Theo crocked, do we have the goals? | Let’s loot La Liga!

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So no suspension for Theo!


… what?

6months out? You fucking kidding me Colin?

What a joke eh? Poor old Theo Walcott has busted his anterior cruciate ligament and he could be out for 6 months. What is it with the nasty injuries? Absolutely gutted for Theo. Not only does he miss our season, he misses the World Cup. That’s huge for a player whose number one asset is pace. He might not be as nippy when he comes back if the recovery veers off track.

Lots of people sarcastically asking if he was in the redzone. Again, not sure why every time a player picks up an injury, people feel the need to throw that in, like I invented it or this fitness thing is charade invented by Le Grove. People are so f*cking ignorant. However, from what Wenger has said and what we’ve seen on the TV, it looks like a bad luck injury. Fatigue in a game will play a part in a sloppy tackle, but to me, it looked like a very bad bout of luck as he twisted his studs into the ground. Majorly unfortunate and a big blow to our title aspirations.

The reason it’s a blow is that our first half of the season was fueled by Aaron Ramsey banging them in for fun. He slowed down and Theo picked up. We’ re struggling for goals on the face of it, unless the other players continue to muck in. The biggest loss is experienced pace. Serge has it in abundance, but we have to remember that he’s only 18 years old. Chambo has never demonstrated much flair in front of goal and he’s not as fast as you think, but again, we don’t know which Alex is coming back. Shy Alex. Or more mature Alex. Regardless, it’s a big, big loss… which makes the need to buy even more important.

My fear all season has been that injuries will be our undoing this year. This injury, combined with some of the weaker fitness management will haunt us if we don’t get our house in order. We’ve lost Theo, Ozil, Ramsey, Gibbs, Bendtner and Giroud over the last two weeks. Some is luck, some is carelessness.

Anyway, it’s not curtains. We had a superb start to the season without him, we can have a great second half. It’s just a shame, he was our ‘new signing’… his freshness has been so apparent over the past few weeks.

… and hey, there’s always Ryo? Right? Ryo Miyachi?

It’d be amazing if we could snare Draxler. He’d be a nice remedy for this. Doubtful though, eh?

Surely we can pick someone out of Spain? Someone made the great point on Twitter yesterday that Spain have a top tax rate of 55%… we boast 45%. That’s some serious extra cash money to move. An extra £300,000 over 6 months. Bang, in your pocket. Big screen TV. Xbox One. Kettle Chips and Tesco finest dip. Man, player be rollin’…

Also, what about financial security? Arsenal have more cash reserves than the US Government at the moment. A.Madrid have less than Guatemala. I’m sure I read a player state all the Spain based players dreamed of England because of wage issues in Spain. Let’t loot La Liga whilst it’s on its knees…!

Anyway, that’s my input on today. Have a ripping day.

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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Jeff: I get the crazy idea that he couldn’t give a tuppance about Man U and that it’s all “me, me, me” with Van Persie.

    After Fergie did the dirty on him and retired, do you blame him?

  2. Gunnershabz

    Maybe with Walcott out for 6 months he can be his replacement and replaced diaby and frimpong when they leave this summer

  3. Jeff

    Any sitting manager accepting a post at a higher club (especially when replacing a reputation like Ferguson) has to know that he enters a lose-lose situation. If he wins, it’s because he’s taken over a very good team – no credit. If he loses, it’s because he cannot measure up to the previous manager. It really is a massive elephant trap but the pride and prestige involved with being the manager of Man U is too much to resist. On hindsight, I wonder if now thinks it was worth leaving the cushy, assured top 8 of Everton for the do or die cauldron in which he now finds himself simmering and sinking with each game.

    The same goes for Guardiola. It would have been better for both if the previous manager wasn’t so successful particularly in the last furlong of their respective reigns.

    I have some sympathy for Moyes but not Man U.

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    Assuming ManU don’t boot him out soon (and I don’t think they will) he has the perfect chance in the summer to rebuild an ageing and underwhelming side.

    People were starting to think that last season ManU were being dragged along by their strikers, and now it’s pretty damn obvious that their squad isn’t good enough, and that Fergie had let it slide

    If he does a good job in the summer, (and Moyes is a pretty astute buyer of players, albeit at a lower level) he could actually come out of this looking pretty good. At least he has a big opportunity

  5. Jeff


    Those players are being cowardly perhaps but that in itself is a by-product of the years of success. A sudden downturn like this is hard to swallow for all of them. They have been used to getting most decisions, penalties and various fortuitous elements of one kind or another.

    I remember people I worked with who sat in London and claimed to be long-standing supporters of Man U who mostly hadn’t even set foot in Manchester and uttering claptrap such as “Man U make their own luck”. Well why aren’t they making it now?

