Arsenal: The cost of generosity | Gaps in the squad that need filling | Tiny winger a target

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How’s it going people? You good? You totally pumped? I hope so…

I’m not sure how much news there is today. I feel like the news outlets don’t have much to work with, so they’ve started taking calls from agents looking to push on their clients.

Giovinco, of Juventus notoriety has hit the radar… the 26 year old attacker has been mooted as a possible option to replace Theo in the short term. He’s 5 foot 5, so I can’t imagine he’d be a striking option, but out wide, his ‘low centre of gravity’ could help us. I can’t say I’ve watched him that much over the years. I can tell you he’s played hardly at all this year. It’s a hard gig at Juve at the moment, they’re loaded with attacking talent. Last season, he made 33 appearances, racking up 16 goals and 6 assists.

What I have deciphered from some serious Grimantubing is that he’s a hustler, he’s like a footballing ferret, he’s a tough player for someone so small… obviously he comes with Italian perfection on the technique front and he’s very good with the ball at his feet… he can also go round players from a standing start… something Theo isn’t exactly gifted at doing. I think, from my three minute assessment, he’d fit out style. I’m guessing the lust for leaking his availability to the press is that he’ll want to go to the World Cup. Taking on an talented player with a massive point to prove isn’t the worst idea…

… at least someone could ask Viviano why he keeps crying at training.

It is interesting reading around the web. There’s a certain section of the fanbase that like to justify inaction in the transfer market. One person latches onto a concept or an idea. Asprilla to Newcastle killing their title chase is a favourite being peddled at the moment. Now, I don’t want Arsenal to head into a massive mistake and sign someone with fascist ideals who might upset the tone of the squad. However, what is clear is that the squad is creaking. The idea that we can wing it for another 6 months is fanciful. If we’re suffering fatigue related injuries in December, that won’t let up if we don’t add more players to the mix.

We’ve lost Theo Walcott, we don’t really have a back up for him. Gnabry is a talent, but he’s 18 years old. Chambo is also a talent, but he’s not proved anything at the highest level. He doesn’t have goals in his game as it stands and he doesn’t have the ‘clinical assists’ potion in his locker. That’s not to say it won’t happen, but it’s a gamble.

Up front, Nik B wasn’t the solution despite being fit for the last three months. Now Wenger is saying he is? Now, I have no doubt that Nik B could be as effective as Giroud if he put his mind to it. If Wenger believes that, we have a solution… but if he’s just bluffing, then we’ll have a broken Giroud who is fatigued physically, but worse, mentally as we saw in the West Ham. So tired he couldn’t think.

The squad is creaking, inaction in this window doesn’t mean we can’t win the league… but it opens us up to failure because legs will lack freshness in the second part of the year. City and Chelsea have players in abundance… they’re not suffering the same problems we are at the moment.

We’ll see though. It’s all to play for, it’d just be nice for once if Arsene stocked the squad so he can comfortably compete till the end of the season. An experienced wide player and a striker would greatly help the cause.

It’s also amazing that fans were digging other fans out for backing the Bayern fan gesture. It really does show you that some people argue points, not because of the topic, but because of who is delivering the news (redzone being a prime example of this). It doesn’t matter that Bayern haven’t paid for their stadium. We pay £17m a year for The Emirates and it generates nearly double the revenue of Highbury. We’ve just announced new deals and Ivan has spent the last 2 years telling us Bayern are the benchmark when it comes to football clubs. He says that because they’re a business juggernaut, but not just that, they embody all the values Arsenal want to have as a club…  as well lots of the values we do have.

Now, the club did give fans a voucher for Christmas, and they give us lots of access to information other clubs, like United don’t. However, the one thing that sticks in the throats of fans is the ticket pricing. Now, I don’t care what my ticket costs when I’m getting value like this year. In fact, as much as I bitch, I don’t really care at all because Arsenal is such a massive part of my life and always has been. However, I’m not everyone. I’m fortunate enough not to have kids and all the cost associated with them. I have a London job yahda yahda…

However, we have to accept certain things with Arsenal. We’ll never lower season ticket prices. Too many people want them in the richest City in UK. The best we can hope for is a price freeze.

Back to the Germans. Bayern spent £90,000 reducing the price of their season tickets for 3,000 people. Just say, for arguments sake, Arsenal did something similar.

Say there are 25 away games a year loosely. If Arsenal said, we’ll reduce away tickets by £15 across the board. For an away fan, that’s a £375 saving straight off the bat. Big money. That’d be 38% of the cost of my home season ticket. For 3,000 fans, that’d cost Arsenal £45k a game. Over the season, that would cost £1.1m. The equivalent of a £20k a week player. Like, say, Yaya Sanogo. It’s a pittance in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a big deal to Arsenal fans. It’s rewarding loyalty. It encourages away support. It’d be ground breaking in the UK.

