Draxler move unlikely before summer | What might happen transfer wise

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How goes it sports fans?

Not sure what the answer to that should be… good? I think that works.

So, what have we today? Errr… transfers. Now, obviously it’s really hard to get anything out of the club when it comes to deals, but the noise I’ve heard is that Draxler is probably looking pretty unlikely for this transfer window. The young powerful German is apparently injured… add to that the issues you have settling a young player and also factor in that the Premiership is way more intense than the Bundesliga.

So errrr, sorry to sh*t on the dream I laid out for you yesterday, but it’s not looking promising.

The boss might make a move is something crops up, but it doesn’t sound like there’s anything too concrete going off. I think they’ll probably stick with a Nik B / Giroud / and errrr… Sanogo as the trio heading into the business end of the season. Nik B has powered his way back into the mixer after proving he can contribute. If we’re looking to keep some consistency, might as well have a player who is almost exactly the same as Giroud in style. If anything, I’d say talent wise, Nik has more… he just doesn’t have the work ethic Giroud does. However, it is important to realise that Niks top flight career is dead if he doesn’t smash the second half of the season for us. So he’ll be focused and ready to deliver…

‘Levy ready to scupper Arsenal Draxler bid’

haha! Nice one Daniel. I’m sure the German national team are queuing up to join your shower under the tutelage of Tim ‘just chase the ball around’ Sherwood. That headline really did make me laugh…

… give me a second. I’m still laughing.

Back to the games. So, Arsenal take on a Fulham rejuvenated by the ex-first team coach from United, Ray Wilkins and… wait for it… Alan Curbishley.

It’s like trying to get over alcoholism with a Crack Cocaine Detox.

I watched Fulham take apart Norwich in the FA Cup against a totally awful Norwich. That replay will be factor in the fatigue stakes. The only reason I worry about the new set up at Fulham is you have players playing for their future. They’re a different beast compared to the team we faced under Martin Jol.

We’ll be rested though, we’ll be fresh and we’ll be fairly buzzing after continuing our run. It’s at home as well, on a Saturday at 1500 for once. Which is excellent for everyone!

I’d expect a fairly routine win. As I said the other day, the games we have coming up are all must wins.

  • Coventry (H)
  • Southampton (A)
  • Palace (H)

Then it gets hard…

  • Liverpool (A)
  • United (H)
  • FA CUP (TBC)
  • Bayern (H)
  • Sunderland (H)

This it the point of the year when progressing in all competitions becomes hard because we have a very small squad. City’s 3rd choice striker has 14 odd goals this season. Arsenal have only just reinstated their second choice and our third choice is a guy who was considering becoming a postman last year.

City and Chelsea have the same amount of players, but they have better quality outside their core 15. Frimpong and Park aren’t going to help out. Dzeko and Garcia are more than capable of stepping in. Chelsea have Juan Mata as a surplus player. As we enter the business part of the season, we’ll flag because our players will be less fit than those of Chelsea. It’s a miracle we’ve done so well… keeping it up, well, that could be the most impressive feat of Arsene’s career. Trouble is, he’s like the fans, he wants to see the best team out for every game… that won’t convert into a league trophy.

What this season does do is lay the foundations for the summer perfectly. We’ll have a bunch of young players who have matured into very good players. They’ll be motivated and they’ll be confident. Plus, who would want to leave? We pay the big money now and we have the big players. Then we’ll be able to clear out the remaining dross in the squad and bring in some very good players to replace. Draxler, Costa or Martinez, Cabaye or Pogba… a right back to transition into first choice.

Next season, we’ll have the tools to challenge from the off because we’ll have one of the best squads in Europe.

Anyway, just my thoughts. They might be wrong, but hey, I’m never wrong. That’s my MO. Right?

Just jokes… have a day so good, high fiving yourself would totally make sense.



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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Radio Raheem: So while some might think Shane Long isn’t as talented as Bendtner I’ll have him over Bendtner everyday for the £6m Hull just paid for him. He is a better pro and a better player for me.

