Ozil needs to find his inner Pires | Sanogo needs to find some respect | Arsenal need a win

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Manchester United provided the post sex cigarette after our Shawshank Redemption style mauling against Liverpool, and oh my, how satisfying was it? Are you sure it was just tobacco? United over turned an unfair one goal deficit only to be hit with a Darren Bent sucker punch at the death. That’s like David Brent stealing in to nick your girlfriend at closing time. Hilariously bad defending from United matched by incredible scenes in the stands. Mick Hucknall was not pleased at all.

That makes our match against them on Wednesday even more important. We literally can’t lose against United. They’re flat out of luck, flat out of faith in their manager and on the verge of total implosion. We can either kill their season or we can reignite it for 2 games. We know how they’ll play… press us hard and whip the ball into the box (84 crosses against Fulham!). We have to be alert to that and I hope we’re practicing to combat this tactic.

I watched back the Liverpool game again last night; it was incredible to watch how lethargic our side was. Arteta was so out of his depth against a team who had set out to harass us from the start. I would imagine Moyes will do the same against us for the first 45. So we’ll need to be sharp. I mean, United don’t really have the legs to do what Liverpool did to us, but they will look at Arteta and know that he underperforms when he has to play back to back games. That’s why I’d be seriously looking at other options in the middle of the park. Could we ask Jack to play that defensive role with Thomas Rosicky? I mean, push comes to shove, could he try Vermaelen there? He’s powerful and he can move the ball around. How dangerous could it be moving a centre back into the holding role? Chelsea do it with Luiz who Mourinho insists is a centre back? Sometimes when desperate times are about, you must try those desperate measures. Surely whatever we do can’t be as bad as what we saw this weekend?

My big worry is that it’s clear that neither Chamberlain or Jack are up to speed fitness wise…

Another area we need to hope for improvement in is creativity. Ozil was a non-entity at the weekend, which isn’t acceptable. People have been telling me the German has always been a background player who just makes things tick. I’m sorry, but I have to totally disagree. I’ve seen Ozil command games on numerous occasions. He showed us earlier in the season against Everton what he can be, so there are no excuses. I totally get that he’d ideally like to be playing with forwards that make diagonal pacey runs into areas he can pick out… but hey… guess what? Arsene has chosen to ignore the striking position and we’re stuck with Giroud. Now, Ozil has been dubbed the best number 10 in the world by Mourinho, which is a great honour for any player… so look, I don’t think it’s beyond expectations to believe he has it in him to make this side tick over without Theo and Ramsey.

Players have to step up, players have to adapt… players have to show their mettle. I appreciate it’s his first season, but falling on your arse feeling sorry for yourself won’t cut it. We need more from him, we need more from Giroud and we need more from the collective unit.

I said yesterday in my Metro Article, Ozil is an incredible talent, he can become the new Bergkamp or he can slink off and be the new Andrey. I loved both, respected both for their immense talent… but only one of them has a statue (coming). It’s also worth noting that Pires was a bit of a background player until he found his inner monster, it’s well documented that he didn’t like the rough and tumble to begin with, but then he embraced it like Johan Djourou embraces £83,000 watches.

Still, it has to be said, it’s been well documented this season that our lack of rotation will kill us in the end and if Liverpool was anything to go by, it’s already well on its way. Trouble is, now we’re in panic mode, so there’s literally no chance of anyone half decent getting a rest over the next few games. We have to play a full team on Wednesday. We have to play a full team against Liverpool. We have to play a full team against Bayern. The reality of the situation is that now we’re in crunch time, our players are ruined because we didn’t rest during the easy runs…

Arsene will argue that you should always play your best team… I’d argue that you build a squad capable of deputising for your best players.

I’ve read the traditional, ‘Arsene was furious’ reports that have been dropped into the press by Arteta. I don’t care how mad Arsene was, I just want to see a reaction. United aren’t even a big game this year, they’re a shadow of what they used to be, we should be taking 3 points very easily, this shouldn’t be billed as anything other than a formality if form were the barometer.

