Draxler rumours back again… | Arsenal spank Coventry

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Well good morning to you all! Arsenal trotted out a pretty simple win over a Coventry side that were always going to struggle against seasoned internationals on a different level of fitness and technical ability.

I actually missed the match last night, so don’t have much of an overview for you. The goals were all pretty standard, nothing dazzling. 2 for Podolski will do his confidence the world of good, one for Giroud to push up his tally for the season and a goal for Santi as well.

A nice evening, even a bit of a protest from the Coventry fans, all holding up their sheets of paper saying ‘why?’… obviously a reference to a dodgy sub or something?

Anyway, progression into the next round… hopefully it’ll be another sweet draw so we can field a similar team to last night.

In other news around the club, there’s plenty of spicy talk around Draxler coming over in January. This would fly in the face of Wenger’s assertions that he won’t be buying.

‘We have no need to take players on the flank. We don’t rule a striker out. But at the moment I cannot announce anything.’

.. but if Schalke are desperate for cash and that will allow Arsenal to guarantee the signing of him, it would make sense to sign him now, rather than wait for the whole world to go crazy for him after a great showing in the summer.

I’d still be surprised, but the rumours don’t want to die do they? Also, the rumour is aided by Fjortoft, the guy who called Ozil. Apparently. I don’t know how many other rumours he’s called that have disappeared… but whatever.

This really has been a flat window so far. However, simple facts are United and Chelsea have bolstered… City haven’t, because they don’t need to… but Arsenal really could do with a spare body. Nik B and Giroud for the run in… well, it makes me nervous. No Theo as well… we really could do with some pace.

Anyway, that’s all I have time for today… have a good one.

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  1. andy1886

    Pedro, one thing you missed was NB52 taking a couple of air shots and being generally awful. Yeah he’s only just back (maybe too early? very Arsenal), but we are clearly one injury to OG from fading out of the title race.

    Draxler? I believe Wenger this time, a luxury right now, and as he correctly called it if we sign anyone it has to be a striker.

  2. joburg gooner

    Glad to see three of our top four scorers from last season getting onto the score sheet. If Podolski and Carzola could match or better their goals and assist tallies from our previous campiagn, their contributions could be enough to get us over the line in first place come may.

  3. Charlie Boy


    I thought Zelalem did well in his cameo. He shows the same easy calmness that Ozil has on the ball, which can only be a fantastic thing in the long term.

    Regarding the ‘easy routine’ however, they had 3 or 4 chances that a better side would probably have converted, so we can’t gloat too much. That’s obviously where Flamini and Arteta prove their worth – protecting the back 4.

  4. Charlie Boy


    I reckon the old dog will buy Draxler and loan a striker this window.

    When asked about Draxler, he always says NO, but he says it with a smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

    Your read it here first 😀

  5. N5

    Like someone pointed out yesterday, 2 days before we bought Santi when Wenger was asked about him, he said I’ve never heard of this guy! Poker Face!!

  6. Simon


    I’m going to look the fool if it does not happen though!


    Wenger denied it in dramatic fashion. Go watch it though and come back and tell me if you think we are buying Draxler. Very funny.

  7. Salvage

    Simon and Charlie, whoever said it first, we just hope its true. 🙂 Someone needs to come in to raise the buzz just like Ozil’s coming did. You find out that every other player steps up a notch or two and the new comer acts as a catalyst.

    Ozil’s coming created the buzz and lifted the spirits for one half of the season. The boys are settling down again and some feel they have played enough to cement a place so a new face would push everyone up again.
    A striker to plugin (would not necessarily cost us too much) or Draxler comes .

  8. Simon


    He said:

    “That is an illusion. There is nothing happening, honestly no,” Wenger said when asked about the 20-year-old. “We don’t need to take players on the flanks – we have 17 players on the flanks”

    Now watch him say it!

  9. N5

    Ohhhh, I didn’t see that one, I just watched one where they said about Draxler and he smiled and just said no development there but looked like he was trying not to laugh! Hmmmmm, what is going to happen then!!

  10. Simon



    There are pictures of him denying Ozil together with last night – identical. Hope so. If that us his best ‘poker face’ I’d love to play Arsene at poker!


    Thanks mate.

  11. Simon

    The mirror had a quote which I have not seem elsewhere which was more along the lines of ‘nothing to announce’.

