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(To be read in the thick set NYC accent)

Happy Monday morning f*ckers.

Sorry, I watched Wolf of Wall Street last night, so today, my working session is about maximising cash, taking c*caine and buying hookers for the office. So do mind the language and please accept my apologies for any middle fingers I show if I hear bleatings of 3% ticket increases.

Arsenal are making big f*cking cash from these broads over at Puma. Those motherf*ckers have been stupid enough to dish us out a massive wedge of cash over what is rumoured to be 5 years. Now, I’m assuming that this is what the 1730 press conference today is about, because I was invited. Clearly, it’s not going to be the one where Wenger puts pen to f*cking paper on his very own big money new deal.

This Puma deal is massive because it puts big dollars in our bank account and it gives us a enough cash to make PROFIT each year. If you follow the money scene as closely as we do, you’ll know that currently, if all goes well, we barely break even year on year. In Wall Street, there would be profit warnings and spooked markets left right and centre… because Arsenal wouldn’t be doing well. This deal kick starts the cash influx, which should be closely followed by the deal with Emirates.

Basically, we’re filthy rich. Well, not as filthy rich as United are, but not many in Europe are (from an income perspective at least), however, this money should kick start the sort of signings that made United the monster they are today. Deals like Draxler and Ozil can now happen every summer without the need of a sugar daddy. That works from a financial fair play perspective and it works from a fan perspective. Because for some reason, we’d much rather the success of our club came from our pockets, than the pockets of someone who has sold oil to propagate wealth.

Just kidding. I’m an Arsenal fan, the sustainable model is more arousing to me than 10 minutes in a dark room with an incognito web browser on.

The interesting thing about the Puma deal is that they are obviously German, we are obviously making a huge switch in the type of players we bring in… because, well, they’re all German. We have a double core these days. The German core that compliments the English core. I love it. Germany is one of my favourite places, I have a loose understanding of the language and now I have an excuse to bark ‘Arsenal‘ at German people when I’m over there. They love it in the same way French and Spanish people used to. Come on, don’t pretend you didn’t do it…


Football, the language of Europe.

Patrick Vieira has been in the press saying nice things about Arsenal for once. Today, he picked out Ramsey as the form player in the league.

“At the start of the season he was fantastic because of the number of goals he scored from midfield, but also the number of goals he created,”

Nice to hear that coming from a great, especially as the explosive midfielder is close to return. It’s been fairly plain sailing without him over the last few weeks, but having him back means we can rest others. It also means he’s had an enforced winter break, which will hopefully be a massive benefit.

We’re shaping up outrageously well at the moment when it comes to midfield. Well, from a future perspective. We have Chamberlain who has bags of potential, as well as the talents of Zelalem and the exciting Crowley. The only area that needs some TLC in the summer is that box to box player that we’re going to have issues with as Flamini slows down and Arteta moves into his 32nd year. I’d love us to sign a Vidal or Pogba. I’d also be excited to sign Cabaye… though if we could get someone younger like Ginter or Bender. Well, we’d be a pretty powerful outfit.

Right, that’s me done for today, have a fabulous f*cking day and make sure it’s cash heavy and fuelled.


P.S. Margot Robbie…? Move over Meagan and Mila.



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  1. Jeff


    The post has been up ages. I thought there was some sort global meltdown going on. Relieved to see you on here.

  2. samsensible

    Jeff, Pedro pre 9am? I only clicked on Here to see if there was any interesting chat on the old blog.

    I don’t think Draxler is happening this month. Unless they unveil him today of course. But in my view everyone is getting excited over the sheer volume of rumours but they are all echoes of the same thing. Nothing new is happening. We’re supposedly sending people over but the Germans are saying they have had no contact.

    It’s boring now.

  3. KGold1

    Morning Pedro. Morning All.

    Very good post this morning, Pedro. Really heard alot about the Wolf of Wallstreet movie. Is it any good??? Anyone???

    Concerning the PUMA deal, big, big news on all fronts. These are the kinda deals that could take us into the RealMadrid, Barca, Utd brackets. Good days and all.

    Finally, think you made a mistake concerning our midfield needs. Honestly, I think we need more of a Matuidi or Bender than say a Pogba or Vidal or Cabaye. Reason??? We are already stuffed for B2B midfielders – we got Ramsey, Wilshere and maybe Zelalem coming through. What we do need is a defensive midfield powerhouse.

    Am I the only one starting to get excited ny these Draxler rumors??? Really getting interesting.

