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Good morning from me, I hope all is well in the sunshine of this February day. Arsenal vs Liverpool. It’s going to be massive. So dust off that hangover and start getting excited.

First up though, Ray Parlour was in the press talking about Arsenal’s finances. He dropped this little pearler into his Daily Mail column.

‘I understand why supporters are frustrated at the lack of trophies, but there has been an awful lot going on inside the club during that time. I know for a fact Arsene didn’t have a lot of money to spend. It all went into the stadium, trying to pay it off as quickly as they can.’

Now there Ray, this looks like a bit of creative revisionism going on here. Sure, when we moved, Arsenal were broke. We had to defer the Robin Van Persie transfer because we were strapped for cash. However, reading Ray rewriting history feels a bit PR to me.

Firstly, Arsenal are tied into a long term mortgage. So we can’t pay off the stadium early. That’s a total nonsense statement from the off. Secondly, we didn’t have to play the skint card through that period. Stan could have invested some of his billions in the club to give us a cash boost, but he didn’t. Why? Because it didn’t suit him to. The sustainable model simply meant that his investment was worth more when the new commercials dropped.

We’ve also always had a pretty large wage bill. Wages correlate to league position in the main. So while Wenger has done a good job over the years, he hasn’t exactly performed miracles. He’s spent less on transfers, but he’s spent a shedload of cash on wages. So much so, he cleared £500k a week off our books last summer by shifting deadwood that didn’t play.

Someone made an interesting point about transfers. Whilst the manager hasn’t had cash like City, he has had funds, he just hasn’t spent it particularly well. The summer we missed out on Chelsea, Arsene opted instead to spend £24m on a teenager from league one and Gervinho. One went on to be twice player of the year for Chelsea, the other two… well, one is in Italy after being a total flop, the other is still trying to make his mark.

Point is, Arsenal can’t plead poverty. We’ve just been impoverished compared to Chelsea and City. During that same time, Ferguson, using sustainable funds, more than matched them. So whilst money is important, it’s not the only factor that drives success.

Onto today. Liverpool. It’s going to be a tough game. I’m not hugely confident if I’m honest. Their two strikers are going to be a nightmare and I fear that away from home, they might turn it on.

Still, we’ve both had a week off. Both teams will be energised and well drilled. So the encounter doesn’t have any excuses wrapped around it. The better team will win. On paper, that’s us. How that plays out in reality is another story. Brendan Rodgers has injected a new belief into that Liverpool side. Today is a cup final for his boys. If they lose, they’re out of the title race. If they win, they close the gap and they’ll get a boost of momentum.

For Arsenal, a loss and the next 3 weeks start to look depressing. Win and it could be the start of something glorious. It’s a massive game for both side and the game has epic written all over it!

Right, see you in the comments, enjoy the game!

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  1. andy1886

    CA – perhaps he was just pissed that he had to get off his arse and earn his £20k a week? Diaby told him he could lay around for months and do fuck all while getting rich. No doubt Arsene will protect his latest ‘project’.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Perhaps it was all strange to him, and like a child on his first day of school taken away from Mummy’s teat he lashed out as he tried to form his own persona and carve a place in the team.

    Diaby told him team crock and layabout was taken.

  3. Jamal

    Just watched the game again on MOTD, how fucking embarrassing was that, lol Lineker couldnt resist showing the Wenger picture.

    Everyone’s laughing at us..

  4. Ines

    Managers win the Premier League.
    Not the best teams.
    Masterminds among managers are winning this League.
    Red Nose was mastermind hence so dominant even with inferior squads compared to Chelsea and City.
    Mastermind in the Premier League now is Maureen.
    Wenger and Pellegrini are not able to compete with him.
    Maybe Rodgers will be, I’m not so sure though.
    City, to become competitive, has to change manager.
    We have to change manager for the same reason. Like you didn’t know that.
    If we don’t change our managers, chances of Chav domination are extremely high.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    It’s hard to predict now, Chelsea have an easy run of games, but they can be really poor without warning.