We are the reason the Premier League rights go for so much (well, a big chunk of the reason). Our unwavering support and passion for the game. Why not give something back?

Food for thought. But all this bollocks about Bayern’s generosity being geared around a free stadium is total nonsense. I know some people have a online remit to defend everything Arsenal, but football isn’t a normal business, so sanctioning something like this should be easily doable.

Final bit of today… data and football. Some of you find it boring, some of you don’t believe in it, some of you would like to know more. Here is a great piece about how it’s changing the game. A must read. Remember, Arsenal are playing catch up on this. We have a lot of the capabilities, we just don’t utilise it all in the way other clubs do. This quote from Harry Redknapp at Southampton made me laugh, because it’s exactly the sort of luddite attitude that pervades football.

He was nervous about overloading the players with information.” Southampton lost 3-2. On the team bus, Redknapp turned to Wilson and said, “I’ll tell you what, next week, why don’t we get your computer to play against their computer and see who wins?”

Anyway, that’s your gift for today. Cherish is and make sure you write me a proper thank you note in the comments section.

Have a ripping day, and hey, remember, it’s Friday.. turn to the person sitting next to you, put your hand on their leg, look intensely into their eyes, well up a bit… then turn away and crack on with your e-mails.

Never, ever tell them why you did that.


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  1. Bamford13


    Your reading of RVP’s decision is simplistic and cynical. Footballers don’t play football for money alone, and no one who has ever played the game would think such a thing.

    Yes, footballers play the game in order to earn a living — and yes, to make as much money as possible — but they also play in order to achieve great things, i.e., historic goals, EPL titles, CL titles, Ballons d’Or, World Cups, etc. These achievements factor into their thinking just as much as money does, and RVP clearly believed that he could achieve more, could earn more glory — and money — at United.

    Again, I don’t blame him. At the time United looked like the club more likely to earn him both glory and money. And they were.

  2. Thomas

    Rvp left won the league and now earns more money. What’s the problem? Can’t fault him. At the end of the day it’s about winning. He wasn’t doing that at Arsenal was he?


  3. Revving Kevin

    You don’t blame RVP Becos it suits you to do so. Wenger Out guys will naturally use RVP to support their cause. If you refuse to believe that the difference between £12 million and £48 million was what made RVP leave then you are entitled to that opinion. In my opinion he is mugging you all off with his little boy inside him. If he loved us as much as he claimed the celebration of the shoulder goal proved otherwise.

    In my opinion it was his last chance for a bumper Brucie bonus and a four year deal too.

    We are talking a £36 million quid increase!!!!

  4. Bamford13


    Let me put this in more simple terms, because you seem to be missing the point. My point is not that money was not a factor. Of course it was. My point is that it was not the ONLY factor. Winning trophies, competing for an EPL and CL title, playing in the biggest matches of the season, etc. These things factored into his decision as well.

    He decided he could get all of this — money + glory — at United, and that’s why he left. And for one season, his decision was absolutely correct.

  5. N5

    And he will retire with that medal and a big bank account, but he will never be in the same league as Henry and Bergkamp etc which is a shame for a man with such immense talent.

  6. Revving Kevin

    Wenger meets RVP to discuss his transfer.

    Wenger to RVP: yes we plan to release cash and will invest heavily in the team every season from now on. We also have the new sponsorship deals. You will be club captain and will have a statue built outside the ground when you retire. Your wages will be £12 million, over the next two years. Will you stay now I have told you our ambition?

    RVP: yes boss. I will tell Mr. Ferguson to stuff the £48 million they have guaranteed me over four years and ignore the little boy inside me. I would much rather stay here and win things with Arsenal than accept an additional £36 million quid on wages for my family.

  7. Revving Kevin

    Dear Bamford13
    I am not missing any points, we just see it differently. I hate that he lied and tried to mug me off. This decision had nothing to do with arsenals perceived lack of ambition. I don’t blame him at all but I object to the snidey digs and the lies he has used to disguise his true motives for leaving for a hated rival. Would he have joined Liverpool if they had offered him the same deal. The answer is yes because £36 million is immense money and his last chance of a big payday.

    I guess we shall have to agree to disagree mate.

  8. Dan Ahern

    That’s how I felt, N5. I get RvP’s desire to leave to pursue trophies and money. Surely he felt he was playing on borrowed time with his age and injury record. But he was in a position at Arsenal that very few find themselves in. He was genuinely on the cusp of being a club legend. He chose immediate success instead. Maybe he’s totally fine with that. But by gaining a trophy for an opponent, he lost any chance at immortality.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    In 20 years time, will RvP look back at his career, and prefer his medal to his lack of hero status ?