  4. Jeff


    It’s been a roller coaster month for emotions. Ordinarily I would just dismiss high-end purchases as just idle gossip. However since Ozil, it is impossible to just assume Wenger won’t spend big on any single playser (because he’d never done it before Ozil). So now we are just left with “maybe”, just “maybe”. The odds, I would guess, though are against us signing anyone of note this January.

  5. azed

    I don’t think the Draxler deal will happen even over the summer.
    Wenger hasn’t gotten over the amount he shelled for Ozil.

  6. samsensible

    KGold1 What We need is a tough tackling Cabaye in the DM role. It sure if Cabaye can do it but The player has to be a baller. His passing has to be world class.

  7. Jeff

    And now Sagna is being linke with City though I think that’s got about as much chance of happening as me winning the lottery.

  8. Jeff

    Samsensible, I hope we extend his contract. Cannot rely on Jenkinson and we don’t have any other option in that position. Wasn’t there going to be some sort of big annoucement this morning?

  9. samsensible

    Sagna is a good pro but is suspect that we’re being tight fisted in our negotiations because we want a new first choice right back in the summer. In which case we may not want Sagna earning big with Jenkinson also earning a decent crust.

    However, Sagna can play CB so he still has his uses and if he’s happy to stick around and provide experienced back up to 2 positions we should keep him.

  10. Roaaary

    Talking of money I have a copy of the full Deloitte football finance league. How do you upload something like that on here. I’m not computer literate

  11. Leedsgunner

    I’m glad we’re attracting big sponsors like Puma) but since we’re in the midst of a transfer window — why don’t we hold off making “big” financial announcements like this… It will just encourage any clubs that we are negotiating with to play hardball (ie. if we are trying to buy their players?) What difference would have one week made in announcing such a lucrative package? If I was Schalke, after hearing such announcement I would be tempted to say for Arsenal to pay the full whack upfront, because we could afford it.

  12. samsensible

    Surely, if you’re Puma you want to make a big splash. Surely unveiling one of Germany’s young outrageous talents in next season’s Arsenal shirt is precisely what should be happening today. And i don’t mean Gnabry, or Per.

    Well see Henry today…probably Ramsey too.

  13. in Diaby

    So nobody talking about THIS:
    Arsenal’s fixtures from February 8th:
    Man Utd
    Man City

  14. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough, I haven’t thought of that.

    It would be a win win situation for the club, the player and the sponsor if the Puma deal was announced AT THE SAME TIME as the sponsorship deal… what a buzz that would create. It would be a signal of intent of all the right notes and for all the right ears. It seriously would be a PR masterstroke.

    It would perhaps focus the minds of the players who make this World Cup there own that ARSENAL should be the club they should be looking at. Great point, samsensible.

    Get it done, Wenger, get it done.

  15. Charlie Boy

    Sagna to Citeh? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wolf of Wall Street

    I really struggled watching 3 hours of sexy, horny, dirty, naked and bikini-clad gorgeous women (without getting a huge erection!)

    Luckily, Mrs Boy was on hand to keep me semi 😀

  16. Thank you and goodnight


    Wenger can bid for me if he likes. Packet Marlboro lights and a 4 pack and i’m his. I’m as fat as Santos but better defensively:)

  17. shad

    if the FA cup draw wasn’t enough motivation for Wenger to move his senile ass in the transfer market then I don’t know what will. The Feb-March fixture list looks a nightmare but IF he does the right things, we might just be looking at a double..

  18. Leedsgunner

    If rumours are to be believed Sagna is possibly looking at £120 000 after tax per week for a three to four year deal from Monaco.

    Absolutely insane amount of money… I personally think with that kind of money I think Sagna will go. Sad though because if players like Draxler are en route to the club, *whisper* I think he could actually win something this year….

    Sagna’s seen us through a few tough years — it would be nice to see him win a trophy. A great servant to the club.

  19. Charlie Boy


    “Sagna’s seen us through a few tough years — it would be nice to see him win a trophy. A great servant to the club.”

    I don’t think anyone else could have put it any better!

  20. @snoekrats

    Hi Pedro

    Why dont you post a pic of that blonde of Wolf of Wall street tomorrow. Who needs Draxler when you can have her. Imagine what a lift it will give your readers ( Pun intended).

    Is Draxler also not injured till the end of March?

  21. sylvain

    shad : “if the FA cup draw wasn’t enough motivation for Wenger to move his senile ass in the transfer market then I don’t know what will. ”


  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: If rumours are to be believed Sagna is possibly looking at £120 000 after tax per week for a three to four year deal from Monaco.