    City have Aguero and Fernandinho to come back and both are hugely important…hard to say.

    Going to be tight between those two.

    I thought us for third, but I’ll reserve judgement until Wednesday night, lose to United and I think Liverpool may overtake us, depending on the manner of our loss.

    Said weeks ago, it can turn ugly very, very quickly in February.

  6. salparadisenyc

    Wednesday is the statement game of the season for me. If we have any mettle thats the moment to bring it, a draw will not suffice.

  7. wenker-wanger

    another example of a complete demotivated performance from wengers arsenal/ The players will be blamed of course, but a more thorough analysis should lay most of the blame at the chief demotivating charlatan wenger. man utd 8-2, newcastle 4-4 and now this shocker:liverpool 5-1…If a top side need to get a big result against this wenger arsenal team then they have every chance. Most of us knew we would collapse in the big games, only the pathetic immature dreamy AKBs believed we would win the prem. Lets hope wenger throws in the towel…hes a washed-up joke now.

  8. andy1886

    At least when AW goes he will have a few mates to share the taxi with. Can’t see OG, Diaby or Sanogo lasting 5 minutes without his patronage.

  9. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Ba was a loan attempt.. And I agree as only a back up… But I read that that he had simply failed in a bid to get a ‘real’ striker (Suarez et al) and recognised that we were short.

    We’re still in the market for one. Just a pity we have to go thru the whole season without one. I’m surprised he didn’t find a ‘backup’ in Jan. (well more pissed off than surprised). But never expected a Cavanni etc either. We’re back to the summer again.

    I think this is Girouds last few months as a No 1. He’ll be ok on the bench next season. Or I wouldn’t be surprised if he is traded out but I think that will be Bendtner going out and a new No 1 coming in. Giroud to benchwarm. And possibly Podolski to go also.

    But there is no doubt the money is there and he is in the market. Just fucking irritating that we did not go all out last summer.

    Right.. I’m off!

  10. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Almost forgot so-no-go was at Arsenal, mark my words wenger will not buy a striker, well not a proper one, next summer.
    Stephen Hawking, so-no-go and joel Campbell will be the choices next season, although Campbell looks ok for a young un with a bit of potential.

  11. Jamal

    Diaby probably ditched Sanogo for Kim Kallstrom, Sanogo got angry and punched poor Per, Per lied about what happened in fear of the dreaded postman.

    The end.

    So its basically all Diaby’s fault.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    I think I’d go 4-3-3 against United, 4-2-3-1 is a more conservative formation but it certainly isn’t helping us!

    Play Rosicky-Arteta-Chamberlain in the middle, Arteta for lack of a better ‘holding’ option. And then Gnabry-Giroud-Ozil in front.

    4-2-3-1 isn’t working with our personnel currently.

  13. Sam

    Giroud used to shoot in france what happened?
    He’s just gone completely shit

    can we please haveMarouane Cha-messi back?

  14. Leedsgunner

    A dose of humility and reality will do this manager good. Despite what he thinks he is not God’s gift to football. His ineptitude is what lost as this match. He is not a big game manager — how can he be? Mentally he cannot prepare his players for these games because he does not know himself.

    He is not honest with his squad. How can he call them poor one game and then called them a good squad the next if they win. Our squad looks mentally frail and not up for the fight. I do not wish it but it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

    If Wenger is such a good manager how had a £42.5m player looked so ordinary in this side?

    Maybe it’s not Ozil – maybe it’s WENGER.

  15. andy1886

    Who would you pick at #10 on Wednesday? Ozil needs a rest, Santi hasn’t been at his best, quite honestly I’d be pushed to name a midfield that I’d prefer based on current form.

  16. Leedsgunner

    Just wait and see if we win against Man United – this match will be like it never happened – WENGER and all his acolytes will proclaim nothing is wrong.

    Why do we keep making the same errors? We never learn from them.

    Same excuses. Different year.