In other news, Sanogo allegedly gave Per a black eye. Obviously one for the future eh? Apparently head-butting a senior member of the squad. Nice work. There’s also news that Fabianski has rejected a contract with us. So he’ll be leaving along with Viviano, who apparently doesn’t play because he’s utter garbage. Another hat tip to our incredible scouting network who last year managed to come up with the best number ten in the world, an ex-player who was on a free, a player who considered becoming a postman and a goal keeper so bad he can’t usurp Fabianski or an 18 year old. I mean honestly, what does Ivan say when he speaks to Stan on his weekly catch ups?

Right, rant over… back into positive mode tomorrow. We have a United side to destroy.


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  1. Mike adamski


    Lallana is quality – better than some of our MF

    Coleman – great RB
    LOvren – he’ll do , not fussed
    Rodriguez – better than giroud
    Shaw – looks very promising , but I’m happy with Gibbs , Monreal for the most part is good , although had a couple of shit games for us ( saints , city , Liverpool )

  2. Mike adamski

    God knows what we were thinking on Saturday .
    Our full backs may aswell have been in the stands they were so out of position .

    I’m dumbfounded , considering how well we have defended for the majority of season .

    Arteta was right , it was a car crash .

  3. ArseneWengerNose

    Sometimes when you are playing a team with lesser players in the middle of the park, it might be a good idea to implement a high line, in order to trap them in their own half and dominate the match. That’s the theory at least.

    Of course that doesn’t take into account the fact that Liverpool, even though they don’t have strong midfielders or defenders, have some of the paciest players in the league up front. And we don’t have an incredibly fast defensive line, nor do we have fast midfielder who can track back. So yeah, fair to say the tactics were off from the start, and it wasn’t a very good idea. We do have a better midfield on paper, but it all had to be built on solid foundations starting from the back. Take that away, and you’ve got their players running at us at will.

    I mean, even in games Liverpool have lost, Sterling and co clearly showed that they can run behind anybody. Just another example of how Wenger is an awful tactician. If you don’t account for the other team’s strengths and weaknesses, you are terrible at your job.

    And this isn’t something new. Actually Arsenal have made a lot of adjustments in the last few years, and we’ve improved defensively. Some would credit Platt, but I don’t know. Even as recent as 2009, we’ve had matches like the one at Anfield. A crazy evening, 7 goals up to that point in the game, you’ve just taken the lead away from home. And Arsenal played the match in the 90th minute just like they were in the first minute. With no discipline whatsoever. And Yossi scored the equalizer for them because of a mistake at the back.

    Wenger never was a good tactician.

  4. ArseneWengerNose

    But I agree as far as Jay Rodriguez and some of the other names mentioned. I don’t think that they’re what we’re looking for.

  5. Dale Rios

    I’m not really sure about Sagna, he is a very limited player technically and i always saw his attacking play as somewhat average.

    At his best though he arguably the best RB in the world if judged on his defending alone and at 31 with his legs starting to go I’m not sure how long he has left at the top level.

    We should probably wait and see how he does in the next few weeks where he’ll come up against Robben,Ribery,Nasri and Hazard.

  6. hackneylad

    Waatching the highlights now!

    Can’t express how fucking dreadful we were.

    3 Main problems

    1 Suicidal high line against the paciest attacking force

    2 Fullbacks pushed up to high basically to all intents and purposes they were wing backs/wingers they were no where to be seen for all the goals not only were they not near the box they were still in the other half they had pushed up to much, this is a result of having zero pace on the team we rely on the Fb’s to do that totally noneffective overlap tactic

    3 The miss passing that lead to every single counter attack could of been avoided if the players weren’t shellshocked and hadn’t lost focus it was embarrassing how are players were fucking up the most basic passes

    The final goal was the worse it was a complete team disaster it was a simple ball over the top route 1 football and we couldn’t defend it.

    Sagna was duped into pulling up not aware that the player he was tracking didn’t represent a threat and thus leaving sterling the real threat with mert

    The defense was far to high up the field by the half way line despite liverpool having possession.

