Deadline Day Disaster for Arsenal | Kim Kallstrom… is here.

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The real Arsene Wenger stepped forward yesterday and gave us all a taste of mighty fine reality. We had issues within the squad that needed addressing this window and the manager serviced them with Kim Kallstrom. The Swedish midfielder, most famous for being a player with exceptional Championship manager attributes 12 years ago, has joined on a 6 month loan. He’s not played for 7 weeks, so I’m unsure how long it’ll take him to get fit. He’s also not played in the fastest league in the world before. So again, as aimless punts go, he’s right up there with the best panic purchases of the last few seasons.

Now, I’m not going to slate his ability, I’ve seen him play plenty of times before over the years. I know it seems odd that I’d remember a player so unmemorable, but he was so, so good on that computer game, I had to pay close attention when he played. I had similar excitement in watching Javier Saviola, Ibrahima Bakayoko and Robert Pires. Anyway, he’s not very exciting, he’s mostly a solid, functional midfielder… but the press isn’t great around him from the French, who watched him for 7 odd years at Lyon or the Swedes, who’ve sucked up 100 caps worth of his play.

Now, I don’t want to get on his back, it’s not his fault we’ve opted for him, but come on, no one can tell me he was the plan A at the start of January. It’s like the Flamini move of last summer, a bit disappointing (and please don’t tell me you were over the moon we’d signed a player who’d left under a cloud after missing out on Bender / Ginter and Gundogan), but at least we knew he was a good player, knew the Arsenal way and he was Premiership experienced.

This whole window once again points to the absurdity of our transfer planning. We had 4 loan moves rejected on the final day if Sky Sports are to be believed. We went for a 35 year old Klose of Lazio, we asked about Papisse Cisse of Newcastle, I think Vucinic was one… and the final horror offer of the day went to Salomon Kalou. I mean honestly, can you believe that Arsene put in a phone call to Lille about him? If there was a win this transfer window, it’s the fact you’re not here right now reading me going into total meltdown about signing a totally average 29 year old from Lille.

Now, this planning cycle does come down to two things. Firstly, Wenger does all the transfer arranging. He’s the man in charge of the list. As I told you the other day, he’s been back and forthing over Draxler this month with regards to expense and in the end, he decided against him. So the manager is the guy who dithers over these things. However, Ivan has to take some flak for this… why hasn’t he put a system in place that takes some of the control off of Arsene? It’s clear we’ve needed players since the start of the season. Where is the person at the club driving those names out of the manager and making sure something comes out the other side? We really do need a Director of Football to help bring our transfer process in line with the best clubs in Europe.

A club the size of Arsenal is better than an average loan signings. Chelsea, Everton and United all managed to secure names earlier than the last day. Why were we pissing around right up to the deadline? What happened to doing your business early? Where is the ambition and the ruthlessness? We have the best chance we’ll ever have of storming the league. It’s clear we don’t have trusted cover for our two over worked centre backs, it’s clear that Jenkinson is not of the standard to fill in for Sagna, Ramsey is out for 6 weeks… I’d imagine it’ll take 4 weeks to get Kallstrom fit enough to step in… we have lost 20 goals out wide as well as the bucket load of pace Theo brings… and a year on… still not adequate replacement for Giroud.

It’s like the manager is purposefully ignoring the obvious flaws we can see are already biting the squad in the arse.

We needed a mid-season boost to the squad. It would have injected some fresh legs into a tired set up and it would have excited the players. If anything, Kallstrom will have disappointed them. He’s not a bad player, but he’s hardly a name that inspires players like Ozil. Even looking around at other signings. Chelsea landed Matic, a player who could have helped us. Everton signed that huge target man from Monaco for 6 months. Monaco loaned Berbatov. All these players could have helped out. We decided against it…

I mean, it’s not like this window was any different to the summer one which was also an absolute shambles until will fluked the deal for Ozil.

Anyway, that’s my two pennies. I might be totally wrong, but history and a quick glance as the squad numbers tells you that Arsenal winning the league this year is going to be a massive, massive ask. We could have been ruthless, we weren’t, so we’ll have to trust the manager, pray that we don’t pick up anymore injuries and see if we can blitz the second half of the season like we have done the first.

One thing to note, there’s a lot of good will that Wenger is enjoying at the moment, I’d expect much of that will dry up very quickly if things unravel in the way they normally do. He’s made a rod for his own back. He’ll no doubt sign that new deal pretty sharpish next week as well. Three more years of this.

