Upset about the Kallstrom deal? Here’s why that’s totally fair…

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So today’s post will be a bit of a moan, mainly because 1) I only just caught up with the Kim Kallstrom horror show 2) the unbelievable reaction to it because Arsene did the bungling.

“It crossed my mind not to complete the deal,”

“I would not have signed him if we’d had two or three more days to do something. It was 5pm, so sign him or nobody. We had to sign him in these conditions. We might need the players in March or April. We think it will be four to six weeks out.”

3 things to understand about the Kallstrom deal

1) At the very worst, Arsene Wenger had 5 days to find a Ramsey replacement. At best, he knew Arteta has been struggling to keep pace and that Flamini has a poor track record with injury.
2) He knew Kallstrom had a fracture on his back which would rule him out for almost the entirety of Aaron’s injury. He also knew he hadn’t played for 7 weeks and as he’s said before… it takes 2 months to bed in.
3) He purchased him anyway because it was too late to buy anyone else.

Now, to most, the Kallstrom signing looks unambitious on it’s own. I said on a podcast the other day I don’t know enough about him to make a harsh critique, and I don’t, but I’ve seen him enough times to know he’s not exactly Patrick Vieira.

… back to it. How many big clubs loaned players this window? We had £100m at our disposal and Wenger was sniffing around loan players. People asked who I’d have taken instead. Well, here are some things to note.

I’m not a football scout (auto-correct went for Scouser there). I’m not a manager who boasts a scouting network. Simple fact is, with our resource, global reach and position in the league, we should be finding players. It’s negligence to blame the market when we can all clearly see the market is broke and desperate for anyone who can pay cash. Kim Kallstrom cannot have been the only player available in the world that would have improved our body count and ability as a team this market.

Next up, I watched Chelsea sign Matic, a player they once sold, for £20m. No messing around, they serviced a need with a player. Utterly ruthless. How did they find him? Preparation. Don’t wait for the transfer window to come to you. Start eyeing up moves in November so you can pounce if you need to. Matic had a man of the match performance in his first game and looked absolutely excellent. What about Cabaye? Someone said to me last night Newcastle wouldn’t have sold to us. Are you kidding? The same Newcastle that demanded we pay more than the outrageous £10m we bid for him in the summer? The same Newcastle that sold Carroll. The same Newcastle that are trying to replicate our sustainable business model? Newcastle are not competitors. They’d sell to whomever would pay. Anyway, that’s two straight off the bat. We’re not the Arsenal of old who can’t compete for signatures. We could have matched what Chelsea offered and we could have matched what PSG offered.

“You have to identify a player who has the quality to play for us. You don’t want to be locked into a deal for three or four years, where you pay them to do nothing. You can as well make a massive mistake that can cost you three or four years.”

Secondly, people talk about not making rash moves for bad players that you won’t be able to get rid of. Essentially, don’t buy deadwood. Well, here’s an idea, don’t sign deadwood. Wenger made the rational decision sign Chamakh over the course of 2 painful years. Look how that turned out. Most of our deadwood came from signing poor young players to extortionate deals… not from spending £20m on tested quality. Wenger makes comments like that because Arsenal fans then say… ‘oh sh*t, only bad players were available in January’… despite seeing Cabaye and Matic move.

‘Fans are being so irrational about this’

This is my favourite. One person latches onto a thought and everyone peddles it like a sophisticated sports expert who never sweats a bead.

Here is rational.

Looking at your squad over the course of the season, building out a list of players you might need. During January, keeping your finger on the pulse with which players are available, then, if the need be, go out and sign the best player you can buy.

Here is irrational.

Go into the January transfer window with the sole aim of picking up an unknown bargain at the end of it. Bidding for 4 strikers of questionable quality on loan. Bringing a Swedish journeyman over from Russia, having not played for 7 weeks, identifying a microfracture on his back, then opting to sign him anyway because it’s too late in the day.

