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Where I sit...

Where I sit…

There’s very little going on in the world of news this morning. Sad story eh? If I have nothing to write about. You have nothing to read, so I’m going to bust out a blog regardless and see where we can go with this.

The interesting news this morning outside Arsenal is that Chelsea are now lead favourites for Diego Costa. They’ve opened provisional talks to nab the Spanish striker before the world cup. According to reports, their close relationship with Atletico looks set to steal them a march over all others. They’ll also let them keep the Belgian keeper Courtious (spelling?) as part of the deal.

Now, I can see why he’d want to go to Chelsea… they have some amazing young midfielders. But I’d be surprised if he didn’t want to speak to Arsenal, should we be interested. We can pay what Chelsea can pay. We play a far sexier style of football and people actually like Arsenal. Ozil or Hazard? For me… it’s Ozil.

Still, this could leave the path clearer for Draxler. Especially if he’s our super talent up front. I think, from intensively watching Youtube videos of him, he looks like he’d be a natural modern day centre forward. So you never know what that plan is. I’d still like a proper goal scorer… but if he can be our RvP… at 20… well, we’d have a good ten years out of him.

There was the news yesterday that we’ve nicked West Hams Head of Sport Science Andy Rolls. A few people might ask the question ‘why?, West Ham are a right mess injury wise’… as I said a few years ago, the physio’s deal with the mess they’re handed. They don’t cause it. People slammed our medical staff way back when… as I said at the time, it was the training methods that were killing the players… not the medical staff. When you look at the state of our squad this season, outside of Diaby (… and Sanogo before he returned), we’ve had a pretty incredible run with the players and their health. The back room staff are managing fitness as best they can with a small squad and a manager who doesn’t rotate because he doesn’t trust his full squad.

Anyway, I don’t know anything about Andy Rolls, nor how you interview a physio… do you send him in  a room with Diaby and ask him what he’d do next? Whatever, I’m sure he’s good.

Fulham are up tomorrow, mega exciting. Hopefully we trounce them.

I’ll have more then… hopefully the content machine will kick back into gear.

Actually, Alex is taking over this weekend. That gives me the chance to focus on my novel.

Enjoy his work but not too much. See you Monday.


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  1. andy1886

    Kevin – absurd expectations? What, to buy a much needed striker? How is that absurd? Arsene has admitted we need one.

    People do understand that we are now in a stronger financial position, what many do not understand is that we dont always use our financial firepower when we need to. Like now. More cash isn’t any good if it’s left to build up in the player trading account is it?

    I don’t expect a £40m striker. How much did OG cost? £12m? I don’t believe that relying on OG and NB52 is sensible. Players returning after a long spell out often have a series of small setbacks, NB52 could well be out for a significant part of the remaining season and then we are left with one fit striker.

    Why take the risk?

  2. Rickybel

    A Dutch youth team coach is widely reported tonight to take over from the retiring Liam Brady at #AFC…but it’s NOT Dennis Bergkamp.”
    Liam Brady is stepping down as the head of the Arsenal academy in the summer, and there has been big speculation on who will replace him.
    The Mail reckon that man is Andries Jonker. The Dutch coach is currently assistant manager at VfL Wolfsburg in Germany.Jonker has worked throughout the Netherlands and Germany, and is a long-time alias of Loius Van Gaal. Been at both Barça and Bayern before.” Andries Jonker actually even was Bayern Munich caretaker manager for 5 games in 2011 after Van Gaal was sacked. He won 4 games and drew 1.
    He was forced out of Bayern in 2012 after sending an email to the omnipotent Rummenigge criticising the lack of a philosophy in the academy.According to the Mail it is Ivan Gazidis who has led the search for the new Academy Chief, not Wenger. Why? That’s a little unnerving.

  3. Rickybel

    If Jonker is our man, he’ll only be able to join after the World Cup. Van Gaal has asked him to be part of the Netherlands staff.”

  4. andy1886

    Rickybel – nope, I want Arsene to concentrate on the first team squad. That should be his first, second and third priority.

    If you can’t or will not delegate in any business then that’s a bad thing.

  5. Simon


    Now that thought I agree with. Arsene might of achieved more by micromanaging a decade ago. Now it’s a very bad plan . Get the good guys under you,

  6. samsensible

    Andy, have you had private chats with the owner or something? Did he tell you that Arsenal are different to his other sports teams that see little or no investment and don’t compete for titles…that he really wanted Wenger to spend loads of money so his business could post annual losses?