  17. andy1886

    Leeds, that will not happen because AW doesn’t have it in him to win the really big games. ManU, even with Moyes at the helm, will be too much for him.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    When you try to put a team together you ask yourself, where is my attacking threat coming from here?

    We’re toothless, we have nothing. No speed, no ability to beat players, no goal threat.

    It’s troubling times. I’m actually depressed he’s getting a new deal, Arsenal is my life, I read multiple blogs everyday, follow all the links to Arsenal related stuff I can, I try to get to the stadium whenever money permits (being a student and an Arsenal fan isn’t a lot of fun) – and to think I’ve got to swallow at least 3 more years of this…depressing.

    But I have no choice, this is my club, always has been, always will be. But they make it hard to love them and easy to despise them.

  19. andy1886

    Cesc, when I was your age I had Don Howe’s mediocre side to blight my life, the difference was Howe was sackable whereas Wenger is the teflon man.

  20. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Cesc A

    I think we’ll have to re-write the record books then. It appears our handsome striker did actually score in Liverpool. Pity it wasn’t at Anfield though!

    No wonder he was looking a bit drained.. Ahh that explains it then..

    Now then… What does Arsene do about it.. Start with Nik B on Wed?? Will he put club discipline above the game against Utd?

  21. MidwestGun

    I find myself agreeing more and more with cesc appeal. To the point where I dont even have to post. Cuz im like yep yep yep.

    Why do I feel like anakin skywalker. Lol.

  22. hackneylad

    I do worry about Man U game!

    We didn’t just lose because of an injury hit squad but because we are serial bottlers and handbreak merchants in the big games!

    We lost to a piss poor Manchester so I think we can lose to a piss poor manchester with Mata addition

  23. Leedsgunner

    You can change the car as much as you want but if you have a blind and deaf driver at the wheel you’ll always end up crashing.

  24. hackneylad

    Cesc Appeal

    Completely agree with you in regards to a 433!

    4231 just was not working, and was hindering and holding back the only pace players we have!

    I think its time Wenger considers playing Ozil or Santi not both they just really don’t work well together!

    I would have the usual lot at the back except Gibbs for Monreal

    Then Arteta Rosiscky ozil/caz

    With Ox Giroud Gnarby.

    At this point I would consider Cazorla over Ozil.. his a regular goal threat with his shooting and though playing poorly he has far more impact on the game.

    I genuinely can’t see Ozil being effective enough till we have a better striker/wingers

  25. Ines

    Don’t worry about United.
    Moyes is more clueless than Wenger could ever be.
    United was somehow decent in the earlier stages of the season, they had something of Red Nose mental strength left.
    Now they lost it.

  26. MidwestGun

    Hackney- God I hope so. But I really really couldnt take losing to Man U. Why is it every time we play them we have our key players out injured and theirs are coming back.?
    Its probably just perception vs reality. But I cant tell you the depth of my hatred of those fucks.

  27. Bamford13

    Limited options for Wednesday night, but I’d try something different. Get rid of Arteta and go young and mobile in the center of the park. Go athletic out wide as United like to attack down the wings. And as always, anyone but Giroud up top. As follows—


    Then bring Rosicky or Cazorla on later for Ozil.

    The team that just played against Liverpool will lose to United. Something must change.

  28. Ines


    I wouldn’t told you that.
    I knew we would lose against Pool.
    Like I knew that City would collapse and Chelsea would win the League if not us.
    We will beat United, they are really bad and Moyes is lost.
    We may still finish fourth regardless 🙁

  29. Bamford13


    Yeah, it would be nice to have his energy. How about this?


  30. salparadisenyc

    Ines with all do respect i’d be worried about fucking Crawley Town after that performance, pardon me if I don’t carry your fervor.

  31. Bermy boy

    League gone,CL…don’t even bother,ManU we are scared shitless of,why I don’t know and Liverpool in the FA,shit we are still traumatized.

    Bye bye 2013/14 season.
    Wenger out…..no
    Wenger fuck off and now get out.
    Notice I did not mention transfers like I don’t mention Diaby?

