Arsenal Fulham 2-0. Comfortably numb. Entrance music!

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Santi celebrates...

Santi celebrates…

Hello hello – a late and short post from me today.

Well that felt routine didn’t it? Refreshingly bog standard, comfortably numb. I mentioned yesterday that Fulham were a team that arouse few emotions, and it certainly felt like that yesterday.

Not only the fans but the team seemed like they really couldn’t be arsed with the game. A better team would have punished our casualness but Fulham put in such a lacklustre, tepid performance that we were able to get away with some pretty poor play.

Conversation with the chaps around me was focused on potential signings. There was talk of Draxler, of someone called Ntep, of Cabaye and of poor Joel Campbell. What happened to him? Could he provide some offensive cover?

Someone also pointed out the curse of the Arsenal number 9 shirt. Everyone knows the duds who have occupied the shirt – Suker, Baptista, Park – but apparently the goal return for Arsenal number 9s in the last decade is something like 4 goals a season. An incredible stat.

In terms of line-up I was surprised to see Monreal keep his place ahead of Gibbs, especially as he had been an injury doubt. Less surprising was seeing Gnabry get the nod ahead of our current number 9.

To be fair the young German justified his selection, and looked like our liveliest player in the first half, finding space well and firing off a few shots without ever really threatening. A nice one-two with Wilshere saw Ozil find space, but his cut back across the 6 yard box was too weak to reach Giroud. Other than that nothing really happened in the first half. Sidwell threatened with a shot, Sagna and then Giroud had shots saved well by Steklenberg.

All in all it felt like Arsenal were saving their energy for the second half. They started much better after the break as we started to turn on the pressure. Our first good chance came from a Cazorla free kick which he floated into the back post. Sagan crept in and made a good connection. The save bounced back to Gnabry who was able to create some space but had his shot blocked by a defender.

The opening came a few minutes later. Brilliant link up play from Giroud saw him release Wilshere down the left, whose cut back rolled across the penalty area for Santi – who had been having a bit of a stinker until that point –  to dispatch the goal.

The boys took time to acknowledge the huge contribution I’ve made to the season by coming over to our corner for their celebration. A classy touch, much appreciated boys.

Santi was able to double the lead a few minutes later after he latched on to a Fulham clearance and hit quite a weak shot from the edge of the area which seemed to take an age to reach the net. Should the keeper have done better? Probably. Do I care? Not really.

There was just time for an appearance from the Pod who seemed determined to prove a point and had a fierce shot hit the post and then for Darren Bent to not do what he usually does, which is score irritating goals against us.

Other than that, Fulham reverted to training mode and we were able to see out the game quite comfortably. 2-0; 3 points; 10th clean sheet; Top of the league; Wham bam thank you mam.

Concluding thoughts?


Is it possible to say Santi was poor despite scoring two goals? Well im going to try. The smiling Spaniard was poor in the first half giving the ball away a lot. There’s no need to worry, he is such a fantastic player that he will get back to the level he was last season but he just looks low on confidence at the moment, hopefully yesterday’s goals will help.


The Giroud hate started up again yesterday. He’s become the target for the boo boys. I’ll admit he can be frustrating, he needs to work on his shooting (hint: don’t lean back when you shoot Oli) but he quite frankly works his bollocks off for the team. If you want to know what contribution he makes, see Santi’s first goal.


Contrast this with Lukas who does not work hard but can do no wrong with fans. I said yesterday that I couldn’t understand the manager’s frustration with him but there was a 5 minute spell yesterday, after he hit the post where he ambled back from the by-line, failed to provide cover for Monreal, and then stood on the halfway line as Giroud struggled to hold up the ball on his own. I thought he was injured but it seems he was just being extremely lazy. Not good enough considering he had only been on the pitch for 10 minutes. Yesterday saw the best and worst of him. He made an immediate impact, nearly scoring and adding verve and energy to our attack but he didn’t seem that arsed about providing defensive cover which is increasingly important to how we play.