    No one doubts that there has been cash in the bank, but Kroenke has a history of buying teams and letting them slowly slip away into mediocrity. He has previous.

    Without Wenger’s player sales we would have been posting annual losses year after year. As it is he was able to bank cash…some of which has to remain in the bank as part of finance deals associated with the stadium…I don’t know how much. Neither do you.

    Now we have signed new commercial deals and not all of that money will be included in this year’s figures…so things have improved but are to get even better in the near future but there is no evidence to suggest that Kroenke would think “fuck it, spend a load of dosh now, post a loss and then we’ll make it up in a year or 2″…it would be contrary to how he has run all his clubs. That money in the bank? Most of it is gone, disappeared into the ether because Arsenal will spend per year what the business can afford to spend whilst staying in the black.

    It’s been frustrating but the amount we can spend is increasing. you should transfer much of your frustration towards the owner. The manager is guilty of a number of things but deciding the financial policy of Kroenke’s billion pound brand?

  7. Revving Kevin

    They always say the games are gunners, it’s the WOB’s so if we fail they can moan and if we win, it was an easy game!

    Forget the injuries though, we have a stronger squad than some say but like all games in the PL it won’t be easy like some say and drew last two home games with Fulham.
    Team could be:

    Sagna. Mert. Kos. Gibbs
    Flamini. Wilshere
    Ox. Ozil. Cazorla

    Monreal and Rosicky 50/50


    Hope we get an early 3 goal lead to calm my nerves.
    I’d start Podolski, Ozil/Cazorla (don’t mind which) Rosicky, Gnabry and Flamini. Giroud up front, by default, but hopefully, Podolski and Rosicky will provide the penetration desperately lacking against Villa.

  9. andy1886


    Nope, I ‘know’ as much as you do, You and I are both speculating. You can blame Kroenke for post 2011 if that’s what you believe, but not for what happened before that. If we had the funds available to the manager that Danny F publicly stated we had in 2005 then the lack of spending then had nothing to do with Kroenke who wasn’t even a shareholder then.

    Arsene has form when it comes to being reluctant to buy. He has made many statements about not spending including the ‘if you gave me a hundred million pounds I would give it straight back’ one. Name me one other manager who has made even a quarter of such statements declining to spend? All the others are constantly asking for investment!!

    If Arsene has been so restricted then he could have happily jumped ship to PSG or RM if the PR his supporters put out is to be believed. Your evaluation of Kroenke may be correct (but without inside knowledge we only have theories), but to me the words from Arsene’s mouth are the ones that are telling.

    The money in the bank isn’t gone, we had around £130m in cash reserves, have reduced the wage bill considerably, so even with the Ozil buy there should still be the best part of £100m available should the manager wish to invest this January. And don’t say that I’m asking us to spend £100m, I’m not, just a modest sum so that we have three genuine strikers on the book who can compete for the starting spot.

  10. andy1886

    Samsensible: “That money in the bank? Most of it is gone, disappeared into the ether ”

    Apologies, I missed this one first time around.

    Better get on to the fraud squad then Sam. Money cannot simply disappear into the ether in a business. Everything has to be above board and shown in the publicly available accounts. If (as you seem to be suggesting) KSE/Kroenke are taking money out of the club then it would have to be itemised and detailed in the figures, there is no way around that. Sorry, but that’s just nonsense.

    I wouldn’t suggest that in public if I were you, or Mr K’s lawyers will be calling on you PDQ.

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    andy1886: The money in the bank isn’t gone, we had around £130m in cash reserves, have reduced the wage bill considerably, so even with the Ozil buy there should still be the best part of £100m available should the manager wish to invest this January.

    It’s pretty unlikely we could spend all of those reserves. (See AST and SwissRamble comments). I doubt we’ve reduced the wage bill at all. Those new deals and Ozil will have made up for the sales..

    Having said that we probably still have nearly £50m to spend if we wanted / could

  12. andy1886

    Agreed Nasri, although we did ship out a lot of fairly big earners (NB52 will probably be added to that list in the summer). Maybe on the wages front the total may be about the same (although as a percentage of turnover it should be lower).

    In my defence I did say this:

    “I’m asking us to spend £100m, I’m not, just a modest sum so that we have three genuine strikers on the book who can compete for the starting spot.”