    That’s the crux of the argument really. Bendtner IS more talented than Shane Long IMO. A lot more. But it’s whether he can maximise that talent for his club.

    To me, (purely conjecture on my part) he looks a lot more like the player of 4 years ago now, than he did 12 months ago. Or 2 years ago when he was at Sunderland where he was all over the place (but still outscoring Shane Long by the way).

    Shane Long is the safe option because you KNOW what you’ll get. Cliches like ‘good honest pro’ etc.

    Bendtner is the risk because if his head is in the right place, he’s a player who scores at an excellent rate at international level while playing for a mid level country. If it isn’t you’ve got a nightmare

  2. Simon


    I do m&a, due diligence on media, entertainment and very, very occasionally sports -all you can do is gather up the facts, comparables, read the statements and make some sensible informed guesses, state you assumptions and track outcomes thereafter. Not so impenetrable but agree we’re not talking science. Mostly right? Probably. More right than the guys here who are fans and want to believe there is a magic wand or dome evil man stopping us winning? – every time.

  3. N5

    Hey Radio, what’s good mate? it seems like you are hardly on here nowadays.

    Sensible old man, have you ever considered changing your username to Mental old tosspot?

  4. Revving Kevin

    Dear Mr. Invincibles
    “Masturbating over a recording of Wengers best quotes”

    Lol, funny guy. I am a lot older than you, married with grown up kids, so the need to beat my cock senseless is over.

    In fact, I only take Viagra to stop me from falling out of bed during the night. It works a fucking treat flips me straight onto my back.

    I would recommend you try it, however the combination of having an erection for 6 fucking hours and being a serial masterbator ain’t to be recommended. Like a Spuds pre-season promise it will end in tears. 😉

  5. southerpeople

    Nasri’s Mouth

    “rollen: AFC is run by money loving unambitious pricks.

    Well done for a conflicting statement there.”

    loool nice remark. I”m yet to see unambitious business people, but then I’ve never been to another planet!!

  6. Radio Raheem

    Sensible old man, have you ever considered changing your username to Mental old tosspot?



    Nah I’m not here often mate. Moved house, busy with work stuff etc. I do read from time to time though. With such lines as above might be coming on more often

  7. N5

    I’ve always liked chatting with you Radio, but it seems that the longer serving members of the Grove have been making way so it’s great when a few of you come back on even if it’s just here and there.

  8. Thank you and goodnight


    Any man who no longer masturbates must have lost the will to live. You poor man. Therapy for you. I’m also married with 3 kids and knock one out on a regular basis. Cheaper than having anymore kids and a different woman every night. In fact if Pedro would kindly post me some more pictures of that lovely German wenches please, it’s wank o’clock time

  9. Revving Kevin

    Change your name to Kickstand Kevin if that’s what you are using your cock for”

    Looooool, brilliant!! To be honest, I wish I could find a better use for it, fucking thing gets on my nuts.

  10. N5

    Nasri I will start with your Financial advise, Buying Cavani is like buying a Fiesta, buying a Fiesta is like buying a house, buying a house is like being fiddled by Dave Lee Travis and Dave Lee Travis is like a Cavani groomer and hence we go full circle and somewhere there you make money!

    1) Find player
    2) Enquire about player
    3) …………….
    4) Millionaires

    Come back if you need anymore money advise.

  11. Revving Kevin

    Sensible old man consider changing user name to Mental old tosspot ”

    Ha ha. That made me giggle several times. That bloke really needs chearing up, hope there’s a joke tomorrow!

  12. N5

    “Looooool, brilliant!! To be honest, I wish I could find a better use for it, fucking thing gets on my nut”

    Ha ha, you know I’m going to nick that one. I can’t wait for my wife to come in so I can say look at my nob, it gets on my nut! I’m sure she’ll laugh and laugh and it will be like the whole last 5 years of misery never happened 😛

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Haha! It’s more to do with avoiding paying tax while transferring business property owned by a partnership to a newly created limited company with the partners as the shareholders

  14. Revving Kevin

    “If Pedro would kindly post some pictures of that lovely German wenches, it’s wank o’clock time”

    My friend we may not agree on much but that was very funny, great stuff. I must admit, that bird would have needed a titanium crash hat Becos she would be going through the fucking headboard at a rate if knots!

