Will Arsenal opt for an unfashionable striker? | Liverpool preview…

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Arsene Wenger was challenged on players he might opt in for this summer. One player who does appear to be off the radar is Luis Suarez, our manager doubts we’ll revisit a move for the striker who has banged in 23 goals. Not surprising, we could have landed him for £55m, now we’d be lucky to land him for £75m. A touch out of our price range I’d say.

Personally, with no inside info, I’d say Manzuckic is the most likely target. Arsenal don’t like going for players when there is rampant competition. I’d suspect Costa and Martinez will have plenty of suitors, Manzuckic isn’t quite as trendy. I’d also bet a few of our boys know him. Would make a nice move. He’s banging them in this season and I was mistaken when I said he was less mobile than Giroud.

The Liverpool game is on tomorrow nice and early, Arsene says our destiny will be driven by how well we control the ball in the middle of the park. If we create chances tomorrow, we’ll score goals. If we stifle the flow of balls to Sturridge and Suarez, they won’t score. We have to be at our disciplined best in midfield, we have to hope Arteta is fresh as a daisy and we have to hope Ozil turns up and has a game like he did against Everton. This is a pivotal game because it kicks off a cycle of very tough games. We’re in a good state squad wise and everyone is confident about this run in…

Time to deliver on the seasons promise. February is traditionally the month it goes to pot, we need to break that cycle in the same way we broke the November hoodoo.

What’s that? You’d like to hear the opinion of a bonafied Scouser? No problem. this is from @GarethOwen1. I work with and occassionally eat Chicken Cottage with him.

Arsenal come to Anfield after another one of Liverpool’s half-assed performances at the Hawthorns… Kolo Toure’s massive error aside, Liverpool just seemed slow in that game, there was a definite lack of sharpness in the passing and the movement and that was disappointing after such an impressive derby win. I’d have thought that maintaining that intensity would have been the first thing on Brendan Rodgers’s mind all week in the build-up but if it was, then it didn’t show.

The thing about Liverpool this season is that we are still very capable of utterly dire performances and they are often totally out of the blue like Sunday’s effort. That said, it’s not a bad time to be a Liverpool fan generally, the football we’re playing is good, there are plenty of opportunities for youngsters now and if we were lucky enough to end up in the top 4 then it definitely puts us in a strong position moving forward. Brendan Rodgers seems to be winning people over steadily, he does seem to have grown into the job very well and the eyebrows being raised at behind the scenes documentaries, David Brent comparisons and groaning at self-portraits in hallways has certainly subsided. One thing he seems very capable of is getting the best out of young players. In most other Liverpool yeras, Sterling would already be playing in the reserves running his contract down and developing a drink problem in the Mosquito bar in Liverpool but he’s been better than Sturridge and Suarez in a lot of our recent games despite not getting on the score sheet.

Speaking of Sturridge and Suarez, and in fact Arsenal for that matter, I see them as the clearest illustration of the differences between the two teams. To be clear, I think we have a good chance of getting a result, but only really because we have 2 strikers, both of whom are probably better than Arsenals’s single striker. The rest of the two teams are not really comparable at the moment, Arsenals’s defence is really solid, ours looks like a collection of Djimi Traores – Arsenal’s midfield is well drilled in ball retention, young, sharp and complemented by Ozil and Cazorla’s exceptional vision and genuinely world class ability, ours has a hard-working Jordan Henderson and a rapidly slowing Gerrard.

I think we’ll play on the break, look to get the ball to Suarez early and watch for Sturridge and Sterling to break off him quickly, I know Arsenal have been solid all season but I always see a mistake waiting to happen in Koscielny – one or two in a game maybe so if we’re going to get anything then that’s likely to be a contributing factor. If things do fall our way then I’ll predict a 2-1 but as I say we’re absolutely capable of being anonymous like we were at the Emirates and losing comfortably so we will see…



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  1. MidwestGun

    Cesc. –

    Dont mind a 4-3-3 as it allows for a more open game. Just not sure we want this one to be very open. A nd our formation worked pretty well last time. Especially if they try to play a 4-4-2. Think we should be fine.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Respectfully disagree with you there mate.

    I think a really cracking CDM should be a priority along with a great striker this summer.

    We need THAT guy in our middle. Arteta is slowly failing, he’s getting slower, easier to turn, he’s seeming to find it constantly harder to track back.

    Flamini is a bit of an attack dog, and there’s only so many uses for him…don’t get me wrong I love him, tenacious, great on field leader. But severely lacking in quality and temperament.

    That’s why a buy like Bender, who’s a younger, better version of Arteta essentially is wise. He’s bee a bit more box to box than he has been in seasons past, but we can get him to be a bit more defensive again as Germany tend to do.