    Yep, can’t imagine us offering him £180k/wk to rival it

    Having said that, Monaco might be owned by some rich buggers, but realistically they can’t continue shelling out cash all over the place. (Their tax deal with the French Gov cost them 50m euros) so £120k/wk for 3/4 years might not be entirely true

  23. Rhys Jaggar

    Hesitate to suggest our esteemed webhoster has already snorted a line or two before writing this, but on a few points of order:

    1. There are three cores at the club: English, German AND FRENCH.

    Sagna, Koscielny, Flamini, Giroud, Diaby, Sanogo. Oh, and all you francophiles fancy Cabaye, Gonalons, Pogba etc etc too.

    England have: Wilshere, AOC, Walcott, Gibbs and Jenkinson. One of whom you all want out the door, one of whom is always out with long-term injury and one of whom was shaping up as another van Persie until this season in terms of sick notes.

    Germany have; Ozil, Mertesacker, Podolski and the youth squad of Gnabry, Zelalem and Eisfeld. With another announced today??

    So it still looks like Germany is just about catching up France and has passed England.

    2. Man Utd have just slipped out of the top 3 on the Deloitte’s global football rich bitch list. Barca, Real and Bayern haver left them trailing. Still in 4th, but no longer the bench mark of cash generation. Arsenal were down in 7th, which will presumably be restored to 5th in the 2014 list with the Puma deal and others. Unless of course Man City get another £100m from organisations who can’t possibly earn £100m profits on the back of the investment…..

    But shoot a line before the Press Conference – it might make someone ask an interesting question for once!!

  24. Dark Hei

    I think it is all smoke and mirrors. The whole Draxler thing is that there is too much profile. Someone in Arsenal is feeding info to the media, and I think it is probably to turn attention away from Wenger’s true intentions.

  25. Moray

    That would be great for Sagna. A huge retirement payoff, a less stressful league in his home country, and the chance to win a medal. Fair do’s to the lad if he decides to bite their arm off. Just a shame we won’t get a transfer fee.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    Barton: Talksport…. (ye I know) saying Bayern are interested in Draxler

    Draxler is good enough that EVERYONE will be interested in him.

    Already an excellent player, and at 20 could end up being not too behind Ronaldo etc.

  27. Leedsgunner

    As good prospect as Zelalem is, if it is announced that he’s signed his first professional contract at the club and with no other transfer news at the press conference this afternoon it would be a MASSIVE let down.

    I hope there’s a killer transfer announcement packaged with the Puma deal today… it would be epic.

    I hope today is a “Where were you when Draxler was signed announced” moment for Gooners everywhere.

  28. samsensible

    NM but would they be interested at 35 million quid? That’s a massive sum for a lad who has done very little in the game.

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    Yeah I think it’s Schalke leaking all this to the press. Try and start a bidding war. Although I’d absolutely love to see players of that calibre playing for us alongside the boys we have. Hope I’m wrong about it being all bullshit though.

  30. Barton


    I can’t see it unless we’ve managed to smuggle him into the country and had him complete a medical (unless its been done in Germany?)

    You would have thought, with all the interest one or 2 paps would have spotted him somewhere?

  31. Leedsgunner

    Ozil, an ex-Schalke boy, should get on the phones and work them for the Arsenal… he must be an absolute legend with what he’s achieved in the game…

  32. shad


    I concur. That’ll probably spark a massive melt in the coming weeks. Wenger and the board had better have something good up their sleeves..

  33. Leedsgunner

    Dear Sagna

    If you want to return to France, fair enough, but if you love the Arsenal, please tell Man City to go away. You deserve better than them.

  34. Musketeer

    Morning all, of all the teams to play we choose Bayern who have a 14 point lead over Dortmund and a game in hand. They can afford to rest everybody for a few weeks.

    I hope Arsene makes and approach for the ‘HOT GIRL’ is the summer despite interest from others.

  35. the mighty karim

    I wouldn ‘t understand if Bac goes away for big money as we are starting to be a force again !

    Let him go back home when he’s 33/34 a la Abidal …..

    We still need you Bacary (and Ludivine too)

  36. Leedsgunner

    I hate transfer chicken. Why can’t we do what other big clubs do and have our transfer business done and dusted so we can get down to the season in hand… I bet WEnger is really get his rocks off on it. It’s torture though isn’t?

