Wenger press conference shocker | FA Cup Coventry Friday nighter!

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Arsene Wenger really should avoid airing his warped opinions on transfers after dropping a sound bite gaffe in yesterday’s pre-Coventry meet with Fleet Street. Arsene, when questioned about the Juan Mata move up north said…

“Maybe the rules should be adapted for more fairness,”

“It opens up questions about the dates of this transfer window.”

“Some teams have already played twice against one opponent and some others not,”

“I can understand completely what Chelsea are doing. They could have sold him last week.”

‘I am surprised because Juan Mata is a great player and Chelsea sell a great player to a direct opponent,’

All of it is very Arsene Wenger, if he had his way, there would be no window at all and teams would just have to work with what they’re given. The point of the window is it’s there, so stop arguing about it’s existence, especially as we’ve used it to win Champions League spots in the past. It’s a bonus month where clubs can address injuries or short fallings. Arsene Wenger has decided not to utilise it which for me, shows a lack of ruthlessness, especially when a team as stocked as Chelsea have bolstered twice.

It’s the contempt thing that gets me. Engineering PR to make out other teams are some how cheating is a bizarre mindset and a bit snobby. I’m not surprised Chelsea waited until after the United game to sell. Not sure why anyone is. As for the line about selling to your rivals… well, I agree totally. I think Jose is crazy, he’s just given David Moyes an Ozil moment, all in the name of asserting authority on a squad. However, Arsene mentioning this when he knows what a sensitive issue RVP (Adebayor, Ashley Cole, Nasri) has been amongst fans is silly. The ‘context’ brigade have been out in force saying he was jibing at the critique he faced when selling to a rival… but again, a childish line of fire to go down when you’ve gone on record as saying you knew you were selling a title winner to a rival.

I just don’t understand that with all the intelligence he boasts, he can’t just deflect a question with a bit of style?

There you go, that’s Arsene for you.

Onto to today’s game against Coventry, which should be a total blast! Friday night game, let’s get on the beer! Woo. Right?

The FA Cup is a weird one this year, interest in attending the games has been lack lustre up and down the country and now we’re fighting it out on two fronts, it’s already looking like an inconvenience… especially prominent because our manager has just thrown a strop at the transfer window.

Simply put, we can’t fight on three fronts with a best first team out. If we win tonight, our next FA cup game sits inside a packed schedule of mega tough games. It’s a ball ache and a leg burner all in one. Realistically, we need to win something before the decade is out… practically, as we’re pushing for the league, that might rule out the FA Cup. It’s not just because of our league winning credentials… it’s qualifying in the top 4. There are 9 points between 1st and 6th. We could be in the top 4 battle after a bad two weeks. It’s imperative the team is fresh and focused for all our games.

Tonight, I’d love to see Gnabry play… hopefully Nik B will be back in the mixer and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a bit of Zelalem.

Should be an easy win, but we’ve been guilty of complacency before… so let’s put to bed the horrors of Blackburn and Bradford and hope we march onto the next round with a second string team.

Today’s guest action comes from the only Cov fan I know, his name is Elliot and he works with me… you can find him @ElliotLBC

If you’d asked a few weeks ago whether we’d put up any kind of fight on Friday, I’d of probably put at least a tenner down. As it is, I’ll only be backing us with a fiver. (1-0 at 50/1 I suggest you do to).

Sadly, out of our two top goal scorers, one is out with a long term shoulder injury whilst the other will play, but handed in a transfer request not much longer than a week ago.
Still, at least there’s Moussa:

Pressley has us playing what is, for a league one side, decent attacking football. We’re a vast improvement on what many of you will have seen in the League Cup last season but unfortunately for us we are still a BTTS dream. As you can imagine, this is more of a night out than a genuine punt at 5th round FA Cup, nonetheless with Elvis as our manager we’ve shown a lot of fight, in our last 6 games we’ve been behind in five and gone on to win three of them.

For us it really depends on who Wenger puts out. If it’s youth – It could get interesting.

Normal first team, a £300m Arsenal? – Game over, as we saw last season in the 3rd Round at Spurs, hopelessly losing stamina at around the 35 minute mark.

Either way it will be a good night out and another chance to show the footballing world how shit our situation is. If you don’t already know, the short of it is we’ve been forced to play our ‘home’ games in Northampton after an owner-stadium dispute and have had a 10 point deduction. A cause all Arsenal fans can play their part in: http://www.redaction.org.uk/

If we do get a replay (or god forbid a win) then I’d advise staying away from all Irish bars within a 3 mile radius of The Emirates for the rest of the weekend, but realistically a comfortable win for you lot and we won’t be too disappointed to lose to eventual finalists (or maybe even winners).

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  1. Revving Kevin

    Dear Leeds
    Look after your kids mate it’s getting harder for them. Get them playing football did you see that brilliant post from that funny guy kjafc last night?

    Neymars parents trousered £35 m !! This game has gone mad. I don’t understand why Barcelona president had to stand down though, do you? Was it Becos possible sanctions on the club?