    Look at Munich, they love attacking football, yet they shelled out £32 Million, £10 Million less than Ozil on a CDM and it paid off big time.

    Martinez effectively just halted us at the Emirates with strength and break up play. As well as being an effective short range passer. If there’s any truth in Guardiola not favouring him and Madrid sniffing around then we should jump on him right away…would be an amazing purchase and would unlock the side of our game we’re missing.

    Arteta is a make shift one who’s falling further down the pitch as he ages, Flamini is a blunt instrument, Ramsey isn’t, Wilshere certainly isn’t and nether is Chamberlain.

    We don’t have a CDM and we don’t have a flying winger like most other sides do. We need to address this and just with these two additions we’ll be worlds stronger.

  3. The Poldi Prince

    We will play 4-5-1 with four attacking mids if they play two up front plus sterling.

    We played a packed midfield last game and owned them. Is the way against an inferior midfield of a team looking to attack. Width is less of a problem because they wont park the bus at home.

    I think the last pool game was one of aw’s best tactical games all season. That and the spurs games.

  4. Revving Kevin

    Liverpool can play whatever they like but they won’t be able to cope with our midfield. That’s where we win the game. Control possession and stop any service into Suarez. Their defence won’t cope with Girouds strength, skirtl will be grabbing and holding, hope ref is on top of those tricks. Confident and really can’t wait for the morning to come to send out the message that we mean business. Want to see Ox in the middle again with MA. Good options now jack back and needed for the run next few weeks.we can fucking well do this.

  5. Dannyboy

    NM, have you seen that mug in the Metro saying shit like ‘it’ll make a mockery of the JFT96 if safe standing returns to football’.. they really just do not get it do they?

  6. Simon


    Why is it ‘safe’ standing and not the same standing that led to all the deaths and trouble? Not been following the debate…have awful memories of standing as a 9 year old!

  7. Dannyboy

    19 of 20 PL clubs have voted for safe standing… Doesn’t take a genius to work out the one team who vehemently oppose it.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    I think they’re looking at a system that means you’d get a lot less people between each set of rails.

    Basically means you’d never get the build up of people to start a crush.

    Hillsborough was a disaster and standing was one of the many causes, (almost a perfect storm) but it was much more open than what they’re proposing.

    Add in all the other factors, and the fact that it’s been done in other countries, and you can see why people want it.

    Of course there is a lot of momentum against it, and I’m not sure the Emirates is capable of standing (yes, I know it happens) because of the steepness.

    Still, we’ll see

  9. Simon

    Thanks Nasri.

    That’s interesting. I love sitting! I’m getting old and I’ve usually had a few pints. I’d like pillows and seat side service me!

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d stand if I could, though I do like a rail to lean on.

    I suspect that if they do go for it, and it’s some way away, it’ll be geared excessively towards safety to pacify the people against it.

    So they’ll want to limit the possibility of moving from your area to another.

    Still, I think it’s a long long way off. Still too much bad feeling and worry about it.

  11. Johnty79

    Nasri’s mouth u calling me a spurs fan is rich. I just deal the truth and my dear boy……you can’t handle the truth!

    My knowledge on arsenal is unrivalled but I haven’t jumped on the band wagon.

    I wanted wenger out since 2001 dec and a 3:1 home loss to Newcastle. We went on to win the double that year. But could of won the champs league if wenger was a bit smarter and rotated his squad.nremember that season we had four good strikers.

    The decline in arsenal has been since 2002 season. And wengers has allowed that.

  12. Johnty79

    Nasri’s mouth

    Before your time there was a film called ‘ a few good men’ that’s where the film quote came from….

    Good luck to arsenal today but I feel a 2:1 defeat. We know what my predictions normally means.

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Actually it was other people that called you a Spurs fan yesterday. I just pointed out the hole in your argument.

    I might have called you a spud previously though. I’ve also called you an idiot, a moron, stupid, clueless, and probably a few other things.

    Which particular term would you like to argue is incorrect?

  14. Inter YourGran

    Morning Grovers, good post, but transfer speculation aside, big game today and it would be good to put down an early marker for the start of another mini testing run.

    Liverpool will be dangerous in forward areas with the likes of coutinho, sterling, suarez and sturridge. If we can keep the ball and frustrate the home crowd, maybe nick an early set piece goal, i’d take a squeaky bum 0-1.

    I’d like to see wilshere and rosicky come in do give us more drive and off the ball running, but we need oxlade’s pace if Gnabry doesn’t start and cazorla is bang in form, but played a lot of games recently. Gibbs today please, Arsene.


    Sagna BFG Dave Gibbs

    Arteta Oxo-Chambo

    Rosicky Ozil Cazorla


    Bench; Fabianski, Jenkinson, Monreal, Vermaelen (if fit), Wilshere, Podolski, Bendtner, Gnabry