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(To be read in the thick set NYC accent)

Happy Monday morning f*ckers.

Sorry, I watched Wolf of Wall Street last night, so today, my working session is about maximising cash, taking c*caine and buying hookers for the office. So do mind the language and please accept my apologies for any middle fingers I show if I hear bleatings of 3% ticket increases.

Arsenal are making big f*cking cash from these broads over at Puma. Those motherf*ckers have been stupid enough to dish us out a massive wedge of cash over what is rumoured to be 5 years. Now, I’m assuming that this is what the 1730 press conference today is about, because I was invited. Clearly, it’s not going to be the one where Wenger puts pen to f*cking paper on his very own big money new deal.

This Puma deal is massive because it puts big dollars in our bank account and it gives us a enough cash to make PROFIT each year. If you follow the money scene as closely as we do, you’ll know that currently, if all goes well, we barely break even year on year. In Wall Street, there would be profit warnings and spooked markets left right and centre… because Arsenal wouldn’t be doing well. This deal kick starts the cash influx, which should be closely followed by the deal with Emirates.

Basically, we’re filthy rich. Well, not as filthy rich as United are, but not many in Europe are (from an income perspective at least), however, this money should kick start the sort of signings that made United the monster they are today. Deals like Draxler and Ozil can now happen every summer without the need of a sugar daddy. That works from a financial fair play perspective and it works from a fan perspective. Because for some reason, we’d much rather the success of our club came from our pockets, than the pockets of someone who has sold oil to propagate wealth.

Just kidding. I’m an Arsenal fan, the sustainable model is more arousing to me than 10 minutes in a dark room with an incognito web browser on.

The interesting thing about the Puma deal is that they are obviously German, we are obviously making a huge switch in the type of players we bring in… because, well, they’re all German. We have a double core these days. The German core that compliments the English core. I love it. Germany is one of my favourite places, I have a loose understanding of the language and now I have an excuse to bark ‘Arsenal‘ at German people when I’m over there. They love it in the same way French and Spanish people used to. Come on, don’t pretend you didn’t do it…


Football, the language of Europe.

Patrick Vieira has been in the press saying nice things about Arsenal for once. Today, he picked out Ramsey as the form player in the league.

“At the start of the season he was fantastic because of the number of goals he scored from midfield, but also the number of goals he created,”

Nice to hear that coming from a great, especially as the explosive midfielder is close to return. It’s been fairly plain sailing without him over the last few weeks, but having him back means we can rest others. It also means he’s had an enforced winter break, which will hopefully be a massive benefit.

We’re shaping up outrageously well at the moment when it comes to midfield. Well, from a future perspective. We have Chamberlain who has bags of potential, as well as the talents of Zelalem and the exciting Crowley. The only area that needs some TLC in the summer is that box to box player that we’re going to have issues with as Flamini slows down and Arteta moves into his 32nd year. I’d love us to sign a Vidal or Pogba. I’d also be excited to sign Cabaye… though if we could get someone younger like Ginter or Bender. Well, we’d be a pretty powerful outfit.

Right, that’s me done for today, have a fabulous f*cking day and make sure it’s cash heavy and fuelled.


P.S. Margot Robbie…? Move over Meagan and Mila.



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  1. samsensible

    I suppose there will be a ludicrous overblown kit-unveiling in July with Catwalks and Margot Robbie in nothing but an Arsenal shirt…with Cavani on the back…

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger’s done nothing, it’s January, everything could yet go tits up, take all the pressure off him by reassuring him he’s getting a new three year deal and a pay rise…stupidity

  3. TitsMcgee

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 1m
    If Arsenal board told Wenger, ‘Win a trophy this season and you get a new 3yr deal’…trust me, he’d buy a top class striker this week. #Afc

  4. KJafc

    Afternoon all

    Beggars cant be choosers and that is what we were with Nike I am afraid.

    This is a whole new ball game now with Puma. Jeff may get bored by financials and I cant say I blame him but it is important if you want to compete. This is a massive deal, as gambon says it is around the £34 million mark per season.

    So pleased it’s Puma. I always bought Puma boots, the Kings were the boot of choice for many people my age. When I was a kid I aspired to be like Pele, Eusabio and Cruyff, all these great players were Puma King wearers. Then Maradona followed suit before the best player of the lot, Robbie Pires 🙂 wore them (think it was the Puma Cellerator??). Far superior to those daft pink, green or orange paper thin slippers the posers wear nowadays.

