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Usually the Arsenal United game is one you look forward too, but you don’t. Do you get me? You look forward to the occasion, but the end result is usually a bit disappointing. A bit like a Justin Bieber gig. Am a right? Am I right?

Anyway, United come to the Grove fresh off the back of a disappointing game draw against Fulham. They’ve been absolutely terrible all season. There is no ‘Moyes factor’. He’ll come to Arsenal armed with his book of genius tactics.

‘Ball into the box lads, just whip it in’

That’s a worry, we conceded to two balls into the box at the weekend, that being said, they were set pieces. You’d have to hope that a back four that contains Mertesacker will be reasonably adept at defending that type of formation. We at least know they won’t have the same possession they had against Fulham. As long as our full backs maintain some semblance of a defensive unit with the back 4, we should be fine.

The trick tonight for us will be which side shows up. We’ve had an extra day of recovery, so we should have that little bit extra over them. Wenger said Liverpool was an accident, well, for me, it was an accident that was waiting to happen. Like Jim Davidson doing stand-up at a Mosque. We’re too slow out of the starting blocks and we allow good teams’ ample opportunity to plunder our goal. The worry tonight is that Rooney, Robin and Mata are senior and intelligent enough to decide they’ll play their own game… on the deck, through the middle. They’ll all be up for this, so we need to be sharp to their game and not take an easy three points for granted.

Everything is in our favour, they’re in terrible form, the strike was called off last minute and Chelsea dropped late points last night. The footballing gods spared us, for once. Win tonight and we’re leading the ridiculous mixing pot that is the Premier League table.

In other news, Jack Wilshere is taking a pasting from all quarters. His ability and attitude being called into question, which I find quite unfair. I know he’s been less than impressive over the last two seasons, but I think there are a few points to note.

Firstly, he’s very young and very injury prone. He’s had to battle back from a nasty repeat injury that’s played havoc with his fitness and confidence. It took Rambo the best part of three seasons to find his zip.

Secondly, he’s not a first choice player. He’s back up. There are plenty of players that sit ahead of him for me. He’s in the middle at the moment because we don’t have Ramsey or a fit Diaby. Both are ahead of him for me. He’s mostly found himself plonked outwide this year. When he’s played in the middle, he’s looked lost and ineffective.

That leads me onto the final point.  Now he’s being played in the middle and I’m not quite sure he really knows what he’s supposed to be doing. Some players don’t need to be micromanaged; they just instinctively understand what they’re supposed to be doing. Others need to be prescriptively told where to go, what to watch out for and how they fit into the side. Aaron Ramsey was one of those players. Wenger doesn’t seem to have an individual plan for players, it’s more like, ‘hey, go out there and make a sweet connection with the beautiful game’… that’s cool when it’s Cesc, but not cool when it’s a floundering Jack Wilshere. Is he a number ten? Is he a deep lying playmaker? Is he a holding midfielder? Is he box to box? Who actually can tell me from watching Jack  they know what that hell he’s supposed to be doing?

I also think there’s an area of player development Arsene struggles with… bad boys. If players aren’t cut from the ‘totally nice Sunday School’ cloth, he tends to struggle with them. Look at all the players he’s developed into superstars over the years…

  • Thierry Henry, a true gent of the game.
  • Bobby P, handsome and polite
  • Paddy V, a warrior on the pitch, teddy bear off it
  • Cesc Fabregas, could throw on a plaid shirt and work as an account guy in an agency

As soon as there are players that have a bit of attitude, I feel like he struggles. Andrey Arshavin being case in point… world class player, bad attitude… was enough done to awaken that spectacular beast? Lukas Podolski, so much potential, but he’s lazy? Why not work with him? Now we have Ozil heading down the same path… is he being pulled into a room and bollocked? Hey, maybe not even that. How about given more of a carrot?

‘Ozil, you could become the new god around here… but people don’t think you have it in you. Madrid also thought you were weak, but we believed in you. Are you going to prove you’re not weak? Are you going to show Madrid what they’re missing out on, because currently, you’re not.’

If Jack Wilshere was being managed by Mourinho, would we have these same issues? I mean, Jack will get where he needs to get, I just think Arsene could turbo charge it if he enforced himself on him… not in a sexy way… but you get what I mean. Different people need different management tactics. I think if you fall outside what Wenger finds comfortable, he can’t deal with it. There’s no way he’d ever have been able to develop Rooney like Fergie did. But then again, I think Arsene Wenger could take Kagawa now and turn him into the beast he was at Dortmund.

What I do find absolutely hilarious because I’m laughing at myself is that out of the British core that we signed, we’re not really doing too well. My concern, laughably, was that Rambo had been over paid. The reality is that Jack was over paid for what he’d delivered on. Kieran Gibbs is second choice left back and Jenkinson will be lucky if he lasts another season. Theo… well, he’s very good player that we very much miss.


