Draxler rumours back again… | Arsenal spank Coventry

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Well good morning to you all! Arsenal trotted out a pretty simple win over a Coventry side that were always going to struggle against seasoned internationals on a different level of fitness and technical ability.

I actually missed the match last night, so don’t have much of an overview for you. The goals were all pretty standard, nothing dazzling. 2 for Podolski will do his confidence the world of good, one for Giroud to push up his tally for the season and a goal for Santi as well.

A nice evening, even a bit of a protest from the Coventry fans, all holding up their sheets of paper saying ‘why?’… obviously a reference to a dodgy sub or something?

Anyway, progression into the next round… hopefully it’ll be another sweet draw so we can field a similar team to last night.

In other news around the club, there’s plenty of spicy talk around Draxler coming over in January. This would fly in the face of Wenger’s assertions that he won’t be buying.

‘We have no need to take players on the flank. We don’t rule a striker out. But at the moment I cannot announce anything.’

.. but if Schalke are desperate for cash and that will allow Arsenal to guarantee the signing of him, it would make sense to sign him now, rather than wait for the whole world to go crazy for him after a great showing in the summer.

I’d still be surprised, but the rumours don’t want to die do they? Also, the rumour is aided by Fjortoft, the guy who called Ozil. Apparently. I don’t know how many other rumours he’s called that have disappeared… but whatever.

This really has been a flat window so far. However, simple facts are United and Chelsea have bolstered… City haven’t, because they don’t need to… but Arsenal really could do with a spare body. Nik B and Giroud for the run in… well, it makes me nervous. No Theo as well… we really could do with some pace.

Anyway, that’s all I have time for today… have a good one.

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  1. Nasri's Mouth


    Relying on Draxler to play as a false 9 is a gamble. Wenger knows much more about players than me, so maybe he can see it, but me personally I wouldn’t want to risk it

    Of course as a wide player, he’d still be excellent

  2. Evan

    Arsene is the handbrake.

    Most people would agree we need a goal scorer, will that happen?

    Signing a quality player(Draxler) is a no brainer, I welcome him

    If Wenger signs a striker plus draxler, then im confident we can win something.. I feel this would give us a good chance of winning the league

    If he doesnt strengthen and signs his new contract and we win fuck all, then he is a disgrace

  3. hackneylad

    Look at Real Madrid

    Most of there goals come from the wing aka Ronaldo. 21 goals

    There striker Benzema only scored 10. thats 1 more than Giroud.

    What I mean to say is that if we get a winger who can score goals that can more than compensate for Giroud as long as Giroud supports said winger to score goals like Benzema does for Ronaldo.

    If draxler is a monster on the wings and can get all the goals from there we need not convert him…

  4. kwik fit

    Last nights game could be historic because of the introduction of Zelaham. Many ‘in the know’ rate the guy better than Cesc. He does look so assured on the ball. Maybe atm he’s a bit fragile in frame but he could well be involved in the first team in the not to distant future.

  5. Savage

    “Most of there goals come from the wing aka Ronaldo. 21 goals
    There striker Benzema only scored 10. thats 1 more than Giroud.”

    Good observation.

  6. tunnygriffboy

    If we buy Draxler I would happily take Mandzukic as our CF. Front 3 of Draxler, Mandzukic, Walcott next season would be a handful for anyone with Ozil and Santi behind.

    All we’d need then is WC CDM and sortout our defensive cover. We are not too far from being really competitive across the board.

  7. Savage

    @kwik, I have the same reservations about his frame. Wenger also commented on the physicality problem recently when referring to a lot of the kids coming through. You look at a kid like Kris Olsson and you can’t see his build surviving in the Prem.

    Which is why Gnabry is such a good prospect.

  8. hackneylad


    I want a replacement for Giroud like most fans.

    I am just trying to point out that in the mean time we can adapt to the situation we are in, by getting goals from all over the pitch especially on the wings. The problem we have though is Gnarby and OX aren’t goal scorers not yet anyway.. if we bought Draxler I believe he would score a fair few goals this season(despite not scoring many for Schalke this season), I realise at this current point his injured but he will be back to fitness in a matter of weeks so could provide vital ammunition during our tough stretch of games.

    IMO I would prefer to sign a WC or potential world class/elite winger over an average or past it striker aka berbatov.

