Deadline Day Disaster for Arsenal | Kim Kallstrom… is here.

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The real Arsene Wenger stepped forward yesterday and gave us all a taste of mighty fine reality. We had issues within the squad that needed addressing this window and the manager serviced them with Kim Kallstrom. The Swedish midfielder, most famous for being a player with exceptional Championship manager attributes 12 years ago, has joined on a 6 month loan. He’s not played for 7 weeks, so I’m unsure how long it’ll take him to get fit. He’s also not played in the fastest league in the world before. So again, as aimless punts go, he’s right up there with the best panic purchases of the last few seasons.

Now, I’m not going to slate his ability, I’ve seen him play plenty of times before over the years. I know it seems odd that I’d remember a player so unmemorable, but he was so, so good on that computer game, I had to pay close attention when he played. I had similar excitement in watching Javier Saviola, Ibrahima Bakayoko and Robert Pires. Anyway, he’s not very exciting, he’s mostly a solid, functional midfielder… but the press isn’t great around him from the French, who watched him for 7 odd years at Lyon or the Swedes, who’ve sucked up 100 caps worth of his play.

Now, I don’t want to get on his back, it’s not his fault we’ve opted for him, but come on, no one can tell me he was the plan A at the start of January. It’s like the Flamini move of last summer, a bit disappointing (and please don’t tell me you were over the moon we’d signed a player who’d left under a cloud after missing out on Bender / Ginter and Gundogan), but at least we knew he was a good player, knew the Arsenal way and he was Premiership experienced.

This whole window once again points to the absurdity of our transfer planning. We had 4 loan moves rejected on the final day if Sky Sports are to be believed. We went for a 35 year old Klose of Lazio, we asked about Papisse Cisse of Newcastle, I think Vucinic was one… and the final horror offer of the day went to Salomon Kalou. I mean honestly, can you believe that Arsene put in a phone call to Lille about him? If there was a win this transfer window, it’s the fact you’re not here right now reading me going into total meltdown about signing a totally average 29 year old from Lille.

Now, this planning cycle does come down to two things. Firstly, Wenger does all the transfer arranging. He’s the man in charge of the list. As I told you the other day, he’s been back and forthing over Draxler this month with regards to expense and in the end, he decided against him. So the manager is the guy who dithers over these things. However, Ivan has to take some flak for this… why hasn’t he put a system in place that takes some of the control off of Arsene? It’s clear we’ve needed players since the start of the season. Where is the person at the club driving those names out of the manager and making sure something comes out the other side? We really do need a Director of Football to help bring our transfer process in line with the best clubs in Europe.

A club the size of Arsenal is better than an average loan signings. Chelsea, Everton and United all managed to secure names earlier than the last day. Why were we pissing around right up to the deadline? What happened to doing your business early? Where is the ambition and the ruthlessness? We have the best chance we’ll ever have of storming the league. It’s clear we don’t have trusted cover for our two over worked centre backs, it’s clear that Jenkinson is not of the standard to fill in for Sagna, Ramsey is out for 6 weeks… I’d imagine it’ll take 4 weeks to get Kallstrom fit enough to step in… we have lost 20 goals out wide as well as the bucket load of pace Theo brings… and a year on… still not adequate replacement for Giroud.

It’s like the manager is purposefully ignoring the obvious flaws we can see are already biting the squad in the arse.

We needed a mid-season boost to the squad. It would have injected some fresh legs into a tired set up and it would have excited the players. If anything, Kallstrom will have disappointed them. He’s not a bad player, but he’s hardly a name that inspires players like Ozil. Even looking around at other signings. Chelsea landed Matic, a player who could have helped us. Everton signed that huge target man from Monaco for 6 months. Monaco loaned Berbatov. All these players could have helped out. We decided against it…

I mean, it’s not like this window was any different to the summer one which was also an absolute shambles until will fluked the deal for Ozil.

Anyway, that’s my two pennies. I might be totally wrong, but history and a quick glance as the squad numbers tells you that Arsenal winning the league this year is going to be a massive, massive ask. We could have been ruthless, we weren’t, so we’ll have to trust the manager, pray that we don’t pick up anymore injuries and see if we can blitz the second half of the season like we have done the first.

One thing to note, there’s a lot of good will that Wenger is enjoying at the moment, I’d expect much of that will dry up very quickly if things unravel in the way they normally do. He’s made a rod for his own back. He’ll no doubt sign that new deal pretty sharpish next week as well. Three more years of this.

… and to end on a positive note, Park Chu Young has joined Watford on loan. Arsenal eh? Not many teams desperate for a striker end up losing one in January!

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  1. Ashwat

    We just don’t learn. Thought the trolly dash couple of seasons backs was a lesson to do business early. We again do last hour business last summer and somehow (rather fluk-ishly) manage to sign Ozil. And now again we leave it too late and sign a 31 yr old swede. Where is the planning and the management when you knew that Schalke won’t accept anything less than 35 mill for Draxler.

  2. TJ

    Couldn’t agree more- watch that goodwill dissipate in February and March and because of the chance we had this year- it will be more vicious than ever


    But wait aminute if Kim Kallstrom is our January target why leave it so late? Does it takes 31 days to get Kim? Having said that Arsene Knows

  4. Zoran

    Well, we will have to live with Kalstrom until summer at least.
    But let’s just wait and see. Maybe he isn’t so bad,
    I remember us saying the same for Flamini.
    And look now….