… and to end on a positive note, Park Chu Young has joined Watford on loan. Arsenal eh? Not many teams desperate for a striker end up losing one in January!

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  1. andy1886

    Morning Ladies 😉

    To be fair to Arsene (I know, it hurts) the rot seems to extend beyond his choices. That no-one in the club would question this signing (and the lack of action to address other deficiencies) suggests that the place is full of complacent individuals who wouldn’t risk their big fat paychecks no matter what Arsene does.

    When Arsene does eventually go it’ll be interesting to see what internal reforms take place. No wonder his place is so secure, there are probably so many incompetents relying on him for their continued employment that they are desperate for Arsene to stay. The club needs a root and branch reform, like any aging empirethe rot starts from within.

  2. Thank you and goodnight


    You should make t shirts up mate and sell them outside Emirates on match day. You’ll make a killing. It will be a John jenson moment.

  3. useroz

    Kim is en route back to Sweden/ Moscow to do his rehab…shocking. Diaby was looking forward to his company now that Sanogo is out of the nursing center.

    Too late the AGM comes, Wengers contract would be firmly in place.

    Reports saying RVP may return next season. Takers??

  4. N5

    There is no chance RvP will return, the conversation is mute.

    No way would an egotistical person like Wenger allow someone who spoke out about the clubs/Wengers direction to return. Wenger would have to no longer be at the helm for him to come back and then, the majority of the fans wouldn’t want the snide back.

  5. Keyser

    jasongms – Are you confusing the potential to be world class, with actual World Class talent ? If you think Van Persie was anywhere near to the player that scored 37 goals in his last year with us you really need to go back and do some research.

    Do you know how many kids we’ve had over the years that have had ringing endorsements at young ages, Vela had ridiculous talent as a youth, watch him in the under-18 International tournaments.

    It’s all in your head, you’ve got this idea of what you think I might say and are now twisting what I say hoping it fits.

    Van Persie was a kid with potential, you can push that word as far as you want, you said us sticking with him was a matter of convenience, because we weren’t going to find talent like him during a certain period.

    Look up what Convenience mean’s, and then consider every year he fell short and missed months out, read what people on here said about him, and so on.

    I’m saying we stuck with him over a period of several years, gave him decent contracts, and finally the figurehead striker role as Adebayor left, watch him put on muscle, re-develop his chocolate leg, his balance after being ridiculously one-footed, his work-rate with his back to goal, and the way he brought others into play.

    Then think about this, how many other young talented players have we brought through during that period ? We’re chock full of them, was sticking with Ramsey a matter of convenience ? I mean how many people wanted him sold ? Or Wilshere or Gibbs.

    There’s a massive chasm between finding a player with talent and watching him/ guiding him to fullfill it, of course Van Persie had talent, but he left us a far, far , better player than when he started.

    Think about what you’re saying, it’s almost like you think he did us a favour.

    There’s loads of differences between contracts, between players, and their situations, you’re frustrated you don’t want a discussion, you want nodding heads, fine, we’ll agree to disagree, I’m pretty sure I’ve been fair here though.

  6. N5

    It’s quite a big deal Sam and quite a good record.

    “Didn’t bayern bilala their lame nyach home n away last season 2013 ?”

    I’ve read this 4 times and can’t make sense of it.

  7. Thank you and goodnight


    Don’t quote me on this but I think sam’s just quoting what KK said before we signed him. Translation ” my backs fucked, you sure I passed the medical?”.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Boys will have to play well today, you can feel the atmosphere may go sour a lot quicker now. Back to the beginning of the season where poor performances won’t be tolerated.

    Palace will come up for it as well, I don’t think this will be anything like an easy game.

  9. useroz

    Sky reports “Schalke’s director of sport Horst Heldt has admitted he turned down a “decent” bid for Julian Draxler last week, but hinted it did not come from Arsenal…”.

    Based on this we didn’t even try?? Draxler may not be the most immediate need right now admittedly. So did wenger plan and indeed go for anyone to address the shortfall in quality upfront, other than the now infamous Kallstrom farce.

    Horst suggested the bid came from a club not of Schalke….

  10. Salvage

    Is it not obvious from this Kimmy K thing that WENGER DOESNT REALLY KNOW?

    Our players deserve all our support because they really try to win and as professionals, they want to also win trophies but they are not helped by this man Wenger’s decisions on and off the pitch.