    One of the main things we are missing is pace, so why not sign pacey with a good finish on him. Giroud can support and assist said player for the rest of the season, then in january we can go in for a WC striker.. It’s better deal then being lumbered with a shit quick fix cf we then can’t get of our books.

  9. Simon


    I am feeling that too. Just feel arsenal are not going to do both and restructure their debt in jan – maybe puma money is upfront in which case we might play a blinder!

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    Gnabry is 18 months older than Zelalem, he’s got time to get stronger.

    If he can he’s got the chance to be a 1st teamer for us.

  11. hackneylad

    We all know Cazorla hasn’t had the great season that he did last year.

    But on the positives his allot allot allot stronger than he was last season his no longer getting swatted of the ball like a fly and his fighting back from tough tackles.

    His also tracking back allot and showing defensive dedication.

    His an amazing player whose playing no where near his top level when he hits form again his going to win us matches, in fact he already has playing poorly.

    He rejected Real Madrid for “football reasons” His a class guy!

  12. hackneylad

    No smoke without fire. Every football expert

    I think we are in for Draxler.. I believe that we will see him join in the summer but arranging the contract now.

    I think it would make more sense to bring Draxler in now get him accustomed to the set up and contribute to the title campaign. Don’t really no why we would wait? Unless it was Schalke not allowing the sale till summer.

  13. Radio Raheem

    Özil is the second tier one player we’ve signed in the last 2 years. Cazorla the first. Cazorla was a £30m player we paid £12m for. I think this ‘bargain’ skews how people assess his value to us. He is one of my favourite players in the squad. Even on his bad he contributes a lot to how well we keep the ball.

  14. Thomas


    Constant attacks? lol I said before that a lot of Arsenal fans are obsessed with Man Utd which they are and now this. Whatever.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Having had a compound fracture of my lower leg when I was younger, (still have scars where the bones came through the skin) always make me grimace when I see injuries like that

  16. hackneylad


    Fans of every team don’t belong in a vacuum thus other teams results have an outcome on our results and thus are future success.

    An an Arsenal fan I want Arsenal to do the best and therefore I want are rivals to do worse than us.

    When a rival team gets through to a next round or is having a very good run of games I don’t like this because I see it as a threat to my team.

    It is simple human nature for us to be annoyed when are rivals succeed.

    So stop attacking fellow Arsenal fans for having a moan about Chelsea no one is asking you to agree or to join in but just to simply stop slating your fellow arsenal fans as it shows disloyalty.

  17. MarbleHall

    “An an Arsenal fan I want Arsenal to do the best and therefore I want are rivals to do worse than us.”

    Shame Wenger doesn’t share those views.
    You must be really angry with wenger for selling Van Persie to one of our main rivals

  18. Craigy

    Nasri mouth……. Can’t picture who that Richard keyes is I’ll youtube him now ha ha, Andy gray used to annoy me, but when he got sacked I realised how much I missed him, specially wen he was replaced by Alan smith, luv the guy but he drones wen he talks, it’s so dull listening to it, Andy gray added a bit of spice :), jus found out there was a nasty leg break, how bad was it? Bless him!

  19. WengerEagle

    Haha N5 fairplay mate! Everton 2-0 to the good, hope you enjoy that chipper 😉

    I’ve got the Strippers and the Cocaine at the ready over here with my €28.50 winnings!

  20. Revving Kevin

    Dear Jamal
    Yes you are right. The only reason for wanting an ‘easier’ and pref home draw is Becos the FA cup games come in between a busy period of tough games. About time we got a bit of luck for a change!

  21. WengerEagle

    I don’t mind who we get in the Cup as long as we avoid City, Chelsea and Everton, all would be very tricky ties. Everyone else we are capable of beating quite comfortably IMO

  22. N5

    Lol WE, 12 predicted wins and only 28 euros, no wonder those bloody betting shops make so much money the bastards. Well enjoy whatever you do with it mate, you deserve it for risking money on anything I say 😛

  23. WengerEagle

    Borrussia Dortmund’s slump continues, drew 2-2 at Home today against Augsburg. Leverkusen themselves lost 3-2 away at Freiburg virtually handing Bayern Munich the Bundesliga title in January

  24. Romford Pele

    Sorry Leeds, just saw your post. I’m not sure what Wenger’s plans are RE Draxler if we get him but it’s a direct improvement for sure. People talk about needing a striker and I don’t disagree but just signing one doesn’t automatically elevate us. Theo was our top goalscorers from the wing last year. There are numerous ways to skin a cat. Loads of players in the team have the capacity to score a shed load. It’s more about improving our overall efficiency. I’m starting to actually think a top DM is more of a requirement personally.