People who don’t make decisions talk about the window and the reaction like it’s irrational because they’re looking at Kallstrom in isolation. If the transfer window was one day and the incident happened, you could understand. The fact it’s 31 days makes it unacceptable. Arsenal are looking to bring in a powerhouse midfielder this summer anyway because Arteta is on his way out and Flamini will start to look past it from next year I’d imagine.

Look, I don’t mean to liken football to business, but I have potential resource issues coming up if a few deals drop, so I’m frantically meeting people to meet the potential need now. I have 2 recruitment consultants (football agents) talking to the market scoping people out and I’m hitting my contact list. That’s not me being anything other than prepared… which is why when people say, ‘Arsene is a football man and you’re not, so shut up’… I laugh… because maybe Arsene should be taking cues from people who work in business? I mean, leave the football to him, for sure… but come on Tom Fox / Charles Allen, you worked for Nike and Pepsico. Share some of your process decks with him or something?

Run a knowledge share! Wouldn’t that be incredible.

‘Arsene, put that phone down and pay attention.’

The final point I wanted to chalk off is the ‘at least we aren’t paying his wages’… only Arsenal fans eh? Do I really need to explain that the finances of a club as wealthy as Arsenal are not going to be hit by Kallstrom’s wages regardless of who pays. This isn’t a monetary issue, it’s a player issue. It’s a football problem. After all, that’s what the club exists for, right? Glory through on the field excellence?

The Arsenal approach to planning is to have no plan. Wenger said in the summer that he didn’t know if the Ozil deal would go through. He was essentially a panic buy because there is no way Wenger had identified him at the start of the summer. It was the same with Flamini, he was our 4th choice option.

Now, we are top of the league, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look at how we’ve headed into this last chunk of the season and wonder… could we have done more? See, we could win it. No doubt. However, the odds are stacked against us when you have the might of City and Chelsea tailing us. Not because we don’t have great players, but because we don’t have depth or trusted experience to come in and take some of the heat of the main men. Last time we have a fixture crush was in December. We lost Gibbs, Ramsey, Theo, Vermalen, Bendtner and Rosicky. Our game also went off the boil. We have the best chance in years to make a go of the league this year. I read this is our 3rd best points total at the point ever. Yet the manager has opted to essentially do nothing to bolster. Depressing… but hey, Arsene knows. Hopefully.

The main point of this post is that taking the gamble when you have the best chance in years and £100m in the bank really isn’t smart.

… but we’ll see, eh?

Let your thoughts on the matter be known in the comments. Have a great day!

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  1. DanC


    No problem with people posting more than others.

    People disagree that’s how it goes. Loads of people on here have differing views to me but its all in the delivery. Nothing humorous just pure bitterness.

    The point is preaching to people when you’re not in the slightest bit qualified in anything, in life or football …cesc is the student version of Abu Hamza.

    No need.

  2. rollen

    hackneylad February 4, 2014 18:45:25

    If it was about the money for Wenger he would of gone to PSG, 15 mill a year contract and a guaranteed ligue 1 trophy every year in his home country they fact he said no Is testament to how much he loves Arsenal

    Wenger In? To fucking right WENGER IN!

    dream on mate

    How long would Arsene last at Real or PSG?
    Got any proof or this stories being real?

    also without him we would be 15 in the table :]

  3. andy1886

    Hackney – disgraceful way the wealthy exploit the young and the poor in this country. If I was your age I’d be off abroad to where you’re given opportunities based on merit. Or become a banker – fuck up and get a huge payout!

  4. hackneylad


    Cheers mate!

    I will have the job I desire and deserve soon, just about maximizing my chances the more chances you have the more opportunity for success.

    Anyways I am off to Gym.

    Keep the peace on here 🙂

  5. DanC

    Midwest Simon

    It’s called football firepower.

    You take a successful club and try and turn it into a superclub.

    There are many pitfalls along the way like building a stadium, Russian mafia, Arab sheiks, disgruntled fans..

    The aim is to keep your club competitive throughout and increase your commercials and revenues over time in order to reach your long term goal of becoming that superclub

    I don’t know if it will take off it seems like a terrible strategy that for any club. Long term plans….meh!