  7. MidwestGun

    AWNose –

    Yep, I think that pretty accurately describes what we were thinking. Also, from what I remember, keeping in mind I refuse to rewatch it, Sagna and Monreal were told to get up the field immediately.

    Perhaps, we were trying to get at their crap back line. For whatever reason, our Rb and Lb were up the pitch and out of position all the time and not in a straight line. So we couldnt step up to play the trap.

    So, the gap between Mert and Sagna, and the gap between Kos and Monreal were exposed mercilessly, over and over and over.

    Or at least thats how my hangover hazed brain remembers it.

  8. hackneylad

    I honestly don’t understand why people mock the idea of Sagna as a center back could extend his career at the top 3 years.

    His easily still got enough pace and stamina to be a CB ironically he would be one of the faster ones…

  9. hackneylad

    Not fan of Monreal to be honest he has more howlers than Gibbs and his a more experienced player.

    Monreal and Gibbs completely bottle it in the final third… what is up with us with Fullbacks who hardly ever score.

  10. Ofebs

    Everything wrong in that game points to managerial failing…yet no one in the club able to question Wenger – sad, real sad.

  11. ArseneWengerNose

    I agree with you mate. Sagna is always been decent going forward, but nothing more. He’ll have the occasional cross, and his link up and hold up play is generally reliable. But I’m not sure we need more out of a full back. We’re not exactly a crossing team, even with Giroud, we need more players to go for the ball in the box, and that just isn’t how we roll.

    I’m more worried with how Monreal/Gibbs will fair. In my time watching Sagna play, he’s been one of our most professional players. Nothing flashy but he gets the job done. I’m not worried about him.

  12. ArseneWengerNose

    I don’t blame you for not watching the game again mate. I used to be like you. I remember when we lost to Chelsea in the Champions League quarter finals, I never watched the highlights or anything that had anything to do with that game. When we lost to Barcelona in Paris I only saw highlights for that game for the first time last year as I was watching a Champions League preview show.

    Now, it hurts a bit, but I think of it as a learning experience. Plus, years of watching Wenger’s teams bottle the crap out of it, makes you more accepting of reality.

  13. ArseneWengerNose

    Arsenal lost by 5 goals or more only 4 times in the Premier League era (All under Wenger), twice this season!

    I still can’t get over that stat. Especially, this season, where we generally defended better than we’ve done in years.

  14. Leedsgunner

    I think sometimes people people misunderstand how to use the summer and the winter transfer windows. Because most player contracts in European leagues end in the summer the market for talent is that much bigger. So the summer is ideal for wholesale and/or key signings. The winter window should be ideally to strengthen and bolster the squad to cover injuries and or suspensions. So unless a class act such as Lewandowski comes available it is not surprising that the market in the winter does not have a lot of class players.

    This should have not become an excuse to NOT to buy as Wenger’s supporters told us over and over again in January. The before mentioned players from Southampton would have been more than adequate for the title push and would have given our squad adequate cover for injuries, loss of form and/or suspensions.

    All we needed in the transfer window was a decent striker and a good DM and a cb would could cover for injuries.

    The fact that we were unable to do so is shameful.

  15. Norfolk

    hackneyladFebruary 10, 2014 22:00:41
    I honestly don’t understand why people mock the idea of Sagna as a center back could extend his career at the top 3 years.His easily still got enough pace and stamina to be a CB ironically he would be one of the faster ones…”

    From memory someone like Galatasaray have offered him a 4 yr deal on something like £4.5m pa and we have offered him 1 yr at £2.5m pa, I believe we may have extended it to 2 yrs at £2.5m pa, if I were his agent I’d be telling him to move.

    Shame, but there you go.

  16. Jeff


    I genuinely think Wenger did not want to buy anyone (until Ramsey went down) and it was too late by then. As for a striker, I don’t even think the idea crossed his mind as he strongly believes Giroud and Bendtner are adequate given how we have faired so far. I believe that’s the logic behind the inaction; totally wrong and misguided of course.

  17. Norfolk

    JeffFebruary 10, 2014 22:25:14
    …………..I don’t even think the idea crossed his mind as he strongly believes Giroud and Bendtner are adequate”

    I think that is correct, they are adequate, that’s the nub of the issue, who wants adequate, I want special not average.