  32. Ines

    Well try to look it from this perspective.
    Yes, we are beaten and our confidence is very low. I know about that.
    But the only team that is in worse state of mind is United.
    By this time they already know they are out of CL, question is how that is affecting them.
    I’m not even sure they will beat Fulham.
    Once Rooney and RVP realize CL is gone they could play badly for a while.
    Rooney is CM these days.
    And Mata will be on the right wing where is more less inefective.
    They are in bigger mess than we.
    The least we could get is draw, if we really show up with intention to pity ourselves.

    I’m not gambler MidwestGun.

  33. Dale Rios

    Today confirmed to me that’s we’re still 5 players short of a team capable of challenging for the title.

    And as much as it pains me to say this, probably a manager short as well.

  34. Zeus

    You moaners blowing a gasket. At least wait until after we are slaughtered by united midweek, and pool replicate that performance next weekend and bayern makes the return leg of the CL a non entity.

  35. MidwestGun

    Fair enough, I admire the confidence. Pretty sure Juan Mata has a pretty stupidly good record against us tho. Too drunk to look it up at the moment tho. . And no way does Mata not play centrally.

    That said, hope your right.

  36. Ines

    And their quality…?
    Non existing midfield and abysmal defence.
    We are not as bad as this game makes us to be.
    It was coming all along, all those weeks on the top, constant pressure, then two goals under 10 minutes from set pieces.
    We were under shock and lack qualities (pace) to come back.
    We stood no chance hence we gave up.

    United is not Liverpool.
    Their pacey players are bad, Their most dangerous players lack pace.
    They hate their manager.
    And they will have nothing to fight for, we still have CL.

    This debacle is partly Wenger fault, he won’t have the same line up against United.

  37. MarbleHall


    Arsenal are bad and have regressed considerably over the last few seasons

    Amazing results over run of the mill teams has blinded you from the truth of this fact

  38. MidwestGun

    Marble –

    Dude im trying not to get into it with you. Cuz sal said I shouldn’t.

    But bad and regressed? Fulham are bad and regressed.
    We are slightly better. Our manager is bad at the moment, ill give you that.

  39. MidwestGun

    Marble –

    I knew you were gonna say that. Lol. Just gonna have to agree to disagree. You maybe correct at the end of the season and then I will apologize. Cause im a stand up guy like that.

    Oh ya kentucky is a pretty place but all about basketball from what I know. I grew up in a pretty big footballing community in st louis. Unfortunely, most of the fans are Man U or Chelski.

  40. atswimtwobirds

    You’re not alone! I’m in Lexington
    Going over for the Chelsea game in March. Now I’m very worried!

  41. grooveydaddy

    I haven’t lived in the US for about 20 years now so I’m a bit out of touch…

    Didn’t show the game where I’m at now (SE Asia) so I had to follow it on Arseblog’s live feed.

    I literally refreshed it for the first time after kickoff and we were already a goal down.

    And it just got worse… F%&k!!!

  42. MidwestGun

    Ya that match was brutal. Tough to re-live even in highlights. Dodgy penalty call on mert, why was he way out on the wing covering? dont fn know. Anyhow, nice cross barely and I mean barely on sides. Headed goal.

    Minutes later, cross boom header goal. Game over bitches.

    Then we were chasing the game. Just sickening. Been drinking for 12 hours. Thank god this tablet has auto correct.

  43. grooveydaddy

    Woke up this morning hoping it was a bad dream or something.

    But no, it was all there in black and white. It really happened…

    I think I’ll start drinking early today…

  44. Moray

    Wenger is the man with the answers we need:

    “Arsenal are a planning a surprise move to bring Manchester City midfielder Gareth Barry to the club in the summer, according to reports.”

