Do Arsenal need top quality?

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How’s it going!

No soccer ball this weekend. I know you’re itching for it, but look, fan fatigue can end in tears. So what I’m saying is this. Relax, stop powering that F5 key, leave the newsfeeds alone and take a day of chatting Arsenal. A touch of respite will take you out of the ‘transfer panic zone’…

Well, Arsene Wenger’s comments might put you in that zone. He’s doing that old man moaning thing… this time venting about the transfer window being an irritant and unwelcome. How a man who has serious gaps in his squad can say such a thing is beyond me. This window isn’t an irritant, it’s an opportunity to shoot for the stars and make some serious noises about the title.

We need a striker. A Theo. And a right back. We can look internally, but as we’ve seen so far this season, numbers are the issue because we’re overusing players. We’ve obviously meandered the season spectacularly well so far, but we’re almost never in the mix come April.

The Morata story is getting boring already. One minute Madrid want to keep him. Then they want to loan him. Then they want a bigger fee. Now, the latest is Benfica want to buy him for £7m. A very low price for a kid who banged in 15 goals last season. Surely we should look at him as an acquisition if we think he’s worth while? Having 3 strikers isn’t a problem over a season. United manage it…

Wayne Veysey has gone to town on transfer targets. The man takes a hammering online for his info, but I can tell you, though sometimes wrong (shock horror, someone isn’t 100% right all the time), the bulk of what he says is good info. Anyway, he reckons we’re looking at Draxler this window… money talks, but will moving when he’s one of Europe’s form players be a consideration in World Cup year? Doubtful…

He also talks about Llorente, Lavezzi and Morata if nothing comes off elsewhere.

For me, our best bet will be an out of favour player looking to break into a World Cup squad. We need hunger more than anything. I’d love us to nail a perm player, but not at the expense of quality. That said, I do think we get a touch hung up on perceived quality. Flamini, a player huge swathes of the fanbase slammed for being average when he left us, has been a revelation. Why? Because he works hard, embodies the passion we all love and he performs a functional role.

As I’ve said many times over the years, you don’t always need to sign technically perfect wizards of the game… you need a few Flamini / Grimandi / Parlour type figures in the mixer. Now, that probably won’t work with forwards, but it could work elsewhere.

Sorry to keep this short, but I’m penning this on an iPhone because all my computers are ruined!

Have a great day!

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  1. Al

    Fabegras has really digressed overall as a player at barca. his goal/assist might get padded up due to the fact he plays in that league/team but overall as a player he is going backwards.

    Miss him playing in the middle for us absolutely running games from the center

  2. Simon


    I told you not to answer!

    So it’s not 2 and 4 now… Hmm. Even for a troll and a fool your ability to leave your self open to ridicule is unsurpassed.

  3. Marc

    Marble – Does doing the double (twice) not count for anything? I would mention the amazing new stadium we play in but it’s been overshadowed by the new stadiums Liverpool, Everton and the Spud’s have built.

    As for winning the league cup, it’s better than a kick in the bollocks but if Arsenal had won the league cup since 2005 all the press would be saying is Arsenal haven’t won a major trophy since 2005.

    Please just stop fucking around – you hate Wenger. It’s got nothing to do with what he’s done and it won’t change no matter what he does.

  4. Sam

    Marble hall,

    Even Ian wright is not longer a hater, he’s happy with our progress
    Take a heed

    Who’s on your side now? Michael Owen ?

    Do me a favour

  5. MarbleHall

    Wenger has won two different trophies the Premier league and the FA Cup.

    Graham has won four different trophies the League, the FA Cup, the League Cup and the Cup Winners Cup.

  6. Simon

    Wow. You are still here.

    Marbles. Who do you support. Seriously. I know it isn’t arsenal. Tell u. You can come back as ‘granite wall’ or some shit.

    Why do you bother? What doesit actually do for you?

    I really do want to know.

  7. Simon

    Those fucking Asian whoring adverts are still here! This site is getting seriously tacky. If you take the moneydoesthatmake you a digital pimp?

  8. N5

    Marble, Simon lives next door to Arsenal so it’s highly unlikely. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 15+ years and attending since I was 3 and I’m not going to claim I’ve been more than Simon.