  5. realgooner

    First n foremost, its really disappointing that we couldn’t get a striker. But that’s besides the point here. I can hardly believe that you actually wrote this article. For majority of the 1st half of the season…we had so many injuries but still we were top of the league. Don’t you get it, we have the midfielders who can score for us. So stop writing BS articles like these coz it proves that you are a plastic fan who just started watching football lately.

  6. Ozrus

    Signing Flamini is only disappointing in so far as his move was unexpected and he wasn’t purchased from another club, AND in so far as the likes of Bender or Gundogan were perceived (read hyped up) as very desirable at the time (hence read more expensive). All we know is that Flamini fit right in and is doing a tremendous job for the team. So in the hindsight, apart from the red he got against Soton he is anything but a disappointment.

  7. Carts

    Wenger needs to relinquish some of the power and influence that he has over the club

    This January window has been nothing short of embarrassing and pathetic.

    Wenger has and will forever continue to stall on buying quality players. Ozil was a signing to tide us over for 2 years. One year in and it’s so far worked

  8. Aztech

    Kallstrom looks a bit overweight in his interview on arsenal player, not proper fat, more like Lampard a few years back when he used to stroll into the Chelsea team. Really disappointed with the this window, he’s a solid midfielder but no better than anyone else we have, think Arteta but fatter. All that shite from Wenger about only adding players who will improve the squad, what a nobhead. I see a 4th place battle on the horizon! ManUre paid 30mil for Rooney when he was a boy God knows how many years ago, yet in 2014 Wenger still wont pay an amount allegedly quite close to that figure for the one of the most promising young players in the world from a country that consistently produces the best. Ozil had us all elated for quite a while, I guess now its back to reality. Le Stingy one has returned.

  9. Sam

    Arsene Knows… not to spend money when he needs to. Arsene Knows…how not to win something when he has the chance.
    Most of all Arsene Knows….how to get himself £8 mill a year for being also rans.

  10. Zoran

    “We went for a 35 year old Klose of Lazio, we asked about Papisse Cisse of Newcastle, I think Vucinic was one… and the final horror offer of the day went to Salomon Kalou.”

    And we will always be after such players. Unless we sign Alisher Usmanov.

  11. SUGA3

    fucking hell, this new deal offer must be taken off the table right now…

    now, where are all the mugs telling me Ozil signing was not just a crowd pleaser?

  12. Mark S

    If your manager has the highest salary in the league…and your fans pay the highest ticket prices in the league…couldn’t you spend some money? 30million on a Costa or a Jackson Martinez would have been great, but I can also understand why their respective clubs wouldn’t sell. All it is going to take is a bad February where we get dumped out of 3 competitions, and the Wenger Out Brigade will be back. I’m going to get behind the team, but I feel we have blown it again when it comes to the window.
    I would have loved to have signed Draxler, but 37million would also have gotten you Mata. Chelsea’s reigning player of the year or the next German star? Tough choice.

  13. Gunnershabz

    I don’t know what to think anymore but I guess we have to see what happens til end of the season

    Deadline is done but kallstrom I am hoping he surprises us he is very similar to Gareth Barry a Swedish version

  14. Doublegooner

    January was so predictable.

    You really do wonder what their ambitions are.

    Wenger & Co must think all the selling clubs are just sitting there ‘begging’ to do business with us.

    Anyway, all we can do is wait til May….then start the process all over again.

  15. John Gee

    Why don’t you, and the rest of your negative followers, transfer your so called allegiance down the road to WHL ? They buy loads of players there, but I can’t quite remember any of them !! Oh yes, Adebayor !! Now there’s a class act.
    Have you not noticed that by some strange quirk of fate that Arsenal are all but top of the League?
    AW obviously has bigger fish lined up for the summer.

    John Gee

  16. Carts

    I haven’t got a cynical or negative word to say about Kallstrom.

    He was probably more surprised at the move than some random getting sprung upon by 2 geezers in a van, offering an unsuspecting member of public an opportunity to fuck a porn star if they manage to “get it up”.

    I have no doubt KK will give his all. Unfortunately, his all is several levels beneath what we should be aiming for.

  17. Simon McMahon

    Well there you have it best chance to win the league in years and Wenger fucks it up,
    when it comes to transfer dealings this club is a fucking joke .. Its disgraceful everyone knows we need a striker then we loose Theo , and now we are worst off than the start of the season .. Fucking shoddy management in every department,, really pathetic in the week that Ivan gloats about the two big commercial deals we are caught penny pinching again,, honestly draxler would have kicked us on to possibly the league , another fucking dads army performance from the clubs management structure.. Fucking jokers .. And to cap it all this arsehole is signing fir another three years,, pathetic..

  18. goonerbone

    Fuck Arsman, butPLEASE get behind the player! He will do great against weaker teams, where we then can rest some others. He’s a little bit too slow, not arteta-like, but still. On the otherhand, his left foot is brutal and he has got first class technical skills.

  19. andy1886

    Ozrus: Flamini doing a tremendous job? Have you been watching recently? Even AW prefers Arteta more often than not. Sure he got off to a good start but his performances have really tailed off in the last few months.

    As Pedro points out Kim will take several weeks to get match fit, and even then there is no indication that he has the ability to perform in the PL (bench player from the Russian league remember).

    People have every reason to be pissed. Arsene’s performance in the transfer market is totally at odds with his over inflated salary.