    And I stand by this. I’d be happy with another striker comparable to OG and NB52 who wouldn’t cost IRO £50m and would provide more competition and cover. Then we don’t have so much of a problem if one is injured and the other out of form. Then when NB52 leaves in the summer if Arsene wants to buy a £50m striker we still wouldn’t be over stocked up front.

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Firstly I’d like a top top striker. That looks as though it’s not possible this January. As an alternative, then some competition to Giroud/Bendtner would be good, but then I start thinking what’s the real point.
    Next season if we sign a superstar striker, then with Giroud, Sanogo, and Walcott, we simply don’t need another average backup striker.

    That Vucinic link suggests a price of £10m. He’s not going to move for less than £50-60k/wk and probably a 4 year contract, and he’s never been much of a goal scorer. We could easily spend £20m on a player who’ll most likely make no difference at all this season, and never appear next season.

    For me, a loan is the ideal option. Dunno if it’ll happen though

  14. Simon

    Arsene says….

    While manager Arsene Wenger played down suggestions of a deal for Schalke’s German international Julian Draxler – said to have a £37million buy-out clause – Arsenal do have funds if needed.

    “We are not in a situation where we are bankrupt now. We are still strong, but we have to plan our resources,” he said.

    “The (transfer) policy will be exactly the same, but the resources available will be higher and bigger because we have gone through a period where we had to pay our stadium back. Today that weight is smaller in our budget because the rest of the income has become much bigger.

    “Of course, that is very exciting to be capable to fight and keep your players.”

  15. andy1886

    A loan would be a good idea if there is a realistic target available. Vucinic doesn’t do it for me either TBH though.

    I have to say though that your list of OG, Sanogo and Walcott isn’t exactly inspirational. OG, fair enough, but Sanogo? He has a hell of a lot to prove before we even consider him an option. On his debut he looked terrible, and I haven’t even mentioned his injury problems (okay, I have now!). I’m not writing him off entirely, but he can’t be considered a realistic option. Theo? A stop-gap at best in the lone striker role. He may be okay against lesser opposition, but say he’s needed during a run like we have in March?

    So for me it’s OG+2 eventually.

    As for the run in this year we do really need another body up front. If NB52 has an injury setback (not unusual after being out for so long), and OG is out of form we will struggle with the run of fixtures we have coming up in a few weeks time.

  16. andy1886

    Thanks Simon. Interesting. Arsene does p*ss me off though with things like:

    “We are not in a situation where we are bankrupt now. We are still strong, but we have to plan our resources,” he said.

    We have never been anywhere close to ‘bankrupt’, that’s disingenuous, no-one ever suggeted that we were.

    I wish he wouldn’t play games and try to rewrite history with such inflamatory statements. That’s the sort of inaccurate statement that winds people up.

  17. Leedsgunner

    I think I would take Pato on loan with an option to buy before I put any hope on Sanogo. Even Joel Campbell is a better option than Sanogo at least he’s been playing regularly! “We have no shortages…” really?!?

  18. Revving Kevin

    Dear NM and Andy
    I agree with NM there is no point going for an average or stop gap signing on a permanent deal. I want to go for a world class striker and that means summer for all the reasons stated. The most likely is a loan in January Becos it offers benefits to all partys for a variety of reasons.

    Dear Andy
    you are right we do have the money and do need another striker but see above. We must not pretend it’s just a case of offering decent money in January, that’s naive in the extreme. I agree with the pros the transfer window system needs reviewing currently it’s almost as useless as the Popes balls.

  19. Revving Kevin

    I remember when the unknown youngster Anelka came onto the sene and tore it up so you don’t know. We need to stop jumping on players backs and wait to give them a chance, it’s a bad habit on here. Slagging off Sanogo already is unfair and wrong. I think it’s obvious we need an addition but none of us know what may or has been planned.

    Interesting what Ozil said about Arsenal fans. He obviously hasn’t been on LeGripe. Lol.

  20. Simon


    Agreed. He does it on purpose and grins at the same time.

    Fox started talking crap the other day too “we can’t buy all the good players available in the summer window every year”…. As if anyone can.

  21. andy1886

    Simon – wouldn’t it be nice if they all stopped playing silly buggers and just told it how it is? Hell, I’d even accept bland statements that told us nothing rather than the nonsense that we hear half the time. All the contradictory statement make me wonder about the in-fighting and empire building that might be going on inside the club. Wenger, Fox, Gazidis – you’d think that they were talking about a different club half the time.

