Tom Fox dealing with Ivan G legacy | Juve striker set for Arsenal talks today

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Happy Monday one and all. I’m feeling chipper after watching United get taken down with embarrassing ease by Chelsea. The state of their starting line-up was unbelievable in its weakness. I pondered the question on Saturday…

Is recovery time affected by interest in the cause?

Rooney and Van Persie are still out

Nik B will likely be back two weeks early on Friday

I called the Robin injuries earlier in the season, and I don’t have any evidence to support him being out for any other reason than being injured, but we’ve seen similar things at Arsenal with Thierry and Cesc in their final years.

Onto Tom Fox. I forgot to mention his comments about fans not being interested in the way the club is run, but more interested in trophies.

“Whatever we do commercially is not anything our fans really want to know or understand”

“They want the club to be successful … and be able to compete.”

I find this a fantastic statement due to the narrative of this issue being solely centred around Arsenal PRing sustainable dreams to fans for 10 years. Name me a set of fans who, before suggesting a name we should sign, work out the cost of their contract, our total transfer budget based on surplus cash then subtract the additional cash we’d need to bolster elsewhere?

You probably can’t. Simple facts are these… football fans have an insatiable passion for their clubs. They gorge on content. The internet has taken obsession to new levels. 15years ago, passion release could only happen when you saw your pals or opened a newspaper (that sounds bad right?). Now fans can have dialogues with other Arsenal fans at anytime, anywhere on a multitude of passion enabling devices.

People of all professions can go through the clubs finances and analyse them better than the people analysing them club side… their marketing efforts can be detailed, the PR campaigns picked apart, their sponsorships scrutinised. I mean, honestly, people watch so much football these days, that even the scouting networks can be challenged.

Blogs like mine take obsession to levels you can’t publish in the papers, Swiss Ramble redefined football finance talk, so much so the Liverpool big guns at Liverpool commented on his work… so Tom, whilst I appreciate the sentiment of ‘fans only care about trophies’ could be true for some… for most these days, the 360 view of the club is what keeps them ticking along. It’s no longer about merely winning a trophy, it’s about how you got there.

It’s the same with football on the TV.

‘Fans only care about footballers and the game’

… could easily be a comment in a programming meeting. When the reality is, we’d rather listen to experts with real insight over some footballer who was relevant ten years ago in a totally different game.

In other news, James Horncastle reckons Vucinic of Juventus is meeting the Arsenal people today to talk about moving over for the rest of the season. The former Roma man has found himself on the periphery this season, so a move off Juve’s wage bill and a fresh challenge might work for him. He’s powerful, has a fairly decent goal record and he has that work ethic and aggression that makes Eastern Europeans stand out. I’m not an extensive watcher of him, but have caught glimpses of him this season. He has a great reputation and he’ll certainly have something about his game we’re lacking at the moment. He’s also experienced and a winner.

Wenger says he’s still in the market for players. I think whoever we pick up will be opportunistic and I’m highly doubtful we’ll be making any sort of major splash. All the big clubs are mostly in the running for trophies, so the big players aren’t leaving. Then you have people who are gunning for small clubs who come with a risk tag.

The clubs focus over the next 6 months will be a right back, a box to box player with plenty of energy, a striker and most likely a player like Draxler. If we bring in 4 players like that and exit the remaining dross, we’ll be able to contend trophies across the board next year.

That’s not to say we won’t compete this year, however, City are steam rollering the league at the moment, Chelsea are quietly demolishing sides… Arsenal are too, but we don’t have as many bodies as they do. I think that’ll bite us in the back side when the fixture list hits hard again. Especially if we progress in the FA Cup and the Champions League (Bayern lost 3-0 in a midseason friendly… CRISIS). Ozil complained on TV (I think) that the lack of a winter break has left him tired (even though a shoulder injury gave him a mini breather), which, as I said at the time, explains his dip in form. I still find it amazing that people moan about him. I think it’s a case of some fans looking at his facial expression rather than what he does. He’s incapable of having an emotion… so don’t expect him to look like he’s into things at Arsenal. Carlos Ancelotti still misses him though, which tells you a lot.

“I think we made a mistake when we allowed [Ozil] to leave the club,”

Next game up is a Friday night excursion for the FA Cup, I’ll talk later on in the week about what we can expect. I’m hoping this might be the perfect chance to see Zelalem…

Right, that’s me done, have a good day!

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  1. Revving Kevin

    Dear Higz
    Good comments. Piers Morgan us a bit of an embarrassment though. I too would not be pleased if someone was available but the fact is they aren’t. Pedro explained it perfectly up top.

