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It’s difficult not to give our keeper a high five mentally when you read that he tried to convince Robert Lewandowski to join us last season.

‘We had several talks about this. It was him who did most of
the talking, how the club looks inside, what Arsène Wenger thinks of me.’

Great work Chezzer. We’ll still need a chat though, because ultimately you failed. We can’t accept failure these days. We’ve put Manonne on alert, so start speaking to your best pal Robert about a new club. You total embarrassment.

Anyway, onto other things… such as the Le Grove app. So excusing the dreadful button cover that will change when Apple sign off the next update, its purpose is to bring all the social channels and the blog under one roof. Ultimately, it’s been pulled together for you, if you like it, I’ll roll it out across poor people devices.

Just kidding, I love all the phones.

Arsenal have taken revenge on the poverty preachers of Liverpool by slamming them with a little over half their entitlement for the FA Cup game. They’ve cited safety… they don’t want dangerous Liverpool fans standing in the upper tiers, so they’ve given them less tickets. Sounds like a load of nonsense if you ask me. Feels more like getting fans back for slating the cost. Spirit of Shankly, which sounds like a very expensive whiskey said…

“[We] have immediately re-written to both clubs to ask them to explain this decision, given the absurdity that a football club can designate an area as being available to away supporters yet then raise fears over potential safety issues.”

Football fans are a funny old lot, one week we’re hearing how many hours a Liverpool fan working in a kebab shop would have to work to afford an Arsenal ticket (14.73 for a £93 ticket), the next we’re hearing how they’re disgusted with their allocation they would have no doubt devoured.

You can’t have it both ways!

Anyway, it is what it is. It’ll make for a slightly less frenetic atmosphere, which is a shame, but hey, what can you do? I don’t really have an opinion on this.

I’ve been reading some of the fan groups talking about how we can up the noise level in the stadium to the terrific heights the Crystal Palace fans achieve. The answer… cheaper tickets. This is such a tired argument. Arsenal lowered the ticket prices to £10 at the Carling Cup game and the noise levels were dreadful.


… seems to be the consensus. I mean, come on people, the issue isn’t that we don’t have enough cheap tickets. Men in their fifties have a lot of cash, but so do guys in their twenties! No mortgage, no kids… just beer to worry about. Cheaper tickets aren’t going to raise the roof. Things that might…

Safe standing: This would be bloody marvellous. Rockstars don’t sing sitting down, unless they’re Marti Pellow from Wet Wet Wet… but hey, I’m not sure he constitutes a rockstar.

Singing Sections: We should round up all 50,000 season ticket holders, who, on Twitter, state they’re the only singers in their block, and lump them in one section. Then they have to sing. What a great idea. Problem is, people don’t want to have to move elsewhere…

Pre-game experience: There is no pre-game experience at Arsenal. There is no reason to get me into the ground any earlier than 1455. This is a problem. Arsenal should take on the idiots (or capitalist legends that know how to strike an incredibly lazy deal) that run Delaware and allow independents to offer food outside the ground. Make it a damn carnival. Get Ray Parlour running a fan Q&A on a stage, have Piebury Corner offering Piedolski’s and craft beer… utilise that area and give families and normal people a reason to turn up earlier.

This could be our DHL Training kit moment. If Delaware can’t be bothered to inspect the disgusting state of their anemic food, take the good food outside. What’s the worst that could happen? We upset a catering giant who don’t care about quality food or service? A company that is quite happy to get fat off a ridiculous 25 year deal that basically entails zero improvement incentive?

Honestly, if I were Arsenal, I’d be pulling every trick in the book to make them suffer. But hey, that’s just me… but suppliers are partners until they start screwing over your customer base. Then they are the enemy… and you make them pay through the loopholes.

… always exploit the loopholes.

VuVuZelas: What happened to those? Let’s get them in the stadium! The sound of a 42 stone man humming sweet tunes on South Africa’s finest export outside of Charlize Theron. Could noise get any better? Most certainly not.

Flares: Now, total curve ball here, but when Everton + Bayern played us at home, some cheeky scamp let of a flare. Aside from the fury that raged inside me because the flagrant disregard for health and safety, the light smoke that smouldered across the ground gave the stadium a war like atmosphere (apologies to the armed forces here, I’ve like, only been to war once, and it was the World Of Warcraft convention in 2002). How about flares let off safely pregame… we could have a show… get some dancers in, do some flares… it’d be banging.

What isn’t going to change things:

Cheaper tickets: There is no study that correlates minimum wage with noise. Sorry, it’s a romantic notion, but passion for football is not dependent on wealth. When I sorted out a ticket for my pal mark when we were about 20-21, he lumped it on a credit card. Could he afford it, probably not? Did he regret it… 100% doubtful. When you’re young, you’ll find a way if you have the desire.

