Sanogo leaks Berba deal? | Huge talent linked | Morata Arsenal link still hot…

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Soooooooo much news to hit you with today!


So Yaya Sanogo, famous for declaring he was going to become a postman before Wenger gambled on him dropped a Berbatov shaped social media gaff yesterday via Facebook. He has a management company looking after his profile, the same company that look after Dimitar, they added a video with Arsenal specific creative… so it had been briefed from somewhere.

Needless to say, it was quickly yanked from sight… but as you know, a mistake is never lost on Social Media. Keen screen grabbers captured the ITK moment and shared it round the web. Could this be the impact Sanogo was looking for? Like Tom Daley coming out… has Yaya PRd his return with a salacious rumour?

Who knows. The fact Yaya has rejoined the camp after signing a deal and fucking off the France for 4 months is nice (great buy eh?). Cut from the same moth eaten cloth as Diaby. He says he can contribute, so does Arsene. I seriously hope he’s joking. If we don’t land anyone, Bendtner should be getting a chance, not some untested 18 yr old with delivery ambitions.

Nik B is lambasted by the press and often us, the fans, because of the comments he’s made in the past. But look at it rationally. He has a touch equal to Giroud, he’s faster and he can score when he’s given a run. Why not give him a go? Didn’t he bag 10 in 12 a few seasons back? It really has made little sense that we’ve blitzed Giroud when we have a perfectly capable striker sitting on the bench. He’s a Danish international starter and he’s totally written off as even a cameo appearance maker. All because we don’t like his comments in the press! Wenger gave him a carrot…

‘I told him already today that he is back to the level I want him to be at, and if he continues to develop like that he will come back into the team.’

Nik B’s best chance of getting a move to a great club is to stay with us. If he turns it around, he could be a good player for us. If it’s finally clicked for him what he has to do, why not give him a chance?

Wenger said Ozil came through a fitness test yesterday, so you never know for Saturday. Other players suffering knocks might make miraculous recoveries. My bet is that they all want to be a part of the game at the weekend. I know Adebayor will want to be ready. The odious sh*t.

The good news is Spurs are suffering mad issues as well. 7 players are out, the squad has played out of it’s skin for the new manager… so we’ll both be on an equal footing. Whilst we have had a favourable fixture list, the way games have fallen hasn’t suited us for large parts. The amount of times we have a nightmare game at the end of a pocket of games is ridiculous. We’ve had United, City and now Spurs after long runs. What are the chances of drawing the only team you simply have to go all guns blazing for?

Well, that’s what the plan is likely to be. There’s some exciting news emanating from the Telegraph. They reckon Gedion Zelalem will be drafted into the squad. Whether he gets the nod will depend on the health of Ozil and Santi I’d guess. What we’re going to do up front is a mystery. If Giroud is a doubt, he should be rested totally in my opinion. I doubt we’d see Theo or Akpom playing that central role, so the likelihood is that pending a John Terry like recovery, we’ll see Lukas there. However, nothing is set in stone. So we’ll see!

Back to the Berbatov rumour. Now, I’ve no inside line on anything we’re up to. What I will say is that paying £2m for a player who can leave for a free in 6 months would be very unArsenal. He’s a top talent though and Arsene has shown a more ruthless streak of late. Like a more high profile Bendtner, he gets a lot of grief for actually being a very good player. Sure, he loves a fag and he looks lazy… but he scores goals. Lots of them. he managed 15 for a crap Fulham side last year. He’s tall, he can hold the ball up, he can score from inside or outside the box. He’s clinical and he’s a proven winner. It’d also be amusing for the fans up the road. Is he a signing of intent? No. But if there aren’t any options of intent out there, then he’d be a good start. As someone pointed out yesterday, anything we buy from outside the league is a risk.

Apparently, the rumours around Morata are still pretty hot. The young Spaniard has caused a lot of transfer rumour smoke for months. He’d make sense. Technical, fast and mobile. He has a lot of the ingredients we don’t have up top at the moment. But he’s very inexperienced and he’d be a gamble.

Lots of the papers are running with Diego Costa to Arsenal for £32m. Now, A.Mardrid are a team who just sold their previous free scoring striker for £55m. This is a team joint top of La Liga and in the  last 32 of the Champions League. Why would they sell? That £390m debt isn’t going anywhere. They could argue to the banks (if they’re even knocking on the door) that they’d get more in the summer. So for me, this one is a no go. If we’re bidding, it’s PR to show we had a go. Which is fair enough. It also shows that whoever we bring in is the stop gap for the major summer move.

I haven’t read too much into it, but according to my Uncle, who lives in Spain (how Eastend does that sound?), Madrid are under investigation for tax evasion on a massive scale. It’s being led by the European Commission, so there’s a chance they could be in big trouble. Quite incredible, that in a country so broke. that a football club could be given privilges. Anyway, read more here.

*Costa has a release clause. Again, I’d be surprised if a player moved mid-season during a world cup year.

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  1. Paulinho

    “Yeah, because Lampard and Terry don’t ? Players who have tried to sway not only club managerial decisions, but also International ones.”

    Another incredibly dim comment. Been paying attention to the last couple of years, or last year when Benitez left Terry on the bench, and nothing was made of it?

    Yeah Mata’s Chelsea’s best player, at the expense of what? He comes out smelling of most roses when the team dynamic stinks. I’ve already gone over this one. That’s where Mourinho is clever and people like you are not, because he actually analyses these things beyond pointless tags. I remember a month or so ago people saying to me Cazorla was our best player last season, how dare I criticise him.

