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Action packed news day today.

Nike is dead, long live Puma King!

No? I thought that was humour right there…

So the Americans leave us after 20 pretty fruitful years. They were probably the first step in Arsenal becoming a global brand. I remember seeing the new strips on the back of the newspaper 20 years ago. Hooped socks, little lightening flashes embossed down the shirt. Double smart. We were the only team in the league to boast the swoosh of the American sports designer. It raised our game big time. We had Bergkamp, then followed Wenger, then followed the magic years.

They had some pretty memorable kits as well. The gold shirt we won the league at Old Trafford, the blue lightening strike number… the best shirt ever which was the O2 red one. What a great design that was! The designs did tire towards the end though. Such a shame. So we have an exiting partner, but one we can be proud of.

Incoming is an ailing sports brand (Gucci offsetting their poor performance). They’ve struggled to make an impact over the past few years. Arsenal are the prized asset in their portfolio, they’ve paid good money for a team that has done precisely bugger all in 9 years. They’ve bought into potential. If the deal works out well for us, it means we’ll have stagnated as a team. If it works out well for them, it’ll mean they just backed a winner when the odds were pretty weak. Then we’ll all be saying ‘WE WERE MUGGED’… but as I’ve said before, we have no right to have a massive deal. Shirts are sold based off the back of on the pitch success, not an incredible balance sheet.

For them, they’re buying into a club that plays beautiful football loaded with future England stars as well as a club that could attain hipster status in Europe’s biggest economy, Germany. We could push their brand to new levels if we fulfill, or we could be an ugly blight on their already ugly looking balance sheet.

One thing they haven’t factored in is the tubby nature of UK football fans. Man, we love to drink, we love a gut. This skin tight nonsense really is going to put a few fans out of place. I’m blessed that the beer guy gene, so far, has yet to hit me. I’ll be fine, some of the guys that sit around me, well, let’s just say protein shakes will be the half time beverage for they next few months. Not exactly a lot of athleticism going on at the Emirates!

Not that I wear football shirts, I’m not 15 years old… I know that always offends people… but come on, wear a retro shirt or something!

Anyway, Puma are an exciting brand, they’ve less mainstream cool about them, but their sports design looks great and they really aren’t afraid to get creative. A massive win and a deal that let’s us fight with any club for the best players.

Well played Arsene Wenger, great deal brokering.

What? Don’t tell me it wasn’t Arsene’s choice…


Jose has been slagging off our fixture list stating that we get more help than his side do. I read this, and ignored it because I thought it was nonsense. Wenger has fired back with a comment I’m not sure he fully understands.

“You will see Arsenal are behind all the other teams. In the last five years all the objective studies that have been made show Arsenal had less rest than any other team in the top four.

“That is fact. It has nothing to do with my opinion. It is an independent company that made [the study] that shows Arsenal had less rest than any other team in the top level.”

Kind of feel that’s a little bit of a blag… but I don’t think he’s a million miles off. We have had a nightmare schedule this year, mainly because of how our games have been ordered. We’ve played United and City at the back end of long game cycles and we’ve had nasty draws in the Champions League.

Also, it’s worth noting, that regardless of rest, we have less players we can use. That’s not Jose’s fault, but I’m pretty sure if you did a study into players used and minutes played, we’d have more over exerted players from a smaller pool of talent. In fact, I guarantee it, where are the stat geeks to prove my gut feel right?

Liverpool Draw…

This is a really depressing draw because it means we’ll have to play Bayern, Liverpool x2 and United in 11 days. What a disaster. No chance to rest really. It’s a horror show. You can’t take Liverpool in the FA Cup lightly because if you lose, you hand them the momentum in the league. It’s bad news. Still, if we beat them, chances are, Arsene will go for the jugular in that competition. We’d have beaten Spurs and a title contender. So at least that raises the prospect of a trophy.

However, we know how much Arsene wants to win the Champions League. To beat Bayern, you must be fresh. Their fixture build up to Arsenal is easy. Nurnberg ( League position: 17th), Hamburg (16th) and Freiburg (15th). Their last game is on the 15th Feb, so we have to pray the FA give us a Saturday game so we can prepare properly. Even then, after a catalogue of 3 intensive games, it’ll still be tough. Bayern can rest their whole first team from the 2nd of Feb as they’re playing 4 of the bottom 5.