… I’m still counting the cost of Kavos 1999, both financially, and venereally.

Flags: That flag that goes over my head before the game, which is the picture at the top of the screen gets on my tits big time. I don’t feel it rouses me in anyway shape or form. It hacks me off because the muppet behind me tries to hold onto it when the stewards bring it in… it was funny, like, say, the first 18 times he did that.

A Drum: Dear god, please don’t bring a drum to the game.

Megaphoners: Dortmund have a megaphone master on what looks like each block. I quite like the idea of someone leading the march, however, I’m not sure how fans would respond to it. I’m half and half on this one…

Anyway, there are my suggestions, you don’t like them… do one.

Just jokes, share your ideas in the comments…


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  1. Simon

    Better food everywhere. It’s shite. Embarrassing. I stay as far away from the stadium as possible until as close to kick off as possible – just gives me time to grab a saltbeef on rye with pickle and mustard: only edible food within 250 yard of the stadium. Keep up the good work and Shabat shalom, motherfuckers!

  2. Bennydevito

    Morning Grovers,

    Good post Pedro. As a long distance Gooner across the country in underwater Bristol I’m not best placed to comment on what would improve match day atmosphere but safe standing and singing sections sound good. Infact put all the singers together in the standing area like the old Highbury North Bank.

  3. Simon

    Seriously I’d bring in all the carts around my place and give them a go every Saturday. The more the merrier. Proper street food. Serious Mexican, hog roast, Thai, Viet, Turkish food but with real meat, fresh soups, German etcetera. I’d organise it if the club wanted help! Get an atmosphere like the tail gate parties in the US. Speaking of which… We need some Arsenal cocktails. My vote; sangrita. A red drink and a white drink. Fighting cocktail that!

  4. Roaaary

    Palaces fans used to be shit. Proper shit. Women and kids getting in for free on local school schemes. They were the arsenal or charlton on now.

    What happened was they went into administration and nearly bust. This united their fans and people became passionate about their clubs again.

    At arsenal we have had too much success and it invites people who like arsenal but don’t love them.

    In essence the only way to raise the noise is for gazidis to build relations between club and fan to the point we love everything about arsenal. Get the fans passionate and the noise will increase.

    This season we have been louder and it’s been because we are starting to see something positive out there

  5. @snoekrats

    Ah Pedro , The Vuvuzela

    I take it you werent at the 2010 WC.

    I love my country but a Vuvu is one of our worst products.

    Why not get Suzan Boyle to record a Arsenal Song and then play it over the loud speakers, this will force the fans to sing louder than the speakers in order not to hear her a competition, if the loud speaker is louder than the crowd naked pictures of Susanne will be displayed on the big screen…

    If that doesnt get them to sing…

  6. Savage

    I was about to say scoring goals would increase noise levels, but I actually think there is more noise when things are desperate and we score a pearler in the 89th minute – more of that maybe? Haha!

  7. Insomnia

    A couple of questions:

    – Does anybody know a good place to get tattoos removed? All my tattoos of Draxler now just annoy me. Particularly the one I tried to change myself to Kallstrom but went wrong and now reads Drakxllstorm.

    – DMail has linked us for summer to every striker ever – is it too early in the day to start a Giroud argument?

    – Could we link some disgruntled fans to high volume mikes? I would get a laugh to have a quiet time in a home match punctuated by a booming: “FU*CKS SAKE OZIL – 40 MILLION MY ARSE!”

    Lets hope we can hit Pool with a real Drakxllstorm

  8. Simon

    And! The ‘arsenalisation’ is pretty lame in the digital age. We should have massive displays rotating astonishing arsenal moments from the past at full volume all around and all over the stadium to awe the visitors and inspire the fans.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Here’s an old-fashioned idea… what about actually signing class talent who are fit and eager to play for the Arsenal rather than just saying you tried to sign them… after all isn’t that why ticket prices go up and up?

    “The only people spending money over at the Arsenal are the fans”.

  10. Insomnia

    Exploding badgers introduced into the stands? Not powerful enough to hurt anyone (other than the TB riddled badger) but loud enough to cause a frisson of excitement to go through the relevant section as they watched in horror as the badger approached.

    Actually this could be particularly good for those who have never forgiven that guy who left us – you know the one, the little kid badger Judas guy.

  11. andy1886

    No atmosphere in the stadium? Too many doomers obviously. They are responsible for global warming too you know. 😉

    Nice safe post Pedro, who’s going to start the first argument of the day?

  12. sylvain

    “The only people spending money over at the Arsenal are the fans”

    Wrong : Wenger has to spend money for his earing aids.

  13. Leedsgunner

    “The ‘conservative’ way we start off games doesn’t persuade people to make too much noise.”