  25. Toli83


    Grimandi was at the game watching Ntep – brilliant.

    Draxler story is just running without much credibility.

    My personal feeling is we won’t get anyone – which will be criminal.

  26. WengerEagle

    Haha N5 I know but the way I look at it I just won nearly 30 quid watching a bit of footy! Happy days and thanks for the tip, 12 correct predictions you should be proud of yourself fella

  27. tunnygriffboy


    Agree totally we needWC DM who can cover the ground quickly, stick his foot in but be able to play as well. Also I’d prefer if we had pace upfront whether it be CF or wide player. For the future Draxler would be awesome

  28. Romford Pele

    Tunny you don’t think we have pace with the likes of Theo, Gnabry, Ox? I know Theo is the quickest but Gnabry is only marginally behind.

    Also, you have to remember it’s hard for us because teams just defend their 18 yard box, especially at the Emirates so there really isn’t much room to manoeuvre.

  29. tunnygriffboy


    If bookies saying 1/5 on Draxler coming to us I’ll go and put £100 on. I’d be more than happy to lose that. Should he not come then heyho, I’ll win some dosh !

  30. nemesis

    Anyone think we should change formation to 4-4-1-1 ? Santi on the left,mesut on the right to accomodate a support striker.

  31. tunnygriffboy


    I am concerned thatvTheo out for the season and we’d miss his pace against the bigger sides.. He looks to get on the shoulder and get in behind. From what I’ve seen Ox and Gnabry like to drive at opponents with the ball at their feet. However we forget how young they are. Though they are quick they not super quick a la Theo although they technically and defensively better.

  32. gary

    I was gutted when rvp joined manure but i wouldnt blâme arsenal or the board .. the guy wanted to leave.. his contract was running down and We got à good price .. but lets just blâme wenger..its easier

  33. Leedsgunner

    Apparently Blanc has come out and said he wants Cabaye.

    I reckon if PSG offer £25m they’ll find it hard to turn it down. It works for PSG because they get a versatile player who is Champions’ League eligible who’ll probably replace Matuidi if he leaves on a free in the summer. Where’s Matuidi going anyone know? Bayern Munich? If he’s not spoken for he would be an excellent acquisition as a starter DM as Flamini and Arteta get older and slower. He has been solid for PSG.

  34. Harry Redknapp

    gnarby deffo not moving at theo speeds, watched the reserves plenty over the years it would suprise me completely

  35. tunnygriffboy

    Hope Viera being nice about Ramsey without ulterior motives. Rambo seems a level headed young man who should realise that he part of a very good young core of players that are part of a squad appearing to go places. He also is aware that he has the backing of a very supportive manager.

    City are City though . . . . .

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m with RP

    No chance of Ramsey going.

    Though we might need to give him a wage rise soon…

    This is a nicely done piece about Arsenal

  37. Leedsgunner

    I’m just hoping with the “big boys” like Man United and Chelsea doing deals, that this will force Wengazidas’ hand to make a similar statement. If they don’t and we lose by a point or two, they’ll be absolutely crucified.

    Amazing how Wenger suddenly becomes active in the transfer market when he thinks his skin is on the line…

  38. Leedsgunner

    AW said a little while ago that he was pleased that he didn’t have to sell his players and I think he genuinely meant it… which is fantastic.

    Although I wish he get rid of the deadwood though, they can’t go fast enough.

  39. Leedsgunner


    Damn, I was hoping Maureen would string it out some more… then terminate the deal at the death…

    With that signing Moyes just bought himself some more time and Wenger just found himself another excuse if we lose to the scum.

    Although it’s just one player, we should still have in our locker to beat them at home… We better anyways.

  40. Thomas

    I agree about the deadwood. So many players need to be sold right now.


  41. Jamal

    I’d expect Utd to be on top form when they play us with RVP and Rooney added to Mata they’ll be very dangerous going fowards but we really should beat them if we want to win the league.

