Get Nik a chocolate orange | Striker deal back on?

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Wow, another quiet morning of nothing. I’d start on the FA Cup, but it’s only Wednesday, that’s like putting the kettle on before you go to bed (for a morning tea. Jeez, what a bad line to start the post!).

So the transfer window does seen to be very quiet. The Vucinic deal fell apart which opens the door to us moving for him, if we were ever interested. He’s a good player, sure, but I can see why we’d pass on him. Expecting a 30 year old who has plied his trade in Italy for most of his career doesn’t feel like a fit.

I watched Serie A highlights last night. What a weak league. It really has lost its sparkle in a big way. The standard of keeping was beyond embarrassing. It was like watching a bloopers reel. Not only that, the stadiums were empty like an FA Cup replay between Norwich and Fulham. Sure, some of the big teams might fill their grounds, but my lord, playing away for those massive names must be hard work.

Anyway, I think the vibe on the striker is that Nik B can fill in. I think the feeling is that he’s newly focused on winning a contract. Life has clicked for him as a player and he’s fully up for contributing to the side. And look, Adebayor was hated as much at Spurs as he was at Arsenal 4 weeks ago, now he’s an absolute hero after being shown a bit of love by the new ‘Arry…

‘I just gave him a hug and chocolate orange… now the boy’s mustard’

… Arsene, get that man hug out the loft and send Jenkinson down to the newsagent for that chocolate orange. We have a title to chase!

The contract front seems uncertain. Sagna is after a 3 year deal and we’re offering him two. Rosicky is after a deal and we’re looking to play ball. I like both of them and I think we’re now in a position to afford to keep experience on. See, point is, if we sell them, we’ll only bring them back on short contracts in 2 years time. Keep em’ on Arsene, deck the training ground out in players who know the values you instill in them.

Did I mention the other day that the Lewandowski free transfer is worth €81m over 5 years! Mega money eh?

Aaron Ramsey selected ex Cardiff captain Graham Kavanagh as his footballing hero.

‘He was the Cardiff captain and played in my position, so that’s who I looked up to and wanted to aspire to be like.’

Humble as ever! He also picked out Scott Parker and Michael Ballack as great competitors. I was harangued on Twitter for suggesting Scott Parker as a signing a few years ago. People are now taking players that were good, but are now old and using them to make a point against the site. What a laugh.

Speaking of laughs, I’ve been asked to write one side of the FA Cup argument on Friday in an evening paper. You can guess which side. I think there is a compelling case for a full strength attempt and for not taking it seriously. Just know that before you tear up your Le Grove subscription.

Talking of things that aren’t a laugh. Stan Collymore abuse on Twitter. What the hell is going on here? I was talking to someone the other day about it, it’s like the new internet meme to racially abuse Stan on Twitter. I don’t care for the man, I think he’s a scumbag, however, this ‘well, he beats up women, so racism is ok’ is just a horrible thought process.

The point isn’t about who he is, it’s that we’re in the 21st century and certain people think there are negative connotations associated with skin colour. Twitter is a great platform, it’s help push this website from underground Arsenal blog, to mainstream opinion source single handedly. However, unlike most other platforms, it’s struggled to deal with abuse and it’s pecking order structure almost encourages extreme behaviour because it’s an attention proposition. Couple that with anonnymity and you’ve a recipe that tastes good to the nutters. I have two accounts, and it’s definitely the football account that’s the worst. But I’d imagine it’s the same issue for politics and religion. Facebook certainly did well forcing people to use their real identity to have an account. Half the idiots online wouldn’t behave the way they do if their real name was shown.

… but hey, I’m not going to suggest web passports because that opens the us up to a far worse problem. I just wish people would be more responsible with anonymity. But hey, whatever gets you attention I guess.

Right, rant over. Have a blinding day.


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  1. Norfolk

    Revving KevinJanuary 22, 2014 21:07:06
    Dear Norfolk
    Sorry about that do you really live in Norfolk? I thought you were American for some reason!

    I’m an Eat End boy who moved to the coast.
    The wife is American but I didn’t think I mentioned it, maybe I did.
    I used to live in Chicago, the best City in the US.

  2. Dan Ahern

    RevKen — In all honesty I don’t know who he could possibly be after. You’d think Pedro makes sense, but I cannot realistically see Barca willing to sell him. The only other thing that really comes to mind is a youth player (Sanabria already left though), or he’s noticed Cesc has been getting subbed a lot and thinks he has a chance with him.

  3. TitsMcgee


    They are currently in 7th. They have realized that the title is outbof reach barring a minor miracle.

    They aren’t far points wise from 4th position so

    1) their aiming to make the best of the current situation they find themselves in.

