Arsenal: The cost of generosity | Gaps in the squad that need filling | Tiny winger a target

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How’s it going people? You good? You totally pumped? I hope so…

I’m not sure how much news there is today. I feel like the news outlets don’t have much to work with, so they’ve started taking calls from agents looking to push on their clients.

Giovinco, of Juventus notoriety has hit the radar… the 26 year old attacker has been mooted as a possible option to replace Theo in the short term. He’s 5 foot 5, so I can’t imagine he’d be a striking option, but out wide, his ‘low centre of gravity’ could help us. I can’t say I’ve watched him that much over the years. I can tell you he’s played hardly at all this year. It’s a hard gig at Juve at the moment, they’re loaded with attacking talent. Last season, he made 33 appearances, racking up 16 goals and 6 assists.

What I have deciphered from some serious Grimantubing is that he’s a hustler, he’s like a footballing ferret, he’s a tough player for someone so small… obviously he comes with Italian perfection on the technique front and he’s very good with the ball at his feet… he can also go round players from a standing start… something Theo isn’t exactly gifted at doing. I think, from my three minute assessment, he’d fit out style. I’m guessing the lust for leaking his availability to the press is that he’ll want to go to the World Cup. Taking on an talented player with a massive point to prove isn’t the worst idea…

… at least someone could ask Viviano why he keeps crying at training.

It is interesting reading around the web. There’s a certain section of the fanbase that like to justify inaction in the transfer market. One person latches onto a concept or an idea. Asprilla to Newcastle killing their title chase is a favourite being peddled at the moment. Now, I don’t want Arsenal to head into a massive mistake and sign someone with fascist ideals who might upset the tone of the squad. However, what is clear is that the squad is creaking. The idea that we can wing it for another 6 months is fanciful. If we’re suffering fatigue related injuries in December, that won’t let up if we don’t add more players to the mix.

We’ve lost Theo Walcott, we don’t really have a back up for him. Gnabry is a talent, but he’s 18 years old. Chambo is also a talent, but he’s not proved anything at the highest level. He doesn’t have goals in his game as it stands and he doesn’t have the ‘clinical assists’ potion in his locker. That’s not to say it won’t happen, but it’s a gamble.

Up front, Nik B wasn’t the solution despite being fit for the last three months. Now Wenger is saying he is? Now, I have no doubt that Nik B could be as effective as Giroud if he put his mind to it. If Wenger believes that, we have a solution… but if he’s just bluffing, then we’ll have a broken Giroud who is fatigued physically, but worse, mentally as we saw in the West Ham. So tired he couldn’t think.

The squad is creaking, inaction in this window doesn’t mean we can’t win the league… but it opens us up to failure because legs will lack freshness in the second part of the year. City and Chelsea have players in abundance… they’re not suffering the same problems we are at the moment.

We’ll see though. It’s all to play for, it’d just be nice for once if Arsene stocked the squad so he can comfortably compete till the end of the season. An experienced wide player and a striker would greatly help the cause.

It’s also amazing that fans were digging other fans out for backing the Bayern fan gesture. It really does show you that some people argue points, not because of the topic, but because of who is delivering the news (redzone being a prime example of this). It doesn’t matter that Bayern haven’t paid for their stadium. We pay £17m a year for The Emirates and it generates nearly double the revenue of Highbury. We’ve just announced new deals and Ivan has spent the last 2 years telling us Bayern are the benchmark when it comes to football clubs. He says that because they’re a business juggernaut, but not just that, they embody all the values Arsenal want to have as a club…  as well lots of the values we do have.

Now, the club did give fans a voucher for Christmas, and they give us lots of access to information other clubs, like United don’t. However, the one thing that sticks in the throats of fans is the ticket pricing. Now, I don’t care what my ticket costs when I’m getting value like this year. In fact, as much as I bitch, I don’t really care at all because Arsenal is such a massive part of my life and always has been. However, I’m not everyone. I’m fortunate enough not to have kids and all the cost associated with them. I have a London job yahda yahda…

However, we have to accept certain things with Arsenal. We’ll never lower season ticket prices. Too many people want them in the richest City in UK. The best we can hope for is a price freeze.

Back to the Germans. Bayern spent £90,000 reducing the price of their season tickets for 3,000 people. Just say, for arguments sake, Arsenal did something similar.

