contract Jack was given make him a definite in his own mind? Did the £60k Rambo was given make him hungry to earn more? Were we reckless again by giving out big dollars based on potential rather than what’s been achieved? All big questions and questions I know can’t be answered with black and white answers. Simply put… the best players aren’t motivated by money, they’re motivate by glory.


Best bit of advice I was ever give was, ‘don’t chase money, chase success… because the money will follow’


… maybe something they should stick up in the changing rooms of the youth team?


Anyway, have a great night, tear the roof off The Grove and let’s have a night to remember for all the right reasons!



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  1. rumble_in_da_jungle

    Why in hell we have to persist wt Giroud as a lone striker i’ll never understand. Cant we bin him and play wt Poldi instead. Then we could get better use from Vermaelen as DM than old Arteta. Isn’t that just d kind of opportunity Wenger craves to massage his ego as the master converter. Vermaelen’s heading, shooting and forward run qualities wd even make him a better striker than Giroud is right now. How more frustrating and frustrated all night can smne be? Now having played wt all this energy against an all season lethargic Man u and only getting 1 point, where are we goin to get the energy to play against the very crucial ones against DDT (Devastating and Destructive) Bayern and Liverpool at 3 days intervals??????. And the victory curse against Man U will continue for how long under Wenger who seems to have developed a permanent mental block against them????? no small thanks to 8-2??????. Right now I’ll give anythg for a 1-0 or 2-1 against Liverpool and a 0-0 at home against DDT.

  2. Evan

    Arsene on playing with the handbrake…

    “Yes, tonight it was on, but I think it will [come off]. When you are hit like we were on Saturday, the players want not to lose the game and we could have lost it in the last five minutes”.

    This man will always be associated with the Handbrake.

  3. Bermy boy

    Fuckup thought he could show the world how to heh heh win without spending money,he actually thinks he is that good.The invincibles was a one time flook you crock of shit.I hope Santi follows Ozil and even Walnut turns his back on him too.Podolski is paid BIG cash to sit on the bench? Just goes to show he was a panic buy he was just a can of fix-a-flat.You started to believe your own hype Fuckup ,the good part is it will be your own undoing.The only teams you will manage after Arsenal are cash strapped clubs cause they know you can split a penny into six pieces and still try to save half of THAT.

  4. TheBayingMob

    “Whispers along the vines claim that Balotelli is set to come to AFC”
    Fuck me that’s all we need, a fucking mental case loon in the squad who spends more time fighting his team mates and getting sent off, Wenger won’t have a fucking clue what to do with him, that’ll be a disaster … Mind you on the bright side, Mario might actually kick the living shit out of Giroud which wouldn’t be a bad thing I suppose … 😉

  5. Thank you and goodnight

    He can’t control a near placid poldi, let alone a mad Mario. I’ve said it million times before, we could have Barcelona ‘ s entire squad and he’d still fuck up.

  6. Evan

    Sylvain: There all at it

    We threw absolutely everything up front to try to win it and we created most of the chances and played really well in the second half – we really dominated
    – Mikel Arteta

  7. Evan

    At least Poldi was excited, (Passenger) ‏@Podolski10 15h

    On the way to Emirates. Special match for AFC. Lets make it a great night. Come on Gunners

  8. Moray

    @Mob: haha we’ve had cats’ tits and a dog’s cunt from you this morning. What next?

    Actually this season was perfectly set up for us to fail. Give us all the easy games in a run and then the toughies together once our injuries kick in. Someone in FA scheduling is stroking a rabbit’s testicles and smiling about another Wenger led implosion.

  9. sylvain

    So tired of this cuntless manager…

    We were playing for a draw, nothing more.
    No Poldi, no Bendtner to replace giroud in the last part of the game.

    Only Arsenal play for a draw when they play at home.

  10. ardentgooner

    Why are you so worked up this morning…. Yest you said you expected a defeat…so a draw is above your expectations anyway….why cry so much…. or is this a mental disorder?

  11. MarbleHall

    Me keep banging on about Arsenal being points worse off compared to last seasons corresponding fixtures is becoming more relevant by the day the deeper we go in to the season.

  12. telarse

    No killer instinct – end of!

    Last month’s transfer window inactivity has been the worst example of this but it’s evident week in, week out.
    Arsene never consolidates a lead by upping pressure with attack-minded subs when we’re in control of a game – always makes a defensive sub or takes off the wrong player giving the opposition the upper hand.

    He appears incapable of reacting to what’s happening in front of him on the pitch

    My problem with him is we all know he’s a brilliant manager (we know this because of his early years) so his management over the last decade is not incompetence on his part but his plan coming together.
    It may be a 10, 15 or 20 year plan and it may be derailed by Chelsea, City, Utd, Spurs, Liverpool and who knows who else in the future but it’s his plan and he’s sticking to it and f@@k the rest of us!

  13. ZimbabweanGunner

    goonaFebruary 13, 2014 08:00:29
    @ZimbabweanGunner February 13, 2014 07:07:48
    Wenger simply HAS TO GO. Even the football is no longer attractive or dynamic to watch, tippy tappy no penetration, no one willing to take responsability and shoot, no varying tactics, no options.

