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(To be read in the thick set NYC accent)

Happy Monday morning f*ckers.

Sorry, I watched Wolf of Wall Street last night, so today, my working session is about maximising cash, taking c*caine and buying hookers for the office. So do mind the language and please accept my apologies for any middle fingers I show if I hear bleatings of 3% ticket increases.

Arsenal are making big f*cking cash from these broads over at Puma. Those motherf*ckers have been stupid enough to dish us out a massive wedge of cash over what is rumoured to be 5 years. Now, I’m assuming that this is what the 1730 press conference today is about, because I was invited. Clearly, it’s not going to be the one where Wenger puts pen to f*cking paper on his very own big money new deal.

This Puma deal is massive because it puts big dollars in our bank account and it gives us a enough cash to make PROFIT each year. If you follow the money scene as closely as we do, you’ll know that currently, if all goes well, we barely break even year on year. In Wall Street, there would be profit warnings and spooked markets left right and centre… because Arsenal wouldn’t be doing well. This deal kick starts the cash influx, which should be closely followed by the deal with Emirates.

Basically, we’re filthy rich. Well, not as filthy rich as United are, but not many in Europe are (from an income perspective at least), however, this money should kick start the sort of signings that made United the monster they are today. Deals like Draxler and Ozil can now happen every summer without the need of a sugar daddy. That works from a financial fair play perspective and it works from a fan perspective. Because for some reason, we’d much rather the success of our club came from our pockets, than the pockets of someone who has sold oil to propagate wealth.

Just kidding. I’m an Arsenal fan, the sustainable model is more arousing to me than 10 minutes in a dark room with an incognito web browser on.

The interesting thing about the Puma deal is that they are obviously German, we are obviously making a huge switch in the type of players we bring in… because, well, they’re all German. We have a double core these days. The German core that compliments the English core. I love it. Germany is one of my favourite places, I have a loose understanding of the language and now I have an excuse to bark ‘Arsenal‘ at German people when I’m over there. They love it in the same way French and Spanish people used to. Come on, don’t pretend you didn’t do it…


Football, the language of Europe.

Patrick Vieira has been in the press saying nice things about Arsenal for once. Today, he picked out Ramsey as the form player in the league.

“At the start of the season he was fantastic because of the number of goals he scored from midfield, but also the number of goals he created,”

Nice to hear that coming from a great, especially as the explosive midfielder is close to return. It’s been fairly plain sailing without him over the last few weeks, but having him back means we can rest others. It also means he’s had an enforced winter break, which will hopefully be a massive benefit.

We’re shaping up outrageously well at the moment when it comes to midfield. Well, from a future perspective. We have Chamberlain who has bags of potential, as well as the talents of Zelalem and the exciting Crowley. The only area that needs some TLC in the summer is that box to box player that we’re going to have issues with as Flamini slows down and Arteta moves into his 32nd year. I’d love us to sign a Vidal or Pogba. I’d also be excited to sign Cabaye… though if we could get someone younger like Ginter or Bender. Well, we’d be a pretty powerful outfit.

Right, that’s me done for today, have a fabulous f*cking day and make sure it’s cash heavy and fuelled.


P.S. Margot Robbie…? Move over Meagan and Mila.



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  1. salparadisenyc

    I do think Ramsay is the future of our box to box needs alongside a beast like Matric, that would be tough unit. Oddly Javi Martinez has become a super sub of sorts under Pep, now thats a player.

    “Jenks is looking better so he can be RB if Sagna as CB….”

    I don’t think Jenks is looking ready, or will potentially ever be ready replace Sagna. If Wenger and Co don’t give Sagna the deal he deserves then we’ll surely be in the Market for a replacement.

  2. hackneylad

    Monreal is near ambi footed… Right back for Sagna if Sagna has to come to the CB position.

    To be honest Sagna is probably the best 4th choice center back in the league, actually scrap that his probably the 3rd best.

    His strong, fast for a defender and got a brilliant jump/great at clearing with his head.

    Sagna was amazing last year as a CB, had some top top quality performances there

  3. BacaryisGod


    So who do you think is driving the Rooney story? It seems like it’s coming from Rooney’s camp as a big f-off to Ferguson. Can’t imagine Moyes or Woodward wanting their weakness with Rooney being broadcast everywhere.