There are no definites in football. Did that contract Jack was given make him a definite in his own mind? Did the £60k Rambo was given make him hungry to earn more? Were we reckless again by giving out big dollars based on potential rather than what’s been achieved? All big questions and questions I know can’t be answered with black and white answers. Simply put… the best players aren’t motivated by money, they’re motivate by glory.


Best bit of advice I was ever give was, ‘don’t chase money, chase success… because the money will follow’


… maybe something they should stick up in the changing rooms of the youth team?


Anyway, have a great night, tear the roof off The Grove and let’s have a night to remember for all the right reasons!



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  1. sylvain

    Pedro : “Everything is in our favour”

    Really ??
    We are still in the trauma of Anfield nightmare.
    We still have the “inferiority complex” againt those cunts.
    They are in desperate need for points.
    They will be, as usual when they play against us, overmotivated.
    van pussy the cunt WILL BE overmotivated.

    Is that enough to you ??
    I pray for a draw, but I expect nothing more.

  2. sylvain

    In one phrase : against united we always play like pussies.

    In one other phrase : “children against men” (copyright@patrice the cunt evra)

  3. Jimmy

    Diaby ahead of Wilshere? Ramsey ahead of Wilshere? Ramsey couldn’t even lace Wilshere’s boots back then but you’re getting excited cuz he’s having a superb season? Too poor from you. Of all our CM’s, Wilshere has the highest talent ceiling, blame the manager for trying to convert him into a 10 when he’s in the Stevie G mould.

    Wilshere will get back there but please saying Diaby is better is plain dumb of you. Wilshere has been the only good thing going for us in midfield since Ramsey went down. He’s doing it despite not at 100%, an ill disciplined Flamini and a Jekyll and Hyde Arteta.

    Also I’d like to address the notion that Podolski is lazy, that’s utter trash. Define lazy, he doesn’t defend or cover his fullbacks? Of all our wide players, Podolski does the most defending, quote me anywhere in that. Theo doesn’t defend, Santi is a liability when he’s not with the ball. So where does this “lazy” come from? The manager just doesn’t like him. Maybe if he was French he’ll get some playing time.

    Sorry I wrote a mini post in the comments. Never again.

  4. azed

    Pedro you are making excuses for Jack. He is not so young anymore. He should take responsibilities for his actions/inactions.

  5. stephen dwyer

    I love this site – but, seriously what is up with all of you – if we win tonight we are top of the league – with just over 10 games to go – wheres the crisis?? its like you are all just waiting for one slip up – which all teams have – in order to let rip with negativity – why dont you all just enjoy the ride a little more – we are second!! what a major crisis – we are in CL/FA cup – major crisis – most football teams would kill to be where we are – such a major crisis – we are shambolic – Wenger is a C^&& – he does not know what hes doing – ok then, a littler perspective people!

  6. Gladwyn

    What’s disgusting is that atleast Moysie has got a tactic but Arsene doesn’t even have one. If he ever does have any, can someone please enlighten me.

  7. nuudles

    Rosicky simply has to start tonight, dont really care where or in whose place (how about Arteta’s?), but he has to start.

    Is it just me or has Sagna been particularly poor on defence of late? Maybe it is because we are quite toothless going forward so he has to bomb forward even more than usual and with Arteta on the cover Sagna’s absense is much more exposed? I would give Jenks a go, I dont think he has been the greatest of late but neither has Sagna in my book.

    I would also seriously think of starting Vermaelen at DM, Arteta’s legs have gone, he can’t play two games in 4 days anymore. Surely Gibbs will also start this game?


    That or Verm & Jack deep with Rosicky giving Ozil a rest. We could even play Oxo deep and give Gnabry another game on the wing.

  8. stephen dwyer

    Yeah Gladwyn – Wengers got no tactics – if we win tonight we are top of the league again – top of the league for all season long – yeah no tactics – he must be the luckiest coach in the world – what a fluke – seriously?? what team have you been watching all season long??????

  9. Matt

    A fantastic read and agree with everything, especially the bit about Wenger’s motivation. I dont think he is any good at motivating full stop (except for the odd time at half time when we score at the start of the second half.) When it comes to coaching individuals, yes he is one of the best, but motivating them is a different story. Its not just motivating individuals either, he can not motivate the team as a whole. You just need to look at every “big game”. The reason we dont do well in them is he hasn’t motivated the team and you can clearly see that in the games. Lets take the recent Liverpool game as an example. I can imagine Brendan Rodgers in the dressing room giving some amazing, loud motivational speech and all the players getting behind him. Then I see Arsene sat in the dressing room, cross legged talking as if he’s at a press conference. This goes for the majority of the big games. Yes he is obviously a great manager, but he can not motivate the team like other great managers can. I wonder how much motivation was involved in the invincible season. I think that group of players were massively self motivated so Wenger just left them too it.