    Fair point, but if we win the game at the final whistle… I don’t really mind how we start… 😉

  14. Simon

    Wenger Forever! Senile? He should be running the club from beyond the grave. On his death Stan should RENAME the club Arsenes Arsenal and erect a statue of him so high that he can be seen peering down on the pitch. Of course to pay for it we’d have to put up ticket prices a lot and forgo any signings until 2078.

  15. Savage

    Highbury the Library – that was when we were at our peak, with a team full of stars, scoring goals for fun. I remember how there wasn’t much more than a polite clap when we scored.

    Desperation and tight games are more likely to produce noise. Palace sang like they did because there was nothing else to do.

  16. Simon

    But seriously … We don’t like singing so much, we watch the game. If you really want more noise put those extra 20,000 seats in on top and that retractable roof. Of course, we’d have to put up ticket prices and forgo …..

  17. Kris

    Funnily enough I went to see Sydney FC play the other week took my seat with the proper fans behind the goal and couple of minutes later two fella’s turned up with a drum and megaphone, had some song they did before kick off with a big f*ck off flag above ya that they timed to be pulled in as the song peaked and the footie kicked off.

    Best atmosphere I have ever heard, fella with the megaphone got everyone going ALL game long.

    Think it would work well.

    Shame the ‘soccer’ was f*cking dire.

  18. Nasri's Mouth


    Me too. It’s not a criticism. I like our strategy. Shows maturity.

    Dunno how we’ll get more noise going though.

  19. Insomnia

    Instead of singing sections have:

    – Signing sections where fans shout the names of players we were linked with but didn’t get.

    – Ringing sections, full of people on the phone throughout the match.

    – Sighing sections for fans who just sigh wistfully thinking of happier times.

  20. Simon

    You might be onto something! WOB sections (with tissues and masseurs) AKB sections (with a clear view of the manager), poor people sections(standing)…

  21. DanC


    ‘At arsenal we have had too much success and it invites people who like arsenal but don’t love them.’

    Absolutely spot on.

  22. diabyearnshowmuch

    Great post as always, just can’t start the day properly without a LeGrove fix. In English football there is a common link between quality of football and noise, our stadium is full of people that sit and watch, and expect dynamic fast paced footy, C.Palace know they’ll get shit football, so they entertain themselves.

  23. Paddy got up

    I have to disagree. The atmosphere at Arsenal is totally down to the type of fan in the ground. On average each punter is paying well over a £1k a season to be as they see it entertained!!!
    We don’t resemble what football is all about, we are a posh persons club. Go to club Rugby or tennis and see how noisy they are!!!
    Even the club make no excuses. A season ticket holder is a season ticket holder except at Arsenal where your a gold member!! All very gentlemen a club and hockey sticks.
    You mention the carling cup and it’s true the tickets are reduced. But what you fail to mention is that everyone knows The Accountant will put out a shit team with some rising star from Bingo Bongo land up front, so people feel what’s the point.
    Those people sadly have given up long ago. If Arsenal could fill the pop arena with 60000 corporates they would.
    Sadly folks we support a team that don’t give a fuck about its fans. They will tolerate you if you can afford what there asking but don’t dare to ask for anything in return.
    Your right when you say that desperation improves the atmosphere as fans feel united with the club.
    This will never be applicable at Arsenal. Desperation there is if Arsene and Ivan can’t book there favourite table at the Ivy!!

  24. Simon

    The club could make millions more a year by sorting out the food outside and making it a place people want to spend time before matches. Might be tied by current catering contracts.

  25. Simon


    Everyone at the tennis is posh!

    Look, the club is in islington North London okay… My big worries are the absence of ANY artisan breads, micro breweries or wifi for my tablet – I’d love to multitask at the match.

  26. Leedsgunner


    “Signing sections where fans shout the names of players we were linked with but didn’t get.”

    That would be one surefire way of increasing the noise in the stadium… 😉

  27. Al

    Overall the atmosphere has been pretty great this year in every big match we have played and when the fans know it’s a tough game.

    I think the atmosphere for Fulham and palace was weak due to the expectancy we probably had to beat them.

    Overall i think the atmosphere is improving and imo and a couple of match day goers i have spoken to, it boils down to finally having players we can see on the pitch who actually care and are giving it 100%

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    Palace are also going through the ‘first season back with the big boys’ syndrome where the fans are going to new grounds and it’s all exciting

  29. sylvain

    Rumor says that Puma is also going to be the supplier of hearing aids for Arsène.

    Didn’t know that Puma also work for helping seniors.

