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Happy Sunday morning everyone. I’m up early, penning the post on a mobile phone again. Pretty irritating I have to tell you. It’s like eating a roast dinner through a straw or holding a dinner party in a tent.

It ain’t cricket…

Anyway, enough of my tech moaning. How about some moaning about football? Yeah, I know that’s what you want to read…

Rumours are flowing faster than a 50 drink jäger train. Some will be to shift papers. Some will be to shift players. Some will… well, I don’t have a third sadly.

So the mega rumour is that we’re going to push on for Schalke attacker Julian Draxler during THIS window. Why am I questioning the veracity? Well, it’s coming from The Daily Star and it’s a bit of a rehash of old news. We know Arsenal want him. But we know we’re unlikely to land him this window as the player, who is a big Arsenal flirt, has said as much.

Still, smoke, fire, mega transfers. Could be something in it?

The other rumour circling is around Auxerre wide man, Ntep. He’s playing in Ligue 2, he’s scored a few goals in a few games and he’s apparently on the radar. Now, from the reports I’ve had tweeted at me, he’s a talent. Raw, fast, technically on point with a bullet shot. So could be something to this. It’s not a season clincher and it’s not a signing for now, but I’m not against signing natural wide players.

A rumour I don’t like the sound of is the one about Eduardo. I know it’d be poetic if he came back and shot us to Premier League glory… but the reality is that he wasn’t at the races when he left us, so he’s unlikely to be a few years on. He doesn’t have the physical attributes for our system. Though he is certainly a great finisher and his movement is way better than that of Lukas…

Another salacious rumour sits around Griezmann. The French midfielder plies his trade at Sociedad and he’s a naturalised left winger. He loves scoring goals as well and hey, get this, he loves assisting! I’ve scouted him and I don’t really know what to report. He’s a battler, he quite English in his style, he almost looks clumsy like Gervinho. He doesn’t look as polished as Giovinco, but he is younger by 4 seasons. He has a £30m buyout clause, the chat says we offered half that… obviously, buyout clauses are for idiots.

Final bit of news centres around Chambo… who will likely sit on the bench tomorrow. Wenger has likened his abilities to Stevie G.

“He has a good long ball, penetration from deep and a good quality to distribute and penetrate individually – certainly he has the same qualities as Steven Gerrard,”

A massive shout. However, he’s a good judge of player. He said Pires could be like Zidane. Absurd when he said it, but it turned out quite accurately in the end.

Anyway, more tomorrow. My Villa pal will be chiming in with some insightful chat on Villa.

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  1. Bero

    PK – so you think martinez is too risky? I think he can make the transition personally. He has all the right attributes for the prem. He’s available now and keen on us. If he works out, job done. If only half decent in prem then helps in the short term while still leaving room for a Costa in the summer. Sell bendtner and park.. Strike force is Costa, giroud and martinez… That would be fantastic sauce.

    So for me martinez now and draxler+Costa in the summer. New contract for Sagna too please.

    Hey I can dream…

  2. Leedsgunner

    Oh, hopefully we’ll beat Villa 10-0 at their ground and it will all become academic… 😉 Whether it’s 1-0 or 10 nil I don’t care — we need a win.

    Go you GUNNERS!

  3. Paddywhack

    On the Manshitty – Barcodes game, think the player was offside. This is a really stupid rule “not interfering with play” If a player is in an offside position, especially in front of keeper, of course he is interfering with play. If not then what is he doing there. I’m afraid on this occasion the lino was right. I am an ex referee (at a very low level) and would have ruled it offside. Although I do agree that Manshitty seem to have taken over since Red Nose has retired. But on this occasion I think lino and ref were correct.

  4. BacaryisGod

    This is way too stressful having to win every week to stay or get back on top!

    When every other team in the Top 7 wins, this is a real test of our mettle. The pessimist/recent historian in me thinks we’ll have a disjointed game and end up in a 1-1 draw. Based on the opening day of the season, Villa will probably raise their game against us. I do think there will be some lingering after-effects from Theo’s injury and our nine-day break.