  20. Pj gooner

    What a shambles, Arsenal are not a world leader or even aim to be a world leader. Ozil was luck and a PR stunt!!!
    Wenger and the board, have let the Arsenal fans down yet again. But not only that it’s an unbelievably short sited business plan, all that’s happening is that they are demonising the long term value I the company as the number of new fans across the world will fall, just when they have a chance to win on the field, excite the fans and add world wide value. What a bunch of damn idiots…..loads of promises no delivery!!!!

    Here we go again, no trophies and no way of competing against City or Chelsea.

  21. Northbank Lew

    I have to take issue with this: “’s clear that Jenkinson is not of the standard to fill in for Sagna.” The jury’s out on that and certainly I think he’s a better crosser of the ball already.

  22. BawBag

    So what happened to ‘we are looking for super super quality’? Kimmy is just an extra set of legs in midfield .
    Your right abouth his dithering and the centralised control. It’s not on! If I did that in my job I’d be called into an emergency meeting and I’m not responsible for a multimillion pound business!

  23. Doubledutch

    It was an unbelievably naive fuck up made by one of the most experienced managers in the game. Why can he not see? This is a premium chance to shut up the ‘you haven’t won a trophy for…’ wankers. One point behind a team who have spent in excess of 600m in 3 years, and our response is a 31 year old has been! If any of us fucked up as often in our jobs we would be down the road sharpish. How hard could it have been to find a striker, a Centre back and a winger? I’d do his job for 10% of his wages. A genuine chance missed.

  24. Ozrus

    Andy1886, players have ups and downs. Flamini is definitely doing a very very good job overall. Unless you think he’ s been a disappointment of course.

  25. andy1886

    “Go join the Spuds”

    “Great things planned”

    “In the summer”

    “Top of the league (almost)”

    John Gee you are priceless, a cartoon character that Harry Enfield would be proud of. Someone call an ambulance.

  26. lewis

    Cheer up guys. Get behind your team! I read this blog every day. Never felt the need to comment, but jeez. “Wenger Out” really! So say he leaves tomorrow. Who we going to get in?
    We’ve done so well so far. Get behind your team, cheer up, keep positive and stop bloody moaning!

  27. Mo

    Good post, very disappointing day for us, but hardly a surprise. Still, we have what we have and we’ll just have to get on with it. COYG!

  28. NT Gruduah

    I have no words for Wenger over the bloody mess he’s caused this team! Imagine us playing Bayern Munich without a wide player on the left once again! We are in the same situation where we were last season when we conceded three goals at the Emirates. PSG did a good bit of business by buying Cabaye, who is not cup-tied and has Premier League experience, something we could have done if we didn’t have this stubborn manager. With our injuries mounting, Cabaye would have been a perfect fit to add steel to our midfield, with an ability to also score goals!

  29. andy1886

    Ozrus – Flamster has done okay, perhaps better than I thought, but be honest he’s a stop gap. Arsenal sign too many of these, for every Ozil there are a dozen KK’s, Flamini’s, Parks, Sanogos, etc. I’m not suggesting we buy loads of £40m players, just fewer good quality ones and forget the dross (did he REALLY ask about Kalou??).

  30. Jeff

    Many of those defending Wenger want to use Draxler as the lynchpin of their argument by saying that we didn’t know what the fee was and therefore it might have been too high for it to be worthwhile – reasonable doubt – so we acquit Wenger.

    But that isn’t really the biggest accusation at all? An entire month has gone by.

    1. Did we really have to leave it till the last day?

    2. Is there really nobody better than Kallstrom that we could have got?

    3. We have been in need of a strike for nearly two whole seasons; why hasn’t it been addressed?

    There is no reasonable answer to any of these questions. And so, that is why fans are riled up – not just because of what may or may not have happened with regard to Draxler.

  31. samsensible

    Kallstrom isn’t the problem; he’s a perfectly understandable stop gap to cover for a position that we are reasonably strong in but have injuries and suspensions and some tired legs. He was not bought for the future. With Ramsey, Wilshire all strong in that area, with Rosicky and Flamini able to play CM and with Ox also able to do a competent job it isn’t an area we need to add an expensive long term signing too. DM is where we need to splash the cash. We don’t know what we tried to do for that position. I would HOPE we have a plan for the summer. We better do.

    The fact is that only a big big upgrade on Giroud would have given us a good chance of winning the league. It’s my firm belief that as good as he is Draxler would not have been tearing up trees in his first few months and as such would not have won us the league this year. We better get him in the summer or it will be embarrassing though.

    Striker names are mentioned – Benteke, Martinez – but their availability, quality and price are worth considering. Costa may have the quality we’re looking for but he was not moving. At all.

    The club has taken the decision to save it’s money for top draw players in the summer. By doing so it has almost certainly destroyed the slim chance we had at going the distance and winning the title. That is a short-term problem which better be made up for with Cost a level players in the summer.

    People who doubted the squad in the summer now demand the title. We are facing richer clubs who care little about their balance sheet and as such our chances were always low. Time to get real. It isn’t going to happen. It never was. The league is 38 games long and City and Chelsea have a greater number of experienced winners. Aguero won’t be sorely missed. Think about that for a second.

    Schalke were never going to sell Draxler for anything less than an extortionate fee. Many of us forgot our sober predictions and are screaming blue murder.

    The players deserve our support, not more howling. They have done a magnificent job and I would hope that the toxic attacks from last summer will hold off until we actually fuck up on the pitch.

