Kim Krocked… what a shambles | Draxler on Bayern radar… shocker.

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Ozil and Dom Jolly


A super quick post because I had a big night…

Arsenal took the laugh out loud fest that was the January transfer window and extended it into February when it emerged that super star signing Kim Kallstrom came to the club with a back injury. I don’t know what happened, but he either arrived with a back injury and didn’t tell anyone… or Arsenal missed the problem. Either way, it seems pretty crazy that we’d take a player on that’s crocked.

Still, I’m not overly fussed, it’s not like he’s pivotal to our success this season… it just makes a mockery of our recruitment process. But there you go… when you don’t have a plan, things like that happen.

Anyway, onto today! Crystal Palace come to town. They were the whipping boys of the league, but now they’re not. Pulis has come in and he’s organised the squad and brutalised their mentality…


That’s pretty much how it goes apparently. I can’t remember if it is Pulis or the Bolton Allardyce, but someone told me one of them deferred from playing 5 aside football because it encouraged passing. I’m going to say it’s Pulis because it suits my agenda. Shall we go with that? Ok, works for me. Let’s say allegedly just in case I’m sued.

Arsenal need to bag some points today, Manchester United lost yesterday which is bloody hilarious. Spurs drew, which is superb. So we have to win. I’ve been saying for a while that the most important thing this season is to not get embroiled in a top 4 battle. The quicker we can break away from 4th place, the easier this season is going to be. Today, we simply must take the three points. Then we have a bit of breathing space with the nasty fixture list that’s coming up.

No slow start today. We need to go for it early on and bury them. The issue we have is that Palace have just bought 5 players, they can’t play today, so it means the incumbents will be looking to impress. It’ll be a high octane game, so we need to be at our best and show that we are up there with the best in the country. I’m confident, but slightly concerned about the narrative of a team desperate to stay up.

In other news, one of the German commentators revealed Bayern are looking to purchase Draxler this summer. They won’t mess around with the price. If he’s good enough, they’ll buy him. If we lose out on him because we messed around over the fee, it’ll be hugely upsetting. Sometimes, you just have to punt on top class talent. We didn’t in January because it seems like we tried to secure a bargain… it feels like Ozil was a false dawn at the minute, which is a real shame. Wenger has secured a new deal now…now he’s reverted to master bargain hunter… and he still seems intent on never leaving a transfer window with enough of a squad.

I hope this isn’t the plan for the next three years. I also hope his £8m deal is loaded with incentives that sit outside making cash. I was sitting with a guy from St Louis the other day… he was telling me Stan Kroenke isn’t much liked in the states because he prizes profit over trophies. Wenger and Kroenke are the perfect mix of profitable mediocrity… it’s going ok right now, but I’m getting really nervous about what this season holds.

Fingers crossed Wenger has got it right… I’ll happily have my doubts slapped down with a major trophy.

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  1. Sam

    Maybe getting rid of frimmy we lacked clown in the dressing room

    we got ourselves kimmy, Lol!

    someone who’ll never play,

    just being the club joker

  2. Revving Kevin

    Moor doom and another win. We are doing fine and could win the league with a bit of luck along the way. Forget the ring leader gambon and the other bitters, we have surpassed their expectations. All this easy fixture bollox from gambon, he even did some crazy calculation after 10 games about average league positions of teams we had played. Lool. As well as telling us every arsenal player was shit that was. Funny shit.

    The fact is we are where we are Becos of Wenger and not in spite of him. He makes mistakes and some big ones but fuck me if you can’t see the improvement and recognise that two thirds in we have competed with City and Chelsea’s squads, without their investment you must be a simpleton. gambon and those like him almost will us to lose, even when we win they are finding fault. They look like mugs already, as all their pre-season predictions are up in smoke and all the players they called shit are performing. And they know it. For people who get everything wrong, they still think they know it all, which is hilarious. Arrogant fools.

    Come on arsenal, some of us love you and are proud of where we are two thirds in. Keep it up boys and who knows.

    Mind the language.

  3. N'Gambo

    Wenger saying he needed more time – in a window he says shouldn’t exist.

    There’s something seriously fucking weird going on.

  4. Southernpeople

    Wenger for ever. Stop complaining and start supporting this winning team.

    We have enough the mental strength and enough firepower to win the title or at least to be second.

    The big buys should come in the summer.

    For those crying for draxler purchase you should know we just signed a new draxler with a funny name “OX”.

  5. jasongms

    @Revving Kevin
    I would smash the ignore/ block key if there was one … Just so I didn’t have to put up with your daily drivel

    Btw great win by the lads . Needed some one to step it up today and the Ox delivered.

    Onto the pool . If we take take to win there , then who knows ! …. Maybe arsene does 🙂
    One game at a time and no more injures ……. thank you

  6. MarbleHall

    Revving Kevin

    You need to you do your maths, we’re 24 games in and have still to play the top 7 sides in the league. Given that we took 8 points from those said fixtures earlier on in the season, Arsenal from here on in would have to go some way to match that points tally as 4 of the 6 six fixtures are away from home.

  7. Moray

    “But it was 5pm on Friday night, so it was a case of sign him or nobody. We might need the players in March or April, you know, so it is a security and a free loan.

    So whose fault is it we were the last day of the window with no options on the table? Embarrassing.

  8. Evan

    “But it was 5pm on Friday night, so it was a case of sign him or nobody. Abou has been lonely of late, so it’s a security blanket and a free loan,

  9. MarbleHall

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed he knew he was handing the title to Manchester United in the summer by selling them Robin van Persie.

    Footballer of the Year Van Persie signed for United in the summer for a fee of £24million after turning down the opportunity of signing a new contract with the Gunners.

    The Dutchman left with a year remaining on his deal, but the decision to take the money and not force Van Persie to stay was described by Arsenal’s chief executive Ivan Gazidis as a ‘footballing decision, not a money one’.

    However, speaking for the first time in-depth about the transfer, manager Arsene Wenger says he always knew selling Van Persie to United would mean that they’d beat Arsenal to the title.

    ‘You know when you sell Robin van Persie to Manchester United that [they will be top of the league],’ said Wenger.

    ‘Robin is one of the best strikers in the world and you know he will score goals for them.’

    He’s taking the michael.

  10. gonsterous

    Hahaha latest rumor is arsenal r trying to give Kim back to spartak Moscow… What a joke of a transfer… Big pat on the back Wenger…job well done…

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Moray: So whose fault is it we were the last day of the window with no options on the table? Embarrassing.

    You do realise we only went looking for a CM after the Southampton game on tuesday yeah?