  2. Sam

    Why can’t Wenger rotate his CBs to keep everyone happy.
    please don’t give that verm-Kos partnership won’t work nonsense.

    who da fuck trains them?

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Having a grudge against players is this weeks theme isn’t it?

    Last week it was not having athletic enough players

    Wonder what it’ll be next week

  4. Revving Kevin

    Dear Sam
    Best CB partnership in the UK and I wouldn’t rotate them. The record speaks for itself. I think the high energy midfield areas are where you rotate and we do. Git players to come back too who will be fresh, which is a real bonus with the intensity we have coming up.

  5. kwik fit

    Can totally understand why Wenger keeps the Kos Mert partnership. They have worked superbly as a unit.
    Would not blame Verminator for looking elsewhere because failing injury he’s not getting a game.

  6. Norfolk

    It’s a great game here at The Emirates, so that’s one nil to the Arsenal,
    Fantastic play right from the kick off.
    The Arsenal net spend made a wonderful cross to the Arsenal wage bill on the right wing, it took on two players and cut it back to the transfer budget who made a wonderful header into the back of the net.
    They think it’s all over, it is now (if you prefer this to football anyway).

  7. Revving Kevin

    Dear Sam
    TV isn’t playing because Kos and Mert are the best CB partnership. This grudge nonsense is typical of the rubbish that gets invented for a cheap dig and is a bit sad and unnecessary.

  8. WengerEagle

    Evening lads and lasses,

    Vucinic could be back on the cards as apparently Inter are pulling the plug on the Guarin swap deal due to fan backlash. I personally don’t rate Vucinic that highly but I’d take him if he could contribute 10+ goals for the remainder of the season

  9. Revving Kevin

    Dear Kwik
    Fair point. You don’t want players like TV to leave though, that’s the sort of strength in depth you want. Last thing you need is one of the CB’s injured and you are relying on a kid. Hope we keep him Becos he is a quality player IMO.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    WengerEagle: I personally don’t rate Vucinic that highly but I’d take him if he could contribute 10+ goals for the remainder of the season

    You are joking aren’t you? He’s not going to start ahead of Giroud. Be lucky if he gets 2.

  11. WengerEagle

    I agree in that I think Vermaelen will leave the club but not until the summer. I think he’s a quality CB on his day and he seems to be a good lad off the pitch, it’s just unfortunate for him that the Mertesacker-Koscielny partnership is arguably the best in European football. Like kwik said he’s the Captain of Arsenal and Belgium so I don’t see him hanging around on the bench too much longer. As it is we need a CB in January, if Vermaelen leaves we need 2

  12. Thank you and goodnight


    I won’t mourn TV5 if he goes mate. Sorry. His constant forays up front has resulted in quite a few goals against us, as it leaves us constantly exposed. He’s a liability like Luiz of chavski.

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    Doesn’t mean I want TV5 to go. Rather him than squillaci or ponderous. But I just don’t think he’s anywhere near the BFG ‘ S or Koz’s defensive abilities.

  14. kwik fit

    Thank you and goodnight

    I think he was exposed in previous seasons ( pre Bould) when we did not deploy a proper DM. He really hasn’t been given a chance in the new bould era.

  15. WengerEagle


    Ok if he takes a sub role then yeah 2-5 goals is what we can expect but if he started he has the capability of producing 10+ goals with our midfield behind him. IMO he is on his day a better player than Giroud and is much more naturally talented. Like Berbatov however it’s more a question of attitude and motivation which Giroud has over him it would appear

  16. Thank you and goodnight

    You could possibly be right. But my preference would Kos and Bfg together barring injuries. I’m not saying they’re not capable of moments of stupidity, but less so than TV5.

  17. Sam


    I understand your point but rotation important now cos when things get hot in march Kos n mert might suffer tiredness

    Or worse

  18. hackneylad

    We need Posters like Revin kevvin simon kjafc ect

    Without them this blog would be on suicide watch!

    Really enjoying coming on this blog, the depressive Arsenal haters have been quietened down. I used to just come on this blog for Pedro’s article, now I come for the comments section as well 😉

    Sanity is back on this blog (or at least a balance)! le-sain!

  19. WengerEagle


    I’d take Alexis Sanchez off Barca with my eyes closed, very talented player and just what we need as well due to Theo’s injury- a goalscoring winger/forward. Would add an extra dimension to our attack with his dynamic dribbling ability and pace

  20. N5

    Poldi Prince: “Some real dead shits have taken over this site. Literacy skills of chair and comprehension skills of a dead ant. Fucking nufties.”