    No substitutions either. What exactly is going on in Wenger’s head? I’ve read comments saying we made only one substitution last night. I think Wenger has lost it big time.

    TheBayingMobFebruary 13, 2014 08:18:57
    I’m hearing nasty rumours that Ozil has fallen out big time with Jer-Rude, doesn’t like the club and has asked to leave at the end of the season … do hope that’s not true!!

    I think something like this has to happen so that it de-mystifies the myth that goes around that players are queuing up to join Arsenal. Players like Kim Whatever-his-second-name-is. Yes.

    But top quality players like Ozil can’t be queuing up to be mis-managed by Wenger. Ozil thrives on runners, on pacey forwards. Not on the donkey that does fuck-all for 90 plus minutes besides pulling up his socks looking like a knobhead every time he misses a chance. I think the single biggest mistake we made in the summer was not getting Suarez nut then again that is well documented!

    JeffFebruary 13, 2014 08:32:21
    I would suggest the biggest handbrake is Arteta. In fact I would describe him as the carcass being carried around by the team.

    He is past being a handbrake that guy. He is that old, battered ramshackle of a car that is not even on wheels but we keep buying petrol in a jerry can for it, hoping one day the car moves forgetting that this thing is not even on wheels anymore!

  14. Bermy boy

    Yeah I’m on a fuckin roll this morning,bet ya ass I am.There is no where left to hide after that loss Fuckup, the world can now see you for what you aren’t.Evertbody on TV are saying your biggest mistake was not securing a striker.Please remind us again what KKs roll is on our run up to the rest of the season .Huh what,I ant hear you wha?I hope those boos were for you last night I hope any player with any dignity on the team really begins to look at their future with AFC .I hope any player worth there weight in gold stays away from the club while you are here because I do not want anybody to bail you out.I want this fuckin ship to go down baby with you at the helm.

  15. sylvain

    Is there some fans who still believe in the title after another “tactical football lesson” by Le Senile One ???

    Without Cheezy we would have lost, great goalkeeper!!

  16. ardentgooner

    We should have won the game last night. The safety first approach is baffling. No subs against Chelsea and 1 last night..almost like Wenger is too scared to change status quo on the field. Two points dropped surely.. Anyway the good things is we are 1 point behind and can build some momentum before our next run of tough games against chelsea and city

  17. ardentgooner


    Why are you so worked up this morning…. Yest you said you expected a defeat…so a draw is above your expectations anyway….why cry so much…. or is this a mental disorder?

  18. sylvain

    “Wenger has to go”… but Ivan want to resign him.

    There is only ONE solution : to rebuild everything from zero.

    That’s why I hope that liverpool will gave us another lesson on sunday.

    And of course, but this is an evidence, Munich will come to our rescue, if you know what I mean lol…

  19. sylvain

    ardentgooner : we should have won the game last night.
    Yes but once again WE DIDN’T.

    And why do you post the same message TWICE, is it a mental disorder ??

  20. ardentgooner


    Still didn’t answer my question…. you expected us to lose…but we drew so what exactly is upsetting you? Do you get upset when things turn out better than u expected?

  21. sylvain

    Why exactly is upsetting me ??
    You mean apart YOU ??

    Let’s see… Wenger trusting giroud again and again ??
    Wenger who didn’t make any change up front ??
    Wenger who shit in his pants when we play yoonited ??
    Wenger and his shitty tactics for getting a draw at home ??
    Wenger who didn’t reinforce the team this winter when we have Theo and Ramsey out of order ??

    Is that enough to you ??

  22. sylvain

    Wenger who still sink our club with his egocentric and senile behavior ??
    Wenger who still say we have the money but he didn’t use it ??
    Wenger who have shitty excuses (always the same actually) anytime we fail to beat a big club ??

    You see, the list can be pretty long pal…

  23. goona

    If we play like that again on sunday against ‘pool ,we will get spanked again. Man U are awful, we are as well, how the hell we are top of the league is anyones guess.

  24. SUGA3


    I personally expected a win at home against THIS United side and if we had an actual footballer playing CF, we would have won, plain and simple!

    but this is Wenger who has reverted to type we are talking about here…

  25. Bermy boy

    Fuckup has been living in the past he still thinks it is the year of the invincibles ,I bet even thinks he can change things around.The reality is Fuckup botched things up badly when he didn’t purchase in January and refuses to face it.Bayern are gonna carve us up,Pool know we haven’t recovered from that last car wreck and know we are still on pain killers.We are at our weakest mentally ,now is the time for the Sunderlands and them to fuck us just for good measure.Fuckup you could have left AFC a hero but no you still wanted to persue a useless dream.Now from here on in you will be remembered as the CUNT FUCKUP that destroyed a beautiful football club.It is good that you end this way ,when you leave it will be my pleasure to know people booed you all the way to the fuckin curb.

  26. ardentgooner


    Completely agree with you. Said the same thing in the post previously…we dropped 2 points, no doubt about it. Should have beaten this utd side..