    Hard to know. The point is that no-one will care

  10. N5

    NM, the thing is Henry will look back in 20 years time fondly at being an Arsenal player and his time at the club, and Adams, and Wrighty, and Brady, and Bergkamp and on and on because I’m pretty certain that all of them have left the club proud at the mutual love that they and the supporters share.

    RvP will just be like Mr Burns polishing his medal in a darkened room eating hotpot at the Rovers Return with only the little boy inside him for company.

  11. gonsterous

    Why do we keep discussing RVP in this forum time and time again… For one thing, we don’t have a striker as good as him, so I think the moment Wenger gets in a decent striker we will forget that cunt and move on with football…

  12. leon

    sorry dont agree with this peace at all. from what i have seen i dont see massive caps in the squad not realy there short up front ,i think without question team strongest asset is its midfield lots of depth.he could do with 1 more cb in case of injuries.the one thing i have noticed is when your playing well and winning games are injuries are not so much of factor its when your losing confidence is low that when it takes effect. wen deos need bring in some firepower though

  13. N5

    gonsterous with the greatest respect does it matter what we discuss, to many people try to police what people discuss on here, if we want to talk about RvP then that is fine.

  14. GoonPharm

    Legend status for RvP? No way. He’s an undoubtedly talent but even if he stayed and won us the league title I wouldn’t have put him in legend bracket. No chance.

    Bar that last season when has he come close to stepping up for us? Henry, Viera, Bergkamp, Adams, Wright, Dixon, Bould, Smith et al genuinely love the club and always gave their all. These guys are legends.

    RvP was, is and always will be a self serving egotistical prick. He left us for money, glory, Fergie whatever. That’s his choice and good luck to him.

    Legends give 100%, can be relied on even when shit hits the fan. Cesc probably knocks on door of legends but RvP is on a different continent.

  15. Revving Kevin

    One thing about Man Utd nobody mentions.

    Decisions. Under Fergie they got every 50/50 or 40/60 going. It was ridiculous at times, especially at OT. Vieira said nowhere in football like it. Now under Moyes they have had some terrible decisions go against them. Something has changed big time. Not helped by all the diving, young, jacuzzi and Wellbeck all at it but to me it proves what poll and various other said.

  16. GoonPharm

    Anyone know anything about this Lacazette we’re trying to nab from Lyon?

    Had him in Fifa Ultimate Team and sold him for a few bob but that’s all I know about him.

    He’s French and black (did Gambon just die of a rage induced aneurism?) so sounds like a classic Wengeresque signing.

  17. andy1886

    G-P, not sure how you can say Cesc comes close to legend but RvP does not. Both buggered off and tbh at least we got good money for RvP while we got nothing like a fair fee for Cesc! No legend status for either in my book.

  18. N5

    GoonPharm if Romford comes on today he’ll let you know what he’s about! Romford has an encyclopedic knowledge of footballers.

  19. N5

    Vinca Henry did it with respect, he didn’t force his move from the club and he was honest with everyone that before he quit football he desired the champions league, we are always in his heart and if you don’t think that then you are a moron.

  20. N5

    Hackney, my little girl had me up til 4 so I posted between her crying and then my son got me up at 7! bloody kids. The Grove is what keeps me sane at the moment.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    GoonPharm: You could argue we’ve had a few breaks this year thus far

    I think for every break, we’ve had a decision against us.

    Generally they even out over the season for us, but so far I think we’re actually owed a couple

  22. hackneylad


    “Lacazette we’re trying to nab from Lyon”

    whoever he is I don’t want him, its time we stop buying random unknown types, with the possibility of potential.

    I don’t want to see the second generation of deadwood, we have the money now to go for established world class players.

  23. Vinca Rosea

    I work in france and have seen a bit of lacazette. Quick player, plays a similar position to Walcott…that is, forward left or right of a 433. still very raw and if I’m honest not seen any thing special.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    @Vinca Rosea

    Henry didn’t publicly criticise his team mates in the press and then publicly force through a transfer though did he?

  25. N5

    Spot on Nasri and I seem to remember he even spoke directly to the fans about his desire to win the Champions league and his best chance was with the best team in the world. At no point did Henry disrespect the club and at every opportunity he is back at the club.