  5. Childish Gambino

    Best goal was against the mancs…the Rosicky, Eboue combo + cross to Henry heading past Van Der Saar in the 90th minute and sending the emirates crowd into elation. Also the dance by Henry & Adebayor and then the Henry-Wenger high five!!!

  6. Kiyoshi Ito

    I cringe when that prick”Piers Morgan” opens his mouth,or tweers..
    One of the most loathsome,vile creatures to inhabit this planet.

    Laughed my head off,when he went to Australia,a few weeks ago& was in the nets,awaiting delivery of a ball.

    Piers”The Handjob” had his ribs smashed up by one the Aussie bowlers & he cried like a girl…
    No-one likes Piers….

  7. Jeff

    Well we sort of knew that was coming as well – i.e. Wenger signing another contract. That’s not news either really. Neither the Puma deal nor Wenger or anyone else already at the club signing a new contract is going to make a blind bit of difference to our fate this season. For that we need fresh blood now; particularly up front. If we fail that we won’t be able to stem the tide.

    Perhaps the controllers already know that and thought they’d get it over and done with now whilst we’re top because the chances are we’ll be toppled if not next month then almost certainly in March – getting the fans to swallow a new contract for Wenger will be more difficult if we’re fourth and holding on by the skin of our teeth.

  8. Sam

    Lyon did offer us gourcouf in the summer wenger refused.
    Now he’s desperate to sign someone just to get Gambon off his back he wants him
    Because he will be cheaper than draxler.
    He has No problem if he joins diaby n sanogo in the physio room

    Just want to sign someone even if he’s not in his plan

  9. hackneylad

    Piers might be a cunt but its got him where is today a multi millonaire who bangs the hottest pussy everyday.

    Its bizarre how rich he got just from writing pure tabloid shit, it takes no talent anyone of us on this blog could write a better crafted article.

    I mean footballers are overpayed but at least there generally very good at something as in there sport. Whilst piers is one of the richest journalists but his shit writer and a very annoying personality, his awful at interviewing makes it all about himself.

  10. Leedsgunner

    ‘Arsene will be extending with us and at the right time we will make that announcement.’

    If we sign no one, most likely the day after the transfer window shuts… while we are still on top. No matter we might not on top come the end of May… hopefully people won’t look or think that far ahead… *facepalm*.

    Prove me wrong Arsene, I would love it, absolutely love it if you did. Let’s win something this season!

  11. Kiyoshi Ito

    JeffJanuary 27, 2014 15:25:56
    Perhaps the controllers already know that and thought they’d get it over and done with now whilst we’re top because the chances are we’ll be toppled if not next month then almost certainly in March – getting the fans to swallow a new contract for Wenger will be more difficult if we’re fourth and holding on by the skin of our teeth.
    Kind of tells you where the priorities lie,for the powers that be…??!!

    Same sh*t,different day…!!

  12. N5

    “Serious question, do the Arsenal board really care about winning trophies?”

    Serious question, fuck off. OK it wasn’t really a question!

  13. hackneylad


    Why do we need fresh blood? Giroud has been injured 3 times in his career and never twice in a season, his going steady for the rest of the season now…

    Whats the point of buying someone who will spend the next season on the bench?

    We got midfield, we got fullback and we have center back cover and Giroud is an absolute tank/ work horse… in terms of numbers of personnel! WE all good!

  14. WengerEagle


    Every man and his dog can see we need an upgrade on Giroud to ensure we finish the season as strongly as possible. Giroud’s a good plan B striker but he isn’t good enough to spearhead our attack to a BPL title

  15. Jeff


    I am going to save the link to your above comment and remind you of it at the end of March. If we buy no one of note and win any trophy it means you were right and I was wrong – I’ll apologise. However, if I’m right and we win nothing again you will apologise. Do we have a deal?

  16. Kiyoshi Ito

    hackneyladJanuary 27, 2014 15:33:04
    Piers might be a cunt but its got him where is today a multi millonaire who bangs the hottest pussy everyday.Its bizarre how rich he got just from writing pure tabloid shit, it takes no talent anyone of us on this blog could write a better crafted article.I mean footballers are overpayed but at least there generally very good at something as in there sport. Whilst piers is one of the richest journalists but his shit writer and a very annoying personality, his awful at interviewing makes it all about himself.
    I don’t want to turn this into a Piers-monologue on here.
    Suffice to say,Piers made all the right connections & put himself in a position,where he had certain key movers/shakers over a barrel.

