Deadline day disappointment…

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Rafa Honigstein says no Draxler to Arsenal, which pretty much means no Draxler to Arsenal.

The press are saying talks broke down over the fee. The fee we knew from last summer. Arsenal fans now frantically trying to back the clubs stance on not paying the asking price.

Basically, what we’ve done is wait until the end of the month in the hope that Schalke are so desperate to sell, they’ll accept 60% of his value. Now the Germans have said no, we’re in a situation where we have no options.

We  never learn when it comes to transfer planning we have. We’ve needed a striker since the summer and we could end the January transfer window with no players at all. But, it’s not like we didn’t expect it.

We have Zelalem and Dan Crowley…

Spending isn’t always the answer…

We have Sanogo coming back…

£37m for unproven talent is risky…

… and hey, yes, £37m for Draxler is a big investment, but so was £28m for Rooney, so was Christiano for £12m (well, for Arsenal at least) so was £54m for Neymar, so was £35m for Gotze. If Wenger believes in his talent, £37m will look like chump change in 5 years.

Still, it’s not over until Jim White says so… so stop moping… there could be a surprise. You know, because Wenger pulls that face in interviews that means he’s schemeing. Right? That means he’s buying an Ozil?

Oh who cares… see you later if something happens.

Wenger pulls this face before he goes to Tesco

Wenger pulls this face before he goes to Tesco

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  1. Southernpeople


    I don’t really get what you’re alluding to, but you should know that signing flops is also part of risk taking in football. Other teams had many more expensive flops than we had.

  2. Byo

    Schalke will have been foolish to let Draxler leave now- they are in the CL; and possible qualification for CL next season.
    That said, how can one justify spending the asking price on an unproven 20 year old?
    The press and fans just want money spent on transfers no matter what- it fills the pages, and gets clicks!

  3. Cesc Appeal


    When the ‘manager’ brings Sanogo up as reasons not to buy then he becomes part of the argument. He talked about him and Bendtner returning from injury only a couple of weeks ago.

    Bendtner who he spent all summer trying to sell.

    Sanogo, the crock from Ligue 2 who played 30 mins of football for us and then was out for 6 months.

    Brimming with confidence.

  4. kwik fit

    No what can I say That this one is for Revinn( cosv he’s a nice guy) in my opinion he did not deserved to get the hard on. He should have been pulled hard! just like a girl is pulling me now! 🙂

  5. ArseneWengerNose

    So Kim is brought in to replace our best player. And Walcott was never there even though he scored more goals in a few games than our second option in attack.

    Let me guess, you also think that Walcott will be like ” a new signing ” next season?

  6. Bamford13


    You said that you were glad we avoided signing “flops”. I pointed out that we’ve avoided signing a “flop” in this window by selling a player so old and unrated it wouldn’t ever make sense to call him a “flop”.

    As for Sanogo, he isn’t highly rated. Not a single other top club was interested in him, and if you’ve seen him play, it’s obvious that he isn’t very good.

  7. Southernpeople

    “you were saying?”

    I was saying leave Sanogo out of discussion about strikers because 1) his young player 20 for future, 2) he didn’t cost us and not big salary: Wenger didn’t say he bought sanogo and paid big money and hes counting on to produce 3) buying him never stopped Wenger from looking for quality striker

  8. Kiyoshi Ito

    Just thought I’d put it out there,last year during the summer transfer window.As far back as June 2013,Dan C & Samsensible,made all the excuses known to man,why we didn’t buy a striker back then..

    In their own words,they said “Transfers take time”..They made excuses for the Hig deal,they made excuses for the Suarez deal..They were adamant,us cynics,were proper c*nts..Followed by Arsene knows..

    They then went on to say,in the Jan Window,we will reinforce…Whilst jizzing over a life-sized Arsene cardboard cut out,standing proudly in the corner of their rooms.

    Now during the January transfer window,Samsensile states”Who can we sign”? & further goes on to state,to paraphrase his words

    “There is no one decent enough to sign in the January window,so we should wait till June 2014 Summer Transfer Window”

    So from those prized pricks,all in all…We’ve had “Deals take time”,
    “Who can we sign”/”Wait till the next transfer window”..etc,etc

    It’s absolutely hilarious..With fans like these,no wonder the club gets away with daylight robbery..Really can you blame the club,for it’s M.O.??!!

    Can you…?!!!

  9. Southernpeople


    how do we ever debate seriously if you insisting to include a loanee, short term solution, in a discussion about flops? that’s if you;re talking about KK.

  10. SUGA3

    er, no, at 20 you are supposed to be showing some skills with the ball, and he is just a waste of squad space and ANY salary, do you honestly think that a good player would be considering becoming a dude walking around delivering mail?

    I mean, I used to work as a postie, nice job, but I was not a ‘highly rated young striker’ 😆

    Sanogo is absolutely shit and looks like he will have a fitness record to make the original leech Diaby blush, at least the latter was half decent and even stayed fit for a season when he needed a new contract, eh?