    However my issue is with people on here yesterday saying we will lose for sure….and then losing their mind today morning over the draw. Doesn’t make any sense…

  27. ardentgooner

    I know i defended Jack yesterday morning but he was awful in the game. has to do better. Hope giroud and jack are completely out of the squad for lfc game…let them introspect.

    Other than that hope for a full strength XI against pool. Santi, Ozil Poldi all playing.

  28. Bermy boy

    MarbleHall really thinks we will swing things around?
    It’s pathetic to think that we will.

  29. SUGA3

    I actually found myself screaming at the TV ‘Just fucking get at them’, all I saw is the team bereft of pacem ideas and piss easy to play against…

    no pace on the counter, a complete fucking donkey upfront, a passive manager in the dugout, if Moyes was not demoralised himself, he would probably have managed to squueze a win out of this, if he did not come to Emirates to park the bus most of the time…

  30. SpanishDave

    The blind faith boys are waking up.
    Our messiah failed at the pulpit last night.
    Surely any manager would have put on Bendtner for 15 mins to try and win.
    His new contract announcement is on hold until we win a game may be a long wait.

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    @Bermy Boy
    Mate Wenger probably thinks that his squad still are the invincibles. Probably walks into the dressing room takes a look at Giroud and goes ” Henry are you ok today? You look a bit pale”….

  32. kjafc

    This below is what does my head in. This mass hysteria of over exaggeration and wanting Arsenal to lose. How can you want Arsenal to lose and then go mad when we draw? In fact, how can you want Arsenal to lose?

    Bermy Boy
    “I want this fuckin ship to go down baby with you at the helm”.

    “That’s why I hope that liverpool will gave us another lesson on sunday”.
    “Please die. And Giroud, please die, also”.

    As a fifty year old, I am new to this modern football fandom and I do not get it at all. If it wasn’t bad enough with gambon wanting Ozil to get a broken leg, we now have Sylvain wanting a player to die. Disgraceful.

  33. kjafc

    Bermy Boy
    Nervous about playing a weak Manpoopoo team AT HOME,fuck off Asswipe simply just fuck off.
    Is this childrens hour?

  34. Thank you and goodnight

    I get your a die hard gooners mate. But your also an Arsène fan and season in season out make excuses for him. Year in year out the doomers are proved right, and all the others can say is ” wait till next season, wait till the summer etc etc etc”. So now I ask you…..when is enough enough?

  35. kjafc

    Morning TYAG
    I have to go to court today, so I log on here to discuss the game before I leave. I have to see idiots talking about wanting to see players ‘die’, the opposition being called Manupoopoo (seriously?) and random name calling. How is that adult debate?

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    And you’d know he’s more intelligent because he said so eh. You keep worshipping him son.

  37. kjafc

    Yes I am an old school die hard Gooner. We all have our opinions and that is only right. Most of us on here are Gooners and we all have different opinions which is fine.

    However, coming on a blog and seeing words like manupoopoo, asswipe and wanting players to die is immature and very childish and ruins what is at times a very good blog. Honest mate, some of these idiots should be in school gaining an education.

  38. ardentgooner

    Also not very intelligent of you and the like to call for a manager’s head mid season still fighting (?) for the title and fa cup and ask for a complete rebuild. That is in no way intelligent on any level. So yes pretty sure Wenger is more intelligent than you lot

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    Yeah because with Wenger at the helm we really stand a chance of winning eh. The man could go another 10 years with winning bugger all and you’d still make excuses for him.

    Now I know you are intelligent so I will ask again mate, how much longer you willing to give him?

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    What’s intelligence got to do about it? It’s emotions, after 9 years of shit players, high ticket prices and lie after lie, some people have reached the end of their tether. Especially knowing we have 3 more years of failure and inability to get WC players because none of them want to play for Wenger.

  41. gbadebo

    Like i told my brother, a lot of the shitstorm AFC is experiencing right now is partly caused by AKB fans and an insipid board. Only a docile fanbase (particularly those in the UK who in proximity to the team in London can effect changes e.g, by boycotting games, refusing to buy franchise, and holding protests) would accept and trudge on with a manager who wins absolutely nothing in 9 years.

    Frankly Wenger is a has-been. And an utter failure for 9 years and counting and his teams are a reflection of his persona.

    It took Van Gaal just a season of losing scandalously to Dortmund (home and away, and then the DFB Pokal) and then Chelsea (UCL) to be sacked. Mind you, this was a manager that won these ninjas a double seasons before, even the UCL. Rijkaard at Barcelona won them the UCL at our expense and was still given the boot.

    When will the board follow likewise treatment for this old senile twat killing the very soul of Arsenal?

    I think at this stage, a good lot of that responsibility falls on the fans. Bobycotts, refusal to buy franchise, no season tickcets, regular protests. Yes, it would hurt the club, but in the long run benefit it, if that sadistic archaic has-been is simply sacked.

  42. Norfolk

    Thank you and goodnightFebruary 13, 2014 10:13:33
    What’s intelligence got to do about it? It’s emotions, after 9 years of shit players, high ticket prices and lie after lie, some people have reached the end of their tether. Especially knowing we have 3 more years of failure and inability to get WC players because none of them want to play for Wenger.”

    That sums up my position exactly.