  15. southerpeople

    Rev. Kevin
    “In fact, I only take Viagra to stop me from falling out of bed during the night. It works a fucking treat flips me straight onto my back.

    I would recommend you try it, however the combination of having an erection for 6 fucking hours and being a serial masterbator ain’t be recommended. Like a Spuds pre-season promise it will end in tears.”

    loooooooool that made laugh a lot.

    I’m gonna try it though!

    You I’d like to try Viagra but whenever i think about it I remember a story that heard once:

    ” a guy who take Viagara had died just before he could have sex with his wife. when they try to clean [ wash him according to islamic rule] they couldn’t straighten his still erected dick”

    What an embarrassment would that be! So I wouldn’t be happy want to be in Heaven with an erected dick let alone burdening people with straightening it.

  16. N5

    “It’s more to do with avoiding paying tax while transferring business property owned by a partnership to a newly created limited company with the partners as the shareholders”

    My head just exploded so please can you shout that into my stump, maybe then it will stick!

  17. GoonerDave

    Asleep, all wrapped up in a quilt while masturbating?
    Surely being awake and removing the quilt for launch would be better?

  18. N5

    I didn’t want to risk taking Viagra so I fed it to my pet Snake to see what would happen.

    I now own a Pet walking stick.

    Thank you I’ll be here all night.

  19. Revving Kevin

    Hackney lad

    Dear N5
    Norfolk has already left Becos of us knuckle draggers. Sometimes it’s good to laugh, I get the feeling some people are just way too serious on here. Had a good sleep, a nice breakfast and go to work at nine, so I am going to work on a smile! Thanks for that always fun with you around amongst the doomers.

  20. TitsMcgee

    The Highbury Clock ‏@HighburyClock 26m
    According to @MrAcconci, Real Madrid have rejected a £16.6m bid from an unnamed Premier League club for Alvaro Morata.

  21. Sam

    If we sign Ntep he will be just another insignificant signing that will never make the first team and Wenger knows it beforehand, doing it just to get fans off his back that he signs someone. ie, Amaury Bischoff, Park chu young, Thomas Eisfeld, Yaya Sanogo and soon Ntep.

    More fund for that lucky French club

  22. Thank you and goodnight

    Agreed. My 3 favourite things in life in one photo……tits, beer and a beautiful blonde.

  23. Sam

    Avb spent money with good intentions and wasn’t given more time to build his team and got shown the door.
    The Unsackable one does what he want and the outcome doesn’t matter

  24. Sam


    Quality striker wouldn’t cost 7M, trust me.
    yes buy him then loan him for a year or 2.

    unfortunately Wenger will big him up as first team signing just to fool us

  25. hackneylad

    Avb spent money with good intentions and wasn’t given more time to build his team and got shown the door.

    Football isn’t about good intentions.

    Avb got found out at chelsea then spurs either way he failed miserabley he simply couldn’t make the grade, Abramo and Levy are ruthless business men they sensed the weakness and got rid of it.

    As for AVB and his defenders LISTEN he was a shite version of Mourinho playing very negative boring defensive football, he was 100 percent reliant on Bale last season only reason he came 5th. Even if Spurs jelled they would of been playing awfully boring football under him (not a manager I want to see in the PL)

  26. Thank you and goodnight


    I’ll have sloppy ‘ s mate. In for a penny and all that. In fact where is Dr Kwik Fit with his nightly dose of medicinal pictures for the Grove patients??

  27. Sam

    My analogy is not about AVB being crap or not

    I just wanted to highlight how much Wenger is allowed to make stupid signings and get away with it

  28. hackneylad


    FErgie got away with some terrible signings as well… in fact every world class manager at some point has made signings that have failed.

    It’s football you win some you lose some, you get some calls right you get some calls wrong. Managers are not omnipotent omniscient perfect beings.

