Get Nik a chocolate orange | Striker deal back on?

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Wow, another quiet morning of nothing. I’d start on the FA Cup, but it’s only Wednesday, that’s like putting the kettle on before you go to bed (for a morning tea. Jeez, what a bad line to start the post!).

So the transfer window does seen to be very quiet. The Vucinic deal fell apart which opens the door to us moving for him, if we were ever interested. He’s a good player, sure, but I can see why we’d pass on him. Expecting a 30 year old who has plied his trade in Italy for most of his career doesn’t feel like a fit.

I watched Serie A highlights last night. What a weak league. It really has lost its sparkle in a big way. The standard of keeping was beyond embarrassing. It was like watching a bloopers reel. Not only that, the stadiums were empty like an FA Cup replay between Norwich and Fulham. Sure, some of the big teams might fill their grounds, but my lord, playing away for those massive names must be hard work.

Anyway, I think the vibe on the striker is that Nik B can fill in. I think the feeling is that he’s newly focused on winning a contract. Life has clicked for him as a player and he’s fully up for contributing to the side. And look, Adebayor was hated as much at Spurs as he was at Arsenal 4 weeks ago, now he’s an absolute hero after being shown a bit of love by the new ‘Arry…

‘I just gave him a hug and chocolate orange… now the boy’s mustard’

… Arsene, get that man hug out the loft and send Jenkinson down to the newsagent for that chocolate orange. We have a title to chase!

The contract front seems uncertain. Sagna is after a 3 year deal and we’re offering him two. Rosicky is after a deal and we’re looking to play ball. I like both of them and I think we’re now in a position to afford to keep experience on. See, point is, if we sell them, we’ll only bring them back on short contracts in 2 years time. Keep em’ on Arsene, deck the training ground out in players who know the values you instill in them.

Did I mention the other day that the Lewandowski free transfer is worth €81m over 5 years! Mega money eh?

Aaron Ramsey selected ex Cardiff captain Graham Kavanagh as his footballing hero.

‘He was the Cardiff captain and played in my position, so that’s who I looked up to and wanted to aspire to be like.’

Humble as ever! He also picked out Scott Parker and Michael Ballack as great competitors. I was harangued on Twitter for suggesting Scott Parker as a signing a few years ago. People are now taking players that were good, but are now old and using them to make a point against the site. What a laugh.

Speaking of laughs, I’ve been asked to write one side of the FA Cup argument on Friday in an evening paper. You can guess which side. I think there is a compelling case for a full strength attempt and for not taking it seriously. Just know that before you tear up your Le Grove subscription.

Talking of things that aren’t a laugh. Stan Collymore abuse on Twitter. What the hell is going on here? I was talking to someone the other day about it, it’s like the new internet meme to racially abuse Stan on Twitter. I don’t care for the man, I think he’s a scumbag, however, this ‘well, he beats up women, so racism is ok’ is just a horrible thought process.

The point isn’t about who he is, it’s that we’re in the 21st century and certain people think there are negative connotations associated with skin colour. Twitter is a great platform, it’s help push this website from underground Arsenal blog, to mainstream opinion source single handedly. However, unlike most other platforms, it’s struggled to deal with abuse and it’s pecking order structure almost encourages extreme behaviour because it’s an attention proposition. Couple that with anonnymity and you’ve a recipe that tastes good to the nutters. I have two accounts, and it’s definitely the football account that’s the worst. But I’d imagine it’s the same issue for politics and religion. Facebook certainly did well forcing people to use their real identity to have an account. Half the idiots online wouldn’t behave the way they do if their real name was shown.

… but hey, I’m not going to suggest web passports because that opens the us up to a far worse problem. I just wish people would be more responsible with anonymity. But hey, whatever gets you attention I guess.

Right, rant over. Have a blinding day.


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  1. Craigy

    The commentators sucking jaz whatever his fucking name is cock, ha ha this was such a poor pen shoot out, we’ll done Sunderland ha ha ha where u at van persie, we’ll played mannone,

  2. andy1886

    Fantastic Don Vito!

    Shame he didn’t want to stick around and be our #2 keeper but he deserves to be playing every week in the top flight.

    Moyes – hahahahaha. Twonk.

  3. Revving Kevin

    The ref forgot to allow all the Man Utd players that missed penalties to take them again. He obviously forgot he was at Old Traffford 😉

    Great way to go off to work.

    Yessssss. I hate that lot.

  4. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Seriously pleased for Mannone, always seemed like a nice person as does Fabianski, maybe time for fab to go as well to get his career on track.

