Sanogo leaks Berba deal? | Huge talent linked | Morata Arsenal link still hot…

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Soooooooo much news to hit you with today!


So Yaya Sanogo, famous for declaring he was going to become a postman before Wenger gambled on him dropped a Berbatov shaped social media gaff yesterday via Facebook. He has a management company looking after his profile, the same company that look after Dimitar, they added a video with Arsenal specific creative… so it had been briefed from somewhere.

Needless to say, it was quickly yanked from sight… but as you know, a mistake is never lost on Social Media. Keen screen grabbers captured the ITK moment and shared it round the web. Could this be the impact Sanogo was looking for? Like Tom Daley coming out… has Yaya PRd his return with a salacious rumour?

Who knows. The fact Yaya has rejoined the camp after signing a deal and fucking off the France for 4 months is nice (great buy eh?). Cut from the same moth eaten cloth as Diaby. He says he can contribute, so does Arsene. I seriously hope he’s joking. If we don’t land anyone, Bendtner should be getting a chance, not some untested 18 yr old with delivery ambitions.

Nik B is lambasted by the press and often us, the fans, because of the comments he’s made in the past. But look at it rationally. He has a touch equal to Giroud, he’s faster and he can score when he’s given a run. Why not give him a go? Didn’t he bag 10 in 12 a few seasons back? It really has made little sense that we’ve blitzed Giroud when we have a perfectly capable striker sitting on the bench. He’s a Danish international starter and he’s totally written off as even a cameo appearance maker. All because we don’t like his comments in the press! Wenger gave him a carrot…

‘I told him already today that he is back to the level I want him to be at, and if he continues to develop like that he will come back into the team.’

Nik B’s best chance of getting a move to a great club is to stay with us. If he turns it around, he could be a good player for us. If it’s finally clicked for him what he has to do, why not give him a chance?

Wenger said Ozil came through a fitness test yesterday, so you never know for Saturday. Other players suffering knocks might make miraculous recoveries. My bet is that they all want to be a part of the game at the weekend. I know Adebayor will want to be ready. The odious sh*t.

The good news is Spurs are suffering mad issues as well. 7 players are out, the squad has played out of it’s skin for the new manager… so we’ll both be on an equal footing. Whilst we have had a favourable fixture list, the way games have fallen hasn’t suited us for large parts. The amount of times we have a nightmare game at the end of a pocket of games is ridiculous. We’ve had United, City and now Spurs after long runs. What are the chances of drawing the only team you simply have to go all guns blazing for?

Well, that’s what the plan is likely to be. There’s some exciting news emanating from the Telegraph. They reckon Gedion Zelalem will be drafted into the squad. Whether he gets the nod will depend on the health of Ozil and Santi I’d guess. What we’re going to do up front is a mystery. If Giroud is a doubt, he should be rested totally in my opinion. I doubt we’d see Theo or Akpom playing that central role, so the likelihood is that pending a John Terry like recovery, we’ll see Lukas there. However, nothing is set in stone. So we’ll see!

Back to the Berbatov rumour. Now, I’ve no inside line on anything we’re up to. What I will say is that paying £2m for a player who can leave for a free in 6 months would be very unArsenal. He’s a top talent though and Arsene has shown a more ruthless streak of late. Like a more high profile Bendtner, he gets a lot of grief for actually being a very good player. Sure, he loves a fag and he looks lazy… but he scores goals. Lots of them. he managed 15 for a crap Fulham side last year. He’s tall, he can hold the ball up, he can score from inside or outside the box. He’s clinical and he’s a proven winner. It’d also be amusing for the fans up the road. Is he a signing of intent? No. But if there aren’t any options of intent out there, then he’d be a good start. As someone pointed out yesterday, anything we buy from outside the league is a risk.

Apparently, the rumours around Morata are still pretty hot. The young Spaniard has caused a lot of transfer rumour smoke for months. He’d make sense. Technical, fast and mobile. He has a lot of the ingredients we don’t have up top at the moment. But he’s very inexperienced and he’d be a gamble.

Lots of the papers are running with Diego Costa to Arsenal for £32m. Now, A.Mardrid are a team who just sold their previous free scoring striker for £55m. This is a team joint top of La Liga and in the  last 32 of the Champions League. Why would they sell? That £390m debt isn’t going anywhere. They could argue to the banks (if they’re even knocking on the door) that they’d get more in the summer. So for me, this one is a no go. If we’re bidding, it’s PR to show we had a go. Which is fair enough. It also shows that whoever we bring in is the stop gap for the major summer move.

I haven’t read too much into it, but according to my Uncle, who lives in Spain (how Eastend does that sound?), Madrid are under investigation for tax evasion on a massive scale. It’s being led by the European Commission, so there’s a chance they could be in big trouble. Quite incredible, that in a country so broke. that a football club could be given privilges. Anyway, read more here.

*Costa has a release clause. Again, I’d be surprised if a player moved mid-season during a world cup year.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Missing today
    On Bench

    Yet at start of this season we were told that our squad was much weaker than that of Spurs and we would be replaced in top 4 by them.

    I have just returned from the match and frankly despite what I have read the simple truth is that Arsenal are now light years ahead of Spurs whatever the excuses given.

    We were better organised, more passionate, technically better and of course
    played with pace and threat. In contrast Spurs looked ponderous and were frankly outplayed in almost every segment of game.

    If the truth be known we could have won this game by 4 goals whatever the statistics.

    Perhaps the best piece of news coming out of this game was Gnabry who has just turned 18. He looks an outstanding prospect and has an excellent football
    brain. I can understand now why the Manager of German National Team suggested earlier this season that he might be a ‘late addition’ for World Cup.

    Arsenal overall look to be an improving team/squad. There is of course room
    for improvement in one or two positions, but that is the case with most teams.