  2. Guns of brixton

    Sanago reminds me of Ade in the way he plays. lets hope hes good as him hopefully better, but minus the attitude.
    yaya sanogo, better than that cu-t from togo. . .

  3. Mayank


    Sanogo might be a decent prospect. I don’t know why people hate him so much. He was top scorer for the u-21s. While that doesn’t guarantee anything it gives him a better pedigree than any of our youth prospects.

    People just hate him because of the circumstances he came in. Hardly his fault.

  4. Mayank

    “He deserves respect for going somewhere where there is little upside and massive downside.”

    lol is this how Mourinho’s fanboys view his stint at Real. Some courageous adventure that few would have the courage to take on. Besides the fact that 90% of the managers who have been offered the job have taken it. Might have something to do with the money involved.

    Is Fergie a coward too for not going to Madrid?

  5. Romford Pele

    Mayank – Yeah i’m intrigued to see what he can bring to the table. I’ve said before but his style is very reminiscent of Ade’s when he was there. But if we sign another striker (hopefully WC), surely that renders him useless anyway?

  6. TitsMcgee

    Eagle – I’d take Gustavo but you kind of feel like Wenger could’ve had him and opted against it. Lars Bender may have been the real target. I’m speaking hypothetically of course.”

    Wenger passed on him for cheaper. Gustavo is a no-go.

  7. Mayank

    ” Not really, because he had the same pressure at United.”

    The pressure from the club that let him choose his successor (something unheard of in this day and age) would not be the same as the pressure at Madrid.

    Also are you really disregarding the money aspect of why manager go to Madrid. Both the money they make and the money available to spend.

  8. Mayank

    The Ade comparisons are a bit premature. All African strikers who physically boss the U-21 are reminiscent of Ade. Can they still be physically dominant against the big boys? Most aren’t.

    For me he has crisper technique than Ade and is a calmer finisher. atm he doesn’t look as athletic as him though.

  9. Paulinho

    Mayank – Yep, I am disregarding money. Transfer money is proportional to expectations, and he was probably minted anyway. If it was about money he would manage in Russia or Middle East.

  10. Keyser

    Paulinho – Heh, getting rude.

    Terry’s 33, Lampard’s 35, they still make the headlines, and what happens to these managers, Benitez got booed by the Chelsea fans and lasted how long.

    At the expense of what ? Lol you think no-one else can see these weaknesses ? The thing is he was still their best player, if Mourinho was that clever how has he not managed to work a way for him to succeed in his style or any other and further more Chelsea with or without Mata have a very strong squad anyway.

    It’s not about free-thought or reputations, it’s that he’s had the choice. that despite the choice he can’t do anything but revert to the norm.

    Which is another point, you flit in and about various players and teams ignoring what’s obvious, now Cazorla it wasn’t about your criticism it was how you came to your conclusion’s which is why they were invalid.

    Like you saying my opinion is subjective, heh doesn’t Luis who partnered Cahill in a Champions League final, fit your own physical profile or English premier league ideal ? Or are there other factors.

  11. Dale Rios

    Lol Thomas you’ve never even seen the kid play yet you say he’s shit.

    He was on the shortlist for the 2013 ‘Golden Boy’ which Pogba won, so he obviously has some talent.

    Plus he was only ever meant to be our 3rd or 4th choice anyway so I don’t see a problem.

  12. Paulinho

    Keyser – The whole Mata thing is even more hilarious when you think about players around them, like you did with Gerrard and Lampard. Is Mata better than Hazard, Oscar, that much better than Schurrle? Him being dropped shouldn’t really be a big deal, but it is only to lemmings like you. Hottest prospects in world football? He’s 25 years old ffs and you have a go at me for calling Azpilicueta a baby.

    Yep, Mourinho is ruled by reputations. Just like when he dropped Madrid legend Iker Casillas last season, I suppose he showed weakness there in not accomodating Casillas? Turns out it wasn’t a bad decision though, considering Lopez is still first choice.

  13. Paulinho

    “now Cazorla it wasn’t about your criticism it was how you came to your conclusion’s which is why they were invalid.”

    Of course it was, don’t talk shit. That’s your usual refuge when your subjective opinion gets destroyed, you revert to comforts of fence-sitting and devil’s advocate.

  14. Mayank

    “Yep, I am disregarding money. Transfer money is proportional to expectations, and he was probably minted anyway. If it was about money he would manage in Russia or Middle East.”

    This is a manager who’s bled most clubs he’s managed dry. Getting near infinite money and the 2nd best player to play with would have been a lifelong dream.

    The fact that you think that going to Russia or the middle east over Madrid was even an option at that stage of his career just shows how little you expect of him.

    Managing Madrid doesn’t end well for anyone so what expectations are we talking about?

    And being minted does not mean you don’t care about money. Quite the opposite in fact.

  15. karim

    sanogo is a useless french/african mistake made by Frenchie cunt, can t you see ?

    Mourinho (the original cunt) doesn t like Mata and anything connected to Fat Rafa s success shall be annihilated

    same reason why Gameiro (Sevilla) or Sakho (Liverpool) or Nene (brilliant player )had to leave PSG : they represented the past !

    you know lions kill all the cubs when they take over…

  16. Radio Raheem


    Where did Nene move to? He is one goal scoring mid I was hoping we should have gone for last summer, if only on loan. Of course this was before Ramsey happened.