    He has form from way back..
    Sometimes you don’t need talent,just need to know the right people…

  17. DUIFG

    Jeff what are you on about, wenger said himself he has numerous times seen on a Friday how knackered giroud is but due to pack of options still has to play him.

    Add to that the fact he isn’t even good, we desperately need a striker. It’s a miracle we have got this far with what we had up top. We don’t even have theo for cover.

  18. salparadisenyc

    “Why do we need fresh blood?”

    Surely you can see how another dimension up front would help us out on the run in. Fixture list quite publicized. But even Wenger has said we need another option to Giroud and I think we’ll get something; be it a loan or purchase. What do you think that Suarez business was all about?

  19. Dan Ahern

    I’m happy for AW to sign a new deal as he’s changed things up and is looking more progressive. I am sad we’ll have to wait even longer for his book though…

  20. MadeToLoveMagic

    Hackney, Walcotts out, he was our main goal scorer, that’s why we desperately need to sign someone. Plus our squad is small, so more bodies are essential. Even just one would suffice. Draxler , if fit would win us the league, because it gives us options and takes pressure off the rest. I call it the OZil effect… We definitely need to sign a forward this window……..

    Draxler is ideal as replacement for theo and a deputy for giroud.. And if we wit till after the world cup we won’t get him. I pray we sign him this window

    Have we learned nothing from haggling over mata and hazard, both players who public ally said they wanted us, now worth two to three times what the original price.. Draxler would represe r a real shift in mentality and show our desire to win

  21. Johnty79

    Sagna off at end of season but Nathaniel Clyne would be a suburb signing. Draxler as well.

    Draxler giroud Walcott
    Ramay Ozil flaming
    Gibbs mert koz Clyne

    A good team but Chelsea make you sick

    Oscar Costa hazard

    Matic Ramirez William

    Shaw Luiz terry ivanovic


  22. Invincibles


    luiz= shitter
    will I am=average
    ramirez=good/not WC
    chech=Not as WC as he was so lets say good.
    Shaw=young….could be WC but equally could turn out shit.
    Ivanovic= Football thug, a foreign lee mills but good, past his best.

  23. salparadisenyc

    “I am sad we’ll have to wait even longer for his book though…”

    There once was a Man named McWenger
    Who spilled some Gin on his weenie
    Just to be Couth
    He added Vermouth
    And slipped his chick a Martini!

  24. gambon

    “We got midfield, we got fullback and we have center back cover and Giroud is an absolute tank/ work horse… in terms of numbers of personnel! WE all good!”

    No we arent.

    We dont have 4 CBs, every team has 4CBs and even Wenger has always had 4 or even 5.

    We dont have a top class DM, we have some good squd players, but would massively benefit from a physical athlete in the middle.

    We dont have a world class striker. Whats the use in having a “tank” that can only score 10 yard tap ins with his left foot against shit teams? He never scores with his right foot, never from distance, and never against our main rivals.

    We most certainly do need to invest. Even if we do win the PL you can be sure our rivals wont just sit back and say “well lets not bother trying to catch them”.

  25. JamesH

    Great news thats weve ditched NIKE for PUMA. Nike only cared for Man U and Barca. Hence we had short supplies of kit which were poorly made. My kids have Arsenal and Huddersfield kits. The Puma Huddersfield kits are so superior in every detail. As an example, Arsenal badge falls off after 3 months. Good riddance Nike.

  26. gambon

    Dont think we’re signing Draxler, although nice bonus if we do.

    Dont see why we would announced the huge Puma deal if we were still in negotiations, as it would be ridiculously stupid.

  27. Dan Ahern

    JamesH — The sad truth is Nike as a business want to be aligned with the best, brightest and biggest. They were not interesting in doing a mega-money deal with a perennial 4th place club; it was not worth it to them. You have to understand that Barca and United are orders of magnitude bigger than Arsenal when it comes to reach and money. It’s not that they don’t like us, it’s just the math doesn’t work for them.

  28. Invincibles

    @Dan Ahern
    Spot on mate. 4th place trophy might placate the gooner faithful(or some of them), but in terms of sponsorship, 4th place means nothing to them. Look how uniteds shares have dropped due to one mediocre season. If united continue like this for next few years they are in a weaker bargaining position when it comes to renewals.

