Draxler rumours back again… | Arsenal spank Coventry

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Well good morning to you all! Arsenal trotted out a pretty simple win over a Coventry side that were always going to struggle against seasoned internationals on a different level of fitness and technical ability.

I actually missed the match last night, so don’t have much of an overview for you. The goals were all pretty standard, nothing dazzling. 2 for Podolski will do his confidence the world of good, one for Giroud to push up his tally for the season and a goal for Santi as well.

A nice evening, even a bit of a protest from the Coventry fans, all holding up their sheets of paper saying ‘why?’… obviously a reference to a dodgy sub or something?

Anyway, progression into the next round… hopefully it’ll be another sweet draw so we can field a similar team to last night.

In other news around the club, there’s plenty of spicy talk around Draxler coming over in January. This would fly in the face of Wenger’s assertions that he won’t be buying.

‘We have no need to take players on the flank. We don’t rule a striker out. But at the moment I cannot announce anything.’

.. but if Schalke are desperate for cash and that will allow Arsenal to guarantee the signing of him, it would make sense to sign him now, rather than wait for the whole world to go crazy for him after a great showing in the summer.

I’d still be surprised, but the rumours don’t want to die do they? Also, the rumour is aided by Fjortoft, the guy who called Ozil. Apparently. I don’t know how many other rumours he’s called that have disappeared… but whatever.

This really has been a flat window so far. However, simple facts are United and Chelsea have bolstered… City haven’t, because they don’t need to… but Arsenal really could do with a spare body. Nik B and Giroud for the run in… well, it makes me nervous. No Theo as well… we really could do with some pace.

Anyway, that’s all I have time for today… have a good one.

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  1. Keyser

    Invincibles – I didn’t expect much he’s a kid, came on for a run-out, got one, but in the second half Wilshere was pretty much the only one with any defensive responsbility until Cazorla came on aswell.

    Mate we’ve got Ox and Gnabry in the same team, not sure what you’re arguing, he didn’t do much, it’s not big deal, people can be excited, just don’t get over-excited over every little thing.

  2. Simon

    If he is free to leave Bayern that genuinely is a dilemma for Wenger. Not as good as he would want but far classier than Giroud and available. Very interesting.

  3. luke

    The coventry why? Protest was directed at the owners because they aren’t playing their home games in coventry according to a coventry fan who appeared on a bergkamp wonderland. Or atleased that seemed to be the whole issue summed up.

  4. N5

    Kev, so is the company yours or do you just manage them now.

    A friend of my family runs Bauer Security Ltd, I’m not sure if you are familiar with them as they are in the same game as you.

  5. Invincibles

    I agree about people getting excited too early about a player though. Hopefully like the ox and gnabry he will be bought on slowly in the next couple of years. But yeah your right, I mean anyone remember Seth johnstone? Everyone creamed over him and look how shite he was. The football graveyard is littered with ‘super talented’ youngsters who never made the grade….pennant, aladaire, seth johnstone, bojan, mexican santos etc etc. Lets hope our boy isn’t one of them.

  6. Keyser

    WengerEagle – You didn’t think he tried to play a bit further forward and try to pick the ball up in advanced areas, as opposed to deeper like in the summer ?


    What’s interesting from this article is the comments from Pilkington, not Karl.

    “Futsal is five-on-five and on a small court, where there basically isn’t much space but he had so much time and space. It was the little moves, the awareness. Also, people have talked about his weight of pass but what you haven’t seen yet is his dribbling ability. He can sail past guys at pace. He can do stuff that is just mesmeric.”

    Haven’t really seen his dribbling ability yet.

  7. Revving Kevin

    Dear leedsgunner
    No offence taken my friend. You are a decent type just whinge a bit too much. Sorry but it’s true. You have a lovely young lad, so be happy that’s the best thing in the world having kids πŸ™‚

    Just stand up to bullying and speak my mind. I defend people who get slagged unfairly. Don’t like people behind computers picking on someone. Players being slagged who wear our shirt. Manager too. Disabled people, war heroes etc.
    I know they wouldn’t do it face to face so don’t like it! They should come to this club in Tottenham and try it! Lool.

  8. TitsMcgee

    Somebody needs to look up the word luxury. It’s not an insult. Draxler would be great but he doesn’t help us where we need help the most. Pretty clear cut definition of luxury.

    Wouldn’t be so defective if he actually took the time to read AND comprehend what is said rather than blowing his top like a child that can’t get his way.

  9. Keyser

    Invincibles – Wasn’t having a go at Zelalem, just trying to avoid people being disappointed later on.