  4. Simon


    Not sure your strikers are a type – they all seem a bit different!

    I like Theo on the right. Draxler would be my main buy this window.

  5. andy1886

    Rooney has form for this, spits out his dummy, makes like he’s off then signs a bigger contract shortly after. Obnoxious little sh*t.

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    I think ManU need good PR, hence Mata and now Rooney re-signing.

    That Woodward piece in the Guardian(?) about Mata was just cringey really. When they’re prepared to put stuff like that out, I can easily see them admitting they’re offering Rooney 300k/wk

    Info might be coming from Stretford of course, but I think it’s genuine.

  7. Samir


    All top class finishers who can create goals themselves. A type of striker that wins you the big games.
    All would bring a big reputation and scare defenders.

  8. Simon

    I’m amazed they are going to give Rooney more money. I thought they would fuck him off big time. Shows you what I know!

  9. BacaryisGod

    Our squad is fine if it wasn’t for the insane next 2 months of fixtures.

    From a purely selfish perspective, although I want us to win every game, it might not be the worst thing in the world if we lose with dignity to Bayern (let’s say 1-1 at home, 0-1 away) and I’m not sure I would even be too worried about going out to Liverpool if it allows us to stay fresh for the league title run.

    The catch with the F.A Cup is that if we can get by Liverpool, we probably have around a 40% chance of winning the whole thing but that going for it might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    The fear is that we might be heading towards a season like 1980 where our exhausted team fell at the final hurdle both domestically and in Europe and we were left with nothing at the end of the season.

  10. hackneylad

    Wayne Rooney is secretly a very smart bastard, not pointless intellectual way but in a ruthless knows how to succeed at all costs his a fighter on the pitch never gives up and he is a fighter in the training/ negotiation room.

    His basically single handedly got United bent over and ready for the taking, his the only player whose one up’d and beaten Ferguson at his own game.

    Think of all the players Fergie got rid of like that as soon as they challenged his authority, Becks the once golden boy was sold without even knowing it was happening, even roy keane couldn’t dominate fergie, whilst Wayne handed in a transfer request during the city saga completely took the piss and betrayed the manager the club and the fans and ended up with a huge juicy contract… that’s got to be fergies biggest public show of weakness.

    Fergie tried to finish Wayne of as his final act as manager and ultimately failed because Rooney Machiavellian style got close to Moyes. He beat Fergie who beat everyone else bar Mourinho.

    Wayne no offense was born an ugly poor dude had little education but managed to get the highschool hottie and worked his socks of to get to manchester.

    At every point his been a winner.

  11. salparadisenyc

    Mata is apparently on ₤150k/w, RVP ₤200k how do you then justify Rooney getting ₤300k. You can’t.

    I do think they want to keep him though, the way the Mata deal was handled through third party intermediaries as stated in the Guardian was pretty telling.
    Not even a whisper of Rooney in the deal please.

  12. BacaryisGod

    Wednesday’s Tottenham-Man City game really does my head in.

    1. I want City to lose as it helps us in the title race.
    2. I want Tottenham to lose as it brings St.Totteringham’s another day closer.
    3. A draw will probably be satisfactory for both of them, which would leave me unsatisfied.

  13. salparadisenyc


    “That Woodward piece in the Guardian(?) about Mata was just cringey really”

    That article was bizarre to say the least. From the Guardian as well, read like the mentals over at that zaney Arsenal site.

  14. Thank you and goodnight


    Your piece on Rooney was really good. I happen to agree with you when you put it like that.

  15. Gambon

    Do you know there are only 2 players left in the physio room.Walcott and Diaby

    Hardly says much knowing our injury record from past seasons. We could have 5 players injured by the end of tomorrow. ..that’s Arsenals luck. Everyone knows this

  16. BacaryisGod


    It’s easy to justify Rooney’s 300k per week.

    First, he’s out of contract end of next season. They won’t get a major fee for him (assume 20 million). If he gets a 4 year contract at 300k per week that’s 60 million plus not getting 20 million is 80 million in total costs. Plus, if it goes south, they can probably still get 15-20 million a year or two from now, so let’s cost average him out at around 65 million in total risk outlay.