  30. DUIFG

    podolski is going to be key over the coming weeks, cant see caz being able to play every game. He has been influential of late though, going to need to get the rotation balance correct

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    Good results obviously make a much more positive atmosphere and therefore noise. The difference from 12 months ago is huge and a lot of that is down to where we are in the table. And you’re right, people applaud skill, but they also applaud determination and drive.

    The North Bank / Clock end chanting has really helped too.

    The palace game actually seemed out of character this season, and let’s face it we haven’t been very noisy at Highbury for years

  32. Leedsgunner

    Injuries and suspensions are going to be so crucial now… and more than Giroud, if we lose one one of our defensive rocks in Kos and Mertesacker it’s going to hurt more than losing Giroud. I deally I would have loved to see another tall centreback come in over the January window with a DM and a striker, but ho hum what do I know?

  33. King Henry

    The atmosphere has definitely improved but surely this is down to results on the pitch. However it’s still not great for all the games. I honestly believe there are too many corporates and too many people who don’t actually support the club going to games. I know a few people who have season tickets who aren’t even fans! They have the money and The Arsenal are best footballing side in London so they think “I can afford it, why not?”.

    I’m definitely in full support of standing and signing sections but whether that would be enough to get the whole stadium signing, who knows, it certainly help though.

  34. gambon

    Best way to get the noise up is for the team to win something.

    You could say its a vicious circle as we may not start winning until the fans get behind the team.

    I would also guarantee that if they dropped average tickets for the 40000 non club level seats to £30 they would get a lot more singing, but the club arent interested in the fans.

  35. gambon

    Safe standing sections would be my way of choice to get atmosphere at the Emirates.

    2 sections behind each goal, vastly reduced ticket prices.

  36. Simon


    If we had sections where there were singers the rest of us would think we could just be quiet.

    Actually, I bring a good book to matches and I find that the whole football thing does get in the way of a good read. Plus – could we have heating and/or a good supply of blankets ?

  37. King Henry


    So it would be a bit like it is now?

    What about putting the signing section in cages? That way they wouldn’t overspill into your reading section.

  38. Gooner 72

    noise levels? I’m no that old at 42 but I remember getting to the North Bank for when it opened on match day, finding my position bang centre, reading the programme (before the distractions of mobile phones). Then chanting every arrival on to the pitch for the warm up, the same during the game with chants & banter with both keepers. Everyone of the outfield players would have a chant, even Perry Groves and he was on the bench. And when Palace turned up it was all “cheese rolls!!”

    What happens now? The odd rendition of ‘la la la Giroud’ or ‘stand up if you hate tottenham”. Bit of a shocker for me on match days. The Ox scores twice and…… nothing. Where’s his chant, and why nothing for Ozil? all that money and we can’t muster a chant. I suppose the real problem is my age, I used to sing on the North Bank, now arrive mins before K.O and sit high up in the West. Where are the new twenty year olds?

  39. g0tch34ted

    A drum = no
    Vuvuzela = yes

    Have you gone nuts Pedro? I’m all for making it a “war-like atmosphere” to intimidate teams and get the stands rocking but seriously … Vuvuzelas are godawful.

  40. Simon


    Good idea! And if they could keep it down a bit too. Or they could maybe watch on a big screen outside? These are just ideas.

  41. Simon

    Baying – yep! The rye is extra, otherwise you get a role and less salt beef. Straight down road that connects stadium with tube, last thing on left hand side before steps.

  42. Norfolk

    NorfolkFebruary 6, 2014 12:09:42
    PedroWhat are you on.
    Vuvuzalas !! Next you will be wanting cheerleaders.

    I forgot to add standing areas.
    Season ticket only and with todays CCTV would present no problems.
    Act up and you look your ticket, simples.
    Once other teams pick it up they could be given away tickets for their end.

  43. GoonPharm

    Afternoon all.

    I never really understood the whole watching football at grounds full stop. Never been to Highbury but have visited the emirates a few times.

    What is the point? You barely see anything as some fat, sweaty cunt will stand up in front of you (I’m only 5’8) when ever we pass the halfway line. You then end up looking at the bloody monitors to see what you missed.

    There’s ALWAYS some expert pundit there who feels the need to commentator through the whole game.

    It’d too fucking cold. Food is shit and costs too much. So essentially you’re paying at least 100 large ones each to er NOT watch the game!!!!!

    Finally the age it fucking takes to get out of the grounds is a pisstake.

    Personally much rather watch it the comfort of my own home on a nice big TV with a few cold ones and some decent grub with a few of the lads.

  44. sylvain

    gambon : “Best way to get the noise up is for the team to win something.”

    Couldn’t have said it any better.

  45. Simon

    As a platinum level season ticket holder I thought we already had cheerleaders! Aren’t all you extras in the lower class tiers paid to sing and provide the atmosphere for us? Clearly they need to increase your wages/benefits. Come on give us a proper show!

