The 5 ways we can bring back the noise… | Liverpool fans can’t afford / yet want more?

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It’s difficult not to give our keeper a high five mentally when you read that he tried to convince Robert Lewandowski to join us last season.

‘We had several talks about this. It was him who did most of
the talking, how the club looks inside, what Arsène Wenger thinks of me.’

Great work Chezzer. We’ll still need a chat though, because ultimately you failed. We can’t accept failure these days. We’ve put Manonne on alert, so start speaking to your best pal Robert about a new club. You total embarrassment.

Anyway, onto other things… such as the Le Grove app. So excusing the dreadful button cover that will change when Apple sign off the next update, its purpose is to bring all the social channels and the blog under one roof. Ultimately, it’s been pulled together for you, if you like it, I’ll roll it out across poor people devices.

Just kidding, I love all the phones.

Arsenal have taken revenge on the poverty preachers of Liverpool by slamming them with a little over half their entitlement for the FA Cup game. They’ve cited safety… they don’t want dangerous Liverpool fans standing in the upper tiers, so they’ve given them less tickets. Sounds like a load of nonsense if you ask me. Feels more like getting fans back for slating the cost. Spirit of Shankly, which sounds like a very expensive whiskey said…

“[We] have immediately re-written to both clubs to ask them to explain this decision, given the absurdity that a football club can designate an area as being available to away supporters yet then raise fears over potential safety issues.”

Football fans are a funny old lot, one week we’re hearing how many hours a Liverpool fan working in a kebab shop would have to work to afford an Arsenal ticket (14.73 for a £93 ticket), the next we’re hearing how they’re disgusted with their allocation they would have no doubt devoured.

You can’t have it both ways!

Anyway, it is what it is. It’ll make for a slightly less frenetic atmosphere, which is a shame, but hey, what can you do? I don’t really have an opinion on this.

I’ve been reading some of the fan groups talking about how we can up the noise level in the stadium to the terrific heights the Crystal Palace fans achieve. The answer… cheaper tickets. This is such a tired argument. Arsenal lowered the ticket prices to £10 at the Carling Cup game and the noise levels were dreadful.


… seems to be the consensus. I mean, come on people, the issue isn’t that we don’t have enough cheap tickets. Men in their fifties have a lot of cash, but so do guys in their twenties! No mortgage, no kids… just beer to worry about. Cheaper tickets aren’t going to raise the roof. Things that might…

Safe standing: This would be bloody marvellous. Rockstars don’t sing sitting down, unless they’re Marti Pellow from Wet Wet Wet… but hey, I’m not sure he constitutes a rockstar.

Singing Sections: We should round up all 50,000 season ticket holders, who, on Twitter, state they’re the only singers in their block, and lump them in one section. Then they have to sing. What a great idea. Problem is, people don’t want to have to move elsewhere…

Pre-game experience: There is no pre-game experience at Arsenal. There is no reason to get me into the ground any earlier than 1455. This is a problem. Arsenal should take on the idiots (or capitalist legends that know how to strike an incredibly lazy deal) that run Delaware and allow independents to offer food outside the ground. Make it a damn carnival. Get Ray Parlour running a fan Q&A on a stage, have Piebury Corner offering Piedolski’s and craft beer… utilise that area and give families and normal people a reason to turn up earlier.

This could be our DHL Training kit moment. If Delaware can’t be bothered to inspect the disgusting state of their anemic food, take the good food outside. What’s the worst that could happen? We upset a catering giant who don’t care about quality food or service? A company that is quite happy to get fat off a ridiculous 25 year deal that basically entails zero improvement incentive?

Honestly, if I were Arsenal, I’d be pulling every trick in the book to make them suffer. But hey, that’s just me… but suppliers are partners until they start screwing over your customer base. Then they are the enemy… and you make them pay through the loopholes.

… always exploit the loopholes.

VuVuZelas: What happened to those? Let’s get them in the stadium! The sound of a 42 stone man humming sweet tunes on South Africa’s finest export outside of Charlize Theron. Could noise get any better? Most certainly not.

Flares: Now, total curve ball here, but when Everton + Bayern played us at home, some cheeky scamp let of a flare. Aside from the fury that raged inside me because the flagrant disregard for health and safety, the light smoke that smouldered across the ground gave the stadium a war like atmosphere (apologies to the armed forces here, I’ve like, only been to war once, and it was the World Of Warcraft convention in 2002). How about flares let off safely pregame… we could have a show… get some dancers in, do some flares… it’d be banging.

What isn’t going to change things:

Cheaper tickets: There is no study that correlates minimum wage with noise. Sorry, it’s a romantic notion, but passion for football is not dependent on wealth. When I sorted out a ticket for my pal mark when we were about 20-21, he lumped it on a credit card. Could he afford it, probably not? Did he regret it… 100% doubtful. When you’re young, you’ll find a way if you have the desire.

… I’m still counting the cost of Kavos 1999, both financially, and venereally.

Flags: That flag that goes over my head before the game, which is the picture at the top of the screen gets on my tits big time. I don’t feel it rouses me in anyway shape or form. It hacks me off because the muppet behind me tries to hold onto it when the stewards bring it in… it was funny, like, say, the first 18 times he did that.

A Drum: Dear god, please don’t bring a drum to the game.

Megaphoners: Dortmund have a megaphone master on what looks like each block. I quite like the idea of someone leading the march, however, I’m not sure how fans would respond to it. I’m half and half on this one…

Anyway, there are my suggestions, you don’t like them… do one.

Just jokes, share your ideas in the comments…


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  1. Simon

    I hate to admit it but man city starting NYC FC is genius. Pure genius.

    What do we make of Kroenke starting a new soccer team in LA called the …. LA Gunners?

  2. MidwestGun

    * mental high five* another interesting read on a slow day. But to be fair the high five is so yesterday. Its all about the fist bump now.

    Ok so noise or atmosphere.

    Play the intro to Ac/dc’s. Hells bells as much and as loud as possible over a giant annoying stereo system.

    Allow fans to mingle about around the stadium for 4 hours before the game roasting giant sides of beef over bonfires and drinking kegs of beer.