  5. Paddywhack

    Yes Jake, he might not be exactly in front of the keeper but you can be sure that the keeper is keeping an eye on him, therefore he is putting the keeper off, as a good CF should be, but from an onside position. The only time I would call “not interfering with play” if a player was way outside the box or by the corner flag. Just my opinion.

  6. Norfolk


    “PaddywhaskHe’s not in front of the keeper, the ball goes between him and the keeper.”

    He is between the defenders and keeper though.
    I can’t see how that would affect the keepers positioning or concentration is some way, therefore “interfering”

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    I for one agree with Paddywhack, Sorry.
    If it had happened against us and it had been allowed, I think the majority of us would be rightly pissed off.

  8. Bero

    Jake – I don’t think that will happen no. It is my wet dream set of transfers.

    Realistically it’s nothing now and draxler in summer.

  9. Norfolk

    NorfolkJanuary 12, 2014 21:19:52
    Jake“PaddywhaskHe’s not in front of the keeper, the ball goes between him and the keeper.”He is between the defenders and keeper though.
    I can’t see how that would not affect the keepers positioning or concentration is some way, therefore “interfering”

    Sorry I meant would not (now edited above)

  10. MarbleHall

    I remember last season when Messi scored a goal a barcelona player was 5 yards offside and standing directly in front of the goalkeeper the ‘goal’ was allowed to stand.

  11. southerpeople

    (1) Manchester United 21 26 52
    2 (2) Manchester City 21 22 45
    3 (4) Chelsea 21 24 41
    4 (3) Tottenham 22 12 40
    5 (5) Everton 22 9 37
    6 (6) Arsenal 20 18 34

    Man City 21 36 47
    2 Chelsea 21 21 46
    3 Arsenal 20 21 45
    4 Liverpool 21 25 42
    5 Everton 21 15 41
    6 Tottenham 21 1 40
    7 Man Utd 21 11 37

    everybody improved slightly on the last season this stage except United ( improved significantly downwards) and Arsenal who made huge improvement. I have feeling us and them swapped places. they’ll finish fourth as we did last year and we finish first as they did last year.

  12. Carts

    Just sign a flippin striker already ffs. Wenger making lame bids knowing they’ll get rejected.

    Like every CEO in Europe don’t know we’re cash rich; and on the brink of two massive sponsorships for 2014/15

    I’d sign Martinez, tomorrow, and get it over with.

    Over analysing the shit out of every dick and Harry were linking with. Stupid really.

  13. Carts


    I can see Podolski going in the opposite direction in a player + cash deal if we get Draxler this January.

    Probably throw in another player on a 6/12 month loan to sweeten the deal

  14. Simon


    You know that’s unfair. No one makes lame bids knowing they will be rejected. Seriously. If you go after a player you want to get them.

  15. Marko

    Can people stop saying Jackson Martinez is a carbon copy of Giroud please. I’m a big fan of Giroud but Jackson Martinez’s stats since coming to Europe show he’s the better striker.

  16. Carts


    I’m all for Wenger making bids. It’s encouraging. However, there’s something disingenuous about certain ways he goes about it.

    He’d argue that he’s making a bid in line with what he values a player irrespective of their asking price/ release clause. Sometimes I’m not fully convinced.

    As for Martinez x Giroud: I disagree that they’re carbon

  17. Bero

    Let’s say martinez does work out as similar to giroud… While that’s not the top striker we all want, it would create healthy competition between the two, allow for rotation to not kill either of them over a season, and means we don’t have to shift our style of play which has already been ticking along fine with giroud.

    Obviously I would prefer a suarez or a Costa but short of that even if he’s ‘another giroud’ that’s really not a bad option and could really help to push the team on for the remainder of the season and into next year, especially if you also bring in a draxler in the summer.

  18. Dale Rios

    It is debatable whether Jackson Martinez is an improvement on Giroud and if he is it’s only by a small margin.

    Certainly not worth the prices being quoted.