  46. Southernpeople

    “Should Wilshere make an assist in the match, he will become the first Arsenal to make an assist in four consecutive Premier League matches since Andrei Arshavin between November and December 2010.”

    The independent.

    Can anyone explain this paragraph?

    Wilshare didn’t play in the last two pl matches so will he be “first Arsenal to make an assist in four consecutive Premier League matches since Andrei Arshavin”?

  47. Radio Raheem

    Best way to get the noise up? Errr a sound
    machine? Why bother the overfed overstressed fan for more singing and clapping? Haven’t they done enough by just being there.

    Keagan drew a comparison between attending a football match and going to theatre so why not?

    Not only should machines be provided to generate atmosphere, fluffers should be in place as half time refreshment for paying gentlemen.

  48. bigper

    pretty sure the crystal palace fans had some sort of drum thing, I think they can work if used properly almost like how they are used for a battle cry

  49. Bamford13

    Vuvuzelas are loathsome. Marred the 2010 World Cup — for all viewers, stadium and TV — and many matches thereafter. No way.

    Standing sections, cheaper tickets, glorious victories against top clubs, and a better central striker. Those would help the atmosphere, especially the latter two.

    On the subject of a better CF, Wenger told us at press conference: “We never wanted to replace [Giroud] and I’m not surprised he is doing well this season.”

    Good example of Wenger being satisfied with mediocrity and also undermines apologist arguments. Wenger didn’t need to say this for any of the reasons offered by his apologists — e.g., transfer negotiations going forward or Giroud’s feelings. He could simply have said something like, “We’re always looking to strengthen at every position, so of course we’re looking at strikers. Giroud has been excellent, though.”

    Giroud was brought in EXPLICITLY as a #2. Everyone knows this. To call him a #1 now is silly. He’s mediocre. He hasn’t been playing “well” — he’s scored a few goals but has otherwise been embarrassing. Wenger says these things only because he wants to win with players the world doesn’t rate and wants the world to know that he doesn’t accept their judgment of him or his players.

  50. bigper

    man utd have been winning for years and theyre quieter than us so I don’t think winning correlates to more noise.
    its the siege mentality that creates most noise such as when we are underdogs for a big European game or when we have to chase a game

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford13: Standing sections, cheaper tickets, glorious victories against top clubs, and a better central striker. Those would help the atmosphere, especially the latter two.

    I think you’ve put in the last 2 to fit your agenda.

    People cheer at goals, people cheer at victories, but come the next game, while it might help the atmosphere, I don’t think it improves the actual volume.

    In the latter years of Highbury when we’d been very successful, IMO it actually got quieter rather than louder. People sitting back and waiting for something marvellous to happen

  52. Romford Pele

    ‘In the latter years of Highbury when we’d been very successful, IMO it actually got quieter rather than louder. People sitting back and waiting for something marvellous to happen’


    People come with a sense of expectation. My Man City friends have been talking about this a lot recently. Even the Spuds who traditionally have a good atmosphere are now dwindling.

  53. JamesH

    As well as the poor atmosphere we have a large number of ‘fans’ who arrive late, leave for half time early and come back 5 mins in the second half with burger in hand oblivious to the action. and of course bugger off 5 mins early.

  54. Simon

    I don’t think we like singing as much any more. Bit self-conscious. Just like singalongs in pubs died out.

    My wife’s German so I need to be a bit careful but … while the effect of all the German fans singing away in unison is impressive. it’s also a bit alien. I think really? North Korea would be good at that too if they ever got a team together. Bit scary.

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I don’t think that helps.

    Though I have every sympathy for people who need to get home from midweek games.

  56. Sam

    last home game I went to was Fulham. First half was so boring that the crowd was sedated. Noise comes from something happening on the field. The stadium design, particularly the top layers, is a hard place for chanting too.
    I hate reading that it’s a “class” thing. I’ve sat next to plenty working class season ticket or Silver member holders who don’t open their months all game, other than to shove an overpriced hotdog in.

    There’s also a big difference between northern and London fans, with only Palace really having noisy fans down here. And non-London fans are friendlier, which creates more of a community feeling = more noise in the ground. Travel up to Islington on public transport with other Arsenal fans and no-one will have a word, ever. Travel up with away fans from northern or midlands’ clubs and they’ll start talking to you.

    We could have one vuvuzela, blown into Wenger’s ear at opportune moments, but as a general rule, no thanks. No more Elvis songs either – we’ve just got rid of that pre kick-off dirge thank God. Same with drums and megaphones. I sat just above Schalke’s very noisy support last time they visited and nearly went nuts with the orchestrated drumming and loudspeaker chants – all pre-planned, none spontaneous.