    2) ) regardless of the outcome they’ve just signed one of the better attacking mids on the planet.

    At least they aren’t throwing their hands up in the air and not trying.

  4. N5

    Lol Johnty you are funny! mad, but funny.

    Hey Marble, do you remember when you went under the name dial and me and you had a long conversation about Maureen and you said the same thing then about how he is living proof an imbecile and blah blah blah and I said he was a good manager and you said if he was a good manager he would take a job with a club like Stoke and win the league but he isn’t good so he will only manage Chelsea and Real Madrid……….yeah, well I’m glad you’re still talking such tripe almost a year on.

  5. Jeff


    There is no point arguing with you and it’s a trap I promise myself not to fall into. So let’s just agree to disagree on whatever it is we are disagreeing on. Thank you for your time.

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    extra time apparently according to Martin Tyler, though from what they said I think ManU win it after extra-time.

    I may have that 2nd bit wrong

  7. Norfolk

    Revving KevinJanuary 22, 2014 21:18:11
    Dear Norfolk
    You must have done or else I know her 😉 Lucky guess if not. The Windy City not been, didn’t like New York much.

    I have never liked NYC either, far to busy and full of millions of rude buggers.
    Chi-town is much nicer.

  8. Revving Kevin

    Dear Jason
    They spent £40 million but bought fuck all pre-season. If we had wanted Mata no way Maureen would sell to us in January. Last season he would have, that’s where things have changed!!! You need to think about things Not make all these assumptions and have a moan.

  9. N5

    God Jason I hope that isn’t true. I have just considered it to be paper talk but it seems to be becoming fact! which is a horrible thought.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    @Revving Kevin

    I suspect if we were in ManU’s position they’d sell us Mata this season. Last season they needed Mata. Now he’s a very expensive, very well paid sub who doesn’t really have a role at Chelsea

  11. jasongms

    Dear Revving Kevin

    although he hasn’t signed yet . It’s clear that there is quality to be had if you push hard enough and have a PLAN … Saying that they spent 40 mil pre season means absolutely nothing now ,, does it !

    I’d love to see your reaction if they go out and get Costa .. If any one’s moaning it’s you and it’s constant dribble . get a hold of yourself mate !

  12. Jeff

    If Wenger and Gazidis manage to bring in a reasonable striker even if he’s not what we would call world class, I will be impressed and no doubt will remain as to our intent,

  13. Revving Kevin

    Dear NM
    I suspect if we were in ManU’s position they’d sell us Mata this season.”

    I agree with this. Losing to Chelsea did Man Utd a favour. I like Mata but £40 million is a great deal for Maureen.

    Who could be interesting Wenger is Spain I wonder?

    By the way, For a mental defective you are very bright! 🙂

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    jasongms: It’s clear that there is quality to be had if you push hard enough and have a PLAN

    Not quite. It means that IF a club wants to sell a player AND IF that player wants to move then it’s possible to sign someone.

  15. Uchmangunnernaija

    I know you can’t sign quality in January but can anyone explain how Man utd just signed a quality player in Mata? Or maybe quality signings can actually be made as long as you pay up?? Who knows??

  16. jasongms

    “It means that IF a club wants to sell a player AND IF that player wants to move then it’s possible to sign someone.”

    Money speaks all languages !

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    Revving Kevin: Who could be interesting Wenger is Spain I wonder?

    He’s there with Gazidis.

    They’re definitely not just there to watch a game of football.

  18. Revving Kevin

    Dear Jason
    Man Utd spend nothing start of the season despite needing to strengthen. They panic and pay £40 million for Mata in January. They sit 6th why Maureen sold to them.

    We buy Ozil for £40m start of season.

    But you praise Man Utd for signing a player and slag us of not signing anyone. Can you see why I get confused my friend?

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    Ignore that, not there with Gazidis.

    As you were, he’s just relaxing watching a game of football.

    Panic over, no signings, phew!

  20. Gunnershabz

    Wenger and gazidis maybe watching sergi Roberto, Christian tello and Pedro

    I can’t imagine wenger just going there for the first two maybe thrashing out a deal for Pedro

  21. JA_Gooner83

    I cant believe Mourinho, fucking strengthened Manure and didnt give us Demba Ba on loan….I hate him…Chelsea are despicable.

  22. TitsMcgee

    there goes the notion that your cant buy quality in the January market !
    chelski selling mata to united .. unfucking believable”

    Big players have gone in the winter TW in the past. The notion comes from those who look to excuse Wenger for not spending.

    They’re the same ones who gave Wenger a pass for summer because “we’ll try for Suarez in Jan”.