    Look at Bentley, one goal in the FA Cup, can’t remember the team, but comparisons to Bergkamp ahoy.

    Just for everyone’s general interest Bournemouth have played 4 more games than Liverpool already this season.

  10. Kjafc

    Afternoon all.

    This is off topic but would be great if you can help.

    Sorting out some playlists for music to do with a charity I get involved in. I thought it would be great if I could create an LG members playlist with music I haven’t picked. I get fed up choosing the same type of music. So if you chaps have some classic tunes or album tracks you recommend I will use them. All genres, reggae, rock, r&b, etc but not heavy metal please. Thanks.

  11. N5

    Invincibles that’s a small world isn’t it. I don’t know Shane no, I used to go to Arsenal with Liam and Pete (his dad) when we were kids, then Pete got sent to prison for armed robbery (shared a cell with Reggie Kray) and I stopped seeing him. I haven’t seen Liam in years when he used to come see me in Hastings, but now I think he lives in East Grinsted. My sister still talks to him, via Facebook.

  12. MadeToLoveMagic

    How many times have you fancied a girl, then she makes herself a little too available to you and you lose interest?

    I think it’s kind of the same with players XD . Yesterday if someone had said we had signed draxler everyone would have creamed themselves , now as its looking more and more likely we will get him, suddenly a load of fans thinks he the wrong player for us! RIDIC!!! Draxler is one of the best talents of a generation, and we will be lucky to have him……

  13. Keyser

    Ozil’s been almost ever present, just because we have one player who play’s the striker role and another player who plays in midfield, doesn’t mean that scoring goals and/or assisting others to do so is mutually exclusive.

    It’s almost a pre-requisite of great players and teams, ie total football, Ramsey was top scorer ? before his injury.

    If Draxler is that good, firstly he’ll play, secondly he’ll be expected to score and/or assist, if not free others to do so.

    Having Juan Mata on thef ringes of the first team is closer to having a ‘Luxury’.

  14. Revving Kevin

    Dear kj
    Great here are a couple you prob don’t know but are great tunes:

    Don’t give in by Steel Pulse (prodigal son album is great)

    Come over by Busy Signal

    A taste of honey by Lenny welch

    So high by Rebelution

    Garden party by Mezzofirte

    Hope you like them, they are great tracks. Honest!

  15. Toli83


    You know this is le grove not friends reunited mate πŸ˜‰

    On the subject of Draxler, he is very very good. I’m just wondering what position he would play for us?

  16. Invincibles

    Yes mate, I live on the outskirts of grinny….about 5 min away. Liams dad is an animal…..in a nice way of course. Fuck with him and Liam and it won’t end well. Liam used to work for dial a flight before Bauer, and was the best salesman there. Used to earn fortunes, the fucker could sell ice to the eskimoes

  17. Bero

    Draxler would help us massively. Gives pace, dribbling, and another player with an eye for goal. He would excite the team and the fans and kick us on for the remainder of the season nicely. Does he guarantee the league? No. Is he that centre forward we all crave? No. But he’s a massive talent with his best years ahead of him. He has the potential to be Ronaldo quality one day. If we can get him we should bite their hands off, no question.

    Sign him up.

  18. N5

    Lol Toli83, sorry about that but we are talking about a Gooner if that helps πŸ˜€

    Invincibles, I didn’t know any of that, he was a young guy when I saw him last, around 16 although I’ve seen his dad around a year ago. He was always a nutter at Highbury, I remember him being a 16 year old standing outside the Plimsoll pub offering out every Spud that walked past. Absolute nutter.

  19. Invincibles

    And he probably would of smashed everyone of them mate. Ha ha ha. Yeah he’s a nutter alright, but a good un. Nice to meet you then N5. Any mate of Liams is a mate of mine.

  20. TitsMcgee

    Lol at slagging off Mata like the reason he didn’t play at Chelsea was because he’s shit.

    Lol the things people say to make themselves feel better.

    …and at the root of all of it is the desire to felate Wenger for everything he does.

  21. TitsMcgee


    The LUXURY of Draxler would be great and I’ll take him open arms. I also rather add him now than in summer when we have to compete with others due to feet-dragging on our behalf. However I do think we need another striker to supplement who we have at the moment. Relying on Giroud and Bentdner doesn’t give anyone (apart from the sycophant)warm fuzzy feelings.