    It is not rocket science. We will fail most of the next few games because of Wenger’s nickel and diming in the transfer market. We bought an ageing Arteta (and paid over the odds for him), a Flamini whose legs had largely gone (because he was on a free). Jack is not the player he was and should be given some time to recuperate or even go on loan, to learn some discipline. But basically our squab is so thin quality-wise that we don’t have the wherewithal to rotate effectively or soak up injuries. Wenger has been doing this for around a decade now. He will not change. Signing Ozil, a world class player, has been undermined by the fact he only has Giroud in front of him, and no pact wingers to run on to his balls (without Theo). If it takes a few losses to finally get people to realise this and take action, then so be it.

    At least Kroenke was there yesterday to watch that disgrace. I hope it made him sit up and embarrassed him, but I doubt he really cares too much – number of goals is not the figure he’s interested in!

  45. MarsBar

    Fucking laughing stock and embarrassment.
    To think almost last week I was prepared to pay nearly 1800 dollars for a return flight back to sunny blighty for a catch up down holloway with me pals.

    What a joke. Great wake up call I had thwre.

    Wednesday is a massive game.

  46. Moray

    MarsBar, don’t bother, mate. If the team can’t be bothered to turn up when they only have to travel a couple of hundred miles, why should you bother crossing the Atlantic?

  47. Ofebs

    Arsenal is stuck with a manager who does not know how to make war; a manager whose first instinct is to buy cheap; a manager with no shame, no pride; a manager that is the height of arrogance; a manager that so far this season has been schooled by young pretenders like Martinez at Everton and by Brendan Rogers. Arsene was once great, now he is full of shite…

  48. Thank you and goodnight

    While Wenger remains we will never win anything again. It doesn’t matter who he buys he will never be good enough anymore. 4 nil down and what does he do? Maybe change formation? Personnel? Tactics? No he just stares into space messing about with his damnation coat. No wonder Maureen and red nose used to ridicule him, they’re as surprised as anyone that he still manages a top club.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t think that anyone watching yesterday’s performance could argue that it was an exceedingly ‘ bad day at the office’.

    My real concern at the moment is that we have now lost badly two games this
    season against teams who might be considered our rivals i.e. Man City and Liverpool.

    In both cases we were outplayed not because of technical ability, but because
    they were more ‘combative’ and offer ‘striker potency’.

    Looking at our midfield I have made the point now for two seasons that we
    lack a defensive/box to box player who provides the anchor in front of defence
    to break down opposition. Neither Arteta nor Flamini are frankly good enough particularly when we play the top teams.

    The other weakness is of course what everyone has discussed all season and that is lack of a clinical and inventive striker. Frankly Giroud may be okay as a good squad player, but he would not make the first team of Man City,Man Utd,Liverpool and probably Chelsea.

    My concern with Wenger is that when it comes to investment in areas of weakness in team he fails to deliver.

    I made the point long before the January transfer window opened that Arsenal
    were unlikely to secure a top striker, but they should at least look at strengthening other positions in squad, which were perceived weak. Sadly he did not do so.

    My real worry at the moment is that our trophy winning season could be over
    if we lose three of our next four games against Man Utd [EPL],Liverpool [FAC]
    and Bayern [Champions League].

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    @ Emiratessrtoller
    The only trophy chance we have is fa cup. That’s a slim chance considering who’s left in it. Bayern will beat us, whether it’s a thrashing or a tight game is irrelevant as I just can’t see us beating them.

  51. Thank you and goodnight

    Here’s a question for you. Do you think giroud scored in the hotel with that doris, or do you think he kept missing the hole, putting it wide then pulling that stupid face he does after another miss?

  52. Leedsgunner

    If we win the game in midweek the frustration that I have is that it will purely be a reaction to this loss and not really because he will have learned anything permanent that we can use going forward. Once he thinks the heat is off him he will most likely revert back to type and he’ll tell his squad that they are good enough even though they are not.

    Plus why is it that we always seem to need a loss to produce a reaction from him? How come he never acts from a position of strength?

  53. Leedsgunner

    The tragic thing is if we end up without any silverware this season he’ll offer the same excuse and nod knowingly smile smugly and the lemons on the board plus his acolytes will swallow it hook line and sinker.