    Let’s say finding a world-class player to replace Rooney would cost United 40 million plus 200k in wages per week. That’s a four year cost of 80 million. Sure, there’s potential re-sale value of selling that player on (somewhat determined by that player’s age) but there’s also the significant risk that the player will flop at United. For every Rooney/RVP/Ferdinand successful signing, there’s a Veron/Kagawa/Fellaini disappointment. Maybe Fellaini is too early to judge, but he really doesn’t seem to fit.

    When it all comes down to it, it probably makes sense for United to keep Rooney, particularly as he’s a figure that’s so recognized globally and United needs to protect its global brand. This is also assuming that the 300k is guaranteed when it might be that number if bonuses for titles/cups are included.

  17. Simon

    I thought they wanted shot of Rooney too. Maybe they just think it’s worth it for stability.

    If take a Tottenham win all day long. Don’t think it will happen but anything that puts distance between us and them is welcome.

  18. Simon


    How on earth do you know it ‘a few quids’ whatever that is?

    Also Man U are vast. Shame is a pretty strong emotion all things considered.

  19. hackneylad

    thank you good night

    Maybe its not necessarily intelligence I am not sure what the word for it is, but it is this crazy single minded drive for success that top sports men women and Olympian have.

    It’s the same with Mo fariah they know how to milk there success for all its worth, wring out every pound penny they can from there situation.

  20. BacaryisGod


    Funnily enough it seems that Kagawa is the reason Man United didn’t move for Ozil in August. I’m not sure why he hasn’t succeeded at Man United, but he’s still been a disappointment for them. At least with Rooney, they know what they’re getting, good and bad.

    Interesting how things change, though. If they give him 300k to stay, it’ll be going to a player who didn’t even make the starting line-up in a huge Champions League game against Madrid last season.

  21. hackneylad

    To be fair on Moyes and Fergie.

    Kagawa has been very poor shadow of his former self and it wouldn’t be fair to lay all the blame nor even the lionshare at DM or AF doot.

    His shown flashes of quality but not brilliance.

  22. Dan Ahern

    Good shout with Javi Martinez. Wanted him so bad. The dude’s a beast with technique. Maybe if we win the league we could lure him over? Doubtful, but surely worth a try.

  23. Nasri's Mouth


    When you sign a player, you’re looking to see whether he’s going to suit your style of play and whether he has the ability to adapt to a new environment. I’d say there’s a fair bit of blame to be laid at Fergie’s door. Whether he was advised by others or not, he took their advice.

    In just the same way, Wenger has to be blamed for Park

    (unless it was some weird money laundering scheme of course)

  24. hackneylad

    Nasri Mouth

    IMO kagawa had all the tools to suit man united play. We forget that Man United used to be based on counter attacking football at light speed straight for the jugular not to dissimilar from Dortmund, (albeit there different attitudes to pressing)

    No doubt Kagawa is a quality player but I think his suffered at Man United because of himself not because of the management, after all Fergie raved about him and tried to phase him into Man United at an easy gradual pace not throwing him in the deep end and hoping he would swim.

    Kagawa I think needs a manager who can babysit him and perhaps build a team around him, I don’t think his a strong character mentally, his fragile would of been very hard for Fergie to know this in advance.

  25. hackneylad

    Romford Pele.

    Last year he was gradually phased in, given the number 10 spot in easy games against lesser opposition so he could adjust to the PL.

    He wasn’t grossly misused by Fergie that’s just making excuses for a players failings.

    However I wouldn’t say they have the worse they could with him or the best either. Simply they give him a shot on numerous occasions didn’t overpressure him or throw him in the deep end and he hasn’t risen to the occasion.

    You might argue that perhaps Moyes hasn’t given him enough game time but after all you choose your players from whose excelling on the training pitch not by names, its about form other names. His obviously not doing it on the training pitch, at club like Man United you either do a wayne rooney and fight for your spot or given in showing your mentally weak and get sold off.

  26. Dream10

    Romford Pele

    Would like to have a DM or box-to-box MF beside Ramsey next year. The best two candidates are Axel Witsel and William Carvalho. Witsel is playing in Russia and is a tremendous player. Carvalho has size and power is a good player.
    Then you have the Bender twins. Have not seen much of them, so I don’t know how good they are.
    Really like Etienne Capoue though. He was very good in France, but I think Arsene wants all of his midfielders to be technicians. Obviously Spurs will not sell to us. But Benitez interested in bringing him to Napoli. And Rafa is a very good judge of a central midfielder.

