Nik B back in the game? | Young Spaniard goes elsewhere | Bayern subsidise

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The press being leaked to the journalists doesn’t look pretty.

‘We have players like…’
‘The market is quiet…’
‘Madrid say no…’
‘We actually checked release clauses this time and Costa, Draxler and Martinez are off limits…’

Pretty ugly. Like a Wayne Rooney love child born after a nuclear apocalypse. Or a Jonjo Shelvey in maxi dress. Bad times is the news this morning.

What can I suggest? Guys. I’m not Giles Grimandi. Maybe we could hold a protest? Maybe not. It’s raining and the shouting hurts my voice.

Or maybe we could go for a substandard option? I mean, Berbatov is an option. He’s not ideal. I mean, he smokes, he looks like an evil Bond villain and he has this nonchalant look about him British people hate. But jeez, putting aside aesthetics, he scores goals and he’s won trophies. £2m in the grand scheme of a season isn’t much. Less than half of what Diaby and Sanogo cost. He scored 15 in a shite Fulham side. Could he not be a solid impact sub? Could he not be spoon fed chances against poor teams? I mean, it’s not like you need too much movement when you’re being fed by the kings of passing accuracy.

United bought Henrik Larson a few years back and he was shot physically. Knew where the goal was though. How about Spurs when they had a mid thirties David’s that single handedly lifted them to a lasagna away from 4th in our last year at Highbury?

Word on the tweet is that Nik B has made a speedy recovery. Great news, but the news hardly has me moistening up. Better than nothing and if he’s trusted now, at least he’ll get games. I’d put money on him performing well if given a run in the team.

But I want a Diego Costa…

If we really can’t do better than no one. Fine. But we should at least be exploring options. I’m keeping an eye on the rest of Europe. If anyone makes a decent striker signing outside us, I’ll be protesting with an umbrella and a throat lozenge. Roma signed Sanabria of Barca. Maybe too young, but we’ve seen Delefeou banging in top performances for Everton.

Still, at least it looks good for the summer. Well, it might look good. Buyout clauses are marvelous, only if you win the bidding war for the players. Everyone will be after the above mentioned players. The fees are very reasonable, so the wages on offer will be mega. Still, it’s pretty clear Spurs won’t have that much cash to splash next summer. Geoff made the excellent point to me the other day, that although Spurs did well to spend the Bale money before they sold Bale… they have increased their wage bill massively. That could be a problem if their lack of success is extended. Will there come a point where they have to make Aston Villa like cut backs? For me, the two biggest mistakes they’ve made this year were sacking AVB before his squad settled… then appointing a manager with no experience. They have good players in their ranks… a good manager could have made them a threat in the second half of the season.

Ho hum… their mistakes are our LOL fuel.

In other news, more infoon Diaby. I mentioned that he wouldn’t be back for March, now it’s come out that he won’t make the season. We really should just come to an agreement on his deal and pull this to story to a close. He had a lot of potential, but his inability to string more than 10 games together has made him a liability for years. He’s never had a great season despite the vibe around him that he was world class. He was injured in action, but let’s not forget, he’s been injury prone his whole career. We’ve more than subsidised his recovery by 1) giving him a contract when he was ruined 2) not terminating it early. It’s sad that he’ll leave us a broken man, but that’s life. He’ll leave a broken man with millions of pounds. He can set up a Charity Foundation, he can do pretty much whatever he likes. In the real world, he’d be f*cked and he wouldn’t have had 6 years of money to sit back on. £21m… take a moment to think about that before you guphaaawwww at the audacity of a blog that won’t condone a new 6 year deal.

We’re a business, we’ve acted  like a Charity here… time to say goodbye.

Finally, Bayern Munich are subsidisng the cost of their away fans tickets for the Champions League game… against us. Not a little bit either. By e30! What a generous club. That’s costing them 90,000. A weeks wages of a top player. This is what I was getting at a few months ago… clubs are earning more money than ever and giving less back than ever. Take a leaf out of that book Ivan.

On that note, I shall also say goodbye. Have a great day.

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  1. hackneylad


    Mr football expert… aka extraordinaire 😉

    Whats your evidence that ox has a better football brain?