  26. Dissenter

    Morning y’all
    Revving, how’re you doing?
    Sometimes, I think we should take off our gooner hats and just look at the RVP situation from a human perspective.
    RVP left for the money and also to work with SAF who offered the potential to win more stuff. I don’t think it was all the money. He deserves everything he’s getting now but comparing him with Henry isn’t great. Henry won everything at Arsenal except for the CL.
    It’s hard for him to have keep your dignity when an entire stadium is calling you a CUNT. Can you imagine if his daughters were at the Emirates on those games.
    The other side of the story needs to be weighed too.

  27. N5

    Lol Hackney, I was multitasking, I was rocking my daughter whilst typing, her crying was making me want to jump from my balcony so I thought coming on here and directing my anger at RvP would stop me killing myself 😀

  28. Vinca Rosea

    whoa easy there n5…Just because a player says he loves a club doesn’t meant he loves the club. I might also think you’re equally a moron of you believed everything players say. rvp claims he loves the club…do you believe him?

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    “Theo Walcott injury is boost to Liverpool’s title hopes, says Steven Gerrard”

    Gerrard still dreaming of a PL medal

    Bit bloody desperate to be honest

  30. N5

    Dissenter I have to agree with that, I understand why RvP reacted the way he did when he scored as I do with Ade when he scored. We give them endless shit and then seem surprised that it upsets them.

    However RvP and Ade are paid to remain professional and like Jack and his fingers gesture too fans mocking his children you need to rise above it. I’m sure 250k a week in RvPs bank helps with the “she said no Robin, she said no” songs.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    N5: I was rocking my daughter whilst typing, her crying was making me want to jump from my balcony

    I always feel all paternal when that kinda of thing happens to my son. Its when I have to be up at 7am the next day and he’s still sleeping the sleep of the innocent to 9…

  32. GoonPharm

    Cesc came here for free. He played pretty much non stop for 7-8 years. Respected the fans and since he’s left has had nothing but decent things to say about the club and fans.

    Wenger literally ran him into the ground and even carried on playing for us with a fractured leg. He left us for his hometown team after taking a pay cut and not on a fancy dan 250k a week salary. The fact that he left for footballing reasons is no doubt. His 8 years of service outweighs any transfer fee we had for RvP.

    While at the club he gave his all. Had he won a PL or CL title he would have deserved the legend accolade.

  33. Vinca Rosea

    Righty, so if rvp had said…”I’m Terribly sorry chaps…I’m gonna jump ship as I’d rather like a league medal”… you guys would consider him a legend?

  34. N5

    Vinca I didn’t say you were a moron I said if you don’t think Henry loves our club then you are a moron, that was to anyone not just you. You don’t think Henry loves Arsenal? the way the two of them went about leaving the club was chalk and cheese.

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: It’s hard for him to have keep your dignity when an entire stadium is calling you a CUNT.

    I didn’t have any issues with him celebrating like that to be honest. Once he’s left us, it’s all fair enough. I can’t blame him for that. It was his actions while he was at Arsenal. Slagging off the quality of your team mates and forcing through your transfer like that, esp. when you’re the captain are just wrong.

    He should never have accepted the captaincy in the first place

  36. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    I recall the entire stadium at Highbury singing “don’t go to Henry” after we beat Wigan 4-2 (last game there)
    Henry just had the decency to go to a different league.

    Arsenal bears some responsibility.
    We DID NOT have to sell him to United. We chose the money option. Blame Gazidis/Wenger too.
    Like someone said earlier, we won’t be having this conversation if we had reinvested the 24 million back into an elite striker.

  37. N5

    Lol spot on Nasri, the daughter had me awake till 4 and then the son at the crack of dawn. Still I wouldn’t change them for the world, I just need to get a sound proof room for them.

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    @Vinca Rosea

    RvP shouldn’t have said anything, that’s the point. You don’t criticise your boss in public as he did

  39. Vinca Rosea

    n5, no you didn’t but by kinda did. My point is we’re not being fair when we start to rationalise our players jumping ship. The way rvp did it was one way, Henry did it another…they both f**led off!

  40. N5

    Dissenter once he made up his mind to leave it would have been silly not to cash in on the 25 million, that was an amazing bit of business but do you think they didn’t want to keep RvP and just wanted to add more money to the bank?

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    Arsenal bears some responsibility of course. I’m not so sure about whether we could have sold him elsewhere actually.

    Juventus made noises, but they do that about a lot of players and then always take a cheaper option. Mancini went public about his club’s inability to attract RvP, and the rumour was RvP had started talking to ManU as early as January.

  42. GoonPharm

    If I was on 250k a week as a footballer I would take the abuse no problem. Hell id stay behind after the game for 20-30 minutes in the centre circle basking in it.

    Fans be like “your mum’s a slag” and ill be singing “yeah but have you seen the fucking house she lives in you scrubbers!”.

    (copyright Jason Manford).