Say there are 25 away games a year loosely. If Arsenal said, we’ll reduce away tickets by £15 across the board. For an away fan, that’s a £375 saving straight off the bat. Big money. That’d be 38% of the cost of my home season ticket. For 3,000 fans, that’d cost Arsenal £45k a game. Over the season, that would cost £1.1m. The equivalent of a £20k a week player. Like, say, Yaya Sanogo. It’s a pittance in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a big deal to Arsenal fans. It’s rewarding loyalty. It encourages away support. It’d be ground breaking in the UK.

We are the reason the Premier League rights go for so much (well, a big chunk of the reason). Our unwavering support and passion for the game. Why not give something back?

Food for thought. But all this bollocks about Bayern’s generosity being geared around a free stadium is total nonsense. I know some people have a online remit to defend everything Arsenal, but football isn’t a normal business, so sanctioning something like this should be easily doable.

Final bit of today… data and football. Some of you find it boring, some of you don’t believe in it, some of you would like to know more. Here is a great piece about how it’s changing the game. A must read. Remember, Arsenal are playing catch up on this. We have a lot of the capabilities, we just don’t utilise it all in the way other clubs do. This quote from Harry Redknapp at Southampton made me laugh, because it’s exactly the sort of luddite attitude that pervades football.

He was nervous about overloading the players with information.” Southampton lost 3-2. On the team bus, Redknapp turned to Wilson and said, “I’ll tell you what, next week, why don’t we get your computer to play against their computer and see who wins?”

Anyway, that’s your gift for today. Cherish is and make sure you write me a proper thank you note in the comments section.

Have a ripping day, and hey, remember, it’s Friday.. turn to the person sitting next to you, put your hand on their leg, look intensely into their eyes, well up a bit… then turn away and crack on with your e-mails.

Never, ever tell them why you did that.


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  1. Leedsgunner


    Thanks for the heads up on our prospects. If Eisfield has an eye for the goal can we transform him into a different role perhaps?

  2. Revving Kevin

    Hairy owls was funny but I only saw it after I sent it. I think I have a dyslexic auto-correct. Lol

    kjafc joke at 15:35 was what I was referring to.

    By the way, Morata would be a decent signing but it’s difficult integrating a new player into a team and keep the momentum. Everyone on here seems to think you just buy any player and off you go. Not like that no guarantees. Got Gnabry and Ox back us Giroud and Bendy another week so it isn’t exactly panic stations although TW is a big loss.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    But our strikers weren’t goo enough before.

    As Pedro pointed out today, and last week, and numerous posters on here pointed out, he tried all summer to get rid of Bendtner, hasn’t trusted him at all this season, preferring a player who was a week back after 4 months out to play ST over him against Cardiff.

    Now it’s January, he’s a reason not to buy? Doesn’t wash with me.

    We need better. Morata is a sensible buy, young, will compete with Giroud for the remainder of the season and then hopefully Wenger will land a big striker in the summer i.e Costa.

    Giving you Big Name ST, Morata and Giroud as your options. That’s more like it. Giroud isn’t good enough, decent enough to keep in the squad, but he’s not going to lead the line to title victory…just isn’t that level.

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    I think Eisfeld will quietly disappear if I’m honest. I just don’t think he’ll make it. And while I don’t like getting excited by academy players, (because the vast majority come to nothing) we have Gnabry making the step up this season, Bellerin possibly the next, maybe Martinez, then we have Zelalem and Crowley too, who could actually be in the first team within the next few years.

  5. Revving Kevin

    I don’t disagree with you about us needing a more clinical finisher. The point is who do you buy in January and if you go overseas how long for them to adapt? The assumption is that anyone is available and would have an instant I pact. Upsetting g the balance if the team is a possibility. Summer is when the big boys become available and you also get a bit more time on integration

  6. Sam

    Our attack:

    Poldi—– le flick ——cazorla


    Chambo —- poldi—– Gnabry


    Cazorla—–le flick—–Gnabry

    That’s if Le flick turns into DROGBA in the second half of the season
    Jambon, you should fok off north to support moysie with his boy looney n that dutch lame duck
    Anyone with brain should know by now that giroud is our striker till the end of our season. Wenger doesn’t let go players just like that, wouldn’t even bench him.

  7. N5

    “Simon, you ret.arded Internet racist police.. fuck off wanker!”

    No capital I in internet, racist police would imply that Simon works for a police force of racists and fuck off Wanker should have a capital W as you are using it as a noun! Not bad for a 9 worded sentence to get so many parts of it wrong.