  17. Harry Redknapp

    the problem is there are not that many under 21 fixtures that arsenal play now, most games are u19’s so where exactly is sanogo gonna sharpen up?

  18. Paulinho

    “Managing Madrid doesn’t end well for anyone so what expectations are we talking about?”

    Exactly,on a hiding to nothing.

    His experience at Madrid will be used against him for ever, despite him doing alot of good things, so that would suggest expectations were pretty high. It was win champions league or be a failure.

  19. Keyser

    Paulinho – Was that post serious ? Fucking hell.

    “Yeah of course it’s do with Mourinho, and why he tends to be more successful than anyone else and is coveted by anyone. He’s an objective free thinker, doesn’t play guys on reputation or consensus thinking”

    You’re the one trying to highlight it as some sort of Eureka moment, when it’s nothing other than the consequences of his limitations as a manager and that he has the choice to begin with.

    What is Mata at 25 then ? Heh, a baby ? Over the hill ? What ? Was he not one of the most coveted players last year.

    “Everyone seems to be overlooking why Mourinho is not playing Mata in the first place; he’s not as good as people think and is a liability on the wings, just like Cazorla.”

    It’s not that he’s been dropped, it’s the idea that Mata can’t adapt when it could just be as likely that it’s the other way around, that despite him being their best player, Mourinho can’t find room for him, that even though he can’t in the grand scheme it doesn’t really matter for Chelsea because their squad is soo deep.

    It’s just odd that you can completely misconstrue this as something else, and then also not be able to see the differences in situations at other clubs.

    Lol Iker Casillas was actually funny, with it all falling apart, with the media wondering what had gone wrong, Mourinho again managed to get lemmings like yourself to believe that it was something other than his own inadequacies.

  20. Jake

    It’s not got a lot to do with Mata being part of the past because most of the Chelsea squad played under Benitez. He doesn’t fit what Mourinho wants because Mourinho is so one-dimensional, he’s also Spanish which is a big no for Mourinho.

  21. karim

    Mikel Arteta was trained in la masia but left abroad very early
    to Psg , Rangers, Everton and finally us

    didnt help either.

    ps : was Hierro playing in the midfield ? doubt it…

  22. TheBayingMob

    Hate Watch

    First home game in a while against Cardiff on Wednesday, took the opportunity to observe these thousands of haters and doomers who have apparently, well according to some, infested the stadium of recent years. Of course, over that time you’ll be accutely aware that Arsenal’s failings and the players that have not lived up to expectation are nothing to do with Arsene Wenger, and in fact they have just been beaten down by the “haters and doomers”, Wenger’s beautiful masterplan ruined by supporters who ‘hate Arsenal’ … well allegedly …

    It was a tough match, Cardiff came to defend for their lives and did so quite well; Rosicky and Bendtner coming on changed things, Theo had a really good game and Bendtner broke the deadlock, he got a massive cheer and a few ironic songs, if one player was to be hated you expect Bendtner to be it, you’d expect an exodus of hundreds irate that Arsenal had won and favourite figure of hate had only gone and scored the winner; through a quite frustrating 88 minutes I never heard one bark of discontent, not one boo, no screaming nor baying for blood for any particular player from these ‘boo boys’; who would have thought it that while you could sense frustration in the crowd, there was no evidence of even one of these characters who some talk of. Bewildering, I was expecting a stadium of hate.

    That was block 103. Since the Emirates was opened I’ve sat in blocks 102, 103, 117, 118, 119, 120 and 121. Lower tier blocks 19, 24 and 27. Admittedly that’s not all over the stadium, I’ll keep moving about until I find these thousands of fans that scuppered Wenger’s team over the years and made the life of the exemplar supporters who complain of these mythical fans so unbearable …


  23. Keyser

    “His experience at Madrid will be used against him for ever”

    As it should be, through no fault but his own, he deemed himself the ‘Special One’, then the ‘Only one’, and then he flopped.

    He’s garnered a reputation as the man that gets results, that wins regardless of how he achieves it, and he fell short, Way short.

  24. karim


    he left to Qatar, would you believe it ?
    far from being finished
    the Brazilian coach said that he would have selected him, had he not been 29 at the time

  25. Paulinho

    Keyser – Yeah, expect Diego Lopez is still first choice, which suggests your talking shit again.

    All the rest is all blah,blah, blah. Caused quite a storm to lemmings like you though thats for sure, leaving out Mata for garbage like Hazard, Oscar and Schurlle. What were you and the rest getting so worked up about? Because Mata was Chelsea’s best player in the two years they finished a combined 39 points behind the leaders?

  26. WTFisKarim

    Karim and Thomas have to be scum fans trolling on here. If you’re an Arsenal fan talking like that about your own manager and players, you need to burn your shirts and go buy some shirts with birds standing on basketballs. Deluded wankers.

  27. Invincibles


    Isn’t football mad. Mourinho wins 2 trophies at madrid, up against one of the best club sides seen in years in Barcelona……yet he’s a flop.

    Wenger wins nothing in 8 years, yet he’s a genius. Mad mad world.

  28. Radio Raheem


    Hierro started off in midfield then dropped back to CB as he got older. Similar to Helguera after him.