  11. Inter YourGran

    Just got in from work! 10 pages… I can pretty much sum it up.. Ain’t nobody got time for that ::lol:

    We’ve loaned Park, Akpom, Afobe & Bellerin. Sold Frimpong & Yennaris…

    Brought in Kim Kallstrom.. I know what your thinking and trust, I’ve had a meltdown today! But, you know what, we really need to grab a little bit of perspective here..

    Whether you want the manager gone or not is non plus here at this point. We, Arsenal fans should know our manager by now. These peak and trough sidelines. Have become tireless, surely?

    Fact is our manager trusts his players. He always does. He believes with this squad now, they can win the title for the Arsenal. I’ve no choice to but to back it. I can’t let my team down and this club and players down. The players who have had a good 2013. Won the most premier league points available. It doesn’t promise trophies, but it did give us back something we’d lost a bit, hope.

    It feels like the villa game all over again. We’ve gone 2nd, signed no one and the mood is tetchy. Bubbling, if you will…

    The mood… Misplaced passes, maybe a palace goal… 0-0 and 65minutes, natives restless…

    Let’s have it right whoever is down there on sunday. Get behind the lads and roar us onto victory. Let’s not come this far to show ourselves up. The media is waiting, oh how they wait the British media, for us to fuck it up..

    Maybe we will and then all he’ll will break loose (on twitter at least), but let us, the support, at least do our part for the club we love.

  12. Revving Kevin

    Wtf. So what if Sanogo wanted to be a postman?

    Ian Wright was a plasterer before he was spotted playing non league football. Mirislav Klose was a carpenter. They turned out pretty decent goal scorers.

    The lad comes to a foreign country gets a sub appearance in the PL and Becos he has a dodgy game, the LG armchair experts call him shit. Regularly. That sums up this place. Only a fool would judge a player on one game let alone a sub appearance. The same with this Swedish player with 106 caps who is shit. Like Sonogi never really seen him play but he’s shit. Lol. Based on the fact that nearly every current arsenal player has been called shit at some time in the last 18 months, they will prove to be great signings!

    Support your players, you can still hate the manager you know.

  13. Southernpeople


    “I mean, I used to work as a postie, nice job, but I was not a ‘highly rated young striker’ :lol:”


    however, apart that bit I totally disagree with you. I never said Sanogo is a wc striker. there, you’re kind of deviating from the purpose of my earlier post.

    I personally don’t judge people before seeing what they’re capable of. I remembers english so called football experts deriding the Chelsea acquisition of Drogba. they use , including commentators, to say that he’s clummsy, doesn’t have skills , except physical, to succeed in the pl. But, now you;d be treated moron if you suggested Drogba was quite clumsy with the ball. You’re saying similar things about Sanogo.

    So we better the ‘things we sure about’ and suspend prejudgements.

  14. Moray

    Just woke up and I honestly can’t believe we failed to sign anyone other than 31 year old Kallstrom, whose legs have gone. The last game showed us we are lacking legs in the CM area, with Arteta on his way out. So what does Wenger do? I have horrors of Arteta and Kallstrom playing together in the midfield, dithering around…

    In a WC year, I wonder how many of our players Wenger will play to injury? Ozil? Mert? They will be lucky to have good World Cups in the summer if they get there at all.

    Wenger fucked up the summer and panic bought Ozil, who realistically we didn’t need. He got a new raised contract and has returned to form. It would;t surprise me if he started to take some control away from Bould and the cycle of failure bean again in earnest. We are stuck with this cunt for 3 more years at least.

    Oh, and forget strengthening and winning the league next year. That won;t happen either.

  15. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I feel as though the Draxler saga could well be a factor in the board getting their hands dirty this summer, the board were more than likely looking at his purchase as not just a talented young player but a marketing diamond in Germany and world football similar to Neymar.
    Couple this with Puma and the door might well have been opened for us by massive German companies willing to sponsor us with serious money.
    Imagine for them a team with the Golden boys of Ozil, Draxler and others such as BFG and Pod, maybe a few other German starlets may have made their way to us.

    Wenger on the other hand may well have been looking at the deal from a purely football perspective and the fall-out if Draxler turned out to be a run of the mill player, he would have been seen as wasting the clubs money and been slated for it, although I believe you sometimes have to take that risk with a player of his potential quality.
    I remember Bale at that lot down the lane being questioned about his credentials and then, bang! he hit his straps and we all know the rest. I reckon Draxler is the same, very similar dynamics and raw ability that could well have been ours.

    If the board had said to hell with it, go get him and pay Schalke the fee they want we could well have tied up sponsor deals in Germany and recouped most of the fee and probably a bit on top, this would have left wenger in the clear as a board decision had been made on behalf of the club’s image and brand name (I fucking hate that term) worldwide.
    I know that is based on financial gains as much as footballing gains but that is professional football these days and we have to live with it or fall gracefully by the wayside.

    I know this is all conjecture at the moment, we may never know if the bid was true or not but this is how I see it in my twisted old mind.

  16. SUGA3


    I have a good chance to find least one player as good as Bambi on Ice Sanogo at any random larger park in London where they play a bit of footy on any given blue sky Sunday

    I can spot a good player and YS is just not that,it’s not even nerves, he seems to be lacking basic skills and here is not the place to learn them

    I just don’t get it, we give the dude a pay cheque for being a hospital patient and it’s not like he is Henry, is it?