  37. samsensible

    I don’t know much about History, don’t know much biology.
    Don’t know much about Science Books, Don’t know much about the French I took.
    But I do know that the next stage in Julian Draxler’s development should not take place under David Moyes. And I know that if he chose Arsenal…
    What a wonderful world this would be.

  38. Craigy

    Sam….. There’s always a welcome to arsenal video if we go for a player, I refuse to watch them, talk about tempting fate! I hope this deal happens.

  39. Barton

    January 27, 2014 10:06:58
    So we haven’t even made an offer?

    Wouldn’t take that as true, so many reasons that the 2 clubs could be playing the game, there was much denial regarding the Ozil transfer too.

    Truth is, we can only speculate as to what is really happening, could be everything, could be nothing but I’m not taking anything I read from journo’s or the 2 clubs as anything more than bollox, safer for my health that way.

  40. Leedsgunner

    If Julian Draxler is in anyway tempted to go to Man United, I have a name for him to consider — Wilfred Zaha.

    Understood? Now, get that contract signed boy, you belong at the Arsenal!

  41. DUIFG

    Draxler could be our Oscar. Chelsea spunked 25 mil on the kid when he was 20 because they knew he was best in class. They are now sitting on a god.

    Stacker has the ability, lets get it done. He is 50 mil player in the making.

  42. LeMassiveCoq

    Fuck me Wenger, pull your finger out of yo’ tight fanny and sign the boy Draxler before some other motherfuckers do.

  43. Musketeer

    Some good shit right here, Wenger reveals his best and worst moments at Arsenal. I posted this because someone ask the question yesterday.

    My best Arsenal moment was Arsenal winning the league title in 98, it was unexpected and meant so much after my worse moment in losing the CWC final in 1995 (that one brought tears to my eyes as a teenager), watching Arsenal’s demise after that with George Graham buying yet another defensive player and the bung incident was also up there.

    The arrival of Henry was another one as I actually believe he was going to be as good as Wrighty.

    What is everyone’s worse or best Arsenal moments? Arsenal fan since August 88 and long after I am gone.

  44. squiggle

    I don’t understand this talk about ‘cores’. How many cores can one team have?

    And anyway, as well as five German and five English first team players, Arsenal also have five French and three Spanish first team players.

    So if there are cores, that makes four. And one bloody weird fruit.

  45. Musketeer

    I still cannot believe that CL final, Almunia let a RB (Balletti) equalise from a type angle, with a weak shot, at the near post and through his legs. That clueless waiter always was slow, yet he played in goal for us many years later the CLOWN.

  46. Leedsgunner

    Dissenter @1051

    100% right there. Fergie must have choked on his cornflakes when he read that. Which manager in their right mind gives a player in the dressing room that kind of control. Quickest way to create divisions, factions and cliques.

    Why doesn’t Moyes allow Shrek to decide the lineup and tactics as well?

    Smacks of sheer desperation.


  47. gambon

    Best Arsenal moment: When we went 2-0 up at WHL in 2004. We won the PL that day, and were comfortably the best team in Europe at that moment. We had overtaken UTD as the big team in the PL and were destined for a period of dominance.

    Worst: Losing 8-2. No doubt. Losing any game is bad, losing at OT is bad, losing 8-2 is complete humiliation, not even a conference side ships 8 goals when they go away to a big team. A few of my friends are UTD fans, including the guy I was best man for, and I was in the pub with them all. It didnt get lower for Arsenal than that.

  48. gazzap

    I thought Jenkinson was excellent the other night. If his name was Jenkinho and was Brazilian people would really rate him.

    City play two of their ‘hard’ games in the next few days (spurs and chelsea). They have to drop some points. IF they win both of them then I really don’t see us winning the league, even if we can beat them. Our fixture list is nightmarish. So it’s a big week for City and we need to take 6 points from Southampton and Palace.

    my view is that Arsenal are trying really hard to keep the draxler deal secret but I would expect this is being sorted for the summer, NOT january. Schalke wont want to sell to Bayern.

  49. andy1886

    Can anyone confirm the Puma Green/Blue third kit? I loved the original back circa ’83 although just about everyone else hated it. At least they’ll sell one….

  50. Romford Pele

    To be honest, I’ll be seriously peaved if Sagna goes, the dude is a warrior. He’s given 6 years of solid service and is a solid 7/10 every week. I know he’s getting on but for people like Rosicky and himself, I’m willing to bend the rules. You can never question their commitment.