  12. Inter YourGran

    Good win and we’re in the hat. I know bendtner has just come back from injury and jenkinson doesn’t get a lot of 1st team game time, but they were sunday league woeful yesterday.

    I’m not giroud’s biggest fan either, but. If he and Bac get any sort of long term knock it could be clenched arse cheeks all roundd.

  13. Revving Kevin

    Dear friends
    Another good result. About Draxler and transfers. That post from that ‘joker’ kjafc on Barcelona and Neymar proves transfers are no longer straight forward. We forget this and fans think it’s easy. So many people getting handouts it must be a nightmare getting deals done.

    Can someone explain what some of this money is actually for and why Barca president had to step down please?! What is collaboration and scouting? I am Confused. So pay £75m transfer fee but only £14.6m is for the selling club? Is this common?

    From kj:
    “Parents: £34 million
    Santos: £14.6 m
    Signing on fee: £8.29m
    Agents fees: £2.24m
    Marketing: £3.31 m
    Neymar Foundation: £2.07m
    Collaboration: £6.55m
    Scouting: £1.66m
    Wages: £36.47 m
    Total:: £106.19m”

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    I’ve watched him saying it, and while he IS definitely smiling, I think he’s smiling at the way the journos keep asking him that question.

    Still, I may be wrong. There’s been nothing from Draxler himself. Maybe because things ARE happening and he’s been advised to say nothing, or it might be because the German media aren’t bigging it up like the English media are.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    @Revving Kevin

    Not sure, but I think he had to step down because some of the payments were attempts to avoid paying tax.

    I’m sure there’s some stuff on the net that’ll explain it. Sid Lowe or someone

  16. Simon

    The president of schalke said the best thing that could happen would be if everyone could ‘stop annoying Julian’

  17. Revving Kevin

    Dear Nasri’s
    It looks like a classic tax dodge for everyone doesn’t it. But if this is going on all the time this could be too if the iceberg. Could open up a can of worms.

    Transfers not what they used to be. I guess where there is too much money you get dodgy dealings and this smells terrible.

  18. Revving Kevin

    Transfers should be transparent. Us fans treated as mugs Becos ultimately we are paying. I want to know who’s getting ‘rewards’. £75m for a player but only £15 is actual transfer fee? We should be td how every transfer fee breaks down. Shouldn’t we?

  19. Guns of brixton

    Dont like the OX in the CM position. . . he shines in that poistion, no doubt, but it doesnt rest well with me at all. it feels unatural.

  20. Simon

    Mirror claiming now that Draxler himself has made it clear that he is open to January move and that clubs are discussing add ons now.

  21. Sam

    Yes Guns

    Ox looks too big for a midfielder.
    I wanna see both fat boys on both wings terrorizing full backs n making crosses( Ox n Gnabry)


  22. WengerEagle

    Wenger mentioning the fact we have lots of wide players is interesting as I doubt he sees Draxler as a wide player in the future. I could see an Henry-type of winger-striker transition in Draxler if he came here

  23. Sam

    Only one wenger!

    Already got white DROGBA now wants to team him with white Henry.

    Anyway why is being compared to van persie mr one footed lame duck.
    Germans are known for discipline,
    loyalty N integrity

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    @Revving Kevin

    Yeah, that explains it better than me.

    It was a win win for both sides.

    Barca get the player a year earlier at a similar price (they’d have ended up paying Neymar that 40m in wages) and Neymar (+parents) end up not having to pay so much tax.

    All the little add ons just add to the shady nature of the deal, but I bet if you look at any reasonable sized deal, you’d see very similar add ons.

  25. gambon

    Lol, why is everyone lumping wages, agents fees and signing on fee into Nemars cost?

    Yet with all other signings, Arsenals in particular, they don’t?

    I don’t see anyone talking about the Ozil deal as a £80m transfer.

  26. N5

    Lol sorry tunny, I’m finding it hard not to get carried away! I’m 90% sure he’ll end up being a Gooner, I’m only 30% on him coming in January!

    But I have every part of my body crossed!