Liverpool Tickets…

In other news, Liverpool fans have written to their clubs about the £93 FA Cup tickets… they’ve grassed on us, the slags…

Just kidding. £63-93 is an absolute liberty. I don’t care much for Liverpool or their fans, however, the average wage up there is not what it is down here. £63-93 is a massive layout wherever you live. Clubs really shouldn’t allow a situation where away fans get hammered with premium away priced. I pondered why away fans should be subsidised a few months ago… it could seem unfair to home support… but let’s face it, away fans are hardcore, they live football harder than anyone and they get the ground rocking.

‘Are you saying away fans are more hardcore than home fans’… yeah, I am. Sorry if that statement makes you wet your pants.

Clubs should either all group together and come to a deal on lower prices or they should subsidise their fans according to game. The cost of subsidising 3000 tickets by £35 is £105,000, for big clubs, surely they can bake this into their costs? How much did TV deal money go up  by? How much have commercial revenues climbed? Give the fans a helping hand… share the wealth.

It’s the right thing to do…

Sad Internetz…

Anyway, on a final sad note, probably the most depressing attempt at denigrating my site occurred last night when someone dug out a tweet from two years ago that mocked a warning I posted about one of my close female pals suffering an attempted sexual assault at Finsbury Park station. That’s the depths people will go to. Was there any ‘outrage’? No, despite it being retweeted by someone with 6,000 followers. 2 weeks previously, the whole of twitter went nuts because a I had an incident with an overseas fan. Yesterday, nothing. Kind of tells you that anything is acceptable when it comes to Le Grove. Disappointing, because the trolls really are ruining an amazing medium for not just me, but everyone who has an opinion one way or the other.

Still, it’s worth noting, nothing will ever stop me writing what I think. I’ll never tone it down. I’ll never pander to keyboard warriors. It’s just a shame that writing a blog for free going on 7 years about Arsenal can lead to such vitriolic abuse. I’m game for a laugh, I’m happy to debate with anyone, I don’t always think I’m right, I’ve never got into anything more than a passionate debate offline… yet somehow, we’ve got into this sorry situation online where vitriolic abuse is congratulated.

There we go, football blogging is what it is. I’ll just block and ignore going forward. Which is a real shame.

I’m just lucky that despite the idiots, I have an amazing global community of great people who post on the site daily, chat on and offline and make it all worth it.

Have a great day people, and thanks to everyone who does make this a great experience.

P.S. The kit picture is courtesy of @Dazzadub, give him a follow.

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  1. Arsene's Nurse

    Danish Gooner January 28, 2014 22:27:37

    Why do all our players get seriously injured during a season ??? And Chavski and Citeh never suffer the same faith.
    Over-trained and not given enough recovery time. Played when in the red-zone. I am not surprised that Ramsey has suffered a set back.

  2. GunnerDNA

    AW and his fans fighting against reality. I still can’t believe why so many grown people allow AW to brain wash them, i can’t believe people living in a big city like London fall for AW mediocrity.


    I love Arteta and Flamini and want either if them in our team sitting in front of our back 4 – cos our back 4 are shit when unprotected!
    They should never, ever play together!

    I love Cazorla and Ozil and want either of them in our team sitting behind a decent striker.
    They should never, ever play together!

    All 4 in the same team is a ridiculous sacrifice of pace/energy and I would prefer lesser players with pace/energy/directness to benefit the TEAM.

    Ox should’ve been capable of central midfield against Soton.
    Pod should’ve been capable of left midfield against Soton.

    We have all these midfielders of varying quality all supposed to ply tippy tappy and wall passes off Giroud and most incapable of actually beating a defender by dribbling or with pace.
    Or is dribbling and directness frowned upon?
    They’re so used to 5 yard passes they can barely risk 10 yard passes, or longer, without giving the ball away.
    Cazorla and Ozil – 2 amazing “assisters” with no-one capable of making a decent run to feed off them.
    I think Arsene spent £40+million on Ozil because of his vision – the Marty Feldman looking fucker has a field of vision of about 300 degrees and in the absence of anyone trying to make a run in front of him this is a fantastic ability!