    No, the problem was that there really was a bias (consciously or subconsciously) from neutrals of all persuasions including the refs and as it looks like it wasn’t so much the club but Ferguson himself; perhaps out of respect more than anything else but the bias was there for all to see in countless games and over many years.

    Maybe seniority in the Premiere League does count for something and the new veteran (our own Wenger) is the main inheritor of whatever Ferguson used to get.

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    Talksport were trying to say something similar, though the ‘expert’ they had basically said that 12 months was more likely than 3-4 months

  7. Jeff


    Perhaps you’re right but it is very hard to explain such a sharp climb-down in fortunes. They are the same players and yet such a big difference in performance. Can it really be explained by aging alone?

  8. Carts


    Call me stupid, but that article didn’t actually highlight anything besides the fact that they’ve highlighted a ‘ligament running lateral’.

    Then in the comment section, one guy mentioned that a few aussie rules players have made return in 3-4 months from this ‘procedure’.

  9. Jeff


    Trust Wenger to go for the cheap option. I suppose anything is better than nothing and if it doesn’t work out – we haven’t lost much money but we may have lost the title which to all of us as fans is infinitely more valuable.

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    Like most things, I think it’s a combination.

    Fergie is a better manager than Moyes.

    Fergie had been there for decades, always going to be a dip after that

    Older players

    RvP was fit for most of last season. This season, they’re missing him and Rooney. I’d bet their stats when both those are playing this season have been very good

  11. Jeff


    True but Man U looked nothing like the old Man U even when Van Persie and Rooney were playing. They weren’t turning over teams quite so easily as they used to. No last minute surge to kill any hopes the opposition might have had. No guarantee of a penalty at Man U.

    Yes Ferguson was a better manager but I don’t believe the difference in that can account for the difference in team performance.

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    Moyes is trying to teach a different style of football, even if they had the best squad possible, they’d stutter, (look at ManC under a new manager) but you’re right, they haven’t looked good at all. Still, they didn’t always look that good last season.

  13. Jeff


    Long may their stuttering continue! Getting back to things Arsenal, I really hope this is our season and we don’t break down in the second half of the season. That is why I keep harking on about seizing the moment and going all out for a proper striker in January. Will it happen? Probably not.

  14. Arsene's Nurse

    sylvain January 7, 2014 22:39:17

    Interesting, maybe Theo could play the WC ??
    Have a look at this

    A volleyball player who tore her ACL was playing volleyball one month, yes thats a 1, repeat, one month after the injury using that treatment.

    One of the biggest problems with recovery is the muscle wastage and reduction in control of the muscles because you are not using them. That treatment reduces the time to recover.

  15. Simon

    Sam we’ve been round this do many times it’s beyond… All the young players on our squad are not as good as all the older players in the first team… It’s lonely being the only one I know. You are either a genius or a fool. Hey look – sorry for being so harsh Sam. Maybe you are right. Hey, I’m tired. Sweet dreams.

  16. Sam

    The worse peasants in the world are the Egyptian falah.
    Loud n dirty mouth, they actually believe they are so funny, their donkeys too. Not

  17. leon

    in my view manu have not been great in years last season condeded just as many goals as use its just they realy good strikers particually rvp man city should never have lost prem to them they had a much better squad,the have good wingers and strikers,its clear arsenal chelsea and man city have far better midfield than them but both chelsea and arsenal are in need of top strikers

  18. Revving Kevin


    Nice. People pick you up on the shit of blaming Wenger for Theo’s injury albeit just 50%, and you call them morons. Lol. You are a funny guy.

    I wish Theo a speedy recovery and hope the village looking for their missing idiot every success.

  19. Moray

    Just a thought: Real Madrid would not loan us Morata so long as they think there is a chance of us buying Costa and thereby derailing Athletico’s title bid this season.

  20. Moray

    Erik Lamela’s Tottenham career looks all but over after his father revealed the 21-year-old wants to quit White Hart Lane. Forward Lamela joined Spurs in the summer in a club-record £30m deal – Full story: Metro

    a haha

  21. Moray

    NM, haha only until the summer when he will be gnawing his own arm off to escape from those hopeless fuckwits. You’re right, though, he can;t afford to stay there too long as a footballers life is still a short one. Just imagine the selling job they gave him to go there…

  22. Moray

    @Magic, there is a comment on that article you posted. I have no idea what it means. Can anyone help? Is this gentleman pro or anti Frimpong?

    William Muriithi · Follow · Siakago Boys High School
    I think frimpong you are sick jst know ur a cup less guy since you started playing football and I hope you win a trophy coz you ll die trophy less. am sorry

  23. Moray

    On the subject of Frimpong, just think how much time Theo will have over the next 6 months or so now to issue morivational tweets and stories about how we will recover to beat our next opponents etc…