Entrance music

Remember when we used to play “The Wonder of You” before each game? It was kind of crap wasn’t it? Nonetheless I would love us to revive this tradition with a better song. I’ve been doing some brainstorming and come up with a few options each of which would make a statement about the kind of club we are. Here’s my initial list:


In Dreams – Roy Orbison (vintage class)

Ways to an End – Mirrors (hipster football)

Inhaler – Foals (super hipster football)

Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin (scary bastards)


What do you reckon? What song would you like to hear before kick off?

Right that’s me done. Apologies again for the late post. You can follow me @aldo_doel

Have a good Sunday x

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  1. N5

    Have you been watching him samsensible? I wondered if he was putting in 10% and lazy the rest or if he was really trying to change his attitude.

  2. Kjafc

    :-). I love only Fools and Horses. He played a magic character, Trigger, much respect for that and RIP. That scene with the broom he had for all those years was hilarious. And the waste site that was open 24 hours but not at night!! Brilliant dead pan delivery.

  3. N5

    He was a genius character Kj wasn’t he! I loved the if they have a boy they’re calling it Rodney, after Dave line!

    I never knew he was a Spud though, that has surprised me.

  4. samsensible

    N5 I am picturing Trigger and Soldado at The Nags Head

    “Alright Goalscorer”

    “I am not a goalscorer”

    “Why does everyone call you a goalscorer then?”

    “They don’t Trig, only you do”

    Trigger stares into space, confused. Wondering why they paid 26 million pounds for him…

  5. samsensible

    N5 yeah Adebayor is on form right now. He’s done this before though.

    Loving the trigger lines boys. They’re naming him Rodney, after Dave…


  6. N5

    Trigger: You knew my Grandad Arthur, didn’t you Mr Trotter.

    Grandad: Yeah, I knew Arthur alright.

    Trigger: He was a smashing man, he took care of me when my Mum went.

    Rodney: Where was your Dad?

    Trigger: He died a couple of years before I was born.

  7. Kjafc

    In Yuppy Love when Del is advising Trigger about chatting women up in a wine bar. Just before Del falls through the bar:

    Del: You can’t fail if you talk about money.

    Trigger (loudly) : I saw one of them old five pound notes the other day.

  8. N5

    Lol one more.

    Trigger: Sometimes I think about the future. I don’t want to end up a lonely bachelor like my cousin Ronnie. Then again he always had a strange taste in women.

    Denzil: In what way?

    Trigger: Well, they were men!

  9. N5

    Not a chance in Hell samsensible. Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, they look far to normal to be spuds, if the brow is sloped then a spud it is! but Chas and Dave are as Arsenal as Baldini.

  10. Kjafc

    Final one and possibly the best if the lot:


    Trigger is proudly showing everyone his award for saving the council money given to him by the councillor.

    Trigger: I happened to mention to her one time that I’ve had the same broom for twenty years. Twenty years, that’s a very long time Dave.

    Rodney: Yep, well it’s two decades:

    Trigger: I wouldn’t go that far

    Del: Trig, if you’ve had that Broom for twenty years have you actually ver swept any roads with it?

    Trigger: of course but I look after it well. We have a saying that’s been handed down generations of road sweepers.. Look after your broom…… (Pause)

    Rodney: …. and your broom will look after you?

    Trigger: No Dave, it’s just Look after your broom.

    Trigger: yeh And that’s what I’ve done. Maintained it for 20 years. (Shows them the broom). This old brooms had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time.

    They all look stunned.

    Sid: How the hell can it be the same bloody broom then?

    Trigger: Theres the picture. What more proof do you need?

  11. Norfolk


    “……….And besides, come on..changing a name, guessing the new guy is an old guy…it’s all fun ain’t it?”

    That’s true 🙂
    I thought I’d register my opinion that it was getting a bit mob-like.
    At least the knuckle dragger isn’t on here to join in.

  12. Duttlenheim

    You fucking idiots are certifiable. Do you even listen to yourselves? If you can’t be happy now , you can’t be happy. Get some lithium for fucks sake. We have a point total on par with the Invincibles. We are top of the league. You imbeciles are talking up Spuds like you are afraid. Guess what? We already manhandled them … Twice. Eriksen better than Özil? That’s the dumbest fucking thing I read on here and believe me the competition was fierce. Don’t bother replying to me just talk to your other personality you fucking lunatics. WENGER IN !!!!!