  8. Al

    Nasri’s MouthJanuary 10, 2014 18:45:31
    @LeedsgunnerI think Eisfeld will quietly disappear if I’m honest. I just don’t think he’ll make it. And while I don’t like getting excited by academy players, (because the vast majority come to nothing) we have Gnabry making the step up this season, Bellerin possibly the next, maybe Martinez, then we have Zelalem and Crowley too, who could actually be in the first team within the next few years.
    it also a case of not being a space for Eisfield because he already is at the age he needs/should be playing regularly and is not because their is so much talent infront of him and he is not good enough to play ahead those guys..

    AND there is so much talent behind him that it is almost impossible for him to make it at Arsenal at the moment. If i was in his position i would leave

  9. Cesc Appeal


    I think Morata would be sensible, either on loan or £15 Million for the buy.

    Provides a bit of competition, much more mobile and agile than Giroud but he’s still a big old lump.

    Means we’d have Bendtner, Giroud and Morata…that’s still not good enough to win the league…but Costa’s release comes into effect in the summer.

    IF, we have any hope of winning the league,Ramsey needs to rediscover his shooting boots, Giroud needs to massively step his game up and the wide boys need to chip in with goals.

    I think maybe Morata and a loan for Shaqiri – if Munich would accept it.

    If Di Maria truly is on the table for £25 Million or Pedro at the same rate, I’d be tempted. Both will add goals from the one areas. Both are of a great standard.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    I kinda wanna see Rosicky next to Flamini against Villa…Ramsey shouldn’t be thrown right in.

    All that energy and forward thinking right in the centre with Flamini mopping up behind. That’s so much leadership in the middle of the park with those two and Mertesacker just in behind.

    I’d put Gnabry wide right, Ozil and Cazorla behind Giroud.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    There’s some stuff about Rooney buying himself out of Old Trafford…us and Chelsea interested with Mourinho saying he’s confident he’ll beat us to Rooney.

  12. Simon


    Agree that it’s a risk. Just quite desperate! Good piece on 7am kickoff about buying the really good guys… Suggests most of our’targets’ are no better than anyone we already have, including Dzeko

  13. Sam


    Your obsession with kids line is so lame, pls give up.

    If I wanted to mix love of football with sexual fantasy I will follow ladies football.
    You are exposing yourself as narrow minded idiot

  14. Cesc Appeal


    In terms of a striker, maybe guys like Dzeko all round play is on a par with a Giroud…but Giroud’s finishing is woefully behind most of our targets.

    I just have a horrible feeling we’ll end with nothing in the form of back up, or alternatives after January and it’s going to come back to bite us.

    I don’t rate Walcott as an all round player, but he certainly puts a dent in the goals tally…kinda the opposite of Giroud, all round play no good, finishing is good and so his mobility…Giroud vice versa

    Maybe a young wildcard like Batshuyai…I just don’t know…but that’s why Wenger has a massive scouting network and it should be going like the clappers right now!!

  15. N5

    Dzeko’s style is more like Girouds but his finishing ability appears to be quite a lot better. I’ve not looked at his shots to goal ratio, but seeing some of his goals this season have been from positions that I’ve not even seen OG attempt a shot from.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Negredo was the man we should have got.

    That would have been a beautiful buy, a much faster version of Giroud with 100x the finishing ability and drive to get to goal.

    Great bit of business from City…I read today so far he’s only cost them £18 Million? Full figure could be £26 Million or something like that…but either way, what a bargain. Looking like one of the buys of the season.

  17. Simon


    I’m worried too! No idea what is going to happen. If we got Morata and Griezmann and a centre half I’d be thrilled- as much as you can be given the absence of a quality cf! I think some of our goalies will be on the move this window too. Dzeko might be an improvement.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Cabaye can buy out his contract for £6 Million this summer…rate him, would probably be worth the addition for that kind of money.

    Even though he’s not a necessity, at that price we’d be putting real strength into the squad.

    Wenger clearly likes him as well.

  19. N5

    Cesc, I totally agree. He is such a good player.

    Romford was saying that in Spain Soldado was the better of the two so it’s funny how in the English League Negredo looks double the player Soldado is.

  20. Gambon

    N5, you lame fucker! You on here nitpicking my language. Mate I got an engineering degree not an english one. You’re more of an arsehole. Top cunt!