  19. rumble_in_da_jungle

    How would we not beat Villa? The feffing gave them d game on opening day. It was simply atrocious. The penalty n d red card? Gimme a break!!!. Rant over

  20. Nasri's Mouth


    We don’t want to spend 10s of millions on a player similar to Giroud. I’d rather save it and spend it in other areas of the pitch than that

  21. Simon


    If you can’t appreciate an amazing, astonishing sporting achievement by the team you think you support, maybe:

    (A) being a fan in any meaningful sense isn’t what you are or need to be

    (B) you have needs in your life that reqUire you to look at things other t Han football.

  22. Bero

    NM – I get that but I’m looking at available strikers that could help us this season and martinez still looks the best available option.

    Like I said earlier I don’t think we’re buying anyone this month anyway

  23. andy1886

    Why are so many people acting as if Draxler is a done deal? We’ve seen this sort of thing before (Mata), don’t believe it until it’s on is a good mantra.

  24. Simon

    I really think however we have signed Ntep. Saying that for 36 hours. Evidence keeps mounting. I am not especially pleased but I think this has happened. Hope we get Draxler too.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Some of the predicted line ups have both Arteta and Flamini in the middle, no Ozil and Wilshere playing wide right…

    I sincerely hope not.

    Only need one of Flamini or Arteta…and Gnabry should start wide as well.

    Ozil should be fit enough to start as well.

    I hope the papers have it massively wrong, that’s such a slow side and so one dimensional…would need both Rosicky and Cazorla to be utterly on form…unnecessary risk.

  26. WengerEagle


    Hope you’re right mate we need the pace and unpredictability Gnabry brings to the table, sincerely hope he starts. I’d love to see Rosicky start as well, he’s been in such good form of late and I love the high octane energy levels he instils into our attacking play.

    Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Monreal
    Flamini Rosicky
    Gnabry Cazorla

    Would be just about our strongest starting line-up with the likes of Chamberlain, Arteta and Podolski available to come in off the bench

  27. WengerEagle

    Same Story

    Haven’t seen him play but going by his stats that Berardi kid looks a potential superstar. 11 goals in 14 appearances in Serie A including being the only player to ever score 4 Serie A goals against AC Milan in a match! What a talent Juventus look to have on their hands

  28. WengerEagle

    Still don’t get the Defoe to Toronto deal. He’s only 31 and would be ideal for a club like Crystal Palace or Hull to keep them in the league. He’s still capable of 10-15 BPL goals a season if he starts every match imo.

    Maybe he feels he has no shot at making the WC squad with the likes of Rooney, Sturridge and Welbeck ahead of him in the pecking order and fancies himself a huge payday in the States, hard to know really

  29. Cesc Appeal


    They’ve bid £25 Million for Matic…the CDM who use to play for them.

    He’s asked his club to accept it and let him move back to Chelsea.

  30. WengerEagle

    Matic eh? Heard he’s blossomed into quite the midfield powerhouse at Benfica although I’ve never really watched him play myself. 25 million seems a fair bit though, is he a CDM or a B2B out of curiosity? I’d guess the former as they already have Ramires for B2B

  31. Cesc Appeal


    I think he is more a touch tackling kind of guy, bit of an engine as well so that’s a great deep middle they got now.

    I said in September the first think Mourinho would do is get himself a CDM…I thought it’d be Kheidera…but then he got an injury.

    Worrying me hearing Wenger talk up firstly Bendtner, then Podolski and now today Giroud.

    Classic Wenger tactic for trying to pour water on a fire before it get’s a chance to catch ablaze. He’s going to bottle it…again.

    If he honestly believes Giroud can lead us to title glory he’s an idiot.

    You watch, he’ll bottle this window totally.

  32. Dark Hei

    Big 50/50 calls are going out to City and Chelsea this season. Last season, Podolski struck a freekick with Walcott offside (but just laming around) against Stoke and the goal stood.

    I don’t think clubs are directly influencing refs, it is too risky, but there are probably 3rd parties going about it, who have a stake on the outcome of matches.

    Back when the EPL was a boring 2 horse race, we get big calls as well, especially against smaller sides. This season is going to be a tough one for Arsenal unless the powers rule in our favour. We have goals against us disallowed, red cards, fouls against us unpunished etc etc.