  54. Thank you and goodnight


    Don’t forget the top top superstars clamouring to join us, come Season ticket renewal.

  55. Leedsgunner


    What top top stars like fat KIMMY KALLSTROM? Julian Draxler must be thanking his frankfurters that he did not join Arsene’s sad regime.

  56. Thank you and goodnight

    Where’s the usual AKB’S? They’ve gone into hiding, or could they be on untold moaning about how Liverpool are out of order and we were unlucky.

  57. Thank you and goodnight

    I think getting a player on loan to keep diaby and wake me up before you gogo company, is a sign of a genius manager.

  58. Dannyboy

    To be honest people like Revving Kevin should have their IP’s banned for not showing up to face the music last night.. No balls!

  59. Jeff

    I have a theory about why there has been an announcement about Wenger agreeing to sign a contract but not actually or officially having signed it yet.

    Could it be that Wenger is waiting to see where we finish? Could it be that Arsene wants to walk if we win nothing again? He looked so distraught and out of it yesterday that I’m just wondering if he’s thinking about quitting management completely at the end of the season if we win nothing again?

    Just a theory; I have no evidence for it. It is the only way it will happen (i.e. if Wenger himself wants to go). What do you think?

  60. Leedsgunner

    ‘genius manager’

    The first and last time those two words were put together to describe Wenger unless you’re talking about how much money he has left in the bank account at the end of the transfer window.

  61. Jeff

    Someone compiled a list of 10 facts/events since we last won a trophy. I thought it was quite interesting>

    – Arsenal have spent an incredible £227,500,000 on new players.
    – 52 of the 92 football league clubs have won a trophy.
    – Arsene Wenger has earned approximately £63.5m in wages.
    – The planet Mercury has orbited the Sun 32 times.
    – London won the rights to host the Olympic Games, rebuilt Stratford and then hosted the event.
    – Twitter has been created and gained 500 million users.
    – Over 1,000,000,000 people have been born.
    – Juventus have been relegated, promoted and won back to back league titles.
    – Ex-Arsenal players have won 44 medals.
    – Pep Guardiola retired as a player, became manager, won 16 trophies with Barcelona, took a year break, returned as manager and won two trophies with Bayern Munich.

    Here is the link:


  62. Simon

    I couldn’t watch the match. What happened!? Please let me know about what actually happened though rather than your thoughts on the mangers mental state or bank balance! Cheers.

  63. Thank you and goodnight


    One thing missing in that list mate,

    1) since last winning the title, Arsène Wenger still hasn’t figured out how to do up his bloody coat zip.

  64. Moray

    The one possibility about last night that nobody has yet considered is that the Board is worried about selling the full complement of away tickets for the FA cup game. I bet any remaining tickets have now been snapped up by willing Liverpool supporters…

  65. Jeff


    I think the 12 pages speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a single word to describe our performance yesterday, I think Moray coined it yesterday. Execrable.

  66. Simon


    Not really… I find the comments at the time unhelpful because everyone is upset. Like the Villa game. What do we think now?

  67. SUGA3


    our midfield got bypassed, our FBs bombed forward and we played high line against Suarez, Sturridge & Sterling for starters and then it was game over…

    poor selection, poor tactics, static midfield, a lot of missed simple passes, well, abysmal is the word, methinks…

  68. Doublegooner

    How many other top 4 team get thrashed as we’ve done over the last few season ?
    11 conceded in 2 games this season alone & we’ve not even played the Chavs away yet.

  69. Sam


    It’s because of your dodgy agenda I will never answer your question
    I would certainly not keep such manager on the job
    But I wouldn’t join your wenger out campaign as it’s purely personal n unprofessional

  70. Sam

    The people in charge at arsenal lack passion of the game so wenger is allowed to relax after this kinda humiliation

    Usmanov will sack him immediately

  71. gnarleygeorge9

    I spose Arsene Wenger has blamed everyone but himself. In truth, his tactics were inexcusable IMO.