  29. samsensible

    I imagine there was a price Nike were prepared to pay and a price Puma were prepared to pay and we went for the highest figure. Which is fine by me.

    Better to be a flagship club under Puma. AND it will help us sign Draxler and Falcao.

  30. Dan Ahern

    Jeff — I can only speculate but I don’t think either one “ditched” the other. The deal’s expiration was coming up so Arsenal was taking bids from various suppliers. At the end of the day it wasn’t worth it to Nike to offer the type of cash Puma did. Probably not anywhere near it, in fact. (Again, speculating there.)

    It doesn’t make financial sense from Nike’s view to spend that type of money based on the return they’d get. For them it is better to focus on the biggest teams than ante up for a weaker performer.

  31. Invincibles

    Is it true that we had a 20 year affiliation with nike? Thats what papers said. Wasn’t that many years, was it? Fuck me I’m getting old. All these useless inventions and STILL noones invented a time machine to take me back to being 18 again.

  32. Jeff


    Whatever independent news there appears to be on the subject seem to suggest we dumped Nike rather than the other way round. If so, good for us.

  33. Jeff


    It may be true that Nike didn’t want to offer us the sorf of deal Puma would so I think we can all agree that whatever the reasons for the parting of ways, it is in Arsenal’s favour to go with Puma instead of Nike.

  34. Dan Ahern

    As much as I wouldn’t say Nike “ditched” Arsenal, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t say Arsenal “ditched” Nike.

    Arsenal are the ones trying to attract top money. You simply do not tell bidders to fuck off.

  35. Dan Ahern

    Jeff — Yes, I completely agree. Brand loyalty and kit designs are minor concerns compared to the amount of cash on offer. Puma was by far the best deal and the club was 100% right to take it.

  36. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, Pedro will know better than me, but I’ve read Nike had ‘first refusal’, IE if they wanted to match Puma’s offer they could. No idea whether it’s true or not though.

    But given their comparitive market shares, Nike and Puma are looking at slightly different targets, so just because we got more money from Puma doesn’t mean that Nike ditched us

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Robert Pires: “I can well imagine Draxler being used on the left, but also as number 9, he could really strengthen the team.”

  38. Jeff


    Yes it’s not as black and white as to who ditched who but in the final analysis the Puma deal was certainly better for Arsenal in monetary terms.

    The reason I asked the question about who ditched who was that Dan was implying Nike didn’t want the association with us any more as we aren’t one of the top elite but I think perhaps it’s a bit more complicated than that even if there is an element of truth in it. Maybe the safest assumption is that the end came by mutual consent – i.e. both parties happy to let go.

  39. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘hackneyladJanuary 27, 2014 15:33:04
    Piers might be a cunt but its got him where is today a multi millonaire who bangs the hottest pussy everyday.’

    As he’s married to a DT journo called Celia Walden (his 2nd wife) and has had kids with her, perhaps you’d like to tell Ms Walden the happy news??

  40. samsensible

    Jeff, we are better off with Puma for the cold hard cash…

    But i doubt any heads will roll at Nike HQ. We would have asked for top top money and Nike clearly don’t see us in those terms.

    So they can, with a spoon, go f*ck themselves.

  41. Dream10

    Dan Ahern

    Agree with you that we did not dump Nike, just that they don’t value us as highly what we think we are worth.

    – Interested to see what Nike will pay ManUtd in 2015. Expect them to get much more than the 30-35m Puma will pay us annually. They are a commercial behemoth and will be able to dictate terms.

    – Our commercial team needs to step on the accelerator and push deals through. Liverpool and Dortmund are earning more than 30m and 35m commercially than us!

    – Man Utd earn ALMOST THREE TIMES as much commercially as we do. They have more Matchday and Brodcasting revenue as well.

    We need to spend because the other will spend and we are capable of spending.

  42. samsensible

    it’s a 5 year deal. In those 5 years we need to be winning trophies, then we can renegotiate again.

    In which case it’s perfect carrot for Stan and the Board to invest in the squad.

    If you want the next deal to be worth £225m then buy a couple of World Class players asap…

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m guessing we’ll be overtaking Liverpool with the new Nike deal and the Emirates deal.

    Add in the PL deal, and we’ll be ahead of Dortmund too

  44. gambon

    At the moment our commercial policy has been to basically wait for the main deals to increase, which they would have anyway, and also to bring in regional partners like Man Utd.

    We arent innovating yet, but we need to, otherwise we will just be chasing our rivals.