  17. Moray

    @Southern, Drogba cost Chelsea 24 million and was one of the hottest prospects in world football. I’m not sure in what way you can compare him to Sanogoo, who as Suga3 pointed out, was on the verge of giving the game up a year ago.

    Wenger constantly tries to scratch the backs of his pals in French football, and it costs the club. Park is another case in point.

  18. hackneylad

    On a different note I miss Ramsey!

    My missing him isn’t just about our title challenge but more about I miss watching him play football.

    His one of most skilful and technically gifted players at the club (on current form).

    His passing, flicks, chipped/lobbed passes and crosses his assisted goals in all these ways. The boy has vision and the technique to pull it off.

    I also love his shooting and how he makes vital runs and storms forward with the ball I love his dribbing his skills on the ball.

    I love his tackling and ceaseless energy his gung ho rambo style.

    Yes he is not the finished package and on occasion makes mistakes but if he comes back and continues his form at the start of the season he is one of the best all round CM’s in europe..

    He showcases every technique and skill set you can have in that clip

  19. hackneylad

    Arsenal 1886-2006February 1, 2014 01:35:36

    Brilliant post

    You may well be on to something there it makes the most sense out of all the theories I have heard thus far.

  20. Southernpeople


    “I personally would have no problem with a speculative buy of Sanogoo on a short contract if he WASN’T OUR THIRD CHOICE STRIKER.”

    who said the contrary? Not me.

    You should read my argument before having a go at me!!

  21. Moray

    I hope Rosicky can stay relatively injury free for the next few months. We are going to be reliant on his dynamism in the middle. I realise it’s a big ask though.

  22. Southernpeople


    a bit earlier you reacted to my sanogo treatment in this blog and english football so called experts who ridiculed Drogba for his clumsiness.

    My point wasn’t to compare Drog and Sanog, it was to compare the pre-judgment we make here about Sanog to that of the pundits about Drog.

    do you get my point?

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Come the weekend I think we have to go with Rosicky and Arteta in the middle, Chamberlain, Ozil and Cazorla behind Giroud.

  24. Southernpeople


    what happened to arteta who seems old the way he plays? Rosicky is 2 years older and still drive the team forward and then when we lose the ball he he doesn’t trot back like Arteta, he strides like a lion and always manage to correct his mistakes

  25. Moray


    I get your point. My argument was that the prejudgement on Drogba was down to him being late to football. However, Drogba was highly rated in the game at the time (indeed, I remember hoping Wenger would sign him). Indeed, he was 3rd highest scorer in Serie 1 with a goal every other game, and European experience. At the same time, Chelsea had good strikers like Mutu and Gudjohnsen, Forsell and (I think Kezman).

    Sanogo, on the other hand, has had a vastly underwhelming career, riddled by injury, to the point that a year ago he seriously considered giving up the game. As Wenger often uses Sanogo’s return for injury as an excuse not to strengthen in this area, he is much more than just a speculative punt. Indeed, a couple of injuries and we will be relying on him to lead our line.

    This is the difference between the two cases. Yes, I agree, let’s give the lad a chance, but it looks like he is just a Diabyesque crock using a place in out team for (probably) 20k per week or so. Another of Wenger’s sly hand jobs to his friends at Clairfontaine.

  26. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Hackneylad , Revvin.

    This time for the last few years I would have been ripping into wenger on here big time, I am starting to see it is not solely his fault, although he should be held accountable on many occasions.
    I see a weak boardroom when I look at the current owners and board members, they are afraid to grab the nettle and take the lead, after all that is supposedly their job.

    Under Dein Wenger done the football and Dein did the business, and it worked.
    Wenger has to be told that this is how it is going to be again, he should not be in a position to veto a player purchase due to finances if he wants that player.
    That is the boards job to find the funding and do the cost analysis.

  27. Moray

    Southern, my legs are fucked after 30 years of running. When I stand up my knees click as my cartilage is worn out. Arteta is most probably the same. Rosicky spent half his career on the recuperation table, so he still has some gas left in the tank. Also, Rooney looks to be fading at the age of 28. You can’t always go by age…Arteta seems to be fine if he has a Ramsey next to him. But put Kallstrom and Arteta together and I worry. Particularly since KK is not used to the speed of the premiership. Not looking forward to that at all.

  28. Moray

    @Arsenal 1886-2006 – the rumours are that the board sanctioned the payment of what Shalke were asking for Draxler. It is all about Wenger!

  29. Southernpeople


    If you had followed my earlier post about Sanog you would have realised that my point was not to include Sanog in the discussion for 3 reasons I mentioned there. I see no point in debating sanog.

    is not like Wenger spent huge amount of money on his purchase and then tried to sell to us that he fact that he doesn’t need another striker.

  30. Arsenal 1886-2006


    As I said in my last post, 02:09:38, the board should have taken the lead and shown some balls, they are after all the so called football club managers and Wenger is the football team manager, they outrank him and it is about time they started acting like it and not cower in the corner.
    I am not absolving Wenger from any blame as I believe he has too much power in the financial say when his job should be to pitch matters only.