  32. Walking Wounded

    Now, I can accept that Citeh are an awesome side and they are highly likely to win the League, and I also can accept that Chelsea are likely to be their closest rivals. Therefore I can accept finishing third in the League this season.

    BUT what I cannot accept is, is from our position in the League now, that we give up on the League without a fight! Which is exactly what Wenger has just done!

    We are not the team of two years ago, who clearly had no chance! We are solid, united and skilful. But with a leader who earns £8million a year who has no fight or ambition.

    If he wanted Draxler to convert to a striker, then if he has conceded defeat already, what better way to do it then give him 16 friendlies until the end of the season. Because, people, that’s where we are at!

    We might as well be the Harlem Globetrotters! Play exhibition football for nothing!

  33. F4phantomphreak

    Seriously is complaining about something the majority new wasn’t going to happen do any of us (fans) any good? Come on ppl, we are Arsenal whose led by a needle nosed peckerhead!

  34. blacktiger

    should the board have the last say on the transfers instead of Wenger, they had given him the go ahead to spend £37 mill on Draxler

  35. Alfygun

    Let’s wait and see if the usual happens and it all collapses from now.
    If it does then it’s time for a moan, we were all going mad before the season started and look what happened. So let’s give them a chance and our supportand all shut up for now . If it all collapses as usual ,then it’s time to demand answers.

  36. Bert

    Ivan needs to alter the way in which we do business…

    Yes Wenger needs to give Law a list of targets….Law gets told the amount of money available….and then presents Wenger with the options (you can x and y players or z player) Wenger makes the decision, with a revolver to his head so that he has to pick one of the options

    Worrying thing is that the fans can all see that Wenger just has wayyyyyyy to much power at Arsenal…but Ivan and the rest of the board seem oblivious to it all…and have been for years!!

    How we can be talking about a contract extension is beyond me…

  37. samsensible

    Walking Wounded, I’m kinda with you on that. Every one of us would have taken 3rd in the summer and I suspect most people would have taken it in December too.

    I agree that we have basically given up on the title. Old habits die hard; I don’t think we have tried to win the title in about 6 years. I think we have names we want to sign and I think these stop gaps Flamini, Kallstrom, the attempt at Ba, Cisse and Kalou all suggest we just want to tread water until we get them (the plan is presumably this summer).

    Draxler is clearly on that list. We are going to try and get him cheaper in the summer…a massive massive risk.

    He wouldn’t have won us the league this year though.

  38. Invincibles

    Why wait till it goes tits up, which we know it will. Why demand answers when we know they are not accountable to anyone. Come ST renewal time the same bullshit will be ‘leaked’ to the media about how we are in for neymar, messi etc only to have francois the pizza delivery boy from dominos foisted upon us before being told how hard it is to improve our squad. How many more “next seasons” do we have to put up with.

  39. Jeff


    But if we find ourselves in the same situation this time next year, you’d be saying exactly the same thing wouldn’t you? This isn’t the first time we’ve thrown a season because of inaction or incompetence in the transfer market. It happens again and again. So you can understand people are fed up to the back teeth with it.

    So the question to you is how many more chances are you going to give him? Another season, two maybe; how many?

  40. Carts

    I would’ve paid the £7m for Fernando…but some AKB div will cry about how £7m for a guy who’ll be free in the summer is a waste.

    I read Porto offered to make him the best paid in Portugal at a measly some of €200k a month…€50k a week ffs. Bendtner earns more. Let that sink in..

    Now, he’s touted to sign for city on a free and will earn a healthy sign-on as well as a better weekly wage. I’m certain of it.

    I’ll sit and wait do some prat to say that ‘we cant challenge city’ on transfers..

    No ambition by WENGER!

  41. Alex James

    Why is this no surprise? Some of us have been saying for years that things will not improve until the French fella leaves. Ozil was bought because the board knew that the discontent was getting out of control. Wenger would not have signed him of his own volition. There is absolutely no chance of us winning anything this season. City and Chelsea are revving up and Utd have their bounce back, courtesy of Mourinho. And as long as the bindippers have Suarez, Liverpool will be snapping at our fourth place heels. And please let us have no more of the in Arsene we trust idiots. Two more years to endure of these oafs.

  42. samsensible

    Jeff based upon the new deals we have been signing that will start to show up on our balance sheet, from this summer the club will be able to avoid making a loss and sustain pretty high transfer fees.

    We have kept our powder dry for the umpteenth time and as such anything other than a clear attempt to win the title next year by buying world class players this summer…well my outrage would start to match some of the zanier Grovers.

  43. jasongms

    “Schalke were never going to sell Draxler for anything less than an extortionate fee. Many of us forgot our sober predictions and are screaming blue murder.”

    how would you know what fee Schalke were asking for ?

    It’s widely known that Schalke are in financial hardship and so there fore would have probably accepted a reasonable offer .Offering 10mil below his buy out clause is no way reasonable !

    “extortionate fee” another excuse to camouflage Arsene’s complicity

  44. Invincibles


    Exactly….how many more next seasons. Its like the people who say none of us expected to be a point off the top at this stage of season. Yes your right we didn’t…but is that an excuse to take foot off the pedal and pat ourselves on theback? By ststrengthening correctly now might of only given us a 10% chance to win the title, it would of allowed us to give the newbies 6 months to acclimatise to the new league and new teammates and made the acquisition to the new season easier. Rather than taking 3-4 months of a new season to bed in. Plus it would of sent a message out that, ” hey fuckers, we’re coming to get you”..

