Julian Draxler talks on | Striker, right back and a box to box power house being looked at

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Well, things are hotting up or they’re not.

Hello Shearer!

What I mean by this is that the hot rumour in the UK press is that Dick Law is in Germany hunting down Draxlar. My word is that Arsene is still unsure on the fee, so has been back and forth on it. If he wants him, we’ll work our damnedest to get him by the time the window closes tomorrow. I mean, it’s nice that we have more than 12 hours to negotiate a deal for once. We are 100% interested, purchase depends on which Arsene wakes up this morning or tomorrow.

… please be the retail therapy Arsene.

The list for the summer looks like a right back, an explosive box to box midfielder (like Pogba or an out of contract Blaise Matuidi) and someone who can take the burden off of Giroud. We might nail off some of that list this week, we could grab two if we’re lucky because Schalke are in financial trouble and might sell us their right back as well. There is also big chat around Vucinic moving to us on loan. So we could end the window with a Theo stop gap as well as a Giroud swapout. That’d be good business in my eyes. We need to seriously think about these additions. The squad isn’t strong enough to win the league because the manager isn’t confident enough to rotate.

Case in point, Coventry are spanked easily at home yet Ozil, Jack, Koscielny, Jack and Per stay on the pitch for the full 90. Is that smart management? No. Those decisions will come back to haunt us as the season pans out. Why? Because they’ll keep happening. On the one hand, I love that the manager cares about winning the same way the fans do… on the other, it disappoints me because he’s not listening to his numbers people because there is no way they’re egging him on to these selection ideas.

I’d love to see the stats as to how often it goes wrong for us around this time of the year… it’s no conincidence.

Still, good news is that we’ll have Rosicky and Jack back very shortly. We need that energy. Something that could have helped us bury Southampton. They came at us at 100mph in the first half and exhausted themselves by the second as visioned by the lack of pressing. A bit of tactical manipulation in the second half and an injection of energy could have seen us snatch the game. I’m not a massive fan of Lukas, but the manager called him the best finisher he’d ever seen… Surely bringing him on when Giroud is offering up nothing and moving Cazorla into the middle could have driven more of a threat?

Anyway, what’s done is done. Chelsea drew to a Sam Allardyce traditional performance of nullification. It was hilarious to see the Chosen Brat complain about anti football after the match. The master of joy killing, moaning at big Sam about the lack of great football on show. A superb point for them and for us.

Spurs took an absolute spanking at City. I mean, 5 looked like a let off. Tim Sherwood, a manager Spurs fans genuinely believe is a more suitable candidate than AVB, really showed himself up tactically with is shambolic team selection. Manchester City? Nothing short of sublime (and apparently, even they are adding to their squad!). They are electric this season. The pace setters now and the league leaders. I’m glad they won, building out a gap between us and them really is of key importance. We want to see the gap between 3rd and 4th widen so we don’t get drawn into a top four dog fight. That really wouldn’t be good for morale.

Still, we’re right in the mix. A lot of our season will be shaped over the next month. We play big teams in short succession who are playing for high stakes. We simply have to take three points from a newly invigorated Crystal Palace. They have a work ethic, they have a system (it’s a system regardless of how hideous it looks) and they have survival to play for. It’ll be a tough game as well, doubts will have crept in after the Southampton game earlier in the week.

City and Chelsea play at the weekend, so there’s every chance we could see ourselves return to the top of the league. A tantalising prospect you have to say.

Until then, get your F5 finger at the ready… it’s going to be an exciting close to the transfer window!

P.S. Amusing article on the back pass… another classic example of why the game is so much faster these days. Shame about the Dixon one…

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    N5. I replied to the post you made countering mine. So you said I was wrong in one line and the next line you are buttressing my point that we should never have been after Draxler alone. Never knew a man could be so two-faced.

  2. Guns of brixton

    LOL N5!

    but if kallstrom came i would go crazy, same if gourcuff or kalou dare to turn up at the emirates.
    toni kroos however. . . .

  3. wenker-wanger

    “we have diaby returning”…..i dont want to undermine the young players by signing big name players”….”im only intereatrd in top quality”……Its so difficult to feel any optimism with this CNUT in charge…..the worst thing in football is being static. By that i mean coming 3rd or 4th every season and winning nothing.
    Psychoiogically it would be better to support say leicester or wigan. If you have the passion for football, you surely prefer the ups and the downs and not the same mediocre emotions. But hey there are a lot of fans that would take the monotonous 4th every year as some quasi-big club prestige to boast about to their mates. I for one dont get any joy from that monotony and have a great distaste for the manager.Same old arsene wengers arsenal…STUCK IN THE WENGER RUT.

  4. Quagmire

    Why are arsenal fans always concerned about the money paid? We have become ACCOUNTS FC. It’s not our money. It’s Stans. The guy bought land. We are just his cash cows to milk. I don’t care whether we get draxler for 50 or 100.Open your eyes people.

  5. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Agree Quagmire

    Only at Arsenal you hear guys talking about fucking accounts

    The point alot of you people are missing is that a signing lifts the fans andl the players.

    Just our luck We are one injury away from Bendtner what a joke of a club we are.

  6. jasongms

    “:why are arsenal fans always concerned about the money paid? We have become ACCOUNTS FC. It’s not our money. It’s Stans. The guy bought land. We are just his cash cows to milk. I don’t care whether we get draxler for 50 or 100.Open your eyes people.”

    that is so fucking true , yet all the AKB’s will swear blind it’s for the good of the club and we are morally right …

    imagine Kallstrom running out to play against man city …. what a fucking nightmare