  21. Norfolk

    Cesc AppealJanuary 10, 2014 19:15:32
    N5Negredo was the man we should have got.That would have been a beautiful buy, a much faster version of Giroud with 100x the finishing ability and drive to get to goal.Great bit of business from City…I read today so far he’s only cost them £18 Million? Full figure could be £26 Million or something like that…but either way, what a bargain. Looking like one of the buys of the season.

    Agreed, a proper good find.
    I think he’d fit so well in our team.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    It is worrying, someone should take Wenger to task for not remedying this in the summer.

    Giroud and Bendtner as your only true ST options was the height of stupidity from the off.

    Morata at the moment seems the only likely one for the role.

    Come the summer we need to get straight in there for Costa, he’s on £60 000 a week, instantly double his wages and see what happens…he knows they’ll be no one close to him in terms of quality here as well.

    Can pick up Cabaye and Matuidi for bargains as well by the looks of things…Rooney might be on for a steal…but I think I’d prefer Costa.

    Say, you got Cabaye, Matuidi, Schar and Costa in the summer. You’d be looking at the Ozil fee for all four.

    Our squad would be incredibly deep then. And brimming with quality.

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal:There’s some stuff about Rooney buying himself out of Old Trafford…us and Chelsea interested with Mourinho saying he’s confident he’ll beat us to Rooney

    The theory is that a player can buy himself out of his contract with a figure based on his wages, but apparently it’s more likely he’d have to do it at a cost that represents his value, so it’s unlikely he’d do it.
    Plus I’ve not Mourinho say anything about beating us to Rooney

  24. Simon


    A day of firsts! I completely agree! Negredo looked good before, he looks better now.

    Gambon – does the real gambon really have an engineering degree? That would explain so much! Tel me it’s true, would make my day.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    N5 Norfolk


    He’d just fit straight into our side I think.

    Easy to say in hindsight, but comparing the two styles I think it’d be pretty obvious that Negredo would do well. Big, fast, powerful, strong shot and clinical. Can carve a goal himself as well.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I saw it today somewhere.

    I thought Rooney would only have to buy out his £250 000 a week salary for the last remaining year?

    Suppose it depends what’s in his contract.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Are you 100% sure on how it works…because this is knocking about in a few places, I think Pardrew has even said he’s not worried about losing him for a snip in the summer.

  28. N5

    Lol you’ve got an engineering degree! wow! well done. Now go engineer yourself a username that isn’t copying someone else you mug,

  29. Simon


    We clearly fucked up on striker front in the summer. God knows what happened. Massive cock-up time. We should have bought Higuain for my money. He was ours from what everyone’s said. Badly informed about Suarez but coming up empty handedis not acceptable. Not our best moment. That said we got Ozil and wenger was right that his team was getting better. I hope we have turned a corner but I’d be thrilled if we played a blinder this window and drag

  30. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    I think after Webster clubs will make sure there is a clause in their contracts specifying a ‘fair market’ value’ as a cost should the contract be terminated

  31. Cesc Appeal


    I agree on Higuain, he was clearly ours.

    Weirdly there are people who try to excuse Wenger for the striker situation…I don’t see how he can avoid blame at all.

    Such a shame because we’re playing well, but I can see out toothless strike options costing us.

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    After Webster, how many players have done it? Certainly no big names, and think how profitable it would be for them to do so if it was simply a case of wages.

    RvP could have made himself about £20m for example

  33. Cesc Appeal


    When they they’d have to have added a clause that means an outside arbitrator would decide the market value.

  34. Simon


    Bloody hell mate! What is going on! Rooney is as you say a busted flush. Part the label date. If he was in sainsbury’s they slap a ‘re ducked’ label on him to get him out of the shop before he went pongey. £250k a week. Still… He’s better than Giroud. I am having a breakdown. Why oh why didn’t we get as trijet?

  35. salparadisenyc

    I’d take Rooney, top class. Many fear for his play as the pace is decreasing not as able to run at players as he could in his pomp. Something tells me he’s got enough of a footballers mentality to position himself well enough to still score many many goals with the pace he has left. Annihilated us.

  36. Marc

    Rooney is a major cunt. He’ll fit right in at Chelsea, in fact with Cole, Terry and Lampard on their way out they desperately need to up their cunt quota to keep things at the historic level.

  37. sam

    Engineering transfer moves online can earn you a degree?

    the boy is a true fantasist.