    Oh the irony!

  21. Sam

    Wenger’s been busy assessing his reserves players going to watch them personally n twice they got beaten,Lol!

    At least Afobe’s scoring
    I think he will make a decision after the Coventry game

  22. kwik fit


    Di Maria would be a dream, but not impossible. We were close in the summer. Just think that Ancelotti’s recent comments about regretting selling Ozil makes it less likely.

  23. N5

    Some real dead shits have taken over this site. Literacy skills of <ba chair and comprehension skills of a dead ant. Fucking nufties.

    I’ve highlighted the grammar, now if you could tell me what a dead shit is and why you used ‘dead’ twice as your descriptive word?

    If you’re going to insult people by stating they are idiots at least make that comment make sense or you’ll just look silly! any other comment is fine to fuck up but that one demands 100% correct grammar!

  24. Sam


    Are you arsenal PR guy?

    Or just a fan like us

    You seem to dismiss everything with passion n not addressing the danger we are facing from man city n Chelsea

  25. Nasri's Mouth


    He’d have to improve his goalscoring record to get that kind of return, and I just can’t see it happening having to come to a new league, a new country and a new set of team mates.

  26. Revving Kevin

    That’s interesting. Rooney will be off in the Summer, I would put money on it, but I may have to sell one of my Wenger paintings 🙂

    I thought strong rumours that Cabaye was off to PSG. I think he is a great player.

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    Di Maria was an possibility before Ozil left Real Madrid. With Bale joining, Real Madrid needed to flog someone. They don’t anymore.

    As for Sanchez, I’d defintely have him, but are Barca really happy to let him go ? Bit weird if you ask me.

  28. Revving Kevin

    Dear Sam
    Why because I want to keep TV and not rotate Mert and Kos? Or because I said it isn’t hot in March and they won’t get tired? Sorry mate, I thought that was just plain common sense.

  29. WengerEagle

    My Arsenal players of the season so far in order of performance:

    1) Aaron Ramsey
    2) Laurent Koscielny
    3) Per Mertesacker
    4) Wojciech Szezcsny
    5) Bacary Sagna
    6) Mesut Ozil
    7) Mikel Arteta
    8) Kieran Gibbs/Monreal (both have been fantastic at LB)
    9) Mathieu Flamini
    10) Jack Wilshere/Tomas Rosicky

    The whole squad deserve recognition for their fantastic performances so far this season as well. Giroud, Cazorla and Theo have also contributed to our excellent season so far. The defence are placed highest in my list because it’s thanks to them and our keeper that we are top of the league imo

  30. BorneoGooner

    Sitting pretty on top at this time of the year and dont give a hoot who is favourite to win the league simply a feeling thats been absent in recent memory.
    Im just haaaaapy to be here.

  31. Sam

    We could use Sagna to give our CB a rest but jenkinson is not reliable .

    I am worrying more about our defense then attack becoz we are still scoring goals to win games.
    If anything happen to our defenders we are fucked

  32. WengerEagle

    Would be a bit bizarre alright for Barcelona to sell Sanchez. Suppose if they wanted to raise cash to buy a CB or a new Goalkeeper they might do it, as it stands they have Neymar, Pedro, Cesc, Sergi Roberto and Tello who can play LW or RW not to mention Deulofeu who’s on loan at Everton to come back next season. Would still be a strange move in my book as Neymar and Pedro are the only two players that are as good on the wing atm

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    @Revving Kevin

    Saw the Mata thing earlier.

    Makes sense. ManU are out of the title race, but they still have to play Chelsea’s 2 main rivals, (us and ManC) and selling Mata to ManU might smooth a deal for Rooney in the summer

  34. Revving Kevin

    My thoughts too re Rooney. They clearly don’t see Man Utd as a threat now and know they have us and City. Mata is a quality player and with him, Rooney and RVP playing together, that’s bloody dangerous!

  35. Sam

    Yes Kevin,

    Unless wenger already planned to drop out of the champions league without a fight.
    Just stick with the league with his tiny squad

  36. WengerEagle

    That’s only £5 million less than what we paid for Ozil who imo is just that bit better than Mata. As NM has said United are clearly not a direct threat for the BPL title so selling to them makes a lot of sense, they still have to play us and City and with Mata would be far more likely to take points off us and City.

    The whole Mata situation is a little bizarre, he was their best player for the past 2 seasons and hasn’t really done anything wrong, Mourinho just doesn’t fancy him. If you told me a year ago Chelsea would sell Mata I would have called you insane

  37. Revving Kevin

    Dear WE
    Yes Chelsea fans don’t want him to leave, he was their player of the season for the last two years. Not for Maureen who wants function over flair. MU have always been able to buy big players whenever they need them and boy do they need one!