  45. rollen

    now, where are all the mugs telling me Ozil signing was not just a crowd pleaser?

    Without Ozil there would be riots right now and no deal for Wenger he bought himself time to get great new contract and now we cant do shit

    I have to admit he is genius scam artist, decent accountant and one of the best cult leaders.

  46. andy1886


    “Andy1886, most players turn out to be stopgap.”

    Same could be said about managers, depends on your time scale.

  47. samsensible

    Jason, you are several twists behind in the Draxler clause saga. The story turned and supposedly his release clause was not applicable in January and would only come in to effect in the summer. In which case Schalke could deadbeat they wanted this month.

    However, the latest thinking is that there is no release clause AT ALL. In which case Schalke can ask what they want in the summer too and can open up a bidding war.

    I wish we’d bought him but there is a limit to what is an acceptable figure pay for him. The size of that figure would depend on our overall budget to spend on players in this window and next. Do you know the size of our budget? What do you think is a fair fee to pay for him?

  48. Gunnershabz

    The only thing I can see he is waiting for the summer to make big name signings

    That’s the only thing that gives me some hope

    Hence the loan signings and attempts

  49. Arben

    He landed his three year contract worth £ 24 million, that was all about,now he is waving his two fingers to the media and the fans.
    Deluded AKB are safe for three more years.

  50. Obsessed with 3

    Once again, very disappointing window. I have a feeling that Draxler will be another Mata/Hazard that we could’ve had but dicked around and now we see them doing great things for our rivals. Cabaye should have been our replacement for Arteta, especially with Jack being prone to injury.

    On another note, my friends are over in London now and they were let down last minute by someone who was selling a pair of tickets for Palace this Sunday. Would anybody be able to help? Email me at Cheers dudes.

  51. Alfygun

    Sam & invinc
    I know exactly where your coming from, but I’m tired and bored of moaning,no one is ever going to listen so let’s not give anyone the chance to give it all the negative atmosphere bullshit.

  52. Bamford13


    “We have kept our powder dry for the umpteenth time and as such anything other than a clear attempt to win the title next year by buying world class players this summer…well my outrage would start to match some of the zanier Grovers.”

    Don’t fool yourself, sam. You’ll be singing the same tune next season that you’re singing now, regardless.

    If Kallstrom hasn’t clarified things for you, nothing will.

  53. samsensible

    Invincibles we wouldnt have been coming to get anyone without world class players. We can compete in the medium and long term if we buy top drawer. Giving ourselves 10 per cent chance at this year’s title with just decent players will hamper us next year and the benefit (10 per cent according to you) is surely not worth it.

    It’s not as straightforward as you make out.

  54. Jeff

    After the Aston Villa game last year, I can envisage the club’s agreement with Wenger on their expectations for this season. They would have sat in a meeting and asked the manager what aspirations he had for 2013/2014. He would have given his usual answer of a top four finish.

    The board may have had some reservations because it was becoming obvious that the fan-base in the main weren’t happy with the number of years without a trophy. So upon that a compromise was reached and it was decided a marquee player would placate most of the fans and of course it did.

    But the underlying ambition was always the same – a top four finish. The season went rather better than they were predicting mainly because of the phenomenal but unexpected form shown by Ramsey which surprised absolutely everyone.

    So here we are in the January window and guess what; the aspirations agreed back in September are still the same. Just because we were top for a while and now second doesn’t mean we will finish top in May. So the same modus operandi continues with Wenger insisting he’s fighting on all fronts.

    Wenger is safe because a top four finish is and will always be the target. There is no need to risk any more money. We are not even “fighting” for fourth this season – it is seen as virtually assured we will achieve or better it. That I think is why this window went the way it did.

  55. useroz

    Other than fuck the Board, and the diisgraceful Wenger….if Ivan isn’t confident he’d manage Wenger sooner than later, resign. We’d save 2 to 3m a year that no doubt could indulge Wenger in stocking another Ligue 2 hopeful-kid!!!

    Heard AFC a global business now?? Many AKBs bragged about it and Wenger made it happen..blah blah blah… Anyone driving a multi-national business this way would have been sacked publicly by the Board ages ago. This is fraud at its core. Paid huge and deliver little, year on year. Save reprinting new annual report, except the P&L statement suppose.

    This squad as it is, ie taking into account injuries, will not survive Feb; however, Wenger would rush to sign his new contract no doubt. Shambolic governance.

    Just wondering if stan like his new Jan acquisition…..

  56. Lee


    Yeah united paid £30 million for Rooney as a boy. We paid £2.5 million for RVP. Who is the better player?
    Rooney has been a disappointment so a giant fee is no indicator.
    But united also spent
    £17m on nani £17m on Anderson £17 on Hargreaves £18million on carrick and £30m on berbatov
    All money well spent there I’d say.
    None of those lads would be arsenal starters so why throw big money at average shit when we can polish gems. RVP being a perfect example.

    And Pedro no wonder you don’t have a missus, all you do is moan

  57. andy1886

    Not so sensible:

    “Kallstrom isn’t the problem; he’s a perfectly understandable stop gap to cover for a position that we are reasonably strong in but have injuries and suspensions and some tired legs”

    What, cover from a player who will not be match fit for several weeks by when we probably will not need him. If he can cope with the pace of this league. Who is not in any way a Ramsey replacement (no pace, less stamina, without the goals).

    Only understandable if you believe all you need to replace a footballer is any one of a thousand other footballers.