    What kind of Engineering Jambon?
    domestic sewage engineering for sure

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: When they they’d have to have added a clause that means an outside arbitrator would decide the market value.

    I’d imagine both sides would only agree to an outside arbitrator

  39. N5

    Me too Nasri, I’ve watched some of his videos from Spain and he is a very capable striker. Once he’s settled and getting the service he requires he will start banging them in. I think his confidence is shot to pieces and adjustment in our league is hard enough at the best of times.

  40. Cesc Appeal



    No way can either party decide.

    Could mean he can potentially still get himself out at a knock down value

  41. salparadisenyc

    “in fact with Cole, Terry and Lampard on their way out they desperately need to up their cunt quota to keep things at the historic level”


    In that case lets hope they get RVP as well.
    Throw in Adebayor for the practice field.

  42. sam

    Gambon January 10, 2014 19:49:29
    Can’t be arsed to reply you dumb mugs!
    N5, sod off you AKB t.wat!
    Sam, go wank off to some kids cartoon. Fucker!

    I have a degree in Network and security engineering
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  43. sam

    Domestic Sewage engineering is still good degree in my opinion

    You are serving the community Gambon, please don’t be shy

  44. tunnygriffboy

    Griezmann/Draxler Santi/Poldi

    Is it possible that Wenger may want to put more pace in the team over the next year. Has he seen enough of Walcott to play him up front ? Who knows?

    Griezeman to score some of Theo’s goals ? Gnabry 18 and Ox been out for 5 months

  45. N5

    Yes Gambon I’m an AKB, you pathetic child now jog on you have to be in bed by nine if I remember what you fat mum was saying last night! I write saying, but it was hard to understand her as yet again she was eating.

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Clubs would be amazingly lax if they allowed that to happen. They’ll be protected as much as they can.

  47. Nasri's Mouth


    His movement looks good, and he’s clever. And his record is excellent. When Spurs bought him, I thought they’d got a really good player.

    But he just can’t hit the target at the moment. And I’m not sure Sherwood is the player to sort out his issues.

  48. rollen

    Marc January 10, 2014 19:40:25

    Rooney is a major cunt. He’ll fit right in at Chelsea, in fact with Cole, Terry and Lampard on their way out they desperately need to up their cunt quota to keep things at the historic level.


    fuck Rooney he is really good but no thanks can do way better for 25M +250k/week

    fake gambon is so lame

  49. hackneylad

    N5 Nasri

    I don’t think soldaldo will ever find his his feet… I swear it was one of you only the other day saying how the poacher striker is becoming obsolete, hence welbeck>> Hernandez ect.

    Soldaldo is a perfect example of this, doesn’t drop deep so is excluded most of the game, has no real hold up play or even link play.

    Problem with the poacher, goal getter types is you can’t coach it out of them after a certain age, its just completely instinctive that one dimension aspect, throw negredo in the spurs team as the lone striker and his doing a better job simply because his not a lone marksman but the lynch pin and the solid base fro which the attacking mids can feed of and into.

  50. Sam

    I am not kids you fool, every promising player at arsenal goes through shit moment before they shine. Cesc is the exception I hope Gnabry doesn’t go through that.
    This is arsenal culture, Gibbs, mertersacker, koscielny, Ramsey, czseszny all had that moment.
    I chose not to bash anyone until they are shown the door

  51. Simon

    £37.7 million is the release clause according to espn for Draxler in the summer. They seem to be looking to cash in. Is that value? Will it be?

  52. N5

    I agree Hackneylad that Negrado is much better suited to Spuds type of game.

    I was watching some pundit talking about Soldado the other day about why he just wasn’t scoring in free play in England and they were saying his delivery in Spain was always from inside diagonal run/passes which suited where he always found himself positioned and hence being such a great goal scorer, but seeing him for the Spuds is sometime embarrassing, his positional play is awful at times and he is shooting is like Eboue.

    When he plays alongside Ade he may just find this suits a lot better and start knocking them in! It will be interesting to see what happens.

  53. Sam

    Giroud n wilshere are currently undergoing that arsenal period

    Ryo did well last night n wenger think he’s making progress N has future at arsenal. What am I to think otherwise?

  54. N5

    Marble, everyone is always digging you out and I genuinely wondered why you were negative, I wasn’t picking on you mate, I just wondered if you either wasn’t a gooner or just one that has had enough of the current set up! I’m not really sure how you read that as me thinking because you disagree with me that you can’t support Arsenal!