    I don’t even remember any crosses for Giroud tonight!

  4. WengerEagle

    With Walcott and Ramsey, 2 of our main goal threats this season out surely Wenger will relent and buy someone by Friday? We don’t have the goals or the pace in the squad to compensate these losses internally

  5. Radio Raheem

    Over-trained and not given enough recovery time. Played when in the red-zone. I am not surprised that Ramsey has suffered a set back.

    Personally, I think it’s Wenger he keeps fucking them. Simple.
    Shriveled Gaelic cock up young men’s shitters ain’t good for their long term fitness he should know that eh tututut

  6. WengerEagle


    I actually agree with a lot of the points you are making and that we haven’t got enough goals in us to win the title unless we buy in this window but you tend to exaggerate our problems. If we added a Draxler/Striker and a body for CB before the window shut we would have a good shot at going for the title IMO

  7. Musketeer

    HumAnimal January 28, 2014 22:45:47
    True Musketeer I worry about arteta and wilshere in the middle, i can see alot of balls going astray,

    Arteta and Flam are the only ones disciplined (rocky aside) to play DM as they will at least stay their positions.

    One of them and Ramsey will be the balance you use to win games, both if them shold be to close games yet it hasn’t work coz both are lacking something neither are Petit and Vieira.

    It was said that Flam has come back a better player from Italy, yet he has aged 3 years, maybe another 3 by the end of this season.

    Ox should be kept away from the DM or along side role, too much of a liability defensively, will switch off at times,get robbed at other just won’t be there, playing him with jack there could only be done against lower league oppo.

    Ox is tricky, playing him down the wing will minimize damage yet, from this season on and say eight years ago we need peemanent solutions, no more SQAURE peg ROUND hole.

    Where is OX position at Arsenal it ain’t along side a DM, I have seen Vieira, Fabresgas play there, off the striker? Dennis – no sorry, winger? I am certain we can buy 10 times better over within 20M.

    We seem to have problems and not solutions right now. The Iron must be struck because Per and Kos may only replicate this for another 2 seasons and we know what Wenger is like at building defences.

    Wake me up in 2040.

  8. Revving Kevin

    What’s wrong with some if you guys. Won our last 8 games and drawn away to a good Southampton team.

    The very same team that drew one all with MAN CITY. Yes Man City dropped two points at St. Mary’s and look at the strikers they have!

    So what’s the problem? It’s as if some of you are expecting us to win every game. This hysterical over reaction from some of you guys is really ridiculous but not unexpected.

    We maintain our unbeaten run and go onto the Palace game on Sunday. Hopefully we will have Rambo back we miss his energy.?

  9. tunnygriffboy

    Everton got worse injuries than us.

    Ozil must be gutted he not able to play with Walcott and now Rambo. I’m becoming worried. We lacked directness in midfield. If we had a full squad then I’d be ok but no Rambo, Rosicky and Wilshere leaves us with problems. Will anyof them be fit for saturday?

  10. WengerEagle


    Agree because the manner of our performance from the first whistle was negative. Like against United at OT in November. Even getting destroyed 6-3 by City at the Etihad didn’t feel as bad as we were simply outclassed that day. IMO only Koscielny, Mert, and Ozil deserve to come out of tonight with praise. Was most disturbed by the fact that that none of our players seemed to give a shit we were throwing away 2 precious points

  11. Revving Kevin

    Dear Sal
    Yes mate, Everton looked dreadful tonight didn’t they. We were very poor first half, classy goal from Giroud and I thought Santi had win it for us. That Lallana is a quality player and Shaw gets better.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    I agree with you to some extent. We were due to drop points at somepoint. Flamini stuffed us, no need for that tackle, could have cost us 3pts

    Do you not worry about our lack of pace and injuries. If we are in touch at the end of March we still in with a shout. We were not going to stay top all season.


    WengerEagleJanuary 28, 2014 22:55:17
    Jesus it’s extremely tight at the bottom of the table, just 1 point separates 17th and 20th place


    and who among us doesn’t like a tight bottom!

  14. Musketeer

    When ‘Super Classy Rose Royce At My Own Pace’ Ozil has to go into berserker BANE mode you know we’re in trouble, LOL.