  33. WengerEagle

    ‘If he honestly believes Giroud can lead us to title glory he’s an idiot.’


    Olivier Giroud, Niklas Bendtner and even Lukas Podolski are not good enough to start for top 6 clubs imo never mind the league leaders. After years of having great strikers(Smith, Wright, Anelka, Bergkamp, Henry, Van Persie to name a few) it amazes me he rates the likes of Giroud to be honest. He’s always had a good eye for forward talent barring Chamakh, Gervinho and Park so it bemuses me how he can’t determine Giroud isn’t good enough to win you the premiership. If he genuinely thinks Giroud isn’t good enough though and still won’t spend then he is grossly negligent and a loser at heart.

    I hope he brings in that much needed striker but if he doesn’t then I hope it’s because he is delusional rather than a bonafide loser afraid of the challenge success brings (higher expectation from fans and demand of further success). If it’s the former he needs to hire a director of football in the Dein role and if it’s the latter he needs to be sacked ASAP

  34. WengerEagle

    It’s maddening how we are on the brink of success and Wenger doesn’t look like he will strengthen. From 2007-2011 we were always 2-3 players away from being a title-challenging team. As it stands we are 1-2 players away from winning the title imo. We need a striker and goalscoring forward who will replace Theo’s goals. Surely after investing so well last summer getting Ozil and assembling a very good team it’s worth buying the missing piece of the puzzle?

  35. WengerEagle

    Man United, Everton and Chelsea are all matches this season we would have won with a top class striker in Giroud’s place imo. Even at City he missed about 2-3 great chances before Theo got us back to 3-2. We would be strolling this league with a Suarez up front

  36. Bamford13


    You’ve said many inane things on here, but saying that Jackson Martinez is a “carbon copy” of Giroud may be the most idiotic of all.

    Have you even watched Martinez play? For God’s sake, have you even watched a Youtube highlight video? If so, and if you’re not blind, you’d know that — aside from being over six feet tall — the two have very little in common.

    Martinez is a gifted ATHLETE. He’s quick, agile, coordinated, and fast. He can actually jump. And most importantly, he finishes.

    Giroud is none of these things.

    Perhaps you should stick to simply saying things about AFC, its players and manager. There at least you have some credibility. Outside of that, however, no credibility. All credibility gone given the Martinez/Giroud comment.

    Pedro – I realize people are normally only banned for trolling or for offensive comments, but perhaps some people should be banned for making monumentally dumb comments, such as ‘Martinez is a carbon copy of Giroud’.

    It’s at least worth considering, I think.

    Simon can always post as redtothecore. He’s smarter and funnier as redtothecore, anyways.

    Just kidding, Simon. You can write all the nonsense you like. It’s amusing. =)

  37. Dark Hei


    C’mon, I get that we need a super duper duper player, but Giroud ain’t too shabby. He maybe shouldn’t be the top dog, but he sure is better than the 3 musketeers over at Chelsea, as you put it, top 6 side.

    If we count effectiveness in goals and assists, we get.

    1. Luis Suarez (22 + 5 = 27)
    2. Rooney (9 + 9 = 18)
    3. Augero (13 + 4 = 17)
    4. Sturridge (10 + 3 = 13)
    4. Lukkaku (9 + 4 = 13)
    4. Giroud (8 + 5 = 13) May be he will bump himself up after tonight?
    5. Negrado and Remy are both on 12.

    Now, I do not think someone of the same class bracket as the top 3 is available during the Jan window. So that means if we do get someone, it will be someone along the same class as a Giroud. Is that what you want? Then you realise that having someone of the same class but with different qualities might just be what is realistic, and what we need.

  38. Santos

    Martinez is a better dribbler and finisher of the ball than Giroud. Giroud is still valuable to us though. It would be good to have Martinez, Giroud and a solid goal-scoring winger; which was a key to Wenger’s title winning teams. I just suspect reality will strike then Chelsea and City leap-frog us on the log henceforth .