    Have scantily clad half naked girls dance about on the side line with pom poms encouraging the crowd to ” Make some Noise” by holding up a sign which says make some noise.

    And finally, if all that fails. Start the wave.

    Or at least thats what we do in the states..

  3. MidwestGun

    Romford –

    Gotta chance to view that Roma Napoli game. Very entertaining. That formation Roma was playing was pretty damn cool. Like a 3-3-1-3 or a 3-3-2-2

    . Allowed them to be very fluid and unpredictable. Kinda gives Gervinho a free role to pop up anywhere. Plus Gervinho looks more physically fit to me. More athletic and balanced over his feet.
    And that last goal, showed a real burst of pace and a laser beam finish to beat the keeper near post. Thing of beauty.
    Anyhow, great game.

  4. randomarsenal

    How good is MLS better than championship ?
    Then we can loan out our kids to a style aligned with Arsenal rather than some random championship side struggling with relegation and playing route1 football.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    So Cavani’s reps are in London apparently?

    Probable it’s a Chelsea summer move but I hope we’re talking to them, would be the most fantastic striker signing we could make I feel.

  6. gambon

    On average Arsenal have gone 3.6 years between trophies since we won our first in 1930.

    Wenger has now gone at least 9 years, even if we win the PL this season.

    Our worst trophyless runs are:

    – 17 years (53 – 70)
    – 10 years (38 – 48)
    – 9 years (05 – 04 and counting)

    Not looking good for our “greatest ever manager”.

  7. Aaron Lemon

    Ooof, Pedro! Mixed reviews today. Do I like the post? Yes. Do I like everything you’ve said? Certainly not!

    Firstly, you can’t use a Friday night Carling Cup game against minnows as your basis for ruling out cheaper ticket prices as a ‘possible’ cure for shitty atmosphere. You simply can’t. Firstly, I would have expected your apparent (not mocking btw!!) business knowledge and understanding of selling psychology to tell you that quality is supposed to be reflected in the price. By lowering the ticket prices to a measly £10 the club arguably suggests the game isn’t worth watching. Hype and marketing are essential. The club could easily have billed that game as a high-scoring spectacle that the fans simply couldn’t miss out on. They didn’t. Instead it was ‘It’s a fri night game, against a naff side we’ll brush aside with out B team, tickets are a tenner.’ May as well tell fans not to bother!

    Business theories would certainly not refute the idea that if the tickets were approx £35-40 instead of £10, the ground would actually be fuller. This is a well known concept. People want quality. Make them think they are buying quality and more will pay (just don’t go too far, which is certainly what they do with league prices). Until that is tried, that argument it totally nulled, sorry.

    Secondly, the day and time of the fixture coupled with importance are huge factors. I.E. If we were playing Everton in a cup semi on a Friday night the crowd would have been totally different. But it wasn’t, it was Coventry with a B team. Really not a basis for the argument against reducing league ticket prices.

    So the only real test IS to drop the prices of the LEAGUE games for a period of time and directly compare the results to those of the last 6 years that have seen increase upon increase upon increase in prices. It’s not hard for a club of our stature to assess noise levels throughout the stadium over a period of time. In fact that is a wonderful study.

    Now, I’m not saying ‘Pedro you’re wrong’ – I might well be wrong. What I’m saying is you sound utterly convinced in your own beliefs but haven’t backed them up. Until the appropriate experiments have been done, you and I can’t rule out reducing ticket prices of league games.

    Secondly, like some others have said on here, your opinion is perhaps not in keeping with the sense of occasion. You don’t want flags, you don’t want a drum, you don’t even wear an AFC shirt. Now, forgive me for going there, but it could even be argued you’re part of the problem hahahaha.

    If I go to a football game I don’t want to be told to sit down, that I can’t sing, can’t get pissed. The more carnival the atmosphere the better. If knocking £20 off league ticket prices allowed larier people to go to games then bring it on. Too many Arsenal fans give more of shit about how they look going to the game, than how much fun they have there.

    You want an atmosphere then there needs to be NOISE. Those guys with the drums and the megaphones are responsible for some of the greatest crowd atmospheres on earth and you essentially want none of them in the ground? Remind me why you go to games? 😉

    And what is it with this shirt thing anyway? Crowd mentality is essential to a good atmosphere. It’s a wholly English thing to be ’embarrassed’ about wearing your club’s colours to a game. I have no idea why. As someone who supports Germany and who has followed Dortmund and Hamburg for almost as long as I have Arsenal, it’s such a snobby, bizarre attitude that really isn’t shared on the continent.

    I absolutely love getting my teeth into the topics but I can’t help feeling that one’s personal opinion gets in the way of well-supported arguments sometimes. I don’t know.

  8. Radio Raheem


    $2m to train a dog?! What??? Lol I’ll grow a beard and kidnap one. I’m sure the US Army will be willing to pay $200k to get it back.

  9. MidwestGun

    Radio –

    They will probably give in for some Pepsi, Mcdonalds cheese burgers, and a stack of Playboy mags. But you could try to the 200k thing. Lol.

  10. kjafc

    Aaron lemon
    The more carnival the atmosphere the better. If knocking £20 off league ticket prices allowed larier people to go to games then bring it on. Too many Arsenal fans give more of shit about how they look going to the game, than how much fun they have there.You want an atmosphere then there needs to be NOISE!

    And what is it with this shirt thing anyway? Crowd mentality is essential to a good atmosphere. It’s a wholly English thing to be ‘embarrassed’ about wearing your club’s colours to a game. I have no idea why. As someone who supports Germany and who has followed Dortmund and Hamburg for almost as long as I have Arsenal, it’s such a snobby, bizarre attitude that really isn’t shared on the continent.
    A Brilliant post Aaron, some great points.

    I am 51 and I ALWAYS wear club colours to a game, whether that is an Arsenal shirt, an Arsenal Polo or whatever. This is how I identify with the club I support. That is completely normal and should be encouraged. Not mocked. This isn’t the bloody opera, its a working mans sport (with opera prices).

    The same with singing. As I have said before, I get pissed off when someone has the cheek to give me funny looks when I join in the singing. Okay, I am not going to win Xfactor but who cares, apart from my bank manager and the row of totties losing out on a lot of pleasure…….