  51. Leedsgunner

    Best moment: 37th min 2006 Champion’s League Final when Sol Campbell scored… the fact that we were up despite being a man down showed such character especially in such a final profile game.

    Worst moment: it’s a close call between 2.

    1. 81 min of the same game when as Musketeer says Almunia allowed a weak shot from Belletti through to win the game for Barcelona

    2. Personally, I know quite a few Bradford City fans and it was horrible being knocked out of the League Cup last year by such supposed lowly opposition. They played out of their skin. We played like we were still in bed.

    No fight, no drive, no pride.

    The ribbing I received for weeks afterwards was horrible.

  52. DUIFG

    If we somehow manage to win the prem it has to go down as wengers best achievement.

    This city side has the scariest strike force the prem has seen in my view. Much better than the cr7 tevez Rooney line up. Only probably the prime pires Henry years can compare.

  53. N5

    Sorry Dissenter I didn’t read the link, I thought you meant discussion who he was looking at buying with Shrek and hence me saying isn’t that what happened with RvP.

  54. samsensible

    Overmars’ winner at Old Trafford.
    Winning the league at Old Trafford.
    Van Nistlerooy missing the penalty at the Battle of Old Trafford
    Winning the league at White Hart Lane and Sol Campbell showing his class by running down the tunnel.

    Lowest point, Chelsea ‘s emergence.

  55. Guns of brixton

    The worst moment for me was the FA cup final vs liverpool. 2 owen goals in the last 10 mins. to win it for them. my hatred for them hit new heights at that moment.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    I thought there’d at least be some substantial stuff on Draxler by now.

    It’s far too quiet on our front – Wenger blows this window, it’s over.

    Our squad can’t handle the run in coming up. A lot of those games are the type where they’ll be a single moment to win it, we don’t have the personnel in attack to do that.

    Worrying times, best chance in years to do something and we’re kissing it goodbye.

  57. gambon

    Agree Romford

    We suffered for years letting players go too soon, while UTD and Chelsea have done well with the likes of Vidic, Giggs, Scholes, Lampard, Terry, Cole.

    Sagna for the team, and Rosicky for the squad are absolutely ideal.

    We have a lot of work to do this summer, looking for a new RB is the last thing we need.

  58. Leedsgunner


    Personally I think Jenkinson was excellent the other night because we were playing opposition at his present level, that is, League 1. I love the boy’s passion for all things Arsenal but he’s nowhere near ready especially after the legend that’s Sagna. He needs to go on loan to another smaller EPL team or a high flying Championship team and get a run of games in.

    Would love to see someone like Seamus Coleman coming in for Sagna but sadly I can’t see that happen. Ideally I would love to see Sagna stay but I think the monies too good and he’ll look for a big payout.

  59. gambon

    Yennaris was never good enough, but the amount of people on here, lead by Sam, calling for him to be in the team, is silly.

    I think there will be a big clear out this summer at youth level.

    We are pretty poor at U21 level, and absolutely appalling at U18 level.

    Our academy really isnt producing right now, so its a big job for this dutch guy. Would be a shame of there was a 10-15 year gap before another academy kid makes the grade.

  60. JamesH

    I can still see Henry running towards our end in Paris to seal a 2 -0 win and somehow he missed. Have never watched the highlights. Anfield 89 will never be replicated although Arsenal /Everton 98 was close. Away end Old.Trafford 2004 also close.

  61. Barton

    gazzapJanuary 27, 2014 11:18:11
    my view is that Arsenal are trying really hard to keep the draxler deal secret but I would expect this is being sorted for the summer, NOT january. Schalke wont want to sell to Bayern.

    in which case, schalke won’t have a say in it if its to be believed his release clause is activated at the end of the season.

  62. DUIFG

    Saw a comment made by wenger that he is looking to tie verm down to a new contract?!

    I like verm but he hasn’t shown anything for a couple of years, he leaks. He surely won’t be happy to be 3rd choice. Having a sr guy on 100k the bench would seem excessive. May be a bette option to ship him and get a fresh young guy in.

  63. samsensible

    Beating Real Madrid..

    Despite not scoring,.for me, seeing some of Bergkamps touches and through balls in his first matches for Arsenal was amazing. Suddenly realising we had a wizard was great. Those opening goals versus Southampton were a joy to experience. The relief when those went in.

  64. gambon

    Yennaris, Boateng, Miquel, Coquelin, Frimpong, Aneke, Miyaichi, Wellington, Afobe, Ansah and maybe Campbell all to leave this summer.