  39. Leedsgunner


    Here we go again…

    Wenger thinks if he brings in a striker that it is a vote of non-confidence for Giroud. Sure, I want the manager to stand by the team — but this is ridiculous. He is clearly not good enough to carry the team on his own.

    Maybe when he watches Giroud on the pitch, he sees Suarez?! I can’t explain his reluctance to strengthen the team. If we don’t strengthen the team — we might as well say adios to the title, here and now. Because the face is when our midfield doesn’t score we lose because more often than not, Giroud doesn’t contribute with a striker should. He contributes in lots of other ways and he is a hard worker but he is not an instinctive goal poacher or finisher. Even Walcott with crutches would finish better than he would.

  40. Nasri's Mouth


    But if you read the quote they wrapped that story around…

    Asked if it would be a risk if Arsenal did not sign another striker in January, Wenger said: ‘Yes, it is. That is why we are out there.”

    Could have very easily written it completely differently.

    For example “Wenger doesn’t want go through 2nd half of season without another striker”

  41. Sam

    Is draxler available now?
    Does he want to play for us?
    Would Wenger pay that 40M?

    I don’t wanna bang the tamtam then nothing happens

  42. salman

    Must win game tonight with Chelsea and City winning on the weekend. Draxler is available and it looks like he wants to play for us. But I don’t think that we are going to spend 40 mil in the Jan window.

  43. Leedsgunner

    Nasri Mouth @ 0806

    Fair point. It might be media mischief making. I have a nasty feeling about this in that he’ll bring in somebody — but at the moment he is attempting to portray the fact he’ll bringing nobody — so that when he does bring in somebody — people will be relieved he’s brought in somebody… even it is Kalou :(. Maybe it’s too cynical on my part, but we’ve been here so many times before.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    IMO it’s Wenger being overly paranoid about letting any info slip or giving his opponents any advantage. Bit OTT to be honest.

    We wont be signing Kalou though.

    He’s the latest Sebastian Frey or Huntelaar

  45. BacaryisGod

    Wenger keeps repeating what he’s looking for but no-one seems to want to listen. He’s said he wants a player who can both play alongside Giroud and without Giroud. Nobody seriously thinks Arsene is going to change his formation, so this would naturally mean that this player could play alongside Giroud on the left or right side of midfield or in the hole.

    1) We are stacked with players who can play in the hole (Ozil, Caz, TR etc).
    2) Before Theo went down, our right side looked stacked (Theo, Ox, Gnabry)
    3) Podolski doesn’t show the workrate and/or stamina Arsene is looking for on the left, which is why he didn’t last long when he started and why he was so often a substitute. What he can be is an extremely effective supersub based on his brilliant finishing and he can certainly turn it on against weaker teams too.
    5) We know for certain he made bids for Suarez and I believe Ba also (but I’m not sure what the boss or the club said about that officially).

    The conclusion is that the ideal player for Arsene would be able to play in Giroud’s position AND also as a willing left midfielder (something Eto’o did well for Mourinho at Inter Milan).

    Griezmann doesn’t seem to fit that role. He’s 5 ft 9 in and wouldn’t be anyone’s first thought as an alternative for Giroud. However, Suarez is only 5 ft 11 in and he’s devastating defences as a target man right now. Perhaps Griezmann is our Suarez-lite signing.

  46. Leedsgunner

    Based on your crieteria Bacary, I think Reus is our man. There’s no one better in world football imo atm that plays on the left wing as well as being equally comfortable leading the attack. He would be super super quality. Imagine if Wenger signed him! Now THAT would be A SIGNING!

  47. Norfolk


    “I can’t explain his reluctance to strengthen the team.”

    I can think of £7.5m reasons mate.
    Lets think about it, why is he paid such an enormous wage, it isn’t because he has won loads of trophies so it must be something else.
    It’s an award for “services to the shareholders” in my opinion.
    I think he’s arrogant and extremely selfish.

  48. Colonel Mustard

    Carzola and Ozil…..fucking hell …..coasting….might as well go off on a buddies trip…come back when you ready to get into a mindset that your talent is not enough. effort and motivation