    We need to increase the noise and lessen those idiots sitting their fiddling with their bloody iphones and groaning every time a pass goes astray.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    The Taliban really are a pathetic bunch of ‘humans.’

    They’ll probably execute the poor thing in ‘Allah’s’ name or some shit like that as an enemy of Islam.

    Post a video on Al Jazeera. Hopefully they all get what’s coming their way, chiefly a 5.56 round.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    No it’s the culture surrounding football shirts that have led to this stigma, not thinking of football as opera. We identify people with football shirts as chavs, stella swilling louts. Not saying it’s right but…

    When I go the game, I take my Arsenal scarf, but I don’t wear a club shirt, did up until I was about 15.

    The singing section is a good idea, the safe standing is a good idea. More Arsenal stuff around the ground, pre-game events are a great idea. Improve the area surrounding the ground to create this ‘carnival like’ environment.

    There was talk on here a year or so ago about altering the North Bank so it’s one solid stand and that could be your singing section. Or altering the seating or something in that specific area so it closer, more choking, encourages standing. Plant stooges of the club in there to sing and try create an atmosphere amongst the loudest supporters.

    It’s not a case of iPhones and moaners – though you could say the club encourages the middle class opera watcher with it’s pricing. Arsenal feels like you’re going to an event, not a football match.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    They either make dogs fight or fuck them – it’s one of the two. Either way it’s not pretty for the dogs.

  14. gambon

    “Apparently he doesn’t do anything though.”

    You get very defensive over Ozil.

    Im not sure anyone has even said that to be honest.

  15. JamesH

    Aaron – Remind me why you go to games?

    What a great comment. I often wonder this as look at the crowd round me who sit motionless til Gnabry or some other player misplaces a pass at 1506 and then starts groaning. Each to their own I suppose and I guess we all need some piece and quiet from the trouble and strife.

  16. Romford Pele

    Gambon – it’s not really a case of getting defensive, it’s more trying to get people to understand Ozil’s function. The amount of games ice been at this season and the amount of pundits who are like, “what is Ozil doing”, “he’s been really quiet”, “he’s hardly touched the ball” etc. It strikes of people who don’t understand what kind is player he is and those who didn’t watch him pre-Arsenal.

  17. kjafc

    Cesc Appeal
    No it’s the culture surrounding football shirts that have led to this stigma, not thinking of football as opera. We identify people with football shirts as chavs, stella swilling louts. Not saying it’s right but… When I go the game, I take my Arsenal scarf, but I don’t wear a club shirt, did up until I was about 15.

    The singing section is a good idea, the safe standing is a good idea. More Arsenal stuff around the ground, pre-game events are a great idea. Improve the area surrounding the ground to create this ‘carnival like’ environment.
    Chavs wearing a football shirt? If thats the excuse for not wearing a football shirt or Arsenal polo, then people really are pathetic snobs! Fair enough when you are abroad on holiday but going to a game!!!

    Football should transcend that. Get a shirt and wear it with pride mate.

    Agree regarding singing and the atmosphere.

  18. MidwestGun


    I hear you. I really dont know what people expect to see or aren’t seeing. Guy has amazing vision and ability to pull off a pass. Always has his head up.

    Dont get the lazy criticism at all. Hes just too smooth and subtle for some to appreciate I guess.

  19. Radio Raheem

    They will probably give in for some Pepsi, Mcdonalds cheese burgers, and a stack of Playboy mags. But you could try to the 200k thing. Lol.

    Hahaha you’re probably right but it’s all got be halal or kosher

    From the dog’s expression you can tell he is thinking, ‘facking hell what have I got myself into’. You wonder what the yanks did to the dog to make it cross sides.

    Those Talibans are desperate they’ll kidnap anything Western. I reckon they’ll ‘kidnap’ a used American tampon and ask for a ransom

  20. kjafc

    James H
    What a great comment. I often wonder this as look at the crowd round me who sit motionless til Gnabry or some other player misplaces a pass at 1506 and then starts groaning.
    Exactly. That drives me mad. Why go to a game and just moan and sigh all the time? If you go on here after a game to look at the comments you see a lot of people who just moan non-stop until the final whistle. How you are going to get these people to sing in the ground is beyond me, you would be better off providing them with a Freephone number for the Samaritans and leaving a bit of rope under their seats.:-)

  21. gambon


    Fair enough.

    I have said a few times that i dont think hes anywhere near his ability levels at the moment, and we wont see that until next season.

    As with any Arsenal player / PL player, he will be much stronger and tougher next season as he will do some specific training after the world cup to give him more power.

    But i do stand by the fact that Wenger wouldnt have paid £43m for the player we’ve seen so far, its the player we will see from next season that he would pay £43m for.

    Its not an issue, Silva, Hazard, Mata, Nasri, Oscar – all similar players that needed the first season to settle in. Look at Pires as well.

    However the stat you posted is interesting. Winning football games has been very closely correlated with holding possession in the final 3rd, hence why City look a different team with Nasri Yaya & Silva together in the team.

    I would like to see him score more goals though and grab the game by the scruff of the neck the way Hazard is at the moment.

  22. kjafc

    Afternoon Romford

    Trust the recovery has gone well mate.

    Just ignore the Ozil bashing mate, its based on football ignorance. The bloke is a class act. He is not lazy, he has a languid style that people misunderstand. Also, you appreciate him more live, the positions he takes up, his movement and the way he always puts the right pace on his passes. very classy player.

    I prefer to take the opinions of professionals like the Real Madrid players, AW, JM etc than armchair fans mate.

  23. Josip Skoblar

    Ozil is a deceptive player, in the sense that when you watch him on TV, it often looks like he’s dropped off the radar. In fact his contribution to the game and team effort is simply amazing. Watching from the stands, you realise how clever and skilful he is. I’ve seen him about 10 times at the Emirates this year and he’s always been influential so far.

  24. BillikenGooner

    My judgement on how Ozil is doing and what he’s done for the team (even if part of that is just mental/confidence)…

    He’s played pretty much every game since he signed on and we are top of the table.

    Now, come April, that can be reassessed.