  38. Norfolk

    Nasri’s MouthJanuary 20, 2014 22:02:24
    @NorfolkSo was Tom Fox right after all then?

    I’m not exactly sure what bit of what he said you mean.
    If you mean the headline “We can’t compete with ManC etc” then I’d say he’s wrong and that we could……… if our owners wanted to (they have the money, but seeing as they clearly don’t want to put their hands in their pockets in the way others do, then he is correct and we can’t. 🙁

  39. WengerEagle


    Yeah true RE United, they are lucky a player of Mata’s quality would even consider joining them at this moment in time 😉 In all seriousness they are the biggest club in England and possibly the world and one terrible season will not change that. I’m hoping PSG swoop in for him personally as they are in need of a no.10 to support Ibra in attack. Question is would Mata choose PSG or United? Hate to say it but I reckon he’d prefer United as he is already well accustomed to the BPL and so he can stick it to Jose and show him he was wrong to get rid of him.

    He would be a huge capture for United as he is only 25 and is one of the best CAM’s in world football. Would have a similar uplifting impact on them as Ozil had on us

  40. WengerEagle

    ‘How about Sanchez AND Di Maria?’

    Just Sanchez for me, Di Maria is more creative but Alexis is more of a goal threat. We have creativity coming out of our ears with Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky it’s goalscorers we lack

  41. Marko

    Sanchez and Di Maria? Would transform an occassionally dud like offence into something special. Also Chelsea selling Mata to United when they pulled the plug on us signing Demba Ba makes no sense at all.

  42. WengerEagle


    United aren’t direct rivals with Chelsea this season and selling Mata to them could benefit Chelsea if he helps United take points off us or City. Plus £37 million is a lot of money for a substitute

  43. Norfolk

    WengerEagleJanuary 20, 2014 23:22:52
    NorfolkUnited aren’t direct rivals with Chelsea this season and selling Mata to them could benefit Chelsea if he helps United take points off us or City. Plus £37 million is a lot of money for a substitute

    Fair enough, but this season is half way done and Chelski will have to face them next season (probably this one too). If MU picks up points from us and City rhey will likely be rivals to Chelski so I think it’s bad business either way.

  44. Marko

    Also United are fucking shocking. Trying to sign an AM when they already had a class one in Kagawa and are ruining him by playing him out of position and not giving him a run of games. Ridiculous really. Kagawa was so good at Dortmund that they played Gotze on the right to accomodate Kagawa. And Gotze’s outstanding

  45. WengerEagle

    That £37 million could be used to buy Diego Costa in the summer as well which would make Chelsea a real force in Europe. Don’t think United overly worry Mourinho as a major squad overhaul is needed at OT which could take 2-3 years. It will be impossible for United to sign and get rid of 10 players in the summer which is what they need. Maybe Mourinho is looking at that United squad and thinking they won’t be direct rivals for a few years. Rooney looks like he could be off in the summer even though he is one of the few players United need to keep

  46. Sam

    I suspect bitter Mourinho pulled the plug on DEmba becoz ozil turned him down to join us.
    He hates us n love man utd

    Remember he wanted man utd job

  47. WengerEagle

    Looking at that United squad the only players you could make cases for to stay are RVP, Rooney, De Gea, Carrick, Vidic, Rafael, Januzaj, Welbeck, Jones, Evans, Zaha and Kagawa if he ups his game. The rest of the squad is deadweight and not of sufficient enough quality to play in a side with title aspirations

  48. salparadisenyc

    Kagawa at United has been an absolute anomaly, Fergie didn’t seem to handle it well from the start. Played the # 10 to perfection at Dortmund, problem at United is he has zero creativity to work with, Gotze was a perfect foil lining up on his right at Dortmund. What you’d hope from Ozil and Cazorla, opposite sides same effect.

    Be surprised to see Chelsea sell Mata to united, assumed he’d be swapped for Cavani + cash or dead sell to PSG.

  49. WengerEagle

    Costa to Chelsea makes total sense when you take into consideration Atletico are desperate to keep Courtois. They don’t seem to have problems finding replacement strikers anyway that’s for sure:


    I could envisage a Courtois + £10 million deal for Costa

  50. Revving Kevin

    Wenger Eagle
    that may depend if they qualify for the CL. I suspect Rooney and RVP will hot foot it out of there for starters. They need a Mata to inject positivity and keep the fans on side. Is it a panic buy?