  29. Radio Raheem


    Shame about Nene. I’m surprised he didn’t move to any of the top five leagues. Perhaps, the lure of petrodollars was to strong to resist. Fair play to him we all have our needs.

  30. Keyser

    Paulinho – Lol now you’re getting defensive, you ignored the physical profile comment anyway.

    Yeah, he had Iker Casillas and replaced him with Diego Lopez, what hardship.

    “Because Mata was Chelsea’s best player in the two years they finished a combined 39 points behind the leaders?”

    Lol you’re the one creaming yourself over the decisions he’s made, I’m annoyed because you’re talking shit again, and also that you fail to see that Chelsea won the European Cup, then the Uefa Cup, have improved and actually added players to the team, the best player from those two years can’t get a game, and they have countless others on loan.

    Yet you’re sitting there and trying to highlight how Mourinho’s gone against the grain and dazzled the World through his management.

  31. Paulinho

    “Yet you’re sitting there and trying to highlight how Mourinho’s gone against the grain and dazzled the World through his management.”

    lol you absolute twat. Of course he bloody has, just look at yours and everyone else’s overblown reaction to him dropping him!

    fucking hell.

  32. karim

    chers radio

    someone (pele) mentionned the 15 year old youngster, Chris Willock

    don t know about him but he trained with the team today, no wonder why they re all after him
    oh guess who s the ref tomorrow : Clattenburgh, yeah !

  33. Keyser

    Paulinho – My reaction is to you, you plum, and I’ve explained why, yet you’re far too dense to see it.

    Firstly not playing Mata is a choice Mourinho can afford to take, it hasn’t been forced on him other than by his own limitations.

    Secondly it shows how deep Chelsea’s squad runs.

  34. Rhys Jaggar

    I have to say I’m a bit surprised Wenger saying that Sanogo can, with no top flight experience and coming off 6 months of ‘injury’, deliver a decisive boost to a title bid. I’ve not seen him play, so I’m not saying he’s mad, I’m just saying that if he was Nicholas Anelka Mk II, we’d probably have known more about him by now. My feeling is that he has to go out on loan somewhere. I dunno if he’s good enough for Swansea, but there are probably a few Championship/League 1 promotion sides that might do.

    No risking the title challenge developing a raw teenager though. If he’s good enough fine: but Wenger’s reputation will be on the line if he makes the wrong call there…….

  35. Paulinho

    Keyser – So, it’s not down to simply preferring Hazard on the left, Oscar in the hole? And he’s still using Mata isn’t he, he didn’t come out and publicly state that he would never play them again before dropping him, and call him useless wanker or anything? That would suggest he still rates him, but prefers what the other players give him.

    And guess what, a few months on, Chelsea are two points off the top, Chelsea fans themselves are not particularly bothered anymore whether Mata plays or not, and the world is still spinning on its axis.

    Which suggest the only thing ‘limited’ in the whole affair is the footballing intelligence of dopes like you.

  36. Keyser

    Paulinho – You really are fucking dense.

    Two years ago Chelsea didn’t have Hazard, Oscar, Willian, or Azpilicueta for that matter, what happened ? They won the European Cup, last year they added to their team, changed managed and won the Uefa Cup.

    This year they added to the team again, changed manager and are now two points from top.

    What’s happened ? Has Mourinho re-invented the wheel like you’re trying to say ? No, does it matter if Mata plays or not to me ? No, do I give a shit about Chelsea fans ? Not really.

    So what is it, it’s the fact that Mourinho has the choice that matters, right now he can afford to drop players like Mata because they don’t fit his ideal, and despite not getting close to the best out of him, he’s still there and Chelsea are two points from top.

    So what does that show ? That Mourinho can’t accomodate him and Chelsea’s squad is ridiculously deep.

  37. vicky

    Some of the Mourinho fanboys are trying to pass off his ridiculous decision to ignore Mata as some sort of genius. Mata was not the best Chelsea player for the last two seasons for nothing. If a manager can not devise a system to make sure that his best player gets a place in the first 11, then I wonder what the manager is up to.

    The fact is Mourinho is a one trick pony. Anyone who does not fit his stale method of playing football is not welcome. And they say he is a tactical master.

  38. Paulinho

    It shows Mourinho doesn’t want to ‘accomodate’ him, and he prefers other options, you thick twat.

    Of course him not playing Mata bothers you, you’ve used it against him for months. How dare he not accomodate the oldest hottest prospect in world football? lol.

    Your limited by your own limitations mate.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t understand why we are so obsessed with Mata. This is not a player that Arsenal are going to buy or actually need.

    1. Chelsea would not sell him to us even if we showed interest.
    2. Yes he is a good player, but where are you going to play him without destabilising squad. We have two attacking midfielders in Ozil and Cazorla and similarly we are not short in wide positions either.
    3.Oxlade-Chamberlain is due back shortly. He looked very good in pre season and even in Aston Villa Game before he got injured. I think that he is just the type of player we need at this stage of season. He is physically strong, better at beating players than Walcott and can score goals as he was beginning to show not only for Arsenal but England as well.

    It was a shame that he got injured but it may be a big bonus in second half of season once he is match fit.

  40. Paulinho

    Vicky – Not really. Mourinho would have dropped him, picked him again, dropped him, like he’s done with other players, and nothing would have been said, if only the silly pundits and fans didn’t freak out like bunch of idiots about it.