  18. ArseneWengerNose

    If we can beat Man U and Liverpool, and at least hold off Bayern until the second leg, sorta like we used to do against Barcelona before getting our asses handed to us at Camp Nou. This season might still be saved!

    I’m not holding my breath though, as I think not using the winter market to strengthen really limited our chances considerably, and we appear an injury or two away from looking really thin.

  19. Toli83

    I’d rather play Bendtner at the moment than Giroud.

    Not sure what’s happened to OG but his touch looks all over the place and so slow at the moment.

    Shocking against Liverpool.

  20. ArseneWengerNose

    I hate sounding, even in the slightest, like an AKB. But do you think there is a chance we can bounce back successfully after a big defeat? I mean, we did have a good run after losing to Man City. A draw against Chelsea wasn’t great but at least they didn’t win, that would’ve killed us. And a couple of big away wins, especially against Newcastle.

    The next two games are at home, so that increases our chances surely, doesn’t it? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  21. tunnygriffboy

    I really hope we can keep pushing at the top for the rest of the season because I want us to do well. Also I can see the Hansen’s, Owen’s etc rubbing their hands in glee waiting for our inexorable descent down the table. I really hate them, smug bastards.

  22. Toli83

    Sagna is another player that doesn’t believe in Wenger, he’s been ok this year, nothing more, last year he was dreadful in patches.

    AW should buy a talent like Coleman, instead he’ll stick with Jenkinson no doubt and promote Bellerin to the bench.

  23. ArseneWengerNose

    That’s what happens when you over-play someone. Wenger the doorknob actually said a few weeks ago that Giroud was playing even though he needed a rest badly. It was in one of Pedro’s posts earlier.

  24. ArseneWengerNose

    Not sure if he’ll be available for the game against Liverpool, but surely after that he’s good to go.

  25. Revving Kevin

    “But if he (Ozil) ever puts such a lack of effort in again I hope he gets his leg broken by the opposition”

    NO NO NO.
    What a fucking disgraceful comment! Whether you want Wenger in or out, comments like that have no place on an Arsenal blog. One thing about us Arsenal fans, we have seen enough of our players suffer horrific leg breaks not to wish that on anyone. Arsenal fans are great fans they don’t behave like this nasty cunt.

    Ashamed but not surprised so few of you have shown the decency or balls to condemn this disgusting comment from that wanker gambon. Shocked he actually wrote it. What a Nice guy.

  26. Toli83

    Gambon does have a point on Ozil.

    I have to say (I go to most games by the way), that Ozil does look disinterested and not wanting to be there. Liverpool his effort was shocking. Against City and United he was the same .

    For that money we expect so much more from him.

    I’m sure he will turn it around but someone needs a word in his shell like.

  27. Toli83

    Cheers AWN,

    Hopefully he’ll shake things up.

    Arteta should be as far away from thins as possible. Never a DM and teams are targeting him now as a weak link.

  28. Leedsgunner

    Rev Kev @2250

    People did pull him up on it… Not many but I and a few others did. Even you as Wenger’s chief proponent must be hurting after that loss? Not asking you to wind you up. All Arsenal fans should be hurting!! It hurts like hell doesn’t it?

  29. ArseneWengerNose

    Against C. Palace when he was subbed he looked very cold and uninterested, me thinks he’s questioning some of the decisions he’s made in life, and how it all went south in an instant.

    But seriously, I hate it when a player seems to lose interest so quickly after joining a new club. I mean, I can understand if Sagna was upset with the direction we’ve been on for the past few years, because he’s been through a lot and experienced a lot. But this Ozil shit, looking bored and sending SOS signals with his demeanor is just whack. Cazorla also used to annoy the fuck out of me with his body language, especially during the collapse weeks of the two Bs, Blackburn and Bayern.

  30. ArseneWengerNose

    To me these hurtful comments don’t bother me, I mean I’d never wish injury on anybody, especially our guys. But you never know, gambon might just have a dark sense of humor.