  31. leon

    i have not realy seen sonogo very difficult to say.looking at comments earlier it seams to me fans have got court up in drexler hype they need to look at what he brings to the table for starters he is midfielder not supporting striker/winger like henry and berdkamp were.he has only scored two goals this season.what this team needed in the summer and still needs is a goal machine a loan striker or winger/striker some who come in and do the business right off ba.dont get it twisted i am still extremlt sceptical when it comes to wenger but i knew had to but top striker in summer because to get a striker of standard need in jan was going to be extremley difficult if not impossible he realy messed up big time the in the summer wenger has zero excuses.

  32. Moray


    you really believe Wenger does;t consider Sanogo one of our first team strikers? the guy is delusional…

    “We have now strikers who are real strikers,” said Wenger. “Sanogo is not fit but he has stature as well, we are building him up physically, he has good technical quality. And don’t forget we have Bendtner who is coming back.
    “It is a fantastic opportunity for him [Bendtner]. Honestly, he was supposed to go, but he stayed and once he stays you have to consider him as a full player of the squad.

  33. Southernpeople


    “Southern, my legs are fucked after 30 years of running. When I stand up my knees click as my cartilage is worn out. Arteta is most probably the same. Rosicky spent half his career on the recuperation table, so he still has some gas left in the tank. ”

    that’s a bit of science!! I’m not a physicien

    “Also, Rooney looks to be fading at the age of 28″

    that’s called ‘shag a granny effect’ lol

    ” You can’t always go by age”
    other players like Evra and others still go by age

    “Arteta seems to be fine if he has a Ramsey next to him.”

    yeah Ramsey is such an engine so he’d better anyone who play with him

    Kk has strong engine as well and quite physical plus can open up a game. don’t know his current form but age wouldn’t be an issue coz hes only six months loan

  34. Southernpeople


    no he doesn’t. don’t rely on wenger’s political statements, don’t take them on their face value. When wenger fears to be held to ransom by greedy clubs’ valuations he usually comes up with statements like that. it’s his way to deal with the frustration of the transfer market and a desperate attempt to seem to be negotiating from strength. nothing else.

  35. Moray

    I guess with Rooney he’s an example of “you’re as young as the granny you fuck”

    Man U are trying to replace Evra, so I guess he is fading too. Of course it is an individual thing, and I will give KK the chance to prove himself, however reading some of the comments from Spartak supporters, I worry:

    Player who sits on the bench at Spartak, signed to strengthen the Arsenal play?”
    More others included were:
    “Spartak are so great that it gives its benchwarmer to one of the leaders of the Premier League. The world has gone mad.
    “His match fitness often lacking in Russian Premier League and with the intensity of the Premier League, I’m afraid he does not cope.
    “What Kim doing at Arsenal? He is not there level … that’s from a Spartak and Arsenal fan!
    “If Kallstrom will succeed at Arsenal , then Wenger will be ranked as the greatest coach of all time , except that the probability of this event happening is 10,000 to 1.”

  36. Moray

    Southern, then should I rely on Wenger’s actions? Because, his actions then tell me he is happy with Giroud leading the line all season and Bendtner as cover (paradoxically the same Bendtner he has been trying to shift every transfer window for the last few years).

    We have Wenger and Dick Law negotiating for us in the transfer market. Both has-beens in my opinion. It is no wonder we struggle to sign anyone of note. The Suarez debacle from last season shows just how out of their depth they are in the modern transfer market.

  37. Southernpeople


    from Spartak bench to Arsenal first team is of a course a worry, however, it may well be case of a great player overlooked by some manager who thinks he doesn’t fit his style of play.

    really don’t know. but it’s a gamble and a short term one. we need a fresh injured leg for Liverpool game.

  38. Southernpeople

    wasn’t Ozil someone of note? wasn’t bidding for Suarez doing something of note? or wasn’t it an action that showed Wenger doesn’t rate Giroud as first choice?

  39. leon

    for me its the last chance for wenger he has no excuses in the summer with the pumar deal plus funds he already has in the summer he wont be able to say i cant the quality players jan as been his excuse and to be honest its very difficult to do business in jan but thats not case in the his credit he got rid of most of the dead wood fringpong and park only player left is bentna.summer i am expecting big things the ozil deal saved his job

  40. Moray

    Not sure the Suarez offer was serious, tbh. if it was we would have checked out the clause properly.

    At best, our transfer activity is that of complete amateurs.

    Wenger gets paid 7m+ a year regardless of whether we win anything or not, however Gazidis tries to spin it.

  41. Southernpeople


    is spending what you have an amateur transfer activity for you?

    if that’s the case then I am not with you. If you think Arsene’s hasbeen then i have to disagree with you because I think Arsene is intelligent educated and great football manager and still has what it takes to be just as much successful as he was when younger.

    I don’t believe one can lose their intellectual capacity at 63.

  42. leon

    sothern wenger did not do his home work 40 million and one penny is an insult i garantee of wenger made a bid 45 million in june the would most likely got him and just knew if wenger did not striker of not in the summer it was going a problem because no manager in there right mind is going sell there best striker in the middle of the season never going to happen. i know from some my previous comments i ma big wenger believer far from the case.