  25. kjafc

    Midwest Gun
    I hear you. I really dont know what people expect to see or aren’t seeing. Guy has amazing vision and ability to pull off a pass. Always has his head up. Dont get the lazy criticism at all. Hes just too smooth and subtle for some to appreciate I guess.


  26. JamesH

    gambon – remember the civil war over that one liner about gervinho not being able to kick in straight line last year? Priceless and kept me smiling for many days.

  27. AC Gooner

    Let’s make this really simple

    Start making certain sections standing and singing . start with one or two.

    Which ones? Take a fucking survey among the season holders. The two sections with the highest percentage are it. Allow migration in and out of these sections to accommodate the supporters with balls and the sans ballsottes who want to sit.

    Easy way to get the singers singing and fast.

  28. Romford Pele

    Gambon, I don’t disagree, I think he can still improve for sure. He’s still acclimatising, learning the language etc.

    I see what you mean about grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck. With Arsenal though, we have a lot of similar types. Santi, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey all love being on the ball. This is why we sometimes complain about a lack of balance because too many people are coming to the ball rather than looking to go in behind. It’s why Theo is such a huge asset despite his limitations. We need to become a much more rounded side with players having defined roles. A wide playmaker with pace would be good, hence why you understand the interest in Draxler. Maybe Wenger will look internally with Gnabry/Ox doing some work there too.

    I also think that because Ozil, like many others, have to do so much defensive work due to the lack of a natural athletic DM, it can sometimes impact on their game going forward. Like we’ve discussed a few times, we’re on the right track but there are still certain elements of the first team that need to be addressed for us to push onto the elite level.

    Hazard is truly awesome, really is but he’s in a much more balanced side. And his style is more suited to please the neutral, he loves to drift past players and that will get the crowd up. Ozil, while technically superb, is more subtle about his business. Can equally be just as effective but sometimes you don’t always see the good he’s doing. Obviously him and Hazard in the same team would be something to behold!

  29. salparadisenyc

    Ozil carried the team in the second half against Southhampton. That surging run that dusted everyone then he hit the post was telling. He’s finding his groove in a new league with lesser players than he’s had at his disposal for club or country.
    Think he has an economy to his movement that puts people off which is a great part of his success and allows the bursts. I’m certainly at ease when he’s on the ball as I was with Fabregas.

  30. hackneylad

    I hate how fans feel ashamed to wear their own colours.

    When Dortmund came to town all there fans were wearing the dortmund football shirts…. did they look chavy? Hell no you could tell just by looking at them they were good honest people.

    This whole idea if you wear a football shirt you will look like a thug or chavy is rubbish you will only look like a chav or a thug if you are a chav or a thug.

    It’s more about your behavior than what your wearing…

    It’s funny how the local populace as in the people in london who live around the stadium area, holloway, highbury, finsbury park ect if you asked them do Arsenal fanslook chavy when they wear there colours they will just look at you bizarrely like what are you talking about…

    It’s only us Arsenal fans that have this weird complex, its a meek middle class mindset that has taken over whereby we are afraid of being to in your face to brash to loud and proud.

    When I was in Mancester everyone was wearing the City colours, they weren’t poncing about scared of how they looked.

    It is a tradition to wear your teams colours so why have we moved away from it when the rest of the world are still proud to be associated with their own clubs.

    It’s completely fucked.

  31. Romford Pele

    KJ, afternoon mate, I’m recovering well. Looking forward to being at the United game next week.

    I can see why people don’t see what Ozil does, that’s why it’s important to explain his function and how he’s so effective. The fact he’s played more passes in the final third (76 more) than anyone else is obviously a clear indicator of his talent. All that for someone who hasn’t really fully settled in yet.

  32. MidwestGun

    Arsenal 1886 –

    Actually Alabama and Afghanistan very similar. Alabama hates the GeorgiaBulldogs. Taliban kidnaps dogs.

    Alabamas legendary coach was named Bear Bryant. Taliban makes dogs fight bears.

    Alabama full of racist rednecks, Taliban full of rednecked racists.

    So ya I can see that.

  33. salparadisenyc

    SimonFebruary 6, 2014 16:40:56
    SalNYC is serious competition with London for best city on earth. Love them both.

    I could not agree more, I move pretty freely between the two for work and fun.
    Its a good life.

  34. Simon


    But only fans allowed! Not those haters, mancs, spuds, and most of all not those miserable bastards who said let’s wait until the end of the season before we are allowed to enjoy Arsenal!

  35. gambon


    I would also say that our way of playing helps people gain good stats in terms of passing.

    Last year for example Cazorla was the best final 3rd passer, Arteta went from 86% to 92% pass completion overnight when he left Everton etc.

    But i agree Ozil has an important role, infact Ozil+Cazorla as a combo have an important role in terms of final 3rd possession and control of the ball.

    Theo is important, but i do feel he unbalances the team, while also balancing it in a strange way.

    For me Theo and Giroud do the job of one world class player.

    For example last year they got 25 PL goals. Giroud holds the ball up, Theo goes in behind the FB/CB and gets one on one.

    Really a top club should have 1 player doing that, another player is a bonus. It shouldnt take 2 players to make one good CF.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    There’s a lot of press saying his agents are in London, some saying specifically angling for a summer move.

    Obviously that’s no guarantee, but bit strange.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Does anyone know about this Juan Cuadrado bloke? Arsenal apparently started to try and make moves to sign him at the close of the window as we do.

    Fiorentina. Winger? Bit of a utility down the flank as well can play multiple position I read…anyone seen him?

  38. gambon

    “Ozil has a real burst of pace and acceleration which he shows when the space arises. He’s actually a lot quicker than people give him credit for.”


    What annoys me is that he doesnt do what he did against Sunderland or Napoli as often as he does.

    He couldve easily been a winger, and i think he started off at Werder playing wide because of Diego, but i wish he’d use that more.

  39. N5

    bayo, how long would it last before there was a punch up?

    I wonder what Johnty looks like in real life. I imagine like one of this hills have eyes weirdos? and Keyser + gambon are big fat men (according to Keyser) so they would need reinforced chairs. Romford is 3 foot tall and according to samsensible me, Simon and KJ are all as ugly as sin. So it may resemble more of a circus than a party.

  40. Simon


    Very good life! I get to work there occasionally. Wife used to live there and still misses it. Love to move there at some point.