  43. N5

    Vinca I suppose if you boil it down to its rawest point then yes the outcome was identical, but one was respectful one wasn’t and that is why one is a legend and the other is a bellend. I’m not in the minority thinking it my friend, you are.

    When Henry is at the Emirates he gets cheered, when RvP is he gets booed. So you tell me why that is?

  44. Dissenter

    Personally I detest the endless praise from Fabregas, I think it’s patronizing. He should shut the eff up and move one with his life.
    He abandoned the man who made him when he was needed most. Wenger broke up most successful unit for Fabregas and what did he get.
    Fabregas did exactly the same thing RVP did, he just had his proxies smear us over and over again until,he left. His hands were clean because he got his friends to throw the mud.
    If he had moved to Chelsea or city, he’ll be hated as much.

  45. Vinca Rosea

    Nasri…so the bile towards rvp.was because he dissed the hierarchy?! Hmm..I’m focusing on the result not the method. they both left…they’re both bast* isn’t more so than the other.

  46. Revving Kevin

    Dear Dissenter
    All good, sun is shining and been listening to music in the garden eating breakfast!
    The point about RVP celebration is clear. If you wear a Gooner kit when aged ten or whatever, claim to be a fan, get improved as a player, claim to love the fans and the manager, claim you didn’t want to leave cos he loves the club, something stinks. He said he owes everything to Wenger and Arsenal. Roll on 12 months and a few insults from the fans and he’s celebrating like a loony, the traitor. Sorry but that says everything. Wanker and a liar.and when he doesn’t fancy it he pulls a sicky. But I don’t blame him for taking the extra £36 million on offer, just wish he had been honest about it.

    Lots of transfer gossip today.

  47. Vinca Rosea

    n5….because fans are fickle? it makes no.difference whether I’m in the minority. I’m just reminding everyone of this very fickleness (word?)..

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    Vinca Rosea: Nasri…so the bile towards rvp.was because he dissed the hierarchy?!

    Publicly stating your team mates aren’t good enough, and the manager signed the wrong players.

    Yeah, I think that’s pretty crap behaviour from the team captain

  49. N5

    Fair enough Vinca let just agree to disagree. I think Henry is a legend you think he is in the same league as RvP, I don’t think there is much further we can go with this discussion.

  50. Dissenter

    N5 and Nasri
    Yup, I understand the ire at Robin. He forced his move in the most unprofessional ridiculing his manager and team mate publicly to force a move. It actually made it easier for Arsenal not him.

  51. Roaaary

    Must admit guys I have a different view on Henry. I remember the sulking and flapping of arms in the last two years at the club.

    He undoubtedly loved us but still had more to give. A legend is someone who truly puts the club first over personal glory. Henry as great as he was didn’t do that.

    I think pires was the last legend at the club. He wanted to stay but was kind of shown the door. Before him I think you have to go back to bergkamp.

  52. Roaaary

    Rvp and cesc no where near legends. Rvp had 2 good seasons. Cesc had about 4/5.

    That’s not legendary, just very good players

  53. N5

    Roaaary, but he didn’t publicly slag off his club and fellow players to get his move, which immediately separates him from that Manc slag.

  54. Revving Kevin

    Hypothetical question:

    If RVP had stayed at Arsenal and not joined Man Utd:

    1. What would we have achieved last season and how would it have affected the league?
    2. Would Fergie have retired?
    3. Where would we be this season?

  55. GoonPharm

    Cesc went to the AFC retirement home and took a massive risk trying to displace probably the best midfielder of our time in a great Barca team. He didn’t look for an easy way out. I remember the home fans booing him when they had a slump.

    He could have had a cushty gig with us but went to a bigger harder challenge. Respect to the boy I say.

  56. Vinca Rosea

    n5 Dont fabricate what you think i said..that would be dishonest.

    That said I Dont think henry is a legend as it were..or if I may break it down further..not a legend as much as bergkamp is. I mean I loved him and had his name on my kit. but strictly speaking …like rooary says…it wasnt as smooth as you make out.. he fu#ked off politely. But yeah…we’ll leave it at that.

    nasri…well, rvp was captain and he sulked…was that more acceptable?

  57. N5

    Vinca how can I fabricate it when you said this “I’m focusing on the result not the method. they both left…they’re both bast* isn’t more so than the other.”

  58. Uchmangunnernaija

    1. We wouldn’t have won the league, we weren’t a good team last season
    2. Yes he would, he had already made up his mind to retire after winning one more pl title
    3. We would be walking the league by a far more margin.

  59. Roaaary

    Henry didn’t slag anyone off but behind closed doors he did sulk and cause a rift.

    We also had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to keep him for his last season.