  43. Moray

    Southern, it is not about intellectual capacity, and maybe only partially to do with age. Wenger has been at the same club for 20 years. He is out of fresh ideas and his once innovative style has become stale. More importantly, he has lost perspective on what he does. He tries to have a hand in everything at the club, and his meddling often results in problems. He has given Bould more control over our defence by all accounts and look at the difference to our league performances. But it took him 8 years or so to do this since Keown’s defensive work allowed us to reach the CL final.

    I loved Wenger for many years, but it is clear now that he is an anachronism. Kept at the club because we fear change more than anything. t is weird to say this as we are 2nd in the league, but Wenger now is only 80% of a good manager, and this is why we are unlikely to win anything more under him.

  44. Roaaary

    It’s pointless arguing but every man and his dog could see we needed a striker at least.

    We are rich and also financially stable so it disgusts me to see our attempts to get cut price players like kalou and klose.

    Wenger may have fucked himself here

  45. Moray

    Roaaary, some have argued that Wenger is keeping his power dry for the summer, but it is a WC year. four years ago, we signed Squillachi, Kozzer and Chamakh. So it doesn’t bode well.

  46. Moray

    @leon, fully fit our squad is pretty good, but we are looking threadbare with still the second half of the season to go. Man Utd always did well in the second half of the season because they used to have the strongest squad. This time it it Chelski and Shitty, both of whom are well placed around us in the league. This is why strengthening this window was critical.

  47. leon

    moray never going not jan the mistake was in the summer,the level of player we needed was not going upsticks leave in the middle of the season,middle of the park are well there only two who have as good or slightly better is chelsea maybe and cit.but in defence only have 3 cbs is not great and up front very short

  48. Moray

    leon, I think we seriously lack pace throughout the team now, with Wally and Ramsey out. This will cost us, particularly against the better sides. Then we sign a guy who is 31 from Spartak’s bench.

    You are right, though, the damage was done in the summer. Similar inaction and lack of professionalism cost us.

  49. leon

    Moray dont think we lack pace at all ozil,risicky chamberlain cazarla are all very quick players this has never has problems creating chances however against the better you will only 1-2 chances so must be very clinical 30 goal striker is needed

  50. Craigy

    Just read a loaf of spartak Moscow fans basically pissing themselves that we signed kallstrom on loan, saying arsenal take our bench warmer and he’s supposed to strengthen arsenal, I’m gonna support him no matter what, but wenger has lost his fucking mind, from the position we are in, in the league and the fact wenger has a massively depleted squad and fringe players he clearly don’t trust and won’t play, made this window the most important in years, and what did wenger do????????????? Absolutely fuck all, this guy cannot deal with any kind of expectation, so he counters that with inaction so when we fail in the league he has an excuse. Show some fucking ambition, but he doesn’t but still gets a whopping fucking contract, we had could’ve won the league this season, we’ve been solid against the lower teams and that’s where the points rack up, but injuries has fucked us and so to has wenger, thanx a lot, in arsene we trust!!!!!! Ha ha ha like fuck, not anymore, this guy has been found out a long time ago

  51. ikon

    I felt 37 million would have been too much for Draxler… even 30 million.

    As for the Kallstrom signing i think Wenger was buying experience rather than talent. 108 national caps is not a joke and he should provide good deal of stability in the middle.

    Lets wait and watch…

  52. ArseneWengerNose

    I knew the second I saw the line-up for the Southampton game that we’re in trouble. Flamini and Arteta is a bad combination, and Kallstrom is similar to Arteta.

    Without Ramsey or Wilshere we’re an AVERAGE team. We lack that energy in the middle of the park. The Ox should have started last game, and I hope he gets more time and stay injury-free.

  53. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger has in my assessment put our entire season at risk by his inertia and parsimony.

    We have lost two key young players to long term injury. One for the whole season. The other could well be for at least 2 months. Also we have another key player in midfield with Wilshire who is injury prone. I am not even including Diaby who is for all intents and purposes a write off.

    Furthermore we will be without Flamini for 3 critical games and we know also
    that Arteta is clearly not the player that he was and Rosicky at 32 is not capable of playing back to back games.

    So What does he do? He brings in Karlsson a 32 year old who has played in just 10 games this season and 700 minutes of football. Moreover a player who
    has not played in a top league.

    On top of this he has not solved remotely the problem up front or the hole in the back where we have only 7 defenders on our books.

    A couple more injuries in our squad to key players and we could be up the creak not to mention our playing schedule in February and March.

    What I do know is that both Chelsea and Man City are not weaker going into second half of season and Liverpool are not so far behind us that we cannot be overtaken should we have a poor run in.

    My problem with Wenger is that he is never anticipating problems. He is always reacting to them and far too often too late.

  54. goona

    emiratestroller……I think your post sums things up nicelly, oh and you forgot to add we have to endure another three years of this!!…

    if a player is worth x amount and we want him then just fucking pay it. wenger acts as if we are operating on a shoestring budget, in reality we can pay for anyone. puma have just given us 150m ffs!

  55. Bacaryisgod

    I know nothing about KK but it’s a loan deal so even if he’s a problem, he’s gone in the summer.