  51. Sam

    Fuck Chelsea n fuck man utd

    10 days left to us to do something

    I hope we are not sticking with giroud n bendtner

    It will be a stupid gamble that will most likely backfire

  52. salparadisenyc

    WengerEagleJanuary 20, 2014 23:50:42

    I always assumed that as well but rumors seem rife about Cavani’s future and his dislike of Ibra. Hope your right, hate to see him end up with that lot.

  53. WengerEagle

    R Kevin

    Imo it would be a great purchase from United. Ok it has the hint of a panic buy but to be fair our purchase of Ozil was similar in that respect. The thing is though they need Mata for his playing qualities just like we needed Ozil. They severely lack creativity and what better way to attempt to solve that problem by signing one of the most creative players in Europe? If RVP or Rooney leave come the summer though they will be fairly fucked and I can see one leaving if not both

  54. WengerEagle

    The ‘little boy’ inside RVP grows restless quickly as we know so if it were between him and Rooney leaving I’d slap my money down on a RVP departure. Maybe he might join Juventus, the little boy inside him will have hit puberty and may have an infatuation with Italian women 😉

  55. WengerEagle

    Haha sal I read that! A Guarin-Vucinic swap would be ludicrous though, Guarin is an excellent all-round CM who is only 27 while Vucinic is 30 and an average to good CF

  56. Dark Hei

    I hope Wenger can get a rabbit out of the hat, but I don’t think we will be able to find the kind of striker we need in January. We can sign some bloke but he won’t be much of an impact to the title race.

    Even for summer, it looks difficult.

    Diego Costa – Great player but at the wrong end of 20, and at 32 million, probably too much of a bet which we can’t afford.

    Jackson Martinez – Great player, super flexible, kind of like Anderson Silva. But like Costa, too expensive for someone so old.

    Rooney – He and the disgusting amount of $$ over at Chelski are made for one another.

    Cavani – I don’t think we can afford his wages. I mean, those are PSG wages, anytime he thinks about leaving, he just needs to look at the bank account.

    Lukaku – Will be great if we can nab him. But can’t see why those disgusting folks at Chelski will do so.

    Benzema – I think RM will dump him in the summer. Not a good idea to get him though as it is going to be a mini war between him and Giroud, mirroring the state in the French squad. He is not good enough to justify undermining Giroud either. Has personal issues as well (court case coming up)

    Benteke – I think he can be an alternative to Giroud. Faster and even stronger in the air than Giroud (Gulp!) but lacks Giroud’s finesse.

    Michu – I like him a lot but he is going through and injury patch. Not sure the same player will reappear.

    Remy – Fast, strong, skilful. But has personal issues as well.

    Julian Draxler – In conclusion, we sign a 20 year old, turn him into a striker and hope that he stays with us for 10 years.

  57. bnsb

    Julian Draxler – In conclusion, we sign a 20 year old, turn him into a striker and hope that he stays with us for 10 years.

    Reminds me of a Dutch Boy. We patiently developed him for seven years. Got one good year and he trotted off. Thanks but no thanks.

    Good morning all!

  58. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dark Hei & bnsb – cheerful start to the day!

    And the current rumour around Rosicky should make everyone see the limit of Gambon’s actual knowledge – Bayern (not a shabby team!) want to sign Rosicky when his contract expires. Not bad for such a terrible midfielder!

  59. Revving Kevin

    Dear OTT
    Good morning.

    I don’t think gambon believes what he writes. If you go back over tine he is always contradicting himself. He has criticised every player, it’s all too get a reaction. He is just playing a game, he gates on everything and that isn’t normal

    By the way, Rosicky is top quality. Shame he had so many injuries. Technically he is bang on the money and he mixes that with that high tempo. He seems to get quicker with age!!

  60. gonsterous

    Huh…I think we had rvp in the building the team process…so that was the reason he left…but whereas Draxler is coming in with a team build to win the league and take over Europe ( a bit of a stretch that ) and so I don’t see why he would want to leave !!!

  61. Revving Kevin

    What? So now we compare Draxler to RVP, so we don’t want him because, what, he might leave in a few years tine?

    What about that young French winger we brought in and turned into a legend?

  62. Sam

    Pardon monsieur!

    Wenger is paying 40M for an attacking midfielder he can turn into a striker after few years . Did he say that?

    Remember, changing player position is a Challenging task that mostly fails.
    Wenger himself wouldnt know that until he works with Julian draxler.

  63. Sam

    Wenger loves insisting on a failed project
    He will keep him there for whole season when things are clearly not working

    Becareful what you wish for