    Tokyo is an amazing place but never felt at home… I felt NYC was my home straight away. Probably all those movies and tv shows eh! Love the people.

  41. N5

    I have never been to NYC Simon, I’ve always wanted too, I am going this Christmas with the wife. It’s been a life long dream of mine to do Xmas in New York. I was going for Thanks Giving but someone told me other than the parade it’s dead (I’m not sure if that’s fact) so I opted for Xmas instead.

  42. Romford Pele

    Gambon, I don’t disagree. Arteta will always have good passing stats as he picks the ball up from the back and gets us going without ever attempting anything elaborate. I think Wenger described it as technical security.

    Cazorla and Ozil are definitely both important in terms of possession. As I said before, we have to do a lot of defensive work so sometimes our attacking players suffer. This definitely affects Santi more as he’s not naturally fit enough to get up and down constantly.

    I agree with what you say about Theo and him and Giroud tbh. You do feel as if a proper striker could bring both their strengths to the fore. That said, it’d be nice to have more options in behind. Only Theo and Ramsey do this on a constant basis.

  43. MidwestGun


    Do you think any team could pull off that Roma formation in the Premier League? Not so sure. But it was entertaining to watch.

  44. kjafc

    They should think about introducing cock fighting before games.
    Nothing better than seeing a couple of spuds having a tear up.

  45. N5

    I don’t believe it Simon, samsensible is always saying it about us but he also says that he is one of the worlds best looking most charismatic, funny sex gods. So it obvious he lies a lot 😛

  46. Romford Pele

    Cesc, that’s fair enough. I’d be very surprised though. PSG shelled out the best part of 60m for him and he has loads of years left on his contract and he’s on astronomical wages. If we could get him that’d be great but I don’t see it.

  47. Romford Pele

    Gambon, it’d be nice if he could use it more for sure. Sunderland, Napoli and Southampton all came to play though. The space isn’t always there to exploit unfortunately.

  48. kjafc

    Keyser + gambon are big fat men (according to Keyser) so they would need reinforced chairs. Romford is 3 foot tall and according to samsensible me, Simon and KJ are all as ugly as sin. So it may resemble more of a circus than a party.

    Circus? it sounds more like an episode of the undateables.

  49. Romford Pele

    Midwest, you thought they played 3 at the back? Looked like a flat 4 to me but I may be wrong.

    I think a lot of teams in this league prefer to go with four at the back in this league as it’s very easy to get exploited out wide. It’s why Juve, despite being Italian champions, haven’t fared as well in the CL.

    I like 4-3-1-2 but not many teams really give that a go. I think Liverpool tried it once this season then changed back to 4-3-3.

  50. N5

    Lol Kj it does sound like the undateables. Re a Legrove party Pedro tried to arrange a drink before the Citeh friendly this season but he got let down so I don’t think he’d try it again so Bayo, it’s in your hands dude.

  51. Simon


    No. It really is true! Oh well.

    Good for you both. Wrap up really, really warm! If I were you I’d do all the tourist stuff for the hell of it. Take cabs and the subway eat out all over, go to the delis and bars – lots if bars: lower east side, meat packing and the Village.marvel at how food twice as good as in London costs half as much. Go to the arsenal pub in a Saturday morning and gave an Irish breakfast round the corner to sober up … Or if not settle for 4 hours of college football in a neighbourhood bar and drink yourself senseless. Love that town. Bloody Mary is part of the set course brunch – says it all.

  52. MidwestGun


    Ya I agree 3 at back probably not gonna work in Prem. Too much space in the corners towards the flag. And wingers in prem too fast.

    It looked to me like Roma was playing 3 at back with 2 dms and one assigned to get his ass back on any break. But maybe thats just way game played out.

  53. TheBayingMob

    Sometimes you do get a different perspective on games, Saints A for example my bro was convinced Ozil had had another ‘quiet’ game after radio comms and highlights, but second half I thought he was sensational without the blinding speed or tearing past defences.

    Football colours; interesting argument. Not something I do personally, Pedro makes me laugh with his “because I’m not 15” shit, bantz, that makes me chortle, but to be honest I don’t do it because of cost. I’m not a skint person but I refuse to give the club anymore of my money. I spend a fortune on tickets (nearly 200 quid for three Scum tickets in the FAC), that’s enough, they’re not getting anymore from me for ill fitting replica bollocks knocked up by a 4 year old in Bangladesh. Scarves. Polos. Coats. None of it. I don’t even buy programs anymore, but that’s mainly because they’re bollocks … (have they improved much in the last few years?)

  54. Dan Ahern

    Oezil could definitely play wing. It’d just be something of a waste because his vision and passing are so good.

    You even see him play almost a striker at times when Giroud is coming so deep to collect and distribute. Almost a reverse Rooney, if you will. Pretty complete offensive player.

  55. salparadisenyc

    Getting creepy on here.

    N5 / Simon you boys come to city lets catch a game if I’m around.
    Couple great spots. Internet date, my lady thinks its all very strange.. she’s frightened of Dan Ahern. Which is absolute comedy.

  56. MidwestGun

    Sitting here laughing picturing unemployed Bangladesh 4 yr olds. All because Baying Mob wont buy a replica Shirt.

    Too funny. That was classic.

  57. kjafc

    Thebaying mob

    Mate, I am starting to get you….!

    A lot of what you say is very true. I have to have the ‘current’ shirt, either my wife or one of my boys (aged 20 and 25 and working) will buy me that. All my Arsenal gear, Polo tops etc are all bought for me, because to be honest I wouldn’t spend £50.00 on one! That is a real rip off and a shame for the kids. They should be affordable, that annoys me.

    But I love wearing my Arsenal stuff. As I am fifty one (going on 18), there is no way I would wear the full kit – now that would be sad! But i still play football and can be seen in an Arsenal top or training shirt. I just feel proud to wear it to be honest.

    PS: My first shirt was the Arsenal home shirt of 1970 with the number 7 on the back – because I was a massive George Armstrong fan.

  58. kjafc

    Sitting here laughing picturing unemployed Bangladesh 4 yr olds. All because Baying Mob wont buy a replica Shirt.
    Yes he made me smile with that comment. The way he writes with so much angst in every post is comedy gold and he makes a great point too. You need characters with passion, there are enough dullards about.