  41. Keyser

    Paulinho – “It shows Mourinho doesn’t want to ‘accomodate’ him, and he prefers other options,”

    Either way you dickhead he has those options in the first place, yet you’re trying to pin it down as a weakness in Mata, what a plum.

    It’s muppets like you that probably went Ronaldo or Kaka, Ronaldo or Kaka, oh Ronaldo worked out, what a genius Mourinho is.

    vicky – Exactly, but even then if you don’t want to accept that it’s a weakness in Mourinho’s style, then at least acknowledge how strong his options are to begin with.

  42. Dissenter

    The FA is made up of clowns
    I wonder why the police stayed quiet. The game should have been played at lunch time.

  43. Paulinho

    Keyser – Funny how now being exposed, you’re bringing squad depth more and more into. Very predictable, trying to cover your tracks as usual and generalise the argument as usual. You really have no idea what you’re trying to say do you?

    “er, Mourinho is shit because he can’t accommodate little big man Mata, but he’s got a great squad so I don’t really care”

    Jesus wept.

    Of course there is a weakness in Mata you pillock. Mourinho said on live tv after a game a few months back that he prefers Oscar in the hole, and Mata can’t play on the wing because he can’t get up and down.

  44. vicky


    Mata does not even get a chance to play in his favored position. What explains that ?? Give him a run of 3 matches in his favored position and we will see how it goes. He clearly prefers Oscar to Mata and it is not a case of just picking and dropping someone. He would rather not have Mata in his squad. You remember news of his transfer in the summer. Links to PSG ?? What had Mata done wrong then ?? I think the reason is personal, than a footballing one.

    I read some of the comments comparing Oscar to Mata. Now, Oscar is a top potential and likely to become a really great player. But If you talk of now, Mata is ahead of Oscar. There is no doubt about that. The only thing which makes him a favorite of Jose is his ability to do some dirty work as well which Mata does not. Mourinho has some sort of inherent bias against truly flair players. He likes efficient footballers even If they are less talented than many flair players.

    And the point about Chelsea being just 2 points off the top justifying Mou’s decision is a bit daft. We would never know whether Chelsea would have done even better with Mata.

    Mou’s idea of a team is medieval. 4 defenders who stay back, 2 big athletic DMs and one beast of a striker. The rest of them should be athletic and hard working even If less talented. So,in Mou’s system, some one like Mata has no role.

  45. GoonPharm

    Wasn’t Sanogo shortlisted for the rude boy award last year? Surely that’s something?

    Jokes aside the same experts mugging him off will be lining up to spit shine his bellend if he starts to band them in.

    Then same cretins will be crying and calling Wenger a cunt for selling him to City or BarcA.


  46. Keyser

    Paulinho – I’ve been pretty consistent really, maybe you’ll ind a quote ? Haha.

    Typical paulinho get’s made to look a muppet and starts the process of damage limitation, why do you care ?

    Iker Casillas dropped for Adnan, conveniently ignore that pretend Lopez was always the option, ignore that the he had the choice to begin with, of one quality goalie replaced with another, genius Moo genius.

    20 assists, 20 goals, and Mourinho can’t work his squad around to cater for his supposed weakness ? Isn’t that what the managers supposed to do, Oh he’s got other options has he ?

    See like I said, the choice is all that mata’s.

  47. Paulinho

    Vicky – Still though, it’s not as if he’s choosing Marko Marin over him is it?

    If he rates Oscar over him then that’s his business, and Oscar does have more pace and directness, whereas Mata is more subtle and suits a slower build up.

    I don’t really have a strong opinion on it, but it just goes to show Mourinho doesn’t care who he upsets if it means improving the side. He will probably sell Mata and bring a more powerful type, and Mata will go on and have a decent career somewhere.

  48. Bacaryisgod

    Adebayor passed fit. Must be the only player to get stretchered off on Wednesday without a head injury and then play on Saturday. What the hell did he get stretchered off with?

  49. vicky


    Of course, he has options to choose but I think his idea of 10 players doing dirty defensive work is more at play here than the number of choices. I can see Mata going further down the pecking order. Even Willian will get more chances than Mata now,not just Oscar.

  50. Paulinho

    Oh dear Keyser has fallen apart again. Consistently evasive, because you consistently end up being embarrassed by your own points, and try to distance yourself from them.

    Casillas stuff is just pretty poor from you really. The hysteria of his dropping was ridiculous, fans railed against it, brought banners to games etc.

    Of course though, Mourinho’s thought process is dictated by reputation lol.

  51. vicky


    I am not saying he is wrong or right. He is the manager and he has his own personal choice. And true, it’s not that he is choosing a shit player ahead of Mata. Oscar is a quality player and I like him as well.

    My whole point is that Mourinho will always prefer someone like Oscar to Mata.
    Because Oscar fits in to his method of football. That’s it. Mourinho can hardly survive If he went for swashbuckling football. That’s not his cup of tea.

    But the question one has to ask as to how many elite managers in the world will ALWAYS pick Oscar ahead of Mata .

  52. Paulinho

    “Typical paulinho get’s made to look a muppet and starts the process of damage limitation, why do you care ?”

    I’m gonna quote all your bollocks. Confront you’re own stupidity Keyser.

    “No, does it matter if Mata plays or not to me ? No, do I give a shit about Chelsea fans ? Not really.”

    So from using Mata’s exclusion as another reason to criticise Mourinho in your pathetic crusade against him, you then then claim it doesn’t matter if he plays or not.