    Even with the new Emirates & Puma deals we are way behind UTD and not pulling ahead of Chelsea, Liverpool, City.

    We need to go out and do somethings that other teams havent done.

    Get a big sponsor for the Academy, for the Training Ground (UTD have done this).

    We will hit £100m commercial money next season, but we havent really excelled, just capitalised on the football market, now we need to excel.

  45. Bacaryisgod

    Gambon.’We dont have 4 CBs, every team has 4CBs and even Wenger has always had 4 or even 5′

    Chelsea has Terry, Luiz and Cahill with Ivanovic as an option. Arsenal have Sagna as an option.

    What top CB would want to sit behind the best pairing in the league right now?

  46. gambon


    Top of my head, next season:

    Utd: Nike £25m plus profit share, AON £51m (£76m)
    City: Nike £12m, Etihad £40m (£52m)
    Liverpool: Warrior £25m, Standard Chartered £25m (£50m)
    Chelsea: Adidas £30m, Samsung £18m (£48m)
    Arsenal: Puma £31-34m, Emirates £30m (£60+m)

    Man Utd are also looking at £50m pa with Nike from 2015.

    Leaves us in a good position with main sponsors, but we need more sponsors and some new ideas like UTD training ground deal.

    We dont have a watch sponsor, unlike our rivals, id start there, but im a watch fan!

  47. Bacaryisgod

    So Skybet now has Draxler at 1-4 to join Arsenal. Bear in mind that those odds only include non-Schalke teams. For example, Ashley Williams was 1-5 throughout the summer.

    You’ll know he’s almost certainly coming if the odds on him leaving Schalke go to 1-4 and coming to Arsenal vs. other teams are 1-10.

  48. Jeff

    Again, I know it’s like stating the obvious but the best way to attract top money, best deals and the biggest sponsors is to win things. Eight years of no trophies isn’t doing us any favours at all. But to win things, we need to invest heavily in the team – i.e. more world class players. To get them we need to spend more money obviously, so it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation. However, if we don’t take the risk and buy the required players we will always be in the shadow of the other top clubs and that will continue to hurt AFC and the ever faithful, hopeful fans.

  49. Jeff

    With today gone, that leaves us 3 days to sign someone. It doesn’t seem likely but we’ll continue to hope till 31st midnight.

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    ManU current deal meant to be worth about £35m+ including profit share

    Chelsea deal looks excellent, but it’s a 10 year deal. In 5 years, we could be renegotiating for a lot more than £30m and Chelsea will be stuck with it for 5 more years

  51. Leedsgunner

    I’ll believe Draxler is an Arsenal player when I see the lad holding the shirt and the contract signed with the manager on Until then the bookmakers can give all the odds they want. We’ve been down here too many times before with Hazard, M’Vila, Mata, Higuain etc. Odds are worth nothing in the real world. Willan was having his medical at Tottenham before Chelsea nipped in there remember? (Comedy gold!!)

  52. Simon


    Thanks for that. Agree we need a massive rollout of product and regional partners. We could do more in digital sponsorship. Africa looks like a gap and most if Asia is still open to us.

  53. Thank you and goodnight


    Agree with you mate. I just hope Ozil wasn’t a one off and that Arsène and the board have finally seen the light.

  54. samsensible

    these skybet odds are a scam – to make a story in themselves. Do it often enough and they easily pay for the rare occasions they are right.

  55. KJafc

    Nasris Mouth
    Chelsea deal looks excellent, but it’s a 10 year deal. In 5 years, we could be renegotiating for a lot more than £30m and Chelsea will be stuck with it for 5 more years.
    Exactly. This was what really screwed us over with the NIke deal, It was at a time when we were desperate and Nike knew it. Once you are tied in long term you are buggered. The PUMA deal is a great deal for the club.

    It follows closely on the heels of the deal with the Chinese giant Huawei, who claim to provide solutions to ” more than a third of the world’s population with its information and communications technology”.

    Things are starting to gather a bit of pace.

  56. Evan

    Wenger is set to sign a new contract and extend his 18-year stay with the English Premier League leaders, the club’s chief executive said on Monday.

    And at the right time we will make that announcement.

  57. Bacaryisgod

    The Sky odds are a complete scam for sure. However, they are instructive in the way they shift over time. I’ve yet to see a player go to 1-4 to leave his club and still stay there. The other thing to keep an eye on is if they stop offering odds on a player.