    I mean sure, come out and say that you dislike the comment. But to call him a cunt and attack him personally. That just leads to more negativity and hostility, but whatever.

  31. Leedsgunner


    I have no problems with Bellerin being promoted. Jenkinson should be sold, love the fellas passion but nowhere good enough to be a first choice RB for the club. Coleman would be awesome but expensive.

  32. ArseneWengerNose

    What about Debuchy? Only saw him a couple of times this season, but he’s getting good reviews. Not much on the international scene but he is ahead of Sagna for France, isn’t he?

  33. MuddyGooner

    Wow just finished watching ‘Fever Pitch’ on BT Sport for the first time!
    Knew it was about a Gooner but didn’t realise the finale revolved around that magical evening 26th May 1989.
    Brought back so many good memories watching that film.
    The match itself I watched it with my cousin who was a Liverpool fan ( I know, half of the kids in London were Liverpool fans in those days ! It’s like that now, but it’s Man Utd the kids support )
    Anyway, he kept winding me about us being bottlers and that Liverpool would put is to the sword in the final game.
    However, my cousin was tense all throughout the match, even more so when Smudger scored.
    Wasn’t until a minute left, when McMahon was giving it the one minute signal with his finger, that my cousin, irritatingly was doing the same in my face ! I was that close to wacking him one !
    Then, it happened !
    Brian Moore with his ‘it’s all up for grabs now’ and Michael Thomas, who earlier fluffed a chance in a identical position, made no mistake this time.
    Oh my god ! I went mental ! My cousin died inside ! He started to cry in despair. I cried too for the opposite reasons. Wow !
    Highly recommend you to watch that film, old as it is.
    Funny how talking about my cousin, it was him who Whattsapped me first, to wind me up after Liverpool slaughtered us on Saturday.

  34. GunnerDNA

    @Revving Kevin

    The blog sheriff is alive. If you and your AKB friends was holding AW accountable just as much as you search the comments and look for a negative point to establish you relevance, afc will be a better club. I don’t have to ask if you are one of the season ticket holder who goes to game and sit like you are in a Anglican church, with your tail between your legs.

  35. MidwestGun

    I called out gambon on his holier than thou, angry, insults all the time. Not a fan of his posting style.

    But I also know that he just says crap for shock value. Its the internet people say dumb crap. He was just trying to be macho and shocking.

    Personally, I just let it slide. Dont think hes actually calling for a leg break.

    Once in awhile he makes a point if you can get by all the bluster.

  36. ArseneWengerNose

    I was 2 at the time, lol. But I’ve watched old clips, and I’ll never forget the legendary commentary, or Michael Thomas celebrating, kicking the air not knowing what to do with himself he was so happy.


  37. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Lallana = Back up to Ozil
    Rodiguez= probably better than Sanogo
    Coleman=Sagna Replacment
    Lovren=Back up to Mert
    Shaw him and Gibbs battling it out

    Premiership ready players tried and tested just saying.

    Draxler all day
    Pedro too

  38. Toli83

    I’m a big fan of Gambon, I mean come on. He’s Arsenal through and through and genuinely has passion for the club to win things.

    One of the posters that makes a lot of sense….

    Also agree on Bellerin, but he need a season out on loan in my opinion. Shouldn’t be near the bench yet.

  39. Revving Kevin

    Dear Leeds
    I saw you did mate. The same when he took the piss out of the disabled, you spoke up. Respect, you are a decent bloke.

    Yes I was pissed off. I was in a pub with everyone bar a few if us jumping around mocking us, spuds, chavs all hating us. What the hell were our full backs pushing on for, sterling Suarez and Sturridge had so much room. No pressing. We just let them play. That midfield was never going to work. Arteta and jack, no way. Rosicky should have started I said that before. And Ozil was shocking. Let’s hope it’s a kick up the arse and we benefit Wednesday.