  42. Leedsgunner

    I would keep Campbell though… seems to be have been hitting the onion bag over in Greece – useful as 3rd choice striker and developing him on.

    I would add Eisfield, Afobe and Martinez (GK) to those who should go. They should be contributing by now.

    I like Eisfield, and I was hoping to see more of him this year but if Wenger is going to play Zelalem over someone 3 years older against an opponent like Coventry — it’s clear he doesn’t have a future at the club. Maybe he could be a useful makeweight for a transfer for one of our targets in the next week.

  43. Sam

    Kwit Fit,

    a youtube welcome to arsenal vid for Dracula

    not yet?

    Pic of him holding the shirt with Wenger smiling


  44. Toli83

    Mata is an unreal signing for them though. Like Ozil for us it will lift them.

    Difference is he has prem experience and should take to them like a duck to water.

    Surprised Maureen done it to be honest.

  45. Ines

    Chelsea are successfully taking steps to cement their place as the boring ones. Can’t believe they let their best and most talented player go. When they bought Mata they were moving from Maureen football to something better. Oh the irony..
    Wonder how long he will stay there.
    Hope he fecks off even before Moyes.

    We will sign somebody but we’ll have to wait until deadline day. Difficult fixtures are starting in February. Plenty of time left…

  46. Harry Redknapp

    does no one think redrom was like fuck it we cant pay this player 150k a week and he just sit watching when some alsorans are offering 35mill, come on are we sure jose sanctioned this? this is someones investment not just football management

  47. Harry Redknapp

    well think of it like this, you got 150k a week player your not using but you also got a list of targets, if the player is not good enough for you why would you fear him?

  48. Romford Pele

    Mou just wants those who fully buy into his philosophy, Mata didn’t, hence why he was shipped out. It’s not like they’re short with Willian, Oscar, Hazard, Schurrle or Salah. Moses still on loan too.

  49. tunnygriffboy

    Costa always likely to go to Chelsea as shares same agent as Maureen. I’ m not convinced we’ll get a Costa, Cavani level striker. If we got Draxler a Mandzukic type plus quality CDM would do me along with defensive re balancing.

  50. Cesc Appeal



    If Draxler turns into what a lot of people expect him to, a world class ST won’t be necessary. We still need an upgrade on Giroud. And Perhaps Mandzukic is the man for that. He’s like Giroud only a lot more mobile and not so cumbersome.

    Shares the strength, aggression, aerial ability that Giroud does coupled with more speed, agility and better finishing.

    But If you’ve got Draxler one side of Ozil, Walcott the other – that adds up to a lot of goals, a lot of pace and directness but with the cleverness of Ozil and Draxler added as well.

    Plus the options you have then are huge, Gnabry, Rosicky, Ox, Cazorla, Podolski etc

    And yeah a new CDM would be good, top buy for me would be Pogba (but I doubt that, £40 Million has been bandied about which seems a bit steep to me) or Bender…

    But, Matuidi or Gustavo would do for me as well. Matuidi being free in June.

    Maybe a guy like Lasceles to be 4th choice CB, Schar for the RB slot to take over from Sagna one day.

    Draxler would be your big buy, £30+ Million, Mandzukic, I would guess £15-20 Million, Schar £5-10 Million, Lasceles £3 Million and then Matuidi FREE.

    That’s a very competent, balance squad with a lot of firepower, a lot of skill and a lot of directness balanced by a lot of ball players.

  51. Dannyboy

    Fucking Huddersfield the Yorkshire cunts costing me $500 on a 10 game accumulator.. All other 9 came in and Huddersfield were one of the most odds on to win and they fucked me over. Pricks!

    Mata is 5 foot 8 and 63 kg.. That’s astronomically lightweight, how the fuck is he so good! I’m a 6 foot 2 snooker cue and I’m 75kg.

    Also, interested to know how many people have watched a lot of Jules-Drax live? Rating someone on a 2 minute Youtube video is like deciding on what chick to date based purely on their Facebook Profile Picture.. Gotta do more research lads!

  52. useroz

    Wengrr is reckless and a disgrace, but not to those with short memory and short sighted.

    Reckless because we have needs in one or more positions, and there is a window to do something and more likely than not wenger chooses to/prefers not do business. And the club has the means too.

    Disgrace because Wenger puts his personal ideals and stupid philosophy in what’s right /wrong in player transfers (and timing of) ahead of the club’s opportunity to better position for a trophy.