    To me, there are two key issues:

    1) Would Draxler help us overcome City in the league and Bayern in Europe.
    2) Is 37 million a fair price for him?

    With a clear head, the answers have to be no and no.

  56. Invincibles

    Year after year Wenger fucks the fans over while laughingly cashing his wage check….AND STILL THE MUGS BACK HIM. I cannot b3lieve people are coming on here and saying he will spend big in the summer. Are you lot mental? Is Wenger fucking you or something? He has turned our club into a laughing stock and still you swallow his jizz…. you bloody mentalists. Has it not clicked that OZIL was not even that CUNTS wengers purchase. My son wanted the new puma kit when it comes out, but their is no way I’m making those theives any richer.

  57. Gustav Graves

    Exactly…but it seems that just like in the summer with Suarez…The higher ups get fixated on one player instead of trying to move for other options.

    I feel if we spent half as much energy as we did on Draxler on someone like Matuidi or even Cabeye then more than likely we would have strengthened the midfield for sure.

    I am glad that Wenger got rid of the dead weight (Frimpong) but I feel we need stiff competition in those areas(again Cabeye, Nigel De Jong, W. Carvalho, etc). We need a squad of good to great quality players. Guys who can switch between the 1st and 2nd team seanlessly.

  58. Invincibles

    On match day get behind the players as its not their fault. But at half time and full time the fans should so their disgust by chanting wenger and the board out. We’ve been lucky this season thus far. Open your eyes because this club doesn’t give a fuck for any of us.

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger has conceded the league. He has realized whatever he does with adding to the striking options, his tactless leadership can never win Arsenal the league. So, he opts to lie low.

    WTF!!! When will Arsenal get over this curse by the name of Wenger? I am gutted.

  60. peanuts&monkeys

    I wonder what kind of losers we have in the name of fans. Not even a grumble will be heard around Emirates. All sissy, spineless lackeys of Arsenal Club. Arsenal fans who go to the stadium are the richest for sure. And, they are also kinda London elite who would not even wave a flag, let alone show up a banner which can record a protest. Hopeless! Sick!

  61. Evan

    Complete liability, hypocrite and a liar. Embarrassment to the club and the money men allow it. By Arsenes own belief “Jan window should be closed” he still uses it.

  62. Evan

    Kalou is a quiet nice guy that wouldnt challenge lord Wenger and his cult. I want Arsene to start playing his next projects, if he wants people to believe Sanago is the next hype and he knows best, then play the kid

  63. Leedsgunner

    Emiratesstroller @0614

    That was a great post, reflects my feelings too.

    1. Its Wenger’s constant “double speak” that I can’t stand. On one hand he says he’ll buy “super super quality” but by all accounts he lost his bottle when it came to put up his money, he lost his bottle with Draxler. (Whether he’s worth £37m is an another debate… But it seems like we didn’t have a Plan B hence the mad scramble for loans?!?!!!)

    2. He says “He’ll only buy if the player is better” but then he does this?

    He sounds by all accounts an Arteta clone. How is he better? If we’re buying a Ramsey substitute we needed someone with pace and drive because with Ramsey and Walcott being out that’s what we lost.

    The only saving grace in this sad mess is that Kallstrom is a loan.

    If Kallstrom was “planned” there was No reason why we couldn’t get him at the beginning. He was a panic buy pure and simple to cover Wenger’s sorry arse over Ramsey mismanaged rehab…

    We should have gone for Matuidi and Fernando at least… at least we would have a replacement for Arteta and Flamini (as they are not getting younger). It would have at least protected our back four and make us harder to score against especially in the games facing us. It’s no coincidence that Soton scored 2 against us with Arteta and Flamini on the field. Our two DMs gave them too much space. Why? They lacked pace (esp Arteta).

    How many transfer sagas do we need before we learn? Why do we dither on quality but seem to conclude on deadwood so quickly?

    We’re no stronger at the end of this window than we were at the beginning, for that Wenger should be accountable but instead he’s rewarded.

  64. TOLI83

    I mean – kalou? He’s worse than gervinho . We’ve learnt Wenger hasn’t changed one single bit.

    Ozil was clearly a board signing.

  65. Jeff

    Of course we won’t yet see the full horror of what the impotence in this window means for us this season. That will come later. You will see him traipsing up and down the technical area like a hungry dog, face in hands, barking at everything and everyone. You will see him howling at the fourth official. You will see him stuttering and spattering in front of the microphone blaming our loss on handbrakes, mental strength and referees.

    That’s one of the most annoying things in life when someone makes a mistake, you point it out and they make it again and again and again and again. There is no rhyme or reason that can explain it try as people here and elsewhere may.

  66. Leedsgunner

    At least Man City didn’t get their targets either. I really thought they would. If they signed Mangala and Fernando they really would be unstoppable in depth and quality.

    Wenger says he trusts his players but that itself is an untruth. If he trusted his players they deserved to have decent players join the squad to make that final push for a trophy. As it stands the message that is sent out to the squad is… “Here you go b^%^*es fend for yourselves!”

    No doubt IF we win versus Palace and Chelsea and Man City draw the mindless masses will be back singing their praises… “We are on top.” Let see where we are in May.