  15. Revving Kevin

    I think we should give Southampton some credit. Played excellent football at times and they are a very good side. Plenty of talented players and they keep playing football done if this hopeful long ball stuff. Hope they have a great season they deserve it.

  16. Musketeer

    January 28, 2014 23:22:00
    Shit performance from all apart from Ozil

    Kos was class.
    SzCz saved us a lot.

    On that note, tomorrow lads, keep it real.

  17. GunnerDNA

    “What’s wrong with some if you guys. Won our last 8 games and drawn away to a good Southampton team”.

    The team last performance is all that counts, you are one of the AW fans who are mentally enslaved in his delusion.

  18. Revving Kevin

    Dear gunners a
    “You are one if the AW fans who are mentally enslaved in his delusion”

    No mate, I have a different opinion to you, that’s all. My lifetime if football support makes me realistic. Yes it wasn’t a great first half but we still took a point fro. A good side away from home.

    If that makes me mentally enslaved, then there are a lot if us out there!

  19. tunnygriffboy


    Was just going to post same thing re Rambo. Wenger said setback and he won’t be available for Saturday. Can’t see anywhere where he said he out for 6 weeks. They don’t quote that.

    He did say we ‘hope to have news bfore friday ‘ re transfers

  20. Gunnershabz

    Well let’s just get Freddy guarin and Mirko vucinic I be kinda happy with both if wenger wants decent players so he doesn’t kill our other players

  21. Revving Kevin

    Dear Salvage
    Yes Chelsea did roll southampton over. So what? Every team has blips. City like us, drew there. That’s how football works, there are no guarantees and the PL is tough for that reason. If we start believing we only have to turn up to win, we are going to be in trouble. And setting yourself up for a fall. A draw at Southampton is not a great result but it’s a good one. It isnt worthy of slitting our wrists.

  22. Revving Kevin

    Dear tunny
    The media are such a bunch of agenda driven liars, you never know what to believe. It’s like the boy that cried wolf. Players often have set backs when returning to training. Let’s hope it’s nothing because we miss his drive. Rambo, Rosicky and jack give us that positivity and drive missing tonight. I don’t like the Arteta and Flamini partnership, that’s why we need those three fit.

  23. GunnerDNA


    Whats there to gain by defending such a awful performance from a team who haven’t won anything for 8 yrs? Southampton is a average small market team, arsenal should be beating teams with some average young english kids.

  24. TheBayingMob

    Just got back from St Mart’s and actually, I think Southampton do deserve credit, they were excellent tonight. Gnarby never got in the game, once we went 1-2 up disappointed we let them back in so quick; Arteta and Flamini were too slow, I think they’re just too defensive as a pairing, looks like Arsese was scared of losing tonight, I think he’s become terrified of winning ergo no signings this window. That waterfall in Feb/Mar is approaching, I think we’ll struggle. 3 pts required tonight and we were lucky to get one in all honesty but don’t talk Southampton down, they were really very good tonight.

  25. GunnerDNA

    Southampton was good because Arsenal was awful, Southampton is a average small market team. Would Bayern draw with that Southampton team?

  26. TheBayingMob

    It was a shit first half, don’t get me wrong, not that I thought we were going to win the league but if we have any notion of doing so 3 pts was a must tonight, but I don’t see what Bayern have got to do with it, they’re on a different level to us no matter what Arsene or AFC say … but Southampton have been playing really well all season, they have key players out but worked excellently as a team.

  27. MarbleHall

    Southampton have collected 10 points out of a possible 36 points in their last 12 Premier league games.

    They have lost 3 times in their last 6 home Premier league games picking up a total of 5 points from a possible 18 points.

  28. Bamford13

    We haven’t played well in more than a month, and tonight was possibly the worst performance of the season. Southampton is a good side, but we looked poor all the same. Cazorla, Arteta and Flamini were all poor, and Mert, Sagna, and Monreal weren’t a lot better. Southampton looked like ten times the passing team. We lacked chemistry, fluidity. It was really ugly.

    Given injuries, present form, and likelihood that Wenger signs no one of note, there is simply no way this side is going to win anything this season. Nor play decent football. Not until late March at least.

    Very frustrating, because it didn’t/doesn’t have to be this way. Had Wenger signed either a quality CF or DM (15-20 each) in the summer — rather than Sanogo and Flamini — we could be a genuine contender. As is, only the deluded believe that.