  6. andy1886

    DanC, let’s hope that it’s a ‘Superclub’ in the football sense on the field of play, not just one in the commercial/economic sense making profits for Stan and his boys…..

  7. reality check

    ‘We are top of the league!!!’

    ‘We are top of the league!!!’


    Hold on let me check something…..

    Er yeah thats right, todays date is 4th Feb 2014..

    This geezer celebrating like we won the dam thing already…

    Open top bus parade for being ‘top of the league’ in February…

    Acting like a little bitch over excited because where 2-3 points ahead.

    Show some class, this is Arsenal…

  8. Norfolk

    NoMoreCescFebruary 4, 2014 20:18:44
    Playing Michu-less has not helped Swansea and they have disappointed after last season. But Swansea was privileged to have Laudrup as their manager. He has the potential to be a Klopp with a squad like Dortmund’s. This must be internal politics and not performance. Maybe Laudrup was angling for a move. I will be very surprised if he doesn’t replace Sherwood, even this season. That would be huge for Spurs. Not enough to push for the title but certainly top 4 potential next season.”

    I agree, maybe there is another opportunity he could wait for 🙂

  9. Simon

    Reality check. Come back. Do you live with your parents? Is the world confusing? Do you seek out certainty? Do you distrust people who stayed at school after 16?

  10. reality check


    February 4, 2014    21:48:28

    Reality check. Come back. Do you live with your parents? Is the world confusing? Do you seek out certainty? Do you distrust people who stayed at school after 16?


    What… the….. fuck?

    Jehovas witness?

  11. Tom O'Mahony

    Calling Ozil a panic buy purely because of its nature in being a deadline day transfer is slightly naive in a sense of how do you know Wenger had identified him and anticipated the sale of Bale, but he knew he’d only be able to get Ozil if Real got Bale… Entirely plausible. Agree with the other points made though.

  12. Simon


    Okay. I just couldn’t see it. Swansea used to be great to watch and give you a game. It would be great if he gets a good job and shows them.

    I want Klopp though for Arsenal. Very unhappy if he moves on before Wenger does.

  13. salparadisenyc

    hackneyladFebruary 4, 2014 20:41:28
    “Sal you make the joke of Wenger my master, Verm if trained for a whole season to be a DM could to my mind easily be back up DM next season,”

    Actually no making Verm a DM is a terrible idea, the better idea would be for Wenger to go out and finally buy himself a proper DM.

    William Carvalho
    Lars Bender

    And try and keep Verm as cover for the back four, although I think well loose him over the summer. AW inheritance of Vieira and his nous in getting Henry were tantamount to much of his success. We lack both and are competing, imagine if we had a plan and did what was necessary. That is a dream that ends every summer and rekindles in January only to be extinguished by the same tired excuses.

    “I will demand a new manager if we only come third or don’t reach the FA cup final!”

    8 year of just that, with a second place mixed in.

    On another notes, interns end up millionaires and CEOs, stick it out if its what you want to do. I pulled many and internship, assistant gig to nut it out in my field and start getting work. Better man for it.

  14. andy1886

    Regardless of when AW goes I can’t think of anyone on the board who would be trustworthy to find a replacement. They will probably employ some bunch of consultants who know less about football then Stan the Moustache does. Sorry, I should have said ‘Soccer’.

  15. Simon


    Agree we do need a proper modern DM but Wenger brought in Ozil and got rebuffed for bender at 19m I read and ended up with Flamini in the end. (Which Klopp described as very very smart). Hope we get gustavo or bender in the summer.

    Guess intern depends on what line of work you do it in…. As someone who has hired interns, given them the cracking references they deserved for proving how damn good they are and seen them get great jobs, I’d agree it can be great. Some peal still treat them as slaves though… The commercial gallery world is pretty disgusting for example.

  16. Dissenter

    Moulinsen is paying for his sins; luring RVP to United.
    Before you throw money at club, make sure you have the right manager.
    There are bigger teams in the championship that deserve the place Fulham has been occupying all this while.

