Julian Draxler: All you need to know about £40m Arsenal transfer situation

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Move over Peroni...

Move over Peroni…

Ok, so yesterday kind of saw a ramp up of news on the transfer front kick in. The name in question? Julian Draxler. The German attacker, what we know:

  • He likes Arsenal, a lot
  • Arsenal have made a bid for him before (last June)
  • He is 20
  • He can play across the front three
  • He is just over 6ft tall
  • He has impeccable balance for a big man, ala Zizou
  • His has an incredible shot, like, say it very quietly, Robin Van Persie
  • He is superb dribbling with both feet

So those are the key facts so far. Where this story ramps up in interest is when you consider Schalke just signed back Lewis Holtby… who is also a midfielder with attacking instincts (one that Steve Bould loves apparently). Then, and this is where I had to sit down, their coach said this…

“We continue to hope Draxler remains. But there are factors that we can not influence.”

Ok, so then it was obvious, we were clearly going to sign him? Not so…

Rapha Honigstein said…

To which I cleverly translated as…

So he reckons Schalke are desperate to sell him and are actively inviting bids, which, worryingly could be a good or a bad thing for us. Now, remember, Rapha isn’t a low brow tabloid journo, he’s one of the best connected in the German game, so he’ll have a better idea on this than most. So it sounds pretty clear what’s going on… Draxler is leaving this January because his club need the cash.

Now, I’ve only watched Draxler in flashes on BT Sport, but I’m sure I read he was one of the highest rated players in Europe on a game by game scoring mechanism for some big website (you only get categoric statements on Le Grove). I also remember from speaking to Simon Kuper, Soccernomics author, a statement about young players, if you’re playing top class football at a high level in your teens, you’re almost a banker to become a success. He’s not a one season wonder either. He’s been playing for the first team for 4 seasons making nearly 90 appearances. He’s banged in a few goals as well, 24 to be precise, as well as 17 assists. Now, whilst these numbers might not blow your mind, remember, he’s only 20… young players don’t start scoring until they’re 23 usually. He’s cut from the Cristiano cloth, he could be that good.

So the big question is this… will Arsene go big for the future superstar of German football? £40m seems steep now, but if he becomes as successful as many experts believe he will, it’ll look like chump change in a few years. Remember, Rooney was £28m nearly 10 years ago. Neymar went for £50m and he was playing in a far weaker league.

… and I don’t want to play the big marketing thing here… but imagine the hardon Puma would have for us? Imagine the kits they’d shift in Germany? 4 German superstars in the ranks… potentially 5 with Zelalem.


It’s clear Draxler could play through the middle. He’s quite slight at the moment, but his movement is exceptional. He can hold the ball up, turn on a sixpence, he’s a threat inside and outside the box. He’s also brilliant out wide… so it doesn’t spell the end for Giroud, it just means we have more options because he’s good out wide. It’s like Wenger is building out an interchangeable total football machine. All parts gifted in all positions.

When I look at Draxler, I just think explosive excitement… what a lift he’d give the team heading into the final half lap! The other major benefit you have with the German lads is their education. They’re raised on professionalism. He’ll come with the same lack of ego players like Ozil and Mertesacker boast (boasting about a lack of ego… oxymoron?).

Anyway, I’m very much sold on this guy… so share this post on Twitter, favourite it and when he bombs out of football in two years time with a coke problem and a public kiss and tell from a whole Thai Brothel, we’ll all laugh and I’ll shut the blog down.

Have a great day and remember, it only takes three minutes to become an expert on a player. Click below…

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  1. Sam


    To challenge man city we really don’t need Draxler
    We need 2 new strikers and bin Giroud and Bendtner right now

  2. Mat

    Aguero was out for 6 weeks . But there medical staff get him back in 4 weeks. When was the last time an arsenal player came back from injury

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Because our strike force is too weak.

    Up against Negredo and Aguero you’d shit your pants.

    Giroud…not so much.

  4. Jake


    That’s my point, they’re smashing people at home every time they play there. Why are people acting as if them doing it to Blackburn is some kind of revelation and we should all be scared because of it? It’s been happening all year, they pretty much did it to us and we’re still above them.