  29. salparadisenyc

    Id agree with TBM, Southhampton put on a good performance. They saw our weakness and attacked our leggy midfield pairing. Wenger got it wrong tonight IMO. I don’t know the fitness of Rosicky or Wilshire, assuming both not fit for service with Arteta and Flamini paring up? If thats the case put Ox in the b to b role with two footed Flamster holding, bet the tackle not necessary if that the case.

    Surely Podolski needs some time, he’s an exploding bottle and we needed that in the first 45. In the end we lack pace on the flanks and thats a much easier defense to setup against if the threat is nullified by default.

    Southhampton deserve credit they looked quality at times.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    The only solace I’m taking is when asked about transfer after the game Wenger said ‘we hope to have something to tell you.’

    He said similar before Ozil after the Spurs game.

    Now, that could mean we sign a milkman this time Ligue 2, or Gourcuff or some other let down.

    At this point all you can do is hope.

    But that was dire, and it’s been brewing for weeks now, our last good game was Spurs in the FA Cup, before that I don’t know…Villa we were dire, Fulham we were poor, Newcastle poor, Coventry poor.

    Came up against a side that was determined and played well tonight. and so our poor performance wasn’t able to slide under the cover of three points.

    Needs to be sorted, no good Wenger blaming injuries, the squad should be able to cope. It’s woefully inadequate.

    I don’t think a lot of the Wengerites realize just how easily it’ll be for us to slip into the mire of 4th/5th/6th and end up battling for 4th again. Come the middle of March, that is precisely where we could be.

    Think about that run of games, and our squad, that performance tonight…still confident? Thought not.

  31. Marko

    Who’s your money on before Fri? Draxler? What midfielders are knocking about? Could we go back in for Lars? Gundogen still hasn’t signed a new deal is he up for a move? How about Gonalons who nearly joined Napoli this month? Just a shame it takes an injury or 2 for the manager to get his fucking finger out.

  32. Dissenter

    Cannot even imagine that Wenger won’t buy a midfielder by Friday. If we don’t buy a CF and defensive adept MF, he will be close to grossly dodging his duty.

  33. Dissenter

    You’re right about falling into the 4th place scrap. It’s going to be bloody difficult getting that 4th spot trophy this year.
    United will make a run out of desperation and Liverpool looked excellent tonight.

  34. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Got to say that this was by far the worst performance from Arteta in an Arsenal shirt. If this is what the future looks like from this oft injured and now too slow CM, then its time to look elsewhere.

    Then again, if someone had added depth in both transfer windows, like any good manager would, then key players would not be out injured because they were pushed so far beyond the red zone that injuries are guaranteed.

    For all the good that Wenger has done this season coaching the squad, he’s done an equally abysmal job at managing his resources. Then again, it wouldn’t be Wenger if it were not this way, his way.

    Bad things don’t happen to you, Arsene. Bad things happen for you, because you make it so.

  35. Moray

    If Wenger really has signed his new three year contract, then I fear for a top three finish this year. We will be back to the dark days ofsquad size brinksmanship, forcing injuries through overplaying, overplaying favoured yet underperforming players, and a patchwork squad forcing bargain players into the wrong sized holes. I guess we really will now see if he has changed, or whether it is back to the dark trophyless decade.

  36. Moray

    “They saw our weakness and attacked our leggy midfield pairing.”

    @Sal, you could see this weakness form the moon! How often does Wenger come up short tactically when he meets a top manager? At least he outhough Tim Sherwood, I suppose…

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Arteta and Flamini worry me. They just not quick enough and are unable to cover ground in a dynamic way. Arteta is the better footballer of the two but the slower. Worried about SaS, Coutinho and Co running at us, also Hazard, Willian etc. DM vital addition. Flamini should be fined for getting sent off last night. Let the team down not only last night but for subsequent ban. Appears we short of numbers again. Can Arteta play 4 games in 11 days ?

    Pace throughout the side needed but we need it up top. They pressed us hard last night. No Theo as an outlet. They don’t have to worry about us breaking up field. For those who abuse Theo they must see how important he is. Must get someone quick in

    Gnabry is a talent but was struggling last night. He got great potential but shouldn’t be playing every game. Pod5olski must play.