  17. salparadisenyc

    “rebuffed for bender at 19m I read and ended up with Flamini in the end.”

    Kind of says it all.

    Of the two brothers, Lars is my preference (Bayer Leverkusen).
    A mere 13 points behind Munich, second place.

  18. MidwestGun

    Actually, Americans have no love for Kroenke either. He really doesnt know anything about any sport.

    Some billionaires collect art or cars. Stan collects sports teams.

    Hes actually trying to move his nfl team across the country. That tells you how much he cares about the local fans.

    Kinda like moving Arsenal to Wales or something.

    Stan out would be a good thing.

  19. Revving Kevin

    gambon (Gob Man)
    “It was cunts like you…
    So how about….FOR ONCE….you and your wenger cheerleaders get behind the realists and demand a new manager?”

    Fuck me, the biggest wanker on the site is running off his potty mouth again. Funny how the Wenger Out cheerleader who trie to dominate the site with his opinions has to swear at anyone that doesn’t share their warped views. This is the problem with the Wenger Out activists argument. They just call everybody names. If it’s not AKB or fanboy or apologist, it’s insinuations that Wenger is the lord and master (Cesc Appeal). It’s so patronising and fucking childish it’s untrue.

    Who the fuck are these people? Okay we know gambon is an odious individual., not just his prolific use of the word ‘cunt’, but after the despicable things he said about Simon Weston and Down syndrome sufferers, all of which is deemed acceptable by some morons. But why call call fellow Gooners names just Becos they aren’t Wenger Out supporters?

    I guess gambon and his supporters are seriously pissed that two thirds in, all their predictions are up in smoke. All the shit players are performing, the shit defence isn’t shit, the shit keeper isn’t shit, AVB isn’t a better manager or more successful in transfer dealings (!), 6th place and finishing below Spurs is unlikely, the lucky fixtures and complex calculations about the opposition league fixtures has been proved wrong. The list goes on. Our shit thin squad has 2 points more than City and Chelsea with just 14 games left. Fuck me that is starting to bite and really hurt. You can feel their pain. Extreme levels of Wenger denial have kicked in. It’s Bould, it’s Bould, nothing to do with Wenger. Wengers a clown, he doesn’t do tactics. He injures players. He’s a control freak but it’s Bould. And us fans for complaining.

    Well for a fucking idiot, Wenger sure has outsmarted the WOB’s, what does that say!? Lool.

    Keep digging that fucking hole 🙂

  20. afturburn

    Kroenke probably has no real plans to move his team across the country, he is just holding the Rams’ city of St. Louis hostage because he wants a new stadium. Los Angeles is a huge market with no American football team; they are like the hot young girl the rich man threatens to leave his wife for unless she starts giving him oral/anal half and halfs twice a week. In this scenario, the oral/anal being the stadium.

    Kinda like the Cardiff owner changing the Bluebirds home kits to red, but on a grander scale.

    Also, American sports owners do this because they know the city will cave and eventually offer hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to help build a stadium. For example, our newly crowned Superbowl champion Seattle Seahawks are owned by billionaire Paul Allen (net worth $15 billion), yet when they built their new stadium 12 years ago, $390 million of the $560 million total was paid for by taxpayer money.

    Imagine it! If Arsenal were able to build the Emirates under similar circumstances, there’d be no stadium debt and no financial restrictions! You know what that means??

    Yep, we’d still come in fourth.

  21. Thomas

    Simon February 4, 2014 21:06:53


    Top if the league when you said we’d be 6th mate…. That success. Does not compute.

    Never said that, but sure make stuff up.

  22. MidwestGun

    ya I live near St louis.
    What you said is true, but Stan just bought a lot the size of a stadium in LA and he doesn’t seem like the type to waste money.

  23. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Sal + Midwest

    I hear a lot of talk about a London based franchise for the NFL in the coming years, do you think that Stan would use the Grove for this, could this be the reason he wanted a club with a big stadium?