  22. the_real_andy

    slagging off mata is down to the same reason real slagged off ozil -> they decided to sell a player very popular with their respective fans who is a top class player and seem to have some kind of problem with his new coach. the only real difference is mou is a coach everyone at chelsea respects thatΒ΄s the reason he gets less stick for that compared to ancelottis … nevertheless, itΒ΄s the same reason they play the “mata/ozil is not a top class professional, he likes to f*ck girls in naples and is not fit because of his parties every night before a game” shit.
    they know they make/made a mistake to sell them and are unpopular now so they have to slag them off to avoid getting stick of their fans for a long time

    for those of you who didnΒ΄t read it – ancelotti recently said he now thinks selling ozil might have been a mistake … nothing about being a bad professional or something comparable

  23. Leedsgunner

    Tits @1332

    Like I said earlier, Draxler would be great… but on the present needs of the squad he is a luxury. If it was me I would like get a solid centre-back and a forward sharpish.

    Reus would be great though, a real class shining.

  24. N5

    Lol Invincibles I’m just taking the kids to the swings and it’s freezing down here in Hastings!

    We know how to live don’t we mate.

  25. Simon

    Maybe we can’t find that striker. The Bayern guy, if he really is free to leave, is the first credible name I have heard. A real dilemma for wenger.

  26. Leedsgunner

    Rev Kev@1305

    As long as we can have a bit of a giggle and banter… all the while remembering we’re all Gooners, that’s why I read and comment on this blog.

    As for my whinging… you can’t please everyone all the time πŸ˜‰ Especially AKB ladies like yourself πŸ˜‰ *JOKE*

    I know what you mean by kids, I love my boy more than life itself… πŸ˜‰ You got kids I presume then?

  27. N5

    Simon did you say you live in Islington and if so how are you ever out of the Arsenal Fishbar, I love their curries, even now there on the 3 set of owners I still can’t get enough of them. Sometimes I wish for Arsenal cup replays just so I can get a curry πŸ˜€

    Do you live anywhere near Highbury Park?

  28. Leedsgunner

    Simon @1344

    Manduzic would be a fine player, if that’s what you’re speaking about. Any player that can lead the team in goals when the team has people like Ribery, Alacantra, Robben in it is no shrinking voilet and he won’t disappear against big teams like Giroud. Olivier is great against the smaller teams like Tottenham πŸ˜‰ but against the big boys he goes AWOL.

  29. Simon


    Yes I was. I wonder if there is really any chance of doing better in the summer? If not maybe we should rearrange our debt and try and bring him in.


    No quite – I’m at the very edge down past angel. My folks are actually closer still off Camden road. Still easy journey especially compared to Hastings (my sister lives in st Leonard’s).

    Don’t know it. We have a great chippy called Kennedy’s on goswell road though – sparkling and trad – homemade pies and sausages…. I grab a salt beef sandwhich by the the ground usually!

  30. N5

    Shit does she Simon, I live in St. Leonards, no one seems to know it so I always say Hastings. God this is a strange day. Invincibles knows guys I grew up with, I live in the same town as Simons sister and Keyser is my dad!

  31. Leedsgunner

    kjacf @1310

    Axel f – the Beverley Cops theme tune is a favourite with my five year lad at the mo… and boy can he dance πŸ˜‰ Gets it from me obviously. πŸ˜‰

    Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You (the old 606 theme tune)

    Collective Soul – Gel

  32. Leedsgunner

    N5 @1410

    It’s like an episode of Eastenders! Goodness knows there’s enough big actors here for a soap πŸ˜‰ Or Big Brother… πŸ˜‰ They’re watching you….

  33. N5

    Lol Leeds, it’s feeling like that mate. Unless they all had a talk last night and thought they would wind me up today πŸ˜‰

    Simon, you can’t be my sister, your face isn’t hairy enough! πŸ˜€

  34. Revving Kevin

    Mine are grown up mate. Gooners all three of them, I threatened them with that!! Arsenal big part of all their lives. Lucky to be Gooners, imagine being born a spud, that must be horrible.

  35. N5

    “imagine being born a spud, that must be horrible”

    To be honest if that happens Kev then I blame the parents, they seriously messed their kids up if they are Spuds. Poor little things!

  36. Leedsgunner

    Rev Kev


    Being born a Spud… can’t be that “apeeling”, and if I was one of them I would “jacket” in before it was too late! πŸ˜‰

  37. Leedsgunner


    When I say “luxury” I mean that we have more pressing needs than another creative midfielder. Am I saying not to take him if he’s available? No of course not. That would be silly. Along with Draxler another CB and out and out striker would be useful that’s all. With all the transfer austerity of the past few years we should have more than enough to fill three positions…

    Hope you’re back to your best! Did you go to match last night?;)

  38. Ines

    Wenger will buy. He will do something for fans this time around. He will get someone capable to score goals.
    He will do anything to win the League. He will not allow Maureen to do it instead because he knows how wrong and unbearable it would be for this League.