    What is the truth re Ramsey ?

    I never thought we’d win the league but was hoping we’d go close. We CF, Walcott and top CDM, winger short. Also need more cover defensively. Think we may be in for afight Lpool for 3rd. Need injured players back though, especially Rambo

  38. tunnygriffboy

    Cesc Ap

    I agree with you about 3rd 4th position. We’ve done remarkably well to get where we are with Girooud as only striker and lack of pace and top CDM. I can see us dropping to 3rd/4th position over next 6weeks . However we have a good run in. We need to stay in touch. How we miss the pace, goals, assists of Walcott.

    Was that the most undynamic team Wenger has ever put out ?

    Did we lose concentration toallow them to equalise? Criminal.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    We could buy draxler, gundogan and falcon tomorrow and I still wouldn’t trust Wenger to win anything. I’m extremely grateful for our new stadium and the wonderful memories Wenger gave me. But while that man remains at the helm, memories are all we’ll have as we won’t be picking up trophies any time soon. I no longer think he has it and haven’t for a while now. Shame.

  40. Moray

    I think if we had Falcon,we would clean up.

    Actually, I have a lot more confidence now that Bouldy is in the shorts seat. It covers one of Wenger’s large failings.

    Wenger’s complete disregard for defensive work has cost us time and time again. His lack of tactical nous explains his repeated failure against the top managers. A Bould defence and Wenger attack team is quite a tasty prospect. What lets us down still is Wenger’s reluctance to pay asking rates for players and obsession with buying bargains, his inability to see the potential we could reach if we had quality and back-ups in all positions, the fragile loser mentality he seems to generate in the team (March will show if we have escaped that entirely), and the fact we always have shortages in certain positions which cost us dearly when injuries (invariably) hit.

    It is great that we were top of the league at the turn, but most supporters’ fear is about how the team will cope once we start to lose key players to injury, decisions and/or results go against us and we begin to get knocked out of contention for things. I for one would take third at the moment if offered: March could crucify us.

  41. Jeff


    I think that underneath all of it, Wenger abhors the prospect of being labelled a cheque book manager. He looks down on people like Mourinho and Pellegrini because he thinks they take the easy route out – almost as if they are cheating.

    Our only example of splashing out big time is Ozil and I fear getting a player in the same calibre again is going to be extremely difficult for Wenger’s pride and ego. So he will resist – even at the cost of us coming out of this season with nothing.

  42. Bacaryisgod

    Enough people!!!!! Sure we might fade but this season has seen a major jump in progress.

    With the Puma and Emirates deals we are no longer a selling club and can now exert some real pressure on the massive spenders in the league.

    Our record this season is 16 wins 4 draws and 3 defeats. That’s actually pretty damn good. There are 2 exceptional teams we’re up against in the league and 2 others in Man United and Liverpool that are littered with Top 50 in the world players.

    It’s a tough league and even when we play poorly, we’re able to walk away with something. I’m convinced that if we had kept the lead for just 5 minutes then the three points were ours. That was the biggest disappointment for me.

    Let’s just keep some perspective. At the beginning of the season very few people were predicting we would be heading into February in a three-way dogfight. I said a month ago that the Baculator punched out a 3rd place finish for us 3 points behind Chelsea and 6 behind City and only a point clear of Man United.

    Liverpool looked great today but they are the kind of team who’ll get turned over by anyone in the league after a big win.

  43. Moray

    @ Jeff, yes, Wenger wants all the credit for everything. His hubris is the single biggest danger to the club these days.

    @ Bac, I hope you are right, but I will reserve my judgement about our progress until the end of the season. If we can finish top 3 and closer to the leaders, and use that as a base to kick on, then we will be in good shape. However, don’t think for a minute that the Manchesters and Chelski will have such a spluttering start to next season!

  44. The Poldi Prince

    Im sorry but ramseys relapse is not related to red zone. He hasn’t played in a month. This is clearly down to medical/physio staff. The original injury probably was.. but a reinjure is purely related to management.

    Our midfield looks wafer thin.

    I wish it was arteta that got the red. The second goal was 100% his fault for poor tracking. Certainly those two should never start a game together. Was awful.