    If Wenger can motivate, he will send the team out tonight with the message to play like Liverpool did. Constantly hustling the opposition, quick passing, never let up and counter with accuracy. We have the players to do it, they just need motivating.

  10. DUIFG

    We are going to have to ptretty much put out the same team that got spanked at lpool. All we can do is ask for a reaction from the players.

    Ony change is TR7 if any.

  11. ArsenalJoe

    I must be missing something about Jack Wilshere… He’s been out the last few games through injury (again) but I swear before that he got a man of the match, was adding a few goals to his game and was getting plenty of praise? Seems an odd time to slate him when he’s only just coming back after previously having a good spell.

  12. ArsenalJoe

    I must be missing something about Jack Wilshere… He’s been out the last few games through injury (again) but I swear before that he got a man of the match, was adding a few goals to his game and was getting plenty of praise? Seems an odd time to slate him when he’s only just coming back after previously having a good spell.

  13. Gladwyn

    Jack is a lad with great potential but a lot inconsistent than he should be and should probably channel his emotions towards useful things. He needs a dressing down most times. Maybe favour OX over him even when he’s fit, that should fire him up. Remember when Ramsey was stealing the show, Jack wanted some piece of attention and turned up a different guy.

  14. Mark

    It’s not Wilsheres fault but I think he is cut more slack than others because he’s a local lad.

    I think more gooners would be less tolerant if his name was Wilsherinho!

  15. Leedsgunner

    If Sagna departure is a cert and we are looking for new right backs, check out this monster of a strike from Fiorentina’s Cuadrado… (who’s not a pure specialist right back but still…)

    Very versatile player, can play all over the right side of the park… although he’s a right winger by classification, he can play right back and wing back, left wing and if necessary centre of attacking midfield… pricey though at £21m.

    I note that he’s a Udinese discovery… now, that’s a club that has a top top scouting network.

    They excel at unearthing gems which they develop then sell at a massive profit (especially in Ghana). They did that with Sanchez, probably will do that with Muriel (plus check out their other exports in the articles below). We need to learn from them.

    I read a little while ago that they have a room manned 24 hours a day “Big Brother” style with live football matches from all over the world from which scouts watch and then further explore in the flesh if they spot potential. Apparently they own a stake in 120 players world wide, I mean who’s negotiating their transfer, let’s them in – they don’t seem to dither! Is the model something we can replicate at the Emirates?

    The crucial difference between Udinese and Arsenal is this.

    Udinese accept that they are no more than a shop window for their best players to go on to pastures new. Arsenal has the stadium, infrastructure and the wage packets to make the club a destination club rather than a stepping stone club.

    I might be mistaken but the Pozzos who own Udinese now own Watford, and they are now using the club to blood their Italian youngsters on loan from Udinese.

  16. ardentgooner

    Wilshere hasn’t been all that bad this season…also which articles and bashing is everyone talking about? Link please?

    I thought he was doing well…after rosicky he is the only player who brings any sort of urgency in the midfield…. Would have him in the team every time if ramsey isn’t available. Infact he has added more goals to his game this season….right?

  17. stephen dwyer

    Sensible man – you may not win the league in Feb – but, what you can do is put our season so far into perspective – the sort of torrid of negativity which has oozed out – in my mind – is completely disproportionate to reality – if we are so awful – and Wenger so ‘clueless’ how on earth are we above MC and one point behind CLski – and winning tonight would put us top – explain that one!!

  18. nuudles

    Chelsea have not yet convinced me that they have that much needed killer instinct to convert them from contenders to favourites, much like their draw last night.

    We quite simply must capitalise on their dropped points with a good win tonight. Nothing will put the Lpool game further out of our minds than a solid 2-0 tonight (or dishing out a thrashing)…

    Pedro, I agree with you on the motivation problem, but more focused on how meekly we have been starting our games of late. During the later stages of 2013 we started with a bang, we were 1-0 up in no time, we have started way too many 2014 games too slowly, sometimes appearing as if we are still asleep. Teams who start the game by closing us down in rapid fashion rattle us, when Cesc was at his best for us we were almost at our most dangerous when we are being closed down rapidly as it creates so much space all over the pitch to play to, Ozil, Rosicky & Santi can do this easily too.

  19. tunnygriffboy

    Some journo on SSN ripped into Ozil this morning. Said he not having the same effect as Suarez or Aguero. Lazy journalism. If Ozil was behind Suarez and Aguero or even one of those two and Walcott then perhaps we’d see a lot more of his talent. The lack of understanding of what he is good at suprises me. Yes he was poor on the weekend, I hope he responds to criticism and does well this eve. Perhaps I’m a bit defensivebecause he’s our player. We are allowed to castigate him but no one else is because he’s ours.