    Make up your mind dopey.

  53. Keyser

    Paulinho – Lol where have I been evasive ?

    The Casillas situation sums it up really, by Chirstmas Real Madrid were out of the title race, the crowd were already on his back, and then all the shenanigans started.

    People were talking behind his back, there were secret meetings, there were clique’s, the Spanish declared war on the Portugese, but no muppet Paulinho believes Moo, where have we seen this before ? Oh wait just before he left Chelsea the last time.

  54. Paulinho

    Vicky – But again, it’s not as if Oscar is some clogger is it? He’s pretty skillful himself and easy on the eye when he gets going.

  55. MarbleHall

    I’d like to see mourinho take the same approach towards players at a club like sunderland, he’d lose the dressing room and be out on his ear like di canio.

  56. Paulinho

    Keyser – So what is it?

    Is Mourinho showing poor management for not ‘accommodating’ Mata or is he simply using his incredible squad and options in the same positions Mata plays in? Does he still use Mata when he sees fit?

  57. Keyser

    Paulinho – Do you remember how this started ? It’s on the first page.

    Do you want a recap ?

    Paulinho “Everyone seems to be overlooking why Mourinho is not playing Mata in the first place; he’s not as good as people think and is a liability on the wings, just like Cazorla.”

    Keyser “Of course Mata’s over-rated, all players are, but the fact he’s not playing has more to do with Mourinho than anyone else.”

    Paulinho “Yeah of course it’s do with Mourinho, and why he tends to be more successful than anyone else and is coveted by anyone. He’s an objective free thinker, doesn’t play guys on reputation or consensus thinking.”

    So from using Mata’s exclusion as another way to praise Mourinho you’ve tried to make it out like I started this.

    Chelsea are two points from top and yet can’t accomodate their top player from the past two seasons, all that points to is how deep their squad is.

    At the moment that Mata hasn’t been utilised half as well in previous years, either shows a weakness in Mourinho or how deep his sqiad is regardless, if he learn’s how to get the best out of Mata aswell..

  58. vicky


    A simple question to you : Leave aside Mourinho for a second. Would you have played Oscar ahead of Mata ??

    Besides, Yes, Oscar is a lovely player. No doubt about that. As I said, I love watching him as well. But the point is most often there is a trade off between flair and efficiency.

    Oscar is direct, Mata has more vision.

    Oscar has more pace, Mata is MORE likely to produce a match winning assist.

    It is basically a trade off. You seem to value pace and directness more. Fair enough. But that’s not a standard rule. Some one else would prefer Mata’s flair.

    But it is not about Mourinho’s great decision making. It’s just his preference. He would rather have a Drogba than a Henry. He is just like that.

  59. Simon

    Is this a Chelsea blog?

    Mourihno’s a cunt. A cunt that is doing very well.

    Mata is not coming to Arsenal.

    End of surely?

    Who are we signing?

  60. Radio Raheem

    I think Mourinho will succeed at almost any club he manages. Not so much for his tactical acumen than for his man management skills. From afar he seems pretty good an endearing good team spirit. The tale end of his time at Real is probably the one exception to this. But Real are a unique specimen.

    I’ll prefix this by saying success is relative. For Sunderland it’ll be avoiding relegation, Chelsea a top 4 finish plus a trophy etc.

  61. Keyser

    Paulinho – At the moment it definetly shows he isn’t any sort of free-thinker, he’s got a rigid style you’ve described yourself and by highlighting Mata, you’ve shown that he can’t seem to adapt from it.

  62. Paulinho

    “Of course Mata’s over-rated, all players are, but the fact he’s not playing has more to do with Mourinho than anyone else.”

    So it has more to do with Mourinho than their squad depth.

    Well done Keyser.

  63. hackneylad


    Why are you so in love with Mourinho?

    I understand The guy is a winner no doubt but for love of football he has his teams playing the most dreadful dire crude boring football of any of the top teams…

    If you just watch football for the win and not the actual beautiful game … then why not support chelsea?

    I understand the fascination people have with pep and other super managers because at least they play attacking dynamic football but I would find it hard to follow chelsea or any of mourinho’s teams on match days.

    Fergie for instance may not have had Manchester playing the most intricate football but at least it was passionate and attacking.

    Mourniho plays the worst kind of negative football…

    I wont bother covering the fact Mourinho has spent more money than any manager in recent football… that may just be a clue to how he has been so successful!

  64. Paulinho

    Vicky – Not a huge fan of either player. Mata for me has unwarranted reputation as a great player on the eye, when for me he does an awful lot of sideways passing and only really takes risks in the final third.

    I prefer dribblers like Hazard, Iniesta, Willian, Hleb.

  65. Paulinho

    hackney – I’m not really huge fan. just defending him from extraordinary ignorance.

    I’m a fan of his no bullshit approach though, it’s why I like Redknapp as well.

  66. Keyser

    “So it has more to do with Mourinho than their squad depth.”

    Woah, finally got there, glad you agree, didn’t think you’d give in soo easily, but then you’ve come up with nothing.

  67. kwik fit

    Please tell me that Wenger didn’t say that he is going to wait an see the extent of the Bendtner injury before he decides if he is going to sign someone . Deja Vu or fucking what!

  68. hackneylad


    Isn’t a genius manager.

    His a genius business man and personality though.

    His not a master tactican on the field but in the boardroom.