    Most of these guys have just missed their window, so time to move on.

    Campbell may get a chance, but if we sign Draxler it isnt that realistic. I think he has a fairly hefty buy clause in his loan deal so may as well raise some cash if the greeks want him.

  65. Danny

    Well I’m a bit older than some of you lot, so for me Charlie George’s winner in ’71, Alan Smith ’94, Adams ’98, but no.1 is Mickey Thomas ’89 – I cried my bleeding eyes out when that went in.
    Lowest – sadly so many but probably Eduardo’s injury, just knew that that was the beginning of the end, we suffered for years after that. Maybe now we’re starting to come out from that.

  66. Guns of brixton

    Bergkamps goal vs newcastle was something else.

    his goal vs chelc in the FA cup final was just as amazing.
    would love to see him back in the AFC fold again in a coaching role.

  67. gambon


    Wenger is just playing Poker, we are definitely selling Vermaelen this summer.

    He will not sign another deal while sitting on the bench, it makes no sense for us to reinstate him, he will have the captaincy stripped which will almost certainly prompt a move.

    We will get more for him by saying “we would love him to stay” than “yes, we are looking to sell”.

    At the moment we’re a bit short at CB. We could bring 2 CBs in for Vermaelens salary.

    Wouldnt surprise me if we signed Kouyate & Lescalles this summer for about £10m.

  68. g0tch34ted

    Best – Unbeaten 2004.

    Worst – Well, 8-2 was horrible. But so was losing 6-1 to United in 2001. Giving 4 back to Newcastle is also up there.

    That said i’ve never been so gutted as the Champions League Final. Ugh.

  69. JamesH

    WHL 87 was pretty special. Not sure how many extra thousands stood in the away end that night but when Rocky scored in injury time it was unreal.

  70. Guns of brixton


    great commentary that day too. never will i forgot ”from russia with love” when AA23 scored the 4th.

    nb- still dnt knw how benayoun scored that last 1.

  71. DUIFG

    It would make sense gambon. The new deal aspect threw me. Fair enough say ye he is still par of our plans, quite another to promise the guy another deal!

    Tricky proposition bringing in a 3rd choice CB. Tough sell but it’s a crucial postion in terms of the squad.

  72. Sam


    You start your crap again,
    Yennaris is the usual arsenal stories, long injuries. Then fell behind bellerin n jenkinson n time is running out for him to play first team football
    To call him not good enough is totally rubbish. It’s wenger’s

  73. Romford Pele


    Not sure how much of a difference it’ll make really. Milan is a hard sell right now. They have no money and no chance of making CL next season. They’re over reliant on Balotelli. That said, this could be the making of him.

  74. Dissenter

    Vermalein has to leave in the summer, if he has any modicum of respect.
    I assumed golf is the only sport with a non-playing captain. If he’s really as good as we thought he is. He’s got to go.

  75. andy1886

    Inter Milan 1 Arsenal 5 – my best CL away day.

    Torino 0 Arsenal 0 – the most boring trip (we were stuck right up in the top corner of the Stadio delle Alpi, a crap decaying stadium).

  76. Sam


    Learn how to wish player well when they leave arsenal.
    Football is also a professional career so they deserve chance elsewhere no need to hate.

  77. Danny

    As a kid seeing us loose to Swindon made me pretty immune to classic Arsenal disasters! In fact that match made me learn very early on in life that nothing is ever taken for granted, absolutely nothing.

  78. Dissenter

    Lowest moment as a gooner is seeing Almunia open up his near post twice at the Stade de France.
    I still wince every time I remember Henry breaking loose only to waste the chance.
    Hearing those Chelski idiots singing “only one club in London with (an) European cup makes me want to become a hooligan.

  79. Guns of brixton

    Chelcs run to win the CL was flukish. it was a strange turn of events. their sqaud was quite weak at the time in comparison to there opponets at the time.

  80. N5

    Highest point: Thomas charging through the midfield, Thomas, it’s up for grabs now! Thomas!

    Lowest point: Tottenham 3 Arsenal 1 FA Cup.

  81. N5

    Bermy you fucker, I only saw the Draxler confirmed and ran off in search of this and then scrolled down to the just kidding! ARGGHGHGGHGHHH

  82. ardentgooner

    Facorite Arsenal Moments

    1. Winning the league at WHL
    2. Wiltooord goat at OT
    3. Cesc scoring at San siro against Milan when no one gave us a chance. 2-0. Happy as fuck that day!