    And this guy is being paid 7 or 8m a year to do exactly that??

    Wenger saying Mata to United. Is ‘unfair’. FFS, life is unfair. Why is it you get 150K a week and many of us get that or less a year??

    Mind your own business and do wot you are paid. Find us a better striker, and so on.

  53. BacaryisGod

    F.A Cup 5th Round (assuming Chelsea and Fulham progress)

    I’m thinking there’s a 63.33% chance we get a favourable draw.

    Here’s how:

    WANT: All fixtures vs. Hull, Fulham, Cardiff, Brighton, Sheff W, Wigan, Notts.Forest, Charlton. Home fixture vs. Soton, Swansea, Sunderland

    DON’T WANT: All fixtures vs. Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Everton. Away fixture vs. Swansea, Soton, Sunderland

    TOTAL: 30 fixtures
    WANT: 19 fixtures
    DON’T WANT: 11 fixtures

  54. Romford Pele

    Wenger seems to be hot news in Germany right now. Front cover of German magazine Freunde says: “New tricks from the old magician”.

    Not that I have a clue what that means!

  55. Hitman49


    No he’s just being WENGER ! I don’t see anyone else rushing in to buy this what 20 year old who’s injured ?

    Only we would do that !

    The rest could be at home laughing their nuts off !

    And well have to wait 3/4 seasons for him to come good ?

    I hope that’s wrong but on past form that’s probably the way it’ll go !

  56. N5

    A kid of Draxlers quality doesn’t take 3/4 seasons to come good and others haven’t bid on him because they don’t need him.

    Sometimes I’m sure you guys moan for the sake of it. Draxler is absolute quality that may or may not be worth £37 million but he is definitely a step up from players usually suggested on here.

    I remember over the summer 80% of the Grove slagging of Higuain, he’s not worth this, why risk that and then when he went to Napoli and ended up being very good like a number of us said he would all of you started saying Wenger is a right dickhead for not buying Higuain!

    Now Draxler is shit and he’s not even signed for us! embarrassing.

  57. Sam


    Grovers are like troublesome kids please ignore them
    Always wanting a new toy once they get it, it’s shit they want a new one.

    Personally see draxler as a 20 years old that will need time to settle in a new country. I don’t expect him to win us the league immediately.
    He should be given time till next season

  58. Sam

    I see him like our summer signing we are bringing him early in case our frontmen crock in the middle of tittle race. Anything else is a bonus

  59. N5

    Spot on Sam, I don’t think for a minute he would set the league on fire in 6 months, but he isn’t going to take 3/4 seasons to settle, that’s just madness.

  60. Moray

    It seems Chelski are doing some good business this window (I don’t consider flogging Mata as good business, esp to Man U, but it is if they don’t plan to play him).

  61. Toli83

    Chelsea have done good business.

    Don’t see how they’ve taken Diago Costa from under our noses, we were never in for him.

    Makes you wonder, if they are doing that why not send Mata back to Athletico rather than strengthen a rival.

  62. Hitman49

    Boys and girls relax.

    Breath in and out count to six and repeat !

    No one said he wasn’t any good !

    I personally have never been against who we buy !

    So relax one and all, you all want to attack people on here what is it with you all ??

  63. WengerEagle

    Mata’s a great signing for United but there is still major work needed to be done there for them to be a force again. They at least need a quality LB, 2 CB’s, 2 CM’s (CDM, B2B), a LW and possibly a striker if RVP leaves in the summer. Also half of there squad needs to be shipped out so I wouldn’t concern myself about United for the present. City and Chelsea are much more worrying as the former has built a complete winning machine and the latter are a quality striker away from being complete themselves

  64. N5

    Hitman, no one is attacking you mate, just challanging your comment. I apologise if it seemed that was because it certainly wasn’t supposed too.

    Simon, I was going to say NM brought up the other day about Wenger, Pelligrini and Maureen the other day, but most only wanted to discuss Wenger saying it!

  65. WengerEagle

    Costa to Chelsea has never been a surprise, in fairness you can’t blame this one on Wenger, Atletico are desperate to keep their on-loan keeper from Chelsea Thibaut Courtois so Chelsea will use him as bait to sign Costa. Cash+Courtois for Costa would be a very good deal for both parties