    My evidence is Walcotts goals and assists per minute or per game time compared to ox’s.

    Its simple players with better football brains make things happen.

    Whereas you don’t have one piece of data that will support the theory OX has a better football brain.

    Let me put it like this, considering ox is development he should have a better football brain by the time his matured some more.

    Walcott isn’t a natural in this category his learned from experience his ahead of OX.

    Trust Me I’m right

  2. samsensible

    I was getting a feeling that Theo was going to do something big for us this year.

    Shows what I know. Stupid fucking clairvoyance deserting me.

    I say this again: Di Maria doesn’t turn me on. Find him hard to like.

  3. rollen

    kwik fit January 9, 2014 20:54:34

    Just a thought;

    In the summer spuds sold RM Bale which allowed us to get Ozil.
    Would’nt it be a hairy ass if in January Chelsea sold RM Mata allowing us to get Di Maria Maria .

    They also should let Fernando go back to Athletico allowing us to get diego costa

  4. salparadisenyc

    “Di Maria doesn’t turn me on. Find him hard to like.”

    I’d agree with that, top player but somethings amiss. Pedro (of the Barca fame) on the other hand.. his play would certainly pull me out of the closet.

  5. samsensible

    I was never sure whether it was Theo’s brain that was the issue or whether it was just a case of him being crap at certain aspects of the game.

    What I see/saw (Margery Door) is a guy who has improved his first touch, has added a few more tricks and matured into adulthood. He has become a major weapon for us. Was his brain ever the problem or was it his limited skill set which made him appear dumber than he was?

  6. Romford Pele


    Sure Theo is a great goal scorer and provides assists too but he is still very instinctive. Put him in games where the tempo is slow and there is a deep lying defence and let’s see what he can do. I’m not trying to downplay his contribution because he will be missed. But Ox has an Xfactor about and can play a variety of positions all to a good level. I don’t even think it’s up for debate tbh. Anyway I’m happy we have both.

  7. Bermy boy

    Nothing against you guys but I took a peak at the site this morning and went elsewhere.I’m back now and it’s the same old same old ,is it me or are the league games taking longer to come around?

    Smiles everyone,smiles.

  8. samsensible

    Ox drives at a defence with the ball, Theo likes being put in behind them.

    Different contributions. Ox’s strength is probably tougher to negate (on paper). However Theo’s stats over the past few years are hard to dismiss.

  9. Romford Pele

    Samsenal – As I said, Theo is the more productive player for Arsenal currently so would play if fit. But he’s been at Arsenal for eight years so you’d expect that.

    But I’m just talking about a general football brain. Ox can play CM without breaking sweat. It’s not even debatable that his game intelligence is far ahead of Theo.

  10. samsensible

    RP I am not disputing that.

    I also recall the Norwich Home game last season where Ox came on and ran at a packed Norwich defence through the left Channel. I think he played a 1-2 with Pod and got the cross in for Giroud. Pace power and directness. It showed he could do what Theo does in the box but he is also dangerous from 30 yards out. He needs to do it on a regular basis.

    Theo is a specialist, Ox has more in his locker. With the emergence of Gnabry and possible future signing of Draxler I hope Chamberlain is given the chance to find his strongest position.

  11. Sam


    You are comparing Theo ( striker) with Ox( a midfielder who never had 3 consecutive starts in the team?

    Do you really believe he’s gonna be worse than Theo if he cements his place, nope

  12. sam

    Ox deserves a decent run now and become a full first team member.
    in his first year he had to put up with Arshavin, second he had to sit on the bench for Gervinho.
    Hopefully this time our new winger Jack will sit on the bench if there isn’t a place for him in the middle.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    Noone would argue that Walcott has improved in last two seasons, but he is still
    quite predictable in his movement.

    Watching Gnabry against Spurs I saw a player who despite his age showed movement which was unpredictable. He could beat a player by turning him inside out. He did not just try and beat him on outside. Also I feel that his passes and crosses are better.

  14. samsensible

    REUS ahead of Di Maria by a Country Mile.

    Sam…No I wasn’t saying that. Not sure how you drew that conclusion.