  58. Invincibles


    we will agree to disagree but I believe it is straightforward. Everything else is a smokescreen from le senile. As clough used to say in his hey day ” football is a simple game”.

  59. Charlie Boy

    We’ve never been in a better position to win the league and what do our peers do to ram home our advantage? Fuck all!

    We are literally a laughing stock every transfer month, not only deflating the players, but giving the best possible ammo to our competitors.

    We’ve also got a squad that’s looking knackered and we’re only mid-way through the season.

    I pray for a miracle, but my prayers are seldom answered.

  60. samsensible

    Bamford I base my expectations on what I think the club are prepared to do. As Kroenke’s other sports clubs have all been chugging along in mediocrity with a level of investment in their players the makes them uncompetitive I have not expected the club to spend hugely if it meant posting an annual loss.

    However next summer a load of new deals will be on our books and we can actually afford to buy big players.

    So my expectations change.


    I’ll stick with my boring way and you guys can stick to ranting about buying Benteke for 40 million or players like Costa that don’t want to move.

  61. Bamford13

    I think I’ve come up with a further explanation of Wenger’s ridiculous signing of this over-the-hill mediocrity, Kallstrom.

    Wenger is a rigid ideologue. If he thinks or says the world should be a certain way, he will stick to that no matter how asinine or fruitless it is.

    Well, he just recently said that the January window should be eliminated or used only to make emergency loans to cover for injuries. Therefore, he couldn’t sign anyone of note without contradicting himself. He had to make an unimpressive, uninspiring signing that is nothing but a meager band-aid solution, because that’s what he has said the window should be for.

    This man is a absurdity and is turning the club into an object of derision and pity. How anyone is still buying his nonsense is beyond me.

  62. andy1886

    Lee, a problem with your point really. How many titles have the players you mention won? Not so shit then are they? Or is it because they had a better manager perhaps? You tell me.

  63. TitsMcgee

    Season capitulated. At least one excuse maker is out in full force defending Wenger.

    We falter down the stretch and things will get just as ugly as they were post-Villa.

    Arsene Knows Best?

    Wenger is keeping Arsenal Football Club back. Someone needs to tell him AFC doesn’t mean Arsene Football Club.

    8 soon to be 9 years without winning a damn thing and he’s still haggling over price for talented players.

    Draxler, Higuain, Suarez, Mata, Cahill just off the top of my head are players he didn’t want to pony up the extra cash for.

    Then compounds it by not even moving for a Berba loan type deal. We bring in an avg player from sn avg league that sits on the bench.

    No planning. No list. No balls. Just throw shit against the wall to see what sticks.

    He’s In 2nd place in February and he throws in the towel.

    Wenger has no desire and is under no pressure to win. How do I know this? Because he just did the opposite of what any manager would do if they were desperate to end an 8 year drought.

    He doesn’t give a sheeeeeet.

  64. Bamford13


    the club doesn’t need to spend 40m on benteke to improve. it can spend 15-20 on players like martinez, muriel, gustavo, etc. and improve over the likes of Giroud and Flamini.

    the 40m argument is a straw man

  65. samsensible

    Andy. You changed my name to not so sensible! That was really clever!

    Firstly, I think Kallstrom will probably put in a higher level of performance than many are expecting. Why you are ranting about the length of time it will take him to be match fit when you have zero idea about his physical state I’ll never know.

    Secondly I never said he’s a Ramsey replacement, but he is a talented old head who has won titles. We have a 6 week injury to Ramsey. What do lost other clubs do in that situation? Buy a player for millions and have on their books for 4 years? Maybe City and Chelsea would, but no one else would. Should we have tried to Sign someone better than Ramsey? How much and who?

    Get real.

  66. Simon McMahon

    Wenger is a con man and it’s more obvios than ever that fourth place is the only thing he’s interested in , poor ozil he must be thinking what the fuck !! Can’t believe that going into the business end of the season our forward options after giroud are Nikki b and the fucking diabyesque postman sanogo ,, forget podolski wenger doesn’t like him .. Three more years of this fucking clown .. The sad thing is while he quibbles about paying top dollar for quality players he doesn’t when it comes to his underachieving self .. Greedy piss taking bastard .

  67. gazzap

    wenger’s job should be to say yes I want that player. The money side of things should be in the hands of the board. If wenger wanted draxler in the arsenal team then that’s all he needed to say.

    I expect wenger thinks he will need £40m+ in the summer for a top striker, so if he spends that on Draxler now he wont get the striker he wants in the summer. I would say something along these lines is the reason wenger wouldn’t spend £35m now.

    The thing that shocks me is that he was willing to pay £25m and I reckon we could have got drax for £33m. So we are talking somewhere in the region of £8m, which for a club the size of Arsenal and our income of what is it now £250m a year, I don’t think it’s worth turning away a player that could be the creative backbone of the team for the next decade. he could even win you the title THIS season. The prize money is worth the extra £8m alone.
    If we end up missing out on Drax while one of our competitors gets him then that penny pinching will cost us again and again over the years.

    I just hope wenger has an amazing summer plan but given his track record, I just can’t see it. World cup year as well. Very difficult to nail players down when they train with their countries from May onwards and dont get back to pre season until late August. And players that have a decent WC have a value that will double. It’s stupid to miss Draxler at this time.

  68. Jeff


    You are forgetting that we were promised we could afford to buy big players in the summer gone. Gazidis himself was telling us all about it. Do you think all we could afford was Ozil?