    His success can be summed up as simply him years ago forming a simple plan…

    of negative football of parking the bus and scoring a goal to win on the counter… its no grand strategy!

    The italians were using it for donkey’s years… The only difference is he used 1 striker rather than 2 making it more effective.

    His used this tactic for virtually his whole career.

    Now what made Mourinho a genius was how he sold him self as this ultra ruthless master tactician, no doubt he did well with porto but he whored him self and came to chelsea at the perfect time, it was the perfect storm he had an abundance of cash at his disposal, and the previous managers had built the foundations of a strong club.

    Now Mourinho applied his simple tactics, it was’t the tactics that were great but his sense of timing, the premier league had evolved into free flowing attack attack minded football, Mourinho didn’t go with what was in vogue and because of that the other managers were caught out.

    I don’t think his a great coach but his a great machievalian character, his spots an pportunity and his off he goes for it, its like how he came to inter milan at the perfect time before their bubble burst.

  69. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well he’s the manager it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

    It’s in the reasoning for it that you’ve made an utter fool of yourself,

    “Er, he’s a limited manager, he can’t accommodate Mata. Oh he’s got a great squad, it doesnt’ matter to me whether he plays or not”

    Clear as mud mate, clear as mud. Your brain must be full of the stuff.

  70. Keyser

    Paulinho – Whatever mate, it always descends to this when you come up short.

    You were defending Mourinho showing your own ignorance, you tried to highlight his exclusion of Mata as some sort of genius move and have simply backtracked into squad depth to now agreeing.

  71. Paulinho

    I’ll put this up again. No comeback.

    Keyser – “Er, he’s a limited manager, he can’t accommodate Mata. Oh he’s got a great squad, it doesnt’ matter to me whether he plays or not”

  72. Evan

    Jamed McNicholas on Arsenal transfers “Giroud has led the line superbly this season, and replacing him with a different style of forward would be a huge gamble. If it aint broke, don’t fix it


  73. kwik fit

    Marca say Arsenal have activated Diego Costa’s release clause

    Please tell me thats it true cos I’m already down to my leopard skin G string and ready to run down to the pub.

  74. sam


    Had arsenal bought Willian, He wasn’t going to get work permit.
    The fa hate us, the DWP hates us too.
    I could have hope for someone better ie Douglas Costa, unfortunately he also lack Brazilian caps if we try to sign him he will fail to win him work permit.

  75. Radio Raheem

    Please tell me thats it true cos I’m already down to my leopard skin G string and ready to run down to the pub.

    I’m on my second pint dressed in my fav orange leotard. It’s true mate hurry up

  76. hackneylad


    The fa doesn’t hate us.

    Its obvious chelsea grease the palms of the officials to get a work permit.

    I can’t see Wenger doing that…t wud offend his pride having to resort to such base acts

  77. vicky

    On to some thing Arsenal

    Have we got so accustomed to a Giroud type of striker (big and bulky who can hold the ball up ) that a striker of any other mold is not gonna fit in our system now ??

    The last match is a case in point. Nik B had an impact but Poldi did not. Of course, one match can’t be a good indicator but If that’s the case, then I suspect whether that’s a good sign.

  78. Harry Redknapp

    as soon as they lay the ball into costas feet expecting a giroud hold up or wasted flick and he turns and bangs a screamer all accustoms to slow oil tanker turning circle strikers who can barely get off the ground for a high ball will be forgotten.

  79. useroz

    Wenger’s interview reveals a few interesting bits…

    Giroud out for Sat.

    Samogo back in training….

    If bendtner out for long he may be more inclined to buy…do we know his scan result??

    Wenger was coy when asked about Berba…unlike the usual emphatic ‘no’ ,,,interesting

    Tomoroow would see a strong team. Looks like wenger is going for the FA Cup again…at least to get pass the spuds…

  80. Paulinho

    Harry – Spot on. Some have forgotten what a good striker is.

    Vicky – I think Podolski is just average, not really to do with him not being a traditional target man. The likes of Sturridge would handle it no problem.

  81. Romford Pele

    Yeah Poldi isn’t great. Now Germany are producing top talents, Poldi will pretty much float away into the wilderness.

  82. Harry Redknapp

    podoslki is fine if you can get him a clear shot on goal but he is all too onesided and easy to predict when a team camps behind the ball

  83. Bennydevito

    My mate just tweeted me that Arsenal have activated Diego Costa’s transfer clause. Anyone heard can confirm?

  84. vicky

    Just as Spain started to look a bit stale due to aging midfielders and lack of potent strikers , they get an explosive striker in Costa and a rejuvenated Negredo firing on all cylinders.

  85. Romford Pele

    Vicky, aging midfielders? Cesc, Mata, Koke, Thiago, Isco, Munian, Tello, Illara etc. Far from old mate…..

  86. kwik fit

    Radio Raheem

    I’m in the pub and I can’t see any gezzer dressed in a Leotard. I’m getting a few excited looks from the hen party in the corner though 😉

  87. vicky

    Harry ,Costa has decided to play for the Spanish national team although he is Brazilian.

    RP I meant the likes of Xavi,Xabi and Iniesta……first choice Midfielders. Of course, Spain is never gonna be short in the midfield department.

  88. Dissenter

    Sanogo has learned from the best.
    He’s doing a Diaby perfectly.
    Return back to training just as the transfer window is opening. In time to distract us from doing useful business. He’ll be back with the physio on February 1st.