  27. Gozilla

    Good to see Wenger giving both Wilshere and AOC lessons by playing them together centrally. Without Arteta we need our other midfielder to be very good in possession so that our attacking midfielders are released from coming as deep as they have while Arteta and Ramsey have been injured.
    I think Jack held position well at times and played the ball well from deep. A few times he was caught out as expected.
    AOC was good for a player both returning from injury and having been played wide most of his career so far. He showed promise and won the ball back well with a some good tackles.
    Ozil was understated class as per usual and it’s nice to see Podolski back and scoring goals as per usual. Kos and Per won again as … Usual.
    Gnabry was threatening but also showed
    his immaturity. Gibbs was threatening both for us and to us and Jenko bombed up and down and crossed. NB was rust on rustiness. Giroud did his job. Cazorla is in form.
    Zelamen is at least 4 years away from being the certain starter he will be someday but he will probably start sooner.
    Through to the next round and ready for a tough game away on Tuesday.
    Hopefully we buy at least a back up striker but would prefer a genuine option by adding to Girouds hardworking teamplayer with a creative goalscorer. Can’t see any that are available till summer unless we do something lucky or bold like Ozil….

  28. Dream10


    Always hear Wenger talking about transfer fee + wages when talking about a transfer budget. Say Cavani is available for a 50m transfer fee and he is on wages of 10m/yr.
    Are the wages part of the transfer budget?

  29. Leedsgunner

    As much as I would love for Draxler to come, it would be a luxury purchase.

    By all means if he is available let’s go get him (because I can see Draxler’s value hitting the stratosphere if he does very well at the World Cup). To be honest with the money that we have saved in the years previous we should have money in the rainy day funds to go the extra distance and purchase ideally another striker and a defender because it is in those areas we are weak. We are well stocked in midfield — we need defenders and attackers.

    I came across this article… interesting mix of players defenders, midfielders, and attackers… and not just from the European leagues.

    Pleased to see Joel Veltman and Adrian Ramos who I’ve rated for a long time. A few Arsenal players in the mix as well!


  30. Barton

    Dream10, I was under the impression that fees and wages were calculated as a yearly payment, so 10m fee + 10m wages over 5 years would be 4m/year for example

  31. tunnygriffboy

    Apart from his other attributes Draxler would provide the pace lost through Theo’s injury. Ireally hope we sign him, we have a chance, we have the money, get it done before usual vultures circle after WC.

    For him its a move to an up and coming young side with anumber of players he already knows and his wages will explode.

  32. Keyser

    Ozil didn’t have third party ownership, fire and theft, though his dad did try and get involved.

    Draxler’s youtube compilation is pretty average for this year, are there better ones, or are we getting less and less value for money on youtube ?

  33. WengerEagle


    I don’t usually take International scoring records into account but Adrian Ramos’ is very poor at 3 in 22. Also a bit concerned he’s 28 and I’ve never heard of him before this season

  34. Barton


    I agree that Draxlers youtube seems to lack ‘flair’ but lest be honest, Santos looked amazing on you tube, if anything Draxler looks efficient.

  35. Sam

    Yes happy with draxler n glad we avoided south american mercenaries. Ie, cavani, falcao, Jackson Martinez, Suarez, costa etc…..

    They command big fees n huge salaries don’t hang around for too long also bunch of divers n cheats.

    It would embarrassing with any of these expensive twats diving for a penalty

    Nice one Wenger!

  36. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough.

    He’s been fighting for a place with Falcao to be fair… but with him out of the WC with an ACL injury – I suspect Ramos will get a chance to strut his stuff…

    He’s been one of the men on fire in the Budesliga though — that can’t be denied. I think keeping pace with Lewandowski…

  37. N5

    Well if you do the FA cup, here is what I would do, it would be interesting to see what others pick for theirs:

    Liverpool vs Bournemouth – Liverpool
    Birmingham vs Swansea – Swansea
    Bolton vs Cardiff – Cardiff
    Huddersfield vs Charlton – Charlton
    Man Citeh vs Watford – Man Citeh
    Port Vale vs Brighton – I reckon a draw but if I had to pick I would say Brighton
    Rochdale vs Sheffield Wednesday – Sheffield Wednesday
    Southampton vs Yeovil – Southampton
    Southend vs Hull – Tigers
    Sunderland vs Kidderminster – Sunderland
    Wigan vs Crystal Palace – Wigan
    Stevenage vs Everton – Stev..lol Everton.

    What does everyone else think? we have to come to a conclusion between us so WengerEagle can get rich.