  9. Simon


    You just have to support someone else!!!!

    Tell me. I will not tell a soul!

    N5 is only 19 it’s true. I am 107. I watched the Arsenal in the badlands of South London. There was a fucking forge kiddie. Fucking cannons. Fucking cannon balls. No cars just horses mate. Horses. Suffering all around. Also plague.

  10. N5

    Lol, The plague of old Woolwich borough. You hear that Marble, Simon has had the plague, if you’ve not, you’re not a Gooner!

  11. useroz

    If folks started getting into numbers tof trophies o try say GG was worse/better than Wenger, it has to be trophies per years managed.

    GG was sacked; so was Wenger before Arsenal.

    So let’s evaluate Wenger on what he does per prevailing needs of the club.

  12. Sam


    Maybe we will try to compare them when wenger leaves arsenal
    Out of bitterness he goes on to try to build spurs n fails

    Right now there is no comparison

  13. El Tel

    George Graham was and always will be a favourite Manager of mine and I still get angry because He was the only Manager who got done for fiddling.

    Sir Piss Head was on the take at that time and even up to the day He retired yet those Northern Gangsters ( FA) turned a blind eye.

    Other Managers were at it also including the great Brian Clough, only Graham was sacrificed.

    Wenger has been a magnificent Manager and my only criticism of Him is that He see’s what goes on in the PL and keeps quiet about it. Even Rodgers in His short time has had a blast about the cheating. Benitez did too and got booted.

    Like it or not the PL is far more competitive in the past 10 years than it was before. Arsenal and Wenger raised the bar along with those bent fuckers from oop North but the money men came in and threw unlimited cash at small town clubs which allowed them to buy super class players.

    Wenger also paved the way for foreign Managers to suceed in England as He was the first to win something major.

    The English media and most Englishmen in proffesional football hate Him and Arsenal for this which make swhat he doesfar more difficult.

    The Piss head could say almost anything to the media without any punishment or backlash yet Wenger would get stung for explaining what he saw happening.

    The quote “I didn’t see it” was used against him whenever it suited the bias media. The Chav Spaz called him a voyuer yet the Spaz is constantly spouting His shit about the Arsenal.

    For me personally I have been lucky to see my Club have two of the best Managers of the past 30 years at the Club and I can’t seperate them.

    I must add the importance of the Don (Don Howe) to both Graham and Wenger In the early years.

    Howe was not a good Manager but as a coach He was second to none. Don Howe was with Bertie Mee up to Wenger. He was an Arsenal legend who was never in the limelight. A tactical genius.

    The Don was also part of the England set up in the closest years to success our Country have had since winning the WC.

    Please lay off slagging Wenger because you don’t like the Man and comment about Him if it is constructive criticism.

    I used to write lots of comments on this great site for years until the owners let the imposters take control. I am now reading more comments from true Arsenal fans and the fakes are either fucking off or being dumbed down.

    Keep up the good work Pedro and lets hope against big odds that we win something for all the true Gooners who come on this site.

  14. El Tel


    GG was the best Manager the Spuds have had in the past 20 years. He won them a trophy.

    Thankfully they wouldn’t know a good Manager if it bit them on the nose.

  15. Dannyboy

    nice one El Tel, gambon will rip you apart for that comment though! Love your passion for the club none the less!

  16. Hitman49

    @el tel

    I agree and disagree with you.

    I think they were managers of their time.

    And I think that’s the crucial thing, GG had got stale in the end and he wasn’t changing with the times,
    The team needed to change players were showing signs of there pedigree or lack off but certainly not lack of commitment,
    The same can be said for AW he took us to a whole new level and stopped,and unfortunately for him that’s where he’s been for the past 3 + years and a lot of fans cannot forgive him for this mindset that he’s now in.
    We have been spoilt yes why not we are the arsenal !
    As a fan I now expect that Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t care I want us to win everything possible, my son always asks me who’s going to win the leauge…us !…who’s going to win the FA cup…us !…who’s going to win the champions L us…!
    And he laughs ! Really why ? I’m a fan and think and hope we do, I even want every player of the month goal of the season you name it…
    I call that being a supporter !

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