  24. MidwestGun

    Arsenal 1886

    Most of the talk here is that the Jacksonville Owner who also owns Fulham would want to possibly move to London if he could get rights to play at Wembley.

    Not sure how feasible that is or if Fulham gets relegated how interested he would be to move. Think the guys name is Shahid Khan.

    Havent heard much about Stan moving Rams any where other than California.

  25. MidwestGun

    Oh and nfl Jacksonville is terrible. Worst team in american football by far. Now Fulham is going the same way. Probably not a coincidence and why I would bet money Fulham gets relegated.

  26. Bamford13

    Good to see the vitriol is as potent as ever on here. Is there any other top club whose supporters are so divided? Probably.

    I’m a “moaner” and a “doomer” and a Wenger-despiser —- sing that to the tune of Steve Miller’s “Joker”, btw —- but at the moment I’m actually still sort of happy about Ox’s two top class goals the other night.

    Why is he not getting more credit for these? Both were fantastic goals — and he scored both off of great runs from a CM position. Very promising.

    Bravo, Alex!

  27. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Using Wembley on a permanent basis would be the more logical but the transport implications in London when games clash would be an issue.
    You also have the fact that Wembley is the national stadium and no disrespect to American Football but it is a minor game in the UK and not one of the national sports as such, there would be hell too pay from some folks.
    That is why I believe the Grove would be a prime candidate in London, although transport and frequency of matches would prove to be a major issue.

  28. afturburn

    NFL in London is not a good idea, it’s not very practical and it’s only being considered by the NFL because they are very greedy.

    If London were to get a team, they absolutely should not be allowed to play in Wembley every week. That would be a disgrace.

  29. MidwestGun

    Agree London nfl team is bad idea but as mentioned they will probably do it anyway.
    From what i understand the London team would schedule 2 or 3 away games in a row and stay at hotels and practice at universities between games not coming back to London during that period.
    The nfl doesnt alternate away home so that is not that unusual.

    The main problem would be you have teams flying from California crossing 8 time zones to get to London.and then back.

    Definately a logistical nightmare .

    Dont think its a good idea at all, but with sponsorship money and potential new markets prolly do it anyhow.

  30. MidwestGun

    Bamford –

    That second Ox goal was amazing. Especially the back heel to get it started. Not sure why its not getting the love of some others.

    I literally threw my beer up in the air after that pass and then the goal I was yelling. My dog was looking at me like I was mental.


    Hackney 19.21. Are you 3years old? If you weren’t you’ll realize some years ago an Arsenal team consisting of Fabregas, Glen, Flamini, et al sat on the table for more than 6months. Why didn’t they win the cup? This same dimwit. Your Lord Wenger who can do no wrong saw no need to do what was obvious to everybody – strengthen. And a few injury down the line we lost it all. When so many people complain its because there is a basic need that needs to be addressed. Remember Man U last year. 90percent of grocers felt the team was shut. They won d epl against most sensible assumptions. But guess what? They are being shown up now. If you don’t understand all of those n everything that has to do with team-building that your lord n master snubs then the following might help. Who comes in when /if Los gets injured? Or Schezny? Or Giroud? And btw Im not jumping for joy even though we are on top of d vol cos I’ve seen two many false dawns. Watch Wengers ineptitude mess our season up in 3weeks of reality check once again. N btw, d name, yet again, is Thorough.

  32. samsensible

    Cesc Appeal, last night you said you always give credit for Wenger navigating the storm of the Emirates.

    Firstly, I have never ever seen you give him credit for that…but perhaps I missed it.

    Secondly, I was curious…could you explain a bit more about this Storm…how long did it last for? Are you saying that the impact of building the Emirates only lasted a year or 2?