    Give us good football, passion and goals and there’ll be more noise. Well, by London standards anyhow.
    At least there’s less of that hostile, simmering “FFS” anger this season (so far).

  57. JamesH

    and can someome please answer this.

    why does the PA announcer feel the need to annonce the half time score as the players go off?

  58. Simon


    The guys on here that live in Hastings and places like that will be onto you if you complain about early leavers!

    Also I’m that man with the burger! It takes soooo long to buy that and drink 2 pints… I can’t go any faster!

  59. Nasri's Mouth


    Self-consciousness might be a factor. Maybe if we were shoulder to shoulder we’d have more of a herd (heh, see what I did there?) mentality rather than sitting so spaced out on the wonderfully wide comfortable seats.

    Mmmmm,….comfortable seats <–Homer Simpsons moment

  60. JamesH

    Simon – haha brilliant

    we used to have a chant in block 2 ‘ we only sing ‘sit down’ we only sing ‘sit down’ as the only time you ever hear from some people is to moan that someone has dared stand up.

  61. Nasri's Mouth


    No-one talks on the tube ever though.

    Though I did have a chat with a little old lady (in an Arsenal scarf) while we were waiting for the tube to move a few weeks ago.

  62. JamesH

    you guys debate the Arsenal finances whilst i contemplate why they announce the half time score and wonder if anyone has ever won the half time ‘lucky numbers’ and dont sit in the directors box !

  63. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I don’t think it is just Arsenal that are suffering when it comes to atmosphere, I speak to L’Pool, Utd and fans from other teams who all say the same thing about lack of atmosphere.

    Another thing I notice that seems to be an Arsenal problem is fans getting in their seats 5 minutes before the kick off, leaving after 40 minutes to get a drink or food, getting back in their seats 5 minutes after kick off in the 2nd half and leaving 5-10 minutes before the end of the game.
    I cannot get to games these days and it is embarrassing when you see the ground emptying with 5-10 minutes left, and then they complain about the ticket prices.
    And the excuse about ‘we are too successful’ is bollocks, have you seen a Bayern Game or most other top clubs on the continent, they are rocking most games.

    When my brother was in the navy he went to grounds all around the world with his mates and he said the atmosphere was always amazing.
    Get the drums, trumpets and other instruments in the ground and encourage the fans to have a carnival every game. And those fans that don’t like it can sit at home and watch it on the telly with the sound turned off, miserable fuckers.

  64. Simon


    And have you ever gotten on a bus with exactly one person on every double seat? And bags on half the remaining empty seats. That is our future! Maximum distance from each other. Every one of us fiddling with our phones.

  65. TheBayingMob

    I’m going to come across as seriously chauvanistic here, I’m not really but this is my opinion …


    No Pedro you’ve missed the point on that entirely. Noise and atmosphere is genereally the preserve of young males. Now while some 20-somethings have rich parents, decent jobs or whatever, generally, they are priced out of the Emirates home support. It’s dads with kids, the sedentary 40/50yo age group and women. No offence meant, but generally, women don’t make noise. Not in the same way a young bloke does who has yet to really mentally progress beyond about 14 years old; you need a core of young people, not necessarily poor, but most young people don’t have 60quid plus every other week to throw around on football. Maybe you think they do, I don’t. The atmosphere has drained from football stadiums as the average age has gone up and more women have started to attend (I’m not saying they shouldn’t by the way, I’m just stating a point … ), men act differently in front of women. Palaces vocal support is younger and male (from what I can tell), our away support is younger and male (those who do have the money maybe rightly prioritise away matches over home, as I do) … as for the ways to get atmosphere back? I like the idea of a bit of a festival outside the stadium, if we’re not going to get back to the pre-Taylor demographic of a young, mle dominated crowd (which I don’t think we are) then taking it somewhere else where the you can build the atmosphere directly at the stadium would be great; the only thing is, catering outside the ground would take money out of the clubs coffers in one way or another, unless they were coining in al the profit they’d never go for it but it is a splendid idea. Vuvuzelas? No thanks. I don’t think the sound of a drum going is all that bad, but nearly everyone I talk to is a miserable old tw@t about it and come with the standard retort of “I’d stick that fookin’ drum straight oop his fookin’ arse … “, although in mockney not tu’northern.

    So, cheaper tickets. Move the sedentary old bsat@rds to the west / east of the stadium; encourage a more young male crowd, but to be hones the premise all fails on ‘chepaer’ tickets …

  66. Simon

    Arsenal date man

    That is a declaration of war my man!

    You have thrown down the ciabatta my friend!

    I will fight for my right to sup fine, room temperature, Claret from a good year whilst contemplating a damn good novel, IN PEACE AND QUIET at the match with my very life! Why do you think I come to the emirates? Ruffian.