  59. TheBayingMob

    kj, my bro wears a retro 70s top under his coat or a an original JVC home from around early 90s I think, I think it looks OK on him and that shows a bit of old skool as well which I like; I often wonder with all the kit changes who actually snaps all the new released up for 50 quid a pop but I suppose some people just show they’re support in different ways, like when peolpe used to go out and buy one song in all the different mediums (7″, 15″, cassette, etc.), I never got that, but I suppose some people just like that sort of thing … ?

  60. Rhys Jaggar

    I think you’ll find that the greatest correlation, in general, to noise is with age. Probably the 14 – 35 range. Obviously, there will be outliers older and younger, but broadly, the loudest, most brash folks in football usually fall in that age bracket.

    Now, within that bracket you get the U18s who will only be able to afford £93 a ticket if dad is paying. You get students who can only afford that if they are entrepreneurial or rich. You get graduates or successful trades folk who can afford it. You get DINKYs who can certainly afford it and you get working class blokes who can’t afford it.

    The fact is, you couldn’t charge Arsenal prices at many clubs and sell out. The economy simply doesn’t allow you to. So what you are doing using those prices is selecting well-to-do people. Everyone knows that the average age of Arsenal season ticket holders is north of forty and rising each year. Pretty obvious why: the cheaper seats aren’t let go as the waiting lists are longer so the only things which come available are more expensive and for those, you’re more likely to afford it if you are over 35 or more usually over 45.

    AS for Arsenal cutting Liverpool’s allocation it was their way of saying: ‘we’re interested in revenues’.

    You’d better realise that the long game is the EPL being reverse taken-over by the USA and the English being fed a diet of 8 games a season.

    More money in that you see.

    Bugger the English fans……..

  61. kjafc


    Your bro sounds almost as cool as me 🙂

    When you consider it costs £1.95 to produce a football shirt, you can see why Puma are prepared to offer £30m a year for the rights! I just wish they were priced sensibly because surely they would sell more. Good for everyone including the shirt sponsors. Once you add a name, number and the PL and CL badges, you are looking at £65.00. That cant be right, especially for the future generation. Kids shirts should be £20.00 tops.

    PS: I think you will find its Vietnam not Bangladesh and they are 6 not 4…….!

  62. MidwestGun


    Actually the trend now in the US is to add more games to all their sports not less. Because more games = more tv revenue.

  63. salparadisenyc

    I’ve bought 2 kits for my son, he’s two and a half. Mid 70s vintage home, red with white gun on front and last years away which he insists on wearing at all hours. Must say I have a twinge of guild each time he’s in it. Knowing full well where its been ‘tailored.’ Even got the surname labeled on a #10, not cheap in the end by any stretch.

    Paradise #10 🙂

    Makes me the ticket price all the more appalling, its insulting.

  64. Simon

    I do agree though that in 10-15 years we might be looking at the US being home to superclubs in terms of success and size.

  65. Simon


    You shouldn’t. It will far outstrip local wages, probably paid 300% more. It’s the bangladeshis that would be unhappy if you stopped buying the shirts! They need the cash! Which is worth 5x more than here in
    Local goods purchasing power. The really big issue is forcing firms to invest in local education so it doesn’t become a developmental loop. I’m going to get a beer now before i have to read the posts accusing me of child abuse on the scale of nazi war crimes! It’s true though. Well worn path to development, though ejectronuc components better than textiles… Barman!

  66. MidwestGun


    Thanks! Always looking for new screensavers. Wonder how that kit would hold up in the rain? But that’s just me.

  67. kjafc

    Problem is by the time I had that shirt off her, it would all have been a waste of time anyway.

    ………it would never fit me 😉

  68. Aaron Lemon

    I just think if people are going to be snobbish about wearing a football shirt then they are attending the wrong sport!

    Arsenal go to decent lengths to have fairly nice shirts designed in comparison to chav-centric hooped shirts of some clubs for example. Our shirts are class. If we had Stoke’s shirt, jeez. I wouldn’t wear that. But you see people wearing AFC shirt all the time…but it’s not ‘cool’ to be wearing them to an actual game? Fuck off!

    I went to a few Man City games, everyone was wearing their shirts. Tevez was smashing them in, everyone was Poznaning about the place, it was a party, and people said their fans were shit.

    Sorry, everyone in the league knows that while our way fans are some of the best in the country our home fans are some of the worst. Several things contribute to this but ‘not wearing our shirt since I was 15’ and the clear lack of unity amongst the fans is a major one.

    Ok shirt rant over!

    Other than that, people should back up what they say with fact. There are too many blogs out there where it’s basically one kid whining to the internet trying to make a name for themselves. I come to Le Grove for well-thought out comment and debate. Bit let down by today, too riddled with personal opinion that hasn’t been backed up with anything substantial, sorry!

    See you tomorrow 🙂

  69. kjafc

    ….. in 10-15 years we might be looking at the US being home to superclubs in terms of success and size.
    I hope not. Once the Americans get hold of something they invariably ruin it.

    Mind you, they will sort out the noise problem – boy are Americans loud…..!

    Its bad enough with all their off-ence and dee-fence chit chat and obsessive stats about pass completion, assists and interceptions. Next they would introduce breaks every 15 minutes so ‘MacFatty Burger’s and ‘Kenfriggin Huge Chicken’ can run their adverts, while some fat bloke will be spilling coke and popcorn all over us. Another fat bloke with his fat wife and his fat kids will attempt to burn down the Armoury with his supersized fatboy special barbecue and combination flamethrower. Inside the ground a load of pom pom wielding babes will be doing their best to make us feel as uncomfortable as possible in our tight jeans, as they dance to the sounds of the latest boy band, no doubt ironically mixed by fatboy Slim. It would be a very long day.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Doubt we’ll humiliate them. Going to be a tough, tough game.

    They’ll come at us early I think, we’ll have to soak up a lot of pressure. My big worry is how Arteta’s playing, slow, doesn’t track back a lot. If he just allows Coutinho or one of Suarez or Sturridge to have free run at our defence we could be in trouble.