  89. Bennydevito

    Romford says it’s not true Kwik says it is or is joking. Which is it? I hate transfer window speculation!

  90. kwik fit

    So its not true Benny? FFS I’ve got goosebumps on my rear end for nothing! Never mind the ladies at the hen party are having a ball……two to be exact 😉

  91. Tippitappi

    It would be just like wenger to scupper anything to do with Berbatov because of an exposure just to spite and if the Standard is to believed I wouldn’t be surprised if he had no intension of bringing in a striker lf Bendy isn’t out , I have no problem with him but another striker is a must’

  92. Harry Redknapp

    romford pele and vicky thanks for letting me know, i blame fernando torres, sneaky bunch of fucks spain are

  93. Invincibles

    Now I’m not a fan of ref’s, but Southamptons reporting of Mark Clattenburg is pathetic. Apparently he told Adam Llana “you’ve changed since playing for England, you were never like this before”…… sorry but thats pathetic. Yes he’s a ref he should watch what he says…..BUT REALLY! !!!! They’ve done themselves no favours.

  94. Harry Redknapp

    but if he did say it its totally wrong, too many refs tryin to be friends with certain players and treating others like cunts

  95. Invincibles

    As I said it’s not right. But the ref’s get far worse abuse from players. Thing is as well, something stupid like that won’t endear them to the refereeing fraternity will it? Not a wise move and one they could come to regret.

  96. Radio Raheem

    I’m in the pub and I can’t see any gezzer dressed in a Leotard. I’m getting a few excited looks from the hen party in the corner though 😉

    That’ll be me and mates…you might see the leotard if you play nice 😉

  97. Marko

    Kwik is the best poster on here by far. And I’d be very surprised if we didn’t bring in a forward this month. Anyone suggesting Bendtner as a real option and back in the good books of the manager are fooling themselves.

  98. BacaryisGod

    Costa is NOT coming. Please disabuse yourselves of this possibility!

    Now, from a purely financial perspective, it actually makes sense. He’s 25, an absolute beast and when there are teams out there willing to pay over 50 million for a top class player, 32 million would be a good investment that could easily double if we ever did decide to sell. His wages could easily be improved if history is anything to go by.

    Still, Atletico would do anything to keep him as they challenge for the La Liga title. Costa clearly is happy where he is and has said as much. As appealing as Arsenal may be, I just don’t see why he would be that anxious to be uprooted in the middle of the season. Even if there is a release clause, we should all be a little wary of those things by now….

    He would be a perfect fit but let’s set our sights as low as possible (Morata or Berbatov on short-term deals) and be delighted if anything better comes to fruition. I sense disappointment is in the air this transfer window. One absolutely clear thing is that Arsene has no intention of bringing in any player other than a forward and he might just try to struggle through with Giroud, Bendtner, Sanogo, Podolski and Theo as his options in the lone striker role.

  99. Leedsgunner

    Nicklas Bendtner feared out for 2 months with torn ankle ligaments… we’ll probably find out this weekend but surely this will force Wenger’s hand.

    Will he be a man or a mouse?

    What about Mario Mandzukic? He’ll be feeling under threat with Lewandowski encroaching in his turf and might be open for a move? He could be our own version of Edin Dzeko… strong in the air, lethal finisher…

    £22m should do it I reckon… worth a bid?

  100. hackneylad

    Am I the only one who thinks if there is any striker who can slow down our attack more than Giroud its that languid lazy Berbatov.

    Even when Berbatov n the rare occasion tries and works his arse of he still plays at a languid relaxed pace, his not high octane his not athletic.,he also likes to drop super deep but he doesn’t have the pace nore athleticism to get back in the box meaning his often missing on the counter.

    IMO thats the opposite of what we need as I feel what we need a beast.

    Not someone who slows the tempo down.

  101. Cesc Appeal

    Was Arsene Wenger being idiotic with the £145 Million thing or was he having a senior citizen moment again?

  102. Moray

    I’m a bit surprised Lewandowski’s move to Bayern hasn’t been publicly announced yet? Wonder if the delay means there’s a modicum of hope for that one…?

    On the side of reality, it just means there will be another big club looking for a striker next summer, though I don;t fear Dortmund’s financial muscle.

  103. Moray

    hackneylad, fair point but I don;t think we are a counter-attacking side any more.

    In many games (particularly against weaker opposition/Chelski) we have a lot of possession and struggle to get through a stubborn low hanging back line. In these situations Berbatov could be critical as he has good feet as well as a good head should one of our wingers or full backs accidentally get a good cross in.

  104. Dannyboy

    Moray, it’s illegal for it to be announced as they aren’t even allowed to discuss a contract until he has 1 month left as it’s a club in the same country…

  105. Leedsgunner

    Need to finish this off today. A replay at WHL is not worth thinking about especially with our small squad… can’t afford anymore injuries!

    2-1 to the Arsenal.
    Walcott and Cazorla to hit the back of the net.

  106. DUIFG

    Bendtner looking good is a reflection of how bad giroud has been, b52 being described as quick is scary, again showing how awfully slow giroud is. It’s a sad state if affairs. I would take a Berba stop gap. We simply need one of we are to do anything this year

  107. wenker-wanger

    berba workrate isnt a problem….we have enough workhorses in the team…what we lack is the lethal finisher after all the tippy-tappy stuff outside the box has finally produced a chance or two. Berba may just be enough to get that elusive trophy this season.