  67. Max85

    Safe standing would be a massive win, but at the end of the day the crowd feeds off what’s happening on the pitch. A successful team = loud, upbeat atmosphere.

    Onto Liverpool – they’re missing all of their first choice back 4, and don’t have a holding player. Toure, Skrtel, and Cissokho all v prone to clangers n all.

    If they come at us I think we can pick them off. Would start Rosicky to really put the above under pressure and give them no time on the ball.

  68. Simon

    Baying Mob

    Fitting name! Indeed this is a truth universally acknowledged! It’s why I love Arsenal – it’s been gentrified and the poor people can’t afford it. It’s a good thing. They don’t wash. They get fighty! They make too much noise!

  69. Nasri's Mouth

    It’d be interesting to see a study of noise vs age vs income vs sex and see the comparisons.

    Anecdotally I’ve seen rich, poor, young, old, male and female be both quiet and loud, I’ve seen tourists who watch the entire game through the lens of a camera and those that shout so much they’re almost completely hoarse by the end of it, but I’ve no idea how the ratios of each comparison would go.

  70. sylvain

    Romford Pele February
    “Gervinho is a totally different animal now!”

    Great to see him playing with confidence

    It’s a joke ?????
    So everybody’s happy for “the cunt who score only when he’s not playing for Arsenal” ??
    Fuck him.

  71. salparadisenyc


    Think its time to bulk up the imagery Arsenal for blog insertion. How many times this poor guy been traipsed out. See what I did there.

  72. TheBayingMob

    “I don’t think it is just Arsenal that are suffering… ”
    No you are absolutely right, every ground of the established Premiership teams suffer this; it’s a standard routine actually; take Portsmouth as an example, when they came into the PL everyone was impressed by the atmosphere … that’s because it was (predominantly) young and male – then over the course of their stay, tickets prices went north, it all became about fleecing the fans, I knew hardcore Pompey home and away who stopped going because of the neuveau jonny come lately’s … since their fall from grace, I know people who now have gone back, the ticket prices are rock bottom and if you remove the fact that they have suffered a severe financial backlash, the fans have actually fallen back in love with going going to the football (if not the football itself, which is another lesson, the quality of the football bears no relation to atmosphere)

    “have you seen a Bayern Game”
    Germany, IMO, are maybe out there on their own now as far as fan experience is concerned (in the elite euro divisions at least), their ownership models and cheaper prices have much to do with it, but it’s culture as well, because they never priced out the common hard core fan then what we once knew as normal in England is still the norm there … turning up an hour before the game, getting your game on, chanting, making noise, building up towards kick off. As Pedro eluded too, barely anything is going to get him into the stadium/to his seat before 14.55, so there you go, it’s just not our culture anymore which is why I like the idea of a bit of a matchday festival outside, build the atmosphere up that way but it would never happen unless AFC Plc was coining in the profit. Oh and flares, I love flares at the football, I was at the Bayern home game last year and they really bought their game to town, it was amazing, the flares and smoke really stoked things up!

    So everywhere you see a decent matchday experience, you see lower ticket prices. It might not be about noise being the preserve of the poor, but there is a definite and strong correlation between the cost of going ergo the type of people who then do go to the match …

  73. sylvain

    I wonder if the vaccine against rabies is updated for ALL the Gunners….
    Essential before playing against the cannibal.

    Wenger don’t need it, he’s so close to the end.

  74. Hitman49

    Great post pedro!

    As Russ abbot said I love a little atmosphere !


    Get fans in early by offering discounts on this months top books.

    Hang a team member each home game ! (Only good for 12 weeks)

    We take the lowest opts rated or if you prefer the laziest as they wear the tracking system and hang them ! Before a home game.

    To make it more fun we can include the whole staffing structure at arsenal. Ie poor transfer business hang them ! Poor food hang t hem !
    That’ll get us in early

    Give out trumpets to the first 500 in!

    Have a sponsored silence section !
    And if you sing loud enough they wake them up they’ll have to leave the stadium 5 minutes before the half and end of the game.

  75. themightykarim

    I come from a working class area

    When I was a kid, we were standing shoulder to shoulder and the atmosphere was brilliant and you felt like you were part of a community

    Then, they ” updated ” the place ; as a result, everybody sits, nobody sings anymore but it does certainly look more like a civilised place…


  76. peanuts&monkeys

    Ok. So, now that Wenger and the board could not add any spice and force to the team, Arsenal fans are up to finding alternative ways of boosting performance. Good thought.

    My take…the easiest and fastest way to achieve noise-propelled performance on the pitch: reduce ticket prices, let the young blokes in.

    I’m sure Wenger and AKBs will take the longer route to generating noise because they have eight more years to win a trophy and ‘only 14 more games’ to go this season.