    Gunnersdna please don’t be a dick. I work stupid hours. Was ST for thirty years when you were in nappies so don’ be so rude. I go most home games unless working but what has that got to do with you? Lots can’t afford to go to games, doesn’t make them less if a fan. As Leeds said, we are all Gooners. Stop this AKB shit, the sooner we stop arguing amongst ourselves the better. gambon was fucking out of order but Becos he is the Wenger out cheerleader he can say what he wants. No mate, where is respect and decency? Everything comes second to that. Broken leg? I have had one in a car smash, fucking shit and wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    Some not nice people about and unfortunately they say they are Gooners.

  40. MidwestGun

    Toli –

    Dont disagree, dude has passion. I agree with some, dont agree with some points.
    But in the end its a comment section on a blog thats all it is. Dont get all the angst.

  41. Revving Kevin

    You say some good stuff but that was crap. Any Arsenal player gets done like Ramsey or Eduardo and I am sick, they are our players. Wishing our players broken legs, fuck me it doesn’t get much disgusting. He plays you guys.

  42. Thomas

    oh look who decided to show up. You just knew Revving Kevins first post since that embarrassing game against Liverpool was going to be about gambon somehow. He just waited for the right moment.

  43. MidwestGun

    Just my opinion,but your not gonna start some revolution on here.
    Nor are you gonna get respect and decency from everyone.

    It comes with being anonymous on the intenet.

    Ok done being a philosopher.

  44. Revving Kevin

    Dear Midwest
    You are a philosopher! Don’t disagree. In my lifetime, I have always found Gooners to be classy and decent. The Willow Foundation shows that. A few Neanderthals show us up.

  45. Nizam

    Wigan beat MC in the Cup final against long odds. I know it’s a one off . Then we have lowly teams beating the likes of Chelsea/Mu/Mc.
    With the greatest of respect,Wenger shd be more flexible in his tactics and maybe
    he can surprise the critics.
    Mu will be desperate to get back to winning ways and if Wenger plays his usual attack style leaving gaps,don’t be surprised MU will win by a big score.

  46. GunnerDNA

    @ Revvin Kevin

    “Gunnersdna please don’t be a dick. I work stupid hours. Was ST for thirty years when you were in nappies so don’ be so rude. I go most home games unless working but what has that got to do with you? Lots can’t afford to go to games, doesn’t make them less if a fan. As Leeds said, we are all Gooners. Stop this AKB shit, the sooner we stop arguing amongst ourselves the better. ”

    Why working so hard at a old age, you should have been smart enough to save your money other than making AW and friends richer. I was in nappies but right now i’m not scrambling. Common sense ain’t that common after all.

  47. reality check


    Time line

    15mins in

    the ox get tackled hard, ball goes out for corner

    cazorla steps up and whips in an out swinger

    per attacks the cross heads ball towards goal

    ball shoots across area between cb and keeper

    (giroud tap in territory)

    ball goes out for gk. after the shock of how close his header went, per turns to his teammates and gestures, why didnt anyone attack that.?

    I dont know if anyone already caught this but…. OZIL turns to his teammates with the same shock as per. POINTS to GIROUD with one hand then gestures with the other hand, ‘you should have attacked that, what you doing, go for it!!’

    not happy

    now of course we cant hear what he said, but go back to that corner kick and just watch ozil… make your own mind up, what thoses gestures meant.

    imo.. ozil played shit but, he doesn’t like giroud. end of.

  48. MidwestGun

    GunnerDNAFebruary 11, 2014    00:46:18

    The players AW recruit over the last 8 yrs show what type of person he is, shy boys with feminine behavior.

    Ya your first class..

  49. Thank you and goodnight

    I think people are harsh labelling giroud a white emile heskey, harsh on emile that is. I would say he’s more like that Leicester player….Trevor benjamin( I think that’s his name)…

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    People like whilshere, Ozil etc etc need a big, hard DM to do the donkey work, allowing the flair players to do their job. Someone posted Ozil didn’t know where he’s meant to be playing, that’s the same for a lot of our players. Wenger constantly trying to prove he’s a genius by playing players out of position. As someone again mentioned yesterday, arteta has never ever been a DM, so what the hell does Wenger play him their for? Well apart from saving money on a real DM of course. WENGER AND THE BOARD OUT….FOR EVER.