    I think the players names should be cheered before matches and during matches to show them we support them and Wenger’s be booed .

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Reckon there might be some validity to us trying to find a way to cancel Kallstrom’s contract already?

    Makes sense. Unless we’re being lied to about the length of Ramsey’s injury like we were Wilshere’s in 2011/12.

  12. Dissenter

    Save us from our misery.
    Translate “Didn’t bayern bilala their lame nyach home n away last season 2013 ?”
    As someone who gets spell-checked into oblivion by an idiotic apple IOS, I can empathize with you.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    It does worry me that if under pressure (we all know how well he deals with that!) he’ll revert to the old you score 6 we’ll score 7 routine and disregard Bould’s influence.

    That won’t work with Giroud.

    Today I’d line Rosicky up with Arteta as the guy to be the forward thinking box to box of the two. Then Podolski, Ozil and Cazorla. At least we have a serious goal threat then.

  14. useroz

    Cesc…agree. Rosicky got to start particularly.

    Actually my last reply was about your “t’s hilarious Chelsea going on about FFP!” comment. Lol ichelsea..

  15. Dissenter

    Palace have a lot of youthful players in the middle.
    We expect 31 year old Arteta to combine with 33 year old Rosicky to dictate this game.
    Rosicky has been more effective as a sub, I’m not sure that he has the energy for a 90 min game.
    Chambo does not yet have the tactical discipline to play the box to box role. He’ll lose the ball too much.

  16. gambon

    Chelsea are complying with ffp so where’s the issue?

    Wenger and gazidis love an excuse, but they will struggle to use ffp as one.

  17. Dissenter

    FFP for most clubs with ambition is sell for a profit, then replace with quality

    Wenger’s Arsenal interprets FFP as sell for a profit, then stow the money away in a piggy bank and run your current players to the ground.

    RVP is yet to be replaced after three transfer windows.

  18. Gunnershabz

    Bayern in for draxler I guess he gone there then they usually snap up German talent where would he fit in bayern team

    Unless schalke want to sell to foreign team

  19. Cesc Appeal


    I think the reason there’s incredulous laughter is that Chelsea are where they are now by doing what they are complaining.

    So it’s a bit rich. They may comply now, but they didn’t work their way up the league by themselves did they?

    But for a helicopter ride over London it’d be West Ham fighting for the title now not them. That’s who Abromavich came to buy.

  20. jasongms


    were you waiting for me to pop back in ?

    Awe how sweet 🙂

    listen we’re both gooners ,we obvious want what s best for the club ,so lets just leave it at that… OK mate !

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    You must be bored to be arguing amongst yourself. Ha ha ha. Given me a laugh though. Who’s the better looking one, Simon or redtothecore?

  22. Simon

    Seriously though Wenger needs to get a lot more than £8m – it’s going to be hard to keep him on such a lowly wage.

  23. gambon


    That’s the thing, because ffp has only just arrived we really needed to use our cash reserves.

    Our approach has been to sit back and wait for revenues to increase so that we could compete.

    Well during that same period Chelsea and city invested heavily and also grew their revenues.

    Both teams have overtaken us from a revenue point of view, which is fucking hilarious considering the long game approach we adopted.

    So we find ourselves in the ffp era, with a financial deficit to 3 teams, not to mention that if Liverpool get cl football they will be very close to us.

    Some plan.

    We were told once we move stadium we could compete…….lie!

    Then we were told once we struck new deals we would be up there with just utd……lie!

  24. Cesc Appeal


    I agree. Our approach all over the place has been amateur.

    The board seem unable to do the equation that on field success multiples income from sponsors.

    We got £35 Million off puma up from £7.5 Million and £30 Million from Emirates up from £10 Million – makes you wonder what those numbers would be had we won a couple of titles and a few cups or something along the way.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    The whole pitch for the stadium was ‘so we can compete with the elite clubs in Europe on a level playing field.’

  26. gambon


    Yes, absolutely we were.

    Gazidis said once new deals were struck we would be the 5th highest revenues in Europe, behind only utd in the pl.

    This has turned out to be a huge lie…..yet another one.

    Also gazidis said we would be clear 5th in revenue terms despite the fact we have been clear 5th for the last 5 years.

    A lot of spin and lying going on at arsenal.

  27. Keyser

    “The whole pitch for the stadium was ‘so we can compete with the elite clubs in Europe on a level playing field.’”

    You couldn’t honestly say we aren’t closer now.