    Worry for tonight is they can’t possibly have as many chances or crosses as they did against Fulham and not score. Their front 4 is top quality, however defensively they bit ropey. Who is going to exploit the space Evra leaves ? Be interesting what team we put out after saturday’s debacle.

  20. KurtF

    Another big game and a chance to both atone for the Liverpool defeat and take advantage of Chelsea dropping points – trouble is, historically, every time we have one of these opportunities we tend to choke. Here’s hoping we can buck the trend.

  21. jasongms

    The only result that would surprise me is if we beat them by 3 or 4 . And I wouldn’t be surprised if they smashed us , though I think the most logical result is a draw !

    What ever happens it’s going to be a nervy first 5/10 mins .

  22. Charlie Boy


    I think the criticism of Jack is particularly harsh when you consider how much he’s targeted by the opposition in games. It’s virtually impossible for him to stay on his feet when he’s constantly being hacked down like a tree in the Amazon jungle! All because the opposing team want a rise out of him, because of his petulance of youth.

    I’ve no doubt he’ll grow out of that, and once he does he’ll become a formidable footballer.

    As for tonight – I feel sick. Sick because I know the scum will raise their game, cos it’s us. They’ll raise the foul play, cos it’s us. They’ll edge the game, cos it’s us.

    Irrespective of that: COYG!!!

  23. sylvain

    “Some journo on SSN ripped into Ozil this morning. Said he not having the same effect as Suarez or Aguero.”

    Very true so far.

  24. Gladwyn

    top of the league for all season long – yeah no tactics – he must be the luckiest coach in the world – what a fluke – seriously?? what team have you been watching all season long??????

    It’s the regualr failings of an Arsenal season in recent years under Arsene. The wheels are off mate. We get found out in the 2nd half of the season. We started the season strongly in 2 other seasons before this and only to falter around this period for similar reasons. You might call it bad luck or whatever other word you have. With a manager armed with tactical nous, you can only go from strength to strength if you want to be win the league. Supporting a regressing manager with positivity is the only negativity that ever exists. When ManUtd was winning the title, they’d be top of the league or thereabouts for the 1st half of the season with performances that dont deserve wins but come back so strong, fresh and different in the 2nd half of the season. We dont have it in us to win the league. We should be happy we have been top for a while.

    finally, thanks for reminding that we follow different clubs.

  25. sylvain

    jasongms : “I think the most logical result is a draw !”

    “What ever happens it’s going to be a nervy first 5/10 mins .”
    More the whole 1st half lol

  26. Sensible old man

    Dwyer- I am putting it into perspective….an 8 year perspective. When we are on top (2008 for eg) we always bottle it and can’t handle the pressure. We had the carling cup on a plate (Birmingham) against a championship team and couldn’t even win that!

    The only reason we are where we are is because other teams have been so inconsistent due to a range of factors and because fergie left Utd.

  27. Guns of brixton

    In twitter interview with AW, the question was popped ‘what is JW10 role?’
    AW said he is a deep-lying playmaker, a no.8 role he said.

  28. Leedsgunner

    “Firstly, he’s very young and very injury prone. He’s had to battle back from a nasty repeat injury that’s played havoc with his fitness and confidence. It took Rambo the best part of three seasons to find his zip.”

    I wish Jack well, but it’s time he stops hiding behind his age and man up. It was pathetic when Walcott did it, and it’s pathetic when he does it. I didn’t hear Ramsey complain when he had that horrible leg break. He was a consummate professional. He put his head down and put the work in. He took the flack but in the end, he showed his class where it matters. Massive massive thumbs up. That’s what a leader does Jack, learn from him.

    As I’ve said before, he didn’t remark on his age when he was offered a spanking new contract did he? If he’s getting paid a first teamer’s wages, he needs to take the flack as well as the flash. There’s no denying the boy’s talented. But the boy has now got to step up and be a man.

    He says he wants to be captain, well needs to play like one. Show it on the pitch where it matters. He has the peers, and the mentors at the club to push him on and to learn from. He has no excuse. We need him now. He needs to push on not just talk about it.

  29. Romford Pele

    Jack to me is B2B. Just performs it in a different way to Ramsey. I’d say he’s a number 8 for sure. Not sure he’s a deep-lying playmaker ala Pirlo, he likes to affect the game higher up the pitch.

  30. randomarsenal

    I believe Jack Wilshere is a very big problem for Ozil. Wilshere constantly runs with the ball and towards the positions supposedly occupied by Ozil and Ozil looks confused about what he is supposed to do. In Ozil-Ramsey combination Ramsey almost always ran without the ball making the pair extremely dangerous. Ramsey’s goals are particularly due to the timing of the runs he makes . Wilshere is not that intelligent though. And Ozil is completely clueless anything to do with defensively. Ozil is probably our worst defensive player .