  38. Keyser

    I wish people would expand their minds a bit and think beyond this idea that all we’re missing is a figurehead striker, they say this is all we’re missing and that somehow with this in place we’d be miles clear.

    Yesterday Podolski showed how we’ve missed his goals, ah wait if only Wenger had played him rather than stuck him on the physios table for 4 months.

  39. Revving Kevin

    Yes it explains it. I havnt got a clue what gambons mouthing off about, the wages are irrelevant!!!! It’s about the other stuff and the £40 m to his parents.

    Gambon stop please stop being argumentative, it isn’t necessary. You don’t know when to stop trying to wind people up, everything about arsenal is shit to you.

  40. Bamford13

    Draxler would be great, but given his injury, would he really be in position to help us this year? Not to mention that it would take time for him to develop into a central striker. Otherwise he’s a wide player — which we don’t need as much as a striker.

    Has its complications, but no doubt he’s a fantastic player.

    Would prefer a quality central striker. I can’t stand seeing Giroud in the side.

  41. N5

    I don’t buy into this Wenger hates Poldi. I think Poldi has been recovering from injury and last night when he got taken off that was to make sure he didn’t reinjure wasn’t it?

    Isn’t Poldi like VDV at Tottenham where he is only ever going to be a 70 minute player?

  42. Keyser

    Barton – 37 million though ? Santos did score against Chelsea in the 5-3 mauling, shows how much hype goes into these signings and soo young.

  43. N5

    That much is apparenty Bamford when you were saying NB was a better player, (internationally I agree) but last night regardless of rust he was awful, absolute gash! I thought he was having a laugh, go to kick the ball and falling over. Amazing!

    Giroud scored a nice little goal! and showed he is the better option out of those 2.

  44. Keyser

    N5 – Lol you don’t buy it because there’s nothing to sell, It’s like those gypsies who roll up in their car trying to sell people a laptop, and you end up with a box full of stones.

    ..took me ages before I found the ON switch.

  45. N5

    Sam have you got multiple personality disorder, you’ll slag of not playing the young uns, then slag of playing them. You’ll slag of not buying then slag off when we get linked with someone. Are you doing it on purpose or do you just have no idea what you want?

  46. sylvain

    “Arsenal spank coventry” ???

    Sorry but coventry play in D3, we were at home, and the score should have been 7-0, not only 4-0!!

    Wenger didn’t rested Ozil or Cazorla, what a cunt!!
    What if a “falcao scenario” had arrived” ???

  47. Sam

    Enjoy draxler but please don’t get carried away

    You shouldn’t forget that podolski is a better finisher n has far better ratio than draxler.
    It will be stupid to sell poldi for draxler

  48. Dream10


    Thanks for the 100 players to watch list. Ricardo Rodriguez, Fabien Schar, Kurt Zouma, Witsel and William Carvalho are players we should be interested in this summer.
    Witsel is underrated because he is in Russia. He is a tremendous box-to-box MF. Rodriguez will be a top LB. Think Monreal will go back to Spain. Schar and Zouma are very good CBs at a young age. William Carvalho will be a dominant midfielder within a couple of years.

  49. Leedsgunner


    I think Poldi is good for the team for his experience, and his finishing and his leadership. Plus, I think he was instrumental in selling AFC to Ozil. Come on Poldi get on the phones and work them! Call Reus, call Julian! Call Lars and Sven! Call, call, call!

    Is it just me, but if it came down to Reus or Draxler who would choose, personally I think I would choose Reus but it would be a close one. (To be fair REus is 4 years older… what the heck, let’s grab them both ;))

  50. N5

    “Wenger didn’t rested Ozil or Cazorla, what a cunt!!”

    What happened to you? you used to be alright but anyone who comes on after a 4-0 win calling Wenger a cunt is an idiot.

    If he played kids and we got banged out would you be happy, don’t you care that we are trying to win something this year?

  51. WengerEagle


    He’s done well to have played for Colombia at all with Falcao and Jackson Martinez there as well to be fair. From the Youtube clip I’ve watched he looks excellent in the air and a decent finisher on the ground. Mobility wise I’m not sure it didn’t really show much besides his goals so I can’t say. One thing I’ll say is I like the way he scores against the big boys- goals in there against Bayern and Dortmund

  52. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Ignore this childish garbage about Wenger hating pod. It amazes me how much shit can be invented by people who hate Wenger. Just ignore them it’s clearly rubbish my good friend. I wish they would stick to logical arguments rather than this desperation to invent problems.