    Hackney 19.21. Are you 3years old? If you weren’t you’ll realize some years ago an Arsenal team consisting of Fabregas, Hleb, Flamini, et al sat on the table for more than 6months. Why didn’t they win the cup? This same dmwit. Your Lord Wenger who can do no wrong saw no need to do what was obvious to everybody – strengthen. And a few injury down the line we lost it all. When so many people complain its because there is a basic need that needs to be addressed. Remember Man U last year. 90percent of grocers felt the team was shut. They won d epl against most sensible assumptions. But guess what? They are being shown up now. If you don’t understand all of those n everything that has to do with team-building that your lord n master snubs then the following might help. Who comes in when /if Los gets injured? Or Schezny? Or Giroud? And btw Im not jumping for joy even though we are on top of d vol cos I’ve seen two many false dawns. Watch Wengers ineptitude mess our season up in 3weeks of reality check once again. N btw, d name, yet again, is Thorough.

  34. Rhys Jaggar

    My take on Laudrup is that he had a brilliant first season, but he and the Board differed on a future direction.

    The Board want to increase the size of the stadium as well as staying in the EPL: that may limit transfer spend a bit for two or three seasons, but it’s a perfectly valid thing to do when the capacity is only 20,000.

    That of course would mean that, although Laudrup signed Bony last summer, maybe he couldn’t strengthen in totally the way he wanted to.

    The tension has been there all season between manager and Board and it may be that Laudrup isn’t cut out for 3 seasons of make do. If his heart wasn’t in it, that would have transmitted itself to the players and the injury list didn’t help either.

    I’m saddened but not surprised at what happened.


    AKBs. Can you profer a reason why Swansea sacked Laudrup, the same Laudrup that won the CC two seasons ago? Simples. He’s at his wits end. Just like Wenger. A coach must not be condoned when he becomes content n keeps doing the barest minimum. If Stoke can sack Pulis after making them a stable club in the EPL then we should rid ourselves of Wenger too. Why? They both don’t have another gear. WENGER OUT…WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

  36. Rhys Jaggar


    I think you’re forgetting how much the turf gets cut up by a game of NFL football if the weather’s been wet.

    No way you could have Arsenal play 4 days after an NFL game if it’d been raining for days. They’d have torn the pitch to shreds.

    Wembley is under-utilised right now, has a bigger capacity and the business model of the FA would be transformed if they sold 50 – 100% of the stadium to an NFL franchise after 2017, when the corporate 10 year Club England deal runs out. Then they could take England to the fans up north again.

    For a lot of reasons, if an NFL franchise came to London, Wembley is the obvious solution.

  37. Kamal Zharif

    In my opinion, many criticisms towards Wenger are justified. The biggest problem is procrastination. I truly felt that Wenger should have a go at Matuidi. I’m not sure whether he fits the team, but the attributes and financially, it made sense. French international, midfielder, and will be out of contract in the summer. We can get him for cheap, but perhaps getting him for a free is probably entice Wenger more.

  38. Revving Kevin

    “Your Lord Wenger who can do no wrong”

    Oh no, here we go again! Yet more Boring and childish name calling. A perfect example of all that is wrong with some people on here. Disagree with the ‘Wenger out’ lobbyists and you get insulted and patronised. This is very childish and getting beyond a joke. All it does is make Arsenal Supporters like me go deliberately the other way, even though we question some of Wengers actions. This type of behaviour and lack of respect suggests poor morals and lack of intelligence and reflects a lot of the social issues we have today.

    But whilst I can understand people wanting a change, despite disagreeing with them, I do get the hate and abuse that gets dished out daily. Why treat fellow Gooners as the enemy who should be patronised and ridiculed for not agreeing with a tiny minority of ‘fans’. And why get increasingly pissed off as we continue to get favourable results?

    I just don’t get it .

  39. TheBayingMob

    Revving Kevin
    >They just call everybody names.

    Where as of course you do not … laughable …

    >Well for a fucking idiot, Wenger sure has outsmarted the WOB’s, what ?>does that say!? Lool.