    Time to buckle up lads. It’s going to be a white knuckle ride. Let’s show the boys that the fans support them despite their manager.

  67. Invincibles

    I will always support the players as they give 100% everytime they step out onto the pitch. Shame the board and le cunt don’t give 100% to the players or the fans. I gave up going to the games 4 years ago in protest to the way the club was heading. This morning I’m cancelling my sky sports subscription and will no longer purchase any merchandise for my son either. I will always be 100% a gooner but will no longer part with my hard earned cash just to have piss taken out of me.

  68. Leedsgunner

    Invincibles @0856

    I share your pain. Gutted… and we’re the “haters.”

    Spend the money you save on doing nice for your kids at least THEY deserve it. 😉

    Have a great day GOONER!!


  69. Invincibles

    You too mate. Your one of a few on here who can see through the crap, along with a few others of course. Thats why I like your posts.


  70. jasongms

    “I know nothing about KK but it’s a loan deal so even if he’s a problem, he’s gone in the summer.To me, there are two key issues: 1) Would Draxler help us overcome City in the league and Bayern in Europe.
    2) Is 37 million a fair price for him?With a clear head, the answers have to be no and no.”

    Would Draxler help consolidate the team , give the team options going forward ( not only this year ,but for years to come )and given the club/fans a huge boast .

    Would the signing of Draxler send out a message to the rest of Europe , that we mean business

    Fuck yes …

  71. Doublegooner

    peanuts&monkeys – 7.52

    Where were you last season & the summer when I posted daily calling for a meeting.

    Do you go to the ground ? Have you taken a banner in ?

  72. useroz

    Hearing Wenger’s politician-like press and remarks is adding fuel to fire.

    Not only he didn’t buy to strengthen, the ‘trusted his players’, etc BS make a mockery of the situation.

    Is Kim the best a 8m-pound-a-year manager could do..should do…when the resources are clearly trhwre _ unless we hear Ivan says wenger hasn’t got money to spend.

    If wenger still uses his value judgment of yester-year, let’s rid of him. AFC moved to the next phase of its growth – and we thank Wenger for his contributions – or at the very best, pay wenger wages of yester-year.

    Make no mistake, Wenger is not an wconomist as people try and priase him. Big fucking deal if he managed a BEc or something. The world is full of these. If Wenger can’t see the PL ecosystem has totally transformed -better or worse OR he doesn’t like the way it evolves – get out. Don’t bitxh and use your own socialist inspired system to halt AFC’s progress.

    One more thing. If Sanogo is NOT French (besides ‘freek)you thibk Wenger would have got him??

    Wenger may be a fun and decent person but surely a disgrace of ‘football’ manager atm.

  73. Radio Raheem

    Chelsea completed their January transfer business with the £12.5m arrival of Kurt Zouma from St Étienne on Friday, the centre-half returning to the French club on loan for the remainder of the season, to take their spending this month beyond £45m.

    Yet Chelsea have recouped over £55m with the sales of Juan Mata and Kevin de Bruyne and, despite announcing losses of £49.4m in the figures released on New Year’s Eve, are confident they will satisfy all FFP rules.

    Indeed, they had made a small profit the previous financial year. City, in contrast, have recorded losses of £150m in that time, the period submitted for FFP, with millions written off against the FFP regulations because they concerned investment in facilities and youth development. The league leaders have an annual wage bill of £233m but have exploited a loophole – as, indeed, have Chelsea – to avoid taking salaries into account on contracts signed before 2010.

    The Europa League holders will buy a forward this summer, though that investment will apparently be made while still falling within FFP rules. “Some clubs are feeling financial fair play as ‘fair’ financial fair play and others are feeling FFP as a ‘dodgy’ financial fair play,” said Mourinho.

    “But, independent of that and independent of what other clubs do, next season, from day one of pre-season, I will say Chelsea are candidates to win the Premier League. This season I won’t say that.

    “We know what we want [in the summer]. We don’t want to do things like emergency plans. It’s not our profile now. The players we’re signing now are the right ones for our future: Nemanja Matic, Mohamed Salah, Zouma, a young kid for the future … We don’t sign a striker now as an emergency plan to score half a dozen goals to give us half a dozen extra points, whatever they may mean for us. So we’re waiting for the summer to do the right thing in that area. We just know basically what we want and we know what we want is impossible to get in this transfer window.

    “We did other things this month, not the striker. I’ve said that for a couple of months. Nothing in January [for a forward]. Many people don’t understand why we didn’t do anything but, in the summer, you will understand why we didn’t do anything [with the striker in January].”

  74. gary

    Chesney. Kos. Gibbs gnabry ozil. Ramsey. Theo. Jack. The ox All these Players are going to get better and better .. The futures bright the futures Arsenal…. So to all u miserable negative twats why dont u please try to fuck off and may b support another Team. It will b hard at first but hopefully…. Actually that will b 90% of u so let me just ático to reading the posts .. its been emotional u miserable cunts

  75. Dannyboy

    5 of the next 6 at home boys..

    Need to win all 5 if Wenger is going to justify his disgraceful actions in the JTW.