    As I was saying earlier, the unexpected form shown by Ramsey early in the season (and the time it took for City and Chelsea to gel under their new managers) has given us the uplift we have been missing for many years and we find ourselves top or second with just a point separating us from City. It is an absolute godsend that we find ourselves as high in the league as we are.

    What is so annoying is that instead of taking full advantage of that situation and addressing our needs now in order to give us the best chance of getting a title under our belt, we’ve gone back to our usual mode of “what’s the point if City and Chelsea have billions”. We missed a huge chance.

    Next summer City and Chelsea aren’t going to drop so many points in the first half of the season and Man U will probably spend their way out of trouble. What we are saying is that a chance has been missed – why is it so difficult for you to see that and why are you still going on about next summer?

  69. cheney10

    I said yesterday that the wheels will come off in 6 to 8 weeks if we didn’t push for some quality… I agree with Pedro… Wenger has got some good will but when, and we will, hit that brick wall and lose to some of the bog boys, getting dragged into that 4 place scrap as a result; it will all disappear… I am willing to wait, and get behind the boys, it is not their fault our manager is a prick! But Wenger is going to have some explaining to do come summer!

  70. samsensible

    Bamford, straw men? Martinez or Muriel for 15-20m do me a favour.

    Martinez signed a new contract. If you think players are that cheap then I can we why you get so upset.

    Gustavo. Good player. Just moved. Would be expensive. Perhaps we have someone better lined up? Did he want to move? Would his club have sold him for a realistic price? Do you have any details or just his name?

  71. Danish Gooner

    Even my local pub team wouldnt have signed Kim K,fucking hell another three years of this bullshit ,i think i might take up synchronized swimming.

  72. gazzap

    I would like to add that Drax is not a Ramsey replacement but more of a Cazorla andor Podolski replacement. Caz is now 29 years old and he doesn’t seem to work well with Ozil. This is probably something that can be fixed but Wenger doesn’t seem to know how to get two quality players to play together.

  73. TitsMcgee

    Because Jeff that’s all the keeps the AKBs sane. The “next summer” fallacy.

    Similar to what you were saying the other day about “mañana'”

  74. andy1886

    Samsensible – glad to see that didn’t pass over your head!

    Actually I don’t think he’s needed at all. A pointless signing, ala Park. As I said by the time he’s ready we will not need him (do you really think having not played in a poorer league for over a month he’d be match fit? Really?). The Ramsey reference was because he’s the only one out long enough to be ‘covered’ by KimK. Unless he’s cover for Diaby? Lol.

    Actually on that point why haven’t we paid that crock off yet?

  75. jasongms


    His buy out clause was reported on months ago . Regardless I haven’t seen his contract and i’d fathom neither have you.

    but if you take on board actually factual information , such as schalke’s financial troubles , our genuine interest in buying the player and our financial weight . Its leads one to believe that schalke would have an interest in selling and that there is a common interest that would benefit both parties .

    as for how much I would have paid for him . I would have gone to 35 mil

  76. Al

    A lot of us guys would not be complaining if we saw/understood the rationale behind this hoarding of FAN money we have giving the club to support. …..

    What are they doing with OUR money?

    Why are we being cheap in the market but once again have no problem increasing prices?

    Something is really rotten at the club. You have to question whose interest is most important.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Now I’m just waiting for some idiot to say Arsenal are waiting to do their business in the summer!

    Go on, which one of you is going to say it?

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Kallstrom will probably get 30 mins of game together altogether. Essentially another Park.

    I really don’t get the point…Wenger is taking the piss. And he’s going to sign a new three year deal before things go south which I estimate they will around the second half of February.

    He deserves everything he gets from the fans.

  79. Cesc Appeal


    Well thanks for getting in there early! Ha

    I hope you’ve got your tongue firmly in your cheek though.

  80. Colonel Mustard

    Now we all realise Ozil was a fluke and would not have happened if Villa didnt spank us and things went nasty. it was a board decision to sign Ozil based on commercial deals and ticket sales. Everyone open your eyes Wegner is a total contrarian that psychologically has to leave himself a challenge as that what get him off. The thought of actually spending money kills him to a degree it should be genuinelly taken out of his hand. a clear line between him and Gazidis and board. Our best chance in years and he is blowing it. Giroud, a non trusted Pod, Bentner and the mysterious Sangago. vs City riches….sigh..

  81. Dissenter

    Draxler would have been a bad but for the price reported in the media. He would have cost more than Higuain went for. It wasn’t worth it. We need an elite striker more than another AM. 37 million brings us closer to a WC striker.

    That said, Wenger let even the typical pro-Wenger ( no pun intended) people down. Even Revving was forced to concede his disappointment that we did not reinforce our striking options.

    Wenger has lost the hunger to win. He’s feels like all he has to do is prove the same old points while competing.
    I wanted him to get that contract cos I thought he has changed. After this window debacle, it’s not on the best interest of Arsenal to continue with this marble statue of a man. He’s stuck in his old ways, won’t budge or listen.

  82. samsensible

    Jeff, I try to stay sensible. I couldn’t give a fuck what a politician like Gazidis promises or what Wenger says in press conferences. I try to work out what the he’ll is going on and my conclusion has always been that the club accepted years ago that it couldn’t win the title and has been operating to get top 4 until New commercial deals are signed. We have renewed Emirates, have signed Puma from next season and have other partnerships. Therefore the club’s revenues have increased and due to efforts to increase wage efficiency the cost of players has probably gone down.