    Glad you got to the game I thought the journey on Friday night would make it impossible. Proper fan.

  53. N5

    I know Kev it is funny the stuff that gets said!

    It wasn’t much worse than a usual midweek match, it did feel weird being there on a Friday but I’m glad I went it was a good night.

    Romford I notice didn’t go? I wonder what he did with his season ticket yesterday?

    Kevin, did I read that right that you are working in Tottenham tonight?

  54. Invincibles

    Look I’m not one of Wengers biggest fans, but footballing people in the know
    rate this draxler boy very very highly. So whats the problem if we buy him? Haven’t we all had our fill of cheap shite foisted on us by wenger and the board? So now that it seems we MIGHT be buying a very talented young man, people are knocking him before he’s even signed or played for us. If…AND IT’S STILL A BIG IF, he signs shouldn’t we be applauding Wenger and the board at last for getting their heads out their arse?

    Now I agree he might not help us this season, and we could really do with another forward, but if draxler rumours are true then I applaud Arsenal for finally remembering we are a big club and the fans deserve the best.

  55. Sam


    I am against injustice

    Wenger said he sent park chu young home because no more place in the squad he had to pick zelalem.

    Wtf was that?

    He picked zelalem so he can play while still 16 to make history n sent a striker home.
    That’s not right

  56. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Don’t waste your time with them. What kind of person comes on a blog the morning after a game and calls the manager a cunt? A childish bore who thinks it’s big and clever. Probably laughs whenever someone says the word bum. You should rise above people like him. They would soon disappear mate.

  57. Charlie Boy


    Re: Gambon

    There are people in life who thrive on argument, confrontation and bullying. These types of people are to be ignored. The fact that they carry on peddling their wares, is simply a direct result of fellow bloggers confronting them.

    Generally, as in a fight situation, if you walk away they’ll move onto some other person they think they can bully.

    That said, he does occasionally have some pearls of wisdom TBF.

  58. N5

    Sam you don’t make History against Coventry? plus didn’t Cesc already play for us at that age so History was already made!

    Wenger Eagle, don’t put to much on mate, I’m awful at gambling, I bet I’d lose you your money but then I would probably win? 😛

  59. TitsMcgee

    Draxler would be a luxury. Certainly a talent though.


    I don’t know how much his value will go up in the WC considering how stacked the Germans are.

  60. Leedsgunner

    Dream 10 @1220

    With Jonker coming over from Wolfsburg as our youth academy head I would love to see their leftback here, Ricardo Rodriguez, is an awesome player.

    Definitely by all accounts Wolfsburg’s best. In very many ways he is a classic Wenger purchase… young, quick technical. Only if he had spotted him rather than Santos, huh?

    Don’t get me wrong I like both Gibbs and Monreal but we shouldn’t become complacent. Maybe we can bring Rodriguez in and transform into a left sided midfielder if Draxler is going to be morphed into CF. Rodriguez than can slot in as LB if Gibbs becomes injury prone again (but hopefully those days are over.) Personally I think Ricardo Rodriguez could be a wonderful attacking fullback too, but who also has very solid defensive instincts.

  61. N5

    So sylvain if we don’t get Draxler, Wenger can fuck off can he? does that not seem a little childish to you?

    Why have you become so angry lately?

  62. Leedsgunner

    “Now I agree he might not help us this season, and we could really do with another forward, but if draxler rumours are true then I applaud Arsenal for finally remembering we are a big club and the fans deserve the best.”

    Well said, you cannot argue with that… 😉

  63. Keyser

    Invincibles – Classic, ‘People in the know’, like Wenger ? Haha.

    Sums it up really.

    Not really knocking him, just get tired when people cream themselves over a player and a few weeks after we buy him are wondering why he’s taking more than a few games to set the league alight.

    Plus he’s cup-tied and injured, and we’ll be spending 35-40 million on him apparently.

    Not to mention I don’t actually think we’re going to sign him, all this Poker face rubbish, Wenger wouldn’t be much of a poker player if he kept making the same bluff.