    With Ozil – Wilshere partnership , we effectively loose our most potent attacking player replaced with a lesser version of it. And our reasonable defensive player replaced with our worst defensive player.

    Think we need to replace either Wilshere or Ozil with Rosicky to gain balance . Arteta can in no way be our sole DM.

  31. kushy47

    Oh it must really be a sad life being a spud,was going through an article about premier league best 10 hatricks and all spuds could say was call the site gooner365 and accuse them of being biased. Oh being in someones shadows with no hope of redemption must be too hard bear,methinks they are suffering from the same oppression the jews got from hitler…lol,arsenal must be linked with nazi cos they are the yids.

  32. tunnygriffboy

    Jack struggles with defensive responsibility. Once he drives forward he finds it difficult to get back into the defensive shape we need. Whether this is fitness or lack of athleticism I don’t know. His defensive position and game awareness, when to hold, when to go forward has to improve if he is to assume the responsibilty of a box to box midfielder.

  33. jarzab

    i dont get jack wilshere is still young stuff. What about sterling, shaw or zaha i think they are doing better than jack and are younger so pls, no more still young stuff excusses

  34. sylvain

    French joke : do you know why the Emirates gardeners are so happy when we play against manure ?
    Because there is a lot of poo on the pitch after the game, and that’s very good for the fertility of the grass.

    I told you it was french humor.

  35. Mark

    I didn’t mind the Arteta/Flamini axis. Both just used to sit and sniff out danger just in front of the defence. This allowed the remaining offensive players to be free and express themselves.

    More recently the Arteta/Flamini partnership has been more adventurous. This not only leaves us more exposed in defence but the offensive players have to do more of the ugly bits of the game. When we do retrieve the ball the attackers are not in great attacking positions having tracked back (except Poldolski who doesn’t do much tracking back).

  36. nijjy

    i do love this site, great analysis and never shy of criticizing the manager, the players and the club as a whole. but sometimes it goes over the top. i think your argument that ferguson somehow almost single-handedly made rooney what he is today is a very subjective argument and maybe open to debate as well the suggestion that wilshere would have been a different player if he was managed by mourinho.

    the development of players depend upon a combination of factors in my opinion- the talent, the application, luck with injuries, coaching, and management. i do disagree with many things that wenger does or doesn’t do, but he also developed Van Persie into what he is today. He plucked out Adebayor out of nowhere and made him a good striker although his attitude sometimes lets him down. fabregas was not really the boy next door type either, he was developed by wenger. so for every arshavin, there might be a pires or fabregas. sometimes players are hit or miss when they develop.

    as for the british core, i’ll take wilshere (specially when he’s fully fit and playing a consistent run of games), walcott, chambo, gibbs over cleverly, young, sterling any day, thank you very much. specially gibbs has come on leaps and bounds and must be a contender for brazil.

  37. randomarsenal

    @Simon I dont think we need to do something special we just need to play like other matches this season . We conceded goals too easily against liverpool. They even scored a non set-piece goal with one pass ……

  38. sylvain

    Unfortunately I’m afraid the absence of Flamini tonight might cost us a lot…

    What a cunt. Unable to do something without risking a red card.

  39. Danny

    The first of 4 home games on the trot, surely that must’ve a calming effect on the players – no travelling, airports, hotels etc?
    As for tonight I think a lot will depend on what type of Man U show up – maybe coz of Moyes they weren’t be that arsed especially after that Bent goal.
    If they’re up for it, I reckon it’ll end 2-2 and afterwards Wenger will say that we deserved to win and that the players were very focused after the Liverpool mess.
    BUT I’d love us to beat the bastards.

  40. tunnygriffboy

    Ozil is a different sort of player to Suarez and Aguero with a different skillset. He needs movement and pace from other players to be most effective, hence the rapport with Ramseywhen they were lethal

  41. Baba

    Every team Arsene plays against are always tactically above him especially if Arsenal lost the games,but ironically these coaches and teams hardly do better than Arsenal except one or two teams in the long run,why? Because its a marathon not a race or am i right? The most consistent team will win the league this year because all the top teams will falter one way or the other and if that team is Arsenal then so be it but if not then it doesnt make Arsenal a bad team but that their consistency wasnt good enough,doing the blame game everytime wont help but rather supporting the team will go a long way

  42. Vintage Gun

    I would go ALL out tonight and against Liverpool then work with whats left against Bayern next week.

    Liverpool beat us so badly the other day as crazy as it sounds they’re probably afraid to come down to our manor as we should be(Well hopefully) hell bent on revenge. And with Chelski vs ManC means if we get through theres only one top team left in the FA Cup and a great chance to win it.

  43. Rhys Jaggar

    Your usual anti-English bash Pedro.

