Get Nik a chocolate orange | Striker deal back on?

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Wow, another quiet morning of nothing. I’d start on the FA Cup, but it’s only Wednesday, that’s like putting the kettle on before you go to bed (for a morning tea. Jeez, what a bad line to start the post!).

So the transfer window does seen to be very quiet. The Vucinic deal fell apart which opens the door to us moving for him, if we were ever interested. He’s a good player, sure, but I can see why we’d pass on him. Expecting a 30 year old who has plied his trade in Italy for most of his career doesn’t feel like a fit.

I watched Serie A highlights last night. What a weak league. It really has lost its sparkle in a big way. The standard of keeping was beyond embarrassing. It was like watching a bloopers reel. Not only that, the stadiums were empty like an FA Cup replay between Norwich and Fulham. Sure, some of the big teams might fill their grounds, but my lord, playing away for those massive names must be hard work.

Anyway, I think the vibe on the striker is that Nik B can fill in. I think the feeling is that he’s newly focused on winning a contract. Life has clicked for him as a player and he’s fully up for contributing to the side. And look, Adebayor was hated as much at Spurs as he was at Arsenal 4 weeks ago, now he’s an absolute hero after being shown a bit of love by the new ‘Arry…

‘I just gave him a hug and chocolate orange… now the boy’s mustard’

… Arsene, get that man hug out the loft and send Jenkinson down to the newsagent for that chocolate orange. We have a title to chase!

The contract front seems uncertain. Sagna is after a 3 year deal and we’re offering him two. Rosicky is after a deal and we’re looking to play ball. I like both of them and I think we’re now in a position to afford to keep experience on. See, point is, if we sell them, we’ll only bring them back on short contracts in 2 years time. Keep em’ on Arsene, deck the training ground out in players who know the values you instill in them.

Did I mention the other day that the Lewandowski free transfer is worth €81m over 5 years! Mega money eh?

Aaron Ramsey selected ex Cardiff captain Graham Kavanagh as his footballing hero.

‘He was the Cardiff captain and played in my position, so that’s who I looked up to and wanted to aspire to be like.’

Humble as ever! He also picked out Scott Parker and Michael Ballack as great competitors. I was harangued on Twitter for suggesting Scott Parker as a signing a few years ago. People are now taking players that were good, but are now old and using them to make a point against the site. What a laugh.

Speaking of laughs, I’ve been asked to write one side of the FA Cup argument on Friday in an evening paper. You can guess which side. I think there is a compelling case for a full strength attempt and for not taking it seriously. Just know that before you tear up your Le Grove subscription.

Talking of things that aren’t a laugh. Stan Collymore abuse on Twitter. What the hell is going on here? I was talking to someone the other day about it, it’s like the new internet meme to racially abuse Stan on Twitter. I don’t care for the man, I think he’s a scumbag, however, this ‘well, he beats up women, so racism is ok’ is just a horrible thought process.

The point isn’t about who he is, it’s that we’re in the 21st century and certain people think there are negative connotations associated with skin colour. Twitter is a great platform, it’s help push this website from underground Arsenal blog, to mainstream opinion source single handedly. However, unlike most other platforms, it’s struggled to deal with abuse and it’s pecking order structure almost encourages extreme behaviour because it’s an attention proposition. Couple that with anonnymity and you’ve a recipe that tastes good to the nutters. I have two accounts, and it’s definitely the football account that’s the worst. But I’d imagine it’s the same issue for politics and religion. Facebook certainly did well forcing people to use their real identity to have an account. Half the idiots online wouldn’t behave the way they do if their real name was shown.

… but hey, I’m not going to suggest web passports because that opens the us up to a far worse problem. I just wish people would be more responsible with anonymity. But hey, whatever gets you attention I guess.

Right, rant over. Have a blinding day.


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  1. Moray

    Mourinho has no love lost for Utd, after they passed him over for the top job. He broke down crying apparently, when he heard. So I still have hope he will pull out of the Mata deal at the last minute or else flog him to PSG or similar overseas at the last minute. That way he would really screw them over, like he did to us with Ba in the summer, as it will be too late for them to find a replacement purchase.

    If he sells them Mata then I suspect there is something in it for him, like Rooney in the summer. That would be the worst possible case scenario for us all round.

    No team on the planet should want to strengthn Man Utd. Particularly a British team. For years they were dominant based largely on economic strength, influence in the game, and the personality of their manager. Now they are faltering, nobody should throw them even a fuckign bone.

    I will be really torn if it is them and Spuds playing off for fourth come the end of the season.

  2. Norfolk

    MorayJanuary 23, 2014 09:45:47
    “………No team on the planet should want to strengthn Man Utd. Particularly a British team……….”

    AW did by selling RvP to them !!
    Why did he do that I wonder, serious question because nobody has ever explained it properly.

  3. Sam

    What if This was already decided longtime ago mata made his mind up that he wants to play for man utd after he felt he’s not longer wanted.
    Can mourinho stop him? No
    He pulled off our DEmba Ba deal on the last day with little time left to do anything

  4. sylvain

    @Norfolk : only at Arsenal lol…

    Wenger failed to convince van pussy to sign a new contract, because Wenger told him he didn’t want to change the policy of the club.

    And if van pussy wanted to sign only at yoonited, it’s because he was sure to lift the PL trophy in his 1st season with them, and also because the man is a pure cunt, of course.

  5. Moray

    @Norfolk, nobody knows what Wenger is up to half the time. Lots of gentlemen’s agreements I suspect, which we always seem to get the shitty end of. RVP was unpardonable, but not as fishy as the Park thing. If he was bought to help out Monaco, then it is a sacking issue on a governance basis (consider not just his transfer fee but salary also). Either way, he was not even given a chance to show what he can do.

    For RVP we should have held on to him and run him into the ground like a thai hooker’s pussy.

  6. Moray

    Sam, Mata presumably has a few years left on his contract. If any team can stop one of their players from leaving it’s Chelski, with their fists of cash. They let Bogarde rot in the reserves (ie in Amsterdam) for three or four years. And if any manager would do this, it;s Mourinho, who is one vindictive Portuguese filho de puta

  7. Musketeer


    Crazy world of football A bench warmer cost 40M

    Desperado Moyes could follow AVB out by next Xmas Imagine mata, Rooney, van persie with another expensive twat they will buy in the summer scrapping it in Kiev next season’s Europa cup

    Imagine Rooney leaves and RvP is injured every season, Mata will be lost in a Moyes system.

  8. Norfolk

    MorayJanuary 23, 2014 09:59:36

    “…………For RVP we should have held on to him and run him into the ground like a thai hooker’s pussy……”

    I think that is what I would have done rather than hand them the title.
    If as sylvain say’s AW couldn’t convince him to stay that is, player power means nothing if the manager is prepared to fight hard and not be weak.nThat might be one of AW’s weaknesses, too much focus on the balance sheet if we are to believe the stories.

  9. Salvage

    If this decision from Wenger not to get the needed striker this window backfires and we end up losing the league cause of it, am going to go full Anti-Wenger .

    This is our best chance of winning this league. He makes this sort of call every year and it has cost us for seasons now.

  10. sanmi

    Home of negatitvity!
    just had to drop in before i hit the road, to get my dose of negative comments from doomers…. ok. had enough, hitting the road now

  11. The Godfather

    I would have happily swapped him with Chelsea for Mata. Goodness how do you just prance and hang out on the field against this second rate outfit. Jeez he dished out an assist, Mata would have had two plus a goal or two.