  29. hackneylad


    On loan or buy? Do you think we can actually get him? all the news is saying our bid was rejected… Carlo doesn’t seem very keen on the idea of loaning him let alone selling

  30. Simon


    Looking at his showreels he looks okay but not ready for arsenal. No goals, slightly slippy ball control – and that’s his show reals. feels like a big Ntep down!

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    It seemed fairly dead in the water when Ancelotti said no-one in, no-one out, but the media over there keep talking about it, there’s talk of a PL club already making a bid, talk of RM wanting a buy-back option, so I think something is still happening.

  32. MarbleHall

    I’ve just watched a player on Youtube playing for Montpellier called Giroud who looks a fantastic player and has scored some wonderful goals.
    Why don’t Arsenal take a look at him it might be worth a punt.

  33. hackneylad


    Strange how two people can look at the same thing and come away from complete different opinions/perspectives.

    Personally I agree with the goals bit but as for control his dribbling seemed immense in the show reel I saw, he single highhandedly dribbles around near the whole of every team he faces with seeming ease.

    I actually think his ball control and dribbling are his best qualities.

    here have a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ef_PdkqTlo

    Neymar like at times.

  34. Simon


    Nah. He’s average! He’ll have an average season and we would want shot of him. But hey, if he could work hard and see us to 4th until the money starts to roll … Actually that might make sense!

  35. hackneylad

    Just realized that With jack having a good game against villa and Ramsey back in the team. Could lead to either jack or ramsey being played on the wing.

    This is bad because A neither of them can play on the wing

    B we need someone of pace gnarby on ox to be in the first team

  36. Tomtom

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  37. ughelligunner

    Tom Fox says we cant compete with Chelsea and City, and its the club policy to buy wise. This is not from wenger. Pedro i am hoping for your take on this subject in tomorro’s post. Thanks.
    P.S. Pls everyone should note that we have money now, but we cannot go out and buy anybody just becos they are the hotest prospect becos if it does’nt work we will have no option but to manage. We cannot buy wrong and replace immediately becos we fans would be the first to cry out. Hence we cant compete with the big boys who have the option to buy, dump and replace.

  38. ughelligunner

    And to add to that, we cannot buy a Fellani, Garcia, Jovetic, etc cos wen they fail, there is no bottomless purse for a reliable replacement. Hence we need to buy wisely and not a youtube/fans oppinated scouting. Becos if it does not work, we’ll be the same fans asking for an immediate replacement. I think the question should be, if you are given 30m cash to spend this window, which “workable player”(s) would you get and if he does a Fellani what would you do? Cosider your budget includes agent fees and 1st year salaries. Be objective, realistic and reasonable as an armchair gunner/manager. P.S. In consideration that wenger was given 70m in the summer, assuming its for the whole season.

  39. ughelligunner

    For every 8-12m player that does not live to expectation, theres is a 20-50m player that faulters. Just like i would’nt blame wenger for a Santos/Gervinho/Park, just as i would not blame Chelsea for Torres and Man utd for Obertan/Bebe/Fellani, and City for Robinho/Garcia etc. Becos no matter where you shop, there must be a rotten egg to smear the shopping basket.

  40. Kempster

    That Ntep video was a mash-up of about 6 passages of play on endless repeat.

    More lollipops than you’d find in Jimmy Saville’s dressing room though. What Big Ron would sometimes refer to as an “amusement arcade”.

  41. Sam

    If you guys want Ntep so bad why not go for Zaha and take time to develop him ?

    I know its wenger style of signing, Ntep is cheap so if he disappear no one will notice, Lol!

  42. GoonerDave

    Nothing wrong with buying a young promising player for a reasonable amount. As long as we also make the signing(s) needed for the first team.

  43. hackneylad

    If we won the title this year with the squad we have.

    Wenger would be responsible for one of the greatest achievements in football history.

    Facts are facts I know you guys want to deny the enormous epic even spending power of City and Chelsea but if Wenger won the title it would be one of the greatest professional achievements of any manager ever.

    #Wenger In!

  44. Norfolk

    hackneyladJanuary 16, 2014 22:47:06
    If we won the title this year with the squad we have.Wenger would be responsible for one of the greatest gamble in football history.