    Gibbs is NOT second to Monreal – he has played far more than Monreal this season. Shame on you for that lie.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain is doing OK, Walcott is doing OK, Ramsey is doing OK, Wilshere is doing OK.

    What I see is an Olivier Giroud taking on the role of French agent after his worst performance in an Arsenal shirt, putting his name to ‘let’s bring a French goalie to the club, eh?’

    He would do very well to focus on doing his own job a bit better rather than teaching Dick Law how to do transfer deals.

    NO doubt he was operating under instructions from Wenger…..

    Pathetic really………

  44. Wallace

    stephen dwyer

    if you’re trying to put a positive slant on our season you’ll be copping a lot of flak on here. good luck!

  45. mike

    not meaning to moan mate but JW is doing just fine, he is better than ramsey, no tactics, do you know the poeition we’r in, probqbly top of the prem by tonight, and how far can you get your tounge up maureans arse, no wonder theres so much much shit coming out of your mouth lol

  46. Leedsgunner

    Maybe we need to hypnotise the lot of our boys to convince them that we are not actually playing Man United but rather we are playing David Moyes Everton manager circa opening of the season 2009, when we beat them 6-1.

    Remember that?

    I think Tommy V scored on his debut didn’t he? I seem to recall didn’t he go on a bit of a scoring run for two or three games after that? What Tommy V, what happened?!

  47. Carts

    Usually your points are valid and well thought out; but the Diaby over Wilshere – one liner – was banter of the highest order…right? Right?????

  48. sylvain

    Total translation of the article of l’É

    “Van Persie, the Arsenal lead.
    Displeased by the departure of Alex Ferguson and his assistant Rene Meulensteen, the MU striker Robin Van Persie hardly pass good time with the Red Devils. Workouts David Moyes will suit him much, hence the assumption of a return of the Dutch, 30 years old, with the Gunners next summer. Asked about that possibility Tuesday, the Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said: “It’s better not to talk about it today.” This is not “no” …”

  49. TitsMcgee

    If Wenger goes winless this season v the worst UTD team we’ve seen in well over a decade then you can pretty much stick a fork in him. He’s done. Chelsea have basically gifted us 1st again. Can we take it? Or will we fold?

    A draw in this game would be a failure. We need 3 points. We simply cannot get just 1 point out of a possible 6 v LFC,MUFC the last two matches and expect to win the prem. If we beat Liverpool then I would have accepted a draw here. That’s off the cards now.

  50. Yellow

    Welldone gambon I was almost gonna reply that Dwyer fella

    Expecting nothing but a defeat tonight same old bottlers different game

    That said hoping for a win tho

  51. ArseneWengerNose

    Yes Tommy V scored on his debut against Everton. And I also remember a goal for Denilson and a crazy headshake. Great opening day of the season.

    Tommy was the top scoring CB in 2009-2010. Too bad he’s never been fit since.

  52. TitsMcgee

    “If we can’ beat them tonight, we will never be able to beat them again someday.”

    arggghhhh….beat me to it lol

  53. ArseneWengerNose

    When Diaby is 100% fit, he’s pretty good. Now, I know that’s a moot point. And Diaby has been a failed project for years now, but still.

    I’m a fan of Jackie though, and I think he’ll come around.

  54. TitsMcgee

    By the time Munich comes around we’ll be the walking wounded. I really fear for us in that game. Based on how we got thrashed v LFC last week there is no way Wenger puts out a weakened side v them on Sunday. Then we get Munich on Weds. Cringe-worthy stuff.

  55. Radio Raheem

    We’ve all been clever after the event with Liverpool…How should we set up to beat them on Saturday?

    You’d be waiting a while for that.

    More than any deficiency I thought the main reason we lost was more to do with our mental approach/preparation than anything to do with tactics or whatever else. The deficiencies we have have been there all season and in spite of these we’ve led the league most of the time.

    I’ve even heard bollocks that Flamini might have saved us. Really? Like he did against City?

    The truth is most people don’t have a clue. The same ones who keep writing off Arsenal’s chances are the ones who’d trot out stats claiming it predictable should Arsenal win the league.

  56. Thank you and goodnight


    Thanks for translating mate. Wouldn’t be surprised to see RVP back though as it will give wonga an excuse not to buy a WC forward.

  57. goona

    Tits, quite agree, Manure are the weakest they have been since god knows when, a draw tonight is NOT good enough.

    The players should need no motivation other than its Manure, let alone we go top if we win. If the players cant get motivated, and concentrate for the whole bloody game tonight they should all hang their boots up.

    If we loose I want every player to crawl off the pitch at the end totally knackered after giving everything. Anything other than that is not acceptable.

  58. ArseneWengerNose

    If we get something from the Man U game, and beat Liverpool on Sunday, I don’t think our result against Bayern will matter, as we never had a chance to win the comp anyway. It would be nice if we can practice damage limitation like we used to do against Barca, before getting spanked at Camp Nou.