  39. gambon

    Lol Kevin is thermos confrontationall count on here.

    Jumps on everything, literally everything I say. Fucking obsessed.

    No ones allowed to say anything that isn’t “Wenger and arsenal are perfect” without coming straight back at them.

    Cos he’s a dumb bouncer no doubt getting back at society for youth bullying he nerds to show authority somewhere.

  40. Leedsgunner


    Have you and Rev Kev considered relationship counselling? πŸ˜‰

    Honestly, give it a rest gambon, why provoke for the sake of it? Chillax will you? πŸ˜‰

  41. Harry Redknapp

    N5 the arsenal chippie is shit these days, they need to get someone in there who understands english especially after the games

  42. Harry Redknapp

    theres always place for better players, like draxler, football is a non stop evolving game of improvement, either that or a decline. the day a managers loyalty is to his individuals and not the team as a force is the day your ready to go 8-9-10 years without a trophy

  43. Savage

    City can still score 4 – it’s possible City are underestimating this game, or perhaps the lineup changes have disrupted them?

    I try not to get excited about these games until later on. United dashed my hopes for years and years.

  44. kwik fit

    One thing I wasn’t aware about Draxler was his passing ability. This video showcases the the quality of his passing. In fact this guy looks the complete player. Go get em Floyd!

  45. fufina

    Cannot believe the City game is not being broadcast…. this could be the biggest upset in years and and we cannot cheer on Watford.

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    How can ManC 2-0 down ?

    They’re the best team ever

    …aren’t they ? Or maybe beating a massively bad WHU side who had a manager who didn’t care might have made them a little over-confident.

  47. Musketeer

    @ Savage,

    No one is getting excited, yet it is said they should be further behind, we know they can score 4 in 10 minutes against opponents, yet today symbolises weakness and they may not be with it, I would hope the Hornets pull it off in the 2nd.

    We expect City to pull it of, but maybe just maybe.

  48. Musketeer

    City have put on zaba and kompany because they are gettin murdered at the back.

    This means they are limited to one attacking sub and an injury could affect things further.

    Lets hope Watford fitness is up to it.

  49. Musketeer

    I’m hoping Watford get one more, city playing with aguero, dzeko and jovetic, hopefully there will be a lack of balance.

  50. kwik fit

    John cross makes a very plausible case for us signing draxler now and why wenger has described the possible move as fiction. There seems to be too much smoke and nothing seems to be denied in Germany. This might just happen !

  51. N5

    Wenger Eagle I can’t believe every team I picked in the accumulator has won bar Man Citeh, that should have been a sure fire pick!!

  52. hackneylad

    City 2-2 watford

    I am beginning to hate City more than Chelsea lol.

    They just represent how unfair football is!

    For Arsenal to be as rich and powerful as are took decades of hardwork.

    Man City just needed an arab and 5 years.

    Hate these dirty criminal business men ruining football!


    Draxler would be a great solution to left midfield but what about Cazorla and Podolski?
    Too good to be benchwarmers but not good enough at left midfield/wing for us.
    Cazorla’d have to alternate with Ozil cos there’s no room for both.
    As for Podolski, maybe he’s part of any transfer package for Draxler.
    Mandzukic, if available and cheap enough, would be a great fit if we’re to persist with a targetman.
    I’d really prefer pace to use Ozil or Cazorla’s assists cos there really are far too few examples of any of our midfielders making runs off Giroud’s flicks or headers to justify the targetman tactic and the cloggers thrive on marking a big guy.
    Any of you who has played football at any level will surely remember how much happier you were/are marking a big guy than marking a wee fast fucker!!!!!!!!!
    Unless you’re a fucking midget yourself in which case you should be fucked at a “dartboard” not selected in a football team!!

  54. kwik fit

    Any of you who has played football at any level will surely remember how much happier you were/are marking a big guy than marking a wee fast fucker!!!!!!!!!
    Unless you’re a fucking midget yourself in which case you should be fucked at a β€œdartboard” not selected in a football team!!

    LOL πŸ™‚

  55. Evan

    “I’d say Ozil was more of a requirement than Draxler. Both would definitely improve us though”

    If Draxler is Rosicky type of player with a finish then sign the boy up. Midfields on form can get goals I.e. Rambo, Lampard (a few years ago)

  56. Savage

    At least we stand in the way of three of City’s trophy objectives.

    Technically the league cup final is an away game for them

  57. salparadisenyc

    kwik fitJanuary 25, 2014 16:31:37

    Nice video that one, versatile player eh?