    Kevin – Someone on OG and NB52’s level should be more achievable than a top superstar. For me he’d be an NB52 replacement for when he leaves in the summer so there’s still room for a ‘top’ striker in the summer. Really though, Sanogo really isn’t an option this season.

  22. Revving Kevin

    Dear Nasris Mouth
    That partnership deal with this Chinese mega brand is huge.

    “Huawei is a genuine leader in its field, serving more than a third of the world’s population with its information and communications technology.”

    A third of the world!

    This is a very smart move.

  23. Revving Kevin

    Can’t disagree with the NB52 and Sanogo comment about this season. It’s obvious there will be replacements and there will have to be serious activity in the summer to build on what we have. It won’t just be a striker if course but that’s where we do need a WC player. As fans we want a proper striker that’s going to win us games and that means going for the very best, not some prospect.

  24. samsensible

    Andy, NM + other intelligent posters who have postulated this morning…

    When I say the money has disappeared into the ether I don’t mean it has disappeared from the books. I mean that the way Arsenal has been run…to ensure we don’t post annual losses by spending more than we have earned within a financial year…means that to all intents and purposes much of the money is not available because to spend it would result in a loss. That’s my take on how SK is running things. We are not run like a football club of old where a loss is acceptable one year because profit was high the previous year. We are run with bar graphs in mind.

    As for comments made by previous custodians of the club…sorry I just don’t believe a word they say. They are supposed to mouth off about our power and what a great decision it was to move stadiums. They said the transfer budget would remain entirely unaffected. Does anyone seriously still think that was credible?

    Andy I assume you believe all of Wenger’s pronouncements rather than cherry pick the ones that suit an anti Wenger agenda? In which case you believe that the club WILL spend on a quality player if he’s available? He has said that. In which case you can relax.

    As NM said we probably do have around 50m we could spend this year…not much…certain not enough to waste it in a bad buy. We have to get it right.

  25. Simon


    Yes but! They have to back our players in public and they can’t show weakness. If they can find that balance and be a little less secretive I’d be pleased. Peter hill wood was the worst of this mentality. The infamous AGM where he thanked the supporters groups for their ‘interest in our affairs’ was particularly telling! I think they could do with someone other than Arsene being a public face. Gazadis could pop up a little more and take general questions and make general statements.

    I have a question for him… The Emirates was built so that extra capacity could be added. How much extra (10,000?) and when?

  26. Revving Kevin

    Extra capacity at the emirates needs lots of things including investment at Holloway Road tube station. I understand we have the largest seats so plan is to make them smaller too. I read about it last year somewhere, interesting and completely possible. .

  27. Keyser

    It’s not playing games, it’s not about winding people up, it’s probably far closer to the truth then people would want to admit.

    Since we’ve moved to the Emirates our wage bill has gone up by 60-70 million, obviously it’s been gradual, but even then we fall another 60 million short of Chelsea and Citeh, that’s not even considering what they’ve spent over those years, and it’s always been less than United’s, who are now starting to show some sort of strain, but not anywhere near enough for us to outdo them.

    Most of the money we have now is garnered from the sales of players we never really wanted to sell in the first place who weren’t interested in doing us any favours and who left for bigger pay cheques/ oppurtunities elsewhere.

    The worst thing is Ozil, people don’t think ‘Well, we’re finally trying to get around to replacing Fabregas’, someone who we thought wasn’t adequately supported anyway, they almost seem to be ignoring him now.

    He’s a luxury, he hasn’t quite lived upto expectation anyway, what we really needed was a striker..

    That’s not the point at the start of the summer Gazidis said something about us being able to compete for the top players again, after all those years it’s hard to accept and people were rightly skeptical, but has there been a change this year ?

    Well we’re tried to trim the squad moving players on who weren’t pulling their weight, we’ve kept almost everyone we wanted to keep and right in at the end of the transfer window we smashed our transfer fee record 3 times over and bought in a genuine World Class player from none other than Real Madrid.

    Well, as we’ve seen over the past few months, the hypes already worn off, and he’s slowly disappearing into the Ether along with the 42.5 million we spent on him, it’s like the Never Ending Story as people slowly stop believing he begins to fade.

    Instead he’s been replaced with this myth that what we really needed was a striker, and we failed to get him, the summer mean’t nothing, our position means nothing in the league when in reality all we wanted was some hope.

  28. Simon


    It’s interesting. Guessing we’d get as big as old Trafford and making another 600k a game .

    Guess a few years away. No ones hot over the last upheaval. Could we regularly fill another 10,000 seats?