  5. Marko

    Come on lads. What’s going on with Wenger being at some game? I’ve been up a tree with my fingers in my ears shouting la la la la la all day. I’ve heard nothing

  6. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Could moronho be pulling a flanker with the Mata deal? he might rate him highly and is selling him to utd for when he takes over from moyes next season.

  7. Keyser

    During the game, commentary had Mata having his medical tomorrow ?

    On SkySports, the report is that United have made the bid through 3rd party intermediaries so they can say they haven’t made a bid at all ?

    Wtf is that all about ?

  8. Harry Redknapp

    manone has matured a lot quicker than chesney, i think both could be the best in the league withing a couple years

  9. Craigy

    Can’t believe mata could be signing for this lot, it’s abundantly clear Maurine doesn’t rate utd, he wouldn’t even loan ha to us and he’s shit.

  10. Jeff

    NM, I hope not. We don’t want tricky. We want straight forward, high-scoring win if possible. Otherwise, low scoring win will also do.

  11. Zeus

    A little pick me up this afternoon.
    United go out on pens, brilliant.

    Now tell me what the hell is Arsene doing in Spain?

  12. andy1886

    That could be ManU out of Europe next year. If they had got through they would have been in the Europa league at least (City likely to be in the CL). ManU not in Europe, maybe a bit premature but who’da thunk it?

  13. Leedsgunner

    Nasri @2229

    That Vine clip never grows old does it? Old Red Nose and Bobby Charlton must have repetitive strain injuries by now!


  14. Nasri's Mouth


    We’ll see I guess. Depends so much on who plays, but being a passing side we always look a little disjointed when we make wholesale changes, and it’s Coventry’s cup final and a chance to get away from the misery of their current situation.

    Of course, we should beat them easily, but that’s not our way 😉

  15. Jake

    Sunderland in the Europa League then. Bad for us and the EPL’s standing in Europe to have Wigan, Swansea then Sunderland in it.

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Interviewer talking to Gary Neville on SKYSPORTS:

    “Manchester Utd though Gary , where does David Moyes go from here?”

    £50 says Neville was thinking: Alcoholism

  17. andy1886

    No shame in losing to City, but Sunderland at home? Lol. Would love them to go down the same road that Liverpool did twenty years ago. Arrogant pricks, seeing a half empty OT every other week would really make my season.

  18. marcus

    Turning draxler into a striker sounds good and all but is more of a long-term project thatcher an wait until the summer.

    TBH, I’d rather have berbatov now. Didn’t he win top scorer for man utd back when they were a force?

  19. andy1886

    Nice one Nasri, let’s hope Moyes gets home to find Wazza in bed with his missus just to make his day complete.

  20. Dissenter

    Mourhino is going to veto the Mata move at the 11th hour, same thing he did to us with Ba.
    Its hard to imagine that Chelsea will make a rival stronger for the next 4-6 years.
    Maybe, the Rooney deal is also done fot the summer.

  21. Marc

    Dissenter – Can’t figure out why Chelsea would sell such a good player to another team in the PL. Only thing I can think of is that Rooney is part of the deal but with his contract winding down and it looking highly unlikely that he’ll sign another why not get him in the summer under a threat of him going for free.

  22. Marko

    I doubt we’re looking at Sergi Roberto. There were rumours about this month that we were looking at Alexis/Pedro. Maybe one of them

  23. Arsene's Nurse

    Fuck sake – Man Utd go 1 up and there’s nothing else on the telly so I watch Viera v Keane on tape and when it’s finished see Man Utd lost on penalties!

  24. Sam

    Just what I thought Tunnygriffboy,
    but metro said he was watching some cheap unknown twat called Sergi Roberto.

    Typical Wenger

  25. Arsene's Nurse

    Just watching the League Cup show – I’ve never seen a penalty shoot out with such poor quality. I’ve seen schoolboys with better penalty nous.

    Unbelievable. 3/10 penalties scored.

  26. Marko

    I highly doubt Sergi Roberto was being watched. We need a forward or two and you think Arsene and Gazidis would take a trip to Spain a day or so before a game to scout a midfielder? Doubt it. Maybe to negotiate for a Rodrigo/Griezmann/Alexis/Pedro?

  27. N5

    Sam see I told you, you were bad mouthing wenger earlier for not buying and I said the moment we are linked with someone you’ll slag that off too and look what you are doing.

    “but metro said he was watching some cheap unknown twat called Sergi Roberto. Typical Wenger”

    Well which one is it? buying nobodies or buying nobody?

  28. Sam

    Sergi Roberto is a young barca midfielder , he’s not happy with lack of playing time and will cost as Lil as 6M to sign him.

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening all,

    Now most on here know I’m from Oz, and today I re-affirmed my total loyalty to The Arsenal.