    That’s not what legends do!

    He was a footballing great. One of the best ever. But not an arsenal legend

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    @Revving Kevin

    Impossible to be really sure. I doubt we’d have signed Giroud, we’d have finished 3rd probably.
    ManU might have still won the league, they might have signed someone else, they certainly spent a lot of time getting RvP, so if they knew he wasn’t leaving they could have brought in another player. Ultimately they won it at a canter so even a lesser striker would have been enough. No idea whether Fergie would have gone, too many variables and unknowns

  61. N5

    Vinca, I’m sorry but what you said wasn’t ambiguous! you said they are both as bad as each other to a conversation I was having about one being a legend and one not. You are the one that put both Henry and RvP in the same bracket not me! so I’m not really sure what this is you’re doing now?

  62. Roaaary

    Legendary status is about the person and not always the talent. I’ve seen plenty of better centre backs than tony Adams yet no one would question his legendary status.

    I saw Adams last game at the club and wrightys actually. Their careers died on the pitch that day and they had given their all for arsenal.

    Henry, rvp, cesc can’t say the same when they left.

    Bergkamp is another who can

  63. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    I agree. Fine margins. We lost to Bayern on away goals for example, would that have been the case with RVP? This season he must be gutted, imagine him with Ozil loading the I say, he went for the money. He knew our situation and I suspect the reason he has the hump now is Becos red nose left him with a load of dross. He can lie about arsenal ambition, but look at Man Utd. An aging squad and no reinforcements except for that hairy bloke. Telling you, in my book had he stayed he had more to gain personally but not financially, just my opinion.

  64. Vinca Rosea

    Good grief n5. you are slagging off rvp because he left…I said henryeft but somehow you cut him slack because je was rather nice about it. That’s the discussion…

  65. Roaaary

    @n5 it seems surprising now not to consider Henry a legend but that’s because you remember the great. I remember how it was at the time when he left.

    He flirted for a couple of years and when he did go it was a case of ‘just let him’ as it had happened so many times before.

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    @Vinca Rosea

    Henry sulking wasn’t good, I agree, but I think there’s a difference between something like that, that’s pretty spur of the moment, and the pre-planned things that RvP did.

    Both are signs of frustration, but while I might do the first, I wouldn’t do the second

  67. Revving Kevin

    I told you this place is weird!!

    Henry is a legend. His goal scoring achievements alone support that. I have never seen anyone like Henry and I have been ‘supporting’ for 55 years! Proper legend no question whatsoever.

  68. vicky

    Henry is and will always be a legend.

    I think the most important thing is that he is in the hearts of almost all the gooners. This is what cements his legend status. Leaving the club is of little significance.

  69. N5

    Roaaary you’ve got every right to your opinion mate, I just never heard people talk like the Grove has today about Henry before so it’s opened my eyes a little. I mean the feeling isn’t shared other wise Henry wouldn’t have a statue and a place on the legends sign, but each to their own mate.

    My discussion isn’t really about the Legend tag anyway it was more about the way the two of them let, one sulked which is reactionary the other forced his move in a public lambasting of his team and players which I feel is worse.

  70. Dissenter

    Arsene also contributed to RVP’s classless celebration.
    Wenger’s remarks about him being Arsenal at heart were uncalled for. Not that Van Cuntie needed a reason but to publicly suggest that he was just a Mercenary at United was going too far.

  71. N5

    Dissenter, did you not feel that Wenger made that comment in the hope that Arsenal fans would cut him some slack. He did similar types of tactics when we faced Adebayor.

  72. Revving Kevin

    Dear Vicky
    You explained that very well. Henry made us special and is the best PL player ever IMO. He helped us be where we are now his goals won us trophies. People like Alex James, cliff bastin are legends and Henry will be in 50 years time. Meanwhile RVP will be unheard of.

  73. Roaaary

    @n5 haha yeah I appreciate it probably isn’t a popular perception of Henry but its my view on it.

    Great player – not a legend. Wenger has been off colour lately but he deserves legendary status because he has completely dedicated himself to the club.

    In terms of rvp and Henry leaving i think they both done it the wrong way. Rvp’s method just represents the changing way which we do things in football.

  74. Revving Kevin

    As I said before with my hypothetical question:

    RVP would have achieved legend status had he stayed Becos we would have won trophies with him, I have no doubt. But fuck him.

    Going to get my DVDs out now and watch the Invincibles,(the wife is going shopping), I have got goosebumps just thinking about that team and those players!

  75. Roaaary

    Don’t kid yourself that Henry went quietly. Saying that rvps actions were pre meditated and designed at causing a rift. Henry was more emotional.