  51. Moray

    From the Guardian…

    Yet while the other contenders may still pursue that calibre of player, Mourinho said Chelsea could still compete for honours within FFP, having already recruited potential which, as it was with Kevin de Bruyne in January, could then be sold on at substantial profit. The Belgium forward had been bought for £6.7m and, despite making only two Premier League starts in two years contracted to the club, moved on to Wolfsburg last month for £18m. Romelu Lukaku and Thibaut Courtois, the young goalkeeper who has spent the last two seasons at Atlético Madrid and whose contract runs to 2016, have likewise clearly seen their values soar while away from the club who technically owns them.

    “Chelsea made great investment in the past and were also criticised because we did so much but things change,” said Mourinho. “The club adapted well to the situation. You see De Bruyne gave us a big profit and there are other players who – maybe – won’t play a single match for Chelsea and we sell them at a profit. We had to organise ourselves in a different way and, before I came here, Chelsea did fantastic work in this level: Lukaku, De Bruyne, Courtois, [Lucas] Piazon … not all of them will have a career at Chelsea but all of them are important in this new financial organisation.

    “So Chelsea worked very, very well and probably started doing that before other clubs. Because of that, even if FFP is put into practice, the club are advanced in dealing with that new situation.” They currently have 30 players on loan at clubs around Europe, youngsters who will either go on to make their mark back at their parent club or whose future sales will help the current Premier League leaders comply with Uefa’s regulations.

    Mourinho has a point. Meanwhile, we were spunking money on the floor for panic bought players like Santos, Arteta, Sanogo etc. Whatever the ethics of this, you have to say played this right with a mixture of cynicism and ruthlessness.

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    Abramovich isn’t as stupid as he may look mate. Unlike the mickey mouse outfit running our beloved club. Fuck the lot of them.

  53. goonerDNA

    Your name is to similiar to mine gunnerDNA change it please I don’t wanna be confused with you


    suits you more

  54. Richard

    What is your problem guys, yes Saturday the result and performance wasn’t good enough and no one has hidden from that fact but it’s just one game. Now we have 13 games left 39 points to play for now their average points for title over last ten years is 86 points so we could theoretically lose two and draw two of last 13 games and still be in shout of winning title. However, let’s take this a step at a time our first priority was to improve from last season if we amass 73 points or more then we have achieved that. Then to win something and lastly to gain cl qualification . If we manage two of those then season hasn’t been bad. Let’s remember your slating a manager that has amassed 92 points since January . To say he didn’t strengthen is a fair point until you look at facts until Ramsey broke down in training and flamini received a red card at Southampton we looked healthy in midfield and he did go and get kallstrom and yes he’s ember but when your up against time you have to make those calls. He did try klose morata and a few other strikers on loan deals but parent clubs were unwilling to deal so not entirely his fault no point buying players in January if you have no plans for them long term which is why he went for loan deals. The players you have mentioned sit where in the league. Let’s also remember the only teams we have not picked. Points up against are utd and city and we play both of those in the coming weeks. Who have We lost to villa city utd and Liverpool two are top four teams currently and the other is a top 8 team. Let’s support the team and see how we finish up at end of season. Let us remember Liverpool entertain city and Chelsea at an field so will have more chances to change the title race again their only problem is they will drop points away to lesser teams this title is a three horse race and considering both city and Chelsea have bigger squads and more financial clout I think we are doing well to compete with them. Can we still win title of course we need a bit of luck a bit courage and to play at a consistently high level. Before moaning take a long hard look back to August and ask yourselves what were we expecting from this season then see if we have done better than you expected so far. I suspect many will answer that we have exceeded expectation yes we are still in two cup competitions with two tricky ties to go we are still in shout of pl title the one many people didn’t think was our best chance to have a piece of silverware so overall not a bad place to be. For me I think we will end the season with at least one piece of silverware for me pl title has always been about Chelsea and city but with mourinho previous experience of pl they have to be favourites I think we can cause an upset but it was always going to be difficult if we do win it it will be by one point from Chelsea with city third and I take Liverpool to take fourth spot.