  64. WengerEagle

    Colombia actually have a quality National team and even without Falcao would be a very good shout for a run to the Semi-finals in Brazil. Dispatched a very good Belgium team 2-0 recently completely dominating the match and have a host of quality in James Rodriguez, Jackson Martinez, Cuadrado, Guarin, Quintero, Zuniga, Muriel and Armero.

  65. Inter YourGran

    WE and N5 –

    Wigan v palace draw

    I’ve done a few on bankers (dortmund, napoli,madrid,scousers X 2)

    Real money is get on derby v Blackburn draw, leicester v boro draw and both teams to score in the Az alkmaar and Psv game. a whopping 56/1

  66. kc

    Mandzukic has been told he can leave Bayern. Would be a fantastic addition. They’ve already signed his replacement in advance anyway.

  67. N5

    Nice one Inter. I fancied a Wigan, Palace draw but Wigan at home just seem stronger than Palace away so I swung more towards Wigan.

    Oh I might have to go and put a bet on now! my wife didn’t want her housekeep anyway, I can see that now!

  68. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Yes in a club where they are brain dead idiots with big mouths. Not fair tbh, most are good just get a bit silly after a drink but that happens everywhere. But always someone thinks he’s hard and wants to take on a big guy to show his mates how tough he is.

    I have to protect my guys, like I said broke a blokes nose for trying to glass me and he tried to sue me! That’s how stupid they are, CCTV everywhere! They stopped having glasses all plastic now. Could do without it but part of a contract so I have to go to support my blokes. Tottenham is a shit hole.

  69. Keyser

    Zelalem’s an example, didn’t really do anything, though we were a bit of a mish mash of technical midgetry in midfield.

    Not sure if he was asked to play further forward between the lines, but during the summer he used to drop a lot deeper to pick the ball up and turn, yesterday he seemed to be running away from the ball.

  70. Barton

    Keyser, I think people are making note of AW’s ‘Poker face’ because its absolutely terrible, it was like a kid being asked if he fancied a girl, all smiley and blushy yet still said no, I think it was pretty clear that there is some substance to the rumour, what materialises next is anyone’s guess.

  71. Leedsgunner

    Zelalem – good prospect, glad he’s with us… but let’s remember it was a League 1 side he was playing and if he is indeed the best of our youth set up — he should be at that level shouldn’t he?

    I’m not dissing him but let’s not build him only to tear him down… too much much of that these days. He did well. He and his family should be proud of the lad.

    Park has been badly treated. Fair enough we don’t owe him anything as he has been handsomely paid for doing very little but to his credit he’s not been mouth off like NB52 has he? He had handled himself with dignity and for that you have to give him credit.

  72. Revving Kevin

    “Kevin c’mon and blow me you asshole”

    I suspect when a little boy like you actually gets to fuck a bird, the RSPCA will be involved.

    By the way, You live in Tottenham by any chance? Just asking.

  73. Moray

    haha a lot worse than this goes on in southern Europe Spain, Italy and Greece. Rosell most likely will walk out of this clean, particularly as he has resigned from the presidency of the club.

  74. Invincibles

    But what did you expect Zelalem to do? Beat 10 coventry players before rounding the keeper and scoring? The boys 16, 17 on Sunday. The step up from youth/reserve team to 1st team is immense, the fact he’s on the brink of
    of being in the first 15 at this age, show how talented the young man is. People are excited mate because wilshire aside, we haven’t had a young man as taented as this in almost 10 years.

  75. Leedsgunner

    Rev Kev @ 1246

    Just an observation, but you really thrive on confrontation don’t you? Honestly, I’m not trying to wind you up mate. I’m glad you’re a Gooner and not a Spud, Manc, or a Chav. 😉

  76. Leedsgunner

    Moray @1248

    Nope, don’t ask him about that… he’s rep has been completely destroyed because he tried to get out of it. (TBH, he would have probably been doing his time with the Army squad anyway… definitely not worth it.)

  77. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Most of my work now is private protection and corporate security. Part of the business does clubs. I don’t personally do clubs but if a place is trouble I try to support my blokes. I am too old now really to get involved. Too many Youngsters now a days are really gobby but it’s the snidey ness that gets me , they even hit women etc. Mind you some if the women are awful. It was never like that years back, no respect like we used to have. That’s why Man Gob pisses me off, he typifies this culture.

  78. N5

    I echo that WE, he’s a young guy, he didn’t set the world alight but he looked very confident and composed. I think he will be a good little player.