    Some people I’ve noted are paying out on Ozil as being a dud, uninterested, etc, but while Wenger continues to use Sagna so much when going forward, then what’s the use of Ozil.

    Anyway, the game should have been more about a smash & grab 0-1 result for The Arsenal, but I’m sorry but Arteta is done for, too slow & loses the ball too much.

    I’m feeling very melancholy still 🙁

  72. Doublegooner


    It’s because we see the same mistakes year in year out.

    Nothing changes. If we’d bought Hazard, he wouldn’t develop as he will under Mourinho.

  73. Simon




    “The performance was just not good enough, and I include myself in that performance,” he said.

  74. Simon

    Disappointed but mostly surprised. Didn’t see that shoreline as a possibility following being top of the table most of the year. I read that they exploited pers lack of pace brilliantly but then Arseblog gives the team an average score of 2/10!

    Lots to do!

  75. Sam

    First, Arteta is not even DM
    Second, he shouldn’t start every game. Its costing the club n his fitness.
    People like him are kept in the club for experience, to hold the ball when we are winning. Give them starts in easy games.
    This simple logic is ignored by Wenger totally. For him you are senior player and we should play 90 minutes every game.

  76. gnarleygeorge9

    Cheers Simon, I actually had installed a media ban on myself up until now 🙂


    Arsene Wenger needs to use his new management tenure suring up a replacement, win the Title, then go

  77. Dannyboy

    Gnarly, you get much sleep last night after that mate? I stayed up to watch Chelsea rip apart Newcastle and still couldn’t sleep I was so fucking annoyed…

  78. Simon


    Are you struggling with the facts of the transfer?

    Or are you ruminating on it?

    The second is bad for you – stop it! The first no one can help you with!

  79. Sam

    After this disaster, a good manager will sit and make changes.
    Flamini got himself sent off to escape the doom
    Arteta will cost again if we play him in 3days. I have 3 fucking days to prepare Isaac Hayden, sit with him watch man utd videos etc… He’s young tall more naturally CB but make him our secret weapon. When moyes n his bunch of losers are preparing to overrun our midfield they meet a hungry young lion breaking their play.

  80. Simon

    “Flamini got himself sent off to escape the doom”

    Earth calling Sam!

    “I have 3 fucking days to prepare Isaac Hayden, sit with him watch man utd videos etc… He’s young tall more naturally CB but make him our secret weapon. When moyes n his bunch of losers are preparing to overrun our midfield they meet a hungry young lion breaking their play.”

    …we’ve list him!

  81. Simon


    That’s commitment!

    I’m glad not to have seen any of it for once though. Man City must of been pretty off form though.

  82. Sam

    Same tactic, same play, same players

    Liverpool knew it so their task was to unsettle us in the first half n score. Coz that’s when we are normally asleep, we only threaten opponent in the second half.
    We’ve gone most games this season without a shot on target in the first half.
    So Liverpool knew they had to score first then make it difficult for us in the second.

  83. Dannyboy

    You’re telling me Simon mate!

    Sunday 4pm kickoffs are the worst, means going to bed at 9pm, getting up at 1:50am to watch the game, then going back to bed at 4am and then getting up at 6:30am for work!

  84. Sam


    Liverpool have less points n humiliated us
    Man utd are 15points behind us n we are not even sure we will get a point.
    I know that game will be played in panic mode n moyes will outsmart us again.

  85. samsensible

    Simon, what happened is that Liverpool got free kick and scored from the cross…

    Then we broke up another attack and had a fantastic counter attack on (wasn’t shown on the highlights) and Giroud fucked it up.

    Then they scored from a corner.

    2 nil. Game practically over already.

    The disturbing thing is how meek Arsenal were. Only Jack Wilshere and Chamberlain showed any guts going forward. It wasn’t until we were 4 nil down that the team was able to compete and that was because Liverpool had the game won.

    Fucking terrible.

    Not sure it deserved 12 Le Grove pages of people calling out “the akb cunts”

    There is a LOT of glee within these 12 pages.