Draxler rumours back again… | Arsenal spank Coventry

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Well good morning to you all! Arsenal trotted out a pretty simple win over a Coventry side that were always going to struggle against seasoned internationals on a different level of fitness and technical ability.

I actually missed the match last night, so don’t have much of an overview for you. The goals were all pretty standard, nothing dazzling. 2 for Podolski will do his confidence the world of good, one for Giroud to push up his tally for the season and a goal for Santi as well.

A nice evening, even a bit of a protest from the Coventry fans, all holding up their sheets of paper saying ‘why?’… obviously a reference to a dodgy sub or something?

Anyway, progression into the next round… hopefully it’ll be another sweet draw so we can field a similar team to last night.

In other news around the club, there’s plenty of spicy talk around Draxler coming over in January. This would fly in the face of Wenger’s assertions that he won’t be buying.

‘We have no need to take players on the flank. We don’t rule a striker out. But at the moment I cannot announce anything.’

.. but if Schalke are desperate for cash and that will allow Arsenal to guarantee the signing of him, it would make sense to sign him now, rather than wait for the whole world to go crazy for him after a great showing in the summer.

I’d still be surprised, but the rumours don’t want to die do they? Also, the rumour is aided by Fjortoft, the guy who called Ozil. Apparently. I don’t know how many other rumours he’s called that have disappeared… but whatever.

This really has been a flat window so far. However, simple facts are United and Chelsea have bolstered… City haven’t, because they don’t need to… but Arsenal really could do with a spare body. Nik B and Giroud for the run in… well, it makes me nervous. No Theo as well… we really could do with some pace.

Anyway, that’s all I have time for today… have a good one.

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  1. Simon


    If we signed Messi here it would be:

    Barcelona caste-off. Fuck off.
    He’s past it and NOW we buy him!
    Fucking midget. Same ol Wenger.
    Wenger could have bought Ronaldo, picked the wrong one again!

  2. Simon


    For the summer I heard. Do you think winger would have gone for costa?

    Who on earth are we going to go for? Mandzukic? Not sure.

  3. Leedsgunner

    Kjafc @1806

    I don’t think I did call anyone a name of any great significance but if you were offended by the title “Wengerboys” I withdraw the comment. (Although I’ve been called a lot worse on here to be honest…)

    Now if the people concerned could address the issues rather than deflecting on to another side matter, that would be refreshing.

    By the way I always start from the position that we all love the club, and it’s ok to disagree. However because I enjoy debate I want to know why you disagree.