  58. Byo

    The usual suspects always categorically state what they believe the team does not have. They have declared themselves experts in all things football and Arsenal.
    It is really tiring!

  59. KJafc

    Evening Romford

    This is a great deal.

    The previous Nike deal we signed was £55m over 7 years, which works out at around £7.5m per year.

    Compare that to the 5 year deal with PUMA at £30m per year.

    I am sure Adolf is looking over his shoulder with admiring glances at his brother Rudolf .

    I may go out and buy another pair of Puma Kings mate. The finest football boots ever made, as worn by Pele, Eusabio, Cruyff, Maradona and the ultimate legend Robbie Pires……….! Not a bad recommendation those fellas.

  60. Sam

    So, We just need one expensive player to win the league.
    If we don’t buy him we will be 4th

    Lol! this is blackmail

    We just need addition that’s all

  61. Sam

    and We played the first part of the season without Podolski, chamberlain and Gnabry

    But according to the usual suspects our squad won’t cope

  62. Nasri's Mouth


    £300k/wk for 4 years and knowledge of ManU’s future recruitment policy, while Woodward puts his fingers in his ears muttering “lalala, I’m not listening” over and over again in case someone from Chelsea rings him

    Not impressive really

  63. hackneylad

    Point 1

    wow Im a pretty damn muscular dude gonna look awesome in the new puma kit

    Beast mode Arsenal style!

    Point 2

    Wenger signing a new contract you say? Happy times! Signing of the dechade perhaps??

  64. Romford Pele

    Evening KJ,

    I myself like Puma too, plus it’s nice to have a change. Always thought they made good kits and commercially it’s good for us. Imperative we push on from here though – they won’t continue giving us money if the team isn’t competitive.

  65. hackneylad

    I like the white puma emblem on the red background looks so graceful and fresh!

    Big fan of the white shoulder, its a clean concise design all round much prefer it to the kit this year!

  66. samsensible

    The “right time” to announce Wenger’s signature is alongside the unveiling of a world class player this month.

    Surely that’s what the club have in mind…right guys?


  67. hackneylad

    Schalke ceo is odd.

    It seemed a first he was trying to sell Draxler off before the transfer window had opened, as soon as interest seems to pick up once the window is open he then seems to change of heart and says he wants to keep draxler till summer..

    Is he just trying to get more money?

  68. Emiratesstroller

    The Puma deal will now finance one major signing each year and I would suggest that the first should be Draxler.

    However, an immediate requirement in my estimation must be to bring in an additional centre back. We are short of numbers at the back. With our heavy load and difficult fixtures in February and March we need full back up in all positions. At moment we have only 7 defenders on our books.

    Long term I agree with Pedro we need a box to box or defensive midfielder. Personally I don’t think Arteta, Flamini or Diaby are good enough long term.
    Arteta and Flamini are wrong side of 30 and Diaby is too injury prone.

    With Liverpool being played twice plus Man City and Bayern also in our fixture list we cannot afford not to rotate players in our demanding fixture list.

  69. KJafc

    Like I said earlier, I was always a massive Puma fan. Only boots I ever bought were Puma Kings and the same with a lot of the lads back then. Their kits are nice, never been a huge fan of the quality of some of the Nike equipment.

    And whats not cool about having that Panther/Cougar/Puma on your clothing, beats the hell out of a ‘swoosh’.

    Good times are heading our way mate, need to push on now and next season I expect big signings.

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    Why do we need a B2B midfielder, we have Ramsey, Wilshere for that position. Arteta and Flamini don’t play that role either.

    By the way, in other news, didn’t realise Yennaris had gone

  71. hackneylad

    Why do we need a 4th cb? very unlikely both koz and mert to be injured at the same time… even if they are we have sagna as replacement.

    Jenks is looking better so he can be RB if Sagna as CB…. Not convinced Monreal can play right back…. Monreal is hidden quality

  72. Evan

    Interview with sky, Ivan confirms extension agreed. Are waiting for the right time to announce

    The tabloids are speculating the club are hoping to announce this alongside the BFG contract extension

  73. hackneylad

    Nasri is right Ramsey and Jack as b2b (ramsey arguably better at this role)

    We just need a beast of a DM! Ramsey for me is top top quality easily good enough to be our b2b… Viera agrees..

  74. Romford Pele

    If we had other versatile players who could play CB, we’d be alright but considering our fixture pile up, we’re leaving it fine. I’d like another defensive body in there for my blood pressure.