  27. Romford Pele

    Dream, Carvalho I like what I’ve seen of him. Witsel is a lot like Ramsey – we’re not looking for a B2B DM. The Bender twins are great and either would work for us. Lars is my preferred option, better of the two IMO but would cost an absolute bomb.

  28. samsensible

    If you want to win titles you can’t play 2 Box to Box Midfielders alongside Ozil in the middle.

    You would be cut to pieces by counter attacks…

    I am not sure if the fact this is such an unfashionable name means I am a Hipster or not…but if someone offered me a younger Michael Carrick I’d bite their arm off. Pass, Pass, Pass, tackle, pass again. Give it to the creators.

  29. Dream10


    If Carrick was Portugese or Spanish, the media would go wild for him. He never got the acclaim he deserved.

  30. Leedsgunner

    I know it’s late but I hope we’re looking at players Lacazette and Gomis at Lyon? Both are in good form at the moment and with the prescience of our French contingent at the moment – I reckon they would settle in quickly.

    I especially like the look of Lacazette, very good finisher, strong dribbler and accurate from distance. Plus he has a good engine on him as he tracks back to help the team defensively.

    As bizarre as the Park deal was it does demonstrate that the club can execute a deal quickly when it wants to. Gives me a little hope something can still happen.

  31. hackneylad

    romford pele aka master tactician

    Don’t tell me what I can compare and can’t you arrogant control freak.

    I have been quite about you thus far about but I do tire of your so called “expertise” all the time.


  32. Nasri's Mouth

    Never been a fan of carrick. He works well when he has space and time to ping long balls at fast running wingers, but as a DM he’s not as good as most.

    Not quite sure how Mata is going to work with Nani, Young, and Valencia

  33. hackneylad


    Mate I understand where your coming from but I think Carrick is pretty poor defensively his just not at that athletic level to keep up in those big games, his to slow yet doesn’t cover the ground ramsey does so that in fast paced games he would just become a passenger, his hardly a step up on arteta anyways.

    What I personally feel we need is a massive step up a physical beast DM, one that could stop a tank yet also had good passing skills and on the ball. problem is such players are rare indeed.

  34. Uchmangunnernaija

    Hackney, how old are you? 12??
    You seem like a misguided little kid going through puberty.
    Romford is one of the best posters on here and he doesn’t attack anyone. His posts are usually well reasoned and delivered.

  35. Invincibles

    @Hackney Lad

    Mate there is no need to talk to romford like that. Your new to this blog mate but Romford is part of the furniture and in all honesty mate his opinions on Wenger and Arsenal are similar to yours. Please don’t turn into a younger version of Revvin by calling people out all the time.

  36. hackneylad

    Nasri Is correct/

    personally I feel he only looks quality when the game suits him when it doesn’t his near useless, if its a slow paced game against teams that back off, don’t press and allow you time and space on the ball he looks really good.

    As soon as its a team with quality especially a pressing team he becomes invisible. We need a first team player replacement for flamini arteta ect so therefore we need a player who can be effective against all caliber of opponents.

  37. Invincibles

    @Hackney Lad
    Its not me you need to apologise to mate. And although the post might of come across as Romford being arrogant I can tell you now 100% he is one of the least arrogant people on here. I’m sure thats not how he meant it at all. Your a nice guy and though are views might not be the same at times, your better than that attack on Romford.

    Me on the other hand am very arrogant and it’s quite a hardship lowering myself to talk to the likes of the people on le grove:)

  38. hackneylad

    UchmangunnernaijaJanuary 27, 2014 20:16:20

    Calling me 12 that’s an original internet insult! well done have a golden star!

    No in all seriousness I can deal with obvious comments attacking me for my views, but I don’t like arrogance, it’s just the way I am wired you call me a cunt I don’t care, you act contemptuous an arrogant i find it irritating and I don’t stand for it, problem is on the internet you can misjudge someones tone and call things incorrectly.

  39. Bermy boy

    With Bendy back Wenger won’t buy Draxler this window,he’ll turn around get outbid this summer and say something stupid.MAybe like announcing how having vast amounts of money at your disposal does not necessarily mean we have to use it.
    Now press stop,rewind,play that’s everything you need to know about our Clueless leader from 2006 to present day and beyond.