    When did you start watching Arsenal? This year? Have the last eight years passed you by? Have you been in a coma? You do know it’s only Feb dn’t you!? ‘just 14 games’, a possible 42 points then … hardly anything!! Why the angst I hear him cry, wailing and slamming his fists against the wall unable to figure out why people are not dancing in the streets under his ticker tape parade that we’re top in Feburary. Well, let’s look at the reasons people might be a bit pensive …

    and our run over the next 10/11 games (bar a Swansea or Sunderland) ->

    Liverpool (A)
    United (H)
    Bayern (H)
    Bayern (A)
    The Scum (A)
    Chelsea (A)
    City (H)

    The squad is creaking under the strain of injuries and Wenger did nothing to strengthen that squad, so, while everything you say is true – we could still finish below Spurs but it is unlikely – do you not feel the slightest twitching of your ring looking at that run and basing it against our historic drop out of all competitions Feb/Mar, our performances since Xmas (Cardiff, Saints away for e.g.), the fact that the last hard run of games before Xmas we came up short, especially after a hard CL away, ergo Spurs (A) and Chelsea (A) straight after Bayern (A), especially as historically Arsene has been largely unable to motivate his teams after major set backs (loss of 49 game run for e.g., generally exiting the CL has been a major delfation point) … but there are positives …

    Kos and Mertesacker have been immense and have complimented each other well; as long as they stay fit this should mean we won’t be necessarily easy to beat, but with only Giroud up front, Walcott out then I don’t think we will necessarily be putting them away either.

    It’s not about Arsenal, it is about Wenger; I’d like to hear what you honestly think of George Graham and his time at Arsenal, I know we’re stepping back a bit there’s a point to it if you wouldn’t mind answering ?

  40. Oh Theo Theo!

    Revving Kevin: This type of behaviour and lack of respect suggests poor morals and lack of intelligence and reflects a lot of the social issues we have today.

    Jeez Grandad!

  41. Sam

    Morning ravvin Kevin

    Don’t you wish Kimberly kallstrom was a blonde with big tits

    Just to cheer up the miserable twats
    The only football fans in the world who are unhappy n their team is top with 14 games left


    Revving king. Fellow goners are thessupporters who put Arsenal above every other, even Wenger. People that will have Arsene with his ego n arrogance, blatantly refusing to do the right things to make us competitive don’t sound like progressives. I haven’t called anyone a spud or glory Hunter but I totally understand why people call you that. What you want, Arsene staying forever, is what our opponents also want. Aren’t you tired of getting mocked because of Wenger and his ineptitude.

  43. peanuts&monkeys

    @Revving KevinFebruary 4, 2014 23:06:15

    You have listed all ‘achievements’ of Wenger except that he has won a trophy this year already, and he is on course to win another after eight years. Why dont you vouch for Arsene that he is going to win the league this year. Or, even the League Cup? Go ahead do it!

  44. TheBayingMob

    “with 14 games left” … it’s almost half a bloody season! You talk about it as if we only need one more point for the title, you loons … sam, I assume that you’re overly exicted about next Xmas already!! Only 323 days to go! 😉

    OTT, lolll!!

  45. peanuts&monkeys

    Revving KevinFebruary 4, 2014 23:06:15

    BTW, Kevin…we acknowledge that this is the safest time to brag about Wenger. In about JUST a THIRD of the remaining ‘only 14’ games, your darling manager’s pants could be pulled down. So, if you have more inconsequential events to brag about do it. Fast>>>> Your time could be running out sooner than you think.


    Sam. ‘Miserable twats’? I’m sure many posters would have loved to answer if you were man enough to attach a name to your blatant abuse. Coming from people who cries about Gambons demeanor really makes me laugh.

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    @N5 February 5, 2014 09:02:31

    Thanks N5 for reminding our friend Kevin about that small aberration in Wenger’s illustrious ‘best 9 years’.

  48. Sam

    Talking about Suarez

    He hasnt scored against big team this season, hopefully he wouldn’t start with us.

    Koscielny really needs to stay awake

  49. Thank you and goodnight

    I think SOME people, not the majority ,think the scousers will be easy pickings again. Be careful as I remember, myself included, thinking the manc game would be easy for us and we lost. The scouse will be massively up for this.