    As I said before. It’s a sign of the times though. Before these incidents it was common for players to strike a la Anelka. Remember how many players used to strike???? Rarely happens these days – apart from tevez

  76. Dissenter

    That was Wenger’s intention, to remind gooners that RVP wasn’t that bad.
    However where does that put him with United fans and a new coach. I think he came to that game with his championship medal to prove a point.

  77. vicky


    I think we should look at RVP’s departure from a professional footballer’s point of view. We are Gooners and we look at every incident from the Arsenal point of view. But, I am sure trophies mean a lot to those who play the game.

    We can wait for trophies for years because we know at some point of time we will start winning again. A footballer’s career lasts for only 10-12 years on an average and it was time RVP did something to win trophies. My only beef with him is that he moved to United. I would not have complained had he gone to Juventus.

  78. Simon

    Henry is a legend. He came back and scored against spurs. His dismantling of Jamie Redknapp on motd was enough on its own. Class.

  79. Revving Kevin

    I guess time will tell but we all have our opinions. I agree with most if what you say, except the Henry bit.

    Great to see passionate Gooners talking about Henry and the club in a positive light this morning, makes we feel good! I fucking love, live and breath Arsenal!!

  80. Dissenter

    The only thing I can’t get over with Henry ( I accept his legend status) is why he froze up in the biggest game in our history – CL final.
    At least he has the decency not to go to Barca until things cooled off.

    Don’t forget to watch the Barca v Athletico game if you have access.

  81. Vinca Rosea

    n5 no worries.

    rooary..I do see what you mean but yeah….the subject is emotive however as you’ve alluded to really isn’t black and white as ppl would have one believe.

  82. rollen

    N5 January 11, 2014 03:37:14

    You don’t join Manure, if you can’t see that then I’m confused.

    As a fan u don’t as a footballer in last few years of ur crier u do in 99% of cases.

    Revving Kevin January 11, 2014 11:32:30

    Hypothetical question:

    If RVP had stayed at Arsenal and not joined Man Utd:

    1. We would get 3rd at max
    2. Fergie would have retired without 20 titles for MU
    3. 1st with 5+ gap

  83. Revving Kevin

    I think the difference between pocketing £48 million or £12 million means more than a medal. That is serious money.

    By trying to make out it wasn’t about the money, as he did was pathetic. Had he said he was leaving Becos at his age and his injury record it was an offer he just couldn’t refuse, fair enough. He lied and said it was the little boy inside him. Anyone who believes that must leave their teeth under the pillow at night and be hoping for a quid or whatever the going rate is these days, sure N5 knows!!

  84. Norfolk

    What amazes me about this blog is the amount of people who think they know what is in a players private thoughts.
    Those that do claim to also know the contents of their contracts.
    Who loves the club ? I can think of a couple of “legends” that are supporters of other clubs, Stoke springs to mind for one.

  85. Revving Kevin

    No need to start an argument mate all we are doing is voicing our opinions. You often do the same about Wenger, you claim all kinds of things you don’t know. We are just mete football

    Don’t use the blog to start a row mate, not necessary. What’s you view on Henry, legend?

  86. Norfolk

    N5January 11, 2014 12:18:40
    “Norfolk should we discount Adams being a gooner if as you say we don’t really know what people are thinking?”

    I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it either. What I am saying though is that we can only take things on face value and not read in the “extra” bit unless we know the person very well.

  87. Revving Kevin

    Lol. Keep the pliars under lock and key mate! Used to be a quid when my kids were little.

    “Henry is a legend. That’s why he has a fucking statue outside the emirates. Where’s Van Cunties”


  88. telarse

    Henry, RvP, Nasri, Adebayor and Fannygas all left under a cloud in y opinion – under a cloud simply because they left!

    Whether for cash or glory they all definitely upgraded and I don’t hate any one of them any more or less than any other.

    I must be out is step with a few on here cos I appreciated RvPs criticism as,although unprofessional, I was glad to see a top player as unhappy as I’ve been (albeit with slightly more money)

    Gallas’s on pitch meltdown also struck a nerve with me.
    Whilst just appearing unprofessional or childish to most of you I saw a player react just how I was feeling that day – the way we lost and the frustration at the lack of fight in that team, even with a shit referee!
    Mind you Gallas took a lot of crap, as dd many of our defenders and midfielders over the years, for Wenger’s inadequacy in defensive play.

  89. Norfolk

    Revving KevinJanuary 11, 2014 12:20:23
    No need to start an argument mate all we are doing is voicing our opinions. You often do the same about Wenger, you claim all kinds of things you don’t know. We are just mete football Don’t use the blog to start a row mate, not necessary. What’s you view on Henry, legend?