    Guy code

  40. Cesc Appeal


    My guess would be a fluid 3 behind RVP of Rooney, Mata and Januzaj…a bit like our system where Ozil and Cazorla trade places.

    Has the potential to be devastating as a front four. I didn’t buy into the hype with Januzaj when I first saw him, but the more I watch him the more I like him. Very clever little player, his cheating streak aside he seems a good player. Bags of potential.

    I want to see Gnabry play like that. I sometimes feel our attackers get shackled, like ball retention is prioritized over flair or taking your man on. Occasionally in a game Gnabry will have a moment where he lets that flair off the leash and does something amazing.

    With Ozil, Cazorla, Arteta, Ramsey in the side you have more than enough people to knock the ball about. I wish Gnabry’s mandate in the game was to go out, take people on and be expressive.

  41. Simon

    I personally find lowering myself to even type this when invincibles is online, the pond life, is a sign that you have infected my genius with your general stupidity!

  42. Invincibles

    @Cesc Appeal
    Yeah I like Gnabry as well. The other night someone posted a you tube clip on here of cowley, have to say I really really really like the look of the boy. Yes I know in the clip it was a youth game, but the quality of his passing is something your born with,….it can’t be taught. The perfect weight of the pass, the vision, precision etc….I honestly don’t think it will be long before the boys sitting on the bench for the 1st team. England fans should get excited about the young lad as I think he will be a HUGE talent in world football in years to come.

  43. salparadisenyc

    Dick Law you better be deep into a bottle (s) of the vin rouge with some power broker and I’d hope your getting him shit-faced with pen in hand.

    Agree, L Bender and Ramsay would be a nice mix.
    Ze Germans are coming!!

  44. rollen

    KJafc January 27, 2014 18:00:26

    Like I said earlier, I was always a massive Puma fan. Only boots I ever bought were Puma Kings and the same with a lot of the lads back then. Their kits are nice, never been a huge fan of the quality of some of the Nike equipment.

    Agreed Puma>Nike

    Fastest man ever wears Puma

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Well, that’s one way, but it basically means ditching Nani, Young, Valencia, or leaving themselves massively open.

    If they play


    Januzaj, Rooney, Mata

    with one of aforementioned wingers, and then carrick/fletcher in front of the back 4, we really ought to murder them

  46. Nasri's Mouth


    Never rated Zaha. One of those players who flatters to deceive. Kind of like the antithesis of how many view Walcott.

    Interesting how many players have signed for ManU recently that I don’t really rate 🙂

  47. N5

    Romford and his so called expertise?

    I can tell you now Hackneylad regardless of if you say a post was arrogant and provoked you (which Romford would never do) to say you’ve remained quiet up to now about his so called expertise is amazingly insulting.

    I generally have never come across I guy that knows more about football and players than Romford, his opinion may differ to yours at times, but for genuine knowledge Romford is our resident statto.

    And one way to get yourself immediately disliked on here is to attack the nice guy of the blog.

  48. zeus

    Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky have also agreed to new contracts after the Gunners boss accepted a two-year extension to his current deal at the Emirates Stadium

  49. kwik fit


    One more for the list;

    Tonight, French paper La Parisien has claimed that Arsenal will attempt to beat Juve and Inter to the signing of Jérémy Ménez from PSG.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Breaking: Wenger to sign George Osbourne having been impressed with his financial austerity measures and his ideas of self sustaining finances.

  51. kwik fit

    Sounds about right CA 🙂 Royal bank of Arsenal signed a mega deal and the players renewal announcements to be made to coincide with ‘arry rednapp day. Forward thinking financiers .

  52. N5

    Lol Invincibles I didn’t know you were around at the time of Romfords statue! that was ages ago now! Have you always used this username?

  53. N5

    Shit man, you’ve been coming to LG for ages, I don’t know if you remember but it was mad gats that came up with that, he used to say fuck this and fuck that and then fuck Henry’s statue which then for some reason he turned into Romfords statue. Wasn’t that from 2 summers ago, I don’t remember, Romford and Kj will as they were both part of it.

  54. N5

    Lol RP, “it’s only Ray Parlour”, it was priceless when he called up Soccer AM the next day and said to Tim “don’t worry it’s only Ray Parlour” Lovejoy’s face was a picture.