    My A League Club Melbourne Heart is now 80% owned by Man City(or if you like their owners) . I therefore cannot support the Heart anymore due a conflict of interest. So now I shall go “cross town” & support Melbourne Victory.

    Arsenal Till I Die

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    It would appear that the Man City consortium is spreading around the world like a pandemic virus. In saying this, The Arsenal is in the box seat to stick it right up’em. I hope the powers that be @ PL leaders appreciate the significance of their position @ the summit & leave no stone unturned in their efforts to break a 10 year drought.

    Please Arsene, don’t stuff it up!!!!!!

  31. gnarleygeorge9

    Obviously I’m getting the low down on Fox Sports News 513 as I write. You talk to an Englishman about cricket & he tells you it’s football season 🙂

  32. Leedsgunner

    “Hope Wenger smuggling Pedro/Alexis home in his travel bag ! ! ! ! !”

    Now that would be a good night’s work but it’s more likely Tello Wenger just can’t help himself.

  33. tunnygriffboy

    Mancs will be handful against us if Rvp, Mata, Rooney and Januzaj play against us.

    Starting to get twitchy. Need to get someone in and push for title or look over shoulder knowing we have 8pt advantage over 4th place.

  34. Leedsgunner

    If we did buy someone from Barca, it would be in reality a long term loan anyway because if they turnout to be a success like Cesc was — their Barca DNA kicks in…

    Hopefully with this Dutch chap coming in to head up our youth sides we’ll start to get better prospects coming through ourselves who’ll want to stay at Arsenal.

    Just had a horrible thought, he wouldn’t be watching someone unknown from Levante would he? Even he wouldn’t stoop to those depths? 😉

  35. Revving Kevin

    Wenger was in Barcelona. This must mean he’s looking at some shit player eh? Based on his record of never signing good players, it is all too obvious, after all Ozil doesn’t count he was a ‘gift’ nor Mert and Caz. Everything Wenger does is shit.

    Still not one person answers my question last night.

    Would any big club choose to win the ‘whatever it’s called now’ trophy over Champions League qualification.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    I really hope he’s looking at a Pedro, Alexis Tello type of player. However I think 40 mill has been tucked away for Draxler either now or summer. We can’t afford two of those at once.

    What you think of Mata transfer. Makes me twitchy lol !

  37. Oh Theo Theo!

    Just reflecting on some of the various arguments on here and what’s going on in football at the moment and one thing stands out for me as a difference in mindset and winning mentality:-

    We have a manager who won’t get rid of a fat, opinionated, limited striker who is now the “saviour” of our season and you get Mourinho who is getting rid of a world class midfield talent because he does not fit the way he plays….

    Will Chavs end up ahead of us? Bookmakers are clear. I think I know. Hope I am wrong.

  38. gnarleygeorge9

    Getting a really, really, really top quality striker on loan in January will do the trick. Surely thats not too hard a deal to seal. The Arsenal don’t need to sign anyone, so surely there are Clubs with nothing to lose some where on this planet with a striker they are willing to loan out to the PL leaders, who can take The Arse all the way, surely??????

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    The situation that The Arsenal are in is non negotiable. If they do not win The Premier League Title from the position of the summit that they are in, with loads of dosh & January to spend, then the question must be asked as to whether those in charge of The Club care about winning The Title.

  40. TheBayingMob

    Revving Kevin
    Would any big club choose to win the ‘whatever it’s called now’ trophy over Champions League qualification.

    Depends on the situation really, but I think basically not they wouldn’t, but the general premise to your direction in the question is the sad thing about the league and domestic competitions in general. Everything has been crushed by the financial might of the CL and it’s making domestic competition soulless. The League Cup was probably never that much of a deal, but the fact that it’s derided, and a certain group of fans have also joined that bandwagon (tinpot trophy, mickey mouse cup, etc.) shows that you have bought in wholesale to everything the CL is, which is money. It’s far better to get fourth and have no chance of winning the CL but to have the money than it is to value domestic competitions. It won’t be long before even winning the title will be tinpot, just top 4 / CL qualification is all important. Some fans have come to accept that the bottom line in the accounts for the club are the most important thing, you need the CL for that. Others still hold the values they had when they stepped onto the North Bank as a lad, they want to watch football and see us win. I don’t remember anyone ever being worried about the club accounts in the 80’s or 90’s, now it’s becoming more important than anything else …

  41. goonerDNA

    “We have a manager who won’t get rid of a fat, opinionated, limited striker who is now the “saviour” of our season and you get Mourinho who is getting rid of a world class midfield talent because he does not fit the way he plays”

    Selling your best player over the last 2 seasons to your rivals is something wenger would do

  42. Moray

    gnarley, I think the maximum we can hope for this Jan is a loan deal for a young striker. Having said that, I don;t think we’ll make any signing whatsoever. Wenger had no urgency in the summer to add to our striking options, so I don;t see why he would add to what we have now that we are top of the league – ironically, this will be confirming Wenger’s belief in the squad rather than indicating the need for a final push to the summer.