    But yes, it’s worrying that it doesn’t look like Wenger will be resting anyone anytime soon. Thus, the risk of injuries increase. All thank to the terrible squad management Wenger has been happily practicing for years now.

  59. Ash79

    no incentive at all for Robin to come back…..not after hi sbig statement when he left, he wont come back. he still has more chance of silverware at United than at Arsenal.

  60. DUIFG

    Its really hard to know what will happen tonight, we just look quite toothless atm. Would not mind keeping it tight first half (if we can after lpool) and press on second half and nick it. In rooney and RVP united have 2 strikers who can kill us with 1 chance, we are going to likely need 4 or 5 chances to score, cant see that happening though tbh.

  61. sylvain

    gambon : “Rvp won’t be back.
    It’s the most nonsensical story I’ve read in years.”

    Really ??
    Even considering the name of our manager lol ???

  62. perbfg

    if we don’t win tonight it will be the biggest bottle job ever by a wenger side. that said im fairly confident of tonight for some strange reason. hoping Liverpool was a wake up call but if we lose then its official the whole club are a bunch of cnuts.

  63. Savage

    Decent post. Agreed that Mourinho is a good man manager (although even he could handle Balotelli). I would add though that ex-Arsenal players love the club very deeply and nearly always talk very highly. You could argue their endearment is to the club and not to their job to win football games, but still, credit where it’s due.

  64. Dissenter

    If united make 86 crosses, playing “straight forward” against us like they did against Fulham, they’ll win.
    If we start lethargic, doing our headless tippy tappy dance, we’ll probably lose.

    Would you start Giroud in this game considering his form? Bendtner should start this game IMO.

  65. goona

    The following teams have beaten Manure this season in various home competitions-

    West Brom
    …..if we can’t beat them at home Wenger needs to go.

  66. ArseneWengerNose

    The problem is our manager doesn’t have trust in our back-up players. Giroud’s form dips, Sagna not so solid anymore, Arteta playing like a headless chicken, WELL TOO BAD, we don’t have many options do we.

    But at least we signed Kallstrom.

  67. Radio Raheem

    If we don’t win tonight there’ll be another opportunity to take advantage. It’s probably the tighest PL season. Compared to the last few seasons I think the standard of the league has gone up a bit. This is based purely on my observation and without stats.

  68. Arsene nose best

    We owe these cunts so much, all the embarrassment they have caused us over the years, sadly, we haven’t got the team to dish it back.

  69. Dissenter

    “What I see is an Olivier Giroud taking on the role of French agent after his worst performance in an Arsenal shirt, putting his name to ‘let’s bring a French goalie to the club, eh?”

    I was hoping Giroud would disown his comments about tapping up Lloris. He should have said he was misquoted or something, but he didn’t.

    That article has changed my impression of him. He’s a classless twat. I’ve defended Giroud here against all odds, he’s dead to me now. I can’t even bring myself to wear his replica jersey for gardening.

  70. TitsMcgee

    The problem is our manager doesn’t have trust in our back-up players. Giroud’s form dips, Sagna not so solid anymore, Arteta playing like a headless chicken, WELL TOO BAD, we don’t have many options do we.”

    That pretty much sums it up.

  71. GoonPharm

    Wenger has always said Wilshere will be a deep lying cm. He’s even come out and said he hasn’t got the goals and assists to play further up.

    Problem is Wilshere reckons he’s an ACM or number 10 and it looks likes he wants to play the sexy role up top and grab the glory. He has the passing range and tenacity to play the deep role I doubt the desire is there on his part.

    Having said that I thought he’s been outstanding in his last few games. Even in the pool game he was driving at them til the end.

    He should look at Ramsey as inspiration and use it to lift himself to the next level. Great player and has the potential to become a legend if he’s focused.

  72. Dissenter

    Even if United start with 7 defenders against Arsenal, we always find a way to lose to them.
    Reminds of that well placed Diaby headed own goal at old Trafford in August 2009.
    Who was it that called Diaby a “very good player ” when he’s fit.

  73. TitsMcgee

    “For all the talk of United’s style of play I bet they turn up to tonight and we play better football than we do.”

    RVP will be motivated to stick it to us. An early goal from them and it’s going to get interesting.