    Leave it Wenger to have a stacked midfield and purchase another attacking mid. Do think he could play in an RVP type role ….. eventually. Curious how we lineup now with a fit Draxler, somebody pretty key gets marginalized. Competition for place will be fierce only makes us stronger, ruthless move if comes off.
    Never thought the wily bugger had it in him, 2x Β£40m purchase back to back. Both German and ready made (ish). Seems pretty surreal, wait and hope.

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    Chance of ManC winning the league ? 50%

    Chance of ManC winning the FA Cup ? 50%

    Chance of ManC winning the League cup? 90%

    Chance of ManC winning the CL ? 20%

    Chance of ManC winning the quad? 4.5%

  59. kwik fit


    Our attacking rotating midfield three would be Ozil, Casorla and Draxler. No that is mouthwatering. Yes we still need a forward but perhaps Draz could be pushed forward as a false 9. Draxler looks like he may be the complete package. Really starting to buzz here in anticipation. Wenger please don’t let us down.

  60. Simon


    Aside from the bit about darts, interesting post!

    I think and hope we are going to have more problems of this sort. The club had to get really good at keeping second and third choice players happy. Money, rotation and expectation management.

  61. WengerEagle

    N5January 25, 2014 12:09:56
    Well if you do the FA cup, here is what I would do, it would be interesting to see what others pick for theirs:Liverpool vs Bournemouth – Liverpool
    Birmingham vs Swansea – Swansea
    Bolton vs Cardiff – Cardiff
    Huddersfield vs Charlton – Charlton
    Man Citeh vs Watford – Man Citeh
    Port Vale vs Brighton – I reckon a draw but if I had to pick I would say Brighton
    Rochdale vs Sheffield Wednesday – Sheffield Wednesday
    Southampton vs Yeovil – Southampton
    Southend vs Hull – Tigers
    Sunderland vs Kidderminster – Sunderland
    Wigan vs Crystal Palace – Wigan
    Stevenage vs Everton – Stev..lol Everton.

    OMFG!!!!! N5 I HOPE YOU ALSO PUT ON THIS BET! You deserve a fecking knighthood

  62. Sam

    John Cross Wenger’s offering 30M euro and Schalke are saying pay up or fuck off.

    Wenger still bargaining and hoping to pay less.

    Still 4days left for ze window to close

  63. N5

    WE, I can’t believe it mate, I put a tenner on too, I just need Everton to win! did you put a fiver on mate and did you get good odds?

  64. Uche

    Random. City lost to Wigan in the League cup final last year. Nothings promised.

    Question: Would you rather have Higuain @ 32m, or Draxler @ 37m (Assuming we play him as a False 9)

  65. kwik fit


    I like Giroud but we need a variation . Preferably a world class variation. Drazler and maybe Morata on loan would be just what we need to kick us on in the final furlong.
    If Everton win I’ll be over for the party!

  66. Simon

    What Arsenals negotiators need in Dein to turn up like Winston ‘The Wolf’ Wolfie from Pulp Fiction and sort it out!

  67. hackneylad

    No way we should bid 40 Mill, his got a buyout clause of 37 Mill, looks like draxler wants to come to us now according to there coach…

    Lets just bid 37 Mill get draxler and tell Schalke to fuck off.

  68. hackneylad

    Wenger Eagle

    John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror 7h
    But Wenger then went on to say “we don’t rule it out” about Draxler. Stand by your beds Arsenal fans…

  69. N5

    Lol Kwik.

    WE it’s not huge, it’s Β£75 and that’s only Charlton bumping that up as everyone else was odds on favorites. Charlton’s 7/2 brought the prince up a little. Still it’s better than a kick in the knackers.

  70. salparadisenyc

    UcheJanuary 25, 2014 17:09:39

    Draxler, to use the phrase that gets thrown about on here: “Much higher ceiling”. Saw a few Shalke matches last season, has ‘shades’ of Ronaldo, I know.
    But he could turn out to be everything, serious long terms investment.

  71. salparadisenyc

    “Lets just bid 37 Mill get draxler and tell Schalke to fuck off.”

    That worked out amazing in our last attempt at triggering a slippery clause. Cause lets face it all the clauses are ambiguous.

    I had to do it, amazing reference we all need the Wolf in our endgame.

  72. N5

    Lol, I told you know WE my betting is awful, so no doubt Stevange will win 3-0 πŸ˜€

    Fingers crossed mate and then I will have a nice take away and a few beers tonight to celebrate πŸ˜›

  73. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Much respect mate for that although quite a few were odds on. Let’s hope we get a decent draw and the big boys draw each other. Chelsea v Man City and Everton v Liverpool. Arsenal v anyone else !