  55. Hitman

    Rooney has too much baggage.

    He is Manure through and through. It would be uncomfortable to have him around.

    He should go abroad.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    New Puma kit is slowly being leaked tonight it seems.

    Fully red shirts, white shorts, hooped socks.

    But weird, fully, fully red shirts with white Puma logo on the sleeve.

    Sad but I’m excited by this.


    Munching my way through a tin of roses, watching the tunnel, having a few JDs and got ambushed by a fucking coffee creme – cadbury bastards!!!!

  58. The Poldi Prince

    Its funny how every idiot with half a brain says that we now can’t win the title because of theo’s injury. A player that has started 3 or 4 games out of 25-30 total games. Yes he has come along leaps and bounds. Yes it is a shame he is missing. But no, he hasn’t impacted the season thus far and we are top of the league, in thr fa cup and made the round of 16 in the ecl.

    Fuck pundits and their stupidity. We regularly say on here that theo never helps win big games, which is by and large true. Big games are still our issue. We have 5 wing options already. We will still beat the teams below us, and still struggle against our peers until we have a top striker.

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    The Poldi Prince: We regularly say on here that theo never helps win big games, which is by and large true

    People say that, but I’ve yet to see any proper evidence for it.

    Certainly his overall scoring is as effective as anyone else in the league when it comes to goals that make a difference

  60. Carts

    “Akpom isn’t good enough to play for the first team. Might be in a year or so, definitely not yet.Eisfeld isn’t ready either, and probably wont ever be. Scores goals, but the vast majority of the game passes him by.Toral has had a big injury, but might come goodBellerin is at Watford, doing pretty well there by all accounts, could well get some time in the PL next season.These guys are all 2-3 years younger than Morata remember”

    Akpom – 18
    Eisfeld – 20
    Toral – 19
    Bellerin – 18
    Afobe – 20

    All around the sane age group; Morata more experienced, slightly

  61. The Poldi Prince

    Is a fair point nasri. I do remember him destroying chelsea for a brace (? Last year) and plays well against tottenham.

    Overall though the feeling is he struggles so much on the ball against a good defence, that he is largely ineffective or even a hindrance.

    I do really like him, and think he is one of the better finishers in the league now. Amazing considering how awful he was. Final ball has improved a lot too.

    Hopefully the injury smartens him up with respect to unlocking good defenses. Should be watching every game that negredo, suarez and aguero play..

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    The final breakdown here splits players goals between loss-win, a draw-win, a loss-draw and no change.

    Walcott at 64% no change is pretty much bang average in his game changing ability.

    He’s scored more against Newcastle, who are probably slightly above average opposition, and he scores slightly more away than at home

    No real evidence to suggest he’s just topping up the numbers to be honest.

    Does he score less against the big teams? Quite possibly, but I bet pretty much all players do, including Suarez.
    I’ve yet to see any evidence other than anecdotal that he’s worse than anyone else.

  63. Sam


    The accusation that eisfeld disappears in games is just like what they say about Theo. No evidence just an excuse to dismiss an arsenal player.
    People who watched the game last night he worked hard
    Let’s just agree that the midfield is packed there is no place for him at the moment.
    He’s certainly a high scoring midfield player

  64. The Poldi Prince

    That’s fair enough NM. I think it goes further than just scoring though. SEEMS that he is a peripheral figure in a lot of big games. Saying that, most of our squad has been like that for the last 7 years…

  65. Sam

    Oh yes Suarez hasn’t scored against a top 6 club this season considering he gets plenty of rests being at a small club with no European competition

    Yet grovers rate him at 70M

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Van Persie out for ANOTHER six weeks…looks like those injuries are starting to resurface again.

    The £34 Million United want for looks fanciful now…doubt they’d get the £24 Million they paid for him. Probably wouldn’t even be able to sell him for the money they’ll want.

    If those injury days are back, that £250 000 every week is going to look horrendous to the United staff.

    I remember them for us, flashes of brilliance, then out for a month, back for a few games, out for two months. And he’s approaching 30 now…everything really does look bleak for United right now.

  67. sam


    Wish him well as a football player, injury is a painful thing
    at the same time wish man utd are far behind us when he comes back

  68. Cesc Appeal

    I hope the Premiership winners medal is worth it…he’s at a club he wants out of, his injuries are coming back and I would doubt very much that the United fans will be anywhere near as patient as the Arsenal fans were. Especially with things the way they are.