    Really am not sure of how we’ll set up. Id be tempted to drop Cazorla to the bench, stick Rosicky in the middle with Arteta and Wilshere in a very slightly more advanced role in the middle. Liek a triangle slap bang in the centre of the field.

    Then Ozil on one side of the triangle slightly more advanced and Chamberlain on the other, Chamberlain especially having the MO of tracking back and helping out in that middle so Arteta can drop even deeper.

    Then we have no choice but Giroud up top. We could use some pace this game.

    But I think in there we have more than enough people to knock the ball around, clutter up the middle which means service to the ‘SAS’ will be disrupted and Suarez won’t be able to breathe for pressure.

    With Cazorla AND Wilshere on the field I’d worry about us giving the ball away too much and inventing a Liverpool press. With Wilshere more advanced we don’t get dropped in the shit quite as much when he loses it. I don’t like him next to the deep player in the middle, falls over to much and wastes passes which Cazorla is equally guilty of.

    Can bring Cazorla, Podolski and Gnabry on later on if needed.

  71. hackneylad


    It’s a cultural thing! I love American culture its brilliant but its all over the place here we need to keep some elements of culture british… well English.

    Don’t mean to be offensive but I always find american commentators on football or soccer massively cringey and I just don’t like the nature of waffling statistics every 5 seconds.

    I don’t think its to much to hope that are football doesn’t get americanized!
    Part of what I love about football in this country is its unique identity the day teams are called franchises will be a dark dark day indeed!

    Americans are great but it doesn’t mean we have to be just like you lot and try and emulate and imitate everything.

  72. MidwestGun


    No its cool. Really I get it. My step dad was from London. I much prefer your version of sport. And to be fair there are shit ton of ubnoxious Americans who know fuck all about football.

  73. hackneylad


    Interesting tactics, in a sense (simplifying here) the midfield will be a giant plug plugging the center of the pitch keeping sas isolated from play!

    I would think this will lead Liverpool to long ball it down the wings… This probably would be good for us seeing as our defense is no longer calamitous and good at mopping up long balls and beating there man at jumping to clear the ball.

    As long as our defense is marking suarez and co tightly it would be hard for them to bring down the ball control it and then turn! Suarez has a gifted first touch though so
    A our defenders need to mark him tightly and apply pressure but be aware he can turn on a dime.

    As for the midfield attacking play do you mean for all the mids to have short sharp passing up the pitch till near the box where ox may wheel of and make a run assisted by a telescopic passing from OZil…? If so Ozil is likely to need to step up.

    I would say the formation you have set out is not very counter attacking and is dependent on allot of possession and paitence.

    As for Cazorla I understand why you would leave him out he does give possesion away allot for someone gifted with a great touch his first touch has been very poor at times which has either lead him to being tackled or passing under neccessary pressure thus losing possesion. The only thing I would say though is his a real goal scoring threat.

    Rosiscky Ozil Wilshere ox and Giroud aren’t known for goal scoring.

    Cazorla can be poor must of a match and then score a blinder!

    Hopefully though Ox can continue those runs and get himself into scoring opportunities

  74. Cesc Appeal


    If we had pace, I’d set up to counter, if Walcott was fit for example.

    But this is too big a game to gamble on Gnabry getting everything spot on the way Hazard did for Chelsea.

    So Chamberlain is going to have to have a blinder in my book. Both help the middle out AND be the guy to carry the ball up field – essentially he’ll have to do what Willian did for Chelsea against City.

    These are the game where we either step up and put ourselves in with a shout of the league, or we lack effort and tactics and we fall apart.

    I would hope Wenger is preparing something for Suarez and Sturridge, Koscielny is going to need to be a beast again and really hit them both hard.

    Everyone’s passing game needs to be spot on, cannot afford any misplaced passes.

    The one thing I might potentially change is put Gnabry on for Wilshere. Play Rosicky at the tip of the triangle and Chamberlain and Arteta at the base, tell Chamberlain to throw his weight around and be industrious.

    Gnabry could then be an outlet for pace but as I say, I’m not confident relying on an 18 year old in a game like this. Ozil will also have to be better than he has been, second half at Southampton better. Passing needs to be incisive hold up play needs to be good and he needs to take people on.

  75. hackneylad

    Tbh when it comes to football the one countries model I would love to copy and emulate is Germany!

    They have it as good as it can be! Clubs owned 50% by fans……

    No crazy debt spending allowed, top clubs can’t be in debt hence why there are no Chelsea Man city’s there


    “To put it into statistics: since 2006, there have been four different Bundesliga champions—more than in any other high-profile European league.”

    Great Youth Systems

    “Contrary to La Liga and the EPL, where only a handful of clubs have youth academies at the highest level, every Bundesliga team has an academy filled with kids”

  76. hackneylad


    It is a shame Walcott isn’t about this kind of game is ideal for him, no parking the bus a very open game and playing against poor fullbacks equaling allot of space for him to do his Usain Bolt impressions.

    your right OX will have to have a complete Blinder as his got two roles of extreme importance!

    I think he can do it will just be down to confidence… Take last match when he scored in 47 minute! Wenger or the captain or whoever it was obviously had a word you need to make a run into the box your holding back to much he took that on board and succeed scoring first attempt he has the ability he just needed to know it was okay for him to make those runs!

    He was probably nervous of being to aggressively attacking and thus leaving the middle exposed! When he makes a run Arteta is going to need to drop back further than an athletic DM would need to encase Liverpool break on the counter.

    I think Ox and Wilshere are to similar and may get in each others way so if OX Is breaking forward by making a run Wilshere can swoop back and play a more defensive role and visa versa.

  77. Cesc Appeal


    It is a shame, I’d be much happier with a fit Ramsey in the side next to Arteta on Saturday.

    Ozil as the attacking middle, Chamberlain and Walcott either side. Much happier.

    This is why spending big in the summer is key to future success, a couple of injuries and we’re a lot less a threat going forward and look slower paced in a passing.

    If we don’t manage a world class striker I’d say spend the money on Mandzukic and Draxler that you would spend on a top, top striker like Cavani or Falcao.

    I like Balotelli, I think there’s an absolute superstar in him – but I don’t think Wenger could control him.