    I must also be very fat! The seat feels adequate!

  29. Simon


    I love this!

    “There is a sustained plan here, the entirely logical behaviour of a man for whom there is only one answer to every question – when he has a burst pipe Wenger doesn’t call a plumber: he calls an attacking midfielder – and a coherent tactic in its own right. “

  30. Simon


    Same article – you’ll love/hate this!….

    For the neutral the most fascinating part is watching Wenger become more entrenched with age, more absolute in his hair shirt adherence to the basic tenets of Wengerball, that dream of football as a fluid, frictionless, thrillingly homogenised property, and stalking the touchline in his quilted floor-length gown with an expression of fond, tolerant disapproval. He doesn’t even really seem to say much any more, he just opens his mouth and allows gobbets of fully formed Wenger-speak to come out as he nods and smiles and seems to be enjoying at one remove the absolute Wengerism of his own performance. A journalist in Australia told me Wenger went to South Africa not long ago and was asked, among other things, how he’d fancy managing Fifa’s world XI for the year. Wenger paused and frowned and scratched his chin and eventually said: “Well, it would be hard to balance the books.”

  31. rollen

    There is a sustained plan here, the entirely logical behaviour of a man for whom there is only one answer to every question – when he has a burst pipe Wenger doesn’t call a plumber: he calls an attacking midfielder


  32. samsensible

    Keyser….We signed Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid for £42m from Real Madrid? Errr…No we didn’t. That did not happen. Ozil still plays for Real, we actually signed an African teenager for 2m and sold Jack Wilshere to Chelsea.

    And FYI everyone on here knew and expected us to be top in January.

  33. rollen

    A journalist in Australia told me Wenger went to South Africa not long ago and was asked, among other things, how he’d fancy managing Fifa’s world XI for the year. Wenger paused and frowned and scratched his chin and eventually said: “Well, it would be hard to balance the books.

  34. Patrick

    The comments about Ozil not living up to expectations are insane.

    He has created the most chances of anyone in Europe this season. Whilst settling into a much more physically demanding league.

    These comments seem to be made by the commenters who lack something in the way of perspective on most matters.

    He may not be flying, but he came here as the assist king and has the second most assists in the PL. Though we all know that would be significantly higher if Giroud had the required finishing skills.

    Ozil is living up to reputation.

  35. samsensible

    Simon funny article until the quip about balancing the books.

    When I read that I took off all of my clothes and just walked out into the sea, crying. I am going to start a new life as I can’t take this one anymore.

    Wenger has never had to balance any books. That is a lie.

    I eat rats and sleep in my own filth.

  36. Simon

    Ozil says…

    “The fans they really push you. I was really excepted well here and as a team they except us to do well, they push us a lot. That means a lot for us players, we have fans who are right behind us for 90 minutes it doesn’t matter whether we are winning or losing.
    “That’s really important for the team and our goal for the team is to have a good performance and good results to say thank you to the fans. I’m really happy to be part of a team that has such great fans.”

    Oh Mesut! I hope you don’t have a slow day at home and get an idea to google ‘arsenal, Ozil, blog’. That fateful moment when you click the link to le grove…

  37. samsensible

    No Patrick, when I play FIFA 2014 Ozil does lots of tricks and scores.

    He has not been doing this in the “real” world.

    He is a vicious wanker and I bite my own arms.

  38. samsensible

    What would happen to Ozil’s already swollen eyes if he read Le Grove’s comments section?

    Kaboom. That’s what.

  39. Rickybel

    Huawei are a very very big brand?
    Americans and europeans might not know but we do in africa…they handle must of the hardware of the telecom firms in africa.
    Americans are paranoid of the chinese so they tried to kick them out of the US citing some spying issues.

  40. rollen

    Oh Mesut! I hope you don’t have a slow day at home and get an idea to google ‘arsenal, Ozil, blog’. That fateful moment when you click the link to le grove…


    he is cool he will cal u names in minutes :]
    also he could post some more pic of hot blondes from October Fest

  41. Keyser

    Samsensible – It’s just tiring now, we’re just going to have to win a trophy, no-one really cares we’re top, they just want salvation.

    I wouldn’t be too bothered it’s fair enough we’ve waited a long time, forget that others go lifetimes without feeling the same satisfaction, the only thing annoying is those that take pleasure in us failing despite pretending they want us to win.