  45. Thank you and goodnight


    We are no longer a selling club as we’d already sold the family’s silver. We had no one worth selling at the end of last year. Ramsey had been poor as had wilshere, as for Cazorla well if he’d been as good as we’d hoped, barca and real would of nabbed him before we did.

  46. Simon

    Hope we pick up points against the big boys.

    To all those who argued we didn’t need to because we’d beat all the smaller clubs … It sounded unlikely before, it looks daft now.

    Onwards. We need to finish top or not more than 6 off top.

    Hope Wenger is strengthening this window.

  47. tunnygriffboy

    That Flamini tackle has really stuffed us. 4 games in a row including Lpool twice and Man u Arteta will have to play. Is he up to it ?

    Would Podolski have come on for last 20mins had Flamini not been sent off ? He needs to play Saturday.

    How bad are Wilshere and Rambo’s injuries ? AlsoSanti’s ?

    Can anyone answer those questions ?

  48. Simon


    Only thing I heard is Wenger saying that Ramsey ‘felt’ the same muscle as he injured previously so he didn’t risk him. Nothing on the others.

  49. tunnygriffboy

    Lot of sources saying he out 4 to 6 weeks though Wenger didn’t say that post match. Worrying times.

    We lacked any sort of tempo 1st half yesterday. Could it be because we’ve only had 3 games in 3 weeks? It now goes to the other extreme and we appear to be injury ravaged again.

  50. shad


    Think Flamini’s suspension is a blessing in disguise. AW will have to play a quicker midfielder by necessity. Ox, Rosicky heck even Zelalem can play in the boiler room. The Flam-Arteta thing never works. Hopefully Wilshere be back in a few weeks. More pressing is our lack of options upfront given Poldi isn’t trusted.

  51. tunnygriffboy


    Agree that Arteta and Flam should never play together. It should be either or to give our back 4 some protection. Worried about Arteta playing 4 on our own. It exposes our fdefence if we don’t have one of them. For me an upgrade is needed in the summer

    I hope Wilshere back before a few weeks and Poldi needs to play saturday and hopefully before Lpool some players will be back.

  52. Malayan Goon

    ManC – NEW Manager
    ManU – NEW Manager
    Chelsky-NEW Manager
    Spurd- NEW Manager
    Arsenal -New CONTRACT.

    I guess the FA Cup trophy and Top 3 finish is the least we could ask.

  53. Revving Kevin

    Dear shad
    Without jack, Rosicky and Aaron he went for Flamini Arteta. Problem with those too is we play too slow. We need tempo in our team, simple. Hopefully Jack and Rosicky are back for the big games and if gets crossed on Rambo.

  54. Sam


    Its Selection trouble
    Podolski and chamberlain instead of Cazorla and Arteta.
    Arteta just back from injury and the game was too much for him
    Cazorla is vulnerable defensively on the left.

    It backfired, a smart coach would sub arteta immediately after first half.
    the stubborn one will keep him on till 75 minutes.

    He’s even more ridiculous to bring podolski on 88 minutes

  55. shad


    Yeah mate I hear you. thought he’d at least start Ox in the first half then bring Arteta at the usual 70th to keep possession deep. Also didn’t get why we left our wings exposed given how S’ton maximize pace on the flanks. Very laboured performance. Very fortunate to leave with a point.

    Like i said earlier, don’t think we’ll catch Chelsea or City once they overtake us.

  56. Sam

    Its normal that managers get caught with pants down and they have to change quickly.
    It happened to Pellegrini last weekend he changed at half time and got the result.

  57. TheBayingMob

    Podolski on 88mins wasn’t ridiculous; well depends on how you look at it. If you look at it from a perspective from a coach who thought we could actually lose the game if he gambled on pushing forward too early then, no, it wasn’t ridiculous. If you expected Wenger to go for it and go for the win with 10 men left then yeah, Podolski needed to be on early. I thought he had it right (just) considering everyone knew there would be 5/6mins of injury time due to Sagna and one of the Saints players clashing heads!