  43. TheBayingMob

    To win the title, we’d need to spend again… Maybe AW has somethng up his sleeve but the rhetoric from the club is standard and I don’t expect us to. While we’ve had a far better season until now than maybe some of us predicted, if Wenger and the focus of the board was to be ‘winners’ they’d be busting a gut to bring strikers in to keep us where we are, but they won’t … because as is mentality at the club as it is with some fans, actually 3rd or 4th will do it. That’s just fine. So over the latter half of the season the focus will be just to retain top 3 or 4, Chelsea and City will over take us, the question is do we have enough left in the tank to stay top four if Liverpool, The Scum, United and possibly Everton mount a sustained run during that time too? The gamble of a top striker in the 30m+ range is too great for Wenger and the club when they know a lot of fans will settle for 4th and see that as a massive achievement. There is no pressure to push beyond that. I’m not sure what you can taste from 20,000 kms, kebabs have a bad habit of repeating on you though 😉

  44. Jamal

    Mata looks like a done deal :(.. You know Utd will line up like this against us

    Januzaj Rooney Mata

    lol and RVP, Rooney and Mata love to score against us.

  45. Revving Kevin

    Thanking you for the great reply and a lot of that I agree with. Too much money, too high wages etc and a working class sport that is no longer that. Yep agree. It ain’t the same game for sure!!

    If you want to attract the best players and maintain big club profiles you have to qualify for CL. Vast income and profile through not just TV money but attracts sponsors and addit revenue streams. The money means you can compete.

    This is why the 4th place trophy or no trophy mantra misses the point of how important getting onto CL every single season was. If we had beaten Birmingham but never qualified for CL the spuds got our spot, would we be happy ?

    I want trophies but in my mind getting CL every season while we built our stadium is fantastic. However no fucking good if the money doesn’t get spent!! That’s my take.

    Mata is a great deal for both clubs. No way Russians would of sold him to us! And that shows our progress. £38 million though. £8m more than spuds paid for Lamela!!!

  46. tunnygriffboy

    Rumours Maureen after Barclay, another strong quick powerful player. Please please could we have a CDM and a forward player like that to join Theo’s speed. The lack of real pace in the side worries me with the run from hell coming up.

    Mind you if we are there or there abouts at the end of March ( I hope people don’t go beserk if we do come off the top ) we have a better run in than most so we’ll have a chance.

  47. Moray

    “Home league average attendance remained at over 60,000, and Arsenal remains the only club in the Money League top 20 for whom matchday is its largest revenue source. We are unlikely to see this repeated at Arsenal, or any other Money League club in the future.”

    Deloitte acknowledge the new kit sponsorship/naming rights deal done with Emirates, but also that Arsenal have been lagging behind other clubs in terms of commercial revenue, saying, “Whilst this represents impressive growth, eight of the other top ten clubs in the Money League still boast higher commercial figures, demonstrating the potential for further revenue generation in this area”

    It’s no surprise, but here is evidence in front of our noses that our marketing team need to prise their fingers from their assholes and get us competing. A team relying on it’s matchday income so heavily in the 21st century is really behind the curve. Hopefully a couple of years of some success will remedy this as well as a more mature attitude to marketing overseas, particularly in Asia where Arsenal have a much much smaller presence than clubs like the Manchesters and even fucking Liverpool!

  48. Sam

    Crazy world of football

    A bench warmer cost 40M

    Desperado Moyes could follow AVB out by next Xmas

    Imagine mata, Rooney, van persie with another expensive twat they will buy in the summer scrapping it in Kiev next season’s Europa cup.

  49. tunnygriffboy

    Will Rooney or Rvp be there in Europa cup next year ? Worry is if they pick up a quality midfielder ( rumours they after Artoro Vidal ) that they make the top 4? I hope Everton sneak it but they a couple of injuries away from staying at the top.

  50. Charlie Boy


    I don’t think Chelsea would have sold Mata to us anyway, given our No.1 status at the top of the table. ManU was always a better bet, given their potential struggle to catch up to Chelsea.

    That said, with Rooney, RVP and Mata starting – you’d have to bet they may start improving quickly. I just hope their revival doesn’t start against us! (Cos we know how they like beating the Arsenal).