  42. rollen

    Rickybel January 18, 2014 11:19:46

    Huawei are a very very big brand?
    Americans and europeans might not know but we do in africa…they handle must of the hardware of the telecom firms in africa.
    Americans are paranoid of the chinese so they tried to kick them out of the US citing some spying issues.

    there is no stopping Asia’s tech companys also also they own most of US debt

    Great deal for Arsenal

  43. Revving Kevin

    Dear Simon and Toli
    I think expanding the stadium now would not be sensible but plans exist for the future. Please don’t shoot the messenger but I understand this is the situation:

    The emirates stadium can be expanded. This was a pre-required specification of the design to allow it to be future-proof. It was originally designed to be an 80,000 seater stadium with a retractable roof, but because of Islington council objection and time to build as well as cost, it is at 60,000 capacity.

    The area around the pitch can be utilised for seating if needed and would provide up to 5,000 more seats. For new stadium regulations, this area is required to be free of seating however. And that’s a World Cup stadia criteria too.

    Regarding expanding the stadium, there are a few simple ways this can be done. Emirates Stadium is a four-tiered design, simply adding an extra tier(just like the overlapping tier between the first and second tier) will add the capacity required or simply to keep adding steps to the original stadium as it is, ie increase the steps from the back row.

    There are approximately 1,000 seats in the last row of the stadium. If you take an extra 10 steps, then that would be 10,000 seats. Another factor to look at is the height of the stadium. Rules in building it were it had to be of a maximum height, which it is below now anyway as the stadium was built below ground level.

    Getting back to the maximum capacity, it would take 40 steps to add 40,000 seats (This is a conservative estimate) and bring the total capacity to over 100,000.

    The roof will need to be removed and a new roof replacing it but that is not a nightmare architectually speaking.

    The bottom line is that once the underground, overground and road infrastructure is improved in future (Arsenal has to live up to their original promises) then we can see it happening.

  44. samsensible

    Keyser…but just imagine actually being one of those guys. The torment and pain of following a club you both loathe and love. The fear that each week you will be torn apart by feelings of pleasure at 3 points…and the pain of being wrong in your rants on Friday about how shit the team is…pleasure and pain.

    I bet some of them post on Le Grove in full-on Gimp outfits.

  45. Keyser

    That would be genuinely interesting, I wonder how much seperation there is between players and blogs such as these, you probably eat, sleep, breathe football, and in your spare time try to escape it rather than track down random internet blogs.

    How likely would it be for a player to be as close to Le Grove as the click of the button like we are everyday ?

    Do they go through fans charting their names, kids wanting autographs, PR, the media, the newspapers, maybe pundits on tv, to randon nutters on twitter, maybe a glance at the comments sections of online newspaper articles, to checking an article from Pedro of Le Grove.

    Imagine if the first thing they did was wander onto this comments section before all else ? Are we that bad ? Would it be that bad ?.

  46. Simon


    You are right the roof isn’t the most difficult thing. We could do with a retractable roof

    Bit of a bitch to expand the footprint of the stadium outwards I am guessing.

    Adding another layer of the cake seems neatest

  47. Keyser

    Samsensible – I read somewhere the opposite of love is indifference not hate, I might have even read it here to, I can understand going on like a mong during a game, ‘Giroud, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck’

    .. But it’s fleeting, it saps your energy to carry around that painful emotion, so at some point you try to rationalise it all.

    I even enjoy the fact that posters know how hard it’ll be to win the league and the fact they take satisfaction in trying to point this out now hiding behind that knowledge.

  48. Revving Kevin

    Let’s pray Mesut Ozil stays off Legrove it could end up like this.

    Mesut Ozil: we are playing well with plenty of confidence and believe we could win the League this season. Giroud is playing well and we have high expectations especially with Manchester United in meltdown.

    gambon: fuck off you stupid cunt

  49. Simon




    Ozil: I’m adding goals to my game and we are putting extra time in training into our link up play in and around the box. We are beginning to gel now. It is very exciting.

    gambon: you know fuck all about football, you thick twat.

  50. samsensible

    Keyser i like the guys start their posts all big and bold with “we have money and can easily compete with Chelsea and City for players. We should just offer such-and-such whatever it takes”

    And finish with “I’m not asking for us to pay 200k per week or buy loads of 40m players but 20m could buys us…”

  51. Revving Kevin

    The council has a part to play, they forced the emirates move in the first place. But there is plenty of room for the expansion in the future, it was built for that!

    The future is Arsenal all the ducks are lining up nicely and it’s starting to piss people off 😉