    Not trying to start a row, just maybe bring a few folks down to earth a bit.
    I’m really trying to encourage people to add terms like, “in my opinion” “as far as I can tell” “my guess is”….things that you don’t often read 🙂

    As to Henry.
    Good player, but he lost a massive amount of VaVaVoom in my house when he was outed as a cheater.

  90. Nasri's Mouth

    Revving Kevin: By trying to make out it wasn’t about the money, as he did was pathetic.

    If a player wants to leave for more money or more medals or because he’s homesick or because his wife wants a better tan, doesn’t really matter which it is.

    The issue is how they do it.

    Henry sulked on the pitch, though he still delivered.

    Cesc allegedly went on strike, though I’ve heard conflicting reports so I don’t really know

    RvP went public by slagging off his team mates and his manager and then by forcing through his transfer by publicly stating he wasn’t going to sign a new contract

    Of the 3, Henry’s was more spur of the moment, there was little in the way of planning behind it. Cesc did at least do it privately, but RvP going public twice is just crap really.

    Cesc and Henry went overseas (though in Cesc’s case he was only going to go there) and both showed affection to the club, but to me Henry has shown he got it wrong at the time (and I was pretty critical of him at the time)

    I’ve forgiven Henry, I’m pretty ambivalent about Cesc, and I really dislike RvP

  91. N5

    “I’ve forgiven Henry, I’m pretty ambivalent about Cesc, and I really dislike RvP”

    This pretty much sums up my feelings Nasri. I wasn’t happy that Henry left or Cesc but I don’t feel the anger towards those two in the way I do for Van Purstrings!

    Is it because he went public, is it because he went to Manure, I don’t know, all I know is that where RvP is concerned I dislike the fucker!

  92. rollen

    N5 January 11, 2014 12:30:06

    Lol, that’s a very good point rollen, I may have to pop out for some fags and never return home! 😀


    train your boy to become footballer = ez life for dad :]
    u could be his manager and fight with Arsene over contract issues :]

  93. Revving Kevin

    Dear Norfolk
    “I’m really trying to encourage people to add terms like, “in my opinion” “as far as I can tell” “my guess is”….things that you don’t often read

    As to Henry.
    Good player, but he lost a massive amount of VaVaVoom in my house when he was outed as a cheater.”

    Mate, you need to give up on the thought police bit. This blog is full of ‘assumptions” most of which gets circulated as fact and isn’t. You can’t be selective with it. Anyway, footballs about opinions, that’s what we are offering g up, opinions nothing else.

    Cheat? My god do you watch football, they are all at it. Wellbeck, young and that new kid Jaccuzi all had bookings for diving. Rooney perennial cheat. Suarez, yet everyone wants to sign him. Norfolk, I can understand the Irish feeling peeved but it was no worse than what goes on every week. Don’t get me wrong I hate the cheating but it’s a shame that has affected you so.

  94. Revving Kevin

    Dear Nasris Mouth
    I think you explained that brilliantly mate!!! The way he handled it and disrespected the club and us fans is exactly my gripe. He couldn’t have handled it any worse. It’s not the leaving it’s how they do it. Shame really, it wasn’t necessary. He owed us more than that IMO.

  95. Norfolk

    Revving Kevin

    Dear Norfolk
    “I’m really trying to encourage people to add terms like, “in my opinion” “as far as I can tell” “my guess is”….things that you don’t often read As to Henry.
    Good player, but he lost a massive amount of VaVaVoom in my house when he was outed as a cheater.”

    “Mate, you need to give up on the thought police bit. This blog is full of ‘assumptions” most of which gets circulated as fact and isn’t. You can’t be selective with it. Anyway, footballs about opinions, that’s what we are offering g up, opinions nothing else. Cheat? My god do you watch football, they are all at it. Wellbeck, young and that new kid Jaccuzi all had bookings for diving. Rooney perennial cheat. Suarez, yet everyone wants to sign him. Norfolk, I can understand the Irish feeling peeved but it was no worse than what goes on every week. Don’t get me wrong I hate the cheating but it’s a shame that has affected you so.”

    LOL Wrong type of cheating, I meant of the nocturnal kind.

    Anyway I share your dislike of cheating even to the point of screaming at Wrighty for diving once. One that still burns is that Robbie Fowler diving for a penalty at the exact same spot and getting it. The little shit thought he was being blown up for a dive and you could see the look of relief on his face when he realised he’d got the penalty. Tried to play up on the old honest Robbie routine saying it was a fair tackle, but still took the pen. Truth is he dived, he knew it and so did half the North bank. He could have been a legend if he’d have sidefooted it gently to the keeper in a show of honesty but he wasn’t man enough.