  5. rollen

    Mat January 15, 2014 21:54:22

    Aguero was out for 6 weeks . But there medical staff get him back in 4 weeks. When was the last time an arsenal player came back from injury


  6. WengerEagle


    Wasn’t sure what you meant my bad. Agree it’s about whether or not they can start performing away from home that will dictate the title race. At the moment it’s holding them back

  7. Norfolk

    JakeJanuary 15, 2014 22:17:10
    WengerEagleThat’s my point, they’re smashing people at home every time they play there. Why are people acting as if them doing it to Blackburn is some kind of revelation and we should all be scared because of it? It’s been happening all year, they pretty much did it to us and we’re still above them.

    You are right Jake.
    However in a neutral game, I like to watch them.

  8. GoonerDave

    City score loads of goals, play really nice football, yet concede more than they should and sometimes drop very unexpected points. Reminds me of how we used to play, although City have more consistency than we did.
    Our possession stats are not what they used to be, also our football isn’t as attractive as it was, yet I much prefer this style. Solid, mature and very patient. Much more stable than the haphazard defending and weak mentality.

  9. Simon


    We didn’t do it as well I don’t think! Rarely scored as many goals. Often conceeded 2 or 3 or even 4. I much prefer defensive stability! Would love to see us start firing though. A fit theo? Griezmann? Draxler and Giroud? Get some va-va-voom!

  10. GoonerDave

    Yep, we lacked their numbers of goals, agreed. But similar in the “we will score more” mentality, the open-ness.
    I must admit, they are a pleasure to watch. They have power to go with the skill.
    I have no idea who we will sign, or who we should. I’d love a striker in a different mould to OG! Concerned that we are lighter at the back than we realise and also don’t like the thought of calling upon Fabianski in a high pressure game.

  11. Gambon

    Wonder if LeSenile watches City play to see what great strikers can do for a team? He prefers to play incompetent Giroud. How doesn’t he know that the more goal threat we have, the less pressure our defence faces.

  12. Gambon

    We won’t win anything this year if he keeps playing Giroud as a striker and neglects the transfer window as he normally does

  13. salparadisenyc

    MarkoJanuary 15, 2014 22:43:45

    “We should use her to sign Draxler”

    Now thats my kind of transfer policy… “were sending and associate with the documents with like mr. Draxler to sign”

    Kwik cue up and image please:

  14. WengerEagle

    Holy shit just seen that Dutch girl we signed. If I was one of the Arsenal boys I’d venture down to the female training ground tomorrow and personally welcome her to the club 😉 Unbelievable she’s playing football, imagine marking that :0

  15. Sam

    wow Gambon is moaning now, you supposed to be mocking


    Giroud’s hatrick against Fulham will calm your nerves, chill out

  16. Sam

    Yes now we signed Hogendick

    you should get our coq back, better than Jenkinson at right back
    he will get his place in the middle one day, not so soon

  17. Bermy boy

    Wenger will continue with Giroud as our main striker and a star of the future (maybe)as a back up.Again I say this because having world class like strikers who think for themselves take the shine off Wenger orchestrating our success by his share genius.

    Leggo my ego.

  18. Sam

    Ok now, after a little research and youtube scouting now I am getting convinced about Julian Dracula.
    he sure built like Van persie oh no, and looks a little bit like Oxlade chamberlain.
    He can also play on the right meaning we won’t miss Walcott much.
    Now Julian, sign da fokin ting! or I will kill all your grover followers for wasting my time.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger can’t draw this out though or we’ll lose him.

    If he want him, Draxler wants to come. Just sign him. No point in messing about.

  20. Sam

    Also this name came up

    Cheikh Kouyate for 5M, a giant in the middle of the park we could use as DM sometimes. Originally a CB.

  21. Sam

    No Ntep,

    another one we will struggle to fix
    he’s a cross between sessegnon and Gervinho
    He dibbles too much and don’t pass the ball quickly.
    He wants to beat the whole defense before he passes to his teammates


  22. Cesc Appeal

    Seems we’re closing in on Jamaal Lascelles as well for £3 Million.