  13. Cesc Appeal


    ‘Don’t bother to reply to me’

    Ahh, the refuge of a know nothing keyboard warrior, you’re arguments are probably devoid of any substance. I bet you’re one of those who calls anyone who doesn’t blindly follow the team/manager a ‘Spud.’

    People were having a debate earlier as to who was better ‘value’…Ozil or Eriksen. I see nothing wrong in that. Those making a case for Eriksen might have a point – and vice versa.

    But again, this is classic Wengerite behaviour. Anyone who says anything negative about Arsenal has to be bashed and insulted. My Dad is bigger than your Dad, it’s such a toddler mentality. Grown ups can take constructive criticism.

  14. Savage

    This is such a great season, not just for Arsenal fans, but for the neutral too. So close, so much competition.

    Just watching a bit of the Spurs v Swansea game again, and I was quite impressed with Spurs’ direct style. I would love us to be more direct, but I’m happy to win any way we can. As long as Spurs, Everton, and Pool are not a threat to us, I’m happy for them to keep winning and push United further down the board.

  15. goona


    i have to agree, as long as we keep getting 3 points every game. Nothing better than seeing Manure getting stuffed- Chelsea didnt even get out of 2nd gear.

  16. TheBayingMob

    Not the entrance music debate again! Pur-lease!! It just doesn’t work, unless it’s something historic that’s been done for many years it just won’t ever, ever work. The make up of the crowd these days (generally 30/40 somethings) means they are just not inclined to really get this sort of thing going. You see the Anfield and Celtic thing going on and you think, yeah that’s pretty special, but that’s in their make up now, it’s what they do. Also at West Ham, the whole bubbles thing, but to be honest at West Ham that’s all they fucking sing all game. It’s a good idea as Goegre Lucas camping it up on the big screens (which they tried for a while when The Emirates first opened), just a really bad idea, 50% of the people are yet to get to their seat as the teams come out anyway.

    The Fulll-Ham game was Sky’s game of the day on Sat night, I must know, like 60% of the stadium fk off out to the concourse 5-10mins before half time; what is so important that you need to do that? I’ve been to the Grove many times, the food is dreadful and over priced, the beer watered down over priced piss water … what is it? A piss?? Do that many people need a piss?? Is that what it is? You can’t be going to que for the food and beer can you? That would mean you have sub-spaz intelligence to miss great chunks of a game you’re paying massive money to see to go feed into Delaware’s coffers for dog shit food, shit service, and being ripped off into the bargain … ?

    Monday morning questions … 😉

  17. ste

    @Dear Bayingmob

    i just drink before the game in the pub. id rahter they have my money than delaware! and it tastes better, not that beer tastes great!! have a piss before the game then stay seated until its over, go for a piss then a pint in the pub or home time!!

    some must have more money than sense!!lol

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought either food or drink inside Highbury or Emirates.

    Only ever used burger bars and pubs.

  19. samsensible

    It’s all about rituals. People get these little habits and don’t shake ’em… “It’s a big stadium,..60,000 people i’d better leave a few minutes ahead of the crush” People got into that mindset years ago,

    I don’t think the queues are THAT bad if you go on the half time whistle yeah it takes most of half time to get your stuff so you have to down it quick. If you are going to the Emirates for a fine dining experience or if you hate queues then you really are a Bell and should go somewhere else…where thousands of people aren’t gathered together.

    The alternative is to send one brave hero ahead of everyone else to get the orders in while everyone else remains in their seats so they can carry on not cheering the team on :o)

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    To be honest, the 1st half against Fulham got sooo slow that I think a lot of people thought the ref had already blown the whistle

  21. N5

    Thanks for that link NM, Carlo has got in his ear which may be a blessing in disguise. I was concerned about how long it would take him to adjust and if only here for 6 months would that have been worthwhile?