    It’ll be another convenient excuse come summer should we not buy anyone up front as well.

  23. Gunnershabz

    Mourinho is a cunt a clever cunt though he done with Man U this season unless champions league but mata is cup tied so win win for him and if mata performs against his rivals like lukaku and victor Moses

  24. Norfolk

    Revving KevinJanuary 22, 2014 21:26:00
    Sounds great may have to consider adding that to my list. What’s best time to go and week long enough?

    Late Sept is best for 2 weeks or more
    Very hot still and you can see all the Sports action
    Cubs & Whitesox
    Bulls Pre-season if you time it right.

  25. Jeff

    It looks like (as other people have pointed out) that Mourinho is playing the game of enemies of my enemies are my friends. He hopes Man U can take points off us and Man City and gets a cool £40m for a player he didn’t want or like in the first place; a win, win situation for him.

  26. hackneylad

    Lol Imagine if we signed pedro would be a ridiculous great signing, can’t see my self, why on earth would they sell him?

    I get Neymar is the new boy and his a winger but isn’t he left wing? Pedro right wing?

    And alex sanchez left wing?

    I think sanchez is class but his less consistent than pedro, don’t get why they would sell pedro?

  27. Norfolk

    Nasri’s MouthJanuary 22, 2014 21:40:14
    That Sunderland keeper looks decent, with Fabianski leaving in the summer, we could use him as a back up


  28. Nasri's Mouth

    Jeff: I wonder if Mata would celebrate if next season he scores against Chelsea?

    If Mourinho is still there, I think so 😉

  29. TitsMcgee

    Puyol might have naked pics of someone at Barcelona. He’s a shell of his former self.

    I know he’s a Barca veteran but he’s a major liability for them.

  30. Romford Pele

    Deal seems to be moving very quickly. Very risky from Chelsea. As Gambon said, United won’t stop there. Address the problems in CM and that crisis disappears very quickly.

  31. hackneylad

    Nasri’s mouth

    40 Mill is barely overpaying in todays market.

    Mata is a world class player the season before this he was the best player in the league.

    His also only 25…

    His 37 Mill player in my books in todays market.

  32. Revving Kevin

    Cheers Norfolk, defo look into that and timing good.

    Oops, yep forgot about old mop head.

    If Wengers sitting next to Clooney, I hope they weren’t discussing the weather in England and it’s a case of his dyslexia kicking in and we’re going to end up with Rain Clooney up front 🙂

  33. hackneylad

    I rate Mata so highly !

    I believe he should only be 5 mill less than OZil… Ozil was 42 Mill so Mata should be around 37 mill.

    Seeing is its a January window prices are higher 40 Mill is really not that bad.

  34. gambon

    Only players I can see Wenger looking at are:

    – Sergi Roberto (Barca)
    – Keylor Navas

    Although the former is unlikely as we just dont need someone in that mould.

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    Conspiracy theory time, but if Wenger was going to just see the game and scout a player, he got there very early in the day.

  36. hackneylad

    Its pretty much 100 percent that wenger is there scouting a player.

    Why else would he be there? To watch abit of football…Nah don’t be silly.

    Not saying we will buy said player.

  37. hackneylad

    I never get how Man united Chelsea fans say 8 years without trophy without a hint of irony.

    What was Chelsea’s strophy drought 50 years?

    Man United think was 27?

    Lol everytime I get into a casual football conversation with a fan of any other big club its 8 years?

    Today Chelsea fan said 8 years as soon as he found out I was an Arsenal fan, I said 50 years. He looked at me confused as if Chelsea didn’t exist before the Russian.

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    Yep, he’s definitely there. Was seen at Heathrow at 9am this morning before he left.

    Which would get him there at lunchtime.

  39. Jeff

    My God. That is so sad. It never rains when it pours and how it pours for Man U at the moment. De Gea spills and it goes in only seconds left after extra time.

  40. gazzap

    Penalties? Cant trust a shit heap like Sunderland.
    Never as vulnerable as when you have just scored. Keep it tight for 1 min is all you have to do.

  41. Nasri's Mouth

    I love this. Such a win win

    If ManU lose it’s funny.

    If ManU win, it’s another game against ManC

    If ManU win the cup, it stops the ManC quad talk.

    If ManC win the cup, they beat ManU

    See it’s all good

  42. gazzap

    Yeah I agree, it is better for the final to be the two manchester clubs. City will win it but it’s better for us for there to be at least some tension in that game. We don’t want an easy nothing game for city. and I really dont care if united win this cup (not that they will).

  43. Craigy

    Complete shambles, ha ha boy wonder misses, these commentators are cunts, ha ha ha ha utd are foooooooking shiiiiiite ha ha