    That’ll be the youthful 4th choice CB then to complete the options there.

    Friend of mine was raving about him the other day, literally thinks he’ll be a stalwart in the future England defence.

    That signing is fine by me, though we’ll probably loan him back to Nottingham for the remainder of the season.

    Still think getting Lovren in whilst Southampton are in ‘crisis’ is smart, especially with Vermaelen getting itchy feet.

  23. Dan Ahern

    I asked a twitter buddy who supports Nottingham Forest what he thought of Lanscelles.

    Him: “It’s a tricky one. He’s good. But I don’t know if he’s Arsenal good. Big strong good in the air. Had a lot of injuries aswell”

    Me: “Still time to develop, no? You think he’s 2014-15 good, as it’s likely he wouldn’t need to feature this season?”

    Him: “Objectively yes. He’s only had 14 games at champ level though. Id be tempted to hold off to the summer see how he does”

  24. Gustav Graves

    That was an awesome goal…but how often does he pull goals out of his hat like that?

    Kinda reminds me of the Giroud goal against Villa on the weekend, BUT…he definitely ain’t no Giroud.

  25. Jeff

    Another day goes by without so much as a murmur of a striker coming in from the manager or anybody else at the club. Everyone knows and agrees we need one but we’re not in any hurry by the looks of it and if Wenger’s MO in the past is anything to go by the signs are not good. The debate about whether it is Wenger’s reluctance to buy or players being unavailable goes on.

    One thing is for sure though. If we end up once again winning nothing, the cause and blame has to be with management. We have a golden opportunity to strengthen our position. We are not going to win all 17 remaining matches. We know where our weak points are. Our goal scoring prowess (as it existed in the first 10 or so games thanks to Ramsey) has diminished. We absolutely, categorically cannot challenge as we are.

    We daren’t drop any points against anyone. Our situation is very, very precarious. So if the club controllers want to win anything this season they have to do something this January otherwise it’s business as usual at Arsenal and the best we can hope for is third.

  26. Jeff

    March 15th, 22nd, 29th and 5th April are going to be interesting. Four consecutive PL games:

    1. Tottenham v Arsenal
    2. Chelsea v Arsenal
    3. Arsenal v Man City
    4. Everton v Arsenal

    Twelve league deciding points I would assume. Can we win all four? Probably not. Can we win 3? Don’t think so. Can we win 2? I should hope so. If we manage 9 points out of 12, we might be OK. Any less and the title is probably gone.

    The first test is even before then when we face Liverpool away and Man U at home on 2nd and 8th Feb respectively. Worrying times ahead.

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    If we sign Draxler it’ll be a deadline day job I’d imagine. His club have been the ones doing the talking so there’ll be some bluffing, poker style going on behind the scenes by each club to get the best deal. With him injured, there’s little point in us getting him earlier.

    But I think it’s unlikely and someone like Morata on loan is more likely.

  28. N5

    Charlie Boy, you’ve got to respect the Gollum headed mug for doing what he can to fuck over a rival! A lesson our board could take away from this! it’ll all be for nought though if Draxlers clause is met, no matter what “my precious” thinks he can do to stop it and then he would have bit of his own nose to spite his extremely round face.

  29. Le Phil

    Btw, Draxler has a buy out clause of 45mEuros (38mPounds)..I had a chance to see him at the Schalke Arena and he’s a really good player. However, I fear that he would just get bullied away in the Premier League as he’s super skinny.

    I think the Draxler transfer is far from realistic in the Jan-Transfer-Window.

    45M for a skinny German lad?

  30. Revving Kevin

    Dear Charlie boy and N5,
    If it’s true, Levy proves just what small club mentality Spurs have. Like their fans he is obsessed by us. Mind you the little twat must be hurting he Spunked all the Bale money on a load of dross proved by the fact three of them, Holtby, Lamala and now Chadli all want out. And who pays £26m for a penalty taker? Where are the idiots that said Spurs had spent their £100 million well and were stronger then us?! Lol

    Small deluded club with a small deluded chairman.