  55. Romford Pele

    Didn’t know Jeremy Menez is also available on a free at the end of the season :O

    Not sure what PSG are doing letting the likes of him and Matuidi potentially leave on free transfers.

  56. Invincibles

    Yeah I remember gats. I used to browse this site and arseblog, but I found the insults on le grove were of a better class of insults. Yeah its about 2 years, I’d ask the missus but she’s snoring away. She’d know as she hates me being on le grove.

  57. Romford Pele

    Come to think of it, I’m not sure why he ever left Roma in the first place. They’re building a beast side again so he should go back there. I’d like him at Arsenal if it wasn’t for the fact I like Draxler so bad.

  58. WengerEagle

    RE potetntial CM’s in the summer, what would be people’s preferences out of:

    Lars Bender
    Sven Bender
    Luis Gustavo
    Axel Witsel
    William Carvalho
    Blaise Matuidi
    Miguel Veloso(Used to be a very good player not sure about now)
    Fernando of F.C Porto
    Yann M’vila(Still worth a punt?)

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    Draxler looking unlikely now. Schalke apparently saying they’d need a bid of 50-60m euros to make it a possibility in Jan

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    The fact that Tim Lovejoy is now doing a cooking show tells you all you need to know about his football

    …that and the timeless utterly brillant review of his book in When Saturday Comes

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    Finally a goal in the U21s

    Afobe lobs the keeper after a long ball finds him nicely.

    less than 15 mins of extra time remaining

  62. Dan Ahern


  63. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, not quite when he wants, he’s not been great so far.

    Still, a goal is a goal, and the pitch is shocking

  64. Dan Ahern

    If we weren’t in first place with a largely healthy squad I would be tearing my hair out at this point. I try to remind myself Arsene acts when pushed, but that push should’ve been Theo going out, right? Clock’s ticking.

  65. WengerEagle

    Lars Bender would also be my 1st choice Romford, I do love Luis Gustavo though and he would bring height, athleticism, defensive discipline, impeccable tackling and short passing and pace to our CM.


    Now that excites me!

  66. salparadisenyc


    Great list of players you have there.
    For our needs I’d go with Lars Bender, german core and what player.
    Outside of that I like the looks of this Fernando character from Porto. Definite enforcer qualities for the holding role.

  67. Marko

    Lars Bender all day long for me. Get him in a team where he’d be the only DM and he’d flourish. At Leverkusen he’s asked to be a bit of a creator sometimes cause they play Rolfes and Reinart (a CB) with him. Camacho of Malaga also a decent shout and Carvalho is supposed to be the next big thing

  68. Bermy boy

    Last night on the Maury Povich Show.
    The DNA results are in …..Arsene when it comes to signing players in a timely manner

    You are………….

    NOT the father.

  69. Simon

    Both Gustavo and Lars bender would give us some poise in front of the back four. Wenger showed class resigning Flamini but arteta is going to slow further I imagine and in the summer it would be great to see one of them sign. We bid 19m for bender allegedly – as we were in fir a big striker too inthink that tells you something about our total available budget in that window also.

  70. Sam

    Nasri’s Mouth January 27, 2014 22:01:35

    I wouldn’t even say he’s skinny either.
    —————————————————————————————————————— Nasri,

    99.7% of footballers are skinny.
    apart from 3 fat boys I know, Rooney, Gnabry and Chamberlain.
    If you know anymore please let me know

    Unless kevin Davies is still playing football then I will make it four.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Gustavo would be my pick as well.

    He’s not happy at Wolfsburg either is he?

    Matuidi for free is great business though. Such an athletic holding middle player. Would say both, but who’d we be shipping out?

  72. salparadisenyc

    Bild reporting Draxler going NOWHERE.
    Although I think they may of reported Elton John likes the ladies.

    Wenger rolled the dice on Ramsay this summer and did not bring Cabaye in, would be a lie to say that did not work out well. Looks like the player is moving to to PSG with sky confirming.

  73. Sam

    Cesc Appeal January 27, 2014 22:35:49

    , but who’d we be shipping out?
    Arteta’s wife dreans of life in the USA

    Its obvious that Hubby will fancy ending his career there

    It will be nice If we win something then let him go at the end of the season