  78. Simon


    Was it a war?! More of a tactical retreat surely. I mean what loss was it – all that empty farmland and religious misfits! Good riddance! It’s not like it would ever come to anything! By the way, do you know anyone that can organise a green card for *cough* a friend?

  79. MidwestGun


    Its called a whopper with cheese. At a place called Burger King. Comes with bacon too. We put bacon on everything. Lol.

  80. Ryan

    I would agree with most except the Vuvuzelas, they almost ruined the World Cup for me. People here in the states tailgate outside the stadiums before the game and it makes for a great atmosphere. Sure you don’t really have car parks outside the stadiums in England but a buzzing atmosphere outside would really pump up the levels. Maybe the fans need to take it upon themselves, kind of like you do AFTER a big win or terrible loss (Aston Villa).

  81. Cesc Appeal

    Anyone seen the Etihad expansion plans? Looks pretty nice.

    City are going to be an absolutely monstrous club.

  82. MidwestGun


    Well it was a war in the sense we let you have Canada in exchange for not enslaving our sailors. A fair trade if you ask me. Lol.
    I do recall something about our pathetic 6 boat navy beating your massive armada but I might be sketcy on those details.

  83. hackneylad

    Ryan/ Others

    We have Pubs in England! You don’t need a carpark barbacue When you have pubs to get you buzzing!

    It’s the British WAY!

    LOL Though I would love a German Drinking hall outside the stadium though I imagine it would lead to many a drunken incident unfortunately!

  84. Thank you and goodnight

    The ordinary American’s Are Great People. Everyone I’ve been fortunate to meet I’ve found them to be a brilliant laugh. But your government make the Nazi s look like girl guides. But I’m sorry mid west, i’m British through and through and believe football is our game, sorry. It’s like women’s football……sorry it’s wrong.

  85. Thank you and goodnight

    And by “football being our game” I mean I don’t like to see American owners coming into our game. You name me an American owned premier league club that has been successful. And no not united, as they’ve been successful in spite of the Glazers, not because of them.

  86. MidwestGun

    I actually like womens football at the world cup level. Game is a lot slower and mostly on the ground. But because of that, you can really see the tactics involved. Plus some of those women are world class good looking.

  87. Invincibles


    ha ha ha. Sorry I’d rather nail my bollocks to the table than watch women’s football. Honest to god I’m not sexist in any other part of my life, but I’m so against womens football. There were rumours that they were going to allow girls in my son’s team, not ashamed to say I would of found him another team.

  88. MidwestGun

    I dont disagree Kroenke is a crap owner.
    But I think it involves how much the owner is willing to invest in the team not necessarily where they are from.

  89. Revving Kevin

    But I’m sorry mid west, i’m British through and through and believe football is our game, sorry. It’s like women’s football……sorry it’s wrong.”

    So very true. We don’t go playing netball or baking cakes do we! Or spoil a game with endless ads.

    Women’s football makes me laugh, goalkeepers that can’t jump and it’s just so boring.

    Be much more fun if they made the players wear wet t-shirts or that sexy bird in a shirt link kj put up earlier. The grounds would be packed and there would be plenty of noise!

  90. Invincibles


    Though I have to disagree with TYAG about Americans. I’ve had some run ins with them and well. Sorry. But agree 100% with him about Americans owning our clubs. But then neither am I a fan of russians or arabs. British sport british owners.

  91. MidwestGun


    Not for mixed gender youth teams at all. I just enjoy watching world cup and olympic womens football thats all.

  92. Invincibles

    Fair enough. I really wasn’t knocking you as you come across as a really nice guy. But unfortunately the Americans I’ve met, well lets just say I thought they were arseholes and no doubt they thought same of me.

  93. MidwestGun


    Could you explain to my 2 ex- wives about the nice guy bit.
    Like I said earlier, as a country we have a larger than mosts share of dickheads. Not sure where the arrogance comes from.

  94. Dan Ahern

    I’m with MidwestGun, Women’s World Cup was excellent. Don’t think anybody’s comparing the standard of play to men’s; that’s not the point.
    I mean, you ever watch Arsenal U21? Not even close to PL standard but that’s not why you watch. It’s enjoyable in its own way.

  95. Invincibles

    I’m off to bed as got early start, but you seem like a clued up decent guy. We brits have our fair share of dicks, but in this country we call them spud supporters:)

  96. MidwestGun

    Well im all for British ownership if it means winning
    . Plus I dont want to talk about Americans anymore cuz Hackney will punch me in my nutsack. Lol

  97. salparadisenyc

    I’ve lived in America and the UK. I can comfortably say “football culture” is lost on the vast majority of America. As “baseball culture” is to the UK. That said a growing number seem to be following as the TV coverage is quite good, same as Asia, Middle East etc. I’ve watched Arsenal in many a country and it’s kind of mental the supporters that show up and knowledge they have. The Premiere league is truly global.

    In America, the actual sport side is growing steadily but I don’t think it will ever measure up to Amercian football, baseball and basketball . Shame really, you get these athletes that exceed in the aforementioned sports on the pitch at a young age, football as their main sport and the USA would be a force.

  98. Dan Ahern

    “Don’t mean to be offensive but I always find american commentators on football or soccer massively cringey and I just don’t like the nature of waffling statistics every 5 seconds.”

    As an American I’m not offended in the least. Couldn’t agree more, in fact. I like the PL in its entirety–there’s a whole culture around it that’s inseparable in my opinion. Taking the British out of it makes no sense, which all to often is what happens when broadcasters try to put US announcers on games. Luckily the current broadcaster over here has made a big push to keep the culture of the league intact.

  99. Thank you and goodnight

    @Dan Ahern

    Don’t get me wrong mate, I’m not anti American…only when it comes to Football club ownership. My favourite music is rap, artist Tupac. Favourite boxer of all time….Roy Jones jr. Favourite/ sexiest female artist… Katie Perry.

  100. Dan Ahern

    “Not a lover of either but rather them than an American owner.”

    Seems plainly prejudiced.

    I’m all for Brit owners as well. But mostly I’m for owners who care about their clubs’ traditions and have ambition.

    Agree the Glazers are a cancer but that’s not down to their passport.