  28. Keyser

    “Then we were told once we struck new deals we would be up there with just utd……”

    So this isn’t what was said ?

    gambon – times change, and opinions will, you could go back and find quotes about us finding ways to compete with Chelsea, then of course Citehc ame along.

    Like you mentioning who had the best defence the other day, because since last week, Chelsea’s is now the best ?

  29. Keyser

    “Yep….signing a 31 year old injured has been on loan is a real sign of our power.”

    Did you really just say that ? Wtf’s happened to you.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Competition for Draxler signature apparently.

    Wenger doesn’t like competition, so that’s another one we won’t see.

  31. jasongms

    Then we were told once we struck new deals we would be up there with just utd……lie!

    not really . We weren’t to know how much the market place would change post 2005 .

  32. Radio Raheem

    The board seem unable to do the equation that on field success multiples income from sponsors.

    But is this completely true? Yep Chelsea may have increased its commercial revenue but has this increase covered all the cost of such increase?

    For example, Arsenal spends 10m on transfer and wages and earns 2m sponsorship. After deducting and including other revenues makes 4m profit
    Chelsea spends 20m on transfers and wages and earns 5m sponsorship. After deducting and including other revenues makes a -1m loss

    What do you think Kroenke prefers?

    Without winning much we’ve landed bumper Puma and Emirates deals why would a risk averse investor like Kroenke change that?

  33. Bermy boy

    Asswipe needs to leave AFC entirely we don’t need even an ounce of influence from him if he were kicked upstairs.
    He’s the top of cat that would beat his own countryman to impress his captors and gain favor from them.
    No no we don’t need that.
    I wouldn’t vote…..for that.

  34. SpanishDave

    Wenger has a poundstretcher mentality which will never change.
    The culture of our club is one of looking for cheap deals with second rate players. Ozil was a knee jerk to save Wengers neck when the fans and the media turned against him and questioned his future.
    All last summer he could not and did not intend to buy a wc striker.
    We will not win anything until change happens through failure of 4th or when he leaves.

  35. Carts


    “not really . We weren’t to know how much the market place would change post 2005”

    What the actual fuck does this mean -___-

    Some seriou Wenger-sympathisers in here.

  36. Jeff

    When it comes to expenditure versus success the club mentality is that if we spend £150m today we may still win nothing. So they don’t risk it. That is why finishing in the top four is so important to them (not us fans because we want trophies) as it means guaranteed revenue from CL which is basically like overtime people earn long term and start to depend on it for their living.

    If that overtime suddenly stops, it would spell trouble. However now, as the commercial appear to be coming through we have to ask the question as to whether or not that mentality will change. My view is that it won’t change in any significant way because even with the commercials we will still not buy three or four world class players with the sole purpose of going out to win the league. The club controllers are simply too frightened to do that. They will occupy a ground that is slightly more elevated than we have been used to for the last 8 or so years but nothing earth-shattering should be expected.

    The prognosis for the summer is a very slight chance that we might get one more player of the same calibre as Ozil but I would say it is more likely we’ll go for maybe two medium range players instead (especially as it is a world cup year).

    The explanation though will always be that the club believes in and trusts its current players to improve and deliver. That’s the reality we’re stuck with I’m afraid and there is absolutely nothing any of us can do about it.

    Oh and one more thing; Wenger is neither leaving nor will he be ever be asked to go.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Nothing we can do?

    I know a guy who’s target acquisitions in the Army, could shoot a flea off a dog’s arse from a mile away – and the roof at the Emirates has a nice little flat overhanging ledge – I’m just saying.

  38. Jeff


    Good one but sometimes it helps to look at things from a different perspective. There are two contrasting agendas here which cannot be easily reconciled. The fans want titles and trophies. The club wants a healthy business. The second does not automatically imply the first. Since they are in control and we are not we have to prepare ourselves for more barren years and be satisfied with the thrill of another season watching our team play.

    I know it’s not great news but there it is.

  39. gazzap

    Surprised Sagna rarely gets a rest. I reckon he is heading for an injury and it wont be because i’ve just cursed him but because he must be in the red zone.
    These kind of home games are ideal for rotation like that.
    The next 5 games are massive and he needs to play all of those.

  40. Norfolk

    SpanishDaveFebruary 2, 2014 12:28:36
    Wenger has a poundstretcher mentality which will never change……..”

    That is the most ridiculous post I’ve ever seen on here.

    He has a Eurostretcher mind.