  76. SUGA3


    even Koscielny who was a fucking nobody when he came to us will just fuck off the very moment he figures he has outgrown us and can earn more money somewhere else and same goes for every player who is actually any good and has a bit of ambition…

    Wenger is a fucking nearly man and that is exactly why we have been the ‘nearly team’ since Dein left, simple as that…

  77. Invincibles

    Oh look chief AKB cunt gary is on after his usual breakfast of kellogs wenger jizz. Listen if you like mediocrity and losers, why don’t you fuck off and support the orient. As for those players you mentioned, how long do you think they will stay if Arsenal and wenger are not genuinely interested in challenging for honours? 2 years,3 perhaps? Or do you think the room they’ve built to hold their winners medals, were actually built to put end of season bank balance statements in?

  78. Emiratesstroller

    There are two final points, which need to be said.

    1. Arsenal have despite the acquisition of Ozil SPENT LESS in this current financial year than in previous 2 periods where we spent £50 million +. Last season we bought Giroud,Podolski,Cazorla and Monreal.

    2. We all know that we are short up front particularly now that Walcott is out for season, but we are potentially short at back as well. If any of our established centre backs gets injured we are down to using Sagna in position with
    the consequential weakening of right full back position as well.

    Before the transfer window opened I suggested that the priority for Arsenal should be to focus on other positions of weakness in our squad rather than striker, because we are not short of goals at moment, but we are short of bodies in defence and also we could have gone out and found a top quality defensive midfielder or box to box player. Flamini is at best a squad player and Arteta is in my view in decline.

  79. Hunter

    I have restrained myself from commenting until this morning,until the dust has settled and until I can control my anger and absolute disgust.
    This season we have put ourselves in a position to challenge,after 8 years of total nothing and that included the CL we have a remote chance to pick up silver wear.So what happens?I will tell you what happens,that complete buffoon called Arsene Wenger has once again blown it!Dont give me all this bullshit that no-one was available,most of the other clubs moved their arses!It was only the injuries to Wallnut,Ramsey and Jack that has panicked him,so he goes one better and loans a has been aged 31 to cover those guys!.Its laughable,so we can safely say that he had NO plan whatsoever for a front man but his midfield were obviously his main priority.So when all our guys are fit again,say end March we still would have been short upfront come the run in!Wallnut &Ramsey added goals so who is gonna put the ball in the net now?It won’t be Podolski as Wenger doesn’t like him and don’t make me laugh with Giroud,Bentner or Nogo!.Then we hear he tried to sign bloody Kalou and another veteran in Klose,what does he take us for?I have supported AFC for 40 years both man and boy but I have finally come to the conclusion there is no alternative but to get RID of Wenger ,he is going to destroy our club,don’t say he cares because he clearly doesn’t.Its all about HIM,he doesn’t give a rats arse about the fans,what pleases us,or his team!.What must Ozil think?you can bet your bottom dollar if we end up with nothing at the end of the season ,Ozil will be the first at the door asking for a transfer,Jesus I mean he must have been told that we would spend big and bring WC players through the door,surely?We have the money so it makes me think that the whole football world have a hate relationship with that smug faced Frenchman because clearly it’s shown that they don’t want to deal with us,hence Liverpool with Suarez and Shalke with Draxler.Wenger is a thorn in our side and it simply has to stop!God help us against Palace cos I can see another major slip up here!

  80. useroz

    Wow….some people real ly suck at Wenger. Be my guest if these Arsene fans and supporters like to keep at it.

    Their collective operative word is ‘FUTURE’. Always the future.

    Why doesn’t your cult leader take araincheck and only get paid in FUTURE, if it arrIves.

    The club can afford and in a position to do it NOW, not the fucking futures. Bunch of brain washed idiots. Many of us could understand if you don’t know how to read and interpret financial statements.

  81. andy1886

    So Maureen is basically saying that they are signing Costa in the summer.

    Never mind,Arsene can have another try for Kalou.

    Arsene: “We’ll send our transfer negotiator”

    Lille: “Dick”

    Arsene: ” Yes, do you know him?”

    Lille: “No, I’m calling you a dick”

  82. Invincibles

    The thing is their is not one doomer who doesn’t agree that 37 million is ridiculous on any player and I include messi in that. But thats football, thats the price and nothing we do will change that. If wengers not willing to move into the 21st century then fuck him, find someone who will. Ffp is bollocks and they all know it. The lawyer who represented Bosman, surely knows the workings around football and the law. Now if a guy like him says their is no way to implement FFP as it will leave uefa open to be taken to court over it….then surely he’d know. Stop believing the lies wenger and the board come up with for explaining away THEIR mediocrity.

  83. Doublegooner

    Doesn’t anyone think it’s embarrassing that a club of our supposed stature has to sign a journeyman 31 player on loan ?

    He’ll end up spending the next 3 months in the Whittington with Diaby

  84. goonerbone

    Arrange knew KK was injured before signing. This is so ducking crazy! ffs, get is a sports director. Do your job stan/Ivan!

  85. Christianpt

    Hey gooners. We’re a few gooners in Melbourne from Denmark. Does any grovers know where u can catch the game in Melbourne?