  74. Ash79

    Message for the lads tonight

    – Chaps, show some fire tonight PLEASE.
    – Dont show United any respect at all.
    – Dont even think that they are EPL champions.
    – dont be all smiles before the game in the tunnel – see Vieira vs Keane
    – no hugging and shit, esp towards Van C.untface
    – Remember this is a team that cheated us out of going 50 games unbeaten, namely Wayne Rooney.
    – You will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER get a better chance to beat them, and beat them well.
    – If you do score, dont tighten the game up and protect the lead.
    – If they score, dont bottle it, show some character and we expect every single one of you to scream and shout at the guy next to them and take some fuckin responsibility.
    – be first in the tackle
    – collectively moan to the ref if an unjust decision goes against us
    – if one of our players gets kicked, gang up – a la Keown, Parlour, Lauren, Dixon et al
    – most of all, remember the shirt you’re wearing tonight and the greats that have worn it before you and how they would be playing if they were wearing that shirt tonight
    – as fans, we will raise the roof but you must give us something to raise the roof about
    – and please do not use this as a ‘get out’ but IF you must lose, do so with some serious fight, we will not regard coming back from 2 nil down to draw 2-2 as someting to celebrate, and if any of you do, please fuck off and give the shirt back.
    – we demand a victory

  75. ArseneWengerNose

    Wasn’t that the game Arshavin scored in an absolute stunner?

    The crazy thing was as a team we were playing well, and Diaby was playing well. But that’s a perfect example of how big of a choke job Wenger’s boys are capable of pulling, as we never looked the same when Man U got their goals out of nowhere.

  76. ArseneWengerNose

    Why wouldn’t you believe that Balotelli is gone. I heard he was crying in their last game. And there were reports of racism and abuse. Oh silly Italy.

  77. Dissenter

    We should just “retire” Diaby’s number American style,hang it up on the rafters and clap him out after the last home game of the season.
    That way, Arsene will stop pulling the wool over our eyes, refusing to buy because Diaby’s “coming back soon”
    For all the angst about Kallstrom, Diaby has been a permanent Kallstrom in the physio room.
    Think of all the midfielders we’ve missed out on while waiting for him?

  78. Ash79

    Tits – I translated that below. Funny how it refers to Arsene as a ‘Technical

    London calling . The call from the English capital Balotelli came to Arsenal . The Gunners in these hours are trying to blitz SuperMario . The mission of his London agent , Mino Raiola , has already taken and will meet shortly Wenger to understand the margins of the operation. The technical Alsatian desperate for reinforcements in attack level and decided for the next season want to bet on Balotelli relying above all on the will of the Champions League AC Milan attacker .

    An assault that comes suspiciously after the tears of St. Paul that have shown the torments and anxieties of Mario. Italy , the pressure from the media about his personal life , however, which is likely to intensify with the growth of the Pious and his responsibilities to his father, for he can turn into a minefield . Not by chance in a recent interview Balotelli has launched messages of love to the Premier . London may become his new haven , perhaps with the beautiful Fanny at his side.

    Arsenal have important papers . Since July 1, the technical sponsor of the club will be the same player who also happens to be the brand of the National Assembly. The German brand (which also has in its porfolio Falcao and Aguero ) has sensed the enormous potential development -related merchandising is ready to participate in the offer to be presented to Milan : £ 25 million , EUR 30 million of which, however, would fill the hole from the missed landing in the Champions League for the Rossoneri . If Arsenal try shooting, attention to Mourinho who is tickled by the idea of working with a possibly different Balotelli . The maneuvers have just started .

  79. Guns of brixton

    Thats how to Preach brotha!
    lol! just show em the 8-2 or nani doing kick ups in that 4-0 loss. that’ll get them riled.

  80. paul mc daid

    Time for Wenger and his staff to start earning their money.
    This is a must win,Time to put the “Big Boys” boots on.

  81. Salvage

    Gladwyn February 12, 2014 10:10:58

    What’s disgusting is that atleast Moysie has got a tactic but Arsene doesn’t even have one. If he ever does have any, can someone please enlighten me.
    Moyes’ Tactics: Give it to Januzai -> Cross it boy.
    Also give it to Evra -> Cross it dude
    For goodness sakes give it to Valencia -> Cross the damn thing.

    Rooney : But hey boss, Heitinga is dealing with it all .
    Moyes: Erm … Ok just make the cross higher

  82. Dissenter

    I prefer the short form of your pseudo, brings a lot to mind.



    Balotelli is a basket case. It’s hard to form team spirit with that loony in your camp. Balotelli is all about Balotelli . Today it’s his hairdo or laces or one ring. It’s always about him.
    He’s life style is like Vinnie Jones with all the bad boy persona, smoking and all. He’s not going to last long at this level.
    I’m sure there are better players that will die to play for Arsenal.

  83. Simon

    Over in Mancunia …

    FEBRUARY 12, 2014 AT 13:27
    Redfrog says:
    @Samuel…I don’t know what is worse, the football, the results or the shower of shit Moyes is giving us every time he opens his mouth. Instead of shut the fuck up he always want to make us think he is right.

    read that :–sow.html

    “Things were always going to take time. There has been rebuilding going on here year after year and we’ll continue to do that.” Then what are you doing Moyes ? Why you don’t do it ? Why you say you will ? Why didn’t you act in the summer ?