    Could find himself used as a make weight for a new striker in the summer…but his massive wages will be a huge problem if he’s crocked.

  69. N5

    She did indeed CA, they all did, his old man, his boy Sasha and his missis, The only person that wanted to go was that little fella inside his Judas body! I hate the fucker more than I do Ade and I detest ManUre so I have get real schadenfreude from all this.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    I mean, we offered him £120 000 a week, he probably would’ve got a fair few million from us as a signing on bonus as well…no doubt.

    Now fair enough, he chose to earn more than double that, and he won the Premiership in his first season.

    But is it worth it, now?

    £120 000 a week, considering you’re already a multi-millionaire isn’t exactly bad…you’ll be far richer than most people could dream. And the side now would be fulfilling his hopes.

    However, I do understand. Considering what others earn, he wanted to be on parity with them considering, injuries aside, he’s one of the finest strikers in Europe.

    He wanted the team to match his ambitions, Wenger wouldn’t, so he went to work for the greatest manager in history believing that would be the case for another 3 years at least.

    Next thing he knows he’s being apologized to by Ferguson and is working for a guy he wouldn’t have even entertained playing for at Arsenal with a team of average players barring Rooney.

    Hindsight is a beautiful thing. But was the move worth it? Only one man could say for sure…I bet you though, if he could snap his fingers he’d want to be back at Arsenal, fit and healthy.

    I think so much of RVP’s injuries is about his mental state. When he’s in a good place, he’s fit, healthy and raring to go. Think leading the whole team, the adoration he got from us in 2011-12, then working under the master in 2012-2013…to now, negativity and suddenly the injuries are back.

  71. N5

    He could have retired a hero, he will just retire a chump.

    I’m reading some funny conspiracies on the interwebs, Manure fans saying he’s faking his injury as he doesn’t want to turn up for Moyes! Lol they are a desperate bunch at the moment.

  72. Cesc Appeal


    It’s funny though, but months back when all the ‘RVP wants out’ stories started surfacing…I said, you wait, here comes the injuries…and voila!

  73. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5 and Cesc
    100% agree with everything you say about RVP.

    He sacrificed legend status to leave for those wankers for the money. They offered him a four year deal at £250k a week, which is £48 million contract deal! Absolutely madness for someone with his injury record and age. Fergie knew it was his last year and RVP would probably win them the title. We offered him half that and over 2 years. But if he had suffered injuries fans would be moaning. The blokes a Judas that jumped ship just at the wrong time Becos he’s fucked himself. Anyone says not about the money are deluded. He’s an egotistical, ungrTeful money grabbing cunt. Worse than Adebayor. This is a guy that cheated in his new wife for fucks sake.

  74. Revving Kevin

    Dear Cesc
    It’s funny though, but months back when all the ‘RVP wants out’ stories started surfacing…I said, you wait, here comes the injuries…and voila!”

    I said the same thing it was a sure thing. These players sign a contract and can do what they like.the ego has landed.

    I wouldn’t let him clean my testicles with his tongue. Cockroach.

  75. N5

    Spot on Kev, I hate all these RVP sympathisers as well that say they see why he done it. Fair enough if you want to go then go but to publicly shame your club into letting you go is unforgivable, he said I and the club are not agreeing on the direction the club is heading! well boohoo, you’re a player so he has no say in the direction its heading!

    Go quietly and not to the Spuds or the Mancs and you’re golden, but go to those after disrespecting the club, then fuck you and the horse you came in on.

    Those pictures of him sitting on his bed wearing a DB10 shirt as a boy just make him look a bigger cunt.

    No wonder he’s gone so grey.

    *sorry about the language guys, but I get really incensed when I talk about Judas. He’s worse than Viv Anderson.

  76. Revving Kevin

    No need to apol he gets my gander too. In a club where I was working when I did the doors, we had a guy once who tried the ultimate sin and went to glass me as I walked away after telling him to calm down. He was all mouth and trousers. I got real lucky, never turned my back again. He accidentally got his face smashed into the bar and he didn’t look pretty! We carried him off to do our first aid bit and call an ambulance. On his own he started crying like a baby, no longer the big man. Then a few dats later he lied to mummy and daddy who tried to do us but the idiot didn’t think about CCTV. RVP reminds me of him, a snidely little twat. Same on here, you find the most abusive will have the smallest cocks. RVP will have a tiny dick guaranteed, he’s one snidey wanker with a huge fucking ego.