    Fixed that for you matey.

  45. Toli83

    Really hoping ntep is paper talk. If anything maybe we should have got him instead of Sonogo, can’t have both of them.

    Market is changing, where an unknown ligue 2 player cost in the region of £8 million – crazy amount of money to potentially waste. Factor in 4 years of wages before we fuck him off and he’s cost us £14 million roughly.

    Might as well go for the ready made player. Morata would do, Draxler would be the one. Activate his release cause and buy him – its that simple.

  46. Bamford13


    Except that Wenger built this squad, so if it isn’t all that great a squad, as your comment implies, then Wenger deserves some criticism as well.

    Unless you argue that this is the best possible squad one could build with the money we have, which would be hard to maintain, I think.

    Problem is the truth is in the middle somewhere. Wenger is to be applauded for producing a team as cohesive as this one, but he is also to blame for its weaknesses. If the side wins nothing, he deserves more blame than praise, IMO.

  47. Toli83

    We’ve done alright with squad we have, Wenger and Bould deserve credit as things have changed. Our defence looks solid and we now seem to adapt to opposition.

    However with all the changes with other teams, this season was always going to be our bet shot, UTD are fucked, City & Chelsea in transition – this is our best chance to win it now and in years to come I imagine.

    Fact remains the same – Wenger needs a trophy – fans deserve a trophy.

  48. Dan Ahern

    gambon, come on, Ntep is… (*googles Ntep*) uh, a 21 year old, who… (*pulls up wiki*) plays for… Auxerre… in Ligue 2… uh… BUT! He’s… uh… (*searches news*) he’s linked with Rennes and… QPR. Goddammit.

  49. Leedsgunner

    Wenger has come out and said “This is my most egalitarian squad ever” statement on Arsenal.com (whatever that means?!?!). It sounds like “my strongest squad ever” spiel we hear every year… *facepalm*

    I guess there it is then, we’re not signing anyone then (unless we become ravaged by serious injuries) I wonder how quickly the tune will change if we start dropping points in February and March… I suspect hand brakes and mental belief to be present in plenty of measure. Of course then he will say “I’m not afraid to buy blah blah blah… wait for the summer….” But every transfer window he demonstrates EXACTLY THAT.

    Repeat each transfer window and season ticket renewal window.

  50. andy1886

    Egalitarian? makes no real sense, just Wenger trying to demonstrate how clever he is using a word that many fans will not understand. It’s also vague enough to be held up to mean whatever he wants it to.

    It means ‘equal’ and is typically used in terms of social, economic or political status, so is he saying that they all are equal financially? (nope, not with Ozil on £200k pw), on talent (if so then again Ozil might think otherwise), on political status (ffs this is football! but maybe he means they have an equal voice in the changing room, who knows?).

    At least the ‘socialist wage structure’ is dead. Let’s hope Arsene concentrates more on being a football coach and less on being a smartarse in future.

  51. salparadisenyc

    Egalitarian, two fucking right. Even a man shitcanned in boozville can see that. The magic carpet is filled with hot air.

    Can’t argue with this:
    LeMassiveCoqJanuary 16, 2014 23:32:35
    Fucking arrogant Man City cunts, I hope they win fuck all.

    Tomorrow’s surely going to be a tester.

  52. Leedsgunner

    Erm thanks I knew what “egalitarian”meant… ;). *Sarcasm*. Very frustrated Wenger was referring to it to describe his squad rather than strengthening the team as he ought!!!

  53. ste

    kwik fit January 16, 2014 21:59:24
    What did happen in Frank Carsons dressing room?

    you watch that shit as well 🙂 shame dirty Jasmine has left. i wanted more tits out action with luisa (i only like her titties as she does my head in!lol)

    Brian (linda’s hubby) allegedly stole money out of franks wallet and that for some strange reason it was caught on video!!

  54. Nasri's Mouth

    He could mean 2 things.