    Remember, Wenger is under no pressure (outside of a small % of the fanbase) to do anything other than 4th spot. Many long term fans have bought into the addiction of PL football and realise that being robust financially in terms of a business and making profits is more important than risking some of that … I think last night exposed two things, lack of quality players to drive us forward when we need it and a lack of ambition to go for the title (we needed 3pts, although 1pt is not disaster)

    Just my take, Liverpool looked good, Everton will struggle now without Chelsea’s help, Man Utd have made good signings with VP and Rooney coming back to fitness; unless Wenger has something special x2 up his sleeve before Friday then I can see us being in a real scrap for 4th/5th/6th come April/May … pessimisstic I know, but that’s how I see it panning out ….

  58. gambon

    “To all those who argued we didn’t need to because we’d beat all the smaller clubs … It sounded unlikely before, it looks daft now.”


    So true.

    You even had guys posting up our last 18 games with wins against everyone but UTD, City and Chelsea.

  59. gambon

    “Enough people!!!!! Sure we might fade but this season has seen a major jump in progress. ”


    Inside the mind of an AKB

    When were winning you cant moan cos we’re winning. When we arent winning its not a problem cos we dont expect to win.

    Mindless cheerleading.

  60. gats

    The simple fact is Cazorla is one lazy bastrd he leaves the full backs exposed time and time again. Compare him to haard. Hazrd works his bloody socks of, he runs, taand does everything. As soon as This little lazy bastard looses the ball he throws his arms up in the air and stops.

  61. Revving Kevin

    “Southampton is a average small market team. Would Bayern draw with that Southampton team?”

    As football isn’t played on paper it’s played on grass, who knows. They beat Man Utd and drew with Man City so they deserve a bit more respect.

    I don’t know how long you have been watching football but this us why winning the PL is so tough.

    And you had the nerve to call me mentally deluded.

    Ps: how come when we dont win we get a load of posters we never see at any other time on here?

  62. Jeff

    Mourinho on Wenger’s renewal:

    “I’m happy that a club like Arsenal trusts the manager so much, gives him a new contract even without knowing if they are going to win the title.”

    “I think it’s fantastic to give that stability and that example. Maybe others will follow it. It’s a good thing. I think he’s one of the best managers in the game, and the fact that, in the last years, he couldn’t win a trophy doesn’t change what I think about him. I’m happy for him.”

    How condescending can you get? With every complimentary sentence came the sting about not knowing whether we’ll win the title and not having won anything in the last years.

    In other words what he’s saying is: yes AFC keep rewarding failure because it helps the rest of us as well since at least one potential rival club will always have an albatross around its neck for another 3 years; it’s fantastic no?.

  63. Revving Kevin

    Dear gambon
    Seems to me some people take great pleasure after a set back. First post of the day and you are calling fans AKB already, just because they aren’t treating a point at at Mary’s as the end if the world.

    Classy mate. Very classy.

  64. tunnygriffboy


    Sam surely Giroud playing because we’ve dropped a bollock and not signed anyone who could replace him. Is Ox disciplined enough to play the defensive roll ? He could have come on for either Flam/ Arteta at start 2nd half

  65. tunnygriffboy

    Southampton only team to win at Anfield this year. Dreadful 1st half yest but gutted we let them equalise so soon after taking the lead. I worry about Gnabry. Great prospect but was very quiet last night. He may be too young. We need some pace in the team to help Ozil who was excellent 2nd half. Get the cheque book out.

  66. gambon

    Just did the PL predictor.

    Chelsea 89
    City 86
    Arsenal 82
    Liverpool 77
    Tottenham 74
    UTD 73

    I was quite surprised by that, maybe Chelsea have a good run of games.

  67. Hitman49


    I don’t comment much because of a bunch on here who defend the un defaceable.

    And you get those stupid comments like your a spud a mank..go support someone else…….

    really no thanks !

    What happened to the right to your opinion ?

  68. gambon

    One thing that came from last night is I now think we definitely need a DM/CM.

    Arteta is just not good enough, and looks old on the pitch. Flamini is a fucking liability, trying to get himself sent off everytime he plays, angry angry cunt.

    Either one, ideally FLamini, is fine in the squad, but neither are good enough if we want to compete long term.

  69. Moray

    Haha mourinho is such a cunt. He’s undoubtedly a great manager, so I don’t know why he feels the need to act like a petulant child. Maybe they all do to a certain extent. Or maybe it’s te Portuguese in him…?