  50. andy1886

    If the NFL wanted a franchise in London the Olympic stadium in Stratford would have been the obvious choice. Capacity of 80,000 (being reduced now to 45k for W.ham) and no fixed tenant (prior to W.ham of course) would have been purfect. Can’t help feeling that the NFL missed a trick there, they would have probably even got a subsidy too.

  51. gnarleygeorge9


    How much improvement do Man City & Chelsea have in them. I would say that Man City cant get any better & are 2nd. Chelsea don’t have a striker who can score & they are 3rd. The Arsenal have the Ox who will get better, Podolski who will add grunt not to mention score & Giroud will keep rolling along. The defence has back up, the midfield is solid, the the big positive is that The Arsenal are TOP.

    Time for the former Ferguson lovers & now Maureen grovellers to start finding a hole to hide in, one about as deep as England’s big mouthed cricket followers disappeared into 😆


  52. Sam

    I am confident because this is the time we normally put on good performance for 4th place till Mai

    This time it’s something much more exciting

  53. themightykarim

    It’s been 25 years since I first heard David Stern ( nba commissionner ) talk about European NBA teams, so I assume we ‘ll see a NFL one the day Wenger retires, which is approximately 2045, according to my very own simulator

  54. TheBayingMob

    DanC February 4, 2014 20:24:37 Cesc
    Monaco were fighting the impossible playing catch up with Marseilles, who were found guilty of bribery and corruption but of course you knew that. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your hate of wenger
    LOL, had nothing to do with the fact he’d filled the team with youth players and african prospects and had dropped to ninth in the league. No it was all Marseille’s fault now … tell me, if that was the case, why didn’t Monaco keep the best manager in the world on? Surely if it was ALL Marseilles fault (it’s ALL City’s fault, it’s ALL Chelsea’s fault … I see a pattern emerging) then they would have kept him on, right??

    Just so you’re right on the subject … the Marseille scandal broke around 1993, Monaco sacked Wenger at the start of the 1994/95. Ergo, they knew about the Marseille scandal, but still choose to get rid.

    ” … but a poor start to the 1994–95 season meant he was dismissed on 17 September 1994, with the team in 17th spot in the table

    Yeah all Marseille’s fault … Wenger had also turned down the chance to manage Bayern Munich the year before, so it would seem he’s always had a small time mentality …

  55. andy1886

    GG9 – This years’ certainly was a let-down! That said I’m a sports fan (England were pretty average so France don’t have much to shout about!). The only sport that really doesn’t do it for me is basketball – hand tennis for giant freak people!!

  56. Leedsgunner

    Have to hand it you Rev Kev you are consistent… I hope for all our sakes you are right my friend.

    It is 14 games but if Mert or Kos gets injured for a period longer than a game or two I fear we’ll drop down the table quicker than Schalke putting the phone down on Arsenal when we try yo bumble our way through the Draxler negotiations again.

  57. TheBayingMob

    themightykarim, absolutely! But Monaco were 17th when they sacked Wenger, a year after knowing about the bribery scandal. My point is they sacked Wenger on merit as he was going nowhere, while the scandal is all part of that history, it’s not the sole reason his Monaco team went from champions to, 9th to 17th at the start of the 1994/95 season then he went out of the door …

  58. Leedsgunner

    “We are the top.”

    Thanks Arsene, I’ll tell you what… this summer, why don’t you just take the whole summer off? I’m positive I’ll be able to bring one or two players to Arsenal. And for you, I’ll even make sure they’re injury free!

    You see, you can spend the time mincing about on French TV to your hearts content — telling people how you tried to sign this and that player and failed, while I’ll actually sign them… honestly, give me a go, I can read and understand (a contract).

  59. sirwalter89

    here here – well said! its almost like he WANTS to win the prem his way i.e with a threadbare squad just desperately hanging on so he can say see i did it MY way .

    Also his last 4 or 5 transfer windows have been embarrassing and smack of panic/desperation – remember when we had Henry AND Van Persie in the team? he’s never really replaced either. Also Wenger bought Ozil because he was offered to us at the last minute and it was clear he wasn’t going to get anyone else (and he’d be stupid not to have as he’d have gone to a rival)