    Now, you and I might want the club to go on a spending binge because the money was always going to come in and we know the new TV money will be here soon…but the club cares about its annual p&l. Nice, safe and steady.

    So whilst many in here hold the previous years of no trophies as a massive black mark against Wenger I take the view that we were never in contention for the league or champions league so I don’t have the same rage. Cups are cups, by their very nature you cannot expect to win one. You might. You might not. We fucked up in the cups last season as things reached and all time low but then we transformed.

    So a sensible – many would say too forgiving – look at things would suggest that the club has been building its potential slowly year after year, whilst balancing the books and that it always knew it could only dream of competing from around now. This summer the club could say “right, were ready” and that would be just about bang on time with what I have always believed would happen and what the club has hinted at many many times.

    That’s why I have questioned the idea that we should spend shit loads of money on merely “decent” players this month…that would surely slow down our return to the big leagues in the summer.

    Hope I make sense.

  83. Dissenter

    Wenger is going to repeat this same crap in the summer window.
    He’ll spend all the time on TV5 in Brazil talking about looking for a non-existent special quality before signing. Then he’ll dither on realistic targets till they slip away and do for bargain buys in the 11th hour to hold the place till the next window.

    FFP is supposed to make a club live within its means. Chelsea were FFP complaint this window and they still brought in 3 players.
    FFP, Arsene’s way is to build up a cash mountain for nothing.

  84. samsensible

    Jason, so with little knowledge of our actual budget that we can spend you’d pay 35m fir Draxler. So Higuain and Mata money. Fair enough.

    And if Schalke told you to fuck off, we will take our chances in the summer unless you pay us more…what then?

  85. Cesc Appeal

    A David Dein is a necessity.

    But it has to be a footballing heavyweight in the game, not necessarily an ex-player but someone with years of experience.

    Someone who can go head to head with Wenger and won’t just be a yes man. But we all know Wenger won’t allow that, he’ll have a little strop if someone unanswerable to him were to come in.

  86. Bennydevito

    Morning Grovers,

    Good post Pedro and I particularly liked the bit about how you would of been in total meltdown had we signed Kalou! I would so have been too. Good comments on talksport last night too, it is rather embarrassing having £65m+ sat in the bank doing nothing.

  87. Jeff


    You are confusing sensible with practical. I just told you that we missed a big chance this January to get in some real reinforcements in order to improve our challenge for the second part of the season. That’s the practical and palpable thing to do.

    If we were 5th or 6th and fighting for fourth (like we usually are) you would probably be right to continue with your “sensible” policy.

    We knowingly, consciously, voluntarily blighted any chance of winning the title this season; nothing to do with being sensible and building for the future.

  88. TheBayingMob

    “Why were we pissing around right up to the deadline? What happened to doing your business early? Where is the ambition and the ruthlessness?”

    Fuck off Pedro are you being serious?? There was never an intention to sign anyone, Kallstrom is a cheap, cheap, cheap back up after Ramsey’s setback, that’s all. Wenger has his squad and that’s the one he’s going with. Fuck knows what the Draxler thing was all about, why negotiate fiend tovthe wire then just fk it off? I say again, Wenger’s lost his way here and lost all confidence in his own judgement …

  89. Romford Pele

    “A lot of us guys would not be complaining if we saw/understood the rationale behind this hoarding of FAN money we have giving the club to support. …..”

    This is essentially where the complaints stem from. And when there’s a lack of transparency at board level, you can see why there’s so much unrest. People are more than entitled to question where their money is going.

  90. andy1886

    Samsensible, a valid viewpoint but not one I would agree with.

    First of all when we won titles before we weren’t financially competitive, at Highbury we had lower income than United, Liverpool, Newcastle and a few others I suspect. Yet we still won. Also if it comes down entirely to money how did ManU continue to be successful after Chelsea and Citeh?

    We have been in a good position before (2008 for example) but again in January we chose not to consolidate. Never mind next summer, others will negotiate better sponsorship deals and we will still be far behind. What do sponsors want? To be assosiated with WINNERS. Failure to invest only generates more failure.

  91. leon

    i am no pro wenger i knew this would happen it was so important that wenger did his major business in the summer the simple fact the elite strikers are not available in jan and not likely to want to move in jan.i think to many fans have got cought up in the hype of drexler who has only scored two goals so far highly unproven 37 million no way not for me.

  92. Dissenter

    “Wenger is going to have some explaining to do come summer!”


    You think Caesar Arsenalius owes you an explanation. You’re just a citizen, he’s the tyrant savior of Arsenal.
    If Arsene can tell the board no buy, when they tell him money is no problem (per media reports) for Draxler, then he doesn’t have to explain anything.

  93. GoonPharm

    You got to love Wenger.

    Great 6 months – exceeded all expectations.

    That 6 months gets him a fat new shiny contract for 3 years(?).

    If the team win the league it would be the mother of all “fuck yous” to everyone that doubted him.

    The media will proclaim at as greater achievement than 2004.

    He’ll be basking in the glory of it for 9 years.

    If we don’t he still gets paid.

    Win fucking win situation for Le Boss.

    Watcha gonna do?

  94. Jeff

    I genuinely believe clubs are embarrassed for us when dealing with Wenger. We are supposed to be a big club with resources and worldwide fan-base and yet we often haggle for pennies, insult clubs with derisory offers and expect people to love us nevertheless. Wenger is basically a tramp in a suit.