  77. N5

    “RVP will have a tiny dick guaranteed, he’s one snidey wanker with a huge fucking ego.”

    Summed up perfectly sir!

    Are you not working the door anymore Kevin? I assumed you were still security of some sort as you’ve been working nights?

  78. Revving Kevin

    No I have moved up in the world and do proper security, can’t say too much but it pays well. The shifts you get used to and as you get older you can delegate the stuff that is more suited to the younger guys, I’m in my fifties but fit enough. Don’t know about you but I hate people slagging off Arsenal, it’s like someone insulting the wife. Media been doing it forever. Some of the guys on here do it all the time and call the players and manager names, do you understand that? It seems traitorous to me, They seem to make lies up too, reckon they are all Gooners mate, I don’t.?

  79. Bamford13

    I have no sympathy for RVP — I disliked him even when he was at Arsenal because it was always obvious that he was an arrogant prick — but he left both because he had lost faith in the Wenger project and because he could earn more money and glory elsewhere.

    I really don’t fault him for leaving. Wenger had done nothing in years — nor was doing anything at that time — to make one think Arsenal would soon be challenging for a trophy.

    Was he wrong in retrospect? Maybe. But not for reasons that could’ve been seen when he made his decision.

    Like I said, though, he’s an arrogant prick and I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

  80. N5

    I understand the frustration people have felt at paying £1500 pound for a season ticket and not seeing that invested and I’m not too proud to say I have been part of the BSM march singing we want our Arsenal back, but I’ve never chanted Wenger out or hated on any of our players. If you wear an Arsenal shirt then I back. you It doesn’t mean they can’t frustrate/disappoint me but the amount of times I’ve seen Giroud called a cunt on here is embarrassing, same with Kos, Mert and Wenger.

    I wouldn’t even mind if it is equaled out, people can call Wenger on us losing but if we win did he have nothing to do with that?

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t blindly follow and I’m in no way a Wenger lover, but I respect the man and the club and the stadium, but most of all I’m an Arsenal supporter so I only want good things to happen for us, it’s the ones like Johnty that take pleasure in our defeats that sicken me.

  81. N5

    Bamford, I think the way he went about it was awful, he could have left quietly and gone to any other club and I would have still respected the man.

  82. Revving Kevin

    £48 million against £12 million quid is a no brainer. Fergie knew it was his last year so offered this injury prone bloke the four year deal RVP wanted and quadrupled our offer. RVP got everything he asked for Becos he and his agent knew Fergie was desperate as it was his last season. Don’t fall for his excuses, you are being mugged off, it was all about the money.

    He’s another money grabbing, disloyal mercenary. Little boy inside him, my arse.

  83. Bamford13


    Fair enough, but there’s a chance that he said and did what he did because he honestly thought he could influence the direction of the club, get them to spend more, to bring in an Ozil, etc.

    Yes, he also did what he did because he is arrogant and basically saw himself as bigger than the club, but I think he initially believed he could influence the direction of things at the club.

  84. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    This is my club. My entire family forever have been supporters. I remember shit teams being bored and frozen on cold concrete terracing. Football on shit pitches, shin deep in mud. It was terrible through the 70’scand 80’s. The 8 years thing does my nut in, just look at what we built in those years a fantastic stadium. It wasn’t 8 years of nothing, ignoring the stadium and how we paid for it is to be so naive as to believe the earth is flat. Why ignore it and act as if it was free? Yes lots of mistakes made, it pisses me off seeing players leave and us trying to compete against the Russian and then the Arab. Wenger isn’t blameless but some of the things he gets blamed for is nuts. Some don’t try to be fair it is pure hatred. The name calling is disgusting. No way can you love the club and call the players and manager cunts. They do it after a player had a couple of poor games, it’s madness. That’s not support. You ever seen the comments during a match? A couple blamed Wenger for Theo’s injury! Sorry, some genuine unhappy Gooners who will be fair but some oif these guys are spuds and Mancs. Remember all the spurs players getting praised over ours? Hiw ericksen was better than Ozil? I think there are some dubious folk on here. Today some were slagging off our scouts it’s as if they believe we are some non league team and not top of the league. It’s mental. Henry and all those wonderful players and times plus the football and they call him a cunt usually with the French bit in front. Shocking.