  22. TheBayingMob

    I can get people leaving early ahead of the final whistle, like a few minutes, if the game is won comfortably, but I was at the Cardiff game more recently and this bloke left with his kid at 0-0 … I get it that people come from all over and it’s cunt of a trip home sometimes, but they missed both goals in the last few minutes that made the afternoon … surely that makes that shit trip home all the shittier if you can here the crowd roar as you skuttle down the Arsenal tube. I just think if you make that effort for what is now, a pretty pricey day out, I think you just accept the tube crush etc. … a bit rubbish that the local infrastrucutre was never really improved enough to cope with the amount of people but there you go, wholley predictable, I think most people would have accepted this to stay in Islington / close to Highbury rather than some soulless carlot outside of the M25 … or Wembley (personally I wouldn’t have minded Wembley but I know I’m in a distinct Minority there!), entrance music though, leave it! Just walk away! It’s not worth it, and never will be … 😉

  23. samsensible

    Yeah Morata was a gamble; may have taken several weeks to adapt and with that horrific sequence of games coming up we couldn’t afford for him to “Bed-In”. He might have been electric, or he might have been off the pace.

    Vucinic on loan would be another matter. You’d expect a guy of his experience to be able to deliver something decent quickly.

  24. samsensible

    TheBayingMob, absolutely. It’s Business at the end of the day.

    Enticing rumours of big name signings for the summer…and with the Ozil capture it will be harder to dismiss them as fabrications…

  25. Leedsgunner

    Eto was back to his best yesterday… he’s a big game player if there was ever such a player. Anonymous until yesterday… but did he deliver!

  26. N5

    Talking of leaving early, I heard a clip recently from some Chelsea fan on talkSPORT going mental about them losing and he went on without taking a breath for ages saying how the manager should be binned and he’s sick of wasting his money and then the presenter said to him what time did you leave, the fella said on the 90th minute and the presenter said you scored 2 in stoppage time and won! it was priceless. [I think it was Chelsea it may not have been]

    I start making my way up the steps in the 90th minute and watch until the final whistle from the top, the stewards don’t like it but they are quite good if you don’t block the exit. That way I’m not held up by ten minutes to get my travel home and I saw the whole game.

  27. KJafc

    Morning all
    Leaving early happens at every stadium. When you have 60,000 people travelling, especially using public transport, you really cant blame them. I prefer to stay behind I cannot stand being herded. But leaving before half time is a pain and I hate having to keep jumping up for people.

    I don’t drink beer either or any diuretic because you are asking for an early trip to the toilet, especially as you get older 🙂

  28. TheBayingMob

    @Kjafc, yeah I get that, I really do … but a close game? I could never leave on 0-0 with us pressing … but I do understand people have different dynamics to their travel home …

  29. N5

    Good point KJ, we were talking about this the other day and me and Pedro were saying about Saturdays aren’t really an issue but on a weekday travelling back to Hastings can be a real pain if you miss that first tube, it can be the difference of an hour or more on to your trip. Pedro has a similar issue as I think he lives over South.

  30. Leedsgunner

    11 days to go…

    I know Wenger is publicly saying he backs Giroud (which of course he has to do) but surely they don’t mean that do they? Are they really that deluded to think Giroud can lead the line against the likes of Man City, Chelsea and Bayern Munich? It’s transfer “chicken” all over again isn’t?

    Does anybody else seen Domenico Berardi play? 19 years old, right winger, plays for Sassuolo, scored 4 against AC Milan this year… joint 2nd highest goal scorer in Serie A with one C. Tevez and three behind the leader Rossi. Lovely lovely finisher. Valued at £9m… worth a consideration?

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    Morata was probably the one we wanted, and he’s made up his mind to stay. Vucinic looks like he 2nd choice at least when Wenger said something like ‘he’s not especially one we’re looking at’

    Definitely don’t hold out any hopes for a signing though. Will be a loan at best

  32. Revving Kevin

    Dear Mr. Norfolk
    “I am a supporter only interested in the teams performance. The club doesn’t belong to me. I only want to see stars hoisting trophies in the air”

    So the first four words are not accurate, you are a glory fan instead, who only supports the club when there is a trophy in sight. Great. Thank god you are a minority, the stadium would be half full with that kind of support, if that’s what you call it. 🙂

    For some of us the club means more that that and I would like to think future generations can receive the same pleasure as I have over the years. When I stand or sit in that stadium, the feeling of belonging is awe inspiring. I absolutely love my football club, it’s a massive part of my life. Win, lose or draw I support my team, I don’t just wave a flag when we win and hide when we lose.