Future superstar signing on shortly | The next big thing to land EOM?

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Celebrating with Big T

Celebrating with Big T

Well, well, well… the papers will not let the Draxler rumours die! They’re all back with the story this morning that Arsenal are going to seal a £36m deal for the talented attacking midfielder.

Arsene said he didn’t want a wide attacker the other day,but we all know the rumour is that Draxler is for the middle going forward. Also, I think it’s a bit wide of the mark to suggest we don’t need a wide attacker, because after losing the pace of Theo, I feel we certainly do.

People talk about Draxler being a luxury signing, well, I totally disagree. He’s what we need right now. A versatile attacker who can play anywhere across the front three. He gives us height, he gives us pace and he gives us an outrageously talented threat from all over the final third. The other element he brings to the set up is a excitement. Players are like fans, they like to see super talent join the ranks… aside from Ozil being a sublime footballer… his biggest impact came from exciting the squad and raising the bar.

For me, signing Draxler would mark another sharp turn in our transfer strategy. We’re not only paying out big money, we’re now taking a punt on young talent with big money. I mean, I’ve no doubt this guy will be mustard, he’s outrageous for one so young… but this is a massive outlay for a player who has much to prove. But how exciting is this? If Wenger punts for him, it shows he does mean business… it’ll also take the pressure off him if push comes to shove and we don’t win anything… and it’ll lay the foundations perfectly for bolstering in the summer. We might not need to go for a striker, then we’ll focus on bringing in a right back, a box to box warrior and a centre back.

I still don’t know whether he’ll go for it, I can’t help but think maybe we’re being forced into this because the clubs around us are spending, Schalke and Arsenal are exclusive on this deal at the moment. Come the summer, United could be in for him and the situation of our half season success might not be the same. It’s a win for me if this happens… let’s hope he can be the equivalent of the Andrey signing from way back when…

I’m still wary that most of the buzz around the move comes from Germany, but we shall see!

In other news, Zelalem is now old enough to drive and take his first pro-contract with Arsenal. The talented Ethiopian/American/German will earn himself a nice bit of wedge moving forward. No more washing Per Mertesacker’s car for chump change, oh no, he’ll be taking a cool £15k a week. Well, I’m guessing that’s what he’ll be taking.

The boy has it all. Incredible vision, calmness on the ball and most importantly for this league, an East African engine. So a mix of Flamini workrate and Cesc pass rate is what we can hope for. The club are incredibly excited about what he can bring and the hope is that he can be our new Cesc. Imagine, you’re a talent on that level and you’re learning your trade from Ozil and Cazorla. That’s what a proper structure brings… kids, learning from seasoned professionals.

Aaron Ramsey gave the fans a big G up on the support front.

“We still appreciate every moment of the support that the fans give us but it’s part of the job so you have to concentrate on your game and shut that out.

“It’s amazing the amount of support you get playing in that sort of atmosphere week in week out.”

The ground has been buzzing this year. I know there are some games when it’s a bit quieter, but that’s the nature of the beast. You’re not going to be as fired up for Fulham as you are for Spurs. That’s the same at every club. However, this season, I feel like fans have found their voices. There’s more of a community where I sit and the acid levels of the past 3 season are suitably neutralised. Why?

1. Obviously, we’re winning

2. The club are showing ambition, so we don’t feel ripped off

3. The players, over the last 2 years, have shown the right attitude

When you can see your investment in the team matched by the club, it’s hard to be angry (until they put the prices up by 3%). For years it’s been take, take, take from Arsenal. Crap players on greedy contracts, lack lustre return, the same mistakes rehashed over and over again… things have turned over the last two years and the fruits of those changes are there for all to see. Which makes for a more positive atmosphere.

All in all, happy days. DO IT ARSENE. Buy and be happy.

P.S. If you’d like some further reading, jump on this article that was translated from a German magazine by the  good people of the German Arsenal Supporters group, it includes quotes from an interview with David Winner (DB10’s “Stillness & Speed”) as well as some basic research about the club and Arsene Wenger in particular. CLICK



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  1. Simon

    Anyone fancy starting a ‘we grew up with our club’ blog? Nothing too serious but just about our memories, lives, hopes and fears?

  2. Revving Kevin

    Dear Marble
    Paul vaessen had to retire at 21 due to injury. Postman but got stabbed in a drug deal and lost 40 pints of blood. Survived all that but was a criminal and a heroine addict. Died in the bath of an overdose. Real shame, had he not had to retire, who knows.

  3. andy1886

    Time for bed chaps (I thought you were off ages ago N5, but it looks like we kept you up!).

    As a parting thought remember if you think our strikers aren’t all that today look back at at circa 1981/2 when we had to put up with John Hawley (!!), Brian McDermott and Raphael Meade. Maybe things aren’t so bad after all….

  4. The Poldi Prince

    Have to be happy about playing pool. Another big pay day and we’ve looked so good at home. Love to spank them again.

    Also, pretty sure none of our first team squad will go anywhere this season. Cohesion is too good currently. Poldi on fire. Could happen at the end of season though.

    Anyone else read about mandzukic being frozen out already? I’d be all over that.

  5. The Poldi Prince

    Mandzukic is a borderline world class player. Would fit our current system and be a massive upgrade on giz. I also think giz would play more high level games with less fatigue.

    Giroud is the perfect reserve forward. Mo way he should be the number one forward on a team with title aspirations

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    We’re not going to be able to compete with Monaco on wages now

    Will come down to how much Sagna likes London, Arsenal, PL etc.

    I think we’re offering £80k though. (reality is, none of us really know)