  77. kjafc

    Gooner 72
    Noise levels? I’m no that old at 42 but I remember getting to the North Bank for when it opened on match day, finding my position bang centre, reading the programme (before the distractions of mobile phones).”
    Yes mate, I am young too just 51 and the noise at Highbury used to be brilliant. The Emirates is not only quiet but it is full of idiots who moan and groan whenever a pass goes astray. Others seem to sit their fiddling with their i-phones, sending messages on twitter, facebook or texting.

    And with the money being charged, more needs to be provided. Make it a day out, not 2 hours traveling and hour and half watching the actual game. Enternatainment us, get us in the mood to cheer on the boys.

    When you go to a comedy show or watch a band you always get a warm up act, the sole aim of which is to get the audience buzzing and making a noise..

    Thats what Arsenal should do. lets have some fun before the game and get peoples hearts pumping.

  78. Simon


    Seriously agree with you but it is usually quite lame in stadium. Rather have a proper carnival atmosphere outside the stadium.

  79. Paddywhack

    Is anyone forcing punters to buy food from Delaware. Consumers are in control if they want to exercise that control. If people stopped buying their shit food then how long would it take them to improve it. Not long I think.

  80. Simon


    But it’s a captive market… They are at the match. Me, I’m a greedy bugger, I eat and drink inside. And outside the stadium!

  81. kjafc

    Yep inside or outside the stadium I don’t care. Look it is bloody expensive and if they are going to charge this sort of money, give us something more. Encouraging people to turn up 5 minutes before kick off is hardly going to get them motivated.

    Create a unique ‘Matchday Experience’ and give people a reason to turn up early and get in the mood. Loads of ways of doing it from pre-match entertainment in the ground to outside. Not everybody’s cup of tea but lots of ideas we could all put forward.

  82. TheBayingMob

    “Enternatainment us, get us in the mood to cheer on the boys … ”
    I think entertainment put on the pitch or the screens has to be so sanitised that it renders it pretty un-entertaining… perfect example is when they had Matt Lucas doing some sort of comedy sketch when the Emirates first opened; it was cringeworthy and embarassing … tell you what would work, ARSENAL PAY for the festival outside, beer tents (you pay for the beer obviously, but …) food stalls, bands, entertainers; get people there, get them drinking, get them in the mood then get them in the stadium; Arsenal showing a bit of good will back to the fans would be great, maybe it could help stop the moaning if people thought Asrenal gave a shit about their match experience outside of the game itself; but it won’t happen, it’s all about business, maximising profites, balance sheets, profit and loss margins, it about squeezing that last penny out of your pocket; on top of that, I still think this notion that the ground is full of ‘moaners’ and ‘doomers’ is blown way out of proportion, last home game I went to was Cardiff on NYD, the atmosphere was actually OK, and again I didn’t see any moaning, groaning, dooming, tutting, sighing, the odd shout here and there but by and large the support was really good … IMHO …

  83. Nasri's Mouth


    I’ll have a burger from a van near the stadium. I’ll have a can of drink, or a pint from the pub. Somehow after that I struggle through for 2 hours till I’m outside again.

  84. Pedro

    ‘just gives me time to grab a saltbeef on rye with pickle and mustard: only edible food within 250 yard of the stadium. Keep up the good work and Shabat shalom, motherfuckers!’

    A masterful comment Simon

  85. N5

    Great post Pedders! what was it Palace were using to make that beat all the way through? did they have a drum or were they hitting the boards? if it was a drum I’d be up for that! the noise from their little lot was very impressive.

  86. N5

    Nasri, same as me, I used to go to the Arsenal fishbar for grum but that’s gone downhill so now I eat at a cafe up by thw Robinson Crusoe pub and get a beer at the George (or three). I then have to struggle through a WHOLE match of football before I get a burger when I get outside! I even sneak a bottle of water in with me because I’m a rebel!

  87. Ash79


    Next weds v United. Tube strikes are on. I can tell you, its been hellish getting into work hence I am WFH today 🙂

    reckon this game will get postponed?

  88. Ash79


    Next weds v United. Tube strikes are on. I can tell you, its been hellish getting into work hence I am WFH today 🙂

    reckon this game will get postponed?

  89. Ash79


    Next weds v United. Tube strikes are on. I can tell you, its been hellish getting into work hence I am WFH today 🙂

    reckon this game will get postponed?

  90. Ash79


    Next weds v United. Tube strikes are on. I can tell you, its been hellish getting into work hence I am WFH today 🙂

    reckon this game will get postponed?

  91. Ash79


    Next weds v United. Tube strikes are on. I can tell you, its been hellish getting into work hence I am WFH today 🙂

    reckon this game will get postponed?