    1) we’re not relying on 1 player. As we have in the past, such as Henry towards the end, or Cesc or RvP


    2) there is a togetherness in the squad, and no-one feels above the rest in the dressing room, such as RvP. Probably easier to say “Egalitarian” than to say “at least now we don’t have a wanker who has hissy fits and hits his team mates”

    Probably easier to say

  55. Savage

    Really pleased to see Mannone getting an extended run at Sunderland, with Westwood injured for the rest of the season. And now being linked to United.

    Always enjoy seeing an ex-Arsenal boy doing well (except the ones with baggage obviously). Same for Chamakh, who I’ve enjoyed watching recently. Vela, Sidwell, Larsson, Lansbury.

  56. tunnygriffboy

    Ozil isa very clever footballer. Excellent at finding space to receive the ball, drags players out of position, rarely looses the ball and has created 43 chances for his team mates. Oh, and he can afford to go missing !

  57. Radio Raheem

    Wenger didn’t come up with the word,’egalitarian’ the interviewer did. He only agreed. I think the presenter meant what Nasri’s just described.

    Sorry for spoiling the party.

  58. Simon

    “At the moment we are not close to signing anybody,” Arsenal’s official Twitter page quotes Wenger as saying. “The January transfer market will not be busy, it is a low key market this year.”

  59. Revving Kevin

    Dear all
    Groundhog Day started at 01:33 this morning and it was regular moaner Leedsgunner.

    Despite having no idea what a word meant, Leedsgunner decides to make it mean what he wants it to (quote: it sounds like) and then uses his own made up interpretation to bash Wenger again. Doesn’t bother to look the word up. I hope Leedsgunner doesn’t work for the old bill Becos he’ll be fitting everyone up!

    Leedsgunner: Wenger has come out and said “This is my most egalitarian squad ever” statement on Arsenal.com (whatever that means?!?!). It sounds like “my strongest squad ever” spiel we hear every year… *facepalm*. I guess that’s it then, we aren’t signing anyone.” The rant continued.

    Then another member following the same agenda joins in.

    Andy1886: “egalitarian? Makes no sense just Wenger trying to demonstrate how clever he is using a word that many fans will not understand. It’s also vague enough to mean whatever he wants it to”.

    What the fuck!?

    When the true meaning of the word is pointed out to Leedsgunner he responds:

    Leedsgunner: “erm thanks I knew what egalitarian meant “sarcasm”. Very frustrated Wenger was referring to it to describe his squad rather that strengthening the squad as he ought!!!”

    Another sentence of utter bollox.

    Thus made up shit to Wenger bash has to stop. If you want to beat up Wenger every single day then fine but at least have the brains to do it with facts not made up bullshit like this. It’s getting beyond a fucking joke.

  60. Simon

    Matic still only deal.

    Could it be the January transfer window is slow or is Darth Wenger exercising his global evil?

    Gotta love the idiots who just can’t believe it because they just don’t understand and it won’t compute and they so need to release their anger! Wenger OUTTTTT!

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Don’t write Fulham off as easily as the bookies20-1

    They have a good youth squad coming through ! Could pull off a suprise draw 6-1

    Was it last season where we lost at home to a low team ? Recall it was 16-1

    Fingers crossed we should win but don’t be surprised if we don’t!

  62. Simon


    He didn’t know what it meant.

    Apparently it was a question posed to Wenger anyway. He didn’t use the word.

    We have to face it Kev the majority of people here hate Wenger first and then find proof of it everywhere they look. In the morning they exclaim: ‘God my life is shit.’ Brain scans limited options… Immigrants, the government… ‘Nah, fucking Wenger’. Would be funny if it were not true.

  63. Simon

    That said I found the forum on arseblog icy cold… You get thumbs up and down anonymously. I posted something mildly critical of marketing speak from the club that left us none the wiser on what we can afford to spend’ (just a meaningless assertion ‘we can’t buy all the best players every summer’ )

    Thumbs down reached double figures in minutes! No thumbs up! North Korea over there.

  64. Revving Kevin

    Dear Simon
    You’re right but I don’t get it. Why lie and deliberately make shit up? They don’t all do it